Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

Who Am I?

I so love causing trouble; chiefly, rebellion and war,
And I’ve nothing but contempt for God’s Holy moral law.
Inside I burn with anger, and only evil fills my heart,
I’m bad to the bone, full of hatred, insidiously smart.

I’ve a nasty, vicious streak, and heinous artistic flair,
I’m depraved, corrupt, immoral, narcisstic, sadistic, unfair.
I revel in disaster, calamity and mayhem,
Which I gleefully admit, all from my mischief stem.

I’m shameful and offensive, I’m irreligious and rude,
I love causing suffering, I’m ghoulish, morbid, and crude.
Adroitly, I cause misery, and my rage on all I vent,
Hence why my evil cohorts (with constant torments) I’ve sent.

I love to break up marriages, rip godly families apart,
And enjoy conning Christians so from truth they’ll soon depart.
I love to stir up friction, and cause quarrels to erupt,
And Christian faith and doctrine I delight to crush, corrupt.

I know I’m going down, but I’m putting up a fight,
And I’ll be taking with me all who from me don’t take flight.
I’ll use my skill and cunning to do everything I can,
To finish the rebellion that long ago I began.

There is only One I fear, One who’s mightier than I,
One who’ll gain the victory, that, it’s pointless to deny.
But before He deals with me, every clever trick I’ll try,
To prevent from being rescued those for whom He came to die.

Yes, I’m that wicked devil who God’s glory sought to claim,
I was once called Lucifer, but now Satan is my name.
Now a satanic being, I’m out seeking to ensnare
Those not anchored to their Lord, those not safely in His care.

By Lance Landall