Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

Why Not?

An elephant as a pet? Why Not? Though there are some drawbacks,
Like those visits to the vet — ouch! — and those sizable lunch-packs.
And there’s that waste to remove, a VERY unpleasant task —
What! Get someone else to do it? No! Such you’d hardly ask.

But an elephant would certainly come in handy though,
For it could lift you up with its trunk to clean a window.
Or to unblock the spouting, clean the ceiling, prune a tree,
And if you’re inquisitive, simply lift you up to see.

Think of those rides you’d get, not to mention the awesome view,
Lumbering down a highway, boulevard or avenue.
And all those showers you’d get, when it hosed you with its trunk,
And those brawny cuddles — “Hey, Jumbo...come here you gorgeous hunk.”

You wouldn’t need a note pad given its long memory,
Which would save pen and paper, lots of mental energy.
And when summer came around, it could flap its big grey ears,
Which would keep you nice and cool, shade you from the sun’s harsh glares.

An elephant as a pet? Why Not? There’s so much it could do,
Like lifting those heavy things that strain one’s back, and tire too.
Just think what it could carry on its back, or with its trunk,
And how handy such would be when removing loads of junk.

Via its trumpeting and size, it’d keep intruders away,
In fact, any odd bod, who past the front gate chose to stray.
Thus, you’d warn your visitors so they wouldn’t be surprised,
Unlike those straying odd bods, momentarily paralyzed.

Yes, they are rather large beasts, and rather costly as well,
But you won’t find a pet that will give you as bigger thrill.
And if you’re really lucky, you’ll get an affectionate one,
That will tickle with its nose, make each day seem lots of fun.

By Lance Landall

Please don’t tickle my toes, for who knows, you might make me sneeze, and given my hanky’s lost, such may come at a cost, and very quickly displease.