Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

Will You Be Caught Out?

This world’s clearly in a mess. In fact, there're those who think that it will soon end;
And many are very anxious over what might be around the next bend.
Yes, there is certainly something afoot, the question, however, is “What?”
Thus, could one be caught unawares by calamity, death, or some evil plot?

So many are lost in their pleasures, or are caught up in the cares of the day,
And thus aren't giving things the thought that's needed, hence making themselves easy prey.
And those that many have in their care, are thereby made vulnerable too,
Hence both misfortune can suffer, via one person's failure to think, say or do.

Some people, (like the proverbial ostrich), bury their head in the sand,
Foolishly avoiding that which they should face, or avoiding making a stand.
But reality is something we need to face, for sooner or later we find
That those things we choose to ignore today, tomorrow more painfully remind.

So many people are simply drifting, having not sought out directions,
And are being carried by currents of danger, given they've not made corrections.
Many soon find that they’re in trouble, and often, far too late this is seen,
Thereby leaving them trapped in their folly, by those things that need not have been.

And then there are those who are so convinced that the path they've chosen is right,
Or that what they’ve been told, or have accepted, is equally so in their sight.
The tragedy so often unrealized is, that those paths they’ve chosen are wrong,
And that those things they’ve embraced, (or believe in), will harm them as time goes along.

Deception and falsehood abound today, but ever has such been the case,
Thus, when it's truth that we’re desiring, this reality we all need to face,
And that due diligence and research are needed, if that truth we want to find,
For what one so often encounters is, that truth and error have been combined.

Oh yes, teaspoons of error are commonly added to buckets of truth,
Hence why the uncovering of error can require the work of a sleuth,
For only discernment will uncover this subtle yet troublesome mix,
Which the unwary endangers, or upon them, its trouble soon inflicts.

Often those ones we put trust in, (perhaps due to certain positions they hold),
Sadly fall down in their duty, and thus the right things we’re not always told.
Hence why we should do our homework, which duty and wisdom calls each to do,
For placing sole trust in another is something we’re most likely to rue.

This evil world that we live in, has those who cruelly await the naive,
Yes, those who take advantage of the gullible -- and oh, how they deceive,
For they take their deceptive error and a very attractive tale weave,
Hence there’s a need of sound knowledge, to know what to do or believe.

So much that’s attractive is tainted, for how else do these con-men succeed?
But by the art of deception, cleverly presented and dressed to mislead.
Thus, there is that call for wisdom, and those efforts that should always be made,
If we do not wish to be heading where others have so foolishly strayed.

Some put their trust in a system, and others, the majority follow,
But systems are often flawed, and majorities falsehood often swallow.
We’re hearing that a New World Order will soon give us the answers we need,
But what has been seen throughout history, should warn us where such ideas lead.

So, watch what (and who) you're putting your trust in, lest it prove fatal with time.
Watch that you’re not gambling your future, just like someone would toss up a dime.
And watch that you don’t get caught napping by those bad things that you could avoid,
As that is exactly how the future of many ends up getting destroyed.

By Lance Landall