Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


With Respect, Colin Fry

(A well-known TV medium)

With respect, Colin Fry, you’re either fooling or fooled, though,
I’m very sure that it’s both — that some force has you in tow.
The dead are dead, completely, utterly; know nothing, don’t exist,
Thus, it’s not their help, but help from an evil source you enlist.

Let’s face it: If the dead were still about — hypothetically —
They’d hardly need a medium, a showman, quite honestly.
They’d be far more advanced than you and I presumably,
If in some Paradise, Nirvana, spirit territory.

They would surely just appear, say what they wanted to, then go,
Not work through some medium who’s pocketing from some show.
Why would they deprive their loved ones of their hard earned money,
In order to speak to them, make contact? No, something’s funny.

You do a lot of probing, don’t you? But I’m hardly surprised,
For after all, isn’t that how most information is prised?
With time and practice, one’s bound to strike gold regularly,
Aided by psychology, and of course some trickery.

But I also believe that evil forces aid psychics too,
So, I’d be careful, Colin, otherwise, the jokes on you.
You’ll serve their purposes, make a lot of money, gain fame,
But at the end of the day, you’re a pawn too, in their game.

Tell me, if you’re so psychic, why ask all those questions you do?
Shouldn’t you know already, if given a name, a clue?
You should just pass on the message and stop cruelly teasing,
You shouldn’t be stretching things out, but rather, their grief easing.

But you know as well as I, that it’s your probing that finds
Something that strikes a cord, whereby, you enter grieving minds.
Thus, soon via your cleverness they’re convinced that you’re for real,
When you simply played upon their grief, their Achilles heel.

I find it concerning, Colin, that psychics are on the rise,
Which given the current climate is hardly a surprise.
With all those books and movies majoring on fantasy,
It’s no wonder that folk are courting such territory.

Sadly so, many Christians are hooked on such fantasy too,
And some as a consequence the same mediums pursue.
Though they should know better, they have lost their bearings, been fooled,
And now in the ways of error are also being schooled.

Most think that when they die they go straight to Heaven or Hell,
Which is not logical, and certainly not biblical.
Such is falsehood, misinterpretation, for the dead are dead,
And are awaiting a time — together — that lies ahead.

Metaphorically, they’re sleeping, ’till the Day their fate’s known,
A fate somewhat related to the seeds that they have sown.
Those who’re alive at that time will discover their fate too,
And all those seeds they’ve sown will rejoice over or rue.

Thus, as is more fair — together we will all learn our fate,
For I believe there’s a God who lives will evaluate.
It’s then one goes to a Paradise or not, and not before,
Hence why regarding your talent, Colin, I’m hardly in awe.

By Lance Landall

“Do not turn to mediums or wizards; do not seek them out, to be defiled by them: I am the Lord your God” (Lev 19:31). Note also Deut 18:10-12; 2 Kings 23:24; Isa 8:19,20; Eph 5:11; 6:12.

“ ‘So mortals lie down and do not rise again; until the heavens are no more [until the Second Coming], they will not awake or be roused out of their sleep’ ” (Job 14:12).

“The soul that sinneth, it shall die…[whatever one calls the soul, it’s clear it will die]” (Ezek 18:20, KJV).

“ ‘See, I am coming soon; My reward [either eternal life or death] is with me [will be given then], to repay according to everyone’s work’ ” (Rev 22:12).

“ ‘For the Son of Man is to come [at His Second Coming] with His angels in the Glory of His Father, and then he will repay [with either eternal life or destruction] everyone for what has been done’ ” (Matt 16:27).

“Yet all these [faithful Bible heroes of all the ages] though they were commended for their faith, DID NOT RECEIVE WHAT WAS PROMISED [eternal life, immortality], since God had provided something better [much fairer] SO THAT THEY WOULD NOT, APART FROM US, BE MADE PERFECT [immortal. They will have to wait]” (Heb 11:39,40).

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