Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


Worth Pondering

No, things aren’t getting better — in fact, our world’s in a dreadful mess,
And I know one good reason why — which here, I would like to address.
Thus, I would be very grateful if you’d ponder on what I’ve penned,
For I believe that it is correct, though very worrying, friend.

Many think that when they die, there is nothing beyond — that that’s it,
And that therefore, living rightfully is of little benefit.
So they just do what suits themselves, and just look after number one,
Which is why so many wrong, selfish, cruel and evil things are done.

Such folk no doubt think that when they die, they won’t be held accountable
For anything wrong that they do, hence why some rape, torture and kill.
Yes, they believe that when they die, there's no penalty they'll incur,
Hence there's little to deter them — and what conscience is there to stir?

Such is extremely concerning, for what is there to hold in check
Both these people who’ve no scruples, and the havoc that they might wreck.
And if it were not for the law, they would get away with far more,
Even though these people already largely lawfulness ignore.

The reason that I'm saying largely is, because to some extent
Criminal activity law enforcement agencies prevent.
And hence all that stealth and cunning that those lawless people employ,
That, sadly, another’s peace and happiness can often destroy.

These folk who think that when they die they won’t be held accountable,
Have very little to hold them back from doing the unspeakable.
Hence why there is value in the view that one day Someone will weigh
All we’ve done within our life, and accordingly, to each repay.

Those who believe that the latter's true, have something to hold them back
From doing whatever is wrongful, or from taking the wrong track.
However, I’d like to think that they would do whatever is right
Simply because it’s in their heart to — and that in good, they delight.

By Lance Landall

Just Good To A Degree

To know the true nature and character of someone, examine how they view humanity,
How they treat others, and whether they’re prepared to stoop to any underhand activity;
In other words, anything that would disadvantage, injure or deceive anyone,
For those who’re truly good people, are those who the mistreatment of others, (in any form),

Everyone likes to think that they’re a good person, (generally speaking, that is), but you know,
Most of us are really only nice to a degree, and thus that “good” ringing somewhat hollow.
Yes, we wonderful and thoughtful to some, but not so to others, we kind of picking and choosing,
Our goodness quickly vanishing when someone upsets, and we doing our share of abusing.

And that’s rather sad, we only good by degree, not from head to toe like one surely should be,
We so full of excuses for our shortcomings, insensitivity, inhumanity.
And yet, thinking we’re pretty decent in the scheme of things — deluded as deluded can be —
As we’re either a good person or not, anything else being nothing but a shameful degree.

Yes, we’re only as good a person as we chose to be, most people not so totally,
And to be honest, most hardly trying to be, they seemingly content with their sad degree.
And as long as they remain content with that degree, a truly good person they’ll never be,
For those who’re truly good people are totally so, and thus beacons shining midst humanity.

By Lance Landall