Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

Wrongfully Preoccupied

’Though we need to face the fact there are problems in the church,
We shouldn’t be preoccupied with an all consuming search.
And neither should each member on these problems harp and dwell,
For that just pleases Satan and compounds any present ill.

Neither should we be obsessed with straightening out the flock,
But rather, rely instead on the timing of the Rock,
For the Lord is well aware of the wrongs within the fold,
And He with greater wisdom, of such wrong, will soon take hold. 

Yes, there’ve always been problems, and problems there’ll always be,
But never on such problems should we focus obsessively.
That’s just wasting precious time God’s reserved for greater things,
Not for getting caught up on these problems that Satan brings.

However, having said that, there’s always a time and place
For addressing certain things sense requires that we face.
But we shouldn’t over-focus, nor spend more time than is wise
On problems in the church, for that, in the face of prudence flies. 

The same applies to doctrine, for here too, some get obsessed,
Focusing more on doctrine than on He who us has blessed.
In the lives of some of these folk whose strident voices are heard,
Christian love and behaviour appear secondary to God’s Word.

Such fixation with the Word is usually accompanied
By an over-emphasis on its warnings all should heed.
Often, balance is missing, when such warn and press their case,
Leaving some hearers fearful, and joy missing from their face.

Yes, there is a time and place, as problems we need to face,
And warnings too, need heeding, despite God’s mercy and grace.
Doctrine also, is important, for in us Truth should abide,
But let’s keep all this balanced, and appropriately applied.

By Lance Landall