Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


Your Choice, Their Fate

In a world where millions of people live in poverty,
And where thousands — due to lack of food — are dying daily,
Those million dollar mansions, or same yearly salaries,
No one can justify, nor should try, for no one needs these.

No employee — anywhere — deserves such a salary,
And as for mansions, they’re sheer indulgence, unnecessary.
But while there is poverty, suffering and starvation,
Such indulgence or greed, surely deserves condemnation.

For as I said, no one needs those mansions or salaries,
In fact, all should be content with just the necessities.
But how could anyone use money so indulgently,
Or expect a million dollars, (even half that), yearly?

One could be forgiven, maybe, were there no poverty,
Or people starving, dying, missing out medically.
But there are. Thus, now’s not the time for such indulgence, no,
For woes afflicting our planet a worrying trend show.

Yes, it’s time to act differently, should we be guilty,
That is, recklessly in charge of wealth, wasting good money.
For each dollar that’s wasted, just deprives someone of food,
Sealing their fate — or overtime, the fate of a multitude.

The greater our wealth, the greater our responsibility,
And the greater our recklessness, the more we’ll prove guilty.
The more we have, the more we should give, where need is concerned,
And regardless of how much our money has been hard-earned.

Indirectly, you may have taken a life, (wealthy or not),
For any money wasted, is help that they could’ve got.
So put yourself in their place, and imagine how you’d feel
Trapped in poverty, locked in pain, without hope of a meal.

By Lance Landall