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Liberty and Freedom Quotes

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."
Martin Luther King, Jr

"In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends."
Martin Luther King, Jr

"I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented."
Elie Wiesel

"Truth is not only violated by falsehood;
it may be equally outraged by silence."

Henri Frederic Amiel

"Your silence gives consent."
(428/427 B.C. -
348/347 B.C.)

"Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted; the indifference of those who should have known better; the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most; that has made it possible for evil to triumph."
Haile Selassie

    "Silence, where silence shouldn't be,
    equals culpability."

    The Author

"The moment we begin to fear the opinions of others and hesitate to tell the truth that is in us, and from motives of policy are silent when we should speak, the divine floods of light and life no longer flow into our souls."
Elizabeth Cady Stanton

"It is curious that physical courage should be so common in the world and moral courage so rare."
Mark Twain

"The voice of protest, of warning, of appeal is never more needed than when the clamor of fife and drum, echoed by the press and too often by the pulpit, is bidding all men fall in and keep step and obey in silence the tyrannous word of command. Then, more than ever, it is the duty of the good citizen not to be silent."
Charles Eliot Norton

"Cowardice asks the question: is it safe? Expediency asks the question: is it politic? Vanity asks the question: is it popular? But conscience asks the question: is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular- but one must take it simply because it is right."
Martin Luther King Jr 

"A man does what he must – in spite of personal consequences, in spite of obstacles and dangers – and this is the basis of all human morality."
John Kennedy

"It is easier to find a score of men wise enough to discover the truth than to find one intrepid enough, in the face of opposition, to stand up for it."
Archibald A. Hodge 

"Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence."
Leonardo da Vinci

"Truth is violated by falsehood, but it is outraged by silence." Henri-Frederic Amiel

"Don't let the day come where you regret your silence."
The Author

"To buckle under serious persecution is understandable, but to not stand up and speak out when you should and can, and when all you’ll encounter is ridicule, is to act cowardly, shamefully and selfishly."
The Author

"Let every voice be heard lest any voice that’s silenced prove to be one that shouldn’t have been."
The Author

"It's better to rage over ill than to keep quiet and still."
The Author

"Freedom of expression includes the right to say things that other folk don’t want to hear."
The Author

"Civilization today reminds me of an ape with a blowtorch playing in a room full of dynamite. It looks like the
monkeys are about to operate the zoo, and the inmates are taking over the asylum.”
Vance Havner (1901-1986)

Poetry With A Mission

My website, Poetry With A Mission, contains purpose based poetry,
Poetry that cares passionately about our planet, humanity.
In other words, love using poetry as a vehicle to express
Its concern over many things that we need to face, and quickly address.

Yes, poetry (alias me) that is wanting the best for you and I,
Which is why it’s terribly concerned over things that are going awry.
And why it’s attempting to play a part via the use of rhythm and rhyme,
As changes are badly needed, we’ve rivers to cross, and mountains to climb.

And hence its very thought provoking content, that hopefully you’ll dwell on,
Lest silence, indifference, or inaction, see the likes of liberty gone.
And freedom also, for both will certainly go if they’re not protected,
And also if subtle erosions (helped by foul play) go undetected.

You see, our choices, dear friend, individually or collectively,
Determine not only our destiny, but also this planet’s destiny,
Whether crime will rise, warring continue, strife, starvation or poverty,
In other words, friend, whether good or evil will triumph, ultimately.

There’s no question that this world is in a mess, and quickly heading downhill,
And in fact, there are those of us who consider it terminally ill.
But whether it's terminally ill or not, it’s clearly in a bad way,
Hence those things we need to face, address — no, not tomorrow, but now, today.

Yes, sometimes we need to be stirred — that is, shaken out of our apathy,
Or we foolishly have our head in the sand, or believe something falsely,
Or we are biased, prejudiced, have been somewhat programmed, or wrongly fed,
Or we're simply not prepared to do or say anything because we’re scared.

Well, fear’s certainly understandable sometimes, but fear won't get us far,
Unless we want to be controlled, that is, for those who let fear win, soon are.
Life without that freedom and liberty that we've known, is just existing,
It’s kowtowing, capitulating, just tyrants and dictators assisting.

Today, and far more than ever, we need men and women who’re not for sale,
That is, those who can’t be bought or sold, and who’ll see right and not wrong prevail,
Yes, those who're prepared to call a spade a spade, and remain honest and true,
Those who are prepared to make a stand, despite whatever they might go through.

Sometimes — even often — straight things need to be said, need to be heard or read,
And far more so, wherever people only want to hear nice things instead.
After all, reality needs to be faced, lest some danger overtake,
Which it will do, if we are falsely lulled, have a closed mind, or aren’t awake.

We may not like what other folk have to say, but we should never stop them,
And all attempts to curb or halt freedom of expression, strongly condemn.
For after all, it’s only via such freedom that truth can ever be found,
Hence why those who've something to fear, or hide, want the truth gone, or tightly bound.

There are certain medicines that we hate, yet need, in order to get well,
Which only the very foolish would refuse, and whom we would soon farewell.
Yes, “No pain, no gain,” is certainly true — thus, some medicines we should take,
Be that via the mouth, the ears, or other, lest we badly suffer or ache.

And therefore, with the greatest of respect and via poetic tradition,
I humbly present my poetry website — Poetry With A Mission.
But please be aware that the reading of my poetry will soon reveal
An open, inquiring, receptive mind, or a closed one, some Achilles heel.

By Lance Landall

"Education is a better safeguard of liberty than a standing army."
Edward Everett (1794-1865)

2.  R.I.P Planet Earth?

This world’s a beautiful creation, I a believer that it was designed,
Everything so precise, so finely tuned, staggeringly complex, and mankind.
I unable to grasp how things could have simply evolved, more so from nothing,
And why everything on this Earth seems to have that must-have-been-created ring.

But that aside, Earth happens to be our nest, and we clearly alone, you know,
Evidence suggesting human invention regarding any UFO.
So why are so many destroying their own habitat, and that of creatures?
For in the scheme of things, deforestation, plundering and war largely features,

And look out for those mines.

Oh, so many cities now concrete ruins, the ground full of poisons that harm,
And the folly of nuclear power and its waste adding to the alarm.
All it taking is an earthquake, but evil creating its own disasters,
And soon, if not now, this old planet that we’re living on well beyond plasters.

So to those of you behind any ill, your success will see you suffer too,
Certainly as time goes by, and this why what you are doing is so askew.
But do you really care, for hate and anger are blind, so unable to see,
And why its all a waste of time, and good not on the side of the bloodthirsty,

Nor on the side of the indifferent, those who're into vice, debauchery.

It’s all in the mind, you know, how one thinks, we either peacemakers or fighters,
Building bridges or starting fires, the latter via bigoted filled lighters.
Yes, a flick of the thumb, and there’s another newspaper headline, callous act,
And that such is a sickness is not an opinion but an obvious fact.

And in the end, no one a winner even if they’re flying their flag, and so
What on earth are folk thinking, doing, though by their fruits we are told that we’ll know.
And there is clarity for you, for those who harm this earth and humanity,
Declare their real agenda, self, evil, and their own end is a surety.


Earth spoilt by renegade humans, some having more in common with a devil,
Their terrible acts knowing no end, they taking things to a whole new level.
And promises on Earth no more trustable than that evolution theory,
Or those who kill in the name of God or Allah, devoid of love and mercy.

By Lance Landall

We're choking the rivers, emptying the sea, degrading the soil, poisoning the air,
and hacking away at Earth's lungs — the rain forrests.

3.  How Love Must Weep

Oh yes, how love must weep seeing all the hatred in the world, all the cruelty,
The dreadful destruction, pollution, poverty, suffering and tyranny.
Love all about the opposite, and it wanting to be heard above the din,
Love so concerned about where it’s all heading, ’cause Earth won’t take it on the chin.

Can’t, in fact — it too abused and recoiling from it all, traumatized, lets say,
The likes of selfishness, thoughtlessness, money and power having had their way.
Love having tried to speak, but everything getting in the way, hence Earth’s state,
And why those things that are badly needed to turn it all around cannot wait.

By Lance Landall

4.  Peace On Earth and Goodwill To All Men

And wouldn’t that be lovely, but we can’t even look after our own nest, sadly,
Having treated our environment so carelessly, and in fact, downright badly.
Such hardly showing goodwill to all men, their best interests hardly looked after,
And there goes peace on Earth, anxiety and fear now replacing joy and laughter.

Yes, peace isn’t just about the end of wars, but all those other anxieties,
The fear of what’s happening given climate change, that harm to our land, sky and seas.
Our planet turning on us, we having only thought to eat, drink and be merry,
And now we’re reaping the sad consequences, what happens when our heads we bury.

By Lance Landall

A parody on Louis Armstrong's What A Wonderful World.

5.  Oh, Louis Armstrong...

It’s really not such a wonderful world after all, 'cause,

I see creatures gone, and forests too
Sense harder times for me and you
And I think to myself, what a terrible world.

I see skies of grey, feel winds that chill
Earth's less like Heaven now, more of a hell
And I think to myself, what a depressing world,

The fog of pollution is so heavy in the sky
Anxiety's on the faces of people going by.
I see friends shaking heads, saying, "What’s going on?"
They really meaning, “Something’s wrong.”

I see babies die, things that horrify
There’s poverty and war, so much awry
And I think to myself, what a pitiless world,
Yes, I think to myself, what an endangered world,
Oh yeah!

By Lance Landall

This poem was altered on 12 September 2019.
Here's the original song:

Greta Thunberg is an evironmental activist (17 years old when this
poem was penned - January 2020).

6.  Dear Greta

I understand your contempt for the disregard and recklessness you’ve called out,
Because over all the damage that’s been done, there are others who want to shout.
We well knowing that now’s not the time for silence, but urgent action, which we
(The also concerned), have been saying for ages, but enter reality:

Things have been left far too long now, and quickness isn’t a friend of industry,
Some wheels only able to move slowly, and climate change ticking too quickly.
Not that this excuses ignorance and arrogance, but is playing a part,
And a rush leading to other problems, which is why there’s an ache in my heart.

Yes, I understand your anger, my life ending soon, yours beginning, and so
The pain and upset more acute for you, and cleaning up this mess a hard boat to row.
But though that be the case, and whatever the outcome, mind that anger that burns,
Grabbing what joy you can in life, lest you be short-changed by those rightful concerns.

And should the worst eventuate, you’ll have seized from life what you were able
(I not knowing whether you believe in life beyond, or think it's a fable),
And thus you also playing while working, your head and heart in harmony,
Though may it be that after it all, you’ll be basking in eternity.

Your concern is admirable, many not doing anything at all, and
Even choosing the wrong path, unlike you, and why I commend your selfless stand.
But mind how you go, Greta, it all about the way we go about things, and
That example we set, which much experience has helped me to understand.

By Lance Landall

Christian content.

7.  Greener Than Green

Before rebellion marred this planet, there was beauty and order, perfection,
No damage, no pollution, no mess, it all meeting God’s fussy inspection.
Eden a paradise, a delight, everything working in harmony,
It’s caretakers aware of their responsibilities, and thus no less we,

'Cause we’re told that God doesn’t change, He the same today as He was yesterday,
And pointing us back to Eden, saying, “Still do your best to keep things that way.
In other words, look after this planet, 'cause those who don’t, I will punish, and
Just like that rebellious pair before, I will banish them from the promised land.”

And that land being this Earth made new, which, in the meantime, we should still care for,
It our home too, and owned by God, a planet that He won’t demolish but restore.
And this planet is a training ground where we’re to learn to think and act like Him, who,
Is greener than green, well ahead of Greenpeace, and watching what all of us do.

And rightly so, because how would you feel if someone damaged your creation,
Something you’d put lots of love and care into; so much for appreciation.
Yes, God hardly pleased, not about to let things go undealt with, for why should He,
Given that those He’s allowed to inhabit Earth have acted so shamefully.

So, get things repaired, stretch them out as long as possible, pass on, recycle,
Don’t use your car unnecessarily, but walk more, or use a bicycle.
Look after things better, be content with less, and minding any wastage too,
Buying what’s less harmful to the Earth, and minding those pursuits that more fuel spew.

And to those of you who a warring go, destroying, polluting crazily,
Or who irresponsibly foul the planet via any kind of industry,
Woe betide, and you who strip the Amazon (for example), for what a cost,
Climate change the meantime consequences of it all, 'cause Nature can’t be bossed,

And God, should never be so crossed.

Yes, God’s a god of grace, which He grants to the repentant, not those who still wreck,
Not having heeded His warning, and more so when this planet is very sick.
The need urgent, but what fool fouls his or her own nest, and then adds to the mess,
Via further lack of thought and care, which could see no one living at that same address.

But in all our thoughts for planet Earth, dare we overlook the Creator, who,
Should be first and foremost in our focus, and whom all are answerable to.
Many devoting time to saving creatures, the healing of sea, sky and land,
But hardly acknowledging their Saviour God, before whom, all will one day stand.

By Lance Landall

This poem was placed on my website on the 11 August 2019 and added to on the 12 August.

"The nations raged, but Thy wrath came, and the time for the dead to be judged, for rewarding Thy
servants, the prophets and saints, and those who fear Thy name, both small and great,
and for destroying the destroyers of the earth" (Rev 11:18, RSV).

"Because they exchanged the truth about God for a lie and worshiped and served the creature
rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever! Amen" (Rom 1:25, ESV).

Christian content.

8.  That Menace In Venice

Oh, those rising sea levels — yes, that menace in Venice — climate change, it’s called,
And rightly so, Nature having been bloodied, and hence those coastlines that she’s mauled.
But you know, climate change having begun with man’s fall, that foolish path he took,
And why today (after thousands of years of decay) we see a planet that’s crook.

Yes, very crook, recklessness having accelerated its sad condition,
Modern scoffers having held up clean up attempts via their hands-off position.
Yes, the indifferent too, ignoring the tide that their sandcastles will smash,
Climate change no respecter of the bright or famous, those with power or cash.

Bible wise, one of the signs of Christ’s coming is Nature running amuck, yet,
How many believe in the Bible, and why nasty surprises they might get.
Truth always coming as a shock to the uninformed or disbelieving, who
Ignore or laugh at the evidence that careful observers rightly point to.

Yes, like that menace in Venice, those raging fires, mega storms and so on
And hence those burnt out forests, wrecked dwellings, and those low-lying Islands soon gone.
And then there’re earthquakes, Earth riddled with the ongoing results of a global flood,
The Bible’s account verified by many things, like volcanic ash and mud.

Yes, climate change is real alright, and we haven’t seen the worst or last of it,
All good reason for living simply, and as if there is a God, lest fate hit.
And meantime, we doing what we can, because Earth’s still our home, our only one,
Until (as many of us believe), we’re rescued by Earth’s Creator, the Son.

Hence Christ hoping that we’re catching on, Earth on borrowed time, not to mention man,
Guilty of stripping the Amazon, fouling land, sea and sky, acting like a fan.
And that’s how it’s been since climate change first began, and here we are today, friend,
The selfish, stubborn, heedless, short-sighted creators of our very own end.

All why (if I were you) I’d look beyond this planet despite any clean up,
Or from a cup of even greater disappointment you may be forced to sup.
Thus one facing reality, society having come unstuck too, and
Not just climate change, but the rapid decay of humanity also, has fanned.

By Lance Landall

Also see my poem Trump's Folly which is number 45.

"The creation looks forward to the day when it will join God’s children in glorious
freedom from death and decay" (Rom 8:21, NLT).

"To go against the dominant thinking of your friends, of most of the people you see every day, is perhaps
the most difficult act of heroism you can perform."

Theodore H. White (1915-1986)

9.  I Can't Talk?

Yes, I’m no better than you, mess up too, even get scared, you know,
Don’t want to be disliked, struggle with things, and often ebb and flow.
And I too, can put my big foot in it, act rather wrongfully,
All of which concerns me, given what I’m expressing via poetry.

However, not just I, but all, have a duty to express things
That from a healthy inner realization, and disquiet, duly springs.
For should those things not be mentioned, even more remiss one would be,
Aiding and abetting via silence wrongs within society.

We can’t wait until we’re perfect examples to speak, obviously,
For such we’ll never be (though we should try to be, naturally).
Thus, we’ve got to speak out now, do what we can, despite all our flaws,
Lest, in the meantime, things get far worse, and we’re faced with closing doors.

Hence why I’m doing what I can, while I can, midst my own mistakes,
And despite any affliction that my little world rattles and shakes.
For how could I not do so, given what could happen to you and I,
And given that this planet we’re on is sadly going awry?

I can’t talk? No, but I must — and so must you — as it's foolish not to.

By Lance Landall

10.  I'm No Hero

When I was a youngster, I somewhat lived in a world of my own,
Playing on a grassy river bank for hours on end, and alone.
And there, I lived adventures, acting out things that I'd read and seen,
Quietly creeping through bushes and trees, ears and eyes sharp and keen.

Oh yes, I was a cowboy, a sheriff, Colt 45 in hand,
Or nose down in its leather holster — just a toy, you understand.
And I was on the lookout for anyone with evil intent;
Yes, a crack shot, upholding law and order, hot on someone's scent.

With growing stealth, I daily patrolled my bushy territory
That is, as a defender of right, facing dangers fearlessly.
Yes, there beside the flowing river, locked in childish fantasies,
I battled forces of evil, displaying daring, skill and ease.

Well, dear friend, time has since moved on, and I’m no hero, believe me,
And I’m a hater of guns now, for I’ve met with reality.
Thus, it’s just a pen that I wield now, though still doing what I can,
For defending that which is right, is what truly makes one a man.

Now, I’m just the same as anyone, and could fail, ultimately,
But meantime, while I am able, I will make a stand, openly.
That is, I will not be silent, but will use my voice or my pen
In order to warn of folly, danger, those evil schemes of men.

Or simply to enlighten, for wisdom’s getting lost, being rejected,
And as a result, ignorance is rampant, as would be expected.
And trouble is hot on its heels, along with much heartache and pain,
Which I and others are trying to halt, reverse, somehow contain.

Yes, just like many others, I’m doing what I can, while I can,
Trying to act unselfishly, showing thought for my fellowman.
For to not speak out when I'm able, would be far more cowardly
Than failing sometime in the future due to greater threats, should such be.

However, I hope and pray that I won't fail, when push comes to shove, and,
That in the meantime, wherever it's needed, I will make a stand.
For silence where silence shouldn’t be, is simply cowardice, and,
Such will not build muscles, that later on, give one the strength to stand.

Oh yes, times have changed since I was a young boy (playing on that bank),
And behaviour and attitudes have changed as well, to be quite frank.
Most people appear caught up in a shameful self-preservation,
That once, friend, would have received the very strongest condemnation.

Thus, due to such selfishness, peer pressure, indifference or fear,
There are far fewer voices speaking out, less folk that seem to care.
And should those strong voices become even fewer, where will things end?
And who of us will share in the blame? So, please think it through, dear friend.

As I said, I’m no hero, I’m simply just a man — made of clay,
But having said that, what exactly is a hero anyway?
Could heroes simply be those people who are doing what they can
On behalf of, and out of loving concern for, their fellowman?

In other words, just an everyday person who has a good heart,
One who's making a stand, speaking out, and thereby, playing their part.
Yes, not remaining silent, despite the deep frowns and jeers of men,
And doing so amidst their own struggles, via their voice or their pen.

By Lance Landall

11.  Far Better I Be Honest

Hi there. I could say all those things that you’d like to hear, and thereby, would have you really like me,
No criticism passing my lips, not a frown on my face, I choosing my words carefully.
Yes, I avoiding saying anything that would displease you, and always agreeing with you,
Warm fuzzies-cum-praise coming thick and fast — you a prince or princess who’s found a snug fitting shoe.

But you know, such would make me a liar and deceiver, someone who wouldn’t be a good friend,
Despite my appearing to be a good friend initially, but certainly not in the end.
For my comments would have you thinking things that weren’t so, things you’d discover eventually,
And meantime, you having made a fool of yourself, (for example), and I left looking sickly.

Yes, far better I be honest, for though such mightn't appeal, at least it would be the truth, and I,
A person far more in tune with reality, and therefore, someone on whom you could rely.
And via such honesty you would grow, for praise that’s not due, and things said that aren’t true, don’t strengthen,
But leave one reliant on props that in time just give way, enter the proverbial violin.

It’s even possible that I might anger you, but anything else would be a lie and snare,
For any words I chose to withhold, dress up or make up, could bring greater pain and weight to bear.
Best we face up to things, acceptance and contentment our best friends, and so too those who’re honest,
For at the end of the day, they’re the ones who’re truly concerned about what’s in our best interest.

By Lance Landall

12.  Count On Me

With the world in which we live in trouble, humanity at risk, and so many beset with misery,
How can I keep silent, how can I remain inactive? — unless of course, I’m only interested in me.
Yes, how can I not put pen to paper, express my concerns, educate and warn? — unless I don’t care,
And if I don’t care, and am only interested in me, then my presence is of little value here.

And I, only adding to all the problems that are plaguing this Earth, even worsening things, selfishly,
For we’re clearly meant to be operating as one big family, both thoughtfully and attentively.
And in the process, growing together, finding answers, alleviating whatever distress we can,
For just looking after number one, and hardly lifting a finger, is how most of our troubles began.

Hence why I can’t and won’t do nothing, but rather, all that I can, speaking and writing whilst lending a hand,
For the trials and ills of others, and everywhere that we’re going wrong, I wish to ease, solve and understand.
Well, as much as I am able to as an individual, for such demands the same of everyone,
And thus we best all pulling together as one, society in unison, nothing being left undone.

Yes, no head in the sand for me, or timidity, nor the callousness of acting indifferently,
For when we fail to think and work on behalf of others, we only worsen things for ourselves, ultimately.
And this being because we’re all intricately connected in various ways, which so many fail to see,
And as a consequence, (and as said), they not only hurting themselves in the long run, but humanity.

By Lance Landall

“The masses have never thirsted after truth. Whoever can supply them with illusions is easily their master;
whoever attempts to destroy their illusions is always their victim."
Gustave Le Bon (1841-1931)

"Pure truth cannot be assimilated by the crowd."
Henri Frederic Amiel (1821-1881)

13.  Don't Want To Offend?

If you don’t want to offend, how can you be honest and say what you really think? — as one should,
Otherwise, such simply becomes a game — a charade — which doesn't do anyone any good.
And in fact, can even lead to injury, and that, “Well why didn’t you say then?” so oft heard,
All because someone was too scared of treading on someone’s toes, thus withholding that needed

Such is often tied in with that "political correctness" nonsense, a plague on all of us,
For it gets in the way of honesty, just pussyfoots around, and hampers what folk discuss.
And so too that fear of offending, for though there’s a time and place, many still won’t say a word,
Which is why many aren’t told what they should be, or if they are, “I heard it from a little bird.”

And then there're those who get someone to “do their dirty work for them” (as some say), and this meaning:
They seek the bravery or foolishness of someone else, thus sometimes wisdom contravening.
For go-betweens can complicate things, even cause things to worsen, hence some explosions we see,
Such all part and parcel of what can happen when we’re not honest with others like we should be.

The truth is, that if we really do care about others, we will be honest, though it offend,
For those who act differently often act irresponsibly, hurting folk more in the end.
And meantime, kowtowing to weakness and popularity, neither they nor the other growing,
Such all being why we shouldn’t be afraid to offend — and thus our thoughts, others clearly knowing.

All due care and thought, of course.

By Lance Landall

14.  Never Hinder Protest

When folk aren’t given the opportunity to air their discontent, and have it taken seriously,
And this, in a supportive, safe and impartial setting, they’re oft left feeling mistreated, helpless and angry.
And there you have the makings of trouble, something that could even make headline news, and unsurprisingly,
For such can have folk festering inside, they outraged at the unfairness, and thus plotting treacherously.

Yes, it never pays to treat anyone’s grievance lightly or casually, nor to put things in their way,
And that meaning, obstacles that make it hard for them to air such — in other words, to at least have their say.
For those who hinder or deprive folk of this basic right, are not only acting very inhumanely,
But playing with fire, for who might they be dealing with? Someone who’s somewhat unstable emotionally?

And this not apparent, or not to a degree that raises concern, hence those surprises that we can get,
We never thinking someone would do what they did, nor they perhaps, but they did, and which they may well regret.
But oh, how anger can burn, and sometime, somehow and somewhere ignite, for no one likes being treated unfairly,
And why all should be listened to, given a fair hearing, even if their complaint is deemed rather silly.

When folk can’t have their say-cum-air some grievance, they can lose heart, give up, stop contributing and walk away,
Which is how the valuable input of many gets lost, and why some as a result of such, go astray;
Or how they become zealots, their anger fuelling some mission, they kicking back at some organisation,
Or taking it out on society, and who’s to blame but those who created such a situation.

By Lance Landall

15.  Just Say It

“It’s not what you say, but how you say it,” they say, which to be honest, isn’t entirely true,
For no matter how we say some things, folk can still get upset, and what we're saying misconstrue.
And sometimes people need a jolt, enter those sharper words and that firmer approach, otherwise,
They might remain in danger, or continue their ill, which in this case, a tough stance justifies.

And hence the strident pen, one hoping that the written word will do what one can’t do verbally,
For many aren’t approachable, they as sensitive as the Richter scale, reacting angrily.
Yes, no matter how carefully we choose our words, there are those who react very childishly,
But if something needs saying, it should still be said, such being the unpleasant side of one’s duty.

And that’s where many bomb out, their backbone hardly straight and strong, excuses coming thick and fast,
They not even bothering with words, let alone carefully chosen words, lest they get a blast.
But better a blast and someone better off — well, hopefully — than we simply saving our own skin,
And bearing in mind that warnings not given can sometimes kick back at us, and then be rubbed in.

Seems no one wants to be told, and that no one wants to do the telling, and hence much ill we see,
And things would be even worse if it weren’t for those few brave souls who refuse to behave PC.
Yes, time we returned to those days when folk spoke their mind, and didn’t let others get away with things,
For out of that silence that’s motivated by fear and self-preservation, nothing good springs.

By Lance Landall

16.  Best It's Hollered

When someone is near the edge of a cliff, do we smile and casually say, “Nice day, take care,”
Or do we holler, “Look out! You’re too close! Get back!" our concern clear, thus creating healthy fear?
Well, if someone asked me, I’d say to do the latter, such displaying far more loving concern,
And under the circumstances is exactly what’s needed, lest too late, one’s fellowman learn.

However, many can’t see the danger even when it’s hollered, and don’t like folk hollering;
Not that that casual “Take care” goes down any better, for to that which is cherished, most cling.
Yes, they not wanting to veer from that path they’re on, even though it’s taking them close to the edge,
And the likelihood of a fatal fall — their view obstructed by a deceiving self-imposed hedge.

But though such be the case, something should still be said; and given that neither approach goes down well,
One might as well holler, though such warnings should be loud and clear, and this, even if looks could kill.
For folk need to know — and thus one’s duty done — and bearing in mind that others could be affected,
And hence why love does all it can to ensure that certain principled fences are erected.

Yes, best it’s hollered — we having done our uttermost — and given that these days, fewer seek to warn,
Which is why those fewer voices need to be louder, just like the chirping of birds heard at dawn.
And this, in order to also bring reality home to those who have their head in the sand,
And who the noble intentions of those who’re trying to help them see, sadly misunderstand.

By Lance Landall

17.  Don't Get Too Hung Up On Delivery

“It’s how you say it,” they say, but hey, most don’t like hearing the truth anyway,
And thus the problem’s not so much how it’s said but what it is one’s got to say.
And there’s not a lot one can do about that, people not wanting to change, and
Truth by its very nature straight — hence presenting it not a popular stand.

Yes, it’s best that truth be couched in a particular way, and oft it can be,
But nevertheless is still best said even if not said so eloquently.
The truth is that the fault lies more with the reluctant hearer who oft fights it,
Despite the fact that it’s bang on — and rightly accepted, to their benefit.

So just do your best and don’t get too hung up on delivery, how it’s said,
For who can speak truth in a way that pleases? — it oft more like an arrowhead.
And why it can cut even when one’s gentle with the bow, or further away,
And why speaking out can cost, though sometimes more so where truth we fail to convey.

By Lance Landall

18.  Canaries In The Mine

You know, when it came to a title for this poem, I was caught between two, the other one being:
Love’s Last Chance Before Darkness Falls, given the encroachments on liberty that some aren’t seeing.
Well, Canaries In The Mine won the day, for canaries were once critical in many mines,
And so too today, given the darkness and explosiveness of the times, and certain bad signs.

But you know, encroachments on liberty aside, watchmen are required throughout society,
They sounding the alarm wherever there’s good reason, and given some ills that many can’t see.
For once certain doors are opened — and in some cases, tightly shut — it’s too late to do a thing,
And oh, the baleful results, and hence that need of human canaries, one’s who will loudly sing.

And they brave souls, for there are those who don’t want those canaries singing their warning songs, you see,
And who try to shut their singing down, such treachery being at the expense of society.
Or indeed humanity, which is why certain canaries are heard above the rest who sing,
For there are degrees of ill, and the ill that some sing of, heralding what greater ill will bring.

And thus, love’s last chance before darkness falls, perhaps, for only those who truly care seek to warn,
And given all the heads in the sand, it’s not just chirping needed, but a locomotive’s horn.
And who likes jarring blasts? — but with deadly serious danger only moments in time away,
Those who see the danger are left with no choice, hence their cries, which all should very carefully weight.

Yes, too many far too busy, distracted, disinterested or asleep.

By Lance Landall

19.  Are You A Mere Shadow?

Yes, it’s better to speak up, stand up, and do something rather than nothing, even should you err,
Than to live a life of sheer mediocrity, as far too many people seem to prefer.
Better your presence be noticed and felt, you thus contributing and provoking worthwhile thought,
Rather than living an introspective life that humanity wise achieves little or naught.

Better to be thought a fool than to be one via failing to try and halt any wrong you could have,
And via letting anyone’s thoughts about you get in the way of whether you should or shouldn’t have.
Better to face opposition for the sake of what’s best and right than to keep quiet and distant,
You not kowtowing to threats, frowns, jeers or sneers, but rather, being courageous, true and consistent.

Yes, it’s better to leave this world having made a difference, having brightened, lightened and shared,
Having pondered on the meaning of life and the lot of others, and having shown that you cared.
And thus you at peace having not stood idly by, nor sought your own comfort, or self-preservation,
But rather, having lost yourself in what really makes a life, and becomes an inspiration.

Better to say and do what one should and not simply please, as if wanting to look good to all,
For where’s the honesty and transparency in holding back, not being who you are, warts and all?
And thus you just another one who passed through life as if a shadow-cum-minus what made it,
You far too absorbed with being Mr Nice and not treading on toes to be of much benefit.

Or a Mrs Nice, forgetting that those who dare not offend cannot be honest, (nor helpful),
They not wanting to upset by saying the truth, even though the truth would prove more beneficial.
And such being why a “Hands off,” “Keep out of it,” “Don’t rock the boat” approach does far more harm than good,
For falsehood, wrong and evil will simply prosper, and some errant ones not attain adulthood.

Hence the question: Are you a mere shadow? — and thus this world little better off for you being here,
Not that anyone’s worthless or not precious, but context wise, you a tree that little fruit will bear.
In other words, you drawing a lifetime of nutrients from this Earth with little in return,
Your looking the part and avoiding being bothered by the elements being your only concern.

Well, I hope that’s not the case, and you, more concerned with right than with what others think of you,
And thus speaking out, standing up, doing something rather than naught or little, where you can do.
And also packing as much effort into others as you would your life, you no mere shadow,
But a living example of what’s really a life, one that substance and not just froth will show.

By Lance Landall

"You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life."
Winston Churchill (1874-1965)

20.  Crosses Come With Every Such Hero

Many who’re trying to stand up and speak out are struggling under that burden,
For it’s an unpopular road, a heavy weight to bear, and supporters thin.
Yes, trumpeters sometimes silenced, often hindered, and some of these folk aren’t well,
But love and duty calls, and they respond, come applause or some personal hell.

And they can feel like a fool, others even treating them so, but on they press,
Some forfeiting their life, many forfeiting comforts and even happiness.
Their mission oft a solemn one, much at stake, listeners few, scoffers many,
And as for some deserving medal — well, there usually isn’t any.

And many feeling inadequate, aware of their own failings, but still they stand,
Despite anxieties, knocking knees, or any threats that might be close at hand.
And sadly, some pulling out, the toll too much to bear, and it no wonder s
But least they tried, and bravery rare, for crosses come with every such hero.

By Lance Landall

The following poem was penned 9 August 2019.

21.  But With Hong Kong In Mind

Despite those dictators who oppress, or those governments who act somewhat the same,
Even incorrectly declaring that they have the right to do so in God’s name,
Protesters should never turn to violence, their swords destined to pierce their own hearts,
They not only guilty too, but this being how even greater suffering starts.

And what becomes of their country — therefore, better oppression than a basket case,
’Cause destroyed cities and infrastructure, and fleeing refugees, what they may face.
Yes, better hardship than the loss of loved ones, starvation or imprisonment, say,
Little or nothing gained in the end, a happier life not having come their way.

Too many protesters not weighing things carefully enough, fighting fire with fire,
A path that past experiences, wisdom and common sense would never inspire.
One’s own nest fouled, the authority’s heart hardened, battles lost before they’ve begun,
All why millions end up worse off, soon to find that what folk did they shouldn’t have done.

Yes, it’s a risky thing, such protesting not godly nor wise, and more doomed to fail,
The backlash oft like a winter storm with weaponry-like thunder, lightning and hail.
And sometimes one simply exchanging one dictator for another, at what cost?
Oh, how easily a life that’s somewhat bearable, for a life that’s not, gets tossed.

Maybe life was better before, until….but riots taking things from bad to worse,
Hence how some rock or Molotov cocktail throwing protesters soon leave in a hearse.
Those prepared to die for what’s right should live for what’s right, thus setting an example,
Nobleness only found in right doing, not those things that destroy and more blood spill.

If a Christian, you believe in a coming rescue, and thus pain temporary,
But even if you aren’t a Christian, why worsen your life unnecessarily?
Bad enough what you’re going through already, perhaps, so why go and stoke the fire,
Some things simply out of our hands, and it’s bearing things well that is seen to inspire.

Riots are the hallmark of undisciplined hordes, hypocritical, lawless fools,
Who, not worrying ’bout how they might affect their own kind, reach for the devil’s tools.
Maybe having indulged in too much violence via the computer or TV,
And ready to take to the streets in a skewed attempt to demand democracy.

Too many protesters push the envelope, and violence being a sure way,
Especially when hardly in a democracy, and been ordered to obey.
Freedom and liberty all very well, but foolishness quite another thing, and
This being why some should mind how they go lest they simply strengthen an iron hand.

By Lance Landall

22.  Mobocracy

Just as greater a danger to freedom and liberty is, mobocracy,
That braying mob, militant majority that abuses democracy.
And so, mobocracy being a kind of people power dictatorship,
Given its brawling, lawless, forceful way that grapples rights from another’s grip.

Yes, the minority, in other words, who, due process are thereby denied,
And facing intimidation, their right to disagree simply brushed aside.
Mobocracy determined to get its way, its democracy but a farce,
Mobocracy just another form of tyranny, waiting snake in the grass.

Yes, mobocracy turning on dissenters just like a dictator would, and
Demanding that its desires be met, thus making its own laws of the land.
And thereby laughing at democratic elections, freedom and liberty,
It all coming down to its way and demands, such the essence of tyranny.

By Lance Landall

23.  Errant Protestors

We’re all concerned about climate change (I like to think), and urgent is the need,
But causing disruption and anger by lawless means isn’t how to succeed.
So please don’t go blocking traffic flows, hindering workers and businesses too,
It all counter productive, just hurting your own, a path that rebels pursue.

Yes, that chaining yourself to things, climbing up and over someone’s property,
It nothing but foolishness, thoughtlessness, acting very irresponsibly.
Hypocrisy, in fact, condemning ill while creating ill, causing chaos,
And those extra authority call out costs that are to everyone’s loss.

Yes, that time and money needed elsewhere, but no, those public antics abound,
So many getting in on the act, but as far as support goes, losing ground.
If it’s not rioters fouling their own nest, its errant protestors breaking laws,
Annoying all and sundry, and in the process, hardening hearts, shutting doors.

As far as Christians go, God doesn’t want lawless followers, this He’s made clear,
Telling them to be at peace with the authorities, and persecution bear.
Their reward and rescue coming with His return when He’ll deal with oppressors,
Those who’ve injured humanity, those who’ve played a part in the insanity.

By Lance Landall

24.  It All Seems Hypocritical To Me

We can rage over climate change, inequality, starvation and poverty,
Or whatever else we think we should, but it all seems hypocritical to me,
If on the other hand we’re treating anyone, anywhere, less than how we should be,
Like our father, mother, brother, sister, husband, wife, friend, with whom we disagree.

Yes, “Save our planet!” they shout, “Rid the world of landmines! Stop abusing women too!”
But oh, the selectiveness, given those contradictory things some say and do.
On one hand helping someone, or some cause, and on the other causing ill or pain,
Be it to someone they do or don't know, creating their own form of acid rain,

And thus the moral high ground cannot claim; we each being an Abel or a Cain.

If our life’s not in order, who are we to shout so, and if acting unkindly,
Abusing those who may not share our thoughts and feelings, thus displaying bigotry.
Yes, “Save the whales!” some shout, whilst stabbing a roast chicken, or neglecting their own pet,
It all seeming double-tongued, yet up go those tents, a new kind of order being set.

Yes, the world their way, given they think they’re so right, holes in some arguments glaring,
But there they are, standing for this right or that right, whilst at others coldly sneering.
Oh, are these the ones who’ll soon be ruling, banning this and banning that? — oh dear,
Freedom of expression and civil-religious liberty losing legs on their chair,

Thanks to the ill-thought-out and carried out, which such protestors are seeming to steer.

And all this while they riot, block roads, cause other people’s cash to go down the drain,
Their chants sounding just as caustic, they doing as much harm as any good they gain.
Yes, so sure they’re right, but even if they were, such hardly being the way to go,
Which tells in time, but always far too late, and how the seeds of their own fate they sow.

By Lance Landall

This poem was inspired by the Charlie Hebdo tragedy, 7th January, 2015,
but is not condoning the content of any Charlie Hebdo cartoon.

25.  I Am Charlie, But...

Say, if God himself has given us the freedom to choose our own destiny,
To accept Him or reject Him, to praise Him or curse Him, then hey, who are we
To tell others what they should or shouldn’t say, take their life because of offence,
Thus sneering at liberty and democracy; and by casting aside sense,

Ushering in tyranny as a consequence?


Who are we to so arrogantly set ourselves above others, or dictate,
To cry foul because of their right to freedom of expression even should it grate,
To act as if we’re God himself — and hey, are we so immature and thin-skinned
That we can’t handle someone’s poor judgment, bad taste? — and as if we’ve never sinned!

We might not like what someone says or draws, but dare we tinker with such a right,
For only the errant or those with an agenda would have such in their sight.
Yes, such being the first thing chomped on by evil insiders dressed to deceive,
And it so easily impinged on by the clumsy or afraid, I believe.

And why the word sacrosanct comes to mind, the concreting of free speech our aim,
And why when it comes to freedom of expression, everything must be fair game,
Because any line drawn is an automatic infringement, a crying shame,
(Even if done in Heaven’s name),
And one step always being the beginning of more, folk soon lamenting what became.

All why I am Charlie, another defender of unfettered expression,
But one who likes to infuse such with a certain thoughtfulness-cum-discretion.
 For why pointlessly anger, and there are always those who’re easily upset,
And those who just can’t help themselves and foolishly give even worse than they get.

If God’s for real like I believe He is, and given how long we’ve all been here,
He’s far more generous than men, who when it comes to others, long aren’t seen to bear.
And who would have more reason for wrath? — yet here we still are, most cursing His name,
And some even wrongly claiming His permission to dictate, oppress, murder or maim.

Or Muhammad's.

And why it’s also perilous to follow and revere some man — plain folly —
For even good men err, and conmen hardly proclaim their moral poverty.
Hence why no one should be exempt from scrutiny, and why pens should write and draw,
And as for humour, it oft near the truth of things, ill folk foresee, or foresaw.


All why I am Charlie, but not a mocker, nor racist and a complete fool,
For free speech shouldn’t be abused, and therefore, one rightly handling any tool.
And not just that, but we treating others as we’d like them to treat us, and why
I will only go so far, and then, where necessary. Thought and sense nearby.

By Lance Landall

"For why pointlessly anger" is referring to those who say or write something provocative simply for a laugh,
or where there isn't a good enough reason for doing so.

"There's greater danger in trying to limit freedom of expression than there is in
permitting its abuse."
The Author

26.  Hate Speech

When we outlaw hate speech we endanger all speech, and thus free speech hardly free,
But rather, restricted, an oxymoron, it either free or not, surely.
Limits automatically being antagonistic to free speech, and
Always the way of those who throughout history have had something evil planned.

When we start defining what free speech should and shouldn’t be, legislatively,
We effectively render free speech useless, albeit incrementally.
Such defining prone to changing times and hands, a clear threat to liberty,
Free speech only free when its not handicapped by limits that weren’t meant to be.

Restrictions and free speech are incompatible, the former its enemy,
And so, we allowing what might appal, though some folk are riled too easily.
And their idea of what should or shouldn’t be said perhaps draconian, and
A return to sanity much harder or lost, nor helped by heads in the sand.

Yes, best we just ignore those horrid rants, nor attend their meetings, prudently,
Thus not stopping them from speaking lest democracy become mobocracy.
Too many who’re not happy about hate speech acting just as ignorantly,
Just as intolerantly — and hence why sacrosanct, free speech should always be.

Debate with such folk if you want to, though many have already, pointlessly,
But never fight fire with fire; and why protest if free speech is just that, free?
Yes, responsibility comes with free speech, but one can only educate,
Because a loving heart and a noble mind aren’t things that we can legislate.


Encouraging others to maim or kill anyone, is quite another thing,
Just like debate and fighting are worlds apart too, despite how much words may sting.
And thus such evil inciting going well beyond free speech — a crime, in fact,
And why here, law has its place, and thus why here, every government must act.

But when it comes to speech that simply isn’t nice or kind, and even nasty,
Words are just words, and bigger we must be in order to attain maturity.
We grow by meeting confrontation head on, not by running away from it,
Nor by outlawing it, but by assessing whether those words spoken may fit.

And you know, this world’s hardly Heaven, and thus thick-skinned we somewhat need to be,
Lest we make someone’s problem our problem too by reacting just as silly.
This planet’s not made up of saints, and thus perfection hardly reality,
And hence why we must learn to live with things, including begging to disagree,

And hey, how else can tolerance be?

So, should you come across a group ranting or marching that you can’t stand, just go,
Leave them alone, ’cause they’ve that right, and you could be the cause of trouble, you know.
’Cause angrily confronting such folk is like putting a match to paper, and
You the one having produced that match, when violence, say, they may not have planned.

People are getting upset over anything and everything today,
They far too sensitive or petty, not made of tougher stuff, it’s sad to say.
So rather than condemning hate speech, which all should, they want it banned, foolishly,
When that is far more dangerous given its serious threat to liberty.

At the end of the day, our words are our thoughts, and our thoughts are our own, and so,
Given they belong to us, who has the right to control them, and decide “No?”
No one, and hence why we should be able to speak our own mind, say this or that,
Though surely sense and thought dictating, thinking of others being where it’s at.

And thinking of others includes letting them be themselves, letting them have their say,
No matter what we think of them, or what they’ve got to say, ’cause that’s the fair way.
And fair for us too, those of us who don’t like hate speech, and thus our thoughts convey,
In the hope that those foolish imparters of hate speech will see the light one day.

It’s not just free speech we endanger by rushing to outlaw rot some might say,
But justice too, in the sense of laws and punishment getting carried away.
Hence why it’s better to just ignore or condemn certain hollerings, you see,
Keeping laws and punishment for the truly serious, not stupidity.

Derogatory things are one thing, inciting violence quite another,
All families having their spats, but who would threaten their sister or brother,
Or attack them? And that’s where law certainly has its place, and why we should mind,
Lest through drawing the bow too tight, even more losses to liberty we find,

And justice being misused.

The object should be to help folk see, not gag them, laws far too often turned to;
Oh, what folk will give away for perceived security, when they shouldn’t do.
Many talking of tolerance, and yet too quickly removing what offends,
Which hardly produces giants, and hence why it’s no wonder where it all ends.

We should never encroach on the freedoms of many just because of a few
(Those who abuse things), because such is hardly fair, hardly the right thing to do.
There needing to be other ways lest the future become hostage to the past,
We learning too late (having rushed) that on the side of folly our lot we’ve cast.

Stop hate speech and such folk will just get more frustrated and turn to other means,
Secret evil actions, having gone underground, thus working behind the scenes.
Best we see and hear them, not remove their pressure cooker valve, but keep an eye,
We knowing who and where they are, and jumping quickly when "maim" or "kill" they cry.

By Lance Landall

This poem was added to on 3 July 2019.

When we become hypersensitive (over-reactive), we start seeing slights (personal, racist, sexist or bigoted
comments or behaviour) in everything, everywhere; things that one would normally ignore (even not see)
given they’re so minor, a real stretch, or simply perceived as an ill.

"The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachments by men of zeal,
well-meaning but without understanding."
Louis Dembitz Brandeis (1856-1941)

27.  Fake Hate Speech

It seems that anything said that others disagree with is now deemed hate speech;
Or given how badly some are reacting, that’s effectively what they teach.
One hardly able to say anything these days without some sort of backlash,
Be that in the form of certain threats, or an unnecessary, childish clash.

Just as Christ condemned hollow traditions and certain cultural practices
That were hardly wholesome, and not in harmony with Heaven’s pure ways, nor His,
So should we condemn attacks on that same free speech that checks one-sidedness and
That provides an open forum where unwanted but needed truths can still stand.

However, that’s not what that roaring crowd is wanting, and why it is today
That everything’s seemingly hate speech, racist, sexist, and no shade of grey.
And hence that danger that’s wanting certain voices silenced as its judgment deems,
All why free speech, healthy debate and fair play are coming apart at the seams.

It seems no one wants to hear what doesn’t suit, hence their overreacting,
And many are too prissy about things, yet their angry calls for love attracting.
Yes, ironic, isn't it, they fighting fire with fire, fake hate speech oft their rage,
Because much that’s deemed hate speech, racist or sexist, isn't so, yet war they wage.

And many are Christians, but their God not like them, He permitting all to speak,
Thus the whole truth and nothing but the (unpopular) truth would not seek to tweak.
Oh yes, He a straight talker alright, yet falsely accused and put on trial too,
His voice silenced; that so-sure-they-were-right mob the forerunners of today’s crew.

And where will it stop? Their noose pulling tighter and tighter, ignorantly so,
’Cause when it comes to losing freedom and liberty, free speech is the first to go.
Little by little, that is, can’t say this, can’t say that, thus tolerance not learnt,
And how eventually the bridges of freedom and liberty are burnt.

Our right to speak means their right to speak, rights not being a one-sided affair,
And this why opposing voices should be heard despite not liking what some share.
This world’s hardly just for those who think and feel the same, but for everyone,
Otherwise we’re hardly upholders of human rights but our rights, wrongly won.

Political correctness but an enemy, man-hating feminists too,
The former small-mindedness, the latter throwing the baby out, as they do.
The “Me Too” movement taking things too far as well, but that’s how it is today,
Fake hate speech right up there with fake news, and why for the return of sense I pray.

If ones not said something supposedly racist, sexist, or somehow hate based,
It’s homophobic, and one's shouted down, penalized or publicly disgraced.
Thus accusations flying thick and fast, our words censored to the inch degree,
And they’re calling this skewed, medieval approach love — well, you could’ve fooled me.

By Lance Landall

28.  Fake Bigotry

Knock someone’s religion or denomination and you’re a bigot, some say,
Because that’s the silly state of things today, commonsense having gone astray,
’Cause though we all have the right to our own beliefs, those beliefs could be askew,
Or at least somewhere, and that somewhere (if embraced), could well prove harmful to you,

Or to others, and hence why that error should be pointed out for all to see,
Lest not just you, but others embrace it, and so that those errant ones may see,
Those teaching such, who could clearly do with that knowledge too, and hence why we share,
’Cause in order for all to decide rightly, all the info needs to be out there.

Then there’s freedom of choice, this too why that info should be available,
Otherwise we’re shot, and as far as what’s right or not goes, hardly able to see,
’Cause much said and done in God’s name knows nothing of Him, ISIS one example,
But error’s error and best corrected; more so where two draw from the same well,

Like the Bible.

Yes, what many call knocking is but informing, a fair and right thing to do,
Helping both the holder of error and those who might embrace that same wrong too.
Yes, some drawing arguments from the same source, and why it’s important that we
Discover who is right, but how can we if deprived of that ability?

Truth’s only found where we’re free to pursue it, and the truth is oft critical,
It sparing many in the past, and might many in the future, from some ill.
Hence why we shouldn’t disparage knocking, ’cause it’s really not knocking at all,
But informing and correcting, lest via falsehood, anyone stumble or fall.

However, we knocking the error, not the person, conveying things fairly,
Not thoughtlessly, ’cause all have a right to their beliefs, same right to disagree.
It's not knocking but rubbishing that’s the problem, condemning ignorantly,
Or because of what others have said incorrectly — and there's found bigotry!

Or, ignoring and mistreating someone ’cause of their beliefs, as if they’ve no right,
Or mind and conscience of their own (and whereby, they too can choose darkness or light).
This world belonging to individuals, not groups, who’ve no right to enforce
Whatever it is that they think everyone else in the world should endorse.

Were we stopped from challenging another person’s beliefs (religion or church),
Such would simply aid error and falsehood, and into further darkness we’d lurch.
All why knocking is necessary, though some people do knock incorrectly,
But better that than banning the right to challenge, ’cause there would go liberty,

And then enter intolerance, which can be another name for bigotry.

Like with beauty, knocking’s in the eyes of the beholder, a good or bad thing,
And either used rightly or wrongly — and if rightly, positive results can bring.
Yes, someone realising their error or folly as a result, and hence why
When it comes to knocking (showing something up), folk should think before “Foul!” they cry.

By Lance Landall

This poem was tweaked and added to on 16 February 2020.

29.  Why Pick On Fundamentalists?

Everyone’s entitled to their beliefs and the strict observance of them,
And if we truly believe in liberty, such people we shouldn’t condemn,
But only those who maim, torture and murder due to their beliefs, like ISIS,
Or who throw bricks, spit at, yell at, and anything else as bigoted as this.

And so, there no problem with fundamentalists, because they have their rights too,
And shouldn’t be confused with zealots, those who a bully boy type path pursue.
Fundamentalists not enforcers but upholders, who truly love and care,
And who what they believe (and in the best interests of others) want to share.

In every religion, denomination, there’re those who lose the plot, and
Act in ways that aren’t acceptable, and which the God of Heaven never planned.
He himself a fundamentalist, leaving no one in doubt as to His will,
But giving all the right to choose, some doing what’s best, and some turning to ill.

Far too many confuse Christianity with Christendom and heresy,
And oft ignorantly given that they’re uneducated biblically.
Some confusing God’s straight talking with harshness, His commands and boundaries too,
All designed to spare us ill, and others too, who’re affected by what we do.

Yes, God calls a spade a spade, points out the sad results of ignoring His will,
He knowing best, and His morals, principles and standards beneficial still.
But He not going around mistreating anyone, nor seeks to maim and kill,
Such but the work of a devil who somehow inspires men to do his will.

So why pick on fundamentalists, because that’s a form of bigotry too,
And just as intolerant, because all have a right to an opposite view.
We may not like it, nor believe it like them, but never should we cross that line,
One that even God won’t cross, His “come let us reason together” suiting fine.

Or would we rather become man-in-the-street dictators, tyrants of a type,
Just another braying mob that’s caught up on political correctness hype,
Another type of fundamentalist, our behaviour askew, who thereby
The foundation on which truth, justice and fairness are able to stand, kiss goodbye.

Yes, it’s not fundamentalists, but individuals who take things too far,
Or a deluded religious power block made up of those who also mar.
Just like those whose sad placards state things like, “Homosexuals will burn in Hell,”
Bringing shame on other fundamentalists who would never turn to such ill.

Yes, the Gospel message is straight, but not rude, nor cruel, and there’s a time and place,
But there’s always some individual or group who’s shamefully in ones face.
And as a result, all fundamentalists bagged, when ill comes from others too,
Who don’t have a religious bone in them, but just as errant a path pursue.

By Lance Landall

This poem was added to 7 March 2020.

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30.  Love Speech

As you’d assume, love speech is the opposite to hate speech, it thoughtful and kind,
But never foolish, because when it comes to right and wrong, love has to remind.
And thus its tone changing at times, ’cause censure it must, and given how it cares,
Love knowing that the early introduction of discipline saves future tears.

Yes, love’s tone may change, but not its heart, full of encouragement and empathy,
Those words that uplift and inspire one, those words that convey patience and mercy.
Love responding to the users of hate speech with words that might soften and heal,
In fairness acknowledging the way that someone rightly or wrongly may feel.

No, love speech knows nothing of anything resembling hate speech, and why we see
Very carefully chosen replies, an assertiveness tied to dignity.
Love speech recognising insecurity and ignorance, and holding back,
Nought gained by fighting fire with fire, and how silly it is to overreact.

Love speech or hate speech, the choice is yours, your heart dictating which one you’ll choose,
Love speech not afraid to say what it thinks, but more lovingly conveys its views.
And needed words (no matter how they’re couched) won’t please some, but love speech wise and fair,
It pointing to a better way that’s practiced, and it more easy on the ear.

Yes, love only knows love speech, those words that promote love and never injury,
Those words that convey positive sentiments, and thus praise heard regularly.
Yes, love speech is helpful speech, speech that thinks before it says anything, and why
It’s only what’s good, right, wholesome and heavenly that it seeks to magnify.

By Lance Landall

31.  Let's Get Love Right!

Some think that love’s warm fuzzies, blind eyes, deaf ears and silent lips, when it’s much more,
It demanding truth, justice, right living, wisdom and adherence to sound law.
Yes, “Love knows no wrong,” the Good Word conveys, and thus must hold to some moral code,
One that points us in the right direction, lest we somehow take some foolish road.

And so, being angry about wrong doesn’t give us the right to act poorly,
Love forbidding such responses, because that’s simply acting as errantly.
Love standing up, speaking out, but not fighting fire with fire, behaving the same,
Much like those errant followers who wrongly persecute or kill in God’s name.

I once saw some graffiti which said, “Down with racism!” and right next to it
I felt like scribbling, “Down with graffiti!” they acting just like a hypocrite.
In other words, condemning wrong while committing wrong, but this oft how it goes,
Which a very flawed version of love declares; such like holy socks showing toes.

Love’s also often confused with going along with everyone else, when
Love gives all the right to agree or disagree, and hence our words or our pen.
Just so long as we’re not abusing others verbally or physically,
And I excluding straight talk here, ’cause love knows there’s a place for speaking clearly,

But never nastily.

Though racism’s WRONG, we can’t force folk not to be racist, except publicly,
Such still in their ignorant minds and hardened hearts, and that’s beyond you and me.
Yes, we can educate, but not force their mind, and their heart needs help that’s Divine,
A change that love oft brings about
any bullying here, just crossing the line.

There’s no such thing as a good dictator, a dictator a dictator, so
There’s only so far we can go, otherwise our own rights and freedoms we’ll blow.
Maybe not all at once, but incrementally, laws added to bit by bit,
Until there on a throne of our own making, another tyrant of sorts will sit.


Love overlooks shortcomings, shuts its ears to evil surmisings, speaks no ill,
But it’s not silly, its eyes, ears and lips knowing when to look, listen or yell.
And love’s no tyrant either, but respectful of the rights of all, hence that line,
One that it will never cross, because there on the other side, sits a landmine.

Yes, there’s a lot of talk about loving and not hating these days, but you know,
There’s got to be understanding too, that meeting half way thing, so love can grow.
We trying to understand what we don’t understand about others, and then
We actually getting somewhere, not running around like a headless hen.

Though the heart should always rule, it errs where it isn’t connected to the brain,
So, we should mind those knee jerks to bad events, calls for this or that, lest ill reign.
Worryingly, it’s been a case of one law after another, and where to next?
Rushed laws and emotive laws just endangering, and the root cause still not fixed.

By Lance Landall

This poem was added to on 6 April 2019.

32.  Those Calls For Love And Not Hate

Oh, the outrage over mass shootings, and then there’s those calls for love and not hate,
Yet something isn’t gelling here, because once some are back behind their own gate,
Out comes those violent movies and computer games, and that same hyped up state,
Which knows nothing of an inner peace, but how to kill well, and retaliate.

No, we can’t have it both ways, ’cause if killing’s wrong, then so is pretending to,
Such kind of laughing at that outrage, and why their calls for love don’t quite ring true.
And, by the way, why laws only prevent hate’s public face, ’cause within some hearts,
Hatred still resides, and it being there in those darkened chambers where it all starts.

If some moral code isn’t written on our conscience and sown in our heart,
Laws won’t mean anything, hence why the former’s more important, and where to start.
Yes, knee jerk laws oft more a threat, and as I said, hardly deal with the root cause,
Just its public face, and so it’ll be until hearts change, and here I want to pause,

Because what’s love? For surely we’re talking morals, principles and standards too,
Not just warm fuzzies, because love needs to know why certain things one shouldn’t do.
Enter that code I mentioned, laws not stopping many from still dong what’s wrong,
But a well reared conscience, and thus both the heart and mind singing the same sweet song.

We can outlaw hate speech, but hate will still exist, along with racism too,
Which is why (one way or another) they’ll still raise their ugly heads, ill say and do.
All why calls for love and not hate are merely cosmetic, including laws too,
And this why those once held values and well grounded beliefs we need to rescue.

By Lance Landall

33.  Pet Themes

“Ban hate speech!” they shout, or what they deem as hate speech, but excuse me rioting,
Drug driving, annoying my neighbours with my music, even graffiti-ing.
Oh, and excuse my foul language too, my own angry outbursts, or bad manners;
Which is why I’m kind of dubious about those protesters with their banners.

One could be forgiven for thinking it’s only hate speech that’s a problem, when
There’s so much else that’s not right that’s coming from those same riled women and men.
Seems we’ve pet themes these days, political correctness aiding and abetting,
When the truth is, that when it comes to all things, an example we should be setting.

One wonders if the clamour is counterproductive, thus increasing the ill,
Because since the clamour, things haven’t got better, and why cruel things are heard still.
All those coming together being birds of a feather, the converted, say,
The racist, sexist, homophobic person still feeling and acting the same way.

By Lance Landall

This poem was added to on 19 December 2019.

34.  We Are One?

First that shooting of Muslims in New Zealand, then that cry, “We are one!” — but oh,
If only that was true, those loud voices clearly not mirroring all, and so,
Such folk really kidding themselves, racism and bigotry alive and ill,
That “We are one!” cry even angering some people further (whose hearts aren’t well).

Yes, it’s just another knee jerk, many not feeling that way, but anti still,
And more so where negatively affected; that street soon turned into a hell,
Some possibly less happy living there now given the future potential
(For more hits), thus things not that simple, concerns over any mosque or temple.

What I’m trying to say is:

Shouting “We are one!” hardly works, even if it draws the crowds — it like a lie,
Because hatred still exists out there, and resentment may well be running high;
Behind the scenes, perhaps, but there nevertheless, and how the object gets lost,
The teeth of racism and bigotry needing to be extracted, not flossed.

We're no doubt closer to that “We are one!” in our disgust of such killings, but
Not come that acceptance of another’s faith or culture, some doors firmly shut.
And love not something that we can force, but just encourage via our example,
Leaving room for others to grow, ’cause reality delivers problems still.

And so, we starting with the young, installing the sanctity of life in their hearts,
And with it, tolerance, ’cause some things may still grate, some folk using other charts,
Yes, their ways and beliefs differing from ours, even arousing the unwell
(Whose cruel acts stretch beyond their victims), and why “We are one!” is a might too shrill.

Yes, “We are one!” or “They are us!” sounds nice, but it actually rings hollow,
Far too much evidence to the contrary, one way or another, and so,
It’s possibly better to leave such slogans alone, and work on changing hearts,
Which one can never do by force or legislation; love the greatest of the arts.

We can err either way, it not about mobocracy but democracy,
Shouts and protests oft being a concern, despite the good or sincerity.
Care needed in all that we do, and fear a bad adviser, and why soon is seen
Another set of problems, or we returning to where we’ve already been.

Shouting “We are one!” is simply preaching to the converted, if you ask me,
A protesting that should be seen over any act against humanity.
It not about “We are one!” but “How dare you!”, Muslims not the only ones here,
But Christians targeted too, let alone the random cruelty everywhere.

By Lance Landall

This poem was tweaked and added to on 19 July 2019.

35.  That Much Debated Word: Immigration

I heard Donald Trump say, “God, family and country,” and I thought, “No, not so,
But rather: God, family and humanity,” which every Christian should know.
Thus it all about humanity, not ones country, humans first and foremost,
Patriotic fervour prone to certain ills, and oh, how some people like to boast.

Sure we must consider our country, compassion coupled with sense, ’cause we know,
Every country needs to be run responsibly, or down the tubes it’ll go.
And therefore, immigration a balancing act, no country made of money,
Even a country that through other eyes looks like a land of milk and honey.

And thus refugees and freedom seekers presenting a dilemma, which we,
Amidst acting prudently, should always see as our extended family.
Thus doing all we can, race and religion not stopping us, we all as one,
And from a Christian perspective, this the attitude wanted by Christ the Son.

But Darwinism isn’t helping here, survival of the fittest at play,
Life cheap, laws of small consequence, and where’s the source of accountability?
A devil more at home where a Creator’s less part and parcel of the scene,
And hence why greater vices, evils and problematic issues are soon seen.

This why I’m all for God, family and humanity, and less so country,
But that doesn’t mean that when it comes to immigration we should be silly.
Many countries struggling to cater for their own, thus a wave could sink their ship,
All why trickles create less problems, and why immigration needs a firm grip.

Waves can be intimidating, seen as a threat, and thus clashes more likely,
Growing hospital waiting lists quickly fuelling racism and bigotry,
And a housing and job shortage upping the rage, a pot that was sure to boil,
And which the kind efforts of sincere but ill-informed people was bound to foil.

And midst all this, existing racism and bigotry, hence the need for care,
Helping one thing, setting an explosive stage another, and then there is fear.
Yes, an attack on a mosque, say, one of the potentials, peace leaving ones shore,
Citizens facing what once they didn’t, hearts and minds not changed by any law.

Yes, racism and bigotry can’t be banned, because they exist in the heart
(And the mind), and hence why a lack of prudence here can see countries torn apart.
Enter reality, sense mixed with compassion, otherwise all one will see
Is, one problem exchanged for another, an even bigger one, possibly.

And so, even though I speak in terms of God, family and humanity
(Leaving out self-serving patriotic fervour many have for their country),
No country can afford to get carried away, displaying naivety,
But rather, should condemn the cause of waves, like wars, oppression and poverty.

The sad thing is, there’s much that could be done, and of which God would no doubt want done,
But things getting in the way of those solutions, nothing new under the sun.
Victims of war and starvation hardly half dead cats lying in the gutter,
Nor another squashed hedgehog glued to the road while we down our bread and butter.

Seeing them as any less than ourselves simply reduces our value too
(Survival of the fittest returning to mind, a theory that’s well askew),
Our personal preservation best served by the preservation of all, who,
Should be seen as precious individuals, and not like primates in a zoo.

But once again, laws only going so far, ill still lurking in hearts and minds,
Which isn't helped by knee jerk reactions, the foolish pulling down of blinds.
Certain concerns justified, the sad results of poor decisions clearly seen,
Having fuelled as much as helped, wisdom mixed with compassion missing from the scene.

The truth is, cultures can still clash despite our best efforts, and even more so
Where there’s too many too fast, or acts and demands that tread on a country’s toe.
Entrance a privilege, not a right, but all of us linked via humanity,
And hence why we need to mind that dehumanizing border mentality.

By Lance Landall

This poem was tweaked and added to 23 February 2020.

36.  Hang On A Minute!

“Homosexuals will burn in Hell,” he was declaring on his blog, and oh,
The nasty response from people accusing him of being nasty, and so,
Here I am, asking via pen and paper, “What makes them think they’re better than him?”
Their retaliatory rants making their chances of improving things very slim.

Yes, some think that they’re good people because they condemn racist words and acts, say,
But hang on a minute! If they’re so good, why have their own actions gone astray?
Their responses equally as nasty, or certainly lacking thought and care,
They either better or not, and clearly not, but just as crook in their own sphere.

Now, I don’t believe anyone will burn in some Hell ’cause of being born Gay,
And nor do I condone any kind of racist word or action, by the way.
But retaliatory nastiness isn’t right either, and exposes flaws,
Ones true character, state of maturity; and why over this, all should pause.

And by the way, Bible versions I’ve read talking ’bout same-sex sexual acts,
Not the homosexual, hence why certain Christians should make sure of their facts.
But all being entitled to their own opinions and beliefs, right or wrong,
And only the weak responding badly to any perceived wrong, not the strong.

And this not surprising, because according to the Cambridge dictionary,
Bigots are those who’re intolerant of the opinions of others, sadly.
Not those who simply express their opinions or beliefs, as most of us do,
Without any ill intention, and therefore, condemnation of such, hardly due.

Yes, hang on a minute, is right, ’cause there’re too many knee jerk reactions, and
Too many people who’re fighting fire with fire, leaving liberty’s post unmanned.
Thus free speech put just as much at risk by them as some accused of inciting,
And why it’s time to sit ’round the table and sensibly turn on the lighting.

But what do we see, some simply being punished for their opinion or belief,
Their so-called victim (or victims) having become their persecutor — good grief!
“You’ve really riled us, so we’ll slag you now,” their hypocritical actions shout,
They seemingly having no idea what free speech and liberty’s all about.

By Lance Landall

Parts of this poem were altered on 26 June 2019.

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37.  Long Live Free Speech!

Once we legislate to curb ill that some folk may say, we lessen our own rights, and imperil what rights remain,
For freedom of expression is where it’s all at, regardless of hate filled words that may cause a certain pain.
And hence why we shouldn't play with freedom of expression, for there's not one reason good enough for doing so,
And let’s bear in mind that many an ill has begun with some well-meaning but very unwise embryo.

Yes, it’s bad enough that there are those who would like to curb freedom of expression to achieve some evil end,
Without us playing into their hands by going along with legislation that would curb what might offend.
And besides, there’ll always be those who’ll think, speak and act wrongly, regardless of that which is designed to curb,
And why in this imperfect world of ours, there will always be things that will anger, distress, pain and disturb.

But sometimes we need to hear the truth — warts and all — and need to face up to things, though unpleasant they may be,
And hence why even the provocative has its place in all this, be such expressed via the pen or verbally.
However, whether it be this way or that way, the right way or wrong way, let all have their say, and freely,
We asking for nought but due respect and thoughtfulness, for limiting free speech acts far more injuriously.

Yes, some things said may not be nice, even wrong and cruel, but we need to toughen up, not respond childishly,
For we’re hardly living in a nursery, weren’t meant to be wrapped in cotton wool, for that’s absurdity.
In fact, we grow by being confronted, not by being sheltered from reality, nor those harsh things some may say,
Which often convey what we need to hear, and what’s better allowed than not, lest with even more rights, folk play.

Rather than curb, we need to educate, both by word and deed, for laws don’t solve, but simply restrict and prevent,
Thus hardly changing the heart and mind — and if they are foolish laws, they simply cause discontent to ferment,
Or worse — and hence why freedom of expression should never be played with in any way, for such will bring ill,
And in time, the greatest ill of all — a total loss of freedom and liberty — which here, I fear I foretell.

By Lance Landall

38.  Another Conspiracy Theory, They Say

History is full of plots that many would have called conspiracy theories,
But that not stopping them coming to fruition, which naivety too late sees.
Warnings scoffed at, laughed at, they seemingly too fanciful for many out there,
Who bag the one whose eye is keener, and thus thereby, a degree of guilt share.

Yes, truth is stranger than fiction, it’s said, but fiction it remains in some eyes,
And thus writing things off as conspiracy theories being where danger lies.
Yes, better such be given fair thought, or at least kept at the back of ones mind,
Because the truth of the matter is, history with plots and plotters is lined.

Hidden evils don’t reveal themselves, count to ten and give us chance to scout,
Nor midst their behind the scenes skulduggery, send out updates, or loudly shout.
Thus what’s going on only found by accident, much research, or wink and nod,
This would full of deluded, cruel monsters, those who act as if some god.

They come in many disguises, oft seductively dressed, and may sound godly,
Their words ticking the right boxes, the truth only seen by a minority.
Or not seen at all until someone stumbles across something (what they’re up to),
But oh, it’s just another conspiracy theory, until it too, proves true.

By Lance Landall

39.  So, Mister Evolutionist

If some moral code isn’t written on our conscience and sown in our heart,
Laws won’t mean a thing, and we much like a sailor without a compass and chart.
So, Mister Evolutionist, what have you got to say for yourself, ’cause you
Don’t believe in God, and thus who or what tells you what you should or shouldn’t do?

In your world everything must be permissible, no God, no absolutes,
Civil laws just based on order, and you knowing no future, having no roots.
Oh, the hopelessness of hopelessness, ’cause what have you to offer each of us,
But a hollow, empty hypothesis, no hope giving Saviour like Jesus.

No wonder many take their lives when things get rough and tough, your theory aiding,
’Cause rather than looking up in faith and hope, just knee-deep in gloom they’re wading.
Yes, you’ve effectively monkeyed around with life, made it purposeless, sadly,
And because you scoff at a Creator, you’ve removed accountability.

No wonder many also take a selfish or lawless path, and murder too,
Nothing and no one to face at a later stage, they think, when justice is due.
Laws broken where they think they can get away with it, no moral brakes within,
Thus nothing to stop them, except fear of prison, and hence why I’m a Christian.


I’d rather believe in something rather than nothing, like your empty hairy theory,
One that’s attacked Christianity viciously, assaulted humanity.
It offering and promising nothing, simply ensnaring millions of minds,
A devilish hoax, I believe, a foolish path that very crookedly winds.

And so, we spend billions searching space for what, when that money needs spending here,
Evolution leading us to one dead end after another, no one there.
Nor monkeys in a state of metamorphosis, just a theory that’s hard to kill,
One that simply gives many an excuse for any kind of evil and ill.

Hence the value of that moral code, stored in the mind and cherished in the heart,
Which, when a child has entered this sad world of hopelessness, is where one should start.
’Cause that moral code’s more important than any civil law, so too Jesus,
’Cause only He has offered anything that changes, guides and benefits us.

Embrace Darwin’s theory and you’re leaving your kids an awful legacy,
One that can’t make them noble and loving, and that may well lead to tragedy.
It’s not a Gospel of truth and promise, eye witness accounts, clear evidence,
But a purpose-robbing tale full of holes (like missing links) that’s fooled ever since.

The Bible says that death and bloodshed came about as a result of sin,
Hence why any form of evolution theory should be shunned by the Christian.
But such aside, Darwin’s racist theory that promotes eugenics should be trashed,
’Cause it’s just the ramblings of a deluded man who much hope and faith has dashed,

And whose cruel ramblings aided the actions of Hitler who millions of lives slashed.

By Lance Landall

This poem was added to 2 May 2019 and was tweaked on 18 October 2019.

40.  To David Attenborough

Dear David, I don’t doubt you’re a genuine man, but oh dear, what must God think,
All those years you’ve spent pushing evolution despite every missing link.
What a shame you hadn’t spent as much time on evidence to the contrary,
Thus showing a more balanced approach, and given there’s evidence aplenty.

Remember that global flood Scripture speaks of, water from above and below?
Well, there’s your Grand Canyon, massive fault lines, and those volcanoes that sometimes blow.
It nothing to do with evolution, but a violent event, and why
There’s all those fossils and that coal; and carbon dating often going awry.

Yes, so much attention has been given to that theory of evolution,
Yet, things hardly progressing, the ice melting, wild weather, all that pollution.
Even humans are degenerating, which has to be why Scripture declares
That as in the days of Noah, so it’ll be at Christ’s return; hearts full of fears.

Yes, it’s a very lawless, violent world now, like back then, and hence my pen,
‘Cause there’s been a huge deterioration in the lives of women and men.
Pornography rife, crime rampant, riots common, morals and principles gone,
Society obsessed with sexual antics—have you seen what’s going on?

Yes, plotters, dictators, abusers and users abounding, same as those ills,
Like super bugs, famines, extinctions, and the mass shooter who randomly kills.
But such aside, how can you attribute to evolution the complex design
That shouts there had to be a designer, no ones DNA the same as mine.

I wonder how you’ll feel, David, should you encounter God somewhere, sometime, who
As the creator of us, Earth and the universe, would hardly applaud you.
Pause for serious thought, isn’t it, given you’re the atheist’s poster boy,
Having championed Darwin’s theory, which belief in God can only but destroy.

Death and bloodshed only coming after sin, which means man must’ve been around,
Christ the second Adam who died to spare us, which in the trusted Word is found.
One having to exercise faith and trust, of course, but so much proof I have seen,
Both humans and Nature showing where only a designer’s hands could’ve been.

In six literal days (the Good Word says) God made the Heavens and Earth, and so
Millions or billions of years haven’t gone past, but around six thousand, you know.
This gauged with more accuracy than Darwin’s ramblings, and there’s that seven day week,
Scripture’s account its only explanation, and hence why further you should seek.

Think about it—we’re suspended in space, are rotating at the exact speed,
Are alone in our own universe, this planet providing every need.
Now what are the chances that this all happened by chance? Well, I’ll tell you, zero,
Hence why the Bible makes far more sense to me, the answers above, not below.

You seem concerned about this planet’s state, David, but tell me, why would that be
If we’ve just evolved out of some big bang, a freak occurrence, effectively?
There no point or purpose to our being here, so why should it matter, you see,
We destined to just live and die, there really no reason for humanity.

Hence why many couldn’t care less, and aren’t taking your concerns seriously,
Though I am, because you’ve removed the incentives that those people need, you see;
A sound reason for living, a hope filled future beyond, a God who made us,
We not having come from monkeys, but the caring, creative hands of Jesus.

In my mind, as much good you’ve done, as much ill you’ve done, although no doubt sincere,
Having been duped yourself by that hope depriving and riddled with holes theory.
A dog eat dog, survival of the fittest, not to mention racist teaching,
That you, David, via those documentaries, have effectively been preaching.

Yours sincerely,

By Lance Landall

This poem was added to on 19 July 2019.

“For His invisible attributes, namely, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since
the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse” (Rom 1:20, ESV).

41.  Mars Madness

Christianity teaches that God made the world, that Satan, then man, rebelled,
Enter sin, bloodshed and death, and as a sad consequence, a quarantined world.
And thus visitors from other created worlds prevented from coming here, and
We prevented from reaching them, until Christ’s return, thus quashing NASA’s plan.

This all meaning that billions of dollars spent on finding life beyond this world
Has been wasted (and that hope for millions who’re starving has been hampered and killed).
Those who know their Bible should know this, and Darwinism just leading astray,
Because our only hope lies with the Creator God who’ll soon be on His way.

Yes, the God who made other worlds and their inhabitants, they free to wander,
But not near us, nor we near them — and given our infectiousness, no wonder.
Our planet contaminated with every ill, and a renegade race,
Who, where not repentant, nor free of such folly, a judgment will have to face.

Yes, it’s not surprising that man has lost his focus, having been fed a lie,
And that being, that there’s no God, or a God who’s blessing what’s been sent sky high.
Neither making sense, God real alright, and hardly blessing that wasted money,
Pointlessly spent and cruelly denying life, while mouths of others drip honey.

Where there’s no lights, look at the night sky bulging with stars, and then try telling me
There’s no God, as if it all happened by chance, and we all came from a monkey.
The heavens mathematically precise, the speed at which the Earth’s turning too
Nothing short of a miracle, a designer who knew exactly what to do.

Some may laugh (the Bible warning of last day scoffers who’d say, “Where’s His return?”),
But they can’t offer anything better, and why back to the Bible I turn.
’Cause there I find hope, answers and promises, things that make far more sense to me,
Than a sad dog eat dog theory that knows nothing of accountability.

Yes, plain mars madness, and as if all could escape this planet, so who would go,
An elite few, or guinea pigs, and who'd miss out seeing the last rocket go?
No, Earth’s the only planet for us, the only one designed this way, clearly,
And thus we fouling space as much as our nest, too occupied with fantasy.

Hence those little green men, say, those UFOs, and any apparition too,
Naught but the work of fallen angels, and men who aid what such angels pursue.
And that being, the misleading of humanity, which is why one can see
Truth being exchanged for falsehood, and humans indulging in greater folly.

But bear in mind too, that

A God who can create our world is capable of creating others, and
Even more than one universe, which would mean that there’d be other planets manned.
Yes, such a universe ruling Creator would hardly create just one world,
But other beings who aren’t robots, and this proven given that we rebelled.

By Lance Landall

"Hath in these last days spoken unto us by his Son, whom he hath appointed heir of all things,
by whom also he made the worlds" (Hebrews 1:2, KJV). 

Vitiligo is the name of the condition that leads to a loss of pigmentation
(that which makes us black or white, say).

42.  Vitiligo Reveals The Lie

I saw a woman being interviewed on TV who had vitiligo,
And she was a Maori woman, dark brown in colour, and I thought, “There you go,”
Because the vitiligo had heavily affected her pigmentation,
Thus leaving her with white skin like mine, and giving one cause for contemplation.

But surely more so the racist person or Darwinian follower, who
Prejudice or some flawed theory have succumbed to, and thereby, have gone askew.
Life and all it entails not hinging on colour, but attitude and ones heart,
One building up rather than tearing down, unless we’re pulling racism apart.


Bigotry too, we surely past that Ape stage, holding a more enlightened view,
Not that I believe we evolved, but were created with a human’s IQ.
Colour just a coating, but intelligence another thing, somewhat chosen,
We only as smart as we’re sensible, clever brains having thawed, not frozen.

There’s no God in such stilted thinking, but a darkness more born of a devil,
An inferior reasoning more on an evolutionary level.
It not having progressed, and belonging with fossils, those old dinosaur bones,
That sad mentality that rather than debate, just chooses to pick up stones.

Yes, vitiligo reveals the lie,

Racism and bigotry being mammoth creations, thinking that’s awry;
Oh, the historic foolishness and cruelty that ignorance is seen to buy.
Love knowing nothing of such ill; only that caveman with his club, clutch of hair,
Courtesy of Darwin and comic strips, not a Creator’s loving thought and flair.

By Lance Landall

43.  And So

“And so,” he said (having mentioned Doris, how she’d just passed away, joined the dead;
And her celebrity status and the shortness of life running through his head),
“It’s all cause for solemn thought, but what have we learnt, many wasting time instead,
And some giving up before they’ve barely started, thus they too joining the dead.

Life’s indeed an hour glass — a battery, if you like, and batteries don’t last,
Although their life span can be lengthened via maintenance, until spent, of the past.
Some too hard on their battery, others not using it enough, both erring,
Surgeons announcing the inevitable, or frantically busy curing.

She lived till ninety seven,” he said, “A goodly age for a human today,
Most dying earlier, that hour glass sooner or later getting its way.
Many treating life too lightly, little thought given to what’s beyond the grave,
A day of reckoning, say, that God who it’s said will either destroy or save.

I’m no Christian,” he said, “But forced to consider such, if you know what I mean,
One wanting more beyond or not, and would it be a joyful or scary scene.
That three score years and ten being a pretty poor deal, I reckon, and therefore,
Death really putting the boot in, or rewarding goodness via another door.

Doris Day didn’t want a funeral service, nor writing on her tombstone;
She possibly very humble, or just simply wanting to be left alone.
Stardom hardly where life’s at, Elvis sick of the limelight too, and then his end,
That shallow world left behind, but with death, are we facing a nightmare or friend?

And many deserving of a nightmare,” he snarled, “Given the ill that they’ve done,
A caring God hardly ignoring such, and isn’t a judge what they call God’s Son?
If He isn’t real, a lot will be getting away with murder, unfairly,
And His non-existence meaning anything’s permissible, if you ask me.

So, what’s kept this world together, I wonder? Though not so together these days.
Perhaps it’s Christianity, that morality that the Bible conveys.
If such is so, why are more folk spurning it, and more so if God does exist,
Because if He does, He surely wouldn’t be too happy, and thus what a risk.

I’m sure that most of us would like to think that there is in fact someone out there,
A Saviour, I guess, because the way everything’s going, we’re doomed, I fear.
And those trips to Mars and so on just a waste of time if we’re quarantined here,
Which makes sense of it all if we’re a fallen lot who’d contaminate their sphere.

And hey, why shouldn’t goodness be rewarded, and those evil doers dealt to?
And oh, many folk needing relief from misery, pain and oppression too.
Yes, we need rescuing alright, but repentance hardly in the mind of most,
Who, of their evils and rebellious, lawless exploits, are often seen to boast.

To be honest, what’s in the Bible seems the best that anyone’s come up with,
Darwin’s theory hardly helpful, and no doubt most of us still wanting to live,
Beyond the grave, that is — and things in the Bible proving true, I’ve heard folk say,
And why I guess we need to think about that path we take, lest it mightn’t pay.

People can be big stars,” he went on, “But death soon bringing and end to it all,
The grave being where everyone ends up, which only better health can stall.
And so,” he said, “Doris facing what’s behind that final certain, and me too,
Hence these thoughts I’ve shared, my end getting closer, though death can come out of the blue.

Better to act as if there is a God, I guess; and you and I incredible,
Amazingly designed, it would appear, this planet too, though now, far from well.
And many of us sensing something’s in the air, and could it be Christ’s return,
And hence those signs of the times that folk mention, which could well be cause for concern.”

I smiled as I interrupted him. “And so, what are you going to do
Given how you stated that in the meantime something could come out of the blue?”
“Yes,” he half mumbled, “It dogs us all, doesn’t it, we chewing things over still,
Or not at all, and if God does exist, I’d imagine He must want to yell.”

“Perhaps He has,” I replied, “And so…” but he wandered off, and I shook my head,
And a few weeks later discovered that he too (like Doris) had joined the dead.
“And so,” I said to myself, “Death having made that decision for him, probably,”
And I guess that’s always how it’s been (and will be) for most of humanity.

By Lance Landall

Christian content.

44.  In Defence Of God

Is it any wonder that God’s not understood, for the following is clear,
And that being, that most hardly know Him, nor His Word, and just go by what they hear.
Yes, they’ve never experienced Him personally, nor seen the proof He’s real,
That evidence that points to a Creator who again Himself will reveal.

Yes, that God of old who worked within the confines of a rebellious rabble, He
Ruling them directly, hence that ancient Jewish nation — a theocracy.
And such why the likes of an eye for an eye, and the death penalty back then,
 Stood at that time until Christ appeared and pointed out a better way to men.

In other words, that theocracy long gone, Christ having been spurned by His own,
They acting like those destroyed in the flood, their minds corrupt, their hearts more like stone.
And so it’ll be near Earth’s end, we’re told, and why God will once again have to act,
For when He’s spurned or rebelled against, it’s soon seen that every evil is backed.

Yes, one doesn’t have to be a Christian to know the Bible’s onto something
When it says, “As in the days of Noah, so it’ll be again-cum-every wrong thing.”
For look around you, friend, as humanity is growing sicker by the day,
Rather than improving as things always have when people have done things God’s way.

Hence why throughout history God’s had to make some tough decisions, otherwise
We wouldn’t have lasted this long, and why even His own He’s seen to chastise.
Oh, how so many of them act like those ancient Jews, or those before the flood,
And they, foolishly thinking that they will still be covered by their Saviour’s blood.

Well, they won’t be, for those who wish to be saved must take God’s will seriously,
And surely Christians can see this by just looking at biblical history.
First a worldwide flood, then the end of an old theocracy, and finally
Due to “As in the days of Noah,” another scene, apocalyptically.

Yes, its best folk get to know God, and well, He no ogre but a God of love,
Who warns us in order to spare us ill below and rightful wrath from above.
And surely we can see He knows what He’s talking about, for look at our tracks,
They embedded in evil, folly and failure, and if in doubt, look at the facts!

Facts that God has had to deal with, and for our own good, not that most see this though,
Many denying Him, knocking Him, or bending His Word to suit as they go.
And thus where not denied, He oft accused of this or that-cum-misunderstood,
Some even using His name-cum-authority to do things they never should.

Hence why I write in defence of God, my understanding having grown with time,
And why I can better see behind those things where there appears no rhythm or rhyme.
For there is an overall picture, certain things having to play out, and then,
God’s better ways will be proven so, and so too, all that foolishness of men.

Yes, God’s little understood, even by those who profess to know Him — Christians —
They oft more lost in what’s un-Heavenly, still indulging in favourite sins.
And hence those heresies that are presented as biblical truth, or those acts,
Be they private or corporate, that neither the Bible nor God himself backs.

By Lance Landall

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which is on my poem list page, secular section, and in a grey box.
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Christian content.

45.  As For What's Done In God's Name

Most of Israel’s kings were bad (so much for them wanting a king), but you know,
God still allowing such kings to have their successes at times regarding some foe.
Not because He approved of their wrongful ways, but with the Israelites in mind,
They still His people at the time, and why even today, God’s mercy we find.

Yes, God is good, but not always those who rule, oppressing or leading astray,
Yet God still allowing them certain successes which we too might see today.
Such rulers even doing things in His name, perhaps, Iraqi an example,
Because we know that false talk of weapons of mass destruction led to great ill,

A war that should not have happened — oh, America, how you created a hell.

The truth is, God sometimes allows things for His ultimate purposes, and so
They not always meeting with His approval, but some end that in time will show.
And those errant rulers destined for destruction, be they Christians or not so,
Just like those errant rulers of Israel who God allowed to crush some foe.

And who are those people who tell some ruler he’s God’s appointed man? — oh dear —
False prophets and teachers abounding, we’re told, the evidence painfully clear.
Certain successes seeming to suggest God’s approval when such isn’t so,
Or not quite so, hence why we should mind what we read into things, nor some trumpet blow.

Ancient Israel was repeatedly plagued with foes, surrounded by them, and
With Israel being God’s chosen nation, it oft ridding them from the land,
’Till Israel became just as bad, and there within, apostasy was seen,
Yet it still prideful, ’till divorced by God; and who might well repeat such a scene?

Yes, patriotic fever, things said in God’s name, a Church and State look-alike,
Military forays, seeming successes, troops stationed in every land.
And God allowing it, but not ’cause it meets His full approval, but some end,
One that shows man’s folly, the truth of what Christ warned of, His coming ’round the bend.

Thus God’s allowances aren’t necessarily what He’s happy with at all,
And much done in His name knowing nothing of Him — in fact, nothing but a gall.
Ancient leaders often having led astray, and it’s no different today,
Men distorting the will and Word of God, or ignoring what He’s had to say.

Lance Landall

For further on this, see my page Apologetics which is on my poem list page,
secular section, purple box, left hand side.

Christian content.

46.  Mind What Some Evangelicals Are Teaching

Oh yes, mind what some evangelicals are teaching, ’cause the good Word’s told us
That falsehood and heresy will abound, distorting the sound words of Jesus.
And those evangelicals having got the ears of some who are in power,
Convincing them to follow a path that’ll be rebuked come God’s judgment hour.

Jesus never said that He would set up His kingdom on Earth at His return,
But would simply come back to take the saved to that paradise for which they yearn.
Yes, they ascending to Heaven to occupy mansions Christ said He’d prepare,
And returning later with Him to this Earth made new, and which He too will share.

We’re told that when Christ comes for the saved (who will rise up to meet Him in the air;
Pointless if still to stay here), all that’s on this dying planet will be laid bare.
Yes, as in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah when it rained fire and brimstone,
So it will be at Christ’s return, He surrounded by angels (thus not alone).

Therefore, those Christians trying to gain power in some pointless preparation,
Are involving themselves in a deluded, not-for-Christians operation.
Christ hardly setting up His kingdom on a sin infested planet, and why
He’ll be separating the goats from His sheep, ’cause just His sheep, to Heaven fly.

No, Christ’s not coming like a thief, but catching most by surprise, just like thieves do,
’Cause scoffers abound — and like I said, a lot of falsehood and heresy too.
There no peaceful millennium on Earth prior to His return, such but a tale,
Ones reward or penalty coming with Him, hence that joyous cry or sad wail.

The rapture’s another tale, one invented by a man, no one whisked away,
But rather, amidst the ills and evils plaguing this planet, will have to stay,
Until Christ’s return, that is, and then each follower’s cross removed (forever),
But at no time in the meantime, that just the spiel of a devil who’s clever.

And the devil (and all those other fallen angels too) has his agents here,
Be they those scoffers, the deluded, or the anti-Christ, hence that need of care.
And Satan oft working from the inside out, hence that error found in the Church,
Or those evangelicals who have sought a forbidden political perch.

By Lance Landall

“Woe to those who go down to Egypt for help and rely on horses, who trust in chariots because
they are many and in horsemen because they are very strong, but do not look to the Holy
One of Israel or consult the Lord!” Isa 31:1, ESV)

" 'In my Father's house are many rooms. If it were not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place
for you? And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again [the second coming resurrection]
and will take you to Myself, that where I am you may be also' " (John 14:2,3, ESV).

47.  It's Good To Be On The Side Of Right

Oh yes, it’s good to be on the side of right, one’s conscience clear, heart beating soundly,
The world so full of scoundrels, evil monsters, those who yield or go weak at the knee.
Yes, men and women who succumb to the same wrong and folly of those fools of old,
Rather than standing firm, weathering the storm, courageous, tender-hearted yet bold.

Yes, most seemingly embracing the evils of the day, certain pied pipers too,
Who, as of old also, just lead astray via cunning, heresy or ballyhoo.
Thus this world moving further from truth and wholesomeness, love more like window-dressing,
Most plunging into a self-inflicted darkness, and as for sin, few confessing,

Unless they’re boasting, of course, and there’s plenty of that, immorality now rife,
Thus aside from charlatans, it’s porn, or the betraying of one’s husband or wife.
Selfishness and greed abundant, others wanting to rule the world, or make it suit
Either their religious, political, draconian or libertine wishes,

Never mind what fruit.

All why it’s good to be on the side of right, prepared lest a judge called Christ proves true,
Good fruit meeting His approval, but bad fruit His condemnation, and rightly too.
We what we choose to be, saints or sinners, lovers of, or foes of humanity,
Part of the problem or part of the solution, and how many choosing wisely?

Yes, the world’s getting worse, hence how liberty’s being exchanged for security,
When in fact liberty is the only security, but fear wed to folly.
Oh, how we bring things on ourselves by choosing or following, and then wonder why,
Having ignored and not learnt from the lessons of the past, or bought into a lie.

Thus heroes and the truly good becoming thinner on the ground when needed more,
The world in crisis, under threat, what’s better by far having been kicked out the door.
Yes, the consequences moving like a tsunami that’s making its way to shore,
But few responding to the warnings of an end that can only but come with a roar.

Hence why it’s good to be on the side of right, not that side that doesn't want to hear,
Because that’s a selfish path, a weaker way, where there isn’t the same love and care.
The right path always tougher, scoffers many, yet quick to blame when they come unstuck,
The truth of their reckless complicity and woeful lack of foresight having struck.

By Lance Landall

This poem was tweaked and added to on 19 August 2019.

Christian content.

48.  The Good News About The End

Many fear God’s warning of the soon ending of this world, as if that’s bad news,
When the truth is, it’s actually good news for those who right (and not wrong) choose.
The end of this world (as we know it) ushering in an incredible one,
A renewed, unspoilt, perfect and joyous paradise — its king, Jesus the Son.

Yes, that same God who died on our behalf, who healed, pitied the poor and loved all,
A God full of compassion, long suffering and merciful, and hence His call.
He not wanting anyone to miss out, but it all coming down to ones choice,
We either ignoring or heeding the earnestness and urgency in His voice.

And thus the heeder having nothing to fear, but so much to look forward to,
Perfect health, boundless energy and never ending amazing things to do.
Yes, every day a great day, no more pain, no more tears and no more worries,
Peace and harmony reigning, selfishness gone, everyone seeking to please.

But not before this sad old world’s final days where things will get even worse, and
Where a world of a very different sort will be seen, just as Satan planned.
We having to hang in there until the battle between good and evil ends,
An end worth waiting for, living for, dying for, and that God who restores and mends.

Yes, everything beautiful and wholesome that one could dream about, desire,
Sin and evildoers gone, there no cruel (misinterpreted) eternal fire.
Just another Eden after a taste of Heaven, we all new Adams and Eves,
This promise the sure reward that’s given to the repentant one who believes.

And meantime, we’ve that same God to call on who deeply cares and wants to hurry,
But who’s delayed His return that more might be saved, one over whom we worry;
A brother, sister, father, mother, uncle, cousin or friend who could be lost,
And hence those prayers we utter, the loss of Paradise being too greater cost.

Oh yes, God knows our battles, but they’re only for three score years and ten, and then,
An eternity of happiness beyond what can be described via the pen.
And therefore, the end of this miserable world something to look forward to,
It all about the good news, not the bad news, but a broken world that’s made new.

Yes, despite this world being doomed, and we having messed up our lives, possibly,
There’s a new world to come, another chance at life, and successful we will be.
And if that’s not good news, I don’t know what is, ’cause you can’t get better, believe me,
A new world, new life and God promised guarantee that’ll last eternally.

Oh yes, that’s good news alright, the good news about the end — so share it, dear friend!

By Lance Landall

49.  I'm A Believer

Yes, I’m a believer that there’s hope beyond all the evil, pain and chaos,
And that it’s only for a little longer that we’ll have to bear any cross.
And thus a day coming when this life will give way to great happiness and joy,
A happiness and joy that nothing will ever spoil again, and nor destroy.

And you can become a believer too, there clearly nothing that’s gained by gloom,
But everything to be gained by giving hope and a cheery outlook room.
Dreams do come true, and miracles happen too, so why not a new world to come,
But only if you’re a believer, and those voices that shout otherwise shun.

By Lance Landall

Christian content.

50.  Trump's Folly

Sorry, Mister Trump, but climate change is for real, and an apocalyptic end,
Though a renewed Earth free of ills awaits those who repent and all their bad ways mend.
So who’s been convincing you otherwise? Errant evangelicals, false prophets?
’Cause Scripture’s very clear — hence its signs of the times — so best put sense before profits.

Yes, mind the religious who’re after power in order to achieve wrong beliefs,
God not setting up His kingdom on His return, but rescuing from Earth’s griefs.
A renewed Earth coming later, His coming toppling everything that’s man-made,
Hence those mansions in Heaven He’s preparing for those who His will would’ve obeyed.

Hence His warnings too, true prophets not glossing things over, or telling what’s a lie,
Because God’s wanting us to take very serious all that’s been going awry.
All these calamities and so forth but a wake up call, not that He’s zapping us,
But is slowly removing His restraining hand, our only hope found in Jesus.

Thus your denial of climate change but the response of a scoffer, sad to say,
Or someone who’s been wrongly fed; and perhaps you’re thinking you’re God’s man of the day.
Well, you wouldn’t be the first to wrongly think so, and meantime this Earth needs our care,
’Cause it's our very nest, still God’s creation, so some blame you could be facing here.

All why God’s saving call and the ills of climate change should be activating us,
As our suffering could be greater, and many having reason to fear Jesus.
Like yourself, Mister Trump, if you’re erring badly here, ’cause some things are clear to see,
Like climate change, not to mention those other things that are repeating history.

By Lance Landall

“The Lord is not slow in keeping His promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance. But the day of the Lord will come like a thief. The heavens
will disappear with a roar; the elements will be destroyed by fire, and the earth and everything in it will be laid bare”
(2 Peter 3:9,10, NIV).

COME UPON THEM, as the pains upon her that is with child, and they shall not escape.”
(1Thess 5:3, Douay-Rheims Version).

See my page Foes Of Humanity, purple box, secular section, poem list page.

51.  Justice Isn't Served By Unbridled Power

We all knew what the outcome would be, didn’t we, 'cause that’s how it is nowadays,
And this why we shouldn’t expect justice, though still shouting for it, our hearts ablaze.
Power, corruption and weak men going hand in hand, and the noble but a few,
Leaders so often misleading, be it the man in the street or saint in a pew.

One man might stand true, but we know where he’ll end up, supporters vilified too,
The real threat still holding office, but under the sun, of course, there is nothing new.
Thus it’s up to you and I not to be fooled, the crowd looking after its own skin,
And we, the won’t bow down, bearing that cross that ensures that all’s well and sound within.

Goodness and right never have the cold face of arrogance, nor boast, attack and smear,
Unlike he who hijacks the podium, and on any Bible would falsely swear.
Justice isn’t served by unbridled power, and God’s not found where there’s delusion,
Nor any miscarriage of justice that reeks of cronyism and collusion.

By Lance Landall

Christian content.

52.  When Disbelief Or Doubt Fills Your Mind

When disbelief or doubt fills your mind and says, “There’s no Creator God on high,”
Just dwell on the wonder of humanity, Nature, those bright stars in the night sky,
And the fact that our planet’s always spinning, and the complexity of things,
How as regular as clockwork the sun sets and rises, and a new day springs.

Yes, everything clearly co-ordinated, and clearly designed that way,
It all too amazing to have just evolved, and why such notions are astray.
The seasons, creature migration, the sun and moon’s critical appointments too,
All having a purpose that ties in with the whole, just like all worthy things do.

Oh yes, those seeds that grow, the miracle of birth, marriages and family,
There being a reason to everything, even the disorder we see.
The latter fitting with an enemy of the Creator God (called Jesus),
Who will restore and renew this fallen planet after He has rescued us.

Things just couldn’t have happened by chance, there both good and evil in this world, and
A battle making sense of it, thus suffering easier to understand.
Life not just about us, but galaxies, other worlds unlike this fallen one,
All loving watched and reigned over by the same selfless, misunderstood Son.

Yes, most having exchanged Him for a hairy theory, and some supposed big bang,
On which their sad take on everything (and subsequent behaviour), they hang.
Yet the evidence of a designer, creator God clear for all to see,
And the activities of a devil too, who, was the cause of Calvary.

Christianity having an impressive pedigree, solid history,
But not so that godless, man-invented, hopeless, dog eat dog, callous theory;
Humanity and Nature’s incredibleness attributed to nothing,
Having come out of nothing (staggeringly), and why with sense it doesn’t ring.

So don’t sell yourself short by believing that you somehow came from a monkey,
Rather than being made in the image of a God who cares for you deeply.
One whom you look like, though sin having marred that representation (soon restored,
So long as you’re amongst the repentant ones who He has promised to reward).

By Lance Landall

53.  "It's Not The Gun's Fault," They Say

No, it’s not the gun’s fault, but hey, it’s still a gun, a cruel life taking machine,
So who would want one, love one, because even killing creatures is cruel and mean.
Creatures hardly objects, but lives, they having ears and eyes, feelings and mates too,
Thus one needing to be less sensitive in order to kill, artfully pursue.

Yes, there’s something horrible about that lying in wait (as murderers do),
That having a life in your sights, and finger on the trigger — it all askew.
But hunters aside, guns are a threat anywhere, a clear symbol of evil,
Their sole purpose being to kill — and the dark side effects, soldiers know so well,

Or at least those plagued with post traumatic stress disorder, having eyeballed hell.

Yes, every bullet fired having an intention, a very deadly one,
Which surely reflects on one’s character, for who would get pleasure from a gun?
An innocent, handsome creature grazing, the next minute shot through the heart, oh,
It’s little ones left distraught and fearful, and it’s the same with humans, you know.

And listen, Christian, Eden knew no weapons, nor death, so what is it with you,
Gun owner or hunter, hardly in line with that new life that Christ said pursue.
The Gospel all about love, returning to Eden, where creatures weren’t food nor prey,
And so it’ll be on the Earth made new, yet what do your actions shout today,

Man’s fall being your excuse, and Eden not your example, it’s sad to say.

No, it’s not the gun’s fault that people and creatures get shot, but a gun’s a gun,
Held, levelled and fired, that gaping hole and gushing blood not my idea of fun.
Such deaths hardening each shooter’s heart, taking a little more light from the world,
And so it’ll be ’till that love affair’s over, and guns no longer coldly held.

Yes, love’s not in the heart when a trigger’s pulled, but a toxic adrenalin,
A hateful or divided heart having won the toss, atheist or Christian.
Every factory and gun shop having blood on their hands, profiteering,
Each customer pridefully clutching their purchase, and over each kill, cheering.

But no wonder, the young learning early via those violent computer games,
That trash on TV that glories in such too, and wantonly kills and maims.
Bad enough that we’ve the angry and disturbed skulking within society,
Who all too often (midst plotting or a fit of rage) turn to such weaponry.

Guns can be a power thing, many folk having a cowboy mentality,
And far reaching bullets allowing people to be picked off so easily.
All why guns are more desired, and a windfall for snipers who wish to spray,
And so it’ll remain until sense sees guns pulled from circulation one day.

By Lance Landall

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54.  Unreservedly Anti Drugs

Yes, I’m unreservedly anti drugs, they but a plague upon society,
Both partakers (and drug drivers) putting at risk every family.
Addiction tied in with robberies, muggings, craziness, and monetary loss,
The latter hitting taxpayers too, and why it’s time to peel away the gloss,

Not that drugs ever had some redeeming feature, and they hardly candyfloss,

But weighty, evil, greedy men behind their distribution — blood on their hands —
Thus my prayer being that both divine and earthly agencies will crush their plans.
The residue of those drugs still affecting well after, and oft for the worse,
The bus driver, courier, mechanic, machine operator under their curse.

And drugs being the most brainless way to get a high, 'cause they damage the brain,
Ones very control centre, that which makes us who we are; and money down the drain,
Money that could’ve bought so much, achieved so much, yet often exchanged for debt,
Worsening health and finally rehab, that oh so common painful regret.

Yes, you see the patheticness of it, what it’s done to them, 'cause harm it does,
Proponents away with the fairies, the cost, pain, and damage not worth the buzz.
Society awash with troubles now, and more are being dumbed down each day,
Their facilities subtly and gradually compromised, revealing decay.

So, if you wanted to destroy society, make minds much more pliable,
Easier to manipulate (given their weakened state), drugs would fit the bill.
They saturating town and city, every echelon of society,
And this all why the complete destruction of drugs should be a priority.

The truth is, when taken, you have given them permission to play with your head,
Your control partially or totally surrendered, and surely enough said.
After all, should some doctor seek to medicate people so, complaints there’d be,
Patients shouting that their brain was being messed up, and I’d have to agree.

Anything that plays with our head isn’t harmless, and this why computers fail,
Bugs, viruses, cookies (call them what you will) acting on a one-to-ten scale.
In other words, no drug does nothing, and cumulative partaking far more,
Until somewhere on that scale of one-to-ten, trouble is knocking on the door.

Yes, we’ve seen the damage, chaos and cost, the hole in the lie that drugs are fine,
Their intentions being nothing but to alter ones state; a perilous high.
Oh, the folly of it, drug lords and pushers laughing all the way to the bank,
But not hospitals and social workers who those destroyers of lives won’t thank.

Oh yes, there’s big money to be made out of drugs, ones dependence, misery,
Hence the overwhelming supply that keeps the police and customs so busy.
They seemingly fighting a losing battle, some in high places behind such,
They pulling the strings of their puppets, all those for whom drugs have become a crutch.

All why I’m unreservedly anti drugs, and more than prepared to say so,
They one of the causes of longer hospital waiting lists, and deaths, you know.
Yes, drugs maiming and murdering, destroying mentally and physically,
And the way things are going (if something’s not done), it’ll be goodbye humanity.

By Lance Landall

"Frequent marijuana use leads to more tissue destruction and long-term impairment of
our highest intellectual functions than almost any other drug of abuse."

Robert Gilkeson, former director Brain Research Centre, California

55.  A Cerebral Coronavirus

It intrigues me how certain viruses occur at times, and in certain places,
But there is an even bigger threat today that this out of control world faces.
A cerebral coronavirus, one could say, assaulting the ears, eyes and brain,
And made up of porn, violence, drugs, Darwinism, and music that’s ill is plain.

Yes, society has been badly infected, a pandemic that’s off the scale,
Thus people succumbing by the millions, the antidote unable to prevail.
God having been exchanged for gods, and addictions and compulsions knowing no bounds,
Yet on the outside, there’s a certain air of normality, which truly astounds.

Yes, this strain of coronavirus also made up of selfishness and folly,
Most feeling that they should be able to do whatever they please, short-sightedly.
The powers that be often appeasing, votes holding sway, which is why we see today
A world that has lost its bearings, and that doesn’t want a finger pointing its way.

Well, people can’t have it both ways, it either nobility or debauchery,
Though even where one doesn’t believe in God, say, some lines are still necessary.
But those lines having been crossed, and that cerebral coronavirus taking hold,
And thus the errant, destructive and shameful apocalyptically bold.

Yes, we get very concerned about bugs that could infect our body, kill us, say,
But how many are as concerned over what could be infecting society?
One attacking the body, one attacking the soul, poisoning cerebrally,
Hence that sad self-inflicted deterioration that’s seen in humanity.

By Lance Landall


Tomorrow has never been in anyone’s hands, and so, come Covid Nineteen,
The fragility of life, and folly of putting store in treasures, is seen.
Each day to be treasured instead, so too and more so the lives of the living,
Our love and care steadfast, and thus it not about getting but about giving.

All why come uncertain times, events beyond our control, and anxiety,
We should be looking after each other, lessening the pain and misery.
In other words, helping to steer the ship of human kindness, hands on the wheel,
That we, come every distressing wave, the heart of a lion may reveal.

Yes, that bravery of selflessness midst our own needs and concerns that trouble,
And especially midst the likes of any isolating Covid bubble.
Lockdowns hard on all (one way or another), and separation a cruel thing,
Others struggling far more than we might be, and why for freedom, all caged birds sing.

Such restrictions fill some with fear, and why for me, it’s all about FAITH and HOPE,
That something that I believe in that gives me strength and ability to cope.
Many needing release from something, I having known tears and darkness too,
And the other thing that’s helped me on my journey, I would love to say was YOU.

We’re not just neighbours, but are linked via a historical umbilical cord,
An ancestry that ties us together, the departed and recently moored.
Yes, ships that move in and out of life’s harbour, the value of each one the same,
Colour, religion and gender not making any difference, nor ones fame.

Some may struggle to reach out given they’ve hampering issues, so mind those thoughts,
Such people needing greater understanding, not La-Z-Boy reclining courts.
They not indifferent, but coping in their own way, and some crying within,
Hugs needed all round, that physical contact, despite any positive spin.

It’s not about me, and it’s not about you, but us, we all in the same boat,
And thinking of each other being the only way that we will stay afloat.
And hence those life buoys — yes, you and I — lest some fall from the deck, get swept away,
Covid Nineteen’s squall testing us all, as we mark off each necessary day.

And so, here’s a personal call for encouragement and love, hugs from afar,
Be they via phone calls, a computer, that smile, that wave, even toot from a car.
Or a promise to call once the danger’s over, to stop and natter next time,
It all about people, ’cause what goes ’round comes ’round, such but love’s rhythm and rhyme.

By Lance Landall

Christian content.

57.  Covid Nineteen And God

If anyone had anything to do with Covid Nineteen, it would be man,
Not God, given that harming and killing us was never part of His plan.
“For God so loved the world,” it says, “That He gave His one and only Son,” Jesus,
“That whoever believes in Him shall not perish,” thus giving hope to us.

So why’s He allowing it, you ask, and why I turn to the Bible again,
Evil and ill starting with Satan, then continuing via us, hence my pen.
This world now a battle ground over you and I, Satan seeking full control,
But not God, who says, “Come, let us reason together,” I’ll return what he stole.

So what did the devil steal? Our joy and happiness, enter Covid Nineteen,
’Cause God has warned that things on Earth will worsen before His return will be seen.
He having to allow Satan’s ultimate plan to play out, that all may see,
Lest another attempted coup occur, ’cause in Paradise we’ll still be free.

And free from the likes of Covid Nineteen (planted or taken advantage of,
As some think, via those behind the coming global power the Bible’s warned of;
Or simply caused via folly, those unclean creatures that Scripture has spoken of,
And which others in the medical and scientific world have spoken of).

Yes, bad news coming with good, or good news coming with bad, because as I said,
Covid Nineteen’s just one of the signs of the times before things come to a head.
And then Christ’s glorious return, believers-cum-followers rescued-cum-saved,
But evil being how the pathway to Hell (eternal death) is sadly paved.

The rescued getting a second chance at life, a new life, a forever one,
Courtesy of that loving Saviour who died on Calvary, the Father’s Son.
We simply having to endure the sadness and pain of the meantime (today),
Heaven’s tomorrow bringing joy untold, and hence why, believe in Him, I say.

And what have you to lose? What’s the alternative? Yes, Darwin’s hopeless theory,
No promises and hope found there, just the Bible having credibility.
Yes, a proven pedigree, backed up by witnesses and archaeology,
Mathematicians, scientists, historians attesting to its accuracy.

Yes, there’s always the scoffers (warned of too), those in the field who’ll say otherwise,
The devil having been busy from the beginning with substitutes and lies.
But Covid Nineteen conveying the pointlessness of putting faith in things here,
And those signs of the times the Bible’s mentioned ringing far louder in the ear.

And Covid Nineteen scary for those scoffers and skeptics, ’cause what hope have they?
Death their forever end, ’cause they won’t ascend, but remain buried under clay.
Christ having warned out of love, given signs as well, His creation in tatters,
All why believing in Him, and following Him, really and truly matters.

And meantime, we drawing strength from this God who’s hurting too, but who can’t rush back
Until He’s vindicated, given Satan’s deceptive and lying attack.
The whole universe needing to see what sin ultimately leads to, and us,
Hence why that restraining hand is slowly being removed that belongs to Jesus.

After all, wickedness on Earth has increased to an apocalyptic point,
Humanity arthritically inflamed with corruption in every joint.
God having to act before we self destruct, and hoping more will hear His call,
And upon hearing, respond, and therefore, very much in our hand, sits the ball.

God forcing no one, it our choice alone, even though God knows best, and why we
Need to take stock of our life, whether we deserve His reward or penalty.
Sin about to end with Christ’s coming, and our life to reflect that now, lest we
Lose that chance to have all our questions answered, and a blissful eternity.

By Lance Landall

shaken. At THAT TIME they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory’ ”
(Luke 21:25-27, NIV).

For the signs of the times mentioned in the Bible, see my page: I Saw Beyond It All,
grey box, secular section, poem list page.

58.  With The "Me Too" Movement In Mind

In these sad times where less believe in God and a day of accountability,
Where less are brought up with those morals and principles found in Christianity,
Where males are being fed a diet of filth, violence and pornography,
Where women are stripping off in disturbing movies and acting just as horny,

Where women are just as promiscuous and dressing more provocatively,
Where hearts and minds are being corrupted by those vices acted out on TV,
Where Hollywood’s churning out darkness that’s clearly inspired satanically,
Where fewer voices are condemning such, and there’s a rampant liberality,

What are the chances that violent assaults and sexual assaults will decline,
Except on a surface level, perhaps, the answer hardly prison or a fine.
You see, while women contribute to the ill themselves (displaying hypocrisy),
And while all this ill’s continued, men aren’t likely to act any differently.

If the diet is worse, so too will be ones mental state, ’cause we’re what we take in,
And we’re also what we act out, what we allow, and what we participate in.
All why society’s less noble, less wholesome, less loving and caring, and why
Little’s going to change no matter how hard the “Me Too” movement is seen to cry.

Patches won’t work, because it’s surgery that’s needed, most hearts and minds full of ill,
The conscience seared, the heart hardened, and even youngsters drawing from that poisoned well.
Laws doing little in the scheme of things, though it’s not their job to, but yours and mine,
And a bad job we’ll do if our own thoughts and ways are corrupted, out of line.

Yes, it’s most intriguing how women are protesting over assaults and so on,
Yet many only too happy to take part in the ills, see morality gone.
They baring it all in mags, in movies, on TV, even in pornography,
Cranking men up, stirring them regularly, and hence those sexual ills we see.

No, women can’t have it both ways, and given the way men are made, it’s most unfair,
Men stirred so easily sexually, and is it any wonder if they leer.
Once stirred, they’re not designed to cut off instantly, hence that frustration that oft churns,
And that criminal compulsion or obsession that in a certain man’s heart burns.

Women’s rights are one thing, prudence and fairness another, thus change needed quickly,
The reintroduction of selflessness, nobleness, wholesomeness and modesty.
But we’re living in a time when anger over things has got out of control, and
Where those protesting are acting just as badly, hence how the fire’s simply fanned.

Political correctness, overreaction, revenge and feministic hate
Are playing their foolish part, including those who evidence even fabricate.
All this turning many off who might otherwise be supportive, and that’s a shame,
’Cause genuine and fair complaints should be dealt with regardless of status or fame.

Such reminds me of Greenpeace and how it’s lost supporters too (given some tactics),
That lawless behaviour that’s supposedly acceptable in order to fix.
Well no it isn’t, two wrongs not making a right, and why all should use commonsense,
And mind what’s on their side before condemning what’s on the other side of the fence.

When we contribute to the ills, who are we to condemn, though crime still shouldn't pay,
But it’s pretty hypocritical when with the emotions of men women play.
Though men shouldn’t assault (period), they shouldn’t be cranked up either, so mind,
'Cause there’s something about the whole “Me Too” thing that's not right, nor fair, but somewhat blind.

Yes, those female predators, groomers, seducers and false accusers missing here,
Not that they should be, because throughout history women have done their horrid share.
All why the focus needs to return to renewed hearts and minds, those things thrown out,
Otherwise, forever and a day, we will still be hearing that same “Me Too” shout.

By Lance Landall

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59.  Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman flies in the face of a man’s protectiveness, and to be frank,
She’s just another thug, whilst somewhat acting as if equal to God in rank.
Her supernatural powers (like those of Superman and Spiderman too),
Still resorting to very earthly means, that smashing and bashing that’s askew.

Yes, she’s just another violent offender — though here, in heroine guise,
Her same “End justifies the means” approach perpetuating the same old lies.
She needing no man to lovingly watch over her (like a good husband would),
But more than capable of thumping too, not that such is what anyone should.

Yes, all those Hollywood heroes are the same, very bad role models indeed,
’Cause within the hearts and minds of youngsters, they sow that same “Give it to ’em” seed.
And with it, a certain sexuality, that sex and violence fusion,
That rather than ennobles, simply fights fire with fire, and causes confusion.

It all seemingly designed to corrupt — fists, guns and zapping part of the scene,
Bad eggs aplenty, and a woman bashing men not something that should be seen.
Such simply demeaning men again, something that Hollywood’s very good at,
Men made to look like the usual villains, sexual predator or prat.

And so, who needs a Superman if there’s a Wonder Woman, though both askew,
And Wonder Woman a masculine, feminine combination, in my view.
And thus hardly appealing to any tenderness that resides within me
And governs my thoughts and actions where women are concerned, like I feel should be.

It’s my belief that underneath, most women want to be watched over, cared for,
But Wonder Woman needing none of that, and acting as if above the law.
She personifying that “A woman can do anything a man can” thing,
Which, in the hearts of  “Let me help you, Dear” men, hasn’t that buoying “Need you” ring.

It all seeming rather sad to me, woman power not in rants, guns or brawn,
But in their opposite abilities, those feminine wiles with which they’re born.
And also in their ability to say “No,” lest a fatherless kid result,
’Cause though men should be held accountable, one would think everything’s their fault.

No, Wonder Woman hardly doing it for me, but that damsel in distress, who
Knights in shining armour love to rescue — and yes, her best interests pursue.
Too many women busy tipping things upside down because of those bad men,
Which doesn’t work (hearts and minds not changed), and why the same old ill occurs again.

By Lance Landall

60.  Hollywood, You've Blood On Your Hands

In my opinion, Hollywood should be on trial for crimes against humanity,
Given the mind and heart destroying menu that it’s been feeding society.
Every actor just as guilty as those behind Hollywood and all its ill,
Given that what they act out has less to do with Heaven and more to do with Hell.

Yet where are the protestors? Well, I’ll tell you. They’re sitting in front of that same screen,
Where every vice under the sun is acted out, disturbing scene after scene.
Those actors feigning evil, cruelty, violence, lawlessness, or what’s plain porny,
And crying, raging, conniving, stalking, bashing, smashing — and yes, acting horny.

And to think they have fans when they’re more deserving of censure, it all to their shame,
And more so given how they’re poisoning younger minds too, it all far from a game.
“Hey, it’s just pretence,” you say, and I say, “No, it’s more a lie, ’cause it isn’t true,”
But almost believed, and certainly influencing, ’cause monkey see, monkey do.

Yes, every moral, principle, standard and value trashed, but who’s waking up,
’Cause what young parents are feeding on, their kids will soon gorge on — oh, how full that cup.
Hollywood not having any scruples here, nor those actors right up to their neck,
And as far as those go who’re appalled like me, it seems to be a case of, “What the heck.”

Yes, it’s that kind of world now, “It’s your problem,” but no, its our problem, a big one,
Hollywood pumping out heroes that have an obsession with their fist or their gun.
Kids copying such in order to achieve same “means justifies the end” folly,
And the world in general becoming more violent given what’s on TV.

The truth is, we become what we take in, and what we indulge in — yes, nightly so
(Or at any other time), most glued to that ever increasing corruptive flow.
And oddly, women who condemn violence and sexual assaults, watching too,
When they should know they can’t have it both ways, ’cause what many view, they’re seen to do.

There’s no question movies and TV are educating younger minds, and badly,
Those home screens having become shrines to Hollywood, all that is ill and ungodly.
All why I say, “Hollywood, you've blood on your hands,” and them — yes, those actors who feign,
Their profession a despicable one, it all to our loss, and all to their gain.

However, they not having it all their own way, despite the stardom and their fans,
’Cause acting’s known to cause illness, some ending up in some psychiatrist’s hands.
No, we’re not meant to be anyone but our self, all why those who act otherwise
Can find it’s messing with their head (and who they really are), ’cause something inside dies.

The truth is, Hollywood’s a cesspool, a hotbed of corruption where money rules,
It a devil’s palace-cum-playground funded by captivated, adoring fools.
And actors hardly stars (though fallen ones, maybe), their lives wasted dispensing ill,
And this world no better for them, their pretence just making us all the more unwell.

Yes, we hardly needing Hollywood’s encouragement, but it’s sure playing its part,
Cunningly mixing good with evil in order to thereby gain entrance to ones heart.
It having no respect for the Bible either, twisting it to suit and mislead,
But like jackals around some carcass, it seems everyone’s in for a good feed.

However, just like those actors who’re messing with their head, we’re messing with ours too,
And not just our head, but our heart, that poison seeping through veins, flesh, bone and sinew,
’Cause what we take in becomes us, there not two parts to our being, and how we die,
And thus it not just about any injurious (health defeating) food we buy.

Some are fastidious ’bout what they eat, but not about what they watch, foolishly,
The mind and body being one, thus our decisions should take in the whole, wisely.
Well bodies and unwell minds, or well minds and unwell bodies, simply don’t gel,
We who and what we are in every way, and all of which is soon sure to tell.

Some might say it really hasn’t got anything to do with Christianity,
But true or false, we’ve only two choices over what kind of society.
One choice bringing wellbeing, what’s brighter and healthier, the other bringing ill,
The latter trouncing what’s nobler, better and wiser, exchanging Heaven for Hell.

Surely you’ve noticed how movies have got darker, sicker, bolder and raunchier,

Married actors (whose real spouse is at home) in bed with, and all over, him or her.
Such hardly right, though when it comes to Hollywood, hardly anything’s right, and why
The whole theatrical carryon (artificial and insincere), we shouldn’t buy.

By Lance Landall

"TV is the single most significant factor contributing to violence in America."
Ted Turner, founder of the Cable News Network.

See my poem A Despicable Profession, which is found on my page: There's More To Be Said,
grey box, secular section, poem list page.

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