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When the devil calls from some shabby alley, (he always lurking in the shadows, you see), and hollers the following rap, (such nothing but an evil trap), run!

“Hey there, brother, (or sister)
You know, I’ve kinda missed yer
You and I going
way back
And now you’re giving me flak
Which hey, really bugs my head
For why Jesus Christ instead?
As didn’t I please you well
And it all waiting there still
The world your oyster, Kiddo
And I’ve the contacts, you know
Which could see you riding high
For it’s
man I glorify
Get the picture? — Hey, come on —
For soon your doubts will be gone
And you the one, real cool as
Living big and all that jazz
Yes, no concerns, none at all
For you’ll be having a ball —
Hey, come on — or one more time
As a little fun’s no crime
And I’ll take good care of you
And not balk at what you do
For I’m a real laid-back guy
Who won’t trouble you with, Why?”

Yes, ain’t that just like the old dragon, for you say “Yes” and he’ll be draggin', you going where
he wants you to go, and haven’t you been there before? Oh, forgot, huh? Well, I wouldn’t, you know, his scene something like a rodeo, for soon you’ll be off his high kicking horse, and why so many others have changed course, for only too well they know that his horse is prone to throw, and then you’ll be on your back, in the red and not the black, and hollering out, “Please help me, God!” and feeling the old devil prod, for out will come another rap, one that more energy will sap, and why once again, I’d run!

“Hey, got you real good, huh? Yea
And hey, while you’re lying there
Take this! And here’s some guilt too
God being real angry at you
So don’t bother crying out
For now God isn’t about
And you well and truly lost
For hey, man, look at the cost
Your trail an absolute mess
And why I wouldn’t confess
And why now you’re 
stuck with me
Just as doomed eternally.”

Wow! What a dreadful liar! He soon destined for fire, for what he says is far from true, and hey, friend, let me tell you this too, God can rap just as good as he can, God around long before raps began, so listen to this:

“Hello, son, come take My hand
So that I can help you stand
For I don’t turn folk away
But welcome them
any day
For I’m a
forgiving God
Who that path to the cross trod
Where grace can rescue and save
It not tied to how you behave
But to your repentant cry
And strong desire to comply
For My way is better, son
And why from Satan I’d run
And yes, straight into My arms
For there’s nothing more that calms
And hence that
peace I’ll give you
And yes, the Spirit’s strength too
That you may walk righteously
Thereby witnessing of Me
That others may also see
How much better life can be
When one surrenders to Me.”

Now what do you think of that? Christ clearly where it’s all at, and once you’ve immortality — in other words, eternity — you’ll no doubt be rapping too, the following heard from you:

“I’m so grateful for that cross
For I count Earth but no loss
As I’ve gained eternity
Via Christ’s death on Calvary
And now live in Paradise
Having taken His advice
For He truly knows what’s best
And why I’m glad I confessed
And put the old life behind
Sin no longer on my mind
That where I am now, I’d be
Praising God eternally
For He deserves the glory
Oh, what a joyous story!”

And may such a happy rap soon come true for you, heartache no longer felt and nor in view, the wonders of Paradise enthralling, and Jesus your very name calling, and thus you two walking together, midst a heavenly kind of heather, and sharing the warmth and relaxing hue, where every day you will get to say, “Thank you,” and stimulating conversation pursue.

By Lance Landall

The above poem started out as one of my alternative poems but largely became a rap. Though not into raps, despite being intrigued by their cleverness, I've been interested in giving one a go. Mission accomplished and ended! Hope I've got it right.


“For I am convinced that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor rulers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor anything else in creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord” (Rom 8:38,39).

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— The Christian Bible, which says:

That all Scripture is inspired by God (2 Tim 3:16; John 1:1; Prov 30:5,6).

That the things that the apostles have imparted came via the Holy Spirit (1 Cor 2:10,13; 1 Thess 2:13; John 14:26; 16:13).

That we’re to study God's Word so that we may receive God's approval (2 Tim 2:15; 3:15-17; 1 Tim 4:6; John 8:31,32).

That we’re to make sure that we have a sound understanding of it (2 Tim 2:15; 1:13; Titus 2:1; 1:9).

That we imperil ourselves by paying little attention to it (Hosea 4:6; Ps 11:3; 2 Tim 4:3,4; Heb 5:11-14; Eph 4:14).

That those who hide, suppress or distort its truths will incur God’s wrath (Rom 1:18; Gal 1:8,9; 2 Peter 3:16; 1:20; Prov 30:5,6).

That we're not to add to it or subtract from it — in other words and also, that we're not to tamper with it, change, dismiss or dispute anything in it.

That those who seek to study and understand the prophecy contained in the book of Revelation, (which deals with End-time events), will be  blessed by their so doing (Rev 1:3).

And remember this: That the problem’s never with God’s Word but always with us.


Well, dwell on these examples:

Beautiful singing voices;
Natural, wholesome laughter;
Melody, harmony and rhythm;
Starry skies;
Amazing creatures;
Dawn choruses;
Pretty flowers;


If the following examples appeared before the warned of heavenly court,

HARRY POTTER would be charged with witchcraft, occult practices, hocus-pocus and leading millions of young people astray.

TINTIN with assault and battery, breaking and entering and the reckless discharging of a firearm with intent.

ROBIN HOOD with using a wrongful means in order to achieve a good end, and with thuggery, villainy and lynch mob tactics.

ASTERIX with wanton violence-cum-a love affair with fighting aided by a magic potion.

HERCULES with propagating pagan nonsense and assuming a demigod state.

SUPERMAN with assuming a status that not only takes glory from God but displaces Him, and with assuming capabilities beyond that of mortal man.

WONDER WOMAN with assuming a role that God never intended and with copying the atrocious macho behaviour of certain men in violation of her God-given femininity.

BATMAN with operating outside the law and thus misleading and wrongly encouraging a youngster, Robin.

SPIDERMAN with taking on a duel man-creature condition that belongs to the satanic underworld.

CASPER with impersonating the realm of evil spirits who oft appear as ghosts or a deceased loved one.

SHREIK with giving another underworld character the worldly tick of approval.

PETER PAN with exchanging a love for truth and reality for fantasy and fiction.

JAMES BOND, (007), with making acts of terrorism fun, gratuitous violence glamorous, sex with numerous women, (and outside of marriage), standard fare, and ego, vanity and luxurious possessions cool.

And all of the above with any other charges mentioned that they’re guilty of too.

SATAN with cleverly inspiring all of them and captivating generation after generation who’ve largely forsaken the Lord.