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When Satan Raps, Run!

When the devil calls from some shabby alley (he always lurking in the shadows, you see), and hollers the following kind of rap (which is nothing but a trap), run!

“Hey there, brother (or sister), you know, I’ve kinda missed yer, you and I going
way back, and now you’re giving me flak, which hey, really bugs my head, for why Jesus Christ instead, as didn’t I please you well, and it all waiting there still, the world your oyster, Kiddo, and I’ve the contacts, you know, which could see you riding high, for it’s man I glorify, get the picture?
Hey, come on, for soon your doubts will be gone, and you the one, real cool as, living big and all that jazz
yes, no concerns, none at all, for you’ll be having a ball.
Hey, come on, or one more time, as a little fun’s no crime, and I’ll take good care of you, and not balk at what you do, for I’m a real laid-back guy, who won’t trouble you with, Why?”

Yes, ain’t that just like the old dragon, for you say “Yes” and he’ll be draggin', you going where
he wants you to go, and haven’t you been there before? Oh, forgot, huh? Well, I wouldn’t, you know, his scene something like a rodeo, for soon you’ll be off his high kicking horse, and why so many others have changed course, for only too well they know that his horse is prone to throw, and then you’ll be on your back, in the red and not the black, and hollering out, “Please help me, God!” and feeling the old devil prod, for out will come another rap, one that more energy will sap, and why once again, I’d run!

“Hey, got you real good, huh? Yea, and hey, while you’re lying there, take this! And here’s some guilt too, God being real angry at you, so don’t bother crying out, for now God isn’t about, and you well and truly lost, for hey, man, look at the cost, your trail an absolute mess, and why I wouldn’t confess, and why now you’re 
stuck with me, just as doomed eternally.”

Wow! What a dreadful liar! He soon destined for fire, for what he says is far from true, and hey, friend, let me tell you this too, God can rap just as good as he can, God around long before raps began, so listen to this:

“Hello, son, come take My hand, so that I can help you stand, for I don’t turn folk away, but welcome them
any day, for I’m a forgiving God, who that path to the cross trod, where grace can rescue and save, it not tied to how you behave, but to your repentant cry, and strong desire to comply, for My way is better, son, and why from Satan I’d run, and yes, straight into My arms, for there’s nothing more that calms,and hence that peace I’ll give you, and yes, the Spirit’s strength too, that you may walk righteously, thereby witnessing of Me, that others may also see, how much better life can be, when one surrenders to Me.”

Now what do you think of that? Christ clearly where it’s all at, and once you’ve immortality — in other words, eternity — you’ll no doubt be rapping too, the following heard from you:

“I’m so grateful for that cross, for I count Earth but no loss, as I’ve gained eternity, via Christ’s death on Calvary, and now live in Paradise, having taken His advice, for He truly knows what’s best, and why I’m glad I confessed, and put the old life behind, sin no longer on my mind, and where I am now, I’ll be
praising God eternally, for He deserves the glory
oh, what a joyous story!”

And may such a happy rap soon come true for you, heartache no longer felt and nor in view, the wonders of Paradise enthralling, and Jesus your very name calling, and thus you two walking together, midst a heavenly kind of heather, and sharing the warmth and relaxing hue, where every day you will get to say, “Thank you,” and stimulating conversation pursue.

By Lance Landall

This poem was altered and renamed on 7 August 2019.

 “For I am convinced that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor rulers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor anything else in creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord” (Rom 8:38,39).

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— The Christian Bible, which says:

That all Scripture is inspired by God (2 Tim 3:16; John 1:1; Prov 30:5,6).

That the things that the apostles have imparted came via the Holy Spirit (1 Cor 2:10,13; 1 Thess 2:13; John 14:26; 16:13).

That we’re to study God's Word so that we may receive His approval (2 Tim 2:15; 3:15-17; 1 Tim 4:6; John 8:31,32).

That we’re to make sure that we have a sound understanding of it (2 Tim 2:15; 1:13; Titus 2:1; 1:9).

That we imperil ourselves by paying little attention to it (Hosea 4:6; Ps 11:3; 2 Tim 4:3,4; Heb 5:11-14; Eph 4:14).

That those who hide, suppress or distort its truths will incur God’s wrath (Rom 1:18; Gal 1:8,9; 2 Peter 3:16; 1:20; Prov 30:5,6).

That we're not to add to it or subtract from it — in other words, and also, that we're not to tamper with it, change, dismiss or dispute anything in it.

That those who seek to study and understand the prophecy contained in the book of Revelation (which deals with End-time events), will be  blessed by their so doing (Rev 1:3).

And remember this too: 

A)  God’s Word gives us information that can save us from eternal death.
B)  God’s Word gives us information that can help us to be happier, healthier and wiser.
C)  God’s Word gives us information that helps us to come to know Him better.
D)  God’s Word gives us information that helps us to know what He requires of us.
E)  God’s Word gives us information that provides us with hope for the future.
F)  God’s Word gives us information that provides us with the answers to life itself.
G)  God’s Word gives us information that we can use to help others come to know Him,
and His will, so that they too can be saved and live happier, healthier and wiser.
H)  And lastly, there's never any problem with God’s Word, but often with us.


Well, dwell on these examples:

Beautiful singing voices;
Natural, wholesome laughter;
Melody, harmony and rhythm;
Starry skies;
Amazing creatures;
Dawn choruses;
Pretty flowers;


Saviour God

Verse One

Help us give our all to Thee,
O God of love and mercy,
Help us put more trust in Thee,
O God of hope and glory.


O Saviour God, Saviour God,
How we yearn for Your return,
O Saviour God, Saviour God,
May we more of Your love learn.

Verse Two

Help us walk and love like Thee,
O God so wise and Holy,
Help us praise and worship Thee,
O God so great and mighty.

Verse Three

Help us rise and speak of Thee,
O God of truth and beauty,
Help us always dwell on Thee,
O God so true and steady.

By Lance Landall

Oh, How God Loves You!

Despite any doubts you might have, triggered by affliction or depression (depression an affliction),
One thing's as solid as a rock: You’re priceless in God’s eyes, such more than proven by His crucifixion.
Oh, how Christ loves you, yearns for you, and desires your best, He watching with the greatest intensity,
'Cause every detail of your life absorbs Him, and grace ensuring such all throughout eternity.

And let me tell you this:

When you’re hurting, it pains Him too, 'cause pain and sadness in your life are things that He doesn't like to see,
Despite Him knowing that trials are for our good, 'cause sterling sailors aren’t the result of a calm sea.
But having said that, those who hurt you, or cause suffering in your life, can kindle His anger, clearly,
'Cause all are His precious children (creation), who He doesn’t want someone hurting or treating wrongly.

Oh, how Christ loves you, angels at His ready should you call on Him, let alone your guardian angel,
Who, never leaves your side, having been sent to protect and guide, be that on your journeys or where you dwell.
Oh, what love (concern), and don’t forget those marks on Christ's hands, love and grace forever etched on His body,
And oh, how He suffered so, and thereby feels all you’re going through, hence His sympathy and empathy.

Yes, if there is one thing that’s more than clear, it’s that no one will ever love and care for you more than He,
'Cause He’s love itself, a God of truth who’s just, and whom you can trust, one with whom you can spend eternity.
And how He longs for such, 'cause you’ve been separated from Him — yes, viciously torn from His side by sin,
Something He’ll soon bring an end to, 'cause Earth itself is groaning, awaiting that victory that He'll win.

But meantime, midst all the darkness and pain, rest assured that God’s love is great indeed, and personal,
 And by that I mean, in the sense that all are loved as if no other were on Earth — and He, accessible,
Only a prayer away — and at our request, He able to do the impossible (His specialty),
'Cause He’s also the God of miracles, using His mighty power on our behalf so graciously.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded 3 March 2020.

"On Yer Bike!"

When the devil grabs a hold of your ear, and says, “Looky here, I’ve something really good for you,”
Just tell him to take a hike, or holler, “On yer bike!” and the opposite to what he said do.
Yes, I wouldn’t listen to his lies, for oh, how he tries, and why you’ve got to tell him clearly,
For should you give him half a mo, some trouble you’re bound to know, and chances are, you’ll pay dearly.

So, I wouldn’t give him the time of day, for should he get his way, he’ll gloat over his success,
While you’re left to carry the cost, having let yourself be bossed, and he ain’t cleaning up the mess.
But rather, and this, midst your lather, will be rubbing your nose in it, he chortling to his mates,
And hence why you shouldn’t succumb, nor even give him a crumb, but just ignore him, which he hates.

Tell him you’ve a powerful Friend, and by the way, that you know his sorry end — it coming soon,
And that you’ve chosen a happier end, eternity with your Friend, with whom you’ve more in tune.
And though he won’t give up, and will still pass his poisoned cup, just tell him to take his brew away,
For anything of his, no matter its pop and fizz, will have you out for the rest of the day.

Better you call on your Friend, with whom eternity you’ll spend, He able to help with your foe,
For despite your best intentions, you’re up against devilish inventions, and Satan a pro.
But with your trust in the Lord, having taken His promises on board, victory can be yours,
So long as you don’t forget, that while Satan’s a threat, you must close any open windows or doors.

By Lance Landall