Societal Concerns



"It is easy to dodge our responsibilities, but we cannot dodge the consequences

of dodging our responsibilities."
Sir Josiah Stamp


"It's a mistake to think that the world can be changed for the better by the same
hearts and minds that have made it worse."
The poet, author

1.  Little Do They Know

“I’m all for love ,” they say, or, “It’s a great day for love,” when little do they know,
That loving everyone doesn’t mean accepting everything, oh no.
Because love, if it’s the real thing, uses it’s head, and applies discipline too,
Knowing that saying “Yes” when it should say “No” is how so much has gone askew.

Yes, too many going by feelings rather than sense, hence that naughty child, say,
Because some weak and irresponsible parent let their child have its own way.
And society’s getting its own way too, thanks to feelings and desire,
And hence why the level we’ve sunk to is lower, when it should’ve been higher.

We should’ve learnt by now, but sadly no, hence why history repeats itself,
And why it is repeating itself, folly having reached for that forbidden shelf.
And it’s about to come down on us all, but most not knowing until they’re hit,
And there midst the smoke and rubble they’ll silently lie or sorrowfully sit.

By Lance Landall

2.  "It's All About Love And Peace," He Said

Well, God’s all about love and peace, but He’d never sanction what’s wrong, nor should we
Simply in order to keep people happy, ’cause that’s a flawed mentality.
Hence those sweets to stop a child’s public tantrum, which only makes that child worse, and
Like that sanctioning of wrong for the sake of love and peace, simply builds on sand,

’Cause one day the tide will come in, and hence why wisdom always builds on firm ground,
Not budging from the side of right, whatever that right may be, thus sure and sound.
Love and peace not about sweets of some kind, ’cause such receivers just yell for more,
Until the decay of their granted indulgence sees them carried out the door.

So, it’s not just about love and peace, but sense, right-doing, and even truth too,
Otherwise love and peace won’t have substance, and somewhere, somehow will go askew,
Because when society allows what it shouldn’t in order to placate,
It sears its conscience and seals its fate; all reason to mind what we tolerate.

By Lance Landall

Contains Christian content or degree.

3.  Nothing More Critical

There’s nothing more critical than the raising of a child, a precious baby,
So in need of all that’s sound and right, and in order to bless society.
Yes, it such an innocent thing, parents getting to mould for better or worse,
Those early years the secret, and folly here, hard or impossible to reverse.

Oh yes, both what it’s taught, and what it hears and sees, moulding it this way or that,
Just as the twig is bent, and hence that admired darling or soon talked of brat.
Or if not a brat, a child with a taste for unwholesome, unhealthy things, or
A child displaying concerning issues; bad parenting most oft at the core.

All why every parent should seek what’s best for their child in every way
(Just as I believe God does with us), and a good example being the way,
Along with certain boundaries, principles and standards — and yes, morals too,
Which show how much we love them, and why discipline too, a parent should pursue.

That precious baby’s not only utterly dependant on its parents, but
They being who largely get to bend that twig, thus this door open, that door shut;
They guarding the avenues of their child’s mind, not just anything allowed in,
But only what’s beneficial (and God wanting it that way come the Christian).

And so, wanting the best, seeking the best, and being the best, where its at, and
Society’s well-being dependant on such, and which the wise understand;
They having observed the opposite, seen the sad results (and God above too,
Who, by the way, warned of such), and how nothing but heartache, many parents rue.

Just as what’s put in the sea pollutes it, so too a child’s mind, what’s seen and heard,
And hence that pristine or sullied adult, wisdom or folly having occurred.
Not that well brought up children haven’t strayed, but sound parenting cutting the cost,
And why those things that once held society together, we shouldn’t have tossed.

But what do I know (or God) in some eyes, they ignorant or irresponsible,
Not having been shown, or erring later (bad company having brought ill).
Yet evidence backing my stance (God’s too; less children being brought up His way),
But most only wanting to see what suits, and precious babies having no say.

By Lance Landall

"Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it"
(Proverbs 22:6, KJV).

I would also strongly recommend that you read my poem No Brakes, More Carnage
 which is first up on my page Things Worth Pondering, Home page.

4.  Mind That Herd

Along with any troublesome and lawless renegade individual, and likewise minority,
Is another disturbing thing, and equally as injurious, and that is, the herd mentality.
For not only can herds go in directions that love and wisdom wouldn’t go, but they can turn on the few,
That is, those they perceive as a threat, even when they aren’t one, or who simply a different path pursue.

Yes, people who may even be more sound, and on the right path, but not in the eyes of the majority,
Who, out of fear and ignorance, succumb to some herd instinct, and thus turn on that small minority.
Yes, trapped in their blindness or hysteria, they lash out at those who have every right to chose their own course;
Those who soon find that their rights are trampled on, having been subjected to ridicule and pressure, and then force.

Hence why ones being on the side of the majority is sometimes to ones shame, and the result of folly,
And so oft just a self preserving exercise that’s tied in with selfishness, and also the cowardly.
For it doesn’t take any strength to go with the flow, and often as little intelligence as well,
Given that majorities are largely made up of those who their soul and conscience seem prepared to sell.

Far too often minorities are maligned and stigmatized unfairly, and in fact, very wrongly so,
And worthy individuals as well, who refuse to fall into line with some erring and fickle flow.
Hence why we have good reason to pause and reflect when we find ourselves on the side of the majority,
For chances are we’ve chosen wrongly — and given history — such is more than just a probability.

By Lance Landall

5.  It's Good To Be On The Side Of Right

Oh yes, it’s good to be on the side of right, one’s conscience clear, heart beating soundly,
The world so full of scoundrels, evil monsters, those who yield or go weak at the knee.
Yes, men and women who succumb to the same wrong and folly of those fools of old,
Rather than standing firm, weathering the storm, courageous, tender-hearted yet bold.

Yes, most seemingly embracing the evils of the day, certain pied pipers too,
Who, as of old also, just lead astray via cunning, heresy or ballyhoo.
Thus this world moving further from truth and wholesomeness, love more like window-dressing,
Most plunging into a self-inflicted darkness, and as for sin, few confessing,

Unless they’re boasting, of course, and there’s plenty of that, immorality now rife,
Thus aside from charlatans, it’s porn, or the betraying of one’s husband or wife.
Selfishness and greed abundant, others wanting to rule the world, or make it suit
Either their religious, political, draconian or libertine wishes,

Never mind what fruit.

All why it’s good to be on the side of right, prepared lest a judge called Christ proves true,
Good fruit meeting His approval, but bad fruit His condemnation, and rightly too.
We what we choose to be, saints or sinners, lovers of, or foes of humanity,
Part of the problem or part of the solution, and how many choosing wisely?

Yes, the world’s getting worse, hence how liberty’s being exchanged for security,
When in fact liberty is the only security, but fear wed to folly.
Oh, how we bring things on ourselves by choosing or following, and then wonder why,
Having ignored and not learnt from the lessons of the past, or bought into a lie.

Thus heroes and the truly good becoming thinner on the ground when needed more,
The world in crisis, under threat, what’s better by far having been kicked out the door.
Yes, the consequences moving like a tsunami that’s making its way to shore,
But few responding to the warnings of an end that can only but come with a roar.

Hence why it’s good to be on the side of right, not that side that doesn't want to hear,
Because that’s a selfish path, a weaker way, where there isn’t the same love and care.
The right path always tougher, scoffers many, yet quick to blame when they come unstuck,
The truth of their reckless complicity and woeful lack of foresight having struck.

By Lance Landall

Alternative poem.

6.  Tick, Tick,Tick

It seems as if the world is full of experts now, and how, they disparaging the old, they vocal, zealous and bold, and why we’re seeing overflowing waste bins, the rapid growth of even greater sins, and all because people think they’re enlightened, a myth indeed, 'cause it’s a noose they’ve tightened, and why many people are frightened, 'cause things have never been worse than now, and how, and why it doesn’t take a rocket scientist (or any other tist), to see how we’ve been misled, incorrectly fed, and rather than looking at a trophy, sadly, are right in the firing line of a poisonous arrowhead.
Yes, 'cause anything goes today, and hence that stench of ill and decay, a cesspool in the making, evil overtaking, and most of us playing in the sand, a tsunami close at hand, but oh, how enjoyable those buckets and spades, foolish things and foolish people getting accolades, their backs to the sea, that coming calamity, 'cause rather than heading for higher ground, taking a position that’s far more sound, they’ve sought what tickles their ears, falsehood that’s allayed their fears, and why there’s a shock to come, 'cause its five to twelve and the throttle's at maximum.
Yes, few are listening to sense, their folly immense, and oh, how they bag the messenger, seek out those who purr, be they New Age gurus, sexperts, mediums or psychics — yes, whoever or whatever gives them their kicks, anyone and anything but they and that which warningly pricks, and why they’re on a slippery slope, a path with no hope, and possibly that’s all they’ll get, too bad about that impending net, and hasn’t such folly been seen before? Yes, but once again, not till fate bursts through the door.

By Lance Landall

7.  Have You Forgotten That It's My world Too?

Yes, it seems that you have; and so if you can complain, so can I, and I will,
’Cause you’re acting as if it’s only your world, and aren’t concerned about the bill.
Oh yes, ’cause there’s a cost alright, one that’s affecting me too, and that’s unfair,
’Cause it’s my world too, and my children will have an even bigger cost to bear.

So, if you want porn, those violent, lusty movies, and all that crudity,
And foul language, keep it to yourself, off my computer, cell phone and TV.
And as for your booze, smokes and drugs, stop letting such endanger my life, and hey,
If you want to flaunt your half naked body, would you mind not coming my way.

Yes, it’s all about your rights, isn’t it — man, I like that! — too bad about me,
I having to put up with what suits you, but you deeming me the enemy.
The truth is, that stuff you want ain’t making this world nicer, safer or brighter,
Hence you like a kid in a room full of dynamite playing with a lighter.


There’s other things you want, not just what you’ve got already, but ain’t that the way,
People not happy 'till they've got it all, and at others expense, I must say.
Not just me, but my wife and kids forced to accept your wants, foot some of the bill,
And without any personal benefits, just your selfish and harming ill.

All you’re doing is causing upset and problems, yet wanting to silence me,
Branding me a killjoy or a prude, while meantime you're abusing liberty.
Yes, wanting things your way, by foul means or fair, not that you need what you pursue,
But only love and truth understand this — disaster heading our way on cue.

By Lance Landall

8.  Don't Just Suit Yourself

Seems that most only want to hear what’s pleasing, only want to do what makes them feel good (blow others),
They acting both selfishly and immaturely, showing little thought for their sisters and brothers,
Those other members of humanity, 'cause whether we like it or not, we’re one big family,
And what do sound families do? Consider the rights and feelings of each member of their family.

And what else do sound families do? Well, they deal with any tough issue, facing reality,
Thus taking in some home truth, making some change, enduring discomfort where it’s necessary.
Yes, no pain, no gain, but how many want to bother, 'cause such isn’t pleasing, nor feels good (though best),
Hence why most are only looking after themselves, and not acting in another’s best interest.

Well, there’s often sad consequences for such self imposed ignorance, for acting so selfishly,
And why it doesn't pay to live in such a self-focussed world, one that acts so injuriously,
'Cause everyone and everything is linked in some way, and why everything is breaking down today,
We paying for only wanting to hear what’s pleasing, only doing what feels good, sad to say.

Better to listen to what we don’t want to, and to do what we don’t want to (that is, if we should),
And surely any thinking person whose takes in the big picture, and not just their own backyard, would,
'Cause failure to do so can bring the roof down on us all, all why we’re in great danger, currently,
And why it’s time we mended those repairs on the foundation and walls of this planet, and quickly.

By Lance Landall

9.  Hollywood, You've Blood On Your Hands

In my opinion, Hollywood should be on trial for crimes against humanity,
Given the mind and heart destroying menu that it’s been feeding society.
Every actor just as guilty as those behind Hollywood and all its ill,
Given that what they act out has less to do with Heaven and more to do with Hell.

Yet where are the protestors? Well, I’ll tell you. They’re sitting in front of that same screen,
Where every vice under the sun is acted out, disturbing scene after scene.
Those actors feigning evil, cruelty, violence, lawlessness, or what’s plain porny,
And crying, raging, conniving, stalking, bashing, smashing — and yes, acting horny.

And to think they have fans when they’re more deserving of censure, it all to their shame,
And more so given how they’re poisoning younger minds too, it all far from a game.
“Hey, it’s just pretence,” you say, and I say, “No, it’s more a lie, ’cause it isn’t true,”
But almost believed, and certainly influencing, ’cause monkey see, monkey do.

Yes, every moral, principle, standard and value trashed, but who’s waking up,
’Cause what young parents are feeding on, their kids will soon gorge on — oh, how full that cup.
Hollywood not having any scruples here, nor those actors right up to their neck,
And as far as those go who’re appalled like me, it seems to be a case of, “What the heck.”

Yes, it’s that kind of world now, “It’s your problem,” but no, its our problem, a big one,
Hollywood pumping out heroes that have an obsession with their fist or their gun.
Kids copying such in order to achieve same “means justifies the end” folly,
And the world in general becoming more violent given what’s on TV.

The truth is, we become what we take in, and what we indulge in — yes, nightly so
(Or at any other time), most glued to that ever increasing corruptive flow.
And oddly, women who condemn violence and sexual assaults, watching too,
When they should know they can’t have it both ways, ’cause what many view, they’re seen to do.

There’s no question movies and TV are educating younger minds, and badly,
Those home screens having become shrines to Hollywood, all that is ill and ungodly.
All why I say, “Hollywood, you've blood on your hands,” and them — yes, those actors who feign,
Their profession a despicable one, it all to our loss, and all to their gain.

However, they not having it all their own way, despite the stardom and their fans,
’Cause acting’s known to cause illness, some ending up in some psychiatrist’s hands.
No, we’re not meant to be anyone but our self, all why those who act otherwise
Can find it’s messing with their head (and who they really are), ’cause something inside dies.

The truth is, Hollywood’s a cesspool, a hotbed of corruption where money rules,
It a devil’s palace-cum-playground funded by captivated, adoring fools.
And actors hardly stars (though fallen ones, maybe), their lives wasted dispensing ill,
And this world no better for them, their pretence just making us all the more unwell.

Yes, we hardly needing Hollywood’s encouragement, but it’s sure playing its part,
Cunningly mixing good with evil in order to thereby gain entrance to ones heart.
It having no respect for the Bible either, twisting it to suit and mislead,
But like jackals around some carcass, it seems everyone’s in for a good feed.

However, just like those actors who’re messing with their head, we’re messing with ours too,
And not just our head, but our heart, that poison seeping through veins, flesh, bone and sinew,
’Cause what we take in becomes us, there not two parts to our being, and how we die,
And thus it not just about any injurious (health defeating) food we buy.

Some are fastidious ’bout what they eat, but not about what they watch, foolishly,
The mind and body being one, thus our decisions should take in the whole, wisely.
Well bodies and unwell minds, or well minds and unwell bodies, simply don’t gel,
We who and what we are in every way, and all of which is soon sure to tell.

Some might say it really hasn’t got anything to do with Christianity,
But true or false, we’ve only two choices over what kind of society.
One choice bringing wellbeing, what’s brighter and healthier, the other bringing ill,
The latter trouncing what’s nobler, better and wiser, exchanging Heaven for Hell.

Surely you’ve noticed how movies have got darker, sicker, bolder and raunchier,

Married actors (whose real spouse is at home) in bed with, and all over, him or her.
Such hardly right, though when it comes to Hollywood, hardly anything’s right, and why
The whole theatrical carryon (artificial and insincere), we shouldn’t buy.

By Lance Landall

“Hollywood is a place where they'll pay you a thousand dollars
for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul.”
Marilyn Munroe

“There's a lot of condemnation going down regarding conspiracy theories, yet who's blaming Hollywood
for churning such out like a series, thus fueling both the imagination and situation.”

The poet, author

See my poem A Despicable Profession, which is found on my page: There's More To Be Said,
and which is accessed via my page Food For Thought.

10.  That's Hollywood For You

Whether it be The Passion Of The Christ or Noah, one thing is very clear:
Hollywood isn’t concerned about accuracy, and has no shame or fear.
Hence those scenes so oft at variance with the Bible-cum-Christianity,
And which has many giving room to nonsense, error, fiction and fantasy.

And this, courtesy of actors lauded for their portrayal of evil and ill,
Sinister characters and lawless comic book heroes that smash, biff and kill.
And the latter conveying that the end justifies the means-cum-weaponry,
And why we see kids mimicking the same distorted justice, brutality.

No, it’s not just Hollywood that has blood on its hands, and those actors we see,
But also those irresponsible parents, who here, seem as blind as can be.
And sadly, many of them Christians whose love affair with Hollywood offends
The God who calls them to denounce such rubbish, errant means and unholy blends.

But yes, that’s Hollywood for you, it hell-bent on messing up society,
It causing confusion, stirring the loins, glorifying crime and anarchy;
Not to mention its obsession with calamity, death, gore, debauchery,
Crudity, vice and idiocy-cum-anything that’s an effrontery!

Folk may point to so-called good movies, but they’re like peas in a poisonous soup,
And as for those trashy movies — the bulk — they're like foxes in a chicken coup.
Oh, the power of Hollywood, it moulding and shaping injuriously,
And seemingly determined to make a mockery of Christianity.

By Lance Landall

“I’m trying to undermine the basis of Christian beliefs.”
Philip Pullmann (children’s book writer whose books have become Hollywood movies
such as “The Golden Compass”), The Washington Post, 19 February 2001.

11.  Seems Like There's A Hollywood Agenda

Exactly who’s behind Hollywood I'd like to know, but there's something concerning I'd like to share,
And that is, that what Hollywood’s churning out seems no accident, but designed in order to steer.
In other words, I'm talking 'bout a calculated attempt to manipulate society
In preparation for something, something that’s trying to get at our minds, and very cunningly.

Yes, some Hollywood agenda, which aside from its core diet of sex, violence and crudity,
Is furiously pumping out movies that promote and enthrone the occult, and lucratively.
Hence the growing interest in anything supernatural and mystical, even bizarre,
And why we seem to be heading back to those dark old days of pagan ill, seeking some Shangri-la,

And seemingly one that will allow us to indulge in selfish and wanton gratification,
Midst playing with the dangerous, mysterious, demonic, hence the sicker crime escalation.
No surprises here, 'cause look at the blood and gore, that ghoulish stuff, those snuff movies that abound today,
Corrupting and soiling, weakening and destroying minds, and we wonder why things have gone astray.

Yes, there seems to be an agenda, one that’s preparing us for something that will fool and mislead,
And I suspect a New World Order that’s surrounded by the supernatural, ill guaranteed.
A one world government that clever trickery precedes, all of us having been prepared for such,
Courtesy of the likes of Hollywood, and why soon some power may have all within its clutch.

I’m dreaming? Well, bearing in mind that this agenda encompasses what’s religious and New Age,
A religious, political worldwide power isn’t far fetched, one that signs and wonders might stage.
Many are being taken in by certain apparitions and manifestations already,
And why I don't think I’m far from wrong, and bearing in mind that such a scene's portrayed biblically.

And hence the likes of the distorted Passion of the Christ, the Twilight and Left Behind series,
Not to mention the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, a few of the many designed to seize.
Oh, how they do, holding millions spellbound with their religious, New Age, occult mix that educates,
And why sound knowledge-cum-truth is giving way to fiction and fantasy that error propagates.

So no, what Hollywood's churning out seems no mere accident, nor in order to just gain more money,
But to captivate and prepare society for something on the horizon, though subtly.
No coming through the front door, such too obvious, but via the back door
oh, the power of TV,
Which those with an agenda clearly realise, but which society in general fails to see.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded and its title changed on 27 September 2022.

"The coming of the lawless one [God usurping power] will be in accordance with the work of SATAN displayed in all kinds of COUNTERFEIT MIRACLES, SIGNS AND WONDERS, and in every sort of evil that deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved" (2 Thess 2:9,10, NIV).

"And I saw three evil spirits that looked like frogs leap from the mouths of the dragon [Satan], the beast [past power], and the false prophet [image of that beast, End-time world power]. They are demonic spirits who work miracles [via human agencies] and go out to all the rulers of the world to gather them for battle against the Lord on that great judgment day of God the Almighty" (Rev 16:13,14, NLT).

"TV is the single most significant factor contributing to violence in America."
Ted Turner, founder of the Cable News Network

"Violent heroes are more harmful than even violent villains. Children imitate more often the characters
whom they like and find most appealing."
 Dr. Joseph Strayhorn, child psychiatrist Medical College of Pennsylvania.

"Movies can and do have tremendous power in shaping young lives."
Walt Disney

"TV is the most powerful thing that has ever been invented."
Ozzy Osbourne

"Television is the major mainstream infiltration for the new satanic religion. The TV set, or satanic family alter, has grown more elaborate since the early 50’s, from the tiny, fuzzy screen to huge entertainment centers covering entire walls with several TV monitors. What started as a innocent respite from everyday life has become in itself a replacement for real life for millions, a major religion of the masses.”
Anton LaVey (founder of The Church Of Satan), The Devil's Notebook, p. 86.

"Any time the dark side of the supernatural world is presented as harmless or even imaginary, there is the danger that children will become curious and find out too late that witchcraft is neither harmless nor imaginary."
Lindy Beam, Focus on the Family

"I get letters from children addressed to Professor Dumbledore, and it's not a joke, begging to be let into Hogwarts, and some of them are really sad. Because they want it to be true so badly they've convinced themselves it's true."
K.J. Rowling herself speaking to Newsweek

12.  It's Far Too Easy To Err

Though there are indeed things going on behind the scene, like there has always been,
There’s a lot of nonsense that’s doing the rounds, and why all things we need to screen.
Some things having elements of truth, or are partly true, but there lies danger,
And some seeing something behind everything, and how they foolishly err.

Enter the anti-vax, chemtrails and QAnon brigade, it never ending,
Misinformation and unqualified word of mouth its way forever wending.
Few doing the research that they need to, and oft having a bias as well,
Family and friends having often set things up, enter inculcated ill.

Yes, it’s far too easy to err, the web full of error as much as truth, and
Many preferring to believe what they prefer to be true, enter fate’s hand;
In other words, they effectively asking for trouble, and trouble oft get,
And thus it not just those behind the scene who some sort of terrible trap set.

By Lance Landall

13.  That Wacko Stuff

Within society, and even churches, there’s some wacko stuff going ’round,
Not just misinformation, but disturbing nonsense, and it oft gaining ground.
And the source oft hard to find given the many hands it’s been through, or changes,
And many taking such seriously, sadly, unaware of the dangers.

But others well aware, though there is a danger here, because what one now sees
Is some genuine stuff being dismissed, some having cried wolf — lied, if you please.
Their wacko articles making it all the harder, thus enter some new law
(Perhaps), and thus the genuine conspiracy theory finding a shut door.

Sometimes we know there’s something going on, somewhere, somehow, regarding something,
But the necessary evidence hard to get until evil’s seen to spring.
At first, it seemingly unbelievable to many, and then it too late,
All why we need to mind what we clamp down on, lest some evil get out the gate.

But having said that, we certainly need to mind that wacko stuff, use our head,
It oft causing confusion, even distress, and I’m sure that more could be said.
All why we need to be level-headed, using sense and logic, but aware
That not all that seems wacko is wacko, and why here too, one needs to take care.

By Lance Landall

14.  "Another Conspiracy Theory," They Say

History is full of plots that many would have called conspiracy theories,
But that not stopping them coming to fruition, which naivety too late sees.
Warnings scoffed at, laughed at, they seemingly too fanciful for many out there,
Who bag the one whose eye is keener, and thus thereby, a degree of guilt share.

Yes, truth is stranger than fiction, it’s said, but fiction it remains in some eyes,
And thus writing things off as conspiracy theories being where danger lies.
Yes, better such be given fair thought, or at least kept at the back of ones mind,
Because the truth of the matter is, history with plots and plotters is lined.

Hidden evils don’t reveal themselves, count to ten and give us chance to scout,
Nor midst their behind the scenes skulduggery, send out updates, or loudly shout.
Thus what’s going on only found by accident, much research, or wink and nod,
This world full of deluded, cruel monsters, those who act as if some god.

They come in many disguises, oft seductively dressed, and may sound godly,
Their words ticking the right boxes, the truth only seen by a minority.
Or not seen at all until someone stumbles across something (what they’re up to),
But oh, it’s just another conspiracy theory, until it too, proves true.

By Lance Landall

"Many journalists now are no more than channelers and echoers of what George Orwell called the 'official truth'. They simply cipher and transmit lies. It really grieves me that so many of my fellow journalists can be so manipulated that they become really what the French describe as 'functionaires', functionaries, not journalists."
John Pilger, Australian journalist

"There are trends in journalism which are not serving New Zealand well.
Our reporters are younger, the depth of experience is shallower.
To say you can walk off the street to become a press gallery reporter maybe an exaggeration, but not much of one.
Our reporters are underpaid and overloaded. Juggling cameras, live blogging, while focused on writing snap stories creates a focus for breaking news not thinking news.
Reporters draw fast to spout their personal opinion. Few will tell you what an event means.
And our media walk through the door with a predetermined narrative and then repeatedly ask questions to fit that narrative. That is called confirmation bias, and it is prolific.
Our society should be worried about the currency and influence of our news.
It is not an exaggeration to question the viability of the fourth estate function.
There are genuine questions about the currency of our journalism.
Can we be confident our media will enhance reasoned democratic debate, or is a steady trend of celebrity, crime, and shark stories causing our population to disengage?
Many of our news outlets give the same platform to a social media blogger, an activist self -titled as a journalist, a public relations consultant who provides political commentary, and those titled as political editors.
Credibility is diluted. The boundaries between fact and fiction are blurred."

Part of a speech given by Winston Peters, Leader of the New Zealand First Party,
Thursday 12 December 2019.

15.  Seeing Things Where There Aren't Things

There’s certainly evidence of deceptive behind the scene activity,
But some are seeing something in everything — fixated, actually.
Yes, something might be to do with those behind the scene, but might also not be,
And thus we somewhat making a fool of our self, causing concern needlessly.

Things that are naught to do with those behind the scene can aid conveniently,
And thus weren’t created by them in order to achieve some skulduggery.
And hence the danger in being too fixated on evil activity,
Rather than being aware, unlike those with their head in the sand, foolishly.

The informed don’t miss a trick, but some see same villains under every bed,
And behind every lamppost, hence how misinformation is often spread.
And thereby, some listeners closing their mind to things altogether, when they
Should still keep it open, lest most was right about what those people had to say.

Yes, the informed have sharp eyes, and where it’s warranted, should pass that knowledge on,
But never indulging in anarchy, because the wise, a fool’s hat won’t don.
In the end, what will happen will happen, our conscience to remain true and clear,
And thus we minding just what things we pass on, lest thorough scrutiny it not bear.

What needs to be remembered too, is that its not always the government’s fault,
But that of those behind the scene who’re really calling the shots, and good plans halt.
Governments held hostage, or fooled into going along with things, sad to say,
And hence why my faith and hope is found elsewhere, and why on your behalf, I pray.

By Lance Landall

16.  The Danger Of QAnon

There are many evils occurring in this world, and plotters abound, but hey,
QAnon is a dangerous truth and error mix that is leading astray.
Yes, paedophiles are everywhere, a known fact, and in high places too,
And the world awash with the satanic, be it via books or movies we view.

But along comes that pick and mix cocktail of confusion, which, here must be said,
Harms the truth of something that may be going on, but that’s dismissed, put to bed;
To our peril, perhaps, remembering that history repeats itself, and
That world domination and wedding Church and State aren’t new, hence that lay of the land.

In other words, we shouldn’t be too quick to dismiss things, and nor foolish too,
QAnon having a fictional source, I understand, all why it’s askew.
But many caught up with it, unable to see what’s true and what’s not, sadly,
Pieces having come from various puzzles and been put together badly.

And all why they don’t fit properly, or at all, ’cause there’s mischief at work,
Hence that abstract picture, and in the shadows, some cyber trickster seen to lurk.
And Trump-wise, I’ve always seen him as a real threat, those militant Christians too,
And as for that QAnon salute, it Nazi-like — yes, there so much askew.

By Lance Landall

Recommended reading: Epidemic by Lori Handrahan, PHD. America's trade in child rape.

17.  Give It A Rest

Though we need to be awake to things, too many focus on doom and gloom, and
Midst the woes on Earth, only add to anxiety with what’s plotted or planned.
At the end of the day, we do have to get on with living, and love we should,
Thus more focused on caring and helping; fixations not doing any good.

Though we need to take prudent steps (and wielding a pen being my concerned mode),
Continually pointing to hidden agendas adds to everyone’s load.
It’s bad enough knowing about some things, but despite such, life has to go on,
Enough joy and happiness having been stolen already, without more gone.

Many Christians have erred here too, having been called to share the Good News gospel,
Which, despite its warnings too, is full of HOPE and PROMISE, Heaven and not Hell.
It’s all about a God of love who cares and wants to save — yes, that’s the focus,
And where things should be in general, and given the swirling hocus-pocus.

In other words, that nonsense that’s out there as well, which captures too many minds,
And points in the wrong direction, and despite certain obvious warning signs.
Hence that call for balance, level headedness and sound research, or err we will
If basing our conclusions and decisions on hearsay, fake news, a duped groundswell.

So please, give it a rest, ’cause there’s too much unnecessary fear being caused,
And why midst the genuine concerns some people have, more of them should have paused.
Yes, it’s one thing to point out things, even warn, another to go on and on,
All why I repeat, give it a rest, too much joy and happiness having gone.

Yes, the Bible’s spoken of "signs of the times" preceding Christ’s return, which we
Should be mindful of given the Bible’s faithful track record and pedigree.
However, we taking them in our stride, not jumping as soon as they occur,
They part of a list that could span many years, all why we should mind lest we err.

As far as those negative things go, they’re the beginning of sorrows, we’re told,
Not necessarily the very End, nor some evil plot, secret or bold.
Covid Nineteen fitting in with those pestilences, earthquakes and famines, and
Not necessarily meaning anything in itself, one must understand.

"This person (or president) is the one who'll do this or that," people say,
And have for years, only to be proved wrong, though it's clear that there will come a day.
But meantime, we not getting carried away, 'cause what will be will be, and so
We getting on with life, that love thought and care, come sun or cruel wind that might blow.

By Lance Landall

This poem was added to on the 5 November 2020.

Gloriavale is a small, isolated Christian community in New Zealand that
has been under scrutiny.

18.  Gloriavale

Every responsible parent wants what’s best for their kids, and shuns what’s bad,
The world full of harmful influences, things that concern that good mum and dad.
Hence the worth of some Christian community, and Gloriavale in mind here,
But there, some very serious issues, hence those sad stories a number share.

Yes, some freer now, but here’s the flip side: Welcome to the world of lust and porn,
Common violence, rampant selfishness, racial prejudice, hatred and scorn.
Oh, and dog eat dog, survival of the fittest, no cosy protection there,
Nor much heavenliness, except in places — yes, it pretty ugly out there.

And one not shielded from the corruptive, hence why so many have lost their way,
Rebellion commonplace, the jails full, and these days, partners so inclined to stray.
Yes, it’s a different world out there, thus Gloriavale not all that silly,
More wrongly run, far too controlled, but what do you expect from humanity.

All why it’s no better out there, and thus it criticised somewhat unfairly,
The good aspects lost on those who do not understand, many blind and worldly.
Selflessness, and sacrifice for the common good, being virtues, not bad things,
But woe to those who turn such into a cult, 'cause that's when a bell loudly rings.

Yes, errant leaders have often plagued society
, religions and churches too,
Thereby taking something that's good, or potentially good, terribly askew.
And then that something gets discredited, along with the innocent ones, who
The very best of things, or something that had merit, were trying to pursue.

And so, just like with Gloriavale, people either stay or go their own way,
Having had either a good or bad experience, and there are those who stray.
The latter hardly converted, or too easily upset, and blame they do,
But in the end it’s up to the individual as to what path they pursue

By Lance Landall

19.  Religious Cults

Cults may well have their own Bible, one that they’ve altered to suit,
Thus they tamper with God’s Word, and some things He’s ordained, uproot.
They may erroneously claim some Divine authority,
Thereby usurping God’s, and introducing some heresy.

Such religious cults discourage or stifle healthy debate,
Not liking opposition, those who their words investigate.
They don’t like being questioned, they restrict, insist, dominate,
And deceptive propaganda may zealously circulate.

The leader of a religious cult may think that he’s God, or,
That he’s effectively God on Earth — which, prophecy foresaw.
Such leaders revel in glory that doesn’t belong to them,
And malign and attack all those who such blasphemy condemn.

Thus those who embrace them, and their dogma, they try to control,
And any disgruntled followers they try to buttonhole.
And if they could, they would enforce their ways and dogma on all,
Via binding laws and penalties that they would somehow install.

They’re oft a blend of paganism and Christianity,
And therefore aren’t truly Christian, because how can they be?
They may appear so, talk so, even think so, but they’re not so,
But simply a false prophet, cult, with deluded souls in tow.

They may have millions of followers, or perhaps just a few,
They may be world-wide, local, been ’round awhile, or quite new.
But you can be assured that they’re all injurious and false,
And thus dancing to the rhythm of a devil’s End-time waltz.

Such sad cults are often engaged in secret activities,
Thus far from transparent, and it man and not God that they please.
They may be powerful, influential, even respected,
But when Christ returns to Earth, all of such will be rejected.

By Lance Landall

This older poem was upgraded on 5 July 2022.

"But even if we [the apostles] or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than
the one we preached to you, let him be eternally condemned!" (Gal 1:8, NIV).

20.  Secret Societies

If we don’t study deeply, and, I might add, broadly so,
We’ll probably be misled, and important things, not know.
Sure we may learn some, that somehow, we pick up here and there,
But not all that we need to know — and to our loss, I fear.

There’s so much falsehood out there, and hidden agendas too,
That secret societies, by foul means or fair, pursue.
And it’s such societies, that here, I via poetry,
Recommend you not join, and one being Freemasonry.

The New World Order that’s attached to Freemasonry
(Affiliates and syndicates) is one product of secrecy.
Thus you and I only told as much as they want us to know,
’Cause out of their not so secret agenda, more can flow.

So, who’s behind what, and what’s really the truth, we should seek,
Peeling back the cover of each society’s mystique.
’Cause pictures can be painted that appear visionary,
When they’re simply hiding something else, more secretively.

Believe me, no good comes from a secret society
(Ultimately), ’cause where’s the accountability?
Those who work in secret displaying dishonesty,
’Cause they clearly don’t desire to behave transparently.

The Christian’s God — a God of truth — condemns such secrecy,
And those in them who are professing Christianity.
Yes, any Christian who’s truly Christian won’t hide behind
Secret societies who’ve hidden agendas in mind.

For those who’re prepared to search, much evidence can be found,
Proving that these secret societies are far from sound.
Any that seem more open, are only open so far,
And none of them producing the sought after Shangri-La.

It’s naive to believe that some secret society
-Cum-New World Order won’t turn toxic, eventually.
World control in the hands of one nation, group, or power base,
But a recipe for disaster, unwise to embrace.

Tragically, it seems we haven’t learnt from history,
Nor those supporting any secret society.
But see they will, eventually, when all’s locked in place,
’Cause that’s the reality that we’re all about to face.

Such ends could be avoided if humans weren’t like sheep,
Nor like those dozy watchmen on the wall, falling asleep,
Nor like those who’ll do anything for a peaceful life, and,
Who eventually, find that they’re standing on quick sand.

Yes, don’t be fooled by those promises of some Shangri-La,
’Cause some attempt to create such will only go so far.
Such attempts may look promising, but they won’t deliver,
And in the end, just produce a taker, not a giver.

The tentacles of secret societies can run deep,
Insidiously, unrelentingly, never asleep.
Such guilds are a nest for fools, a trap for the unwary,
And sometimes infiltrate, hide behind Christianity.

Tragically, most rank and file members don’t know fully
The real goals and beliefs of their secret society.
Were they to know the truth, there would be an exodus, and,
Due to a drop in numbers, less converts throughout each land.

Only those with something to hide form secret societies,
Hence my words of caution, my attempt to cause an unease.
And hence my call to each and all, to live transparently,
Free from the toxic shadow of some secret society.

Freemasonry is but a cult, and linked to the occult,
One that a devil, and not God, has chosen to exalt.
Little do most members know that such is the case, sadly,
Hence why many Christians are found within Freemasonry.

Aren’t they aware of those symbols within Freemasonry
That represent occultic things, not Christianity?
Like the Goat’s Head (representing the devil), and the Eye,
And don’t pyramids and pentagrams have them asking, “Why?”

But let’s not stop there, for there’s that American money
That sports an eye and pyramid too, most intriguingly.
And those buildings and streets that form Masonic symbols, too
(Where? Washington, where via a plane, one gets a better view).

It’s not surprising that most members of Freemasonry
Are found in America alongside Christianity.
Yes, it’s no accident that Freemasonry flourished there,
And that it has steered American politics is clear.

So much more could be mentioned, but at the end of the day,
I’m limited via poetry as to what I can say.
Hence why I recommend all study deeply and broadly,
That they might see the extent and ill of Freemasonry.

Freemasonry paints a different picture, naturally,
But that’s how it goes with any secret society.
Hence why we need to look beneath the veneer, see what’s there,
’Cause only that way is the truth revealed, and things made clear.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded on 6 July 2022.

"If you trace up Masonry, through all its Orders, till you come to the grand tip-top head Mason of the World,
you will discover that the dread individual and the Chief of the Society of Jesus [the Superior General
of the Jesuit Order] are one and the same person.”
James Parton, American historian

“The very word “secrecy” is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it.”
President John F. Kennedy

Worth reading: The Secret Founding of America by the English author Nicholas Hagger.

21.  What's A Man, And What's A Woman?

Well, it’s very clear to those of us who live in the world of reality:
Men males, testosterone bound, women females, oestrogen bound (femininity).
Hence why a hundred to one, for want of a phrase, men desire women, and
Women desire men, and Nature herself in sync with this, which most understand.

Hence that male penis and female vagina, it no accident but design,
Men not having the same breasts, a womb, nor a hint of any curvaceous line.
And most people realising that men and women think very differently,
Hence why they struggle to understand each other, spats as long as history.

Men not into bras, dolls or high heels, but that which gels with masculinity,
And most women not into man caves, engine jobs, fishing, hunting, weaponry.
Sure there seems to be exceptions of sorts, and some women are more masculine,
And some men more effeminate, more or less of a certain hormone within,

And I meaning, oestrogen or testosterone, say, things a little askew,
It all quite understandable, nothing perfect in this world, hence how we grew.
But that not altering the truth of things, men, men, women, women, plain and clear,
However, with the truth of things, many like to play, when they should never dare.

And so, because nothing is perfect in this world, the abnormal can occur,
And abnormal, abnormal, not how things should be, not some new kind of him or her.
It but self-deception to say something is normal when it isn’t normal,
Just like poison is poison, no matter what one thinks, and thus sure to cause ill.

But be how people are, we’re all humanity, and loving to them should be,
Thus all receiving the milk of human kindness — yes, unconditionally.
But hey, we not deluding ourselves, men, men, women, women, which all should know,
It clearly self-evident, they like lock and key, which biology can show.

No, it’s not culture or nurture that has boys and girls acting the way they do,
The masculine and feminine like two halves of an apple, marriage the glue,
Hence those boys and girls that arrive via that intimate connection, both in need
Of that mum and dad difference, balance, and why for plain commonsense I plead.

Yes, laws may allow, laws may protect, but not one law can change reality,
Because it is what it is, a man and woman world, which it will always be.
Social engineers having got things wrong time and time again, it all so sad,
And why in the end people so often find that they’ve been seriously had.

Yes, I’ve never seen a pregnant man, nor a man in need of Tampons, and so
If that’s not enough, nothing will convince, and some it seems, not wanting to know.
Men stirred by the visual, woman via touch, both having their own unique needs,
All why saying differently just causes confusion, and to nowhere leads.

But ignore evidence people do, for one reason or another, sadly,
And thus oft justifying the unjustifiable, oft self-servingly.
We seem to be living in the thick of such thinking, the world becoming strange,
It out with the tried and true, every so-called expert seeming to want change.

But despite such, and far more than a hundred to one, women desire a man,
And a man a woman, that attraction mutual, and all part of the plan,
Because that is how it works, men and women different in every way,
Just like that plug and socket thing, both designed to work as one, thus there no grey.

Anything else is out of sync, not how it should be, and accept this we should,
Not treating what’s abnormal as normal, nor saying something wrong is right, good.
There’s no alternative relationship, marriage either the one thing or not,
But society getting out of hand, seemingly not knowing where to stop.

Once the world was full of knights and princesses, heroism and chivalry,
Suits of armour and ballroom dresses, but something having changed, tragically.
Some men acting like women, and some women acting like men, it all a mess,
And we hardly the better off for it all, but actually all the less.

Women can box, but it doesn't do anything for their femininity,
And men can dress up as women, but it doesn’t help their masculinity.
Nor the cause of either, because copycat styles and the abnormal blur things,
And all why from tree to tree, it’s the monkey and not the elephant that swings.

By Lance Landall

For the differences between men and women, see my page Husbands And Wives,
Home page, purple box.

Regarding homosexuality and so on, see my page Aberrant Attraction, second poetry
garden, secular section, purple box

22.  I Wouldn't Do It, If I Were You

To be attracted to the same sex, or, as some say, born in the wrong body,
Must be terribly confusing, distressing and heartbreaking — a tragedy.
Only those so afflicted knowing what it’s like, but an operation? No,
'Cause you’re what's seen, I believe, but something having gone askew (which we don’t know).

In other words, if your body’s presented itself as male, you are a male,
That female feeling but the result of some malfunction (and who knows the trail).
And that’s what needs fixing, but it’s something beyond us, it seems, and why you, friend,
Shouldn’t go altering your body, ’cause that’s the wrong way round, so mind that bend,

’Cause round it, there’s some very sad tales, the body not for playing with like that,
One becoming something that’s neither, so to speak, thus hit by a bigger bat.
Yes, ’cause with that male genitalia also comes other componentry,
(one’s whole biology),
Your body your body, and thus a sex change not in sync with reality.

And many having regretted such, paid a horrid price, and bear in mind too
Those who’ve grown out of gender dysphoria, thus spared from going askew.
The truth is, you are what you are, just something having gone amiss in this case,
Thus your feelings a trap, and if they’re succumbed to, who knows what ill you may face.

Yes, it’s a dangerous game, one’s body being a fragile ecosystem,
And hey, too much nonsense going down out there not helping that poor her or him.
We not for experimenting on via some modern Auschwitz doctor, say, who
Can cause as many problems as those supposedly solved, puberty blockers too.

Some things that seem to be the way to go, aren’t, and money to be made from you,
Dishonestly oft hiding behind seeming thoughtfulness — yes, there’s nothing new.
Your value no less because of your predicament, and loved the same should be,
And love oft coming in warnings, and so it is here, even if hard to see.

What if a cure’s found one day, and you really are a man, say? But now, oh dear,
Your body having been played with, and thus possibly altered beyond repair.
Oh, how I feel for you, it all so sad, so please, don’t go making things worse, friend,
And hey, one day soon, the mystery of it all, medical science might end.

By Lance Landall

The following video is worth watching:

23.  As Was Meant To Be

“You’re so much stronger than I, dear. Would you lift that for me?”
And I melt, as I’m a man, and such makes me feel manly.
Yes, such has me responding willingly, supportively,
For that’s the natural outcome of pure femininity.

When women press those buttons that activate a man’s heart,
They’re seldom unsuccessful, and a happier course chart.
Such a wife’s greatly desired, and much deeper love will sow
In the heart of her husband who gratitude will soon show.

Women shouldn’t nag their man
in fact, such hardens men’s hearts,
And usually an argument or discontent soon starts.
Neither should wives belittle, as nothing destroys love more,
Other than adultery which strikes at one’s very core.

Assaulting men’s manliness provokes contempt, opposition,
And in many cases leads to marital demolition.
Likewise, wearing the pants, as they say, for that too, destroys,
'Cause at the end of the day, girls are girls, and boys are boys.

Believe me, it isn’t nurture but nature, the way we’re designed,
Hence why girls and boys — certain ways — are naturally inclined.
Masculinity and femininity are complimentary,
Except where a man and women act contrarily.

Hence why a man instinctively feels threatened, actually,
When women exchange femininity for masculinity.
How so? Via acting like men, via throwing their weight around,
Which is something that often sees relationships run aground.

And why many men in marriages are looking around,
Realizing that the right kind of woman they haven’t found.
For what every husband needs, and what every wife needs too,
Is an unselfish spouse who their partner’s best will pursue.

A far better foundation in one’s marriage is soon laid
Via respecting each others differences, how we’re made.
When the right buttons are pushed, that nature designed should be,
There is a far greater chance of marital harmony.

Why? Well, they’re in tune with nature, they’re acting naturally,
The man protecting, the woman accepting, instinctively.
And of course, willingly, as force mustn’t play a part here,
Or else rather than love operating, it’ll be pressure or fear.

Yes, unfortunately there are those who their spouse abuse,
Hence why we need to be very careful about who we choose.
But that aside, when we operate as nature intended,
Even a marriage in trouble can be improved, mended.

“Women can do anything,” you hear said, and perhaps they can,
But a prudent wife won’t go saying such around her man.
'Cause she knows that saying such weakens rather than strengthens,
And one’s marital lifeline shortens rather than lengthens.

Why women want to emulate men, truly baffles me,
For there’s nothing more attractive than pure femininity.
Such women gain more respect, 'cause a man likes nothing more,
Than a woman who’s every inch so
yes, to her very core.

By Lance Landall

24.  It Matters

All children need a male and female presence for all to be well,
A father figure, a mother figure, that in the same home dwell.
Both a masculine and feminine role model, not something new,
Otherwise the chances are high that somewhere things will go askew.

After all, a man can’t be a woman, nor a woman a man,
'Cause they’re completely different, and such all part of nature’s plan.
Thus neither think and act the same, 'cause they differ naturally,
Complimenting each other, somewhat like a lock and a key.

Yes, they’re equal in worth and being, but function differently,
Better suited to certain roles,
thereby working in harmony.
Their goal? Their marriage's well-being, and that of their family,
Including each other’s well-being — which, self puts in jeopardy.

Yes, kids need a mum and dad, so if either’s missing, it matters,
And why often, the loss of either, a child’s well-being shatters.
Sure their mum and dad may well be about somewhere, but even so,
When a parent leaves the home for good, their child’s harmed, and ill will flow.

And all why a solo mum simply cannot be a dad as well,
And nor can solo fathers, trying to be mothers, fit the bill.
Sure both may do their very best to be both to their children, but
A woman’s not a man, nor a man a woman — it’s that clear cut.

So, if it doesn’t matter, like some think, could someone tell me why
Children in broken homes are far more often seen to go awry?
No, Earth’s sad history has shown, and wisdom itself declares
That children need a mum and dad who stay together through the years.

Men and women are unique, and without each other, incomplete.
Hence why children need both if their needs one truly wishes to meet.
And all why a child needs each gender involved in their daily life,
A male and a female, a mum and a dad, a husband and wife.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded on 28 June 2022.

25.  Don't Get Me Started

If I wrote a series of books about a group of neighbourhood cats, all males,
Such would be my prerogative, I not adding females because of some wails.
I being the author, not someone else, who, could choose to do otherwise, and
If they chose all females, it wouldn’t bother me, the pen being in their hand.

So who are these dictators forcing their will on all? So much for liberty,
One’s right to choose, it such a nonsense, beyond the pale, it up to you, or me,
It seems that they can’t leave anything alone, and have nothing better to do,
Than major on minors and indulge in mischief, and bowing publishers too.

And after all, it used to be males out on the town, scrapping in alleys,
Or do females want to be associated with such, thus shes with the hes.
Well, that’s up to the author, not the reader, who shouldn’t tell cooks what to do,
But, in line with their political correctness, should just choose from the menu.

It’s all about having choices, not removing choices, and also
About free expression, not conformity, that creativity might flow.
In other words, my mind’s world, not your mind’s world, which makes life more interesting,
Not stuffy or starchy, and how something different to each table we bring.

By Lance Landall

26.  The Pot Calling The Kettle Black

Once Gay people were treated appallingly which they shouldn’t have been, but now
Should you disapprove of Gay marriages and same sex sexual acts, it’s POW!
How dare you express your disapproval of such, it seems, things now reversed, and
You treated badly, another crime, ’cause on your own beliefs you’ve a right to stand.

And billions of others sharing your view, but no, the knives are out, and sharp too,
Cutting away at freedom of expression, held against your belief or view.
And this, despite certain rights they’ve been granted, thus angering the other side,
And thus the gulf between hardly lessened, and now, growing resentfully wide.

And rather than quietly rejoice in their legal success, they poke the bear
Their hero parades provocative to many, that rainbow Christians hold dear.
Yes, they too loud, too brash, and could there come a backlash, they having pushed too far,
Restraint thrown to the wind, and all how success one can jeopardise and mar.

So, leave those speakers alone on both sides, I say, all having the right to choose,
The right to hear without intimidation, and which anger, will help defuse.
This world belonging to both sides, and strong differences there will always be,
Which are always better handled by exercising sense and maturity.
By Lance Landall

27.  To The Gay Community

We, who don’t approve of same sex sexual acts and Gay marriages, but who
Would never think to stifle, harass, mistreat, or physically attack you,
Are most disturbed by your attempts to stop us expressing our belief or view,
Given that such treads all over our rights, and given what such folly leads to.

And at the end of the day, such only makes the anti more anti, which means
That despite gaining legal ground, say, you’re hardening hearts, upping ugly scenes.
Thus sympathy for your plight being lessened or lost, which is clearly folly,
And could there come a backlash one day? ’Cause you’re only a small minority.

Yes, you have your supporters, but if in time their rights are affected as well,
They won’t be thanking you, and though restrained (and as they say), “Oh, if looks could kill.”
The behaviour coming from you oft being just as bad as those you accuse,
It mere bigotry in reverse, and thus how rights and liberty you abuse.

Once we’ve experienced mistreatment, that’s a signal not to respond the same,
’Cause if we do, we’re as bad, have lost certain ground, thus hypocrites by name.
All why you shouldn’t put all in the same pot, ’cause hey, there’s always fools and brutes,
And why the Good Word tells us that we’ll know the true state of people by their fruits.

How we treat others defines us, and that means you too, so what’s all this saying,
Demanding our acceptance, despite the aberrance, which clearly needs weighing.
We’re not here to simply make people feel better, but to do what we think’s right,
And how dare we be condemned for that, and which your character is seen to blight.

Remember that if you are Gay, it’s because something has gone wrong, and therefore
Such isn’t cause for celebration, nor Gay pride, despite being sanctioned by law.
Thus you out of step with Nature and society, but still treated with thought
By the likes of me and others who act like me, ’cause to love all, I was taught.

One’s value (worth) is found in one’s birth, not in Gay pride or anything else, thus
You valued because you’re a fellow human, just as precious, due the same fuss.
And so, though not supporting your sexual orientation, state of play,
You still have my thought and care, and I should still have yours too, so what do you say?

By Lance Landall

This poem was added to on 30 March 2023.

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Christian content or degree.
The following poem relates to an organization of which the majority are Gay men.

28.  The Sisters Of Perpetual Indulgence

To those who call themselves The Sisters Of Perpetual Indulgence, and who
Offend both the Catholic and Christian community via much that they do,
Such as dressing up as nuns, hanging on a cross, legs around that someone’s neck
As they sit astride making grinding movements, and thereby lighting anger’s wick,

You’re not only indulging in gross blasphemy, but outright hypocrisy,
Because you denounce lack of thought and feeling, yet display the same bigotry.
Yes, you don’t just have a problem with Christians, but the Bible too, which you mock,
Thereby just as guilty as those you condemn, and why you must stand in the dock.

And there’s another dock, I believe, a heavenly one — yes, a coming day,
When God will judge ALL, which includes any Christian who’s foolishly sought to stray,
Because Christians aren’t to mistreat anyone, Gay or not, but just to condemn
WHAT God’s forbidden, and if it’s same-sex sexual acts, you’re as lost as them.

There’s no pride in fighting fire with fire, so what does Gay Pride really mean then,
Because there’s certainly no pride in mocking someone’s faith, as do foolish men.
Yes, there’s no respect there, yet you wanting respect, shouting, “You should love us too!”
Which I as a Christian do, but not what God’s called sin, because that I cannot do.

Jesus is very precious to me, He’s my hope and promise, actually,
Someone I believe in with all my heart and soul, He not human but deity.
The one and only God, I believe, holy, righteous, a God of justice too,
Who such mockery despises, and why its continuation you may well rue.

Your zealotry’s just as dangerous as any you’d accuse of the same, and
Forcing acceptance never being the answer, nor any law of the land.
One’s conscience one’s conscience; it all about the heart and mind too, and that’s why you
Need to look at yourselves as much as anyone else, not the same wrongs pursue.

And remember, it’s not just Christians who don’t believe in such, but many who
Aren’t into religion, and why we should respect everyone’s point of view.
Oh, the fuss the Gay community has kicked up, seeking to punish on mass,
It much like reverse racism, and like I said, nothing gained when we harass.

God bless America? No, not when such blasphemy’s going on, and all how
The Gay community invites what it never wanted, like with Putin’s row.
He too bringing about what he feared most with his attack on Ukraine, and why
Condemning others whilst copying them is how things end up going awry.

Though not a Catholic, nor a believer in nuns, I wouldn’t mock them, nor
The God of love and grace, who on that horrid Roman cross, the sins of all bore.
Oh, how He bears long with us, but like I said, there’s a coming day, and it near,
Which ALL who choose to act unChrist-like, and anti-Scripture, will have cause to fear.

To say you’re an organization based on love and acceptance is to lie
(In my mind), because you hurt and harm too, and why many your statement don’t buy.
All why no matter how you choose to dress things, self-servingly, you simply fail,
And the same devil of bigotry, prejudice, baseness and defilement hail.

By Lance Landall

“For this reason God gave them up [allowed them to reap what they sowed] to degrading passions [the unnatural vices of pagan society]. Their women exchanged natural intercourse for unnatural [anal], and in the same way also men, giving up natural intercourse with women, were consumed with passion for one another. Men committed shameless acts with men [same-sex sexual acts, sodomy] and received in their own persons the due penalty for their error [sexually transmitted diseases, ill health or death]" (Rom 1:26,27, NRSV).

Christian content or degree.

29.  I'm Not On About God, As Such

Even if you don’t believe in Jesus Christ, His creating of this planet,
And the tragic fall of man, there’s one thing that honesty is forced to admit
(And given it’s clear), and that is, that the mess we’re in is all to do with us,
Not a God who gave humans free choice, and hence why we don’t deserve an A plus.

And hence why, let me add, the responsibility to do something about it
Also lies with us, which once again, commonsense and honesty will admit.
Shocking indulgence on one hand, preventable starvation on the other,
And all that violence! — oh yes, so much for our fellow sister and brother.

Some would say we’re God’s solution to the world’s problems, enter love, thought and care,
Thus shaking a fist at God being pointless, we stripping the Amazon bare.
Yes, we causing climate change, polluting the land, sea and air, and corrupting,
Hence why society’s in a mess, cash registers of vice going “Cha-ching!”

Some talk of the Gospel of Jesus as if it’s only about Calvary,
But didn’t He preach thought for the poor, hungry, homeless, destitute and needy?
Didn’t He preach thought for widows, the fatherless, the oppressed, and those who’re weak,
And what did He call the two greatest commandments? — yet it’s what, not who, most seek.

Yes, there’s a hole in that Gospel that some preach, and thus they partly guilty too,
Their hearts not broken by the things that break the heart of God, which they might well rue.
They forgetting, “I was hungry and you gave Me no food, I was thirsty and…”
Yes, I’m sure you get the picture — in other words, what did or didn’t one do?

So have we been busy relieving, comforting, repairing and restoring,
Where we can, and as much as we can, or is it just “Amazing grace” some sing.
And by the way, if you think that you’re way too small to make a difference, try
Spending the night in a closed room with a mosquito, and defeatist lies not buy.

Yes, we’re the cause of all our ills, those wars, rapes, murders, that stealing and so on,
Which, despite the benefit of past tragic experiences, hasn’t gone.
Slow learners, it seems, or not learning at all, and foolishly pointing elsewhere,
Rather than getting on with the cleanup, that moral or material sphere.

No, I’m not on about God, as such, but many believe in Him, blame Him, and
Even curse Him, or leave it all up to Him, thus the picture don’t understand.
’Cause He’s not to blame, and even if He does fix this world, eventually,
We’ll suffer more so in the meantime due to our lack of effort-cum-folly.

Yes, some say that if there is a God, He’s an ogre, and I reply, “Really?”
’Cause who created the killing fields, Auschwitz, coliseums and drugs like P?
Who created human trafficking, those sweat shops, a nuclear arsenal?
Yes, hardly God, but errant humanity — and here we all are, at it still.

By Lance Landall

Christian content or degree.

30.  Porn, Lucifer, And You and I

They only knew him as a loving husband and father, and thus shocked they were
When his raping and killing spree was discovered, and then life became a blur.
It beginning when he was an adolescent, Playboy mags in a trash can
(If I’ve got the story right), and porn soon making a devil out of that man.

But not that they knew, he seemingly no different to them, but deep within,
That dark secret, those ghastly rapes and killings, evil acts Christians know as sin.
Some thinking in terms of degrees of sin, but hardly the God of the Christian,
To whom sin is sin, a type of sickness that’s also known as rebellion.

The reason I mention this is, because it reminds me of Lucifer, who,
According to the Bible, was once the highest angel, ’till jealousy grew.
He wanting to be like God, and was in the sense of his Holy purity,
’Till that attempted coup took place, and he was banned from Heaven permanently.

His once noble character becoming evil, enter the great controversy,
That battle between him and God, and over you and I too, lamentably.
Adam and Eve having failed God’s needed test of loyalty, thus sin sick too,
And hence why there’s two sides to us, like there was with that man they thought they knew.

Yes, something happened to that man, as it does with all men where porn’s concerned, though
Certain men more than other men, from which the same violence is seen to flow.
And thus how a loving husband and father can become a Jekyll and Hyde,
Porn extremely addictive and crime scene setting, which such men attempt to hide.

And we no different, though in a non-criminal way, loving on one hand,
And selfish, thoughtless, callous, and even telling lies too, on the other hand.
But sin is sin, bad behaviour bad behaviour, all coming under ‘disease,’
Some bugs being worse than others, but bugs still bugs, no matter their potencies.

And this is how we incrementally end up worse people, just like with porn,
Men going from soft core to hard core, and it not long before worse things are born.
Porn acting like drugs, a stronger buzz needed in time, and then reality,
Wives asked to do same things, or some woman raped, one tiring of just fantasy.

As in the days of Noah, so it’ll be at Christ’s return, the Bible warns,
So how could that be but incrementally, though how long before that truth dawns.
Each of us needing to put the brakes on, because we’re all addicted to sin,
It starting with the mind and heart — in other words, with that ill that’s going in.

Yes, just like that man, we’re getting worse by the day, ’cause with the same stuff we stay,
And thereby, all of our selfish, wrongful and destructive compulsions obey.
We just as obsessed, our lives a charade, a public and private carryon,
Nice people on the outside, but corruption within, until all hope is gone.

Thus that man not necessarily a sociopath or psychopath, but
One who went from this to that too — in other words, on to greater smut.
Possibly scared his victims would talk, and death the best way to cover things up,
Our corruption talking too (one way or another), and we covering things up.

Now, if it’s true there’s a coming Judge to face, one who’s coming in great glory
And earth-shaking power, and surrounded by angels, what will our outcome be?
’Cause just as porn wreaks marriages, so sin wreaks ones relationship with Jesus,
Who the meantime and future consequences of chosen sin has informed us.

Our only hope being to repent and turn away from that rebellious ill,
But having become addicted, that break being seemingly impossible.
Enter God’s help and strength, ’cause that ingrained temptation we’ll still have to face,
Enter that battle again, and why the only thing that can save us is grace.

All why it’s called amazing grace, because we don’t deserve it, and can’t earn it,
It given freely on repentance, because that need to change we must admit.
And top of God’s list is, how we treat others, and there goes porn immediately,
It not only warping us, but misusing sex, mistreating humanity.

And not only men at fault, but women who willingly take part in it, and
Even watch it too, though they're the victims; all why more women should make a stand.
But women becoming just as corrupted, oft glued to that trash on TV,
Or that same sex and violence mix that comes with almost every movie.

Enter that Holy God again, aware of how far we’ve fallen (Satan too,
Laughing his head off), and God having said that such evil we shouldn’t pursue.
He wanting it put behind us, or too late it will be, and too late it is
For those who’ve died in their trash and filth, not having obeyed those wishes of His.

Yes, God’s not wanting women degraded, nor raped and killed, turned into objects,
And He knowing how badly the minds and health of men pornography affects.
Penile dysfunction, less sensitivity to women and children, but two,
There plenty more that comes with porn, and why the rightful wrath of God is overdue.

Yes, porn, Lucifer, and you and I, devils in a row, not that such need be,
’Cause you and I are able to put a stop to such, acting differently.
Thus leaving Satan to his porn and anything else of his, it naught but ill.
And why within the minds and hearts of most today, things are neither sound nor well.

By Lance Landall

Corrections were made to this poem on 18 April 2020.

Christian content or degree.

31.  Take Things Seriously

Back in the days when Jesus was on Earth, the Jews mistakenly thought that He
Was about to set up His coming kingdom here, which backfired spectacularly.
Oh yes, they happy to do a Capitol Hill thing in His name, foolishly,
As if He needed help anyway, they flattering themselves, deludedly.

And yes, many who attacked Capitol Hill had that same foolish mindset too,
Which backfired on them too, though there are still those who the same thing would still pursue.
But Christ having said, “My kingdom is not of this world,” and no surprises here,
’Cause Heaven wise, Christ said that He’s only coming back to take the saved up there.

Yes, there’s no immediate plan to set up anything, this planet a mess,
And time needed to renew it, the saints returning latter, when such He’ll bless.
So meantime, it’s simply all about the Gospel message, that need of His grace,
Lest any be lost via their rebellion, and why a repentance must take place.

Oh yes, this world having got as sick as it gets, though we’re told it will get worse,
And then Christ’s coming, and why another insurrection one shouldn’t rehearse.
But meantime, and simply, we getting our lives in order, looking after things,
’Cause we’re still responsible for His planet, and more mistreatment more trouble brings.

And God’s Word being the only thing that makes sense of things, the why of it all,
No other explanation coming close, evolution but a tale too tall.
A designer, creator having clearly been at work, things far too precise,
And why it behoves us all to take things seriously, and not throw some dice.

Yes, our prudent response rewarded, our foolish response costing, but you know,
A look around verifying our predicament — yes, a cot case on show.
And only Christ able to provide the answer, something that all need to see,
We having had our selfish fill, holed our ship, and soon could lose eternity.

Its your choice, friend, the answer not on Earth, accept for your answer, “Yes” or “No,”
And I wouldn’t leave things too late, ’cause there’s plenty of buses around, you know.
Love and goodness making a difference in this world, but not saving it, friend,
Nor some Capitol Hill grab, it an individual thing, and Christ 'round the bend.

By Lance Landall

Christian content or degree.

“ ‘Just as it was in the days of Noah, so also will it be in the days of the Son of Man [the state of the world at the
time of Christ’s appearing]…’ ” (Luke 17:26, NIV) — “Then the LORD saw that the wickedness of man was great
on the earth [pre–Flood], and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. Now the earth
was corrupt in the sight of God, and the earth was filled with violence [hence the worldwide flood that God

previously sent]” (Gen 6:5,11, NASB).

32.  It's That Noah Senario All Over Again

“Cloud developing, then rain,” it oft goes, until sun’s seen again, that rainbow,
And why oft the bad news with the good news we responsibly let others know.
Some choosing to bury their head, the truth and tough things not always nice to face,
But joy, peace or success is oft only found on reaching that hard-to-get-place.

And so, we experiencing forty days and nights of rain, that in-between,
Until safe ground (one year later too, so to speak, and via faith and hope) is seen.
And certainly so given what we’re looking at come our present world, sadly,
And where faith and hope applies in all its fullness given the reality.

Yes, it’s that Noah scenario all over again, Earth beset by ill.
In other words, things are getting just as bad as in Noah’s day, hence that chill.
And so, once again too, there’s another warning message, but an End-time one,
Yes, the final one, love having borne long — and shortly, the coming of the Son.

The account of Noah and a global flood is no mere tale, and why is seen
Mounting evidence that backs up what clearly would’ve been a nightmarish scene.
No one believing that what Noah had said would come true, until those spits came,
Beginning with a little not-seen-before cloud, and shortly it’ll be the same.

And there Christ will be, that cloud of angels surrounding Him growing bigger, and
Just like in Noah’s day, catching by surprise, though Christ’s feet not touching some land.
No, the Earth too defiled, utterly corrupt by then, as in Noah’s day,
Christ only saving the repentant, a remnant, who upward will make their way.

Yes, just a few entered Noah’s ark, the rest of the world doomed via unbelief,
And one barely able to imagine the eventual gut wrenching grief.
Rain like there’s never been since — oh, that scramble for higher ground, and pointlessly,
Everything soon buried by water, but an ark floating protectively.

Yes, as it was in Noah’s day, so it’ll be at Christ’s return, the Bible states,
But though this world’s rapidly worsening, the loving, merciful Son still waits,
Not wanting any to perish, we’re told, but perish most will, and that choice theirs,
’Cause ample time and warning has been given, most about to face their worst fears.

But fear no one needs to, if having repented, accepted Christ and His will,
Thus turning from wrong and evil, so that within, the Holy Spirit can dwell.
We all in need of that transforming power, unable to change ourselves, thus
It all about grace — and thus in every which-a-way, the work of Jesus,

Who, by the way, chose to spare fallen humanity via that ark He provided,
But once again, the will of God and the will of man soon having collided.
And here Christ is again, warning, pleading, when He doesn’t have to — wow, what love!
Created beings having turned on Him, shock on the faces of those above.

All why it must end, Satan’s ultimate plan almost completed, then the End,
Christ having been proven correct, and in great glory and power will descend.
He taking the repentant (dead or alive) back to those mansions in Heaven,
Which He said He’s preparing, the wicked no longer, nor death, heartache and sin.

A renewed Earth following, hence that city above that descends later on,
Christ living on the renewed Earth with the saints, every sign of evil gone.
Eden restored, we starting over again, living happily ever after,
Earth filled with nothing but praise for the Lamb, untold joy and heavenly laughter.

All why I’d suggest you get on that ark called Jesus Christ, and right now, dear friend,
’Cause many on arising from slumber have met with an unexpected end.
And they having indulged in the opposite to their best interests Heaven wise,
And having exchanged the God of love and truth for a devil who hates and lies.

Yes, it wasn’t Satan who died on a cross on our behalf, but Jesus Christ,
Who, let me remind, and via that great risk He took, with His own best interests diced,
’Cause had He failed, both He and humanity would’ve been doomed — wow, what love!
Yet, many choosing the hell of Earth instead, more horror on faces above.

And so, the repentant not looking for an end but a new beginning, yes!
A sunrise, not a sunset, a new creation, not destruction, joy not distress.
And joy they’ll have, Christ the centre of their lives, not a devil who beguiles,
The difference between them being measured in an eternity of miles.

“Come out of her, My people,” Christ says — yes, many Christians where they shouldn't be.
In other words, caught up in what’ll destroy them too, hence that, “Depart from Me!”
All why Christians are told that they can’t serve two masters, and Jesus jealous too,
A Bridegroom who rightfully has no time for adultery, be it with who.

And hence that close and deep relationship He wants us to have with Him each day,
’Cause the closer we get and are to Him, the less we’ll ever want to stray,
’Cause once having truly known Him, no one and nothing else will satisfy,
’Cause there is no greater lover (whose love is only seen to intensify).

You know, that very delay (of His return) that many condemn Jesus for
(Which gives more time for more to repent), is the very thing they should thank Him for.
Yes, a love that bears long, 'till that final day, all bad things coming to an end,
And why that final warning message, the God of love and truth has sought to send.

By Lance Landall

Once the door of the ark was shut, nothing happened for seven days,
thus the scoffing louder, until....and then it was too late.

" 'But on the day that Lot went out from Sodom it rained fire and sulfur from heaven and destroyed them all
[the living wicked]. It will be JUST THE SAME on the day that the Son of man is revealed [returns to Earth]"
(Luke 17:29,30, NASB).

“ ‘And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars...for nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. And there will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places. All these are the begining of sorrows’ ”
(Matt 24:6-8, NKJV).

For more signs of Christ's soon return, see my page Prepare, which can be accessed via
 my page With God In Mind.

"The Lord is not slow in keeping His promise [to return], as some understand slowness. Instead He is patient
with you [has been delaying things], not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance
[and come to their senses]" (2 Peter 3:9, NIV).

And some quotes:

"The incidence of child sexual exploitation has reached staggering proportions."
US Department of Homeland Security's Special Agent John Reynolds. Los Angeles Times 21 June 2016

"The illegal trade in children being raped and violenly abused is at "a level of epidemic proportions" according to an internal government memo obtained by The Canadian Press"
Globe and Mail, 4 July 2016

"There is no protection against the kinds of influences that are loose in a society that tolerates pornography."
Ted Bundy, serial sex murderer.

"Just as the ancient empires of Greece and Rome collapsed when every indulgence of the flesh took over, we in our society today need to heed the warning."
Ruth Webb

"At the rate America is decaying morally, we shall have to change our national symbol from an eagle to a vulture."
Vance Havner (1901-1986)

"If God doesn't destroy Hollywood Boulevard, He owes Sodom and Gomorrah an apology."
Jay Leno, American comedian, actor, writer and producer.

"TV is the single most significant factor contributing to violence in America."
Ted Turner, founder of the Cable News Network

"Drug addiction reduces a man to a mindless and ridiculous thing, and creates social parasites and criminals."
Dr T.P. Chia

"The field of psychology today is literally a mess. There are as many techniques, methods and theories
around as there are researchers and therapists."
Roger Mills, psychologist

"Civilization today reminds me of an ape with a blowtorch playing in a room full of dynamite. It looks like the
monkeys are about to operate the zoo, and the inmates are taking over the asylum.”
Vance Havner (1901-1986)