The Sexual



Regarding the sexual — frank content.

Includes my two articles
Sex Before Marriage?
which is found under poem number 22, and
When A Woman Dresses Sexy,
which is found under poem number 24.


"The ultimate intimacy belongs within the ultimate commitment."

Julia Duin

"Shallow relationships lead to hollow experiences."

"The difference between marriage and living together is that living together only concerns itself
with the current day and where the exit is."

"Remove sexual morality and women are in greater danger of being assaulted and mistreated.”
The poet, author


Just as the ancient empires of Greece and Rome collapsed when every indulgence of the flesh
took over, we in our society today need to heed the warning.

Ruth Webb

In Sex and Culture, a study of 86 human civilizations ranging from Rome to Tahiti, J.D. Unwin found that
a society’s destiny is tied inseparably to the limits it imposes on sexual expression.

In The American Sex Revolution, Sorokin wrote that “both men and society are degraded” as a culture becomes “sexually obsessed.” “The members of such a society are habituated to look at the opposite sex as a mere instrument for pleasure…to these individuals, talk of human dignity, religious and moral commandments, and rules of decency is just bosh…the society degrades the values of womanhood and manhood, of motherhood and fatherhood, of childhood and venerable age, of marriage and family, and even of love itself.” Divorce, desertion, and deviance become commonplace, when “what used to be considered morally reprehensible is now recommended as a positive value; what was once called demoralization is now styled moral progress and a new freedom.”

"The more women dress sexy, the more men become lusty, and the more women become
and such will never change, because the sexy will always capture and stir; though
less or not where the figure has been neglected."

"Femininity is power, sexiness is failure."
The poet, author

1.  When Sex Is A Bad Idea

Once upon a time there was sex, a special thing between a husband and wife,
Whose relationship benefited from such, it all part of the married life.
Well, as happens, certain ones wanted it outside of marriage too, and hence how
Females got well and truly used, their foolish “Yes” like a gun that went “Pow!”

And who got shot? They did. Boys and men having their fill and moving on, cruelly,
They not having to wait until marriage, and why marry anyway, you see,
It like sex on tap, one free of any responsibilities, but oh dear,
“What’s with that bulge?” And how many want to stay? And all why they soon disappear.


You enjoying that sex because sex is great, but there’s always a risk attached,
And why, as happens, things somehow come home to roost, it a bad egg that was hatched.
And thus keeping sex for marriage not so silly after all, so mind that date,
’Cause if sex before marriage suits them, there’s a good chance you’ll wish you’d made them wait.

And not only might you be left with a kiddie that’s a handful, but oh dear,
Something else that’s rather embarrassing, painful — and surely my meaning’s clear.
Hence why multiple partners aren’t such a good idea, and nor divorce, you know,
For where’s that new spouse been too? And this why our poor choices oft act like some foe.

By Lance Landall

2.  Don't Soil Your Woman

So many are treating the abnormal as if it is normal, which is how normal it soon becomes;
That is, in the mind of those people who desire such aberrance, or who have simply not done their sums.
Yes, it’s sad how many put sense, principle and fairness to one side in order to fulfil desires,
And nowhere is this seen more clearly than when it comes to sex, and hence the deviant that soon transpires.

And why so many men wrongly convince or pressure their partner to do this or that sexually,
Which simply amounts to a form of abuse, and very much so where one is talking perversity.
But at the least, such manipulation is the product of those who are acting very selfishly,
And who have probably been encouraged or influenced by the easily accessed pornography.

Or by modern day gurus who preach that anything’s okay if both are willing to participate,
Which is not only plain nonsense, but how ill within society is soon seen to accelerate.
For in their haste to embrace such nonsense, many leave behind what actually does count for something,
Something far more important than they realised, or didn’t want to realise, happy to try anything.

And hence how the lives and marriages of many women are soiled and spoiled by such gross absurdity,
Or by their partner’s selfishness — here meaning, their attempt to enact some pornographic fantasy.
In other words, their attempt to make the perverse and injurious seen as fun and acceptable,
Even if that means leaving their spouse feeling used or abused, an object, or plain uncomfortable.

By Lance Landall

3.  It's Sex, Not Love

When sex isn't part of a loving, committed relationship, all it is,
Is an animal affair, be that selfish gratification her’s or his.
There's no true emotional attachment, and bearing in mind that love will wait,
But not lust, that lack of self-control, and hence that one night stand, casual date.

It’s no small matter, solo mothers abounding, and fatherless kids, it SEX,
Not LOVE, and plain irresponsible, a careless attitude, and then, who’s next?
Lives being abused everywhere, the body fair game, or so it appears,
No good coming out of it, and the consequences oft going on for years.

Pro-choice aiding and abetting, just providing a way around things, and thus
No facing up; morality not simply just something to do with Jesus,
But something that helps protect, Christian or non-Christian, or conned one may well be,
So don’t fool yourself, and why I’d wait, and make him wait, thus acting prudently.

By Lance Landall

4.  When Will Men Get It?

Men are turned on by the visual, but women are turned on by love, and so,
If you want good sex, husbands, love your wives — in other words, thought and kindness show.
Yes, it’s pretty much that simple — happy wife, happy sex — something men should know,
Women not turned on by nudity, but that sensitivity men should show.

So, forget that macho nonsense, that male stripper thing, such nothing but a game,
It childish and unintelligent, hardly the stuff to ignite a flame.
Women not aroused by such, despite some buying into that silly scene, and
Just adding to the folly of it, rather than taking a more mature stand.

And wives should also remember just how much the visual stirs men, and so,
They minding lest they foster that horniness from which disappointment can grow.
Men finding it hard to keep their hands off their wife whose sexy attire oft stirs,
And thus how women make things harder and worse, and why more so, their husband errs,

Because too much arousal occurs. However,

An activated male motor aids a man’s loving care (where his heart is pure),
Men having been designed that way, but love first and foremost always being the cure.
Yes, happy wife, happy sex, she feeling wanted for herself, not her body,
’Cause our body’s merely a thing, just a vessel for one’s personality.

In other words, that person we are, and thus we putting people before things,
Love before sex — and via doing so, it’s not long before that pretty bird sings;
Women basking in their husbands love, they only too happy to oblige, and
This how a woman is truly aroused herself, just like Mother Nature planned.

Yes, love turns women on, love that’s free of lusty eyes and erring groping hands,
Because lusty eyes and erring groping hands have more to do with one night stands.
Hence that, “Hello, I know what he’s after,” sad sigh, it all to common, frankly,
Hence why love’s candle oft merely flickers rather than burning passionately,

Husbands letting their wife down badly.

But Hollywood would have us believe anything but the truth, and why we see,
Half naked women acting just as horny and aggressive sexually,
And love having nothing to do with it, it more like an animal affair,
And the irony is, many women who’d agree with me, still sit and stare.

Yes, funny what many condemn in real life, but accept when it’s acted out,
They effectively condoning such a lie, when love is what it’s all about.
All why sex outside of a lasting relationship is a travesty too,
It nothing but selfish gratification, something that true love’s not into,

So when will women get it too?

In summary, men and women operate on two different levels, so,
It’s not about what men expose, but about that love and care that they should show.
Otherwise, they’re wasting their time, the visual not doing it for women,
But just for men, who, thinking the opposite, get it wrong time and time again.

Yes, “Get it off!” some women yell, and some are even viewing pornography too,
But in the general scheme of things, such is hardly what women are into.
There may be exceptions, some women more like men, and some men more like women,
But men are still men, and women are still women, who, aren’t aroused quite like men,

At the drop of a hat, or should I say robe, and they wanting it there and then.

By Lance Landall

5.  Tinder's Young And Dead

Yes, young and dead, another victim of Tinder, that one night stand carry on,
And why now (after he’d got his way so quickly, then taken her life) she’s gone.
Yes, she taking a risk no woman should, knowing nought of him but what he’d said,
Most very lean with the truth, hence how many women end up battered or dead.

Though men shouldn’t batter or kill, there are men who will, and they don’t advertise,
Hence why women shouldn’t rush, evil often hiding behind a pack of lies.
Devil’s aren’t two horned, except in ones imagination, and why looks deceive,
Many women falling for that same old package, serpent they shouldn’t believe.

She dying in that hotel bed after some bizarre fetish, it all so sad,
And he in prison after more lies — and left behind, a grieving mum and dad.
And more grieving mums and dads there’ll be until women decide to say, “No,”
Or at least wait until the truth of some interested guy they better know.

Once in bed and pinned to the bed (and worse where cries can’t be heard), what can they do?
Sex given before they really know whether his intentions are false or true.
But doubt falling on all who’re too quick to give or take, for where’s the sense in that?
Better men and women controlling their desires, sex hardly where it’s at.

Yes, you can do with your body what you wish, sex it up, yield it, and so on;
And despite the selfishness and sickness that’s out there, that’s where many have gone,
And paid a price, ’cause some things that we’ve a right to do aren’t always wise to do,
And can simply play into the hands of someone who isn’t thinking of you.

And so, young and dead, all because of the right to do something that wasn’t wise,
Yet, so many going on about that right, forgetful that she’s not alive.
Choice not just about rights, but sense, thus her life sacrificed for a one night stand,
Of whom she really knew nothing at all, and for whom no wedding she had planned.

And so, going on about her right to act so simply encourages more,
Who, rather than having learnt to put sense first, tempt evil to add to its score.
Yes, much like standing near the edge of a cliff where someone might bump or push us,
And yet (should we survive), those who bumped or pushed would be the object of our fuss,

Thus point lost, at what cost?

By Lance Landall

Regarding the song "Sex Bomb" sung by Tom Jones.

6.  "Sex Bomb?"

From one man to another, and with the greatest of respect,
Was it profit or blinkers that saw such a silly song picked?
I mean, really, Tom, “Sex Bomb?” Hence why I’m left shaking my head,
'Cause is sex all some think about, and if so, what lies ahead?

No, I’m not Victorian, just wondering where’s common sense,
Given that your sphere of influence, via your music, is immense.
You’re just giving sex a bad name and painting it bawdy blue,
And, sadly, many think it's cool, when it's really quiet askew.

Sex isn’t for messing with, it’s a loving intimate act,
Or at least it’s meant to be, and used to be, and that’s a fact.
Now you’re making it look tacky, sleazy, an animal act,
And when it is reduced to such, it’s just porn, another fact.

A sex bomb is clearly an object, just something to be had,
Something to be stared at lustfully — selfishly, I might add.
You’re distorting the picture, Tom, and using women for gain;
'Cause it’s making you money, but not a sound use of one’s brain.

Calling a woman that is hardly a compliment, Tom, no,
In fact, far from it, 'cause it’s degrading, and very much so.
Once you’d get a slap for that, and deservedly so, I say,
But who would want to call a woman a sex bomb anyway?

It’s far from manly prancing about shouting out “Sex Bomb,” Tom,
And tell me, where did you get such a ridiculous song from?
Yes, it’s really quite childish, a playground mentality,
Something that one would expect from kids, who lack maturity.


From one man to another, and with the greatest of respect,
You've not done women any favours, but more damage, I suspect.
Nor men any favours, I must add, which is rather a shame,
And why it is that so many are treating sex like a game.

And as for the rest of the song, I think it’s appalling, Tom.

By Lance Landall

7.  Serious Fools, And Then There's Sex

Mike turned into the drive and pulled up barely an inch away from the garage door,
His friend watching from an old veranda, mock concern showing from his gaping jaw.
“Close call, mate. Keep that up and you’ll be in for a new door, and a panel job too.”
“Naa,” Mike laughed, “It’s what you call skill,” which had Matt laughing now, though in this case, such was true.

Matt’s full hand rose toward Mike. “Here, have a can, mate. I’ve just been enjoying the sun.
I thought I could do with the break, given all the lifting and shifting I’ve just done.”
“Finally got around to it, ay,” Mike replied, lifting the can to his waiting lips.
“Yea, and I’m glad I did, as it was badly needed,” Matt muttered in-between sips.

Mike put his can down. “I hear Sandra left Daren?” Now Matt put his can down. “Yea, mate,
I saw that one coming, especially given the way I’ve seen him operate.”
“Yea,” Mike responded, “He can be pretty thoughtless at times, lacks sensitivity;
He’s actually quite a selfish guy, seemingly more concerned about his money.”

Matt nodded his head. “It’s a common theme.”  “How do you mean?” Mike asked, interestedly,
And he picked up his can again, took a long sip, and looked at Matt questioningly.
“Well, there’s some really lovely women out there — and many, very attractive too;
Yes, women worth their weight in gold, who just about anything for their man would do.

The problem is, they end up with guys who really don’t appreciate the wife they’ve got,
And to be quite frank, some of these guys I’m talking about, aren’t that difficult to spot.
It really amazes me, given that these women can pick and choose, but there you go;
Is it just poor judgment? Are they conned? Have they a self-esteem issue? I just don’t know.

When you get a woman like that, indeed any woman, but more so one so good,
The last thing you do is mistreat her, or somehow, act differently to what you should.
You don’t go taking such women for granted, but rather, treat them like priceless treasure,
And by so doing, will receive in response, a joy and happiness beyond measure.

So many guys need to get their act together, and treat their wife like a princess,
Rather than letting her down, causing her pain, unnecessary worry or stress.
Seems they’re far too busy, are out with the boys, or childishly trying to impress,
And sad to say, seemingly only attentive when they’re wanting her to undress.”

“On that note,” Mike chipped in, “Do some women fuel such, given the raunchy way they dress,
And even those women in general, who publicly, are baring more and not less?”
“Oh, for sure,” Matt replied, “And that’s why women are oft just seen as sex objects, I guess,
Men acting naturally, drawn to such, yet women complaining, it all a mess.

At the end of the day, with rights comes thought and responsibility, and therefore,
Though women can dress as they wish, they should mind what a man’s eye finds hard to ignore.
After all, men are made that way, they very visual, thus stirred so easily,
Sexiness and nakedness turning them on,
 it a real battle for them, sadly.

And to digress: I was feeling bad about our middle-aged neighbour, Bill Cleary,
And how some young women called him a pervert when he cast a glance their way recently.
It’s okay for us young males, seemingly, but woe betide males somewhat elderly,
Who, at the end of the day, are still males too, and males can’t help being males, quite frankly.

Knowing Bill, I’m sure he meant no harm, and the sexy way most girls dress now, dear me,
It’s pretty hard not to look, thus I think Bill might have taken it rather badly.
Women want men to change, but men can hardly change their makeup, and so stare they do,
Though many trying not to, like Bill, no doubt, and he a decent man through and through.”

Mike unfurled his long legs, sipping from his can of lemonade contemplatively.
“Oh dear,” he replied, “Sorry to hear that. Yes, he’s a lovely guy, wouldn’t harm a flee,
And he was probably thinking back to his younger days, and no doubt pensively,
But you know, it must be hard for these older guys now, given the sexuality.

By that I mean, things were hardly like this in their day, women dressed far more modestly,
And today there’s so much promiscuity, some girls leading guys on blatantly.
I guess some of these older guys must feel that they’re missing out, rightly or wrongly,
Thus, it must be pretty tough on them, so in their face, and doesn't seem fair to me.”

“I agree,” echoed Matt, “And it must be hard on married guys too, quite honestly,
Given one can dial a prostitute — or via a computer, bring up pornography.
Such must be quite a temptation, which is why I guess many act unfaithfully,
For even if they’ve a gorgeous wife, they’re confronted with stirring bodies daily,

All of which is adding to the issue of men’s behaviour, and most destructively.

Having said that though, and getting back to what we were talking about previously,
Such still doesn't give men an excuse for treating any woman injuriously.
It’s the old story, we should always treat others as we would like them to treat us,
And if we all adhered to such wisdom, there wouldn’t be half the trouble or fuss.

But why some men trample on a partner they’re so blessed to have, really baffles me,
Thus, not only destroying her joy and happiness, but their own, effectively.
And often, as a result, losing her eventually, such never to regain,
A cost that’s not worth paying, and one that leaves them without any right to complain.”

They both looked up as another car turned into the drive, a young woman at the wheel,
And the pleasure on both Mike and Matt’s face was something that neither lad could conceal.
Rushing to the convertible’s door, they reached to open it, laughter in their eyes,
Provoking a bewildered reaction, “Okay, okay, what’s going on you guys?”

By Lance Landall

Note: Names mentioned are fictitious.
This poem was altered somewhat and added to on 9 May 2021.

I would also recommend the reading of my poem How Can Men Take Women Seriously?
which is found on my page Concern For Men.

8.  Girl Power

Whatever “girl power” may be, I know what it should be, what it needs to be,
And that is, the strength to say “No” to those demands that are selfish and lusty.
No girl letting some boy do what she doesn’t want him to do, and saying so,
Despite any pressure from him or others, that he and they may clearly know.

“Girls can do anything,” I hear said, but if they can’t say, “No, take a hike,” then
They not only hole their “girl power” ship, but declare that sad weakness to men.
And that’s where the term “sissy” really belongs, not with saying, “No, take a hike,”
’Cause saying “Yes” makes that whole “girl power” thing look like a rather wobbly bike.

If we don’t take the tough path when we’re young, chances are we won’t when we’re older,
And hence why I can’t stress enough the importance of young folk acting bolder.
And here, those girls being pressured, because once they say, “Yes,” the weaker they’ll be,
And thus “girl power” meaning nothing, they slaves to their own inadequacy.

Life’s all about standing up and standing tall, not because ones a girl or boy,
But because right is right and wrong is wrong, and as far as girls go, they not some toy.
Hence why they shouldn’t play that game either, because that’s how they’ll share in the blame,
Sex not where it’s at, but love and commitment, our choices how we lose or gain,

Invite joy or shame.

Coping flack and losing friends because of a noble stand is par for the course,
How we grow and become our own person, not someone else’s obedient horse.
And so, if girls don’t want to be used, sex before marriage should be refused, and
“Girl power” then a reality — and soon despatched, that selfish one night stand.

By Lance Landall

9.  Why Much Needs Saying About Sex

The truth is, that the wholesomeness of sex, and its appropriate place in life,
Has suffered badly, it now corrupted, less to do with a husband and wife.
It savaged and sullied by porn and lust, one night stands, obsessive exposure,
It’s true purpose and value lost on most, and why of their shame so many boast.

No, there’s no restraint, every beneficial boundary sacked, it all on,
Society now awash with debauchery, chivalry and honour gone.
Movies full of it, television fuelling it, and as for computers, well,
A click of that worrying mouse and there’s every kind of sexual ill.

Yes, it’s become the downfall of many a man, a hole some women have dug,
They staring in porn, dressing to kill, and when approached ’bout such, there’s just a shrug.
No one accepting responsibility, sex just like a lolly scramble,
Everyone at it, and why into brothels even the elite amble.

Yes, everyone has played a part, except for those who’ve tried to stem the tide,
Though mocked for their efforts; white no longer the choice of many a blushing bride.
Kids wanting to know who their father is, other kids fearing their father, who,
Enters their bedroom with lecherous intent — and under the sun, nothing new.

So when will we learn having not learnt? And if this is freedom, pity help us,
And why it’s high time we alighted from the sexual revolution bus.
It has taken us nowhere and yet everywhere, we all over the place,
And that smugness is soon to be wiped off our guilty, self-serving, carnal face;

As if we can’t see the baleful results already, the folly and disgrace.

By Lance Landall

10.  Hung Up On Sex

Sex — love making, that is — is a beautiful thing in its right place,
But unfortunately, overindulgence is often the case.
Likewise, once folk used to eat to live, whereas, now folk live to eat,
And hence why more and more these days, unbridled appetites we meet.

When anything is overdone, it soon suffers in quality,
Hence, new titillations are devised, when the problem’s frequency.
You see, Christmas every day of the week would soon lose its luster, and,
The same would be true if every day one visited Disneyland.

We’ve turned a beautiful, fulfilling experience — sex — into
Something routine, unsatisfying and dull, and debased it too.
And all because we have wrongly made frequency the driving force,
Have become obsessed with sex, cheapened it, turned it into what's coarse.

Indulging in sex excessively just results in an early
Reduction in vitality and function, generally.
Anything can be abused, but an overindulgence in sex can
Bring on a toxic state that can imperil health and illness fan.

You see, misused sex drives become all consuming, and I must say,
Can never be satisfied, the sexual being dwelt on all day.
In other words, friend, we’re talking lust, an unbridled appetite,
Which eventually, only the corrupted will stir, fire, excite.

By that I mean, healthy, normal sex will no longer be the attraction,
Which somewhere down the track leads to marital dissatisfaction.
But why drain the life force via exchanging quality for quantity,
And via a corrupted excitement that inflames injuriously.

A lack of discipline in our lives displays immaturity,
And leads to damaged relationships, practices that aren’t healthy.
There’s always a price for corrupting or overdoing things,
A price that more often than not, friend, serious misery brings.

Yes, keep it pure, under control, selfless, and within the marriage.

By Lance Landall

11.  Undisciplined Desire

Have you ever, prior to Christmas day, visited the Christmas tree,
And paused at your presents, opening them up just enough to see?
If you have, I’m sure you’ll admit that when Christmas day came along,
Things just didn’t seem quite the same, and your feelings weren’t quite as strong.

Well, so it is with marriage, when prior to marriage, with sex we play,
For when marriage comes along, it’s an anti-climax, as they say.
It’s like something is missing, but what? Things just don’t quite seem to swing,
Which is hardly surprising given that sex came before the ring.

Yes, there’s nothing quite like unlocking what’s exciting to explore,
But those things that we have to wait for we appreciate far more.
For whenever a door is opened — that is, prematurely

We inevitably find that we have spoilt what could better be.

Marriage isn’t temporary — no, it’s a permanent affair,
One that's meant to last a lifetime, and hence that need to take great care.
For how we enter into marriage will determine its success,
But rather than remain here, if I may, I would like to digress.

Imagine that you have made love with someone who's now not with you,
And here we’re talking a one night stand, a fling, perhaps a few.
And let’s say that you’re married now, and that you spot them in the street;
Tell me, how would you feel, and would you avoid them, or stop and greet?

One thing that I’m trying to say here, is, would you feel a sense of guilt,
That is, given that your marriage on fidelity wasn’t built?
After all, you made love to others, and now, it’s somewhat too late,
For you’re hardly the faithful type, as, for marriage you didn’t wait.

Thus your marriage isn’t special, for you’ve been intimate before,
Yes, it’s just another union, another port, another shore.
You see, you’ve hurt your spouse already, for with others you have shared
What was only meant for just one, and thereby, a flaw have declared.

So when you are making love now, do you those past lovers compare
With the one that you’re married to, or perhaps some flashbacks appear?
Do you thereby feel dissatisfied? Was a past lover more skilled?
Oh, if only you hadn’t known. Has your delight been somewhat killed?

Doors opened prematurely, or opened when they shouldn’t be,
Can eventually lead to so much heartache and misery.
And at best, they can simply spoil what so much better would have been,
If we had simply waited, and not let foolishness intervene.

No, intimacy outside of marriage was never meant to be,
For it’s designed for a lifetime bond that protects the family.
Therefore, when it’s used outside its realm, it is nothing more than lust,
In other words, just plain selfishness, on which one can not build trust.

Hence why your body’s intimate realm should be kept just for marriage,
And why you shouldn't flaunt it, share it, but keep it in its garage.
And when marriage comes along, to your spouse you can then such reveal,
And via such, a special bond is formed — a unique, intimate seal.

This way there are no skeletons, no tales, and there's no loss or guilt,
Which means you’ll have a relationship that on solid ground is built.
And that you will both share together what nobody else has shared,
Yes, something that's private and special, something that can’t be compared.

By Lance Landall

12.  Sex Ain't Love

For some reason, many equate sex with love, and I guess that's why they’re jumping in and out of bed,
Aside from plain promiscuity, fuelled by all the sexual nonsense people are being fed.
While sex is part and parcel of a loving relationship, it's hardly love, and never will be,
'Cause sex is sex, love is love, and the one thing true love doesn’t do is, use sex self indulgently.

So many who're looking for love, and a love that's true, seem to think that they will find such in a bed,
When the truth of the matter is, that’s hardly where love's found, and why later, so many tears are shed.
'Cause love is not an act, but an attitude, though one that reveals itself in selfless, loving acts,
Not in bedroom encounters that have more to do with self, lust and confusion, and that twist the facts.

So many who are willing to jump into bed, can't see that they’re just being used, even abused,
Hence why those relationships that are formed via such encounters, leave many empty, angry and bruised.
'Cause like a pair of shoes that have been tried on, they’re soon discarded, or conveniently called on,
Given that commitment seems like a foreign word to many, who their clothes more oft remove than don.

Or so it seems, 'cause much of such amounts to nothing more than animal acts parading as love,
Or to put it another way, behaviour that's motivated more by what’s lower than above.
All why men and women shouldn’t sell their body so, 'cause those who do, effectively sell their soul,
And via their foolish doing so, simply become nothing but another person’s watering hole.

By Lance Landall

This poem was tweaked throughout on 22 May 2023.

Though sensual feelings are part and parcel of our make up, it's only when they come under the
higher powers, and are employed at the appropriate time and place, that they are in tune with love.

13.  Sex For Sex Sake

Once upon a time, sex was seen as belonging to marriage; a permanent union built on loyalty,
Where as well as enjoying the pleasure of making love, one was also able to raise a family.
And there, midst that security, both planned and unplanned kids could grow and thrive, and marital health as well,
'Cause there in that home, due to self sacrifice and commitment, both couple and kids would happily dwell.

Well, times have changed, and sex is no longer seen as belonging to marriage, and nor a relationship,
But as something to be had on a whim with whoever takes your fancy, condoms at one’s fingertips.
Yes, sex for sex sake, hence those multiple partners, one night stands, and those sad consequences that have come,
Because consequences are inevitable when in the other direction swings the pendulum.

When we use our body so recklessly, who knows what we may thus bequeath, leave as our legacy,
Let alone what we suffer personally, 'cause there’s always a price attached to promiscuity.
And the first thing that such will cost is our soul, 'cause our soul and body are one, our very privacy;
That being, our whole self, an intimacy best kept for one, who also lays claim to our body.

But no one can lay claim to a body that's been shared with others, 'cause others have rifled its booty,
And thereby have left it empty of its intimacy, its secret chambers now soiled permanently.
'Cause where the newcomer may go, others have been there before, and have left a part of themselves behind,
'Cause their entry didn’t just sack those inner chambers, but in passing, signed the guest book in our mind.

By Lance Landall

This poem was tweaked throughout on 22 May 2023.

14.  "There's The Door"

If he wants to touch you intimately, and he’s not your spouse, quickly say, “No,”
Otherwise you’re simply looking at lust, a signal of what in time may show.
In other words, if he can’t wait, he’s less likely to be faithful, trustable,
And it best he go, he probably going anyway once he’d had his fill.

So don’t say, “Yes,” nor just let it happen somehow, for that’s how women get used,
And one way or another suffer, love and sex too often being confused.
If he can’t stand the test of time, how much does he really love you? Not enough,
So don’t accept his lusty wants, nor fall for any self-serving, “I love you,” stuff.

Your body was hardly meant to be cherished and enjoyed by more than one man,
And thus only your husband, or that special intimacy won’t fit the plan.
In other words, it won’t be special if you’ve shared it with someone else, who then,
No doubt will paw some other women, as if such is acceptable for men.

Oh yes, just like bees going from flower to flower, they selfishly busy,
And oft knowing that they won’t be hanging around, not that they’ll say, quite frankly.
’Cause then you might not say, “Yes,” and “No” isn’t what many are wanting to hear,
For they’ve oft just one thing in mind; and what they’ve picked up elsewhere, they may well share.

So best you say, “There’s the door.”

By Lance Landall

15.  How My Heart Weeps

Oh, how my heart weeps, for soon, where will we find the unsoiled woman, but gone,
Both her younger mind and innocent body having been cruelly set upon.
She having been ogled for sexual potential, as if just a body,
And her mind having been manipulated to yield — and who’s saying sorry?

Freedom, some call it, but freedom for who, those guys who’ve always wanted their way,
Those guys who’ve always tried it on, those guys that girls should’ve seen coming their way.
Hence why my heart weeps, girls defrauding themselves by saying, “Yes,” ’cause soon is seen,
Those guys moving on to their next conquest, and oft some kid showing where they’ve been.

I’m just moralizing, you say,

No, I’m simply tired of seeing young girls pawed, okay, kneeling to base desires,
And thereby they stoking those consuming coals on their own destructive fires.
Guys just using them, but when it comes to marriage, “No, not those ones, not at all,”
They wanting what they call a decent girl — yes, I know, it nothing but a gall.

Young girls lied to: “Saving yourself for the right guy, marriage, is old fashioned!” — well,
It’s surely better than being used, just another horse on some carousel.
One that young women (and even older ones) need to get off, they worse for wear,
And when it comes to that horse ride, it’s usually them who’s paying the fare.

The failure of women to understand how men are stirred by a whiff of sex
Is a constant source of trouble for them, hence their need of a new pair of specs.
Yes, God’s advice looking more protective than restrictive, and as for Him, well,
He no fuddy-duddy, misusing things always resulting in certain ill.

Letting folk use us just leads to lowered self-esteem, depression and anger,
And sexiness simply fuelling lust, like petrol on a fire, yet still girls err.
And used they’ll continue to be whilst they still indulge in promiscuity,
Hence why my heart weeps, for soon, where will we find the unsoiled woman, but gone,

Set upon, with her authority.

Oh yes, how my heart weeps, so many nice young girls plundered, their good father sad,
He knowing full well that in this sex obsessed world that there’s both good men and bad.
And those good fathers teaching their sons better, but where will better girls be found?
All why young women shouldn’t become horses on that grubby merry-go-round.

By Lance Landall

16.  Fences

My dear young woman, and remembering that it takes a man to know a man,
Make sure you stay on your side of the fence ’till he’s proven himself, which you can,
If you put sense before feelings, ’cause should you not, you’ll kill his motivation,
He having got what he wanted, and you causing your own situation.

Yes, stay on your side, and see he stays on his side, ’cause if he’s not genuine
(And appearances can often be deceiving), you will lose and he will win.
You simply used and he gone, or he proving to be poor material, and
Too late you will find this out, and with other victims, will regrettably stand.

By Lance Landall

17.  Say "No" Or "Go"

Many women have brought trouble on themselves by not saying “No” to some man,
Allowing him to do or get what worked against her, aiding some selfish plan.
Hence why women should make clear what they will or won’t accept, thus raising the bar,
Even minding those little things, which in time, might see some man going too far.

And this also applies to young girls dating, or simply hanging out with boys,
Given that succumbing to certain desires can see them treated like toys.
In other words, hurt, set up for misery-cum-a baby and poverty,
After having been badly used, which some people might rightly call treachery.

Yes, condemned he should be, but oh, if only she'd said “No,” or told him to go,
Which would’ve helped that boy to grow; or which would’ve helped that older man to grow.
And in time, many males wishing that that woman or girl had in fact said “No,”
’Cause such kicked back at them too, and thoughtfulness being a two way street, you know.

So, dear woman, mind that sweet talk, and that though he may tick most boxes of yours,
There could well be a hidden knife or two in them, which later, much pain could cause.
Yes, he may well look the part, act the part, but that’s how it is with conmen too,
Hence why females should do their homework and keep some distance until he proves true.

By Lance Landall

18.  I Wish She'd Said "No"

If your boyfriend pressures you to do something that's best not done,
Please say, “No,” lest later on, you regret what you didn’t shun.
And in fact, even he may also wish that you had said “No,”
'Cause pain could afflict you both and deliver a hammer blow.

Then you blaming him, and he blaming you, for the misery;
That being, the consequences of your “Yes,” that laxity.
Sure he pressured you, but you could’ve and should’ve still said “No,”
Though you’re both responsible as far as any results go.

And that’s why he’s feeling somewhat justified in blaming you,
Given that as far as a tango goes, it does take two.
And you quite able to say "No,” 'cause you have freedom of choice,
But instead, and for whatever reason, you bowed to his voice.

And so it goes, unfortunately, and far too commonly,
The “Yes,” the pain, the blame, the falling-out, eventually.
And all because of one little word that gave him the okay,
One that sometimes is too unwise or injurious to say.

Yes, “I wish she’d said no,” is what many boys have no doubt said,
After the seed that was sown proved to be but an arrowhead.
One that entered her heart, and bloodied him too, consequently,
A bullet that ricocheted, a boomerang, effectively.

I’m not unsympathetic towards those girls who're pressured so,
'Cause pressuring I don’t condone, and it’s the tool of a foe.
However, it must be said that it’s that “Yes” that opens the gate,
And that it’s those girls who say “Yes” who problems for both create.

Where you’re unlawfully forced, it’s not your fault, which we all know,
But when you say, “Yes,” you are the creator of your own woe;
That is, if you said “Yes” to the wrong thing, such always unwise,
And a sure way to see trouble and unhappiness arise.

By Lance Landall

19.  Oh, Mandy, Mandy

Mandy wanted a husband, but gave herself to the boys,
They not into commitment, but simply playing with toys.
And she providing the pleasure, so play with her they did,
Until they found another playmate, and her, farewell bid.

Oh, Mandy, Mandy, why haven’t you and other girls learnt
That emulating a sex toy is how one just gets burnt.
Such users and abusers only eyeing the pantry,
And those obliging girls like you, always very handy.

By Lance Landall

The following poem has been penned because oral sex has become
epidemic amongst the promiscuous young and is linked to throat and
mouth cancer, so it's no small thing. See quotes under this poem.

20.  "I Did Not Have Sexual Relations With That Woman."


Famous words from a past American president, words that were far from true,
And that still aren’t true, ’cause oral sex is sex alright, though not in some girls’ view.
They wanting to remain a virgin whilst meantime yielding to demands, and so
It’s only in their mouth that some boy’s penis is foolishly allowed to go.

They as askew in their thinking as that president looking for some loophole,
One belonging to a world of fantasy and fiction, some burrowing mole.
’Cause whether it be the vagina or mouth, it’s still entering the body,
Erect and with intent, permission having been given, and perilously.


Not only linked to cancer of the mouth and throat, but as sex as sex can be,
And more so, it not just entering, but mouthed too, albeit disgustingly.
No, not too many showers beforehand, not that that necessarily stops
What some poor girl or should-have-known-better woman eventually cops.

And when all is said and done, they hardly virginal, because one thing is clear,
Such girls are indeed having a sexual relationship right then and there.
And thus there goes that special intimacy meant for marriage alone, one boy,
Which, come the right boy, will have robbed those two of a deeper happiness and joy,

A penis a penis, an orifice and orifice — so, I'd mind that boy.

Surely you get my point, other boys having entered via a different means,
And torn the hymen of her soul, though she could’ve said, “No,” shunned those unzipped jeans.
And now, her future spouse at the end of the cue, her lips having been elsewhere,
She reminded when those same boys pass, who, her name and compliance no doubt share.

By Lance Landall

According to
“Today’s high rates of oral sex are linked to the rising incidence of throat and mouth cancer.”
That same website also contained this:
"According to the American Association for Cancer Research, more than 50 per cent of all oral
cancers are now HPV related."

"Oral sex is not safe sex."
Terri Warren, RN, owner of Western Heights Clinic in Portland.

The following poem has been penned because oral sex has become
epidemic amongst the promiscuous young and is linked to throat and
mouth cancer, so it's no small thing. See quotes under poem above.

21.  All's Not Acceptable

No, all’s not acceptable come a couple’s intimacy, sexually,
Despite any contemporary voice that’s saying things to the contrary.
And here I’m referring to oral sex, which no man should demand or expect,
But rather, every woman’s right to be treated honourably, should respect.

The plain truth is, that a man’s penis was meant for one place and one place alone,
Not a woman’s mouth, such acts having more to do with that debased red light zone.
A place where men sink as low as their infamous desires, and where woman lose,
And why anything that’s deviant or born of lust a woman should refuse.

Such practices stem from the mind and not the heart, unless one’s heart is ill too,
For nothing should be used out of order, and nor should sex emulate a zoo.
In other words, it shouldn’t be reduced to an animal act, love elsewhere,
Such being the sad case with oral sex, for each others lips and heart should be near.

In other words, a man should retain his dignity, and also a woman hers,
Their intimacy loving, considerate and noble, lest ill somehow stirs.
And it does where men desire and are granted a lustful opportunity,
One that has more to do with using and abusing — so women, don’t agree!

Yes, for not only is oral sex an unhealthy practice, but degrading,
And why from such the injurious is seen to spring, and with it, trouble bring.
For such has more to do with porn than selfless giving, thought, love and decency,
And thus why it’s risen with the steady decline that’s plaguing society.

By Lance Landall

Funny how the Bible says, “...and let the marriage bed be undefiled...”

Christian content or degree.

22.  From Holy Appreciation To Unholy Inspection

After having created Adam (a male), God created Eve (a female),
Both living in a perfect environment until self was seen to prevail.
And sad to say, that’s where all the problems between men and women began, and
That loss of beauty, wholesomeness, respect, peace and harmony that God had planned.

Though there are women today who’re drop dead gorgeous too, they’d hardly outshine Eve,
Who, must have absolutely stunned Adam (pure in thought and action, I believe).
Their everyday nakedness so normal and natural to them, until
That fateful day when God’s warning was ignored, enter strife and sexual ill.

Only then did they realise they were naked, only then did thoughts go astray,
Focus and motive taking a permanent turn for the worse, it’s sad to say.
Thus man not thinking like he once had, and therefore, women needing protection,
Man’s gaze having gone from holy appreciation to unholy inspection.

And all why God chose to clothe them both (hearts and minds now corrupted and weakened),
Man unable to rightly handle that same beauty and nakedness, sense binned.
Yes, man’s thoughts more selfish, his passions less controlled, sex now his Achilles heel,
And all of which the happiness that could’ve been, lust and assaults were seen to steal.

Yes, men struggling with their eyes and thoughts now, which women aren’t helping, by the way,
Loin stirring sexiness making it harder for weakened man, all why men stray.
More so men who’re wrongly steered as boys, or who’ve been sexually messed up somehow,
And there being legions of them, who at the throne of porn and all, sadly bow.

Men are instantly drawn to the sexy, even a hint of nudity,
And thus only strong moral brakes controlling them — that is, if they have any.
Their fallenness only countered by a higher controlling force, and therefore,
Laws of no help — and with men being visual, such flesh so hard to ignore.

Yes, it’s hard on men, and it doesn’t help their case when it comes to women, who,
Aren’t helping their case when it comes to that pure state that Adam and Eve first knew.
And which a woman was originally blessed by, and still should be blessed by,
Adam’s rib proof of her equality, dominance how relationships die.

And therefore, women need to try and ease this situation, despite their rights,
’Cause objectify, men will, where nudity or sexiness glare like headlights.
Such activating their loins, or that fallenness, all why sex should stay at home,
And not the corridors of Hollywood, nor the likes of public places, roam.

By Lance Landall

Sex Before Marriage?

Sex before marriage displays a lack of control that doesn't bode well for a future marriage.
Sex before marriage usually gives to others what only one person is meant to get.
Sex before marriage can lead to unwanted children, that solo mother syndrome, all its hardships, and fatherless children.
Sex before marriage simply uses people for ones own selfish gratification. Love can wait to give, but lust can't wait to get.
Sex before marriage removes the motivation to work on the relationship, to truly win over the other person, and makes it easy for men to have their fill and go — men often losing interest in them after having had sex. So many men simply having sex with someone in order to fulfill certain short term psychological goals. And thus sex before marriage actually delaying marriage.
Sex before marriage shows that someone dosen't respect you enough to wait until the wedding night. And therefore, you'll be even less respected.
Sex before marriage lessens the solemnity of having children.
Sex before marriage makes marriage appear immaterial, and why marriages are taken less seriously.
Sex before marriage removes that very special memory making moment of a married couple's first night together.
Sex before marriage can be likened to forcing a door, prising a window open, or opening presents before the due date.
Sex before marriage removes protections that work in our best interests and that thereby spares us from heartache.
Sex before marriage means we've settled for less.
Sex before marriage is empty because it lacks commitment.
Sex before marriage can actually ruin a relationship.
Sex before marriage isn't honourable.
Sex before marriage leads to greater pain when the relationship is ended.
Sex before marriage is risky because condoms don't always work.
Sex before marriage ignores the fact that sexual intercourse immediately changes everything between two people.
Sex before marriage can damage your reputation and future.
Sex before marriage can create a pattern.
Sex before marriage with multiple sexual partners means that in the future you will have had sex with someone else's wife or husband.
Sex before marriage with multiple sexual partners can lead to one getting or giving some sexual disease.
Sex before marriage with multiple sexual partners affects our ability to properly bond come marriage. We won't feel as connected or committed.
Sex before marriage with multiple sexual partners can make those sexual encounters appear in ones mind when one is in the midst of marital intimacy; and comparisons will be drawn.
A survey of teenagers across the United States of America found that depression was far higher (three times more so) amongst those girls who were sexually active — in other words, who were indulging in premarital sex.
(National Longitudinal Study Of Adolescent Health, Wave II

And further to  but dating wise  and with some repetition:

Bear in mind,

That intimate settings encourage intimate actions.

That being alone together makes it easier for inappropriate and unwanted advances, and thus harder to counter any pressure.
That a young man’s hormonal state knows little of restraint and judgment, and hardly needs encouraging.
That youth has not yet developed its true tastes in others.
That in the scheme of things, sex is only but a part of the equation when it comes to marriage, so mind.
That once intimacy occurs, even petting, it’s harder to make detached, objective judgments. 
That you’ve every right to set boundaries and should.
That those who can’t wait don’t deserve, and are far more prone to marital unfaithfulness.
That users have a habit of loving and leaving.
That dressing sexy can work just as much against as for.
That frustration and desperation make for poor choices.
That those dating often hide their really bad points; thus one or two negatives can be a sampling.
That boys can read more into things than they should.
That feelings shouldn’t override sense.
That their lack of interest in, or little thought for your family, parents, is an ominous sign, a harbinger of marital unhappiness.
That he or she is a date and not your wife or husband, thus you’ve no conjugal rights even if they’re letting you indulge in such; and that an engagement doesn't alter this fact.
That allowing conjugal rights before marriage is a sure way to kill that motivation that’s essential in ensuring true intention and determining worthiness. After all, when a guy can get his hands on the goods beforehand, why would he necessarily want to hang around but move on to the next. Thus making him wait not only prevents being used, but tests him.
And that it's best to get to know as much as possible about them before starting a relationship.

It could be said:

"The pleasure is in the act, not the body."

Sexual intimacy should be born of love, not lust. Thus it's not the body that should be the focus, but the person. Besides, how many of us are fortunate enough to have been endowed with the perfect shape, looks, and accessories?
It's better for us to learn to live with our defects, or lesser endowments, and right from the beginning (be such via birth, accident, illness or age), because the time inevitably comes when we have no choice, and that time may catch us unprepared, thus making that acceptance all the more painful.
And another thing worth remembering:
An old oak tree may look rather gnarly, even heavily encrusted, but it is such maturity that gives it its appeal, and thus the beholder (and those who interact with it) greater pleasure, as opposed to the shiny newness and minimalist features of the sapling that has barely experienced life, and thus has no real story to tell, no hidden depths nor lofty heights that truely intrigue, excite, and even endear.
At the end of the day, our bodies are really just a shell, one that eventually breaks down. Our heart and mind being where it's at. One can have a great body but a dreadful personality, and an even worse character. And hence why some men leave a very attractive wife for another woman who isn't that attractive, but who makes him happy with her loving and winning ways.
Both being in love and sex, are really the domain of the mature, not the immature, because the immature are generally more focussed on the body and their own personal short-term interests rather than their partner's long-term interests.

Unfortunately, that "in love" inability to think and see straight, no doubt often plays a part here.
With that in mind, here's an interesting excerpt from the book Boundaries In Dating by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend:
Being "in love," in the beginning of a relationship, is an illness. It is treatable, but it is an illness nevertheless. The illness is the inability to see reality. For the very state of "being in love" is a state of idealization, where the other person is not really viewed through the eyes of reality. He or she is mostly seen through the eyes of someone's own wishes or fantasies that the other person is able to symbolize. But often the fantasies are based on enough reality that the stage of idealization can move to something real and lasting.
The problem is that if the idealizations are strong enough, and the person's need for them to be true are strong enough, then he or she can omit large chunks of reality about the person they're in love with. This is why staying connected to a group of friends who know you well is so important. Your friends and often family can see things about your new love that you will not be able to see. And you should trust them. Unless there is something wrong in your relationships with them, or they are particularly dysfunctional, they will not be looking through the eyes of idealization and need and will see the person more clearly. Have you ever wondered how some people that you know and love were able to pick the difficult, or sometimes awful person that they are with? Do you think that the prince just one day turned into a frog? Most times not. The frog was always a frog, even if he was dressed up like a prince in courtship. But the princess was looking through the eyes of idealization or denial. Borrow your friends' vision. You might need it.

23.  That Word Sexy

Do I call my wife sexy? No, because my wife's not an object,
Thus her body's not my focus, and I’ve her honour to protect.
No, I'd never call her sexy, because some hussy she is not,
But a woman that I respect, and who I crudely won't call hot.

Sexy is simply the sad product of that seamy, steamy world
Where principles and morals are discarded, rather than upheld.
Yes, sexy just belongs to porn stars, or those pin-ups that we see,
Whose erotic bawdiness sees many men acting shamefully.

Calling a woman sexy, or hot, as so many these days do,
Degrades her natural beauty and paints her pornographic blue,
Because sexy's not a wholesome word, and better words has replaced,
Such as pretty and attractive, that with lustiness are not laced.

When women dress up sexy, they simply display a lack of pride,
Because they publicly convey that they've cast virtue to one side.
Thus femininity and beauty are sullied by the sexy,
Because sexy's purely allied with a salacious fantasy.

One can’t respect loose women, nor those women dressing much the same,
Because both display behaviour that's more to do with lust and shame.
When fathers encourage their daughters to dress and behave sexy,
It isn't long before those girls have squandered their virginity.

No, my wife’s intimate body isn’t for other men to see,
And hence why I won’t encourage her to flaunt it sexually;
Unless it’s in our bedroom, of course, where only my eyes can see
The beauty of a body that has been kept solely just for me.

Sexual intimacy with a spouse who's yours all throughout life,
Is a beautiful experience for the husband and the wife.
But sexy simply belongs to those very hollow one night stands,
That never truly satisfy a woman’s longing, nor a man’s.

Thus when we take sex from sex-y, we are left with that letter Y,
Y not? Y worry? Y wait? Y not now? Y not give it a try?
And Y not stay here the night? Y not share with the others here too?
Y not just experiment? And then, Y should I now marry you?

Whenever men parade their partner in ways that are called sexy,
They soon have other men eyeing her and desiring what they see.
And such could well put their wife at risk of a sexual attack
Occurring in their absence, or at least, when they have turned their back.

There are many men out there who are frustrated sexually,
And who via such stimulation, might well act unpredictably.
Therefore, men shouldn't strut their wife — and besides, such just cruelly taunts,
Possibly adding to the crime rate that society haunts.

Those women who dress sexy can cause someone else’s man to stray,
And one day, their man also, could be led another’s sexy way.
All why it’s not wise for women to tease like this, nor is it fair,
Therefore, when it comes to clothing, women shouldn’t too much flesh bare.

So, do I call my wife sexy? No, I don't, and I don't need to,
Because my wife knows I love her, and that my love for her is true.
No, her body's not my focus, hence why it pleases me to say,
That given that it's not my focus, there's no pressure either way.

By Lance Landall

This older poem was tweaked on 2 June 2023.

24.  The Problem With Sexy

Women of today should rejoice in their gender, their femininity, dressing affirmatively,
And I mean, in an educated way that’s as far removed as possible from masculinity.
And without resorting to the sexy, 'cause women who’re truly a woman hardly need what’s sexy,
Given that they're comfortable with their very gender, not the puppet of some fashion industry.

Women who turn to such, can even convey an inadequacy that requires some prop, as it were,
That they've been duped by those who exploit the female figure for whatever reason, too bad about her.
When men see the sexy, such appeals to their loins, not their heart, and conveys that she may well be easy,
'Cause someone prepared to flaunt themself, might also agree to an encounter with him sexually.

Well, that’s what many men assume, 'cause in this world we live, what’s on display is usually for sale,
And why women who’re dressed sexy attract the attention of a window shopping, sex desiring male.
In other words, less likely a man whose intentions are honourable, geared t’wards acting selflessly,
And hence why many married men commit adultery, attracted by some woman who’s dressed sexy.

You see, sexy is all about sex, the physical, and never one’s character, personality,
And therefore draws a man’s attention to that which shouldn’t be given first place, but often is, sadly.
And when such is
given first place, it commonly dominates his thinking, that sexy image replayed,
And why when it comes to a woman’s future happiness, well-being, dressing sexy just hasn’t  paid.

Yes, womanly charms usually win the day, but sexy sees things go astray, hence those one night stands,
They quite often producing renegade fathers, which any solo mum only too well understands.
And why women should simply rejoice in their gender, femininity, even sensuality,
Natural womanly ways, unlike that generated sexy, which knows not the soul but the body.

And hey, men are men, too easily drawn to a woman’s body without a woman dressing sexy,
And which has seen men viewing women more as objects these days, all why sexy acts detrimentally.
Thus it’s best a woman refrain from dressing sexy, lest her body betray her by inviting ill,
'Cause when women wear clothing that conjures up an image of a bedroom, there’s every chance it will.

And that’s the problem with sexy, 'cause such hardly attracts commitment, permanency
and loyalty,
And oh, how a woman loves security, such best secured by her character, personality.
Hence why I’d encourage the women of today to focus on dressing attractively, not sexy,
'Cause sexy's hardly concerned with a woman’s welfare, it not knowing the soul but that time-bound body.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded on 23 May 2023.

When A Woman Dresses Sexy:

Sex becomes the focus, and thus how a woman misdirects the interest of a man. Attractive highlights the person, sexy highlights the body. Attractive knows restraint, sexy pushes the envelope.
She reaches for the “tools of the trade” rather than relying on her own merits; lessens the gap between the fitting and unfitting.
In the eyes of men, who're very visually orientated, she soon becomes identified as an object, a plaything, a vehicle for the fulfilment of lust, and thus something simply to be used, and thus less valued and respected.
She moves what was meant for the marital bedroom to the street where she may become some man’s fodder [fantasy] for masturbation, or an unfulfilling marital relationship.
She may draw an unacceptable and unhealthy interest from her teenage sons whose hormones are racing.
She opens herself up to men who’re only interested in seducing her, using her, and should she suffer a moment of weakness (especially if he’s attractive), or a rough patch in her marriage, she may well succumb to such attention.
She, via such sexiness, can’t truly be sure why a man (suitor?) is drawn to her. In other words, is he drawn to her because of her character, personality, or more her body?
She heightens the interest of predators whose sexual compulsions are naturally attracted to greater sexiness, and thus ups her chances of being assaulted. Though men should never assault sexually, women hardly help the situation by such sexiness.
She places temptation in the way of married men and indirectly may well aid discontent in their marriages thus doing other woman no favours.
Rather than gaining greater respect from the male kingdom, she decreases such by virtue of the fact that she has lowered herself to a more common denominator — in other words, she has become an object, a visually stimulating one, an indirect vehicle for sexual gratification only, and she thereby a teaser who’ll hardly say “Yes” to every “Please may I?” eye.
She, via such sexiness, appeals to the lower nature rather than the higher nature, the loins rather than the head.
She even runs the risk of her husband becoming overindulgent, sexually distracted,and thus less attentive to her as an individual.
Public, daily sexiness is overstimulating males sexually, thus leading to both a conscious and subconcious undercurrent of sexual frustration amongst men.
Women need to remember that men do not see women like women see men.
Men are instantly stirred by any sexual or sexy image which may replay over and over again in their mind.
Men are mentally, emotionally and physically different. And hence not only their greater need of sex, their greater vulnerability to temptation, but why they're more prone to sexual issues.
Here's an irony to reflect on:

"It's funny, you know, but a woman in a bikini is effectively a woman in her bra and panties, just different material."
A woman's comment.

Yes, it is funny, isn't it, because if a woman was to walk down the street to the shops in her bra and panties, she would quickly be arrested. But change the material and there wouldn't be any problem.
Bearing sexiness in mind, a slight digression:
I was reading a book where it stated that pushup bras make a woman's breasts look like butt. Yes, there's something very unnatural (even fake) about such a look.

"Feminism in its attempt to do away with the sexual double standard between men and women, has made
sexiness a desirable trait. In the past, if a woman was called sexy she would have taken it as an insult.
Many today accept it as a compliment. The result: women are dressing, acting and talking sexier. This has no
doubt helped to open the door for the flood of increasingly explicit and violent pornography that has been
sweeping the world, and has also made women more vulnerable."
True Sexuality by Ken Unger

One truth is, that the more women are objectified via the likes of advertisments say, the more dissatishfied men will become that none really match up to the fantasy they're watching. All why men who watch porn can lose interest in their wife.
The sexual revolution has discouraged commitment and romance. Males can now get sex without marriage far more easily than they could in times past. They're also feeling able to enjoy the benefits of having a wife by cohabitation rather than by marriage. And the findings are that cohabitating men tend to be less committed to the relationship.
And here's something else to ponder on:
Firstly, when women display their breasts to any degree, they immediately attract the sexual interest of men, because men are stirred by such (to state the obvious). After all, this is why Playboy magazine first introduced pictures of women baring their breasts, and that being sufficient enough to excite the male viewer.
And so, with this in mind, it might be worth your while dwelling on the following account by a male who was watching the news on TV one evening, where a women, who was attending an Oscar ceremony, was revealing her bountiful breasts to a considerable degree; such seemingly being a case of who can go the furthest these days:

“It was so revealing that I couldn’t help feeling that she might as well bare it all having gone so far — a wide (almost nipple to nipple), and navel low, rectangle piece of fabric missing, the dress obviously designed that way.
I felt like there was a certain intimacy happening between her and I, because she was revealing so much of her erogenous territory to me, and what surely her husband alone should see, or if single, what only her bedroom mirror should see.
I felt like I was somehow partaking of her sexually, she seemingly wanting me to see and enjoy her breasts, and as much of them as possible. Otherwise, why would she be displaying them so? 
I was only allowed to look, not touch, but her sharing such with me via the TV at that time, drew me into some kind of implied or suggested sexual happening, even permission of some sort, albeit from a distance. At the end of the day, she would surely be aware that her ample revealing was making some kind of statement, and what other statement would it be but a sexual one of some sort, breasts hardly like arms and legs, but also performing a sexual function.
To be honest, I wasn't really paying all that much attention to her, but that frustrating statement she seemed to be making.
I hardly knew her, and yet, I was privy, as it were (right there in my lounge) to a good portion of revealed titillation that can raise a man’s heart rate."

It's also worth remembering the old saying: "If it's not for sale, take the sign down!"

This article was tweaked on 1 June 2023.

25.  The Evidence And Cost Inescapable

As the world becomes more morally corrupt, obsessed with sex, and hooked on porn,
Sex trafficking will only but burgeon, and the rights of females further scorn.
The sexy fuelling lust, assuring the objectification of females,
And thus bringing danger their way, which won’t go away, despite any loud wails.

Yes, it’s the nature of the beast, and many men have become beasts, women prey,
And not just women, but children, and given Earth’s state, such crime seems here to stay.
Yes, fallen humanity, hearts and minds in need of change, and so where to start?
Well, removal of what’s aiding the problem somewhere to begin, sound and smart.

You see, if the world’s full of beasts, you don’t encourage them by feeding them, but
Instead, remove their feeding bowl, and thus the door to what’s exciting them shut.
In other words, you don’t aid an existing ill by titillation, nor porn,
Men stirred or cranked by the visual, and how in younger years, such crime is born.

It’s common sense, Ted Bundy (serial sex murderer) attesting to such,
It all how he got started, yet at their right to dress as they like, women clutch.
And so too at their right to star in porn, raunchy movies, or to strip and bare,
Night clubs and brothels part of the scene, and why a certain blame women must share.

All why what we’ve a right to do isn’t always wise to do, and hence that cost,
Which comes with denial or defiance, and where morality is duly tossed.
Yes, sex trafficking on the rise, paedophilia and all the rest, sadly,
As if the cost is worth it for indulging in the porny, raunchy and sexy,

And those child beauty pageants, that sexualising of them, disastrously.

The evidence and cost inescapable, loins ruling the day, not the head;
In other words, wants and desires. And the by-product? The kidnapped, raped and dead.
The reality being, women can’t have it both ways, ’cause this world’s very ill,
And why the cloth needs to be cut to suit, though there doesn’t seem to be the will.

No, morality not fashionable anymore, and “Men shouldn’t do it!”
They shout, but do it men will — fallen man, that is — and why sexy doesn’t fit.
Nor any other sexual hanky panky, ’cause one won’t get away with it,
The evidence and cost inescapable, but that takes backbone to admit.

By Lance Landall

"There is no protection against the kinds of influences that are loose in a society that tolerates pornography."
Ted Bundy, serial sex murderer

"I've met a lot of men who were motivated to commit violence just like me. And without exception, without
question, every one of them was deeply involved in pornography, deeply consumed by the addiction."

Ted Bundy, serial sex murderer

"As we have been talking, there are forces at loose in this country, especially this kind of violent pornography, where, on one hand, well-meaning people will condemn the behavior of a Ted Bundy while they’re walking past a magazine rack full of the very kinds of things that send young kids down the road to being Ted Bundys. That’s the irony."
Ted Bundy, serial sex murderer

26.  Conned

The world’s telling you it’s okay to have sex before marriage, to dress sexy,
Hot like, to watch the raunchy, even the porny, but who’s the world, please tell me?
It seems that all you’ve been told is having dire repercussions, and so,
The world (whoever the world is), the truth of the matter clearly doesn’t know.

And therefore, I'd mind what the world is saying, it seeming to have led astray,
It’s new found enlightenment not so enlightening, but way off track, I’d say.
Yes, it looks like you’ve been fooled, the results more than suggesting that you've been conned,
And with all that was really in your best interest, the world’s been seen to abscond.

By Lance Landall

27.  Women Held Captive

We’re hearing of more women being held captive by men and treated as sex slaves,
They no doubt the tip of an ice-berg, and many of them ending up in graves,
And this after having been kidnapped and imprisoned for years, even chained too,
And kept in some basement in a common building on some common avenue.

Why? Well, it’s really quite simple…

The sexual desires of many men have become corrupt and perverted,
Their hearts now cold and callous, even depraved, good and right having deserted.
And why might this be? Enter the dreadful destructiveness of pornography,
And then there’s snuff movies, society’s obsession with the hot-cum-sexy.

And things aren’t going to change until folk once again embrace morality,
And thus that God whose coming justice is heralded by Christianity.
And the reason why is: Because man-made laws can’t change hearts, and hence why we see
Men who’ve no conscience, many having embraced Darwin’s evolution theory,

It devoid of purpose and accountability.

And feminists haven’t helped, they irritating men more, though it must be said
That had men never harmed women, those feminists would be praising men instead.
And why men have brought such on themselves, they both using and abusing females,
Encouraging the objectifying of them, which the noble soon derails.

Sure women have bought into the hot-cum-sexy, the porn, the sleazy strip joints,
But it’s lustful and profiteering men to whom the finger more rightly points,
For they should be protecting women, not putting them at risk, as what’s on show
Not only stirs lust in general, but villains women wouldn’t want to know.

Yes, feed men a constant diet of sex, and sex it will be, thank you very much,
And enter adultery, those notches on men’s belts, or that lecherous clutch.
And why even good men fall, temptation too much for their over-fed sex-drive,
But more so that of deviant men who into cesspools of filth love to dive.

Yes, women can wear what they want, walk alone in the dark, but one thing is clear:
We’re living in a much sicker world, and there are men who’ll do far more than leer.
All why it behoves women to bear such in mind, as porn’s making men hungry,
And within many men there’s damage that has a cruel streak of audacity.

And such is reality, a man’s sex-drive powerful enough without porn,
Or that hot-cum-sexy that can play on his mind, and how ill is often born.
Yes, we like to think we’re enlightened-cum-sexually advanced, but we’re not,
For we’re just repeating history, Sodom and Gomorrah amongst the lot.

Oh, how history repeats itself when folk forget the errors of the past,
And on their ship (it leaky and rudderless), nail their foolishness to the mast.
But this time we’re looking at an apocalyptic end, Earth out of control,
It intoxicated with every kind of evil that just destroys the soul.

All why women are being held captive, many men burning with wanton desire,
Which the likes of porn and the hot-cum-sexy has fuelled, and oh, how hot the fire.
Yes, it seemingly unquenchable, and there no hoses or water in sight,
Society having largely chosen to walk in darkness rather than light.

By Lance Landall