Things Worth Pondering



"What steals the heart steals the soul."
The poet, author

"Sense comes with age, but seemingly not with
the ages."
The poet, author

"Simple men see simple things, but not so the academic who often gets lost in a self-made complexity of human thought."
The poet, author

"We seem to be plagued by social engineers who try to fix things that aren't broken, and hence how they get broken."
The poet, author

"The art of life is the art of avoiding pain; and he is the best pilot, who steers clearest of the rocks and shoals with which it is beset."
Thomas Jefferson

“Political correctness knows neither humour
nor charity.”
The poet, author

"That which many find too hard to believe is often the truth in unfamiliar clothing.”
 The poet, author

"By what do we gauge anything when the unacceptable has become the acceptable?"
The poet, author

"A shallow world turns
to shallow things."
The poet, author


Yes, things worth pondering.

"Men of genius are admired, men of wealth are envied, men of power are feared;
but only men of character are trusted."
Source unknown


"Laws control the lesser man. Right conduct controls the greater one."
Chinese Proverb

To put it all another way:
Good people keep the law because it's in their heart to do so. All why they act rightly even where there's no law.
In that sense, the law is effectively there for those who don't act rightly, and why it's not in their heart to keep the
law. All why they break the law wherever they can get away with it.

If we want the HOME run well, we need to choose SELFLESSNESS.
If we want the CHURCH run well, we need to choose CHRISTLIKENESS.
If we want SOCIETY run well, we need to choose WHOLESOMENESS.
If we want the COUNTRY run well, we need to choose CHARACTER.
If we want the WORLD run well, we need to choose LIBERTY.


But firstly, four introductory poems, two containing a necessary degree of Christian
content in order to covey the very important messages contained in them.

"What's planted in the child determines the adult."
The poet, author

No Brakes, More Carnage

Right from tiny I was brought up with brakes, hence why even in my angry years
I managed to stop myself before I ever went too far and upped the gears.
Yes, I had my reasons for feeling angry, certain issues not helping too,
So what were those brakes that almost smoked at times, and why worse things I didn’t do?

Well, I was told of a coming judgment, possible loss of eternity,
The worth of gritting my teeth, holding my tongue, and bearing things more maturely.
That any earthly pain would be worth the trouble, and that jail was to be feared,
And hence why when I dwelt on what wrong thing might hit the headlines, I never dared.

But there was more to those brakes, healthy fear only part of the equation, so
Enter morals, principles and standards, further knowledge that I’m glad I know,
Or believe, I must say, like our reason for being here, and where it’ll all end,
Of a loving God who’ll soon return, and this sick old world and broken hearts mend.

Yes, you can rubbish all this if you like, and most and more do these days, but hey
It spared me and others from what could’ve been; some crazy thing that wouldn’t pay.
A well reared conscience better that any law, and a soundly nourished heart too,
Which, in those angry years, applied those brakes that stopped things going badly askew.

I was told about God’s grace too, how He forgives (and so should I) — however,
I knowing that hidden crime (’cause all must do the time) God’s saving grace would sever.
And I not wanting to miss out on Paradise, that happy ever after,
And why I believe that scoffers will soon find they’ve no reason for laughter.

You see, the reason so many wicked things are happening now, I believe,
Is because more and more are without those brakes, and hence those tangled webs they weave.
Many too frightened to own up, so lost they’ll be, some shooting themselves as well,
Not just taking out others, and thus God’s grace hardly saving them from their ill.

I’m telling you, there’s NO alternative, evolution a major culprit,
Hence why it’s hopelessness and ignorance has no place in any church pulpit.
Death and bloodshed having come as a result of man’s sad fall, and not before,
Tooth and claw and survival of the fittest knowing not love, truth, grace or law.

No foundation or a flawed foundation destroying society, and why
Things will not get better; those biblical signs of the times now far from a lie.
But still those scoffers who can’t offer anything better, just pie in the sky,
And why no one will ever beat those answers found in God’s Word, hard as they try.

And the reason why is, because all of those things that have blessed society
Are of heavenly origin, and oft hark back to the creation story.
And no event outdoing Calvary, Christ dying to save those He’d created,
Even His murderers, and why in His Word, “Forgive them, Father,” is stated.

Oh, what would I have done without those brakes, where would I have ended up, dear me,
I shivering at the thought, thinking of those who’ve rejected Christianity.
Too many put off by looking at Christendom, throwing the baby out too,
When it’s God and His Word (as it stands) that they should seek, not just anyone’s view.

If we’ve nothing to believe in, we’ve nothing to live for, or even die for,
And thus no brakes, only fear of punishment keeping us from breaking the law.
And when the young don’t know what’s going on, nor what’s right or wrong, pity help us,
And why it’s imperative that they learn of the saving Gospel of Jesus.

Yes, no brakes, more carnage, and then the end will come — it all predicted, you know,
Hearts getting colder and consciences seared, and hence why stronger evil winds blow.
An apocalyptic hurricane coming, know-it-alls soon to discover
That they picked a savage devil to follow rather than a Divine lover.

By Lance Landall

This poem was tweaked on 29 May 2021.

"Nothing, absolutely nothing, has a more direct bearing on the moral choices made by individuals
or the purposes pursued by society than belief or disbelief in God."
 Ravi Zacharias, The Real Face of Atheism, p. 21.

“If God does not exist, everything is permissible.”
Fyodor Dostoievski (1821-1881).

We're Going Backwards

We hear of Russian soldiers committing war crimes, of police brutality,
And racial behaviour, hence those loud calls demanding accountability,
But such things can only get worse, because where people can get away with it,
They will, and why it’s not about laws or punishment, but those things we instil.

In other words, from tiny, and tied to something beyond ourselves they must be,
Thus not our own invention, but that of a realm that’s vice and corruption free.
A realm that’s not only heavenly, but the source of right doing and justice,
And thus coming accountability, and hope beyond a our looming abyss.

The truth is, humanity is going backwards, despite all that talk of love
(Clearly ironic when our tastes and behaviour don’t reflect that realm above).
All why our hearts and minds need changing, we saying one thing, doing another,
Turning to laws, whilst the sins responsible for it all, we quickly cover.

Oh, how we condemn certain things, howl for justice whilst indulging our own sins,
Hence why the answer’s not found in ourselves, but where some transformation begins;
What Christians call the Holy Spirit, that empowering from above, whereby
We become changed within via something outside ourselves, when for such change we cry.

So, despite all the efforts to create a safer and brighter world, we’ll still see
Crime and criminals, and given the deterioration of society.
The less humans brought up rightly, the worse things can only become, and all why
It’s not for laws or penalties, but for what we’ve thrown out, that we should cry.

So tell me, what’s largely been thrown out the door? Well, for one, morality,
Hence the rise in porn, sexual assaults, and self-serving promiscuity.
The world full of the hurting and angry from one night stands, the air crudely blue,
Principles and standards having largely gone, and hey, whose socks fitting which shoe,

Given those unhealthy tastes and that sad behaviour of ours that's so askew.

Yes, less believing in the God who said to love one another, and who said
Not to act lawlessly, selfishly, recklessly, destructively, and who said
Not to hurt, harm, lie and deceive, and nor to indulge in what isn’t healthy,
But that which is wholesome and uplifting, good and right, better for society.

Yes, what we’ve replaced God with, and that sound advice of His, isn’t working, friend,
And hence why this fouled and corrupted planet is rushing to some sorry end.
And nor, I must say, could any earthly power change such, global or otherwise,
Hence why we won’t see a decline in it all, until our folly we realise.

The whole purpose of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is to change sick hearts and minds,
Hence why where there’s a true conversion, very different behaviour one finds.
The more such conversions, the greater impact on Earth, God all about love,
And wanting to save us from our folly, hence that wisdom that comes from above.

All why we should keep our eyes on Him, and not others, because what do we see
But the very ones who should know far better acting hypocritically.
All why it’s down to us, not them, otherwise we’ll be waiting forever, and
Hardly moving beyond where we are, and move we should, it time to make a stand.

By Lance Landall

It's Not Just Jeremy At Fault

Are you bothered by what Jeremy Clarkson said regarding Meghan Markle?
He referencing a scene in Game Of Thrones where one can see even more ill.
Well, if you are, you should also have a problem with that TV series too,
Where a woman was paraded naked, and where rape and torture figured too.

We simply can’t have it both ways, because that’s plain hypocrisy, and just like
Condemning violence while enjoying watching it, rather than, “On yer bike!”
Yes, what signal does that send one’s kids, and Jeremy just reflecting all that,
Drawing a parallel he shouldn’t have, but isn’t that where viewers are at?

His comments personal, you say, and I’d agree, but here, there’s that irony,
One that we need to face up to, people happy to watch it all on TV.
All how trash that’s watched becomes trash that’s said, given that it’s been left in one’s mind,
To rest and rot, whether used by someone or not, and thus not only he blind.

By Lance Landall

The Truth About Us

Some flatter themselves as if we’re inherently good, when such is hardly so,
And such clearly seen in naughtiness that needs to be addressed as children grow.
One having to be taught goodness, what’s right and what’s wrong, and hence that example,
Because actions speak far louder than words; it not just about parental skill.

Parents having to begin teaching and disciplining from very early,
Otherwise their children will become rebellious, lawless, selfish and cheeky.
There no such thing as a perfect child, just a well brought up one, right from birth too,
When it’s demanding this and that, throwing little paddies, just like children do.

Yes, where there’s no moral code written on the conscience and sown in the heart,
There’s little concern for laws, little concern for others, no compass or chart.
All why that moral code’s so important, ’cause without it, what’s to hold in check,
But fear of getting caught, or prison, which hardly makes one good, but for that stick.

Hence why people we thought good do evil things, their goodness not rooted in love,
Not written or sown, just held in check below, not governed by things above.
No higher source steering, but a hollow list of dos and don’ts, which time reveals
In the form of cruelty or criminality, any happiness it steals.

This kind of reminds me of certain Christians who having accepted God’s grace,
Still continue to do those things that displease Him, and that His name will disgrace.
Their goodness not written or sown too, yet they thinking they’re a cut above,
When the truth is they’re no better — and their goodness too, hardly rooted in love.

In fact, there’re many Christians that you’d struggle to get near a Bible class,
But if Tom Cruise was there, forget the footpath, ’cause you’d have to step on the grass.
And there you have the truth of it, a form of godliness, goodness, sad to say,
They having flattered themselves also, and yet, it’s anything but Christ obey.

And so, the long and short of it is, that if it’s not a heart thing, it’s empty,
Meaningless and forced, a goodness bound to fail, enter betrayal, probably.
We not inherently good, but needing that compass and chart, that training too,
So that any goodness may be instinctive, written and sown, tried and true.

The truth about most is, if they could get away with breaking the law, they would,
Those broken speed limits sure proof, yet these people still seeing themselves as good.
No one liking it when their goodness is proven suspect, hardly inherent,
Hence why it has so much to do with training, that example of each parent.

From a Christian perspective, it’s God who’s the source of goodness and change, not us,
But the inner working of divinity, and that saving grace of Jesus.
But whatever one believes, it’s clear we’re not inherently good, but selfish,
Hence that demanding child, that left untrained, will see the name of its parents stained.

By Lance Landall

Pure Fantasy

“I’m bad, I’m bad,” Michael Jackson sang, and he wasn’t far off the mark given we're hardly born saintly,
Hence why parents have to train and discipline their children, 'cause if one doesn’t, guess who'll suffer badly.
You see, our natural inclinations are selfish and rebellious, despite what certain gurus say,
Who pedal their pop psychology that’s not in touch with reality, hence why many go astray.

The truth is, we just can’t seem to help ourselves, and find doing what’s right much harder than doing what’s wrong,
'Cause when it comes to things we shouldn’t do, we seem to want to, and this has been our problem all along.
Hence why the jails are full, and why we get fined for speeding, issued with a notice to appear in court,
'Cause we seem determined to get away with what we can, hoping like anything that we won’t get caught.

But oft we do get caught, then we’ve the cheek to complain about the likes of speed cameras, foolishly,
'Cause such are there for very good reasons, but oh, look at how many complain about such bitterly.
Never mind that such have saved lives, we would rather they weren’t there, and the reason is, 'cause it doesn’t suit,
And why doesn’t it? 'Cause we're naturally born selfish — in other words, rebellious, foolish to boot.

Well, so it seems given the way we carry on, and yet, we like to think that we’re pretty good at heart,
Which so oft is naught more than a delusion, a failure to accept the truth, and thus we hardly smart.
Yes, Michael Jackson wasn’t far off the mark, 'cause not too many of us can claim otherwise, sadly,
And why we need to take a good look at ourselves, 'cause we’re certainly not born good, that’s pure fantasy.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded on 13 May 2023.

1.  Where The Rubber Meets The Road:

Mercy can’t develop without the undeserving.
Forgiveness can’t develop without the violator.
Tolerance can’t develop without the provoker.
Patience can’t develop without the irritator.
Courage can’t develop without the intimadator.
Growth can’t develop without the challenger.
Perseverance can’t develop without the frustrating.
Endurance can't develop without the testing.
And acceptance can’t develop without the spoiler.

2.  Some Plain Sense:

If it’s wrong to do something, don’t do it.
If people aren’t loving, make sure you are.
If you don’t like hypocrites, don’t be one.
If you want good kids, be a good parent.
If you can’t afford it, you can’t afford it.
If you’ve been given good advice, use it.
If you’ve made a mistake, admit it.
If you can’t change what’s done, accept it.
If you don’t like arguments, don’t create one.
If you’ve been hurt or wronged, don’t wallow in it.
If you want a long life, don’t shorten it.
If you don’t want trouble, don’t invite it.
If you don’t like bigotry, make sure that your mind is open.
If you’ve learnt the hard way, don’t go there again.
If you want forgiveness, prove your contriteness.
If you don’t like the state of the world, do what you can to improve it.
If some risk may cost, make sure you can handle the cost.
If you can’t get someone to see sense, let them live with the consequences.
If you want people to treat you well, make sure that you treat them well.

3.  Real People:

Think for themselves.
Say what they think-cum-call a spade a spade.
Aren’t afraid to show their feelings-cum-bare their soul.
Are no one but themselves and in every way.
Choose their own path.
Follow no one.
Do their own research and study.
Check things out for themselves.
Shoulder blame.
Accept due criticism.
Admit their failures and failings.
Learn from their mistakes.
Are receptive and open to change.
Ask for help.
Listen to advice.
Rise to the occasion.
Speak out and stand up.
Refuse to retaliate or stoop to ill.

4.  When It Comes To Your:

Life — value, seize and enhance it;
Mind — guard, edify and arm it;
Heart — cleanse, soften and open it;
Soul — beautify, enrich and deepen it;
Body — protect, maintain and tend it;
Passions — filter, refine and control them;
Desires — examine, temper and ennoble them;
Diet — lessen, balance and improve it;
Beliefs — test, weigh and review them;
Trials — accept, bear and surmount them;
Wealth  — share, share and share it;
Marriage — nourish, honour and defend it;
Partner — love, respect and uplift them;
Children — praise, guide and hug them;
Family — treasure, contact and support them;
Others — befriend, help and benefit them.

5.  Truth

Something that’s often only wanted when it suits.
Something that’s always demanded of others.
Something that’s often embellished or skimped on.
Something that’s often not seen or appreciated until it’s too late.
Something that’s often dismissed because of unbelief.
Something that’s quickly going out of fashion.
Something that’s apparently up to the individual.
Something that lies deny.
Something that many don’t want to face up to.
Something that one’s likely to be attacked for.
Something that often doesn’t have a chance.
Something that often comes out of the mouths of babes.
Something that has a way of coming out in the end.
Something that falsehood has it in for.

6.  Five Rules Worth Observing:

Stay inside the law.
Steer clear of troublemakers.
Never raise a hand to anyone.
Don't fight fire with fire.
Don't say something that isn't true.

7.  Too Many People:

Take rather than give,
Hoard rather than share,
Mourn rather than accept,
Rush rather than wait,
Drift rather than plan,
Speak rather than listen,
Accuse rather than check,
Argue rather than debate,
Fume rather than say,
Hinder rather than help.
Force rather than encourage,
Knock rather than praise,
Hate rather than love,
Frown rather than smile,
Complain rather than rejoice,
Shuffle rather than stride,
Follow rather than lead,
Lord rather than serve,
Slumber rather than watch,
Recline rather than act,
Buckle rather than stand.

8.  A Very Short But Intriguing Dictionary:

Something that many choose to bend, stretch, ignore or refute.
Something that's often applied where it shouldn’t be.
Something that nowadays is commonplace.
Something that is sometimes planted or manufactured.
Something that plagues humanity.
Something that when exchanged for security inevitably ensures slavery.
Something that modern technology laughs at.
Something that’s often missing when it’s called for.
Something that gets in the way of what many like to bare.
Something that only the wise and hindsight truly appreciate.
Something that only a minority know of.
Something that’s seldom desired but often warranted.
Something that has as much to do with the head as it does the tongue.
Something that people either long for or dread.
Something that often has a used by date attached.
Something that’s often talked about but seldom practised.
Something that some have too little of and others too much of.
Something that's too often showered on those who really aren't deserving of it.
Something that's often repeated.
Something that doesn't always come with age.

9.  Eighteen Ways To Limit Trouble And Problems In Your Life:

Show respect for authority.
Don’t upset people pointlessly.
Don’t retaliate.
Don’t act recklessly.
Don’t try to please everyone.
Don't cut corners.
Think before you speak or act.
Choose the right time and place.
Choose your friends carefully.
Walk away from a fight.
Avoid potential trouble spots.
Use protective gear where advisable.
Drive defensively.
Follow instructions.
Mind your own business.
Don't come between a man and his wife.
Only use a credit card when you’ve money to cover your purchase.
Never show off.

10.  Life:

You’ve been born.
This is fact and reality.
You either making the best or worst of it.
This world’s an opportunity.
You either running with it or fighting it.
Your lifespan is limited; too short to mess up or mess around with.
Either you’re in charge or fate is.
Right doing your friend.
Wrong doing your foe.
Foolishness and recklessness shortening.
Sense and care lengthening.
A positive attitude an advantage.
A negative attitude robbing and hindering.
Initiative encouraging success.
Thoughtfulness guaranteeing returns.
Friendliness opening doors.
A smile attracting.
A frown repelling.
Healthy living warding off illness.
Contentment and acceptance ensuring peace.
Forgiveness healing.
Revenge sure to kick back.
Anger destructive.
A good sense of humour easing things.
A purpose giving meaning to life.
Vanity setting you up.
Brawling a waste of time.
An open mind a blessing.
A closed mind a curse.
Sense an asset.
Wisdom worth its weight in gold.
Observation enlightening.

11.  Eight Keys:

The key to life is attitude.
The key to success is perseverance.
The key to marriage is commitment.
The key to youthfulness is humour.
The key to health is diet.
The key to happiness is self forgetfulness.
The key to growth is receptiveness.
The key to learning is attentiveness.

12.  Given The Future That We're Facing:

And any coming global economic collapse, here's some sound advice.

Avoid taking on debt of any sort.
Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.
Live simply.
Don’t get too used to comfort.
Learn to rough it and go it alone at times.
Focus on needs and not desires.
Don’t automatically believe all you hear, read or even see.
Accumulate little except that which might stand you in good stead.
Mind who you put your trust in and don’t expect.
Be as prepared as you can be for changes, situations and disappointments.
Avoid unnecessary risks and stress.
Don’t do anything unlawful.
Keep your body free of injurious substances that could result in impairment and expense.
Avoid following the crowd and any single individual.
Remember that your savings aren’t actually in the bank and that they could be withheld at any moment.
Avoid business partnerships and unhealthy relationships.
Get the right balance when it comes to work, rest, play and family.
Be active in the promotion of rights and less governmental control.
Don’t waste or trash what you may have cause to regret later on.
Look after what you have so that it lasts longer and has more resale value and that as a result will cost less to repair or replace.
Make sure your decisions and choices are the right ones.
Exercise routine benevolence for what goes around comes around.
Treat everyone as if one day you’ll be dependant on their compassion or mercy.
Lose yourself in some worthy cause.
Invest in a not too expensive hobby.
Appreciate what blessings you have while you still have them.
And learn to appreciate and enjoy the little things in life.

13.  Could This Pertain To You?:

When he was young,

He wasted precious time and now he has little time left.
He indulged and neglected his body and now it’s paining, preventing and costing.
He played around and now he's infectious.
He filled his head with rubbish and now it’s really messing with him.
He sneered at education and now he's wishing he had a better job.
He didn’t give his parents much thought and now they’ve gone.
He didn’t give much thought to others and now they’re not giving much thought to him.
He mistreated many and now what has gone around has come around.
He didn’t choose his partner wisely and now his thoughts and eyes are elsewhere.
He didn’t raise his children well and now he's visiting a penitentiary.
He pursued the reckless and extreme and now he's a burden his loved ones have to bear.
He sought the selfish and unworthy and now he's living with loss of respect and dignity.
He spent his money instead of saving it and now he's dependant on benevolence and charity.
He played the big man but now he's reduced to childlike needs.
He laughed at good advice and now he's giving it.
He laughed at the elderly and soon will be one of them.
He hung around with those who were just like him and why it took him so long to see.
In other words, He foolishly built on sand and now the tide has come in.

O was it her?

14.  Where One Should Speak Out:

Where freedom of expression or civil and religious liberty are under threat.
Where others may be endangered or wrongly influenced.
Wherever there is prejudice, racism and bigotry.
Where someone is being wrongly maligned (bearing in mind that one day that someone could well be you).
Where truth is under attack or injured.
Where an injustice is occurring (and because every injustice ignored sees injustice grow).
Where there is anyone who needs us to speak on their behalf.
Where there is physical or sexual abuse.
Where threats against any life is made.
Where there's corruption and foul play.
Where there's tyranny and oppression.

Because you may not get another opportunity than the one that comes your way.
Because it shows that you have a mind and will of your own, an inner strength.
Because it builds character, courageous muscles.
Because it encourages others to, sets a valuable example.
Because it’s cowardly to not speak out.

Altered and added to on 11 September 2020.

15.  These Will Serve You Well:

An inquiring, questioning and open mind;
A certain distrust of the modern media;
Little faith in majorities;
A refusal to bow to peer pressure or the herd mentality;
A refusal to idolize or worship anyone;
Personal vigilance and diligence as opposed to trusting in others;
A natural caution when it comes to the ideas and plans of others that somehow impact on lives;
An awareness of the propaganda from vested interests;
A wariness of “signs and wonders”;
A level-headedness and realistic outlook;
Little interest in popularity;
A healthy individualism;
And a sound moral compass.

16.  Dangerous Media:

Censored News.
Doctored News.
Biased News.
Unbalanced News.
Unverified News.
Fake News.

17.  Keep This In Mind:

That those who’ve an evil agenda, and who do not have your best interests at heart,

Malign anyone and deny anything suggesting or saying otherwise.
Seek to silence opposition, destroy or withhold evidence, remove opportunity and avenues for complaint, and appoint those who will bow to their wishes.
Use circumstances or situations to their advantage.
Make promises they won’t keep.
Make ambiguous statements.
Say things that they know you’ll want to hear.
Avoid answering questions directly.
Twist the truth.
Bend or change the rules, interfere in due process.
Feign ignorance regarding certain underhand activities, or point to anyone or anything rather than themselves.
Hide behind popular causes, religion, positions of authority and institutions.
Create problems behind the scenes that they then profess to have the answers to, thereby receiving approval to implement those answers which further their plans.
Provide fake evidence.
Are often charismatic, influential, wealthy, very educated, or benign seeming.
And usually tell you that they do have your best interests at heart.

18.  Near Death Experiences:

Unsure of author.

Anything that takes place during a ‘Near Death Experience’ can happen in ‘real’ life. Period. Anesthesia, pituitary tumors, and too much carbon dioxide, for instance, can all trigger an apparent “out-of-body” experience. The “light at the end of a tunnel” featured in some NDEs, to give another example, can be duplicated by epilepsy, migraines, meditation, and drugs such as LSD, psilocybin, and mescaline. Even falling asleep triggers this reaction in some people! Under certain conditions the brain reacts in seemingly bizarre, but fairly predictable ways. Frightened, in shock, poisoned by the byproducts of dying cells – under these conditions, is it any wonder dying people see things that are out of the ordinary? Granted, exactly why people see what they do while dying is a mystery, but no more so than why people see what they do while dreaming. The ultimate answer to both questions lies within our skulls – not outside. Proponents of the NDE talk in terms of ‘cosmic unity,’ ‘life force,’ ‘energy balance,’ ‘morphic resonance,’ ‘inner awareness,’ ‘oneness with the universe,’ ‘life energy,’  ‘psychic awakening,’ and other phrases that should be an immediate clue to be wary. These concepts are derivatives of many far eastern religions that have been appropriated in New Age philosophy.

19. It Surely Goes Without Saying, That...

We can hardly speak of...

Peace, and then go warring;
Harmony, and then behave selfishly;
Unity, and then behave divisibly;
Inclusiveness, and then turn our back on others;
Open-mindedness, and then indulge in bigotry;
Fairness, and then act partially;
Tolerance, and then demand conformity.
Better ways, and then continue in the same old ways;
Truth, and then lie and mislead, or propagate falsehood;
Love, and then indulge in hatred;
Kindness, and then indulge in cruelty;
Compassion, and then display indifference;
Mercy, and then act selectively;
Forgiveness, and then hold a grudge;
Justice, and then hurt and punish the innocent;
Integrity, and then indulge in compromise;
Principles, and then embrace the “end justifies the means.”
Standards, and then laugh at morality;
Transparency, and then act behind the scene.
Rights, and then walk over any;
Lawfulness, and then try to get away with things;
Respect, and then sneer at authority;
Responsibility, and then act recklessly;
Privacy, and then interfere with such;
Freedom of expression, and then restrict it;
Freedom and liberty, and then impinge on them;
A clean, green planet, and then indulge in fouling it;
Enlightenment, and then engage in darkness;
The moral high-ground, and then operate from the immoral low-ground;
Christianity, and then act un-Christ-like — otherwise, we’re simply hypocrites who twist and bend things to suit, and will never rise any higher than the level we choose.

20. Why Indeed, Dad

Is marriage a bad thing, Dad, and a life-long commitment to such?
No, son, but now we’ve decided to just live together, and when we tire of someone we’re living with, or don’t want to put further effort into resolving any disagreements we have with them, we up and leave.

Is romance a bad thing, Dad?
No, son, it’s just that we now prefer to cut to the chase, sort of thing — in other words, indulge in sexual intimacy straight up.

Is modesty a bad thing, Dad?
No, son, but now we’re into the sexy, thus flaunting has become common fare and the sexual a favourite pastime.

Is morality a bad thing, Dad?
No, son, but now we’re into promiscuity, one night stands, porn, baring it all, hard out swearing and crudity.

Is selflessness a bad thing, Dad?
No, son, but now we’ve become more focussed on “me,” “mine” and self preservation.

Is generosity a bad thing, Dad?
No, son, but now we prefer to accumulate as much as possible for ourselves, are more sceptical of cries for help, and have many reasons for why we can’t.

Is responsibility a bad thing, Dad?
No, son, but now we’re into reckless pursuits, extreme sports, and have really taken to sowing wild oats.

Is thoughtfulness a bad thing, Dad?
No, son, but now we haven’t got much time for such.

Is mercy a bad thing, Dad?
No, son, but now we prefer to strike back, forgo second chances, not forgive, and want prisons tougher and sentences longer.

Is integrity a bad thing, Dad?
No, son, but now we’ve learnt to compromise and thus bend to suit the situation or whatever suits in general.

Is going to church a bad thing, Dad, and reading the Bible?
No, son, but now we’ve turned churches into entertainment centres, are into anything that makes us “feel” spiritual, and read whatever we prefer instead.

Is Christianity a bad thing, Dad?
No, son, but now we don’t feel the same need of such, and prefer the idea of having evolved out of nothing rather than having been created.

Is there anything wrong with beautiful melodies and songs, Dad?
No, son, but now we’re into heavy and constant beat, wild guitars, rap, metal this and acid that, love to belt out songs rather than croon, and prefer to use music as an outlet for our anger, complaints, grievances, etc.

Is healthy living a bad thing, Dad?
No, son, but now we’ve taken eating, drinking and being merry to a whole new level, have a ferocious appetite for drugs, and also stimulants that allow us to push our bodies.

Are we better off, Dad?
I don’t think so, son.
Then why the change, Dad?
Why indeed, son.

21. More To Think About

We kill the inconvenient unborn;
We go for the death penalty because it suits our desire for the ultimate revenge;
We kill in anger or as plotted;
We kill creatures to satisfy our lust for flesh food;
We kill creatures simply for sport;
We do atrocious experiments on animals, and until they die;
We torture our enemies as we would not have them do unto us;
We kill via mindless intoxication;
We deludedly or cunningly kill in the supposed name of God;
We kill whoever we consider the enemy;
We effectively kill in our mind;
We bully someone until they take their life;
We view Euthanasia as a blessing;
and we call this progress?

We’ve dumped marriage until death do us part in favour of living together until boredom or problems arise;
We’ve given prostitution the green light;
We’ve given going to church the flick;
We’ve become obsessed with money and lost in pleasure seeking;
We’ve chosen a nightly diet of violence, sexual debauchery, foul language and stupidity;
We’ve built monuments for the dead while neglecting the living;
We’re searching the heavens for life while taking lives on Earth;
We’ve exchanged freedom for so-called security,
science and medicine for New Age mumbo-jumbo,
wives for mistresses,
love for lust,
truth for lies,
wisdom for folly,
children for lifestyles,
Nature’s healthy supplies for man’s injurious concoctions,
educational books for novels,
modesty for shame,
peace for warring,
restraint for overindulgence,
humbleness for vanity;
kindness for cruelty;
quality for quantity;
charity for greed,
and we call this progress?

22. Is This What The World Has Come To?

Corrupt, agenda driven, left and right swinging politicians.
Rigged elections.
Biased, puppet journalists.
A monopolised news media.
A decrease in civil, religious liberties.
Secret societies.
Imprisoned whistleblowers.
Bombed hospitals and food convoys.
An apocalyptic arsenal.
Fanatical, bigoted, murdering terrorists.
Racial policemen.
A growing Klu Klux Klan.
Religious charlatans, false prophets and messiahs.
Faithless, power seeking Christians.
Drug enhanced competitors.
Fixed matches.
Millionaire drug lords.
Human traffickers.
Spammers and hackers.
Greedy speculators.
Bogus doctors.
Cowboy builders.
Hollywood fed sex and violence.
Singers, musicians, actors and entertainers who’re more ambassadors for the occult.
Porn on tap.
Cage fighting.
Cyber bullying.
Vivisection torture chambers for experimenting on animals.
Abortion clinics.
Paedophile rings.
Needed women’s refuge and rape crisis centres.
Needed night shelters and rehab clinics.
Errant judges.
A toothless United Nations.
A string of Presidents far from the likes of Abraham Lincoln.
Unfit presidential hopefuls with murky, shameful backgrounds.

23.  I Don't Have A Problem With:

Rich folk if they’re generous and unassuming;
Celebrities if they’re humble and approachable;
Protesters if they’re law abiding and thoughtful;
Soldiers if they’re humane and peaceable;
Magistrates if they’re impartial and merciful;
Policemen if they’re above reproach and friendly;
Politicians if they’re honest and transparent;
Teachers if they’re patient and helpful;
Parents if they’re loving and honourable;
Students if they’re respectful and teachable;
Doctors if they’re thorough and kindly;
Nurses if they’re tender and compassionate;
Dentists if they’re charitable and gentle;
Tradesmen if they’re qualified and sound;
Journalists if they’re unbiased and accurate;
Counsellors if they’re understanding and trustworthy;
Debaters if they’re open and fair;
Poets if they’re into rhythm and rhyme;
Artists if they’re into beauty and order;
Writers if they’re into truth and wisdom;
Composers if they’re into melody and harmony;
Musicians if they’re skilled and restrained;
Singers if they’re unaffected and talented.

24.  Confused? Me Too!

We condemn bad behaviour yet laugh when we see it on TV or at the movies.

We bemoan lawlessness yet break the speed limit, fiddle our taxes and drink while driving.

We condemn child abuse yet give them junk food and expose them to violence.

We go on about poverty and people starving yet waste money on the likes of fireworks.

We condemn hate speech yet verbally abuse our partners, neighbours, and even indulge in road rage.

We practice promiscuity and condone divorce yet expect married couples to be faithful.

We eat living breathing creatures yet punish those who’re cruel to them.

We complain about the cost of living yet waste copious amounts of money on things we don’t need.

We desire good health yet consume that which isn’t healthy and use the likes of motor mowers instead of push mowers.

We complain about pollution yet use cars when we could easily walk or use a bike.

We preach against retaliation yet condone illegal forays into other countries.

25.  Just Thinking

Communism — Foxes looking after the chickens.
Capitalism — Elephants dancing in a room full of mice.
Dictators — Bully gorillas.

26.  Think Carefully Before You Have Children 

Why? Because when you have children, you’re in it for the long haul. And the following examples being what could be in store for you:

Serious long term costs — nursery furniture, toys, clothes, food, schooling, medical issues, sports, etc, etc.
Sleepless nights — both from babies, night owls and possibly troubled souls.
Much less time alone with your spouse.
Less time for your own pursuits.
Sexual inconvenience.
Added stresses.
Teacher visits.
Unsuitable suitor hassles.
Possible damage to your reputation.
Possible police visits.
Tensions between you and your spouse.
The challenging of your authority.
Unsuitable friends and bad influences.
Disruptions to your peace and quiet.
Greater accommodation considerations, house wise.
A son-in-law or daughter-in-law that you may not get on with.

27.  Please Tell Me

If the contemporary social engineers have been making the right decisions-cum-introductions and removals, and we’re more advanced in our thinking than those who’ve gone before us, could someone please tell me,

1)  Why is the content in movies, on DVDs, on the internet, and on TV (and early in the day too) getting more violent, gory, sexually explicit, raunchy, crude and fuller of the occult?
2)  Why is hardcore porn saturating society?
3)  Why are more people suffering from depression and emotional struggles (Covid aside)?
4)  Why are mass shootings, general criminal behaviour, lawlessness, broken relationships, split families, fatherless families, sexual assaults and diseases, racism and bigotry, and pedophilia on the rise?
5)  Why is there so much confusion now?
6)  Why is free speech and liberty under serious threat?
7)  Why have the likes of teachers been having more trouble with students?
8)  Why is the number of people visiting rehab centres growing?
9)  Why is there more anger, frustration and drunkenness out there?
10)  Why are prisons overflowing?
Yes, there is more I could mention, sadly.

28.  Question

If society's acceptance and approval of the following,

pornography; same-sex sexual acts; violent, occultic, and sexually explicit TV programmes and movies; public sexiness; promiscuity; prostitution; abortion on demand; no-fault divorce; feminism; non-medical drugs; witchcraft; evolution; non-smacking,

is sensible, right, and beneficial,

and if the discarding of the basic tenents of the Christian faith, biblical morals, principles and standards is also in our best interests,

could someone please tell me why society's becoming more violent, depraved, corrupt, crime-ridden, lawless, selfish, uncaring, cruel, greedy, wasteful, lustful, intolerant, unstable and confused, rather than getting better? In other words, why is the world getting worse?

29.  To Be Honest:

To be honest, laws will hardly stop the likes of child abuse, domestic abuse, sexual assaults, juvenile crime and violence where there’s:
1)  Drugged up, boozed up, messed up, irresponsible, immature, ill-equipped, selfish husbands, wives or parents.
2)  Poorly raised, badly influenced, undisciplined, rudderless, mistreated children.
3)  A compass missing, porn-fuelled, sex obsessed, bare it all, do it with whoever, whenever, wherever, marriage knocking, home wife denigrating, alcohol and drug ridden, violence fed, gun wielding, fist baring, gang plagued, lawless, truth rubbishing, anything goes, reckless, latchkey society, and  where corruption, dishonesty, errancy and self-serving agendas are rampant in high places,
because all need root-cause attention,
and aren't helped by high unemployment, unaffordable rental accomadation, high consumer costs, and a lack of housing in general and access to basic needs.

30 Politicians

We will never get sound government until we get sound men (or women), men of integrity, noble character, who won't lie, fudge, dodge, skip, hide, twist, stretch, fool, make excuses, behave childishly, bullishly, or pedantically, nor succumb to ego and popularity;
men with no personal axe to grind, and who've no left or right agenda, but simply a passion for improving the lot of their fellowman, creatures, society, Earth, a passion that's displayed in policies that don't polarise, stigmatise, rob Peter to pay Paul, sell of the family's heirlooms (the country's assets), imperil the safety, health, liberties, rights, and quality of life of its citizens, give government greater control over its citizens, favour the rich over the poor, and that aren't draconian;
men who won't feather their own nest, misuse privileges, fleece, indulge in cronyism, manipulate things to their advantage, chase the baubles of power, pander to certain quarters, promise and not deliver without good and acceptable reason, nor cave under pressure;
and men who've no skeletons in their cupboard.

31.  Beware Any Presidential Candidate:

Who shoots their mouth off without due care and thought.
Who crows and says the outrageous and foolish.
Who indulges in petty, childish slagging.
Who mocks and mimics.
Who swaggers, has an ego problem, bully boy ways, overreaching minders, a chequered past, any skeletons in the cupboard or a lust for wealth and power.
Who’s only too happy to crack a whip, don a holster, sign away rights, limit freedom of expression or torture some foe.
Who suffers from patriotic tunnel vision.
Who courts whoever will aid their rise and agenda.
Who lacks integrity, moral fibre and restraint.
Who’s suddenly a convenient Christian or has Constantine tendencies.
Who can’t abide protest or opposition.
Who belongs to a secret society.
Who acts like a one man band.
Who says one thing and does another or denies what he or she said.

32.  My Take, In Light Of Today:

Is CENTRE of the spectrum, middle-of-the-road, seeks less government interference and control, but may tilt to the right, or stray into ultraconservative territory depending on the party or person.
Is generally marked by moderation and caution, thus controlled, prudent and sensibly committed.
Upholds values, standards, principles and boundaries whilst remaining open-minded, flexible and tolerant. Favours traditional practices and values, sticks with the tried and tested. Can be reluctant to rock the boat.
Attempts to reason.

Religion wise:
Sticks to the biblically mandated straight and narrow, and thus is a true witness.
Is a heart experience.
Respectfully worships.
Pleases God.
Could be seen as the path that Jesus trod who was perceived as a liberal by the ultraconservative class but who didn’t fit any camp being nothing but Himself (the way, the truth, and the life).

Is RIGHT of the spectrum. Right-wing. Dyed in the wool. Hence the danger of fascism, or religious intolerance. And hence that "Big Brother" label.
Is marked by in-your-face approaches, militancy, thoughtless and imprudent zealousness, pride, arrogance, narrow-mindedness or close-mindedness, and is prone to fanaticism. Can also be attached to an unhealthy patriotism akin to that hysteria that’s seen in communistic countries, or where there are dictators. Hence that Heil Trump, Heil Putin or Heil Constantine. ISIS territory too. And in that same territory, the likes of the moral majority, the tea-party, those who harass abortion clinic employees and homosexuals, those involved in the Capitol Hill insurrection (Proud boys), and so on.
Majors on boundaries.
Attempts to force, is polarising and seeks conformity.
Is dogmatic, draconian, inflexible, intolerant and judgmental.

Religion wise:
Unnecessarily burdens by adding to the straight and narrow, just like the Pharisees of old. Is works and perfection orientated, prone to heresy and ascetic behaviour, and thus is a distorted witness.
Pleases no one but itself.
Is a head experience.
Seeks political power in order to legislate its dogma.
Is the path that errant man takes.

Is LEFT of the spectrum. Left-wing. Dyed in the wool. Hence the danger of communistic tendencies. And hence that "Nanny State" label.
Is marked by an errant, determined, self-serving, libertine recklessness, and an open-mindedness that goes too far.
Challenges or assaults boundaries, particularly traditional values and practices. Pushes the envelope.
Very much behind the likes of drugs, what it calls alternative marriages, prostitution, abortion on demand, and so on.
Tends to be light on crime and irresponsible come welfare.
Is tied in with troublemaking unions.
Attempts to pressurise.
Like ultra-conservatism, it doesn't always handle opposition well, nor inspection, and thus is prone to its own type of arrogant  zealousness, ostracizing any who cross its libertine desires and wails, and hence cancel culture. Oppose same-sex sexual acts and Gay marriages, for example, and you'll soon know what I mean.

Religion wise:
Takes the popular, superficial, broad road, diluting and dismantling, and thus is a false witness.
Irreverently worships, mixes the profane with the heavenly, and thus prone to heresy too.
Pleases man.
Is a flesh experience.
Is a similar path to what this world takes.

Whether you have conservative or liberal leanings, it pays to stay centered, avoiding extremes and remaining open to discussion, aware of what might be worthy on either side. A builder's level is worth bearing in mind, which when its eye is centered, tells you when you've got things right, and you thus going from there. If we don't have a solid foundation of core values, we open ourselves up to being wrongly led in either direction.
For example, we shouldn't be foolishly soft nor insensitively hard. And remember, loving everyone doesn't mean accepting everything.

Also see my poem Cause For Real Concern, Home page.

Added to on 3 September 2023.

33.  It's The Putting Right That Counts

Yes, you got that wrong, Mister Trump, because it's not God, Family and Country, but rather, it's God, Family and Humanity.

Here's what I've seen on T-shirts:

Birth place — Earth
Race — Human
Politics — Peace
Religion — Love

What they had in mind, I'm not exactly sure of, but here's my response:

Birth place — Earth
"In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth" (Genesis 1:1, KJV).
Race — Human
"And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness..." (Genesis 1:26, KJV).
Politics — Peace
Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men" (Luke 2:14, KJV).
Religion — Love
"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life" (John 3:16, KJV).

All in all, Christianity.

34.  Why I'm A Follower Of Jesus Christ

The reason I'm a follower of Jesus Christ is because He has said via His Word (which I can't fault here):

Love everyone, even your enemy.
Forgive and never seek revenge.
Live peacefully and lawfully.
Seek truth and a noble heart and mind.
Look after those who’re poor and those who’re widows.
Show thought for the sick and weak.
Respect those in positions of authority.
Be kind, gentle, compassionate and merciful.
Be fair and impartial.

Hate what’s evil and cruel.
Cling to what’s good and right.
Retain faith and hope, think positively and heavenly.
Bear up under trials.
Avoid any powers of darkness.
Be slow to anger.
Be conscientious and content.
Be hospitable.

Listen to advice, accept instruction.
Act selflessly, putting others first.
Be patient, tolerant and generous.
Cherish your spouse.
Look after planet Earth.
Look after your body.
Control passions and desires.
Be loyal and faithful.
Pay your debts.
Don’t steal, lie, hate, envy, murder or fight fire with fire.
Don’t indulge in discord, nor cause trouble.
Don’t be proud, vain or judgmental.
Don’t harm children.
Don’t engage in wrongdoing, unwholesome talk.
Don’t indulge in drunkenness.
Don’t be greedy or bitter.
Don't be reckless or lazy.
Don't slander.
Don't speak ill of others.

Don’t commit adultery.
Don’t be a bad influence.

35.  Despite Society Becoming More Godless:

It's interesting how we hear all and sundry saying the likes of,

Oh my God!     
God forbid.
Honest to God.
God only knows.
Thank God!
God rest her soul.
God bless.
God help us.
God willing.         
I swear to God.
God’s gift to man.
An act of God.
There but for the grace of God.     
I’m praying for a fine day.     
Heavens above!     
Heaven only knows.
For heavens sake!
Heaven sent.
It’s the gospel truth.
God's truth.
We need a miracle.
Baptism by fire.
A blessing in disguise.
Divine retribution.
Divine providence.

And here's more of Christian origin:

Turn the other cheek.
Thorn in the flesh.
Rob Peter to pay Paul.
Harmless as doves.
A good Samaritan.
Doubting Thomas.
Filthy lucre.

Yes, there's still a lot of recognition going on, isn't there.


36.  Your Hearing Is Precious

Seems sad but true that most have to lose their hearing, or suffer damage to their hearing, before they truly appreciate it, or appreciate it as much as they should.
So how do we lose or damage our hearing, including ending up suffering from tinnitus (noises within the ear), a miserable thing on its own?
Well, other than via some misfortune (certain antibiotics and other medications, ear infections, explosions, etc.), or a general deterioration due to age, there are two ways in which hearing loss occurs:
a)  Via conscious exposure to noise, willingly or unwillingly.
b)  Via unconscious exposure to noise.
The latter occurs due to ignorance, or due to what we think are benign noises — in other words, noises that we don’t think are harmful when they actually are, especially accumulatively.
Our hearing deteriorates over time not just due to specific occurrences but due to accumulative exposure to noises in general throughout our lifetime. Therefore, if we truly value our hearing, the idea is to lessen such exposure.
The following is a list of noise damaging examples that can result in immediate damage or accumulative damage (wear and tear on one’s hearing), and bearing in mind that while we can’t always get away from such noises we can limit exposure to them, and take precautions.
Here we go:
1)  Remaining in a room where there’s a loud babble of noise. The longer one remains the more likely and worse the damage may be. Examples: General gatherings which would include wedding receptions, parties and other such functions, church luncheons; and venues would include bars, night clubs, airport terminals and the likes.
2)  Machinery. Examples: Lawnmowers (better to use a push mower), electric power tools, electric kitchen equipment (food mixers, blenders), electric household equipment (vacuum cleaners), hand drying machines in public places (some excessively noisy).
3)  Guns, explosives, crackers.
4)  Screaming children (worse if they’re being held), classrooms where yelling children are present, childcare centres, kindergartens, playcentres.
5)  The unnecessary slamming of doors, windows, cupboards, the loud shuffling of pots and pans, crockery and cutlery, which near one’s ears may do damage instantly or accumulatively. Also, the whacking or throwing of things, or the dropping of things that can result in a loud noise, thus we need to be more aware, cautious, careful.
6)  Hammering.
7)  Alarms, sirens, whistles, horns.
8)  Music volume, and especially from stereo headphones sitting over or in the ear. Best not to enjoy music at all via this means.
9)  Fax machines and the likes via the telephone receiver.
10)  Sports events, general events, shows, where there’s loud noise due to people either yelling, whistling out, or even singing in mass, loud music, fireworks, hailers, starting guns, motor racing, revving, acoustic feedback, etc.
11)  Shopping malls where there are many people and an accumulation of surrounding noises in general.
12)  Transport. Example: General traffic noise, riding on motorbikes, being in or near noisy cars and trucks. Bus, train, boat, and plane travel. Airports where shrill engines are running.
13)  Noises coming from work being done nearby, or machines that are stationed nearby.
14)  The low frequency noises coming from amplified sound (woofers).
15)  People shouting near your ear.
16)  Driving any reasonable distance with the window down. Such will wear the hearing quicker in the ear that’s closer to the open window and road.
Perhaps you can think of more.
If you value your hearing, I would recommend that where you are exposed to even moderate noise, that you insert, where practical, some kind of noise dampening device into or over your ears. And don’t be afraid to put your hands over your ears in public regarding certain loud noises that go past you or that you pass by. Don’t worry what others might think — you’re hearing isn’t worth damaging for the sake of pride. If your hearing is already damaged then that’s all the more reason to take care of it.
Our ears can be damaged easier than we think! Its not until the damage becomes noticeable that we finally register and become regretful — in other words, the damage can be slow and subtle, hence the danger. Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security. Too many don’t take action until it’s too late. As long as we think we’re hearing well we don’t concern ourselves too much, and therein lies a major problem. Remember, we only hear as good as we’re hearing.
Hear today, gone tomorrow. It can be that quick. So take care — you’ll miss it badly!

37.  Flying

The following has been prompted by the unwise casualness that many display towards flying, and those who would rather not know the dangers, unbelievably; and is a very brief summary that I've drawn from various sources.
This article has been run past two comercial airline pilots (and a skydiving instructor who has also flown aeroplanes). All acknowledged the truth of this article, and said that a lot more could be added.


Firstly, I wouldn't take any notice of the argument that you're more likely to get hurt or killed in a car. That's not comparing apples with apples. People can be rescued from stricken boats, jump into the sea with a life jacket on, or cling to something and float. People can generally get out of a car involved in an accident, even a very bad one. However, when you go somewhere on a plane, you're effectively in a flying submarine. By that I mean, there's no escape until it lands, you can't get out -- in other words, if you're travelling across hundreds of miles of ocean and something goes wrong requiring a landing, you're in serious trouble!
When a plane crash-lands, without ditching its fuel, it's a massive time bomb awaiting detonation. And bear in mind that when a plane crashes hundreds get killed, not just one, two or three as in a car.
When someone drives a vehicle at night they're able to see where they're going. Not so pilots who're hardly just dependant on a window and headlights like drivers. The dangers of night flight are well known.
I wonder how many pilots have some mind-body affecting residue still in their system from something that a few days or hours earlier they had smoked, drank, or whatever. There's documented evidence that certain pilots have been badly affected while flying after having consumed products that contained aspartane which can cause blurred vision, confusion, tremors, etc. In fact, a few have actually lost their licence to fly due to mistakes made under its influence.
So, what are a few more dangers the flyer faces:
1)  Pilot error.
During 2004 in the United States, pilot error was listed as the primary cause of 78.6% of fatal general aviation accidents, and as the primary cause of 75.5% of general aviation accidents overall.
It’s estimated that anywhere between 90% to 95% of aviation accidents and incidents are caused by human factors.
An overwhelming number of plane crashes occur during take-off and landing because take-off and landing are the most dangerous times, such being quite a challenge. There is an old saying in aviation that a landing is nothing more than a controlled crash.
2)  Pilot fatigue. Not uncommon. Pilots often complain about being very tired due to pressures placed upon them.
3)  Control tower error, communication breakdown. Not uncommon.
What do you think of this headline in the Washington Post Dec. 31, 2010: "Air Traffic Controllers Made Record Number of Mistakes in 2010." And by 51 percent! Imagine what it's like in third world countries.
Near misses are common. If a plane and an air traffic controller's time were off by 10 nano-seconds, the plane could actually be 10 feet away from where it was thought to be, proving disastrous.
4)  Mechanical failure.
5)  Electrical failure.
6)  Computer failure.
7)  Engine failure.
8)  Incorrect instrument readings due to certain conditions.
9)  Tyre blowout on landing or take off. Have you seen that smoke that's produced when the main wheels touch down?
10)  Bird strike.
11)  Turbulence. If a plane flies into a massive updraft, which can’t be seen on the radar at night, it’s like hitting a giant speed bump at 500 miles an hour, throwing everything up in the air and then down again very violently. If your seat belt isn't on and the plane is suddenly affected by such, certain turbulence, or an air-pocket, you can be thrown from your seat, or that baby in your arms.
12)  Stormy weather. Cloud suck, hail, St. Elmo's fire, pressure changes, lightning -- lightning can interfere with or damage instruments, particularly computors.
13)  A build up of ice and snow on the wings. A few bits of ice the size of a grain of table salt spread as thin as one per square centimeter on an aircraft wing can prevent planes from getting enough lift to safely take off.
14)  Volcanic ash.
15)  Wind shear.
16)  Air-rage.
17)  Terrorism.
18)  That second hand parts scam.
19)  Pilots can suffer seizures, etc, while flying.
20)  Careless, poor or shoddy maintence. Including sabotage.
21)  Pilot spatial disorientation, sensory illusions.
22)  Pilots are often pressured into carrying less fuel than they are comfortable with. Should they hit the likes of thunder storms or certain delays they're suddenly running out of fuel.
23)  It's worth noting that if a number of people use their cell phone just before the plane is landing, such can cause the pilot to get a false reading on his instruments saying that he is higher than he really is.
24)  Metal fatigue. It's common for fuselage cracks to be found during inspections of older planes. Have you heard about the plane that's roof tore open after it had just taken off? That's why.
25)  Crosswinds. It’s not all that uncommon (thanks to crosswinds) for planes to come in almost sideways and at the last moment for the pilot to straighten the plane in order to land safely (all being well) — Wellington NZ airport a prime example.
26)  Miscalculated weight.
27)  And regarding your general health:
The radiation on a transatlantic flight is equivalent to what you would get during a chest X-ray.
There's the risk of deep vein thrombosis.
Ankles and feet can swell causing pain.
Pressure on your ear drum can cause pain.
The gas in your lungs expands which can cause chest pain. Gas also expands in your intestine which can cause abdominal pain.
People who have high blood pressure or heart disease are more likely to have strokes and heart attacks while flying.
There's jet-lag, which can cause general fatigue, emotional stress, headaches.
There's the recirculating of toxic, dirty or stale air. Contrary to what you may have been told, the air in a plane is not always fresh. Thus, one can pick up nasty bugs simply by breathing in the recycled air because all passengers breathe in the contaminated air that's circulated within the plane's air conditioning system. Thus, most people have no idea that something they later came down with was as a result of their breathing in that air.
Sudden depressurisation can cause problems for some, especially those with heart conditions.

But wait, that's not all!

38.  Chocolate

Chocolate contains tannin, theobromine (the primary chemical), and caffeine.
Caffeine negatively affects and alters brain function. Without a doubt, it's a drug, one that can create an addiction, hence why many can't seem to do without their coffee, tea, cola, or chocolate fix, and can suffer from withdrawal symptoms. While it initially gives one a lift mentally, it eventually leaves one with less mental alertness than before. It's believed that it can even lead to dementia and is known to cause birth defects in babies. Caffeine is also a diuretic -- that is, it dehydrates.
Caffeine and theobromine are methylxanthines. The presence of methylxanthines in the body can lead to the development of cysts and benign tumours, particularly in the female breast. It's believed by many in the medical profession that methylxanthines can likewise affect the male prostate.
Chocolate is made from cocoa beans. The cocoa pod processing, which is carried out in countries where sanitation levels and production standards are low, is one that attracts various kinds of contamination — among them: urine and excreta from dogs and rodents, moulds, bacteria, and insects. Hence the U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare acknowledgment of such. This agency attempts to limit such contamination by requiring that visible or solid animal excreta must not exceed ten milligrams per pound; that chocolate powder must not have more than seventy-five insect body fragments in three tablespoons of powder. Can you believe it! They realise that such contamination is part and parcel of the scene, and therefore are foolishly prepared to accept a degree of such — a degree that is clearly injurious, let alone appalling. And it may well be that this contamination is responsible for resultant allergies, and not just the chocolate itself.
As a cancer control measure, women are advised to discontinue taking tea, coffee, cola, and chocolate. Why? Because they contain methylxanthines.
Chocolate is loaded with sugar and contains high amounts of artificial flavours, colourings, and various chemicals to keep it fresh.
Chocolate is also responsible for increasing calcium excretion, and can cause headaches, nervous irritation, muscle twitches, disturbed sleep, anxiety, and depression.

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