To My God



This page is not part of the Christian section that's found in my second poetry garden, and thus stands alone.

"My soul followeth hard after Thee: Thy right hand upholdeth me."
(Psalm 63:8, KJV)

"Our view of God is determined by how well we know Him."
The poet, author


1.  To My God

Dear God above, ruler of the universes, other worlds You’ve created,
Including Earth, us — in fact, EVERYTHING — and, “In the beginning…” stated.
I thank You, accept You, praise You and serve You, ’cause without You, there’d be no hope,
And meantime, midst the sorrows and horrors of this world, You helping me to cope.

Oh, how often I’ve let You down, yet loving and gracious You still are, oh Lord,
And hence why I want to be loyal to You, come trials, sorrows or cruel sword.
I’m so in awe of how You’ve borne long with me, and what You’ve done on my behalf,
And why come Your sifting, dear God above, I pray You’ll find me wheat and not chaff.

By Lance Landall

2.  Unforgettable

Unforgettable, that’s what You are, the God of love who died to save, but rose,
Hence why I accept the mantle of bride, and the path of discipleship chose.
Yes, I happy to submit and declare my loyalty to You alone, Lord,
Calvary my reassuring harbour, You the solid rock to which I’m moored.

Oh, how we declare our love for others, romantic words and songs aplenty,
The airwaves full of voices waxing lyrical, but not so often of Thee.
Hence why I want to raise my own voice higher, that You, Lord, shine above them all,
’Cause You’re the only one who’s truly unforgettable — oh, come that banquet hall!

Yes, how I long for that wedding feast, that day when we’ll not be parted again,
For You, Lord, will be living on the Earth made new midst redeemed women and men.
Oh, what a scene to dwell on, the God of love ever by my side — praise Your name! —
You absolutely unforgettable, a Saviour who the odds overcame.

By Lance Landall

3.  Prone To Wander

Prone to wander — oh yes, how I am, from the safety of Your arms, Lord,
I can’t understand why I do, for who, such wandering can afford?
Yes, prone to wander, prone to wander, just can’t understand why I do,
And more so, given that soon, Lord, I’m hoping to be home with You.

Hence why I cry aloud, dear Lord, please calm this restlessness within me,
And from the troubling of my soul that often burdens, please set me free.
I don’t want to lose my way, go astray, so please restrain me, I pray,
Yes, hold me back from wandering, lest one sorry day, I Thee betray.

For far too often I lose sight of Thee, lose my grip and downward slip,
Or at the least, feel I’m only hanging in there via a fingertip.
And midst those distressing times, I feel so lost, so toil and trouble tossed,
Needy of that power and fervour experienced at Pentecost.

Oh yes, prone to wander, Lord, prone to wander, a fool am I, so weak,
For in my inner most soul, it’s not this earth but You, Lord, that I seek.
Yet, from the safety of Your arms, and peace that calms, I so often stray,
And why I amidst my distress, my sin confess, and, “Please save me,” pray.

You know I’m mortal; flesh and bone, wretched, dependant, lost without Thee,
A child who’s far from home, caught between the earthly and the heavenly.
And how I hate that sinking feeling that comes when my eyes aren’t on Thee,
That despair, that hopelessness, that shakes, overtakes, too regularly.

Hence my cry, Lord, please break the pattern, that more consistent I might be,
No more prone to wander, nor tossed about like a cork upon life’s sea.
But rather, safely moored, anchored to the Rock, my burdens cast on Thee,
A true disciple, empowered, renewed, a living testimony.

Yes, prone to wander, but may it be, back to that safety found in Thee,
Never to stray, but rather, there to stay, throughout all eternity.
So hear my prayer, oh Lord, incline Thine ear, and my footsteps homeward steer,
And grant me strength as well, I cry, that I, midst my trials will persevere.

By Lance Landall

4.  On Thee I Call

Dear heavenly Father,

Cleanse me with that healing blood that flows from Calvary’s cross,
Cover me with saving grace that hides fallen earthly dross.
Create a Holy haven where the Spirit can reside,
Deep within this heart of mine, thus transforming from inside.

Shine heavenly rays of light on this mind that's sick with sin,
Brightening every corner till no darkness lurks within.
Recharge my ailing body with Your power from on high,
So that every day I rise I will “Hallelujah!” cry.

Wrest me from the devil’s grip, remove prison walls he’s built,
And using Heaven’s blow-torch, every sinful shackle melt.
Let the cost of Calvary remain etched upon my mind,
And help me every morning Your presence prayerfully find.

Send me messages of love wrapped in providential care,
Help me wait attentively for Your whispers in my ear.
Please help me see more clearly all the blessings that You pour,
And enshrine within my heart Your unchanging Holy Law.

Slay all selfishness and pride so that humble I will be,
And fill me with compassion for both friend and enemy.
Crush prejudice and bias, have me act impartially,
And throughout my life on earth help me faithful always be.

Gush fountains full of wisdom that will shower truth on me,
Install in me desires that are pure and Heavenly.
Create a burning passion for the things You’d have me do,
And clothe me with Your love, Lord, so that others will see You.

Colour with Heaven’s pastels every day you give to me,
Till every day’s a picture that reflects the Heavenly.
Let the portrait You’ve begun that’s an image of the Son,
Remain upon Your easel till that work of art is done.

By Lance Landall

5.  God Of Revelation

Oh, God of revelation, who words of life has given,
In awe of Your great knowledge I to my knees am driven.
Enlighten with Your wisdom this simple earthly vessel,
That the beauty of Your Truth deep in my heart will nestle.

May the beams of Heaven’s light flood my feeble searching mind,
So that this mere mortal man Your immortal truths will find.
Open like a bud in spring Your sweet Word before my eyes,
So that blooms of truth I’ll see, and clasping, forever prize.

May every revelation that You seek to share with me,
Take root in fertile soil and bear fruit that pleases Thee.
May the seed from fruitage born spread to soil You’ve prepared,
So that other hearts and minds may receive what You’ve declared.

Please strengthen my resolve, Lord, to be faithful to Your Word,
Increase my understanding, let Your voice be clearly heard.
Light a passion in my soul for Your Truth that sets men free,
And daily fuel that fire so it’ll burn continually.

Unlock Your kingdom’s treasure so that richer I will be,
Spellbound by Your gems of truth I’ll take hold of eagerly.
Every jewel that’s granted me I will study with delight,
And polish it with practice so that it’s kept shining bright.

Keep error from invading the avenues of my mind,
Whereby access may be gained to the Truth You want enshrined.
Let nothing rob this treasure that You want securely stored
In this heart and mind of mine that seeks to do Your will, Lord.

Blessēd Lord, who wisdom shares, at Your Holy feet I kneel,
With gratitude abounding for the Truth that You reveal.
I will ever praise Your name for the light that Your Truth gives
That safely guides my footsteps
as within me, it now lives.

By Lance Landall

6.  Come Soon, Lord

I’m longing to go home, Lord, as I am tired of this life below,
For there's too much pain and heartache, and winds of evil always blow.
The seasons are out of kilter, and the weather’s out of control,
As nature is running amuck — yes, there’s chaos from pole to pole.

We’ve been here far too long, Lord, we’re simply the dregs of history,
And all the sins of the fathers have increased dramatically.
Most children aren’t showing respect, good role models are far and few,
Most marriages are folding now, and crime is on the increase too.

Seems governments are failing, Lord, thus legislation is oft flawed,
And there’re bullies and slave-drivers, dictators who live by the sword.
Plus voices are being stifled that are calling for transparency,
Which means freedom is slipping away, and with it, democracy.

Poverty's also growing by the hour, whilst wealth is being misused,
And assistance is being withheld too, and most human rights abused.
Oppression is very common, and many folk merely exist,
As it’s every man for himself, and survival of the fittest.

Yes, it’s dog eat dog, do or die, hence children hurt and widows cry,
For there’s misery and suffering, and more keeps going awry.
Pollution has fouled our planet, there is pestilence and disease,
And morality is losing ground, surrounded by vice and sleaze.

There're skirmishes and wars, and a chronic disregard for most laws,
And there is a greater acceptance of all that Heaven abhors.
Seems this world has become a playground for fraudsters, con-men and mobs,
Thus stress and anxiety, the health of so many people robs.

Yes, Heaven’s where I want to be, and I know that You want me there,
Thus I pray that You’ll come soon, Lord, for there are times when I despair.
I know that I'll only make it if You help me to hang in here,
And daily send me more expressions of Your tender loving care.

By Lance Landall

7.  Take My Selfish Heart

Much within me needs changing, Lord, lest You or others I offend,
Thus, such changes I ask of You, for on You, I daily depend.
And one change I sorely desire, Lord, is that change that'll have me be
A witness and a blessing to all who might treat me hurtfully.

So Lord above, who hears each plea, may ample love be given me,
For those ones who mightn't show love to this one who's pleading with Thee.
Fill me with such love each day, until all concern for self is choked,
And until all my thoughts towards such ones are but lovingly cloaked.

Again I plead, for mercy now, just like that which dwells in Thee,
That I such mercy may show towards those less merciful to me.
And I ask for forgiveness too, for those who might treat me cruelly,
That I, via my gracious response, a better way may have them see.

Tolerance and patience I also desire and request of Thee,
For those who might not understand, or who truth might dispute with me.
And help me reason from my heart, and use approaches that are sound,
In order that I may help remove walls where resistance I have found.

The following I also request, beginning with transparency,
So that fairness and honesty I’ll return to those who might deceive me.
And please free me from pretentiousness, and from feigning friendship too,
That I may always (and in every way), be honourable and true.

If anyone talks about me, Lord, saying something that's not true,
Help me when I'm talking of them, not that same wrong thing to do.
And when I speak, please remind me of that angel You’ve provided,
Who’s there beside me every day, knowing that which I've confided.

Create in me a humble spirit, one content to serve like Thee,
So that I'll display forbearance should any lord it over me.
And please remove sinful pride, and any desire for attention,
So that I’ll firstly seek the good of all who here in prayer I mention.

Loving Lord, on whom I call, how like You I so desire to be,
So will You take my selfish heart and make it like that one in Thee?
Yes, help me to always reflect you, Lord, via unselfish daily deeds,
And via carefully chosen words that will sow encouraging seeds.

Oh, there's one thing I’ve forgotten, Lord, which I shouldn’t have at all,
Though maybe I’ve tucked it away, given that it’s the hardest call.
But still, my Lord, I’ll it request, should it allow someone to live:
Please help me for another’s sake, my own life be prepared to give.

I will never cease from seeking, Lord, what I’m asking here of You,
For I know that what I’m asking, Lord, is what You’d want for me too.
So thank you, Lord, I know that You’ve heard, and I trust You’ll grant to me
These things that are sorely needed by all who want to be like Thee.

By Lance Landall

8.  Reminders

I know You love me, Lord, Calvary the clearest of evidence, but you know,
Though we know our earthly parents love us, we still like reminders, things that show.
My spouse knows I love her, but a fool I’d be if I didn’t hug her daily,
That she might see that same strong devotion that I pray I’ll always have for Thee.

I know You’ve done so much for me — enough, one might say — but still those hugs please send,
I sometimes losing sight of things, and my three score years and ten nearing its end.
One never too old for loving expressions, which cheer, encourage and remind,
And hence why I’m beseeching Thee, dear Lord, may each day that I’m given be so signed.

By Lance Landall

9.  Please Make Haste

Dear God above, please make haste, for pain and suffering stalk this fallen planet,
Everything going so horribly different to how You first planned it.
The seasons out of kilter, fires, famines and wars the order of the day,
And so many struggling to get by while others horde their wealth, indulge and play.

Yes, so much pain and suffering could be relieved now, but folk will have to wait,
Until You return, that is, food being wasted, others with their empty plate.
And medical help unaffordable, many shivering, shabby, unwell,
Evils, disasters, heartbreak and general misfortune adding to the ill.

So please make haste, dear Lord, grant us strength for Earth’s final days, the devil’s last stand,
Those calamities that serve as judgments, You removing Your restraining hand.
We clinging to Your promises, only able to triumph via Your power,
So please, Lord, sustain us while You make haste, we longing for Your coming hour.

By Lance Landall

10.  My God

Oh God above, how great You are, hence why I in awe survey Your wondrous and amazing creation,
I also knowing You’re more powerful than the combined might of each armed-to-the-teeth earthly nation.
Oh yes, how great You are, homage belonging to You alone, and why I willingly praise and serve You,
'Cause though You have such awesome power — Almighty God — Your love is even greater still, and boundless too.

Yes, You’re the God of Calvary, the one who gained the victory, the great “I Am” who still lives today,
'Cause though they hung You on a cross and left You there to die, You fled the grave, and thus had the final say.
And hence why my heart sings, 'cause You, Lord — the God of Abraham — conquered death and now rightly sit enthroned above,
And there, midst ruling the universe in splendour, continue to display that same gracious, saving love.

Oh, why would I not heed Your call, 'cause I serve a risen Saviour, one who lives within my very heart,
And why I long for that day when You’ll come in great glory, and if I’m faithful, eternity impart.
And why out of love for others — a love that You first showed me, Lord — I loudly and passionately sing:
“Jesus is coming again. Worship Him who made the heavens and the Earth, and from whom all good things spring.”

Yes, how great You are, Lord, a good friend indeed, who fills my soul with joy, and why “Hallelujah!” I cry,
And why all to Thee I surrender, and seek You in prayer, 'cause only You, Lord, can truly satisfy.
Yes, a God whose giving knows no ending, a God whose wisdom’s unsurpassed, and whose love is deep and true,
And hence why all that fills my soul is Jesus — yes, You, Lord — my Maker and King, to whom all glory’s due.

By Lance Landall

11.  Willingly, Utterly, Dependant On Thee

Day by day, moment by moment, willingly, utterly, dependant on Thee,
That strength and support that You supply, no credit or pride to be found in me.
The glory but yours alone, Lord, oh God of love and grace, my Hope, Rock and Shield,
My very Creator and Redeemer, to whom I unreservedly yield.

Yes, I’m well aware of my need of Thee, fallen, broken and adrift at sea,
Unable to walk on water too, Lord, all why I must keep my eyes on Thee.
So please still those storms that cause anxiety and fear, that peace and calm may reign,
And so that the indwelling power of Your sweet presence, Lord, will be made plain.

By Lance Landall

12.  Dear Lord

How I pray for those daily expressions that reveal Your loving thought and care,
Your deeply personal interest in me which confirms that you’re very near.
Oh, how I relish those tailor-made assurances of Your saving grace,
And rejoice in those God-incidences where Your creativeness I can trace.

Oh yes, those divine and supernatural occurrences that stagger me,
And that prove Your presence in this world, the truth of what’s stated biblically.
Such increasing my faith and trust in Thee, hollering You’re always there for me,
And why I pray that more and more of those heavenly expressions I might see.

By Lance Landall

13.  Dear God Above

Dear God above, please shower me with love, that I may know Thee, the God of love,
Who, on our behalf, and for our sake, descended from His Holy realm above.
Now, if that’s not love, then what is love? But even so, far more I wish to know
Regarding that love that You have for me, and all who inhabit Earth below.

In other words, may my heart melt under Your warmth, and I become lost in Thee,
Both grateful and astounded at Your loving kindness, Your goodness and mercy.
For I desire to follow You out of love and not fear, nor formality,
But rather, because I’ve been captivated, and desire Thee passionately.

Oh yes, may the things of Earth grow strangely dim in the presence of Your bright light,
I not just a seeker of Thee, but all that’s righteous and worthy in Your sight.
And thus I no further seduced by that which misleads, stains, corrupts and destroys;
In other words, those distractions, lies and clever illusions Satan employs.

And may it be, that amidst deep discouragement, misery, pain or heartbreak,
I receive even greater evidence of Your love, and You, never forsake.
For the devil has sought me, and seeks to block Your love via dark and cloudy skies,
And why I pray that Your showers of love will hush my anxieties and whys.

By Lance Landall

14.  A Special Pleasant Place

Dear God above, I want to love my fellow men and women just like You do,
Free of self interest, hence those heavenly things I want to say and do too.
That encouragement and comfort that I want to give, love that I want to share,
So that the lives of others may be blessed, and so that Your presence may be clear.

All why I ask for help to rise above my own pain, that I might show empathy,
And lose myself in their needs, carrying my cross without compliant, just like Thee.
Oh yes, help me find that pleasant place, dear Lord, where there’s no sweeter memory
Than that gratefulness seen on the faces of others ’cause of acting like Thee.

By Lance Landall

15.  I'd Love Another Hug

You know even more than me, Lord, how a child needs a hug, and regularly,
Such helping them to feel loved and thus creating a sense of security.
And hence why I like receiving hugs too, Lord, because I am a child of Yours,
One who also wants to feel loved, sensing that same security in Your pause.

Yes, I know that You’re busy, Lord, for You’ve a world to run, twenty-four hours,
And seven days a week, You a hardworking parent too, who blessings showers;
And I the recipient of so many, and why I really can’t complain,
But where You have the time, Lord, I’d love another hug, and more so when in pain.

By Lance Landall

16.  Midst The Darkness Of Tribulation

Midst the darkness of tribulation, lighten my way, Lord, that I may see
Glimpses of heavenly love and grace, rays of hope and promise, sent from Thee.
Help me hear the melodious strains of the heavenly angelic choir,
And quicken within my breast, Lord, a stronger, deeper heavenly desire.

Yes, midst the darkness of tribulation, surround me with your loving care,
And those angels too, Lord, who keep watch and praises and requests upward bare.
Grant me strength to carry on, and that peace and joy that’s only found in Thee,
So that I may be a true and faithful witness, secure the victory.

By Lance Landall

17.  So In Awe

I saw You at work today, Lord, and it really blew me away, humbled me,
I so in awe of Your loving concern and out-of-this-world ability.
And so, I just had to put it in writing, preserve it in my memory,
So that in the future, and midst some low, I will remember how You helped Me.

Yes, I prayed and You heard, Lord, another person’s kindness Your response, and wow!
’Cause not only was a problem taken care of, and my prayer answered, but how!
For You’ve a thousand ways of which we know not one, and hence why I turned to Thee,
Our having run out of options how You can better show Your ability.

By Lance Landall

18  Lord Of My Heart

O Mighty God, angels at Your beck and call who willingly serve,
For you alone — Jehovah Jireh — glory and honour deserve.
You’re the King of kings, the fairest of them all, faithful and worthy,
Clothed in heavenly splendour, enthroned above, righteous and holy.

Yes, You’re the bright Morning Star, the light of the world, spotless, unstained,
The God of the universe, our Sovereign who forever has reigned.
You’re the Rock, our strength and shield, burden bearer, dispenser of grace,
Thus in You — the God of salvation — my trust I willingly place.

In awe I worship Thee, fall at Thy feet, give thanks on bended knee,
For You, oh balm of Gilead, removed death’s sting at Calvary.
Now I rest in Thee, grateful, in awe, surrendering willingly,
And singing, “The wonder of it all,” and, “To God be the glory.”

Yes, how I praise Thee, oh Lord, seek Thee, and all Thy promises claim,
How I love to loudly declare, “All hail the power of Jesus’ name.”
You’re the Lord of my life, my hope and comfort — yes, how great Thou art,
The promised Messiah who rose again and now lives in my heart.

By Lance Landall

19.  All Is Well

Tenderise my heart, Lord, and purify my mind that more like Thee I may be,
Always loving and affectionate with a strong distaste for iniquity.
And I always looking Heavenward, delighting in Your will and company,
And where there’s some need on Earth, or some poor lost soul, I busy, busy, busy.

So please melt my heart, Lord, and sharpen my conscience that I might be more like You,
A dedicated follower, a divine example, thus faithful and true.
A friend to all men, an upholder of truth and an opponent of evil,
A bearer of good fruit whose basket is full, and of whom You’ll say, “All is well.”

By Lance Landall

20.  How Could I Act Otherwise?

Yes, I will uphold Your Word, Lord, but never with a sword in hand,
'Cause only the Holy Spirit can captivate hearts in each land.
Yes, I will uphold Your truth, Lord, but militant I'll never be,
'Cause only a loving spirit should actuate what’s done for Thee.

Yes, I will uphold Your will, Lord, but not Your will on others force,
'Cause only the Spirit’s entreating should see others such endorse.
Yes, I will uphold Your ways, Lord, but not expect the same of all,
'Cause only the Spirit’s convicting of such, can Your ways install.

I’ll not court the liberal left, nor court the fanatical right,
And nor will I straddle the fence, Lord, but take the path of true light.
Yes, I’ll seek to please You above all, and go wherever You lead,
But I’ll not compel another to do what You’ve led me to heed.

I’ll practice my faith as of right, and my beliefs likewise express,
A right that You’ve given to all, regardless of things some profess.
So I'll say what I think is right, and I'll say what I think's untrue,
But I won’t deny any person the right to challenge my view.

And no one I'll hang my cap on, nor any organization,
And I’ll not follow the crowd, Lord, nor bend with each situation.
No, my trust I’ll put solely in Thee, stand on Your Holy Word too,
But I will defend each one’s right to choose to differently do.

Yes, freedom You’ve given to all, and the right to choose our own way,
Who we’ll serve, how we should serve, and what we might believe, do or say.
So how could I act otherwise, and not Your example follow,
'Cause my own Christian witness, Lord, to others would soon ring hollow.

Even though they don’t have the right, there are those who abuse or kill,
But should we ever lose free choice, Lord, we'd inherit greater ill.
Thus democracy and freedom must be the order of the day,
Otherwise, inevitably, one’s right to choose will go astray.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded on the 19 November 2022.

21.  Mystery Divine

Thank You, Father, for Your Son, born to Mary here on Earth,
Yes, the long-awaited Saviour who came via virgin birth.
The promised Lion of Judah, spotless, sacrificial Lamb,
Who displayed on Golgotha the heart of the great I AM.

From the manger to the cross this Redeemer of the world,
The fate of every human in anointed hands had held.
But glory hallelujah! He the victory attained,
Now grace that covers sinners, their repentance can see claimed.

What such sacrifice and love, what a mystery Divine,
That He who rules the cosmos gave His life for yours and mine.
No, this we cannot fathom, it’s beyond our mortal ken,
Thus lips can’t do it justice, nor skilled flourish of the pen.

Oh, Lamb of God so worthy, whose innocent blood was shed,
Whose bruised and battered body took my punishment instead,
How could I not follow You given all You’ve done for me,
A sinner so unworthy of that act that set me free.

Oh, Rock of my salvation, I await Your trumpet call,
But while on Earth I await, help me surrender my all.
I, like Paul, daily struggle with the selfishness in me,
’Cause I was born a sinner, and hence my great need of Thee.

Oh, Prince of Life, King of Peace, and prophesied Messiah,
May Your blood shed on the cross lift my gaze ever higher,
May the life I live each day clearly show what You desire,
May Your love burn in my heart like a well-fed, well-fanned fire.

So thank You, Father, for Your Son, who came, died, and arose,
Yes, that Babe, that Carpenter, that Saviour who my cross chose.
How I long to see His face — oh, how tears will fill my eyes,
Tears of joy unspeakable, tears for marks I recognize.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded on 7 December 2022.

22.  Mister Big Foot

Lord, it seems I just keep putting my foot in it, don’t I?
And it feels as if that foot has grown, I don’t know why.
It’s not that I mean to, but it just seems to happen, and,
Unpleasant situations occur that I hadn’t planned.

When such happens, Lord, I feel so cross with myself, so bad,
And regarding putting my foot in it, wish I’d not had.
I like to put things right, and just as quickly as I can,
But, sadly, there’re times when things don’t go according to plan.

You see, the desire of some that I upset, seems not the same
As my hearts desire — that is, its reconciliatory aim.
Though I’m terribly sorry, and want to put things behind,
Such folk that I speak of here, don’t seem to have same in mind.

Not only is that sad, Lord, but it leaves me feeling worse,
For it’s awful when those you’ve upset, your wrongdoing nurse.
Though such doesn’t help me, such doesn’t help them, just compounds,
Leaving in its wake weeping wounds, and pointless battlegrounds.

Life’s too short, isn’t it, Lord, to not move on, put things right,
On either side, that is — besides, some matters are so trite.
And yet, they’re turned into mountains, harming relationships,
Just because some who’re upset go on pity party trips.

Yes, when we put our foot in it, we can do so badly,
But most of us make such mistakes unintentionally.
Thus those affected should surely act more forgivingly,
Making things easier for those who’re sorry, though guilty.

And guilty indeed I am, but I’m truly sorry too,
When unintentionally, or foolishly, such I do.
Thus, I pray that my big foot, Lord, will grow smaller with time,
So that anything I do, with Your will and ways will rhyme.

By Lance Landall

23.  Please Do Whatever's Needed

Gracious, loving, God above, at Your Holy feet I now fall,
Ashamed of my behaviour, and words and thoughts that must appal.
Thus, I call upon Your mercy, and forgiveness ask of Thee,
And pray that You’ll encourage this sad heart that is failing me.

No matter how hard I try, it’s repeatedly that I find
That every day that passes just has me in the same old bind.
I battle like a soldier, Lord, but things still seem to go wrong,
So please help me, Lord, please help me, seems I can’t hold on for long.

Yes, I just feel so weary, Lord, and just so tired of it all,
And this weight upon my shoulders many times has seen me fall.
Yes, every day I struggle, Lord, for I feel so burdened down,
So please help me, Lord, please help me, only fingers grasp Your gown.

I’m a wretched sinner, Lord, with such a weakness for the world,
Hence I’ve been a long time member of the devil’s good time guild.
I’ve battled for so long, Lord, with the hold that he has on me,
So please help me, Lord, please help me, lest I lose my grip on Thee.

I want to feel the Spirit, Lord, moving deeply within me,
Transforming and enabling, 'till doing right comes naturally.
I want to see all the old ways that are rooted deep inside,
Torn from their stranglehold, deprived of life, until they have died.

Desires plague me daily for the sights and sounds of this old earth,
And some traits not made in Heaven have afflicted me since birth.
Only You can break the hold this world and Satan has on me,
For I was born a sinner, and thus reborn I need to be.

I’m willing, Lord, and I'm waiting, for that rebirth to take place,
So please cover, strengthen, fill me, with Your empowering grace.
Break the chains that bind me, and free me from the power of sin,
Please do whatever’s needed, Lord, 'till just You reign deep within.

By Lance Landall