The Trouble With Tomorrow



The poems on REGRET begin with poem number 14.

"No one can secure tomorrow, and today's only as good as the moment."
The poet, author

The first three poems were prompted by Covid Nineteen.

For poems about Covid Nineteen, see my page Planet Earth.

1.  The Trouble With Tomorrow

When the world becomes like a ghost town, as we’ve kind of seen with Covid Nineteen,
And shuttered businesses, grounded transport, empty streets and traffic lanes are seen,
I’m reminded of the trouble with tomorrow, because for many out there,
That expected tomorrow doesn’t come, and hence why Covid Nineteen brought fear.

All why when we’re planning for tomorrow, we should still think in terms of today,
Because today could be our last day, and hence why with our life, we shouldn’t play.
Nor with that of others, the quick departure of loved ones catching by surprise,
Those promises of tomorrow often turning out to be nothing but lies.

And so, our tomorrow ending up a ghost town, only what’s left behind, here,
We gone, or a loved one, and why that quality time with them we need to share.
Yes, for our sake and their sake, lest empty streets and traffic lanes be ours or their lot,
Death the greatest lockdown, and busyness and neglect thus acting like some clot,

Self-inflicted stroke.

It can’t be said enough: Make the most of today, not via wine, women and song
(As they say), but by putting those far more important things back where they belong.
Hence why they’ve been saying, “Be kind,” Covid Nineteen having affected us all,
The world but a family, and thus love hoping that you’ll respond to its call.

And even better still, we having FAITH and HOPE, that something that gets us through,
Because things that come today can affect our tomorrow, what we hoped to do.
Shattered dreams all too frequent, and why we must look beyond it all, and savour
Every single moment of each day, as if that day’s done us a favour.

Too oft blue skies, sunny days, pretty blossoms and chirping birds are somehow missed,
Our head down, eyes elsewhere, so many less important things on our “to do” list,
Or money calling, some corporate ladder, or other time consuming thing,
Hence why many of those sad tomorrows seem to have a familiar ring.

And this why when the world becomes a ghost town we appreciate what we had,
And why over the blessings found in each and every day, we should be glad,
And because the trouble with tomorrow is that it doesn’t come for many,
All why each day is saying to love and live now, before there isn’t any.

Yes, three score years and ten, the Good Word says, some living longer, and some lesser,
All why before walking out the door in the morning, please cuddle and kiss her.
Visa versa going without saying, and don’t forget those kids of yours too,
And that smile and friendly word for all you pass, thereby taking love with you.

By Lance Landall

2.  Who Pressed Pause?

Yes, suddenly the world has paused, it not about money anymore, but us,
Those all too easily forgotten passengers on life’s ever hurtling bus.
Thus we’ve deeper things to ponder on now, like life’s shortness, or how it’s cut short,
And how for far too long the less important, or even wrongful, has been sought.

Covid Nineteen a wake up call, we forced to stop and think, which we’re not used to,
Too much distracting the eyes, deafening the ears — yes, much that one can see through,
The hollow, the temporary, even destructive, taking up our time each day,
We far too caught up, and some bone idle, because there’s more to life than just play.

Yes, Covid Nineteen confronting, what most didn’t expect, and nor gave thought to,
Loved ones and pressing issues taking a backseat to what they sought to pursue.
Life taken for granted, just an evolutionary process, though who’d buy that,
Love and the so obvious craftsmanship of creation being where it’s at.

And so, Covid Nineteen returning our focus (hopefully), moving our heart,
Lockdowns and deaths revealing the cruelty and distress of being torn apart;
In other words, shouting that people come before things, and precious is each day,
Personal ambition, monetary gain and joyriding having too much say.

Yes, people need love, people need care, people need time (your time), so much more thought,
And that in turn blessing us, not that which is errantly and selfishly sought.
But such only registering with some come the sad likes of Covid Nineteen,
When the world’s put on hold, and via fearful or anxious eyes, reality’s seen.

One forced to look up, ’cause looking down is where we’re stuck, the cause of the whole mess,
We knowing better, apparently, yet throwing away more and gaining less.
U-turns permissible, and here’s our chance, all why everyone should get on board,
Love turning the wheels of the world, sneering at coldness, stockpiling and the sword.

For too long we’ve treated this world as if it’s ours, rather than being on loan,
Others arriving as we’re leaving, but we having stripped the meat off the bone.
So how can we hold our head high, unless we haven’t been a part of the ill,
Or have seen the light now, ’cause this planet will never be well until we’re well.

So let’s love one another, such not corny but even critical, timely,
We surely seeing this now, and how life’s not just short, but oft cut short, sadly.
And remembering that our tomorrow is shaped by our today, and why I say,
Treat all as precious, mind your focus, and never think to do what doesn’t pay.

By Lance Landall

3.  Covid Anger

Seems it’s the unexpectedness and strangeness of Covid and all, but you know,
This planet is in trouble, and we perhaps reaping what we’ve chosen to sow.
But then, things can happen in life that completely change our life, and this why we
Need to accept and adapt, and certainly if we want some normality.

The truth is, that under Covid, we’re all suffering, life somewhat upside down,
A cruel tide having come in, and we left with no option but to swim or drown.
Yes, things happen in life, and we possibly having been to cosy, unprepared,
Caught out as it were, and hence that follow-on anger after Covid appeared.

After all, dreams and plans have been shattered, and certain things enforced too, but hey,
Anger’s pointless, destructive, and any kind of recovery could delay.
It’s better to face reality, make the best of a bad situation,
And bearing in mind we’ve a pandemic that’s stalking nation after nation.

Yes, it’s hard, it’s cruel, and certain feelings understandable, but here’s where we
Need to pull together, controlling those feelings that impact negatively.
It’s hardly the time to lose it, and nor should we make others more unhappy,
Nor ourselves, for that matter, but being the same person we should always be.

Yes, come rain or shine, we showing the same love, thought and care, same maturity,
Accepting the ups and downs of life, those random things that plaque humanity.
’Cause such is life, few having a perfect run, and less so come these trying times,
Where loving human kindness is the only thing that still resonates and rhymes.

And so, it’s more about the little things, each precious moment, what we have too,
And that being, life itself, something we mightn’t have had; it worth a “THANK YOU!”
And then there’s our loved ones, too often taken for granted, or we too busy,
Or Covid distracting more than it should, blessings lost in the fog of worry.

So please mind that Covid anger — and hey, acceptance preparing us for more,
’Cause we never know what’s around the corner, as we have discovered before.
And thus we taking things in our stride, making the most of today, those we love,
Not obsessing over ills, but remembering that there’s always a blue sky above.

By Lance Landall

4.  Treasure Each Day

In this uncertain world where who knows what’s next, we can only live for the day,
A thinking and behaviour that all throughout history has proven to pay.
It not about the big things but the little things, like noticing flowers, say,
Basking in the sun, enjoying the blue sky, and more so after skies of grey.

Oh yes, those loved ones around us, those current blessings we have, oft so many,
Yet overlooked or given little thought to, until there mightn’t be any.
Life unpredictable, often random, all why we should treasure each moment,
There far to many risks and so much loss associated with postponement.

By Lance Landall

5.  Live And Love

Don’t be too busy to live and love, for life’s short and loved ones aren’t immortal,
Hence why every single moment counts, and lest death far too early chortle.
Yes, cleaning, washing, mowing and pruning can wait, but not kisses and cuddles,
Hence why one should even make snowmen out of snow and boldly stomp in puddles.


Don’t be too busy to live and love, for life’s for living and folk for loving,
Hence why midst the cares of life and all our daily duties we should dance and sing.
And we always doting on our loved ones, for others move in when we move out,
Houses houses but people people who should be treasured while they’re still about.

By Lance Landall

6.  That Senseless, Thoughtless Trade

"Don’t trade the thrill of living for the security of existence." Really?
So, you’re prepared to die young, I guess; life great even without thrills, quite frankly.
So who’s saying this stuff? Clearly the reckless, those with a death wish, the duped, I fear,
Who don’t know how to enjoy life without endangering it; sense seeming rare.

At the end of the day, there’s thrills and there’s thrills, and the latter recklessness free,
’Cause if you’re enjoying life, why shorten it? And hey, what about family?
With loved ones comes thought and care, too many of them left hurting ’cause of some thrill,
That selfish, thoughtless trade that so often’s seen to horribly injure or kill.

By Lance Landall

A response to the song Imagine by John Lennon, once a member of
the Beatles.
The lyrics to this song can be found under the poem.

7.  With Respect, John Lennon

Imagine there is a Heaven, a gorgeous paradise above,
Where there’s no pain and heartache, but only happiness, joy and love.
And where one’s life begins again, and where peace and harmony reign,
Yes, a place where there is no evil, nor death that will stalk or claim.

Imagine that above us, John, there is far more than just the sky,
And a God who’ll renew this planet, answer our questions “Why?”
Yes, a hope beyond this planet, a hope beyond the sky above,
Where there’s a Kingdom that’s built on selflessness, not New Age self love.

“Imagine that there’s no Heaven,” you say, “it’s easy if you try.”
Well, it’s not easy for me, John, 'cause where is the hope should I die?
Oh yes, there has to be more to life than what you’re offering me,
Such simply naught but pie in the sky, just commercial poetry.

However, imagining that there’s no Hell is a good idea,
Because why would a God of love have a burning Hell anywhere?
Yes, why would a just and fair God of love burn people eternally,
Because only a monster would act so appallingly,

Hence why there's no Hell, such interpreted incorrectly!

Imagine that there's no religion
 oh dear, I certainly can,
Because Earth would be even worse, and such, more flames of evil fan.
Despite errant Christendom, Christianity has been the glue
Holding things together;
and many things proving this has been true.

“Imagine that there’s no countries,” you say
and hey, that too, I can,
A New World Order where some power gains greater control of man.
“A brotherhood of man,” you say, who will live in peace and not kill.
Well, I won’t hold my breath, John, because that’s a dream man can’t fulfill.

And hey, regarding possessions, John, I notice you enjoyed them,
So why is it that via your song, private possessions you condemn?
Besides, possessions have their place, and they’re somewhat necessary,
It simply materialism at fault, as far as I can see.

And as for living for today
well, I’m afraid that’s the trouble,
Yes, it’s “Eat, drink and be merry,” and all why our problems double.
There’s no thought for tomorrow, nor for consequences that might be,
And hence why things have worsened in both the home and society.

You’re not the only dreamer? No, and that, John, is a problem too,
Because there are realities that should be faced, things one should do.
Day-dreaming is simply for children, it’s action we need today,
And lest our forefathers’ efforts we undo, and thus them betray.

Yes, I’m sure you meant well, John, but frankly, your thoughts hardly gel,
And are just the musings of man, that same old tired carousel.
Yes, they may strike a cord of sorts, but that’s about it, I’m afraid,
Because when it comes down to it, they’re flawed, thus don’t make the grade.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded on 3 January 2022.
For further on the subject of some Hell (Christianity wise), you can visit my page
With God In Mind, and the section Lies.

The lyrics to ‘Imagine.’

Imagine there’s no heaven
It’s easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today…

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace…

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will be as one.

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world…

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will live as one.

8.  Scary Or SCARY

No one wants to die (and given we were born to live), but death’s stalking the land,
Be it via Covid, earthquakes, tornadoes, cancer or whatever comes to hand.
And therefore, many full of fear these days, the world so different now, scary,
But more so for those who don’t have faith and hope, that promise of eternity.

Yes, that life beyond the grave makes all the difference, but hey, one must believe,
Because otherwise, what is there? And thus little consolation when we grieve.
Our existing life’s so very fragile, and more so today given the ills,
And random such a common word, hence that unfair suffering, those funeral bells.

And thus life becoming scary for us all, but there’s scary and there’s SCARY,
The scariest being that lack of faith and hope, that empty finality.
And some not even making the most of this life, languishing behind bars, or
In some way, paying for poor choices, not having learnt from those who’ve gone before.

Yes, it’s all reason for us to pause, to think beyond our current life, which means
Giving serious thought to what’s beyond, lest we’re witnessing Earth’s final scenes.
And thus we choosing scary or SCARY, nothing more darker than the latter,
And why when it comes to one or the other, dear friend, it really does matter.

By Lance Landall

9.  Dark, Spooky, Cruel And Deceiving

There’s a fascination with the occult, wizards, mediums and crystal balls,
People wanting to know who and what’s out there, and the what of tomorrow calls.
Well, many pastors and former occult members can tell you a thing or two,
Having encountered that dark, spooky, cruel and deceiving force no one should pursue.

Oh yes, it’s very real alright, and not for playing with, ’cause it won’t let go,
Not once you’ve embraced it, and then tried to leave, as many victims out there know.
And so, one wise to leave it well alone, despite how beguiling it appears,
And ghosts nothing but its clever trickery, how it oft hooks and even dares.

Yes, we’re looking at the ultimate in piped pipers, given that there are more,
People hanging on the words of others, and how ill oft opens its door.
It doesn’t matter who that person is, it’s a path that’s sure to have its cost,
Hence why we’re to find our own way, not letting ourselves be misled, steered or bossed.

Yes, there’s something going on out there alright, two forces battling for victory,
One honest, one dishonest, one good, one evil, it clear cut reality.
On one hand truth, transparency, and on the other hand, lies, chicanery,
Heavenly angels or fallen angels, and hence that good or ill we see.

By Lance Landall

10.  Those Windflowers

There's something about the mysterious, the unknown, the occult, that seems to attract many,
Hence their fascination with such, their questions and dabbling, the latter oft injuriously,
'Cause while questions have their place, our dabbling's quite another thing, and oft is, as many have found
To their misfortune, 'cause there're things and forces that are best left alone, seen as forbidden ground.

But like those signs that say “Wet Paint,” many can’t help checking in order to see if such is so,
Only to end up with wet paint on them — and where street drugs are concerned, soon meeting with sorrow,
'Cause just like in that haunting Seals and Crofts song called “Windflowers,” they soon get caught, then carried away,
Unable to free themselves from what beguiled, some devilish clutch, oft the cost when people play.

That is,

With those things that they shouldn’t, or where there's evidence for concern, as with the mysterious,
And most certainly so occult wise, 'cause the results of dabbling in such can be serious.
All why such shouldn’t be encouraged via the likes of Harry Potter, 'cause who knows where it will end,
Given that those young ones are enjoying evils that wisdom and a loving heart can't defend.

At first it’s fun, then a deeper interest, and soon, something has them being carried away,
Like with windflowers, but in a different form, and why everything one should carefully weigh.
All why some things are best left alone, and why one should just concentrate on the cares of the day,
Dealing with realities, not lost in the mysterious, only to be carried away.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded 21 June 2022.

"I get letters from children addressed to Professor Dumbledore, and it's not a joke, begging to
be let into Hogwarts, and some of them are really sad. Because they want it to be true so badly
they've convinced themselves it's true."
K.J. Rowling herself speaking to Newsweek

"Any time the dark side of the supernatural world is presented as harmless or even imaginary, there is the danger
that children will become curious and find out too late that witchcraft is neither harmless nor imaginary."
Lindy Beam, Focus on the Family

Here's the lyrics to Windflowers:

Windflowers, my father told me not to go near them, he feared them always,
Said they carried him away.
Windflowers, I couldn't wait to touch them, to smell them, I held them closely.
Now I cannot break away.
Their sweet bouquet disappears like a vapor in the desert. Take a warning, son.
Windflowers, their beauty captures every young dreamer who lingers near them.
Ancient windflowers, I love you.

Christian content or degree.
This poem is in regards to a well-known TV medium, Colin Fry.

11.  With Respect, Colin Fry

With respect, Colin Fry, you’re either fooling or have been fooled, though
I’m very sure it’s both, and that some evil force has you in tow.
The dead are dead, completely, utterly, know nothing, don’t exist,
And thus it’s not their help, but help from that evil source, you enlist.

Let’s face it. If the dead were still about, hypothetically,
They would hardly need a medium — a showman, quite honestly.
’Cause they’d be far more advanced than you and I, presumably,
If in some Paradise, some Nirvana, spirit territory.

Yes, they would surely just appear, say what they wanted to, then go,
Not work through some medium who’s pocketing from some show.
Because why would they deprive their loved ones of their hard earned money,
Just in order to speak to them, make contact? No, something’s funny.

Yes, you do a lot of probing, don’t you? But I’m hardly surprised,
Because after all, isn’t that how most information is prised?
With some time and practice, one’s bound to strike gold, then regularly,
Also aided by psychology, and of course some trickery.

But hey, I also believe that evil forces aid psychics too,
So I’d be careful, Colin, otherwise the joke will be on you.
Yes, you’ll serve their purposes, make a lot of money, gain fame,
But at the end of the day, Colin, you’re a pawn too, in their game.

Tell me, if you’re so psychic, why ask all those questions that you do,
Because shouldn’t you know already, if given a name, a clue?
Therefore you should just pass on the message, and stop cruelly teasing,
Thus not stretching things out, but rather, their terrible grief easing.

But you know as well as I do, that it’s your probing that soon finds
Something that strikes a cord, whereby you enter eager, grieving minds.
And all why, via your cleverness, they’re soon convinced that you’re for real,
When you simply played upon their grief, that tragic Achilles heel.

Yes, I find it concerning, Colin, that psychics are on the rise,
Which given the current New Age climate, is hardly a surprise.
And with books and movies now majoring on spooks and fantasy,
It’s no wonder that these people are courting such territory.

And sadly, many Christians have got hooked on such fantasy too,
And hence why as a consequence, they the same mediums pursue.
Though Christians should know better, many have lost their bearings, been fooled,
And thus in the ways of error, folly, are also being schooled.

Yes, many think that when they die they go straight to Heaven or Hell,
Which isn’t logical, and which certainly isn’t biblical.
No, it’s pure falsehood, misinterpretation, ’cause the dead are dead,
And awaiting that time all will rise together, which lies ahead.

Metaphorically, we all sleep ’till the Day our fate’s known,
A fate somewhat related to the seeds that we have sown.
And those who’re still alive at that time, will discover their fate too,
And all those seeds that they have sown will rejoice over or rue.

And therefore, as is much fairer, together we’ll all learn our fate,
Because I believe there’s a God who our lives will evaluate.
And it then that we’ll go to a Paradise or not, not before,
And hence why regarding your talent, Colin, I'm hardly in awe.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded on 3 January 2022.

Further to, for those who're interested:

“ ‘So mortals lie down and do not rise again; until the heavens are no more [until the Second Coming], they will not awake or be roused out of their sleep’ ” (Job 14:12).

“The soul that sinneth [continues in rebellion], it shall die [whatever one calls the soul, it’s clear it will die]...”
(Ezek 18:20, KJV).

“Yet all these [faithful Bible heroes of all the ages] though they were commended for their faith, DID NOT RECEIVE WHAT WAS PROMISED [eternal life, immortality], since God had provided something better [much fairer] SO THAT THEY WOULD NOT, APART FROM US, BE MADE PERFECT [immortal. They will have to wait until Christ's return]” (Heb 11:39,40).

“Do not turn to mediums or wizards; do not seek them out, to be defiled by them: I am the Lord your God” (Lev 19:31). Note also Deut 18:10-12; 2 Kings 23:24; Isa 8:19,20; Eph 5:11; 6:12.

“ ‘See, I am coming soon; My reward [either eternal life or death] IS WITH ME [will be given then], to repay according to everyone’s work’ ” (Rev 22:12).

The idea of an immortal soul and an immediate afterlife originated in the ancient pagan religions and philosophical systems of Greece and Egypt. This pagan belief is the cornerstone of almost all eastern religions and the new age movement. This pagan belief wrongly became established as a Christian precept via Greek influence.
The theories of Plato (b428 - d347 BC) heavily affected Western Civilization, including Christianity (especially in the Latin West). Plato claimed there was an immortal and spiritual soul, which was said to exist prior to, and as separate from, the material body.

I'm unsure of the author of the following article:

Near Death Experiences.

Anything that takes place during a ‘Near Death Experience’ can happen in ‘real’ life. Period. Anesthesia, pituitary tumors, and too much carbon dioxide, for instance, can all trigger an apparent “out-of-body” experience. The “light at the end of a tunnel” featured in some NDEs, to give another example, can be duplicated by epilepsy, migraines, meditation, and drugs such as LSD, psilocybin, and mescaline. Even falling asleep triggers this reaction in some people! Under certain conditions the brain reacts in seemingly bizarre, but fairly predictable ways. Frightened, in shock, poisoned by the byproducts of dying cells – under these conditions, is it any wonder dying people see things that are out of the ordinary? Granted, exactly why people see what they do while dying is a mystery, but no more so than why people see what they do while dreaming. The ultimate answer to both questions lies within our skulls – not outside. Proponents of the NDE talk in terms of ‘cosmic unity,’ ‘life force,’ ‘energy balance,’ ‘morphic resonance,’ ‘inner awareness,’ ‘oneness with the universe,’ ‘life energy,’  ‘psychic awakening,’ and other phrases that should be an immediate clue to be wary. These concepts are derivatives of many far eastern religions that have been appropriated in New Age philosophy.

For further on the subject of the dead (Christianity wise), and if you wish, you can visit my page
With God In Mind, and the section Lies.

12.  And So

“And so,” he said (having mentioned Doris, how she’d just passed away, joined the dead;
And her celebrity status and the shortness of life running through his head),
“It’s all cause for solemn thought, but what have we learnt, many wasting time instead,
And some giving up before they’ve barely started, thus they too joining the dead.

Life’s indeed an hour glass — a battery, if you like, and batteries don’t last,
Although their life span can be lengthened via maintenance, until spent, of the past.
Some too hard on their battery, others not using it enough, both erring,
Surgeons announcing the inevitable, or frantically busy curing.

She lived till ninety seven,” he said, “A goodly age for a human today,
Most dying earlier, that hour glass sooner or later getting its way.
Many treating life too lightly, little thought given to what’s beyond the grave,
A day of reckoning, say, that God who it’s said will either destroy or save.

I’m no Christian,” he said, “But forced to consider such, if you know what I mean,
One wanting more beyond or not, and would it be a joyful or scary scene.
That three score years and ten being a pretty poor deal, I reckon, and therefore,
Death really putting the boot in, or rewarding goodness via another door.

Doris Day didn’t want a funeral service, nor writing on her tombstone;
She possibly very humble, or just simply wanting to be left alone.
Stardom hardly where life’s at, Elvis sick of the limelight too, and then his end,
That shallow world left behind, but with death, are we facing a nightmare or friend?

And many deserving of a nightmare,” he snarled, “Given the ill that they’ve done,
A caring God hardly ignoring such, and isn’t a judge what they call God’s Son?
If He isn’t real, a lot will be getting away with murder, unfairly,
And His non-existence meaning anything’s permissible, if you ask me.

So, what’s kept this world together, I wonder? Though not so together these days.
Perhaps it’s Christianity, that morality that the Bible conveys.
If such is so, why are more folk spurning it, and more so if God does exist,
Because if He does, He surely wouldn’t be too happy, and thus what a risk.

I’m sure that most of us would like to think that there is in fact someone out there,
A Saviour, I guess, because the way everything’s going, we’re doomed, I fear.
And those trips to Mars and so on just a waste of time if we’re quarantined here,
Which makes sense of it all if we’re a fallen lot who’d contaminate their sphere.

And hey, why shouldn’t goodness be rewarded, and those evil doers dealt to?
And oh, many folk needing relief from misery, pain and oppression too.
Yes, we need rescuing alright, but repentance hardly in the mind of most,
Who, of their evils and rebellious, lawless exploits, are often seen to boast.

To be honest, what’s in the Bible seems the best that anyone’s come up with,
Darwin’s theory hardly helpful, and no doubt most of us still wanting to live,
Beyond the grave, that is — and things in the Bible proving true, I’ve heard folk say,
And why I guess we need to think about that path we take, lest it mightn’t pay.

People can be big stars,” he went on, “But death soon bringing and end to it all,
The grave being where everyone ends up, which only better health can stall.
And so,” he said, “Doris facing what’s behind that final certain, and me too,
Hence these thoughts I’ve shared, my end getting closer, though death can come out of the blue.

Better to act as if there is a God, I guess; and you and I incredible,
Amazingly designed, it would appear, this planet too, though now, far from well.
And many of us sensing something’s in the air, and could it be Christ’s return,
And hence those signs of the times that folk mention, which could well be cause for concern.”

I smiled as I interrupted him. “And so, what are you going to do
Given how you stated that in the meantime something could come out of the blue?”
“Yes,” he half mumbled, “It dogs us all, doesn’t it, we chewing things over still,
Or not at all, and if God does exist, I’d imagine He must want to yell.”

“Perhaps He has,” I replied, “And so…” but he wandered off, and I shook my head,
And a few weeks later discovered that he too (like Doris) had joined the dead.
“And so,” I said to myself, “Death having made that decision for him, probably,”
And I guess that’s how it’s always been (and will be) for most of humanity.

By Lance Landall

Christian content or degree.

13.  That Failure To See

If anyone knows all about the trouble with tomorrow, it’s God, and so
He informing us lest we get caught by surprise via folly, that age old foe.
Skewed priorities, beguiling distractions and negligence oft aiding woes,
Or leading to that worse case scenario, eternal loss, the blow of blows.

And so, whilst making the most of today, we should mind and plan for tomorrow,
Even dwelling on what’s beyond — Earth a poor legacy, as far as things go.
Yes, three score years and ten (or so), and oft trouble and hardship along the way,
Or one’s life cut short, either by misfortune or that something that doesn’t pay.

And so (and given that God is the God of love), He’s trying to help us see,
Because seeing and heeding can spare us much, both now and eventually.
Whilst making the most of today, we shouldn’t get lost in today, because we
Could get caught out by tomorrow, and for us, what might lie beyond the cemetery?

Well, outstretched arms, hopefully, God welcoming us to Paradise, life anew,
But meantime, a brighter, happier life on Earth, and thus regrets being few.
No loved one taken for granted, no unnecessary pain or injury,
Both wisdom and God having won out, and not ill (through that sad failure to see).

Yes, God’s wanting what’s best for us, both now and later, and hence His warning call,
Those signs of the times, that advice via His Word, and Calvary saying it all.
Oh yes, there’s no love like His, no way that’s better, and no future that’s brighter,
And meantime, courtesy of His loving care, our load or burden much lighter.

By Lance Landall


14.  It's Not Until Later

Some of us have done crazy and regretful things that we can’t believe we did do,
That is, now that many years have passed by, and that via wiser eyes we see anew.
Perhaps having grown up, perhaps having sorted ourselves out, and learnt the hard way,
But now, wishing it was all a bad dream, rather than the folly of yesterday.

It seems that when we’re in our youth (even a little older) we’re somewhat blind,
And that it’s not until many years later that twenty twenty vision we find —
Figuratively speaking, that is — and then, like someone who has regained their sight,
We see what we didn’t before, and where there was darkness, now there’s revealing light.

Yes, light that shows the true nature and painful consequences of those self-centred deeds,
And oh, how we regret our foolishness, how our more pure and sensitive heart bleeds,
For not just we are left suffering, but whoever was on the receiving end,
Be they a spouse, a son or daughter, a family member, a stranger or a friend.

If only younger bodies had older heads, far less cause for regret there would be,
But no, it seems that it’s not until later that we finally or clearer see.
And when we do, it’s sometimes with utter disbelief, and terrible pangs of pain,
For certain things we did before, we wouldn’t dream of doing now, and can’t explain.

By Lance Landall

15.  Mind What You Say and Do

It’s sad that it can take almost a life-time before we’ve learnt, and then it’s often too late,
For the damage is done, our energy waning, and troubles and poor health lying in wait,
And we, very regretful, our back against the wall, and old father time ticking away,
All of which then seems to conspire against us, as if wanting to make us suffer and pay.

When all is said and done, it’s all about treating other folk well, and not causing them ill,
For come those twilight hours of our life, and amidst deep reflection, past wrongs may haunt and chill,
Yes, rather than the warmth of much happier memories, and deeds more noble and worthy,
We may feel cold draughts of restlessness and anxiety, and sleep may not come easily.

And we may also be forced to live with the baleful results of our callousness and folly,
Be that via personal scars, or scars we’ve inflicted on others that shout at us daily,
For all that we do and say results in something, be it minor or major, good or bad,
Which, amidst our final years, will leave past years looking beautifully or shamefully clad.

Or to put it another way, such will leave us selflessly clothed or selfishly exposed,
Our conscience clear or pricking, and we, thus either agitated or serenely composed,
For all that we leave behind, either remains behind, or catches up, eventually,
A fact that has borne the test of time — one that rather than later, is better learnt early.

By Lance Landall

16.  And How About You?

I can’t believe the things that I’ve done, it’s as if I’ve been somebody else, and,
Why I’m so full of regret and looking at sorrow that’s always close at hand.
And yes, guilty as charged, my repentance unable to erase or reverse,
For when it comes to ill or foolishness, both are accompanied by a curse.

And so is selfishness, those destructive issues we have that can boil and spill,
And as with selfishness, they returning to bite us after we have shunned ill.
For the moment we err, wheels are set in motion that don’t always come with brakes,
And why we need to mind what we say and do, even those genuine mistakes.

Yes, we may change our direction, become a different person, but oh dear,
How those wheels can keep on rolling in the lives of others pierced by any spear.
For wounds can be deep, and scars cruel and ugly, and they in sight and oft in mind,
And hence why even when we’ve changed for the better, we can’t leave some things behind.

And yes, our distress all the greater given our new found sensitivity,
But better that than remaining where we were and just repeating history.
And why I can’t believe the things I’ve done, I not that fool that I was before,
Though still far from perfect, and thus a work in progress, a boat closer to shore.

And how about you?

By Lance Landall

17.  A Certain Regret

I’ve met some lovely people in my life who I thought were great, but didn’t fully appreciate,
And oh, how I regret such, for now, having matured more, I’m better able to evaluate.
After all, how many truly lovely people come our way? And this why we should treasure them so,
'Cause while many people are nice, less are really lovely people, who truly care and real love show.

And I’ve let a few of them down — wish I hadn’t — 'cause I wish they were still around given I’ve grown,
So regretful of the foolish mistakes I’ve made on my journey, and unfortunate seeds I’ve sown.
Some of us taking much longer to mature, issues and selfishness getting in the way, sadly,
Or that failure to see what we would’ve been better to see, and now do, thanks to maturity.

Not that we ever reach a state that’s free of mistakes, but growth counts for a lot, and helps us to see,
And oh, how much more we need to, 'cause it’s that failure to see — youthful blindness — that mars our journey.
And which can also mar someone else’s, leave an unpleasant snapshot, best forgotten memory,
All of which doesn't serve us well, and a budding relationship can kill, hence why we need to see.

Such is the way it's been for many, who, just like me, didn’t appreciate some who came their way,
Well, not as much as they should’ve, or who jiggered a friendship, which on both sides duly caused dismay.
All why I hope that in the years I've left, and in theirs too, more really lovely people will come along,
'Cause such I’m now able to appreciate more, and will respond accordingly, lest things go wrong.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded 31 January 2020.

18.  Mind Those Years

The truth is, we don’t live long, thought it mightn’t seem so initially, but in time
Up the ladder of age towards that day of departure we invariably climb.
Yes, very slowly at first, until that time when the years seem to gallop, and then
We looking back over that nearly used up quota that’s the sorry lot of men.

And oh, how we often waste those years, one way or another, and enter regret,
But when we indulge in folly, or go light on love and care, that’s just what we get.
And so, we learning too late, having approached that closing gate, it soon to be locked,
And thus we having good reason to mull over that sound advice that we once knocked.

By Lance Landall

19.  I'm Truly Sorry, Dear

I drove the sedan in silence, my thoughts sombre, fretful and deep,
My hands tightly on the steering wheel, eyes fixed, glazed, in need of sleep.
In fact, we both were silent, and hurting very deeply inside,
But even more so my darling wife whose distress was justified.


We can suffer nasty blows in this world, a world that’s full of pain,
Misfortune that can physically and emotionally drain.
And amidst those hard knock-down punches and our struggle to arise,
Even feelings for fellow sufferers we’re prone to anaesthetize.

“Would you like an ice-cream?” she asked me, meaning she desired one.
“No,” I replied, so absorbed in self, blind to what I had just done.
Continuing to drive I glanced at my wife, she silent once more,
And the tear that I noticed trickle broke my heart, and at it tore.

Such I have never forgotten — yes, it still haunts me to this day,
To think that I had acted in such a callous, unfeeling way.
It had seemed such a little thing, but to her it had meant so much,
Because I had just denied her what she’d needed, a tender touch.

Sure I was hurting too, locked in grief that kind of paralyzed,
But just how thoughtless I had been, I only later realized,
I cruelly adding to her pain, and hence that solitary tear,
That had slowly trickled and fallen, and shouted, “Oh, callous ear!”

You see, no ice-cream was bought that day, as I’d just continued on,
And thus that opportunity that I’d had to cheer her was gone.
A fleeting moment when love required that there and then I act;
Oh, how deeply I wish now that my “No” I could somehow retract.

It wasn’t just an ice-cream — oh no — it was so much more than that,
Something that she’d sorely needed at that moment where she was at.
And so, I had hurt the one I loved, my own pain making me blind;
Oh, thoughtless heart, how I curse thee, for you’re the blight of humankind.

By Lance Landall

This older poem (which was previously titled I'm So Sorry) was upgraded 20 January 2018.

Christian content or degree.

20.  RESET

Too many of us fret over wasted years and past mistakes, we bemoaning what could’ve been,
And feeling that we’ve not achieved this or that, or been hard done by, we tired of some old routine.
Or we nursing past wounds that spoil the present and mar the future — and this, all so pointlessly,
Rather than us making the best and most of things, and we, looking forwards to eternity.


The latter being the whole point — reason for joy! — 'cause despite a wasted, messed up or pain filled life,
We’re going to get another one, a brand new one, it free of pain, regret, heartache and strife.
All why it sort of doesn’t matter if we’ve ruined this one, or if others have ruined it for us,
And hence why we should just throw ourselves into helping others and faithfully serving Jesus.

And you know, that’s exactly where true happiness is found, and how we notice our pain far less,
'Cause our thoughts are lost in others, and our focus outward rather than inward, which God can bless;
And the reason why being: Because such opens the door to possibilities and brighter days,
'Cause what goes around comes around, and rather than surly clouds, we basking in heavenly rays.

Yes, there’s no question that our response-cum-attitude to any negative thing makes or breaks,
And that our fretting and stewing just opens that old oven door where more misery soon bakes.
And as I mentioned, all so pointlessly, 'cause this isn’t the only life we’re going to get,
And hence why it’s far better to move on, make the best and most of things, and forgive and forget,

And this, while losing ourselves in others and faithfully serving Christ, who soon, will press RESET.

By Lance Landall