Welfare, My Perspective



Also includes:

2.  What To Do With The Unemployed?
3.  Low Rental Government Housing.
4.  "Shouldn't Have Kids Unless You Can Afford Them," They Say.
5.  Regarding Children Who Remain At Home.
6.  Wealth.

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It's Not The Blues

"Charity sees the need,
not the cause."
German Proverb

"Always seek to help others, that you yourself may never have an empty purse, because as we give, so we're blessed."
The Author

“If you want to cut back welfare dependency, remove both drugs and poverty from society.”
The Author

“Welfare should be gratefully received, responded to responsibly, never treated as if one's owed it, and never abused or squandered”
The Author

“Welfare should not be a lifestyle but a lifeline, one that’s length is determined by need and not desire.”
The Author