World Concerns



The following poems (in each section) aren't in any particular order. All are but simply food for thought.

Ukraine Versus Russia. Poems 1
Includes one article at the end of its section.

The Changing Of America.
Poems 25 50. 
Haven't We Learnt From History? Poems 51
Includes two articles at the end of its section.

Israel And Palestine. Poems 57
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Both secular and religious (or semi-religious) poems; and the note "Christian content or degree" being stated above the religious ones. Some poems include related comments.

But first,

"Fear harnessed by politicians and leaders is a powerful force to get people to do what they
ordinarily would never do."
Jarred Stackelroth

"The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it.
George Orwell (1903-1950)

"Truth may be denied, scoffed at,
withheld, hidden, or even outlawed, but it will never go down without
a fight, and will never cease to thrash about, because truth will always be truth, known or not."
The poet, author

"The world is never more dangerous than when it attacks and censors free speech and honest journalism."
The poet, author

"Many journalists now are no more than channelers and echoers of what Orwell called the official truth."
John Pilger, Australian author, journalist.

"Journalists aren't meant to be stenographers."
The poet, author

"The best guide of the ages is history's pages."
The poet, author

Alternative poem.

Leave Us Alone!

Yes, leave us alone, whoever you are, close or far, with your hidden agenda and certain intent, that’s very far from Heaven sent, thought often made to look so, but which in our bones we know, simply seeks to harm and destroy, hence those crooked means you employ, and that camouflage, or sidetracking decoy — yes, the cunning, the devising, all hardly surprising, for you’re not our friend but our foe.
You hide behind an institution, an organisation, some benign association, a secret society, or simply some authority, perhaps dressed in your finery, educated intellectually, and plotting and planning, covertly listening and scanning, directing each willing puppet, manipulating each pawn, using their weaponry, expertise or brawn, thus seeking to gain control, even of society as a whole, and where you can, or via some middleman, you flatter and fool many men, who via their clout or legislative pen, willingly or ignorantly aid and back your clever spiel and plan.
Yes, leave us alone, whoever you are, religious or otherwise, though often in disguise, for you don’t like inspection, correction nor detection, given you’re into error and deception, and oh, how deluded you are, for all you do is wound and scar, deprive of rights and liberty, midst proclaiming you’re no enemy, and that it’s all a misconception.
Yes, leave us alone, whoever you are, for you discredit exposers, do away with opposers, laugh at conspiracies, whilst in them up to your knees, and whilst withholding information, removing from circulation, forcing co-operation, defending some violation, even annihilation — for ultimately, you do as you please, and all and sundry seize, for your exploitation.
Yes, leave us alone, whoever you are, wherever you are, with your heart of stone, for you’ve no right to treat us so, nor to ignore and violate our “No,” be it via a majority, a powerful minority, some pious priority, for you’re not our friend but our foe.
So leave us alone!

By Lance Landall

Alternative poem.

It's Our World

Dear fellow traveller (midst the billions on this Earth), I’ve a message I wish to share, given your inheritance by birth, and your existing presence here.
This planet is yours and mine, it doesn’t belong solely to kings or queens, popes or presidents, prime ministers in residence, nor any government, even power or society behind the scenes, but rather, to us, the people — yes, not someone on a throne, behind an official desk, or ecclesiastically ensconced under some steeple; and nor does it belong solely to a wealthy elite, but rather, to us, the people.
No disrespect is intended here, but only the clear recognition, that this Earth belongs to humanity, you and I — in other words, us, we — not solely to those in power, regardless of their position, regardless of their authority, and including any majority, 'cause humanity is also the minority, given that we’re all linked genetically, historically, and universally, and given that such is acting humanely, quite honestly.
Though rightful laws and order have their place, no one should seek to conquer and rule the human race, and all who would seek to do so, by stealth, legislation or might, wouldn’t have justification, would be lovers of darkness rather than light, who though pretending otherwise, would ultimately catch by surprise, thus displaying their true face.
Yes, this planet belongs to you and I, who likewise, pressure or force cannot justify (despite how much we might try), 'cause the birthright of all is freedom and liberty (be that civil or religiously), the right to be left alone to live in peace and harmony, to be free from the evil plots, plans and tentacles of tyranny, and not to mention, the right to have access to every necessity.
Yes, we weren’t meant to be controlled, bought or sold, trampled on, sneeringly looked upon, coldly mistreated, shackled, persecuted or defeated, somehow abused, indifferently used, played with like marionettes, gathered together in plotter’s nets, nor considered as if just a clone, 'cause we’ve a brain, a heart, a dream, a path, a life and purpose of our own, and were born to love not hate, and to goodness, mercy and kindness radiate, 'cause such always works for the best, ensuring that all are blest, whereas hate just destroys, and all manner of evil employs, 'cause it’s tied to lust and power, seeks to overthrow not empower, and all the while, oft hiding behind a smile (which given time, quickly turns sour).
Though we’re humanity, we’re not some herd to be rounded up, processed and programmed physically, mentally or emotionally, nor were we meant to be serfs at the beck and call of bureaucracy, but rather, are individuals in our own right, little worlds of our own, with corresponding patents and copyright.
Yes, it’s our world, not the possession of a group, a majority, nor some man, who, were these given control — that is, of the world as a whole — would prove a threat to all, and eventually, flames of trouble just fan.

By Lance Landall

Little Or Naught

I hear world leaders talking about gun control, war, greater security,
Closer economic ties, law changes, climate change…but seldom hear and see
(If at all), anything about LOVE — the lack palpable, if you ask me,
And yet, a change in hearts and minds being the greatest chance for humanity.

There’s no greater sign of humanity’s state than all those callous injuries,
That corruption that we wear so well, and that constant shout, “I’ll do as I please!”
We head over heels in love with self, and barely in love with LOVE, and hence why
Little or naught is said at all those summits, the root cause and real answer passed by.

By Lance Landall

Intriguing, Isn't it, Or Not?

Elected by the people for the people, but kind of doing their own thing,
Which has an authoritarian and rather dictatorial ring.
Or more than a ring, and the right leading the nation its way, the left, its way,
And why there’s always dissatisfaction, and common swings come election day.

Yes, half the country pleased, half the country not, and sometimes, no one pleased at all,
Leaders seeming to have their own stamps, and thus too often making their own call.
Yes, the country run according to them, or their tight little regime, and why
Things go from one thing to another, and despite the protests, that hue and cry.

By Lance Landall


The following poems have been penned given the momentousness and barbarousness of
the war in Ukraine and its global significance in contemporary history.
Ukraine here, could also be seen as a localized picture of the universal battle between good and evil,
right and wrong, truth and falsehood.
Though this war could have been avoided (see following video), American
expansionism, empire-building,
hypocrisy, and failure to keep its promises, are still no excuse for what Putin has done in Ukraine:


"The most shocking fact about war is that its victims and its instruments are individual human beings,
and that these individual beings are condemned by the monstrous conventions of politics to
murder or be murdered in quarrels not their own."

Aldous Huxley (1894-1963), The Olive Tree

"If those who support aggressive war had seen a fraction of what I've seen, if they'd watched children fry to
death from Napalm and bleed to death from a cluster bomb, they might not utter the claptrap they do."
John Pilger ("This Much I know," The Observer, 13 November 2005).



This poem was penned on 1 March 2022.

1.  Murder In Ukraine; A Written Protest

Just ordinary people doing ordinary things ’till the tanks rolled in,
An army prepared to wickedly take the lives of men, women and children.
And no justification for such, it but the decree of a satanic man,
Another errant leader, ’cause it’s hardly citizens who same evil plan.

Yes, just ordinary people living ordinary lives — love, work and play

Getting married, setting up homes, having children, ’till such a horrific day.
Then their partner dead, their home destroyed, their kids injured, or whatever the scene,
It indescribably cruel, worthy of divine wrath — coming judgment, I mean.

And further to: Loved animals left behind, and much wild life suffering too,
The land polluted with war contaminants, the dead and wounded not a few.
Love and wisdom knowing nothing of such, it but a nightmare, one all too real,
That peace and quiet and joy and happiness all to regularly is seen to steal.

Yes, off to wage war the Putins go, home protesters copping the same cruelty,
Freedom and rights but a dream, it all about ego, power and weaponry.
The ill of it crying out for justice, the hell of it reeking of madness,
This world never the better for it, but racked with continual sadness.

Yes, more buildings, infrastructure, industry and livelihoods ruined and lost,
More of Earth’s precious resources wasted, required — yes, there’s always a cost,
One that’s too great and unnecessary, a crime and sin that’s monumental,
And yet, that humanity shaming craziness and ill continuing still.

The Putins happy to despatch others to do their merciless bidding, hence
Those Russian soldiers, and who reluctantly so? They not acting in defence.
And many returning home in body bags to a country now hurting too,
But for a different reason, thus those citizens suffering, like all do.

The Hitlers, Gadaffis, Saddam Husseins, Putins and the likes doomed in the end,
Those wielding the sword dying by the sword — unworthy of Heaven, I contend.
Their atrocities countless, their hearts as cold as stone, their minds as dark as night,
The rightful territory of others, at any cost, always in their sight.

Putin’s no bully, but a killer who uses others to do his killing,
Hence those cluster bombs — his targeting of those innocent citizens chilling.
But that’s how such men operate, women and children simply nothing to them,
Hence why they continue that slaughter when the evil of it others condemn

(Like that wicked poisoning of opposition leaders choking on their phlegm).

Putin has his excuses, and Ukraine’s not squeaky clean, nor some condemners
(Remember that illegal attack on Iraq, 2003?),
But unprovoked wanton destruction and murder is where any leader errs.
Ukrainians just wanting to get on with their lives, like the rest of us, who
Have no taste for warring and violence; such
just the desire of a few,

Who, of all the heinous things, bomb hospitals, and those fleeing citizens too.

Oh yes, it’s murder in Ukraine, alright, and hence this written protest, whereby
The righteous anger felt, might be heard with every other sound protestor’s cry.

Only the devil in a man decreeing such destruction, and why I write,
That everyone might see the darkness of it all, and choose the path that’s right.

By Lance Landall

"Whether one believes in God and Satan or not, it's clear that protecting
lives is godly and that taking lives is satanic."

The poet, author

This poem was penned on 3 April 2022.

2.  Dear Slava

Yes, I’ve seen those bodies lying in the street, one man still astride his bike, and
They innocent citizens — oh, that evil cruelty that’s both random and planned.
So sorry to hear about those women and girls raped, then murdered, wickedly
(Those men and boys too), their village homes looted, and you nearby, worryingly.

Twenty kilometres away, you said, you still in Kyiv, April the third,
And your wife awfully worried, you both in shock, and what more must you have heard,
Or seen — yes, it’s unbelievable, no law or person respected in war,
Hence those bombed hospitals and family homes, it just rottenness to the core.

I pray for your safety, Slava, and write on your behalf that others may know;
It only poetry, some might say, but my thought for you both, I want to show.
New Zealand’s a long way from Ukraine, but we’ve connected via email, haven’t we,
Our hearts pumping with the same hatred of war, and same love for humanity.

Yes, you’re another brother of mine, and your wife another sister of mine,
Thus I weeping and worrying for you both, and hoping that you will be fine.
Departing soldiers leaving mines behind, I hear, it reeking of revenge to me,
So please take care, Slava, everyone having the right to be safe and free.

And this all why all should feel the pain of your suffering in their very soul,
And the sanctity of life loudly demand and continuously extol.
Your lives just as precious as everyone else’s life, but that’s war for you,
And hence those guided missiles and misguided men, and the hell you’re going through.

“It’s the twenty first century!” you exclaimed, as if that should make a difference,
And it should, but no, most hearts and minds still the same, the crime rate one reference.
The world corrupt, to be frank, eyes looking downward rather than upward, you see,
Hence that ill that still goes on, Slava, and that Ukrainian crime scene, sadly.

Yes, I’m not surprised that you’ve been having sleepless nights, and feel very angry,
Unable to comprehend the wickedness of it all, criminality.
But I love the Ukrainian spirit, and that’s what will get you through it all,
And meantime, some fighters, some caretakers, none of you prepared to bow or crawl.

Your sincerely.

By Lance Landall

He who takes a life depreciates his own."
The poet, author

This poem was penned on 16 March 2022.

3.  That Indomitable Human Spirit

Midst the battlefields of this world, and that bloodstained soil, there are touching stories,
Stories of bravery, kindness and love, and some that nobody hears or sees.
Yes, selfless acts that raise no flag, and some remaining with the dead, sad to say,
But nevertheless having moistened Heavenly eyes that know there’ll come a day.

Yes, even in the midst of battlefields and bloodstained soil, great hearts do great things,
Acts that defy the odds, and that midst the ill, mimic that brave we bird that sings.
Yes, that indomitable human spirit, and forever may it remain,
And why there’s a worldwide chorus shouting, “We’re with you!" So hang in there, Ukraine.

By Lance Landall

This poem is also on Youtube:

This poem was penned on 6 April 2022.

4.  Those Butchers Who Came To Bucha

If a soldier’s lacking strong principles and high moral standards, then chances are
That come war, he’ll do what’ll shame his country and his service in the forces mar.
And this we’ve seen time and again, be it Russians, Americans or other, who
Loot, rape, beat and kill innocent citizens, and such errant soldiers not a few.

Oh yes, despite the rhetoric, anything and everything happens in war,
Hatred of the other side often behind it, and war much like an open door.
After all, they’re killing them, aren’t they, so what does it matter what happens before,
Or so I guess they might reason, and some but butchers, though hearts are hardened by war.

Though revenge is understandable given what took place in Bucha and elsewhere,
When it comes to shooting a surrendering Russian, Ukrainians shouldn’t dare.
’Cause that would make them criminals too, unworthy soldiers, a different butcher,
And thus evidence of another type of war criminal afflicting Bucha.

Yes, not every soldier’s a good person, just like every citizen’s not,
And hence why many atrocities occur, and why some rape, torture and garrotte.
And hence those butchers who came to Bucha, they the violist of offenders, who
Not only shame their family too, but every court of justice should pursue.

Men’s hands tied, mothers raped in front of their kids, whole families brutalized, and
Then shot, left to rot, be they in a street or basement, which evil cruelly planned.
Such hardly the work of soldiers but devils in human form, cowards, villains,
Yes, butchers who came to Bucha, and other places, who soon will pay for their sins.

It’s better soldiers face prison or firing squad than obey evil orders and
Become war criminals too via fear, cowardice or folly, and thus guilty stand.
However, and as mentioned, some soldiers are as corrupt as some citizens, who
Have little respect for human life too, and therefore, rape, torture and murder too.

By Lance Landall

“What’s been kept from Russian citizens, or been described as misinformation, fake news or a set up,
is why the media should always be free of political interference, why freedom of expression should be
sacrosanct, and why democracy should be guarded jealously.”
The poet, author

This poem was penned 12 April 2022.

5.  Russia, You've Been Caught Out

You've spoken of an American empire, and a Western ganging up, but hey,
How does that justify war crimes, those commands to murder that your soldiers obey?
You've spoken of broken promises, double standards, but what’s that got to do
With levelling homes, hospitals, towns, wanton destruction, and hiding evidence too?

Yes, there has been a lot of lying, you having given yourself away, and thus
We not only well aware of your deceitfulness, but seeing through all your fuss.
You can’t take some moral high ground, and at the same time, indulge in shocking evil,
And were any sympathy due, out the window it would go, because of such ill.

Yes, you’ve been caught out, Russia, and more proof being the Butcher of Syria,
You having regrouped for more of the same, but this time, way more nastily, huh.
Your choice of commander very revealing here, so you can say what you like,
But you’ve given yourself away, ’cause all’s as plain as day, reminds of the Third Reich.

By Lance Landall

Correction made on 20 April 2022.

"The barbarous custom of having men beaten who are suspected of having important secrets to
reveal must be abolished. It has always been recognized that this way of interrogating men,
by putting them to torture, produces nothing worthwhile."
Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821)

"The use of torture is dishonourable. It corrupts and degrades the state which uses it and
the legal system which accepts it."
Leonard Hoffmann

6.  On Behalf Of Such Children

Dear young child, fearful and crying, how on Earth can we explain it all to you,
That hellish bombing, that underground shelter where hundreds of others are too.
Your city now looking like something out of a horror movie, a real one,
Your mother and siblings just as distressed — yes, it’s not only your tears that run.

Oh dear, I’m so sorry, little one, it’s hard for us to understand it too,
Older eyes not making it that much easier, it this world we’re born into.
All why some question having kids, ’cause there’re some things that kids should never see,
Let alone be forced to experience, courtesy of plain insanity.

And I’d hate for you to spend the rest of your life hateful, the scars running deep,
Those shocking memories forever etched on your mind, and disturbing your sleep.
You also wondering what happened to that faithful hound that once licked your face;
Was he killed? Did he slowly starve to death? No one being at home in your old place.

That’s if your home was still standing, he longing for that same love, comfort and food,
Food that’s barely coming your way as well, tummy pains beginning to intrude.
Oh, that horrid boredom, painful waiting, and those frightening noises outside,
You wondering if you’ll see tomorrow, or where else you’ll be forced to hide.

Yes, I don’t know where to start, precious one, explanations barely making sense,
And as for what insanity looks like — well, outside you’ve seen the evidence.
Smoke coming from schools, shops, burning vehicles, and there are those bloodied bodies,
And one your dad, possibly, your life now marred by horrid images like these.

No, this world’s not child-friendly now, but needing an AO classification,
It having become a joint bizarre and jarring Kubrick, Spielberg creation.
No, such not for your eyes, you shouldn't even know about such things, but sadly,
Destroyers and murderers have come your way, and your dad’s been fighting bravely.

Those cuddles having to do for now, your mother in need of them too, and so
Bravery required underground, despair and hopelessness another foe.
Thus our thoughts and prayers are with you, dear one, and with all who’re suffering like you,
Such evil belonging to other hearts, not ours, and may yours be like ours too.

By Lance Landall

“What we’ve seen in Ukraine is humanity’s loss and evil’s gain, and all why peace on
Earth and goodwill to all men should be planted in each heart and brain.”

The poet, author

This poem was penned on 21 March 2022.

7.  Putin

I’ve seen the bodies, Vladimir, and the apocalyptic type destruction,
And I shake my head at your laughable demilitarizing construction.
Yes, bombed houses, hospitals, schools, shelters and so much more exposing the lie,
Your bloodlust having levelled cities, and why “Murderer!” “Coward!” many cry.

You’ve not just got blood on your hands, but it’s up to your neck, guilt etched ’cross your head,
But others doing such killing for you, when they shouldn’t, and thus their hands red.
There absolutely no excuse for such wanton murder and destruction, but
Where there’s no love and wisdom, one’s heart is black, one’s ears deaf, and one’s eyes plain shut.

Oh, the anger and hatred you’ve fuelled, your legacy now Hitler like, and thus
You're one of history’s most hated now, healthy blood overtaken by pus.
Hence those men, women and children who’ve been harmed or killed via your toxic decree,
Those bombs and missiles that you’re so proud of, and that shout, “Too bad, humanity!”

And as for those mobile incinerators, the very thought! Such boggling me.

Yes, it’s those like you who spoil and ruin this world, their thinking so badly askew,
They driven by issues, power or rancid ideologies — nothing new.
They coming and going, but the sun still shining, though much hotter, thanks to you,
Climate change aided by burning pipelines and ruptured tanks that fouling smoke spew.

No, no tears in your eyes, hence that crackdown on your own people, those News blackouts,
Which a dictator reveals, and which oppression and not democracy shouts.
Oh, how we’ve seen it all before, but a throne and luxury not enough, hence your grab,
But some close to you feeling the heat of it all, so I’d watch that coming stab.

I don’t know how you can sleep at night; and put on trial for war crimes, you should be,
Those atrocities you’ve overseen demanding justice, which I pray we’ll see.
Such monstrous evil should haunt you, but your conscience has been seared, it dull and dead,
’Cause rather than the milk of human kindness, you’ve been bizarrely bottle-fed.

And why you've effectively said, “I don’t care world. I’ll slaughter still, and bomb their food,”
Which sums it all up, Vladimir — and that you’re evil, one can only conclude.
’Cause noble hearts and minds don’t think or act like that, nor carry out such orders,
But you know nothing of ethical boundaries, nor other people’s borders.

The very fact that you’ve threatened to use nuclear weaponry, crazily,
And knowing that there would be a nuclear response, and understandably,
Should awaken every Russian to how little you’re concerned about them,
And this why they should rise in opposition, and your deludedness condemn.

By Lance Landall

"The most shocking fact about war is that its victims and its instruments are individual human beings,
and that these individual beings are condemned by the monstrous conventions of politics to murder
or be murdered in quarrels not their own."

Aldous Huxley (1894-1963) — The Olive Tree

This poem was penned on 1 July 2022.

8.  Guilty Still

Someone said that Vladimir Putin sincerely believes in what he’s doing. Well,
That won’t help him, I believe, come Divine judgment, because Putin’s guilty still.
We all knowing instinctively that it’s wrong to persecute, injure or kill,
Given such doesn’t leave us with heavenly feelings, a sense that all is well.

Yes, there’s that something inside us that doesn’t sit well, which many try to quell
Via some deluded justification, when their evil is plain evil still.
Such cruelty never comes with Heaven’s blessing, but the hatred of a devil,
Whose face is seen in all Putin-like atrocities, demanding justice still.

To feel no remorse or pain for such evil inflicted, shows a heart of stone,
Some kids getting but a few years of life, thanks to a deliberate missile cone.
So tell me, how can one sincerely have no qualms over that? So swing they will,
No one that blind, but only that deluded, all why justice is required stil

By Lance Landall

This poem was penned on 16 October 2022.

9.  BOOM!

“I’m not trying to destroy Ukraine” — BOOM! — Sorry, Mum, we won’t be back for tea,
Dad and I were blown to bits, and Putin’s laughing, “Ha, ha, ha, he, he, he.”
He’s evil, Mum. We didn’t see it coming, ’cause Dad and I were having fun,
And Putin said he has no regrets, that he’s very happy with what he’s done.

So mind the field, Mum, there’s no doubt more out there, and he’s hoping one will get you,
Or my twin sister, and then there’s poor old Fido who loves to roam near home too.
Dad was saying how he loves you, and me — BOOM! — I saw Putin in that flash, Mum,
He looking just like Satan, and so, sorry, Mum, but tea-wise, we just can’t come.

No, not any more, Mum, that mine concealed, ready and waiting for kids like me,
Mums and dads too, so mind, Mum, ’cause those who planted them really hate us, you see.
I was holding Dad’s hand, but it’s all over now, Mum. Say, did you hear the BOOM!?
And we’re not all that far from you, Mum, ’cause you can see us both from your bedroom.

By Lance Landall

"The LORD examines the righteous, but the wicked, those who love violence,
he hates with a passion" (Ps 11:5, NIV).

10.  Until The Return Of Sanity

War is either madness or a response to that madness, but in either case
Still evil by its very nature, because killing and destruction takes place.
Earth’s our habitat, our home, regardless of which country we live in, and so,
Any harm anywhere hurts us all, and why further ill winds are seen to blow.

Yes, toxic climate-changing smoke bellowing from whatever’s hit, and more so
Oil storage tanks, or pipelines carrying oil, and then there’s that seeping below,
Coming from sunken ships, perhaps with nuclear warheads, hence that coming day
When it will all have gone too far (if not already), and it more a will than may.

So what are we doing, feeling we have to, given that hell in Ukraine, say,
But responding with more pollutants, more toxins, skies turning a darker grey.
Yes, we adding to the ill afflicting our habitat, and so it all goes,
All why the madness of war — though there’s other craziness — worryingly shows.

And who benefits from the sale of such weaponry? Well, temporarily,
Given that Earth’s wounds are looking like they’re turning fatal; bye humanity.
After all, the damage seems never ending, and the clean up polluting too,
Because where do we dump all the after-it-all damage of war, but here too.

All why Earth’s getting sicker, the sea, land and sky deceased now, and how we die,
Some succumbing, even all, ultimately, if our planet we crucify.
We but destroying the very thing that we need to survive, and crazily
Destroying ourselves via the likes of war, as if we’ve a split personality.

Yes, it doesn’t make sense, and will never make sense, it madness in battledress,
Either side using the devil’s inventions in order to achieve success.
Yes, be they the attacker, the defender, or the helper, they’re all guilty,
Smeared with the blood of each other, it quite a mess, ’til the return of sanity.

But how do we stop it all come those Putins, and that evil behind the scene?
And that’s the problem, isn’t it, it all a heart and mind thing, always has been.
And it isn’t going to change until we become that change that changes, and
Show that love and respect for each other that should be found in every land.

By Lance Landall

"The nations raged, but Thy wrath came, and the time for the dead to be judged, for rewarding Thy
servants, the prophets and saints, and those who fear Thy name, both small and great,
and for destroying the destroyers of the earth" (Rev 11:18, RSV).

"War will exist until that distant day when the conscientious objector enjoys the same
reputation and prestige that the warrior does today."

American president, John F. Kennedy (1917-1963)

Wars will stop when men refuse to fight.
Albert Einstein

11.  Because Of My Love For People

Why am I so upset about what’s happened in Ukraine, that cruel, evil war?
Well, it’s because of my love for people, and be they black or white, rich or poor.
Yes, everyone precious in my sight, a special, living, breathing creation,
And why it tears at my heart when I think of that appalling situation.

They bombed, hunted, trapped, shot at, deprived, frightened and chased from their homes and country,
And all because of someone’s lack of love for people — hatred, actually.
Oh, the sadness of it, the wickedness of it, the selfishness of it, and
What do we see? Unnecessary deaths, horrid injuries, a ruined land.

Yes, such is the madness of the opposite of love (sense, wisdom, thought and care),
It achieving naught, other than fuelling hatred on the other side, I fear.
Yes, more ill and evil coming from ill and evil — and understandably,
Given the pain and suffering such causes, all why acts of revenge we see.

And there goes that merry-go-round, and all why love takes neither path, and nor I,
Every life sacrosanct, in my mind, not mine to injure, nor cause to die.
Yes, a life is a life, and all life coming with a “Hands Off!” sign, I believe,
’Cause love is all about respect — and thus a lack of love, but waiting to deceive.

By Lance Landall

"Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies in the final sense, a theft from
those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children.
This is not a way of life at all in any true sense. Under the clouds of war, it is humanity hanging on a cross of iron
Dwight D. Eisenhower (1890-1969), American politician and Army general

12.  And That's The Facts!

When you go into a country as has Russia (and more truthfully, Putin),
And try to level it, targeting not just soldiers but every citizen,
Murdering in cold blood after having raped and tortured, tied hands behind backs,
You’ve become the devil himself, are as evil as it gets, and that’s the facts!

One seriously deluded, radicalized, brainwashed, call it what you will,
And yes, having become ghastly systemically due to a poisoned well,
'Cause only a very ill heart and dark mind carries out such wanton evil,
It nothing but satanic rage that won’t be quenched until it has had its fill.

Oh, the sheer wickedness of it all (and how dare any do it in God’s name,
'Cause those who do so do not know Him, regardless of whatever they might claim),
And such the world must stand up to, who and wherever it comes from, if we prize
(And I mean truly prize), love above hate, right above wrong, and truth above lies.

By Lance Landall

This poem relates to Poland opening its country to the first of the escaping Ukrainians.

13.  Protest We Must

The kindness we’ve seen in Poland (for example), we need to see in the world,
We’re violence of any sought is condemned, and the sanctity of life’s upheld.
There’s been enough rhetoric, enough dictators and tyrants (and some disguised,
Or hiding behind things, and why their true intent hasn’t always been realised).

Oh yes, the soil stained with the blood or sweat of the oppressed (ruled by evil men),
Or the tears of all the fearful fleeing, their homeland bombed time and again.
And protest falling on deaf ears, the enemy not leaving until satisfied,
And after having destroyed, murdered, displayed their evil and cruelty, and lied.

The nuclear, rather than a deterrent, has become a threat, and also
Those arsenals in general, from which death and destruction’s been seen to grow.
Oh yes, its time that all laid down their weaponry, saw the madness of it all,
Every citizen in every country joining in this needed call.

Otherwise, it’s a “one day” scenario, and meantime, another Ukraine,
All why evil men should be wrenched from their perch, leaders not there to rule, cause pain.
And so, protest we must, those refugees growing by the day, all thanks to men
Whose hearts and minds are sick and deluded; they variants of that Covid strain,

Plaguing time and time again.

By Lance Landall

Contains Christian content or degree.

14.  Further Thoughts Regarding Putin

As bad or evil as the Putins of this world are, Christ died for them as well,
Forgiveness coming where they’re truly repentant, deeply sorry for their ill.
Yes, they just as assured of eternal life, courtesy of amazing grace,
But meantime, the earthly consequences of their ill or evil, they must face.

It’s easy to pray for Putin’s deserved comeuppance, that war crimes tribunal,
But what about his salvation, that godly change? The sick sinner made well.
We all deserving of punishment (and not reward), none of us squeaky clean,
All why it’s not about who’s better or worse, but that saving Calvary scene.

Yes, redemption — compassion and mercy restoring that likeness to Christ — and
Thereby bringing good out of bad, and thus evil lessened throughout any land.
No “Rot in Hell!” shout, but rather, “Forgive them Father, they know not what they do,”
Many blind due to this or that, hence that need of light, He who’s faithful and true.

Oh, how God’s able to soften hearts of stone, rescuing those one wouldn’t think so,
The power of the Spirit doing the impossible, as so many know.
They once Putins by degree, ’till Christ came into their heart, and all why we pray,
And given Christ died for sinners, not saints, and thus forgiveness also our way.

And forgiveness not optional, but a command — otherwise, we’ll be lost too,
One needing to have that heart and mind of Christ, the old way exchanged for the new.
Love looking beyond the present, that pain and suffering, those wounds inflicted,
’Cause such is the only way, only answer, hatred and revenge rejected.

By Lance Landall

“ ‘Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God; for it is written,
"Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord’ ” (Rom 12:19, RSV).

“But if you do not forgive others, then your Father will not forgive your transgressions" (Matt 6:15, NASB).

This poem which contains Christian content or degree was penned 16 April 2022.

15.  God's Not With You, Russia

No, God’s not with you, Russia, ’cause even if you had legitimate concerns,
You’ve committed the unthinkable, great evil, and why now, certain hatred burns.
And thus any successes hardly vindication, but more to do with might,
Though misfortune having bedevilled you, and others having joined in the fight,

Along with incompetence and confusion of which we’ve never seen the like.

Yes, terrible losses of both soldiers and weaponry, so unexpected,
You effectively getting what you deserved, thinking you’d be hailed, respected.
You badly mistaken, Putin, soldiers deserting, going AWOL, changing sides,
Sabotaging their own equipment — and back to Russia, even hitching rides.

But God’s not in any war, even ones with a Christian flag, such delusion,
A sell out, misguided men and a devil simply working in collusion.
And thus those Ukrainian successes due to cleverness and support, and
That lionhearted spirit, ’cause right’s on their side, you having attacked their land.

As a young boy I oft watched TV programmes where good triumphed over evil,
I thrilled when the good guys won — and where they do today, I have that feeling still.
But where’s the joy in anyone killed, be they a Ukrainian or Russian,
Thus such successes on either side being cause for sorrow too, lest we grin.

And all why I say, God’s not in any war, He a Saviour, not a killer,
But if on any side, it would be the right side, so go on, Putin, tell her,
Yes, that Russian mum whose son you sent to his death, and all those other men too,
Husbands and fathers, and there so many of them — oh, the guilt that falls on you!

And on any other leader too, who, wrongly decrees such a war, and thus
Kindles the wrath of a God who came to save all, and whom Christians call Jesus.
He riled as a hornet, but His anger's controlled, and biding its time, and then
He dealing with those who He knows raped, tortured and murdered — wicked, evil men.

Though a God of abounding love, He’s also a God of justice who well knows
Who did what and when and where, ’cause Heaven’s intelligence the brightest mind blows.
And thus those beastlike soldiers having to face the music, and face it they will,
God grossly weak and irresponsible if He didn’t respond to such ill.

And so, God’s not with you, Russia, and you having brought on yourself but a curse,
Citizens dead in the street, or secretly buried, thus no goodbye, nor hearse.
Oh, all the horrors that those raped, tortured and murdered could speak of, but God knows,
And soon He’ll be here, and with a slam, the door to such evil closets will close.

Yes, Ukraine’s needed help, and help there should be, and provision on Earth for such,
Hence those other countries trying to help, evil oft seeking to wrongly clutch.
But God not in any war, it all man’s doing, thus success and loss there’ll be,
Until that great day when Christ returns, and love and goodness gain the victory.

Though meantime, He paining and weeping, wanting us to do what we can, which means
Speaking out, showing love, thought and care via word or deed wherever there’s such scenes.
Others thus catching a glimpse of that very same love that He wants shared, and so
We standing on the side of right at all costs, and that Paradise we might know.

It’s true that we often see God’s hand at work, but we shouldn’t be mistaken,
Such not necessarily sanctioning or endorsing something, some loss or win,
'Cause God’s hand is connected to the bigger picture, appearing here and there,
Though not quite as we might think at times, and He having His own creative flair.

Anyway, Russia,

I think your best and biggest war ship that was sunk may reveal your destiny,
Given how God’s not in the picture, but a devil displaying no mercy.
Hence those hundreds of people trapped in Mariupol, and genocide comes to mind,
So why would God be with you, Russia, and where’s the repentant that He might find?

By Lance Landall

This poem was tweaked on 17 April 2022.

“ violence to no man…” (Luke 3:14, KJV).

“...and His [Christ’s] soul [nature] hates the lover of violence” (Ps 11:5).

Too many Christians use the Old Testament in their justifying of some war. They need to
remember that ancient Israel was a theocracy that God once directed personally, and He thus
working in the context of certain considerations concerning them, the time, and circumstances.
Christ ushered in a whole new order of things, and one also needs to remember that Christians
are living midst a mixed multitude. They're not a nation.
For more on this, see my article God, War And Violence which is on my page The Evil Of Violence,
Home page, purple box.

Christian content or degree.
This poem was penned on 24 February 2023.

16.  That Church And State Connection

I was observing Putin’s state of the nation address, misleading PR,
And there sat his priest in the front row in all his religious regalia.
And I was dwelling on that Church and State connection, such seen with Hitler too,
And also in America via those evangelicals who power pursue.

Yes, the past forgotten, Europe once drenched in the blood of the persecuted,
And there were millions of them, cruelly tortured, burnt at the stake, executed.
So much done in the name of God knowing NOTHING of Him, and so too with love,
Both that Russian priest and that modern Tsar acting anything but like above.

Oh, how that priest stood out, his blessing aiding and abetting Putin’s evil,
Rather than condemning it in God’s name, and thus just as guilty of that ill.
Yes, there no more safety in Church and State than anything else, it but a trap,
And why between both the Church and State there should always be that preventive gap.

No one lives in a God led theocracy anymore, such having ended,
Ancient Israel having blown it, Jesus rejected and offended.
We all a mixed multitude now, and Christians warned to keep their nose out of things,
Their path different, and why their wrongful interference, simply trouble brings.

Putin’s bolder in what he has done because of his priest’s blessing of this war,
All how religion becomes dangerous, and which Bible prophecy foresaw.
If I wasn’t a Christian, such would put me off religion, and has many,
Because where there’s warmongering, and found some Christian, there shouldn't be any.

No, be it via some forbidden tethering, or some priest's blessing, such as here,
Any such connections but an effrontery to the God of love and care.
Only a devil convincing otherwise, but oh, deluded men there are,
Like this errant priest in all his regalia, and that foolish modern tsar.

Such regalia, by the way, and that religious pomp and ceremony
Were never part of the early Christian Church, but later inventions, sadly.
The old theocracy having ended ’round Christ’s death, so what we see today
Isn’t like either, but the traditions of men, who’ve that tendency to stray.

By Lance Landall

Worth noting:

"I believe in an America that is officially neither Catholic, Protestant nor Jewish — where no public official either requests or accepts instructions on public policy from the Pope, the National Council of Churches or any other ecclesiastical source — no religious body seeks to impose its will directly or indirectly upon the general populace
or the public acts of its officials — and where religious liberty is so indivisible that an act against one church is
treated as an act against all."

John F. Kennedy (1917-1963)

This poem which contains Christian content or degree was penned 19 April 2022.
This poem ties in with the one below it.

17.  Convenience And Folly

The truth 'bout the Gospel of Jesus Christ is that one can’t go to a priest and
Ask forgiveness for sins and be forgiven, ’cause those who do, still guilty stand.
Why? ’Cause only God can forgive them, and extremely repentant they must be,
’Cause how convenient priests would become, and I guess that’s why more ill we see.

And so, Putin having to kneel before God, not some priest who’s a sinner too,
And who doesn't know the heart,

All why only God can forgive, He who does know the heart, wrong some still pursue,
Or hidden thing still in their heart.

Nor priests able to bless a war, war crimes that show great wickedness and evil,
Yes, premeditated madness, and thus earthly forgiveness heresy, ill.

Did Hitler think he had the blessing of the Church too, and would get off scot-free?
’Cause if he did, he’ll have a rude awakening too, when Christ’s return we see.
Hitler hardly repentant, and as for Putin — well, things don’t look good to me,
He just as obsessed, and clearly knows nothing of that love shown on Calvary.

Has the leader of the Russian Orthodox Church (who’s Putin’s long time ally)
Not heard, “Love your enemies?” So as for his blessing of the war, I ask, “Why?”
And didn’t Christ also say, “Suffer the little children to come unto Me,”
Or is stealing and killing kids okay now, or still evil hypocrisy?

Yes, it seems that some priests in that Russian Church are for the war, and some not so,
And thus one blessing it and another condemning it
— oh, what a sideshow.
No, God’s hardly in any war, and nor does His grace cover convenience
(I’ll do it then see a priest, or beforehand), but some people hard to convince.

By Lance Landall

This poem was altered and added to on 20 April 2022.

“Rebutting a belief widely shared by Protestants and a growing number of Roman Catholics,
Pope John Paul II dismissed Tuesday the “widespread idea that one can obtain forgiveness
directly from God,” and exhorted Catholics to confess more often to their priests.”
December 12, 1984, The Los Angeles Times

"For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus" (1 Tim 2:5, KJV).

"Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given
to mankind by which we must be saved" (Acts 4:12, NIV).

"Let us [you and I) therefore come boldly [confidently] to the throne of grace [our gracious God], that we
may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need" (Heb 4:16, NKJV).

This poem which contains Christian content or degree was penned
25 April 2022 and added to on 29 April 2022.
This poem ties in with the one above it.

18.  Utter Blasphemy!

How you grossly sinned against God, Vladimir Putin — it utter blasphemy!
You there in church come Easter, yet responsible for every atrocity.
How dare you hide behind Christendom, the convenience of confession, then
Off again to sanction more rape, torture and murder, that hell of evil men.

Yes, Hitler thought he was doing God’s will too, he just as deluded as you,
Christ having said, “Love your enemies,” “Thou shalt not murder” — yes, you well askew.
Oh, all that wanton destruction, those war crimes, and genocide’s also been said,
And thus your mind just as dark as Hitler’s was, and your heart as diseased and dead.

So you wasted your time in church that day, evil in your heart as you stood there,
Tomorrow just another day at the devil’s office, and same wicked flair.
Yes, you feverish with hate, anger and revenge, reaching for more weaponry,
Shaming the One who died on a cross at Calvary — it utter blasphemy!

Russians who don’t agree with your war are but traitors and scum, you said, and yet
Christ not seeing anyone as scum, words that one day soon you may well regret.
And yet, there you were in church, and that priest who blessed your war, not that he’s able,
It all a mockery, because in Ukraine, we don’t see Heaven but a hell,

And no ceasefire over Easter, nor safe passage, it nothing but bomb and kill.

Thus any Church or religion that would sanction such an evil, wicked war,
Or piously condemn it whilst supporting it, say, is rotting at the core.
Oh, so much done in God’s name knowing nothing of Him, it naught but heresy,
Thus both you, Putin, and that priest of yours, indulging in utter blasphemy!

Those who say, “I love God,” and hate their brothers or sisters, are liars, John said,
Thus you one of them, Putin, given those mass graves holding the innocent dead,
And those missiles of yours that target residential buildings, yet you in church
(Disgustingly), and why in Heaven you’ll hardly be found, despite any search,

Nor your callous little helpers.

You knew the United Nations Secretary-General had left Moscow
For Kyiv, yet five missiles were despatched when he was there, near, so there you go,
’Cause what does that say, and that dragging of your feet come those trapped in that steel plant
(And whom Christ died for)? All why when it comes to you, as things stand, grace He won’t grant,

And once again, it was homes that those missiles hit, a cowards call, really low.

By Lance Landall

“There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death” (Prov 14:12, NIV).

"There are six things the Lord hates — no, seven things he detests: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands
that kill the innocent, a heart that plots evil, feet that race to do wrong, a false witness who pours out
lies, a person who sows discord in a family" (Prov 6:16-19, NLT).

“I believe today that I am acting in the sense of the Almighty Creator. By warding off the
Jews I am fighting for the Lord’s work.”
Adolph Hitler, Speech, Reichstag, 1936.

"Persecution is disobeying the most solemn injunction of Christianity under the sham plea of upholding it."
Paul Chatfield

By the way, why exposing errors in any denomination or religion is neccesary, and not bigotry:

Because that information made public can help prevent others from embracing that same error.
Because that information made public can help those who’ve already embraced that error to see why it is in fact error.
Because that information should naturally be made available in order for people to not only make up their own minds but truly have freedom of choice.
Because people often come up with opposite arguments from the very same source as us — the Bible, say — thus one not only having to find and present the correct position, the truth, but show and prove the error in any counter argument (which some people wrongly call knocking when it's really informing and aiding).
Because certain beliefs that some people are holding to are unhealthy, or very destructive — ISIS being one example. And such passing from generation to generation.
Because much that's been said and done in the name of God hasn't been of God at all.

Contains Christian content or degree.

19.  Our Fitness For Heaven

Our fitness for Heaven is largely determined by how we treat others, and
Why treating others badly will keep us out of Heaven, ’cause guilty we’ll stand.
Unkindness to others, in any form, needing to have stopped, once and for all,
’Cause such is plain un-Christ-like behaviour, the outcome of humanity’s Fall.

Yes, Christ is BIG on how we treat others, and thus greatly upset by cruelty,
That which hurts or harms, that which deceives or misleads — all why there’s a judgment, see.
Thus true repentance is required, an immediate turning from such wrong,
Grace not covering continuation, which, in the Christian’s life, doesn’t belong.

Though truth is important, and a growing relationship with God a must, we
Cannot be right with Him whilst mistreating others, ’cause that’s plain hypocrisy.
He’s wanting us to have the same love for others that He has, they His children,
All why dare we hurt or harm them, such being a grace buster, and grievous sin.

Yes, only God’s grace can save us, but loving others isn’t works, it’s a command,
Though springing forth willingly from converted hearts, God not needing to demand.
We loving because we want to, not have to, the latter as fake as can be,
One either a genuine Christian or not, and lost or saved eternally.

No, we can’t have it both ways, we having changed or not, truthful or dishonest,
The saved not living a lie, holding court with Christ whilst using weapon or fist.
God seeing it all, noting it all, and why there will come a day, so please mind,
’Cause many who attend church will hear, “Depart from Me,” and a closing gate find.

By Lance Landall

“The children of God and the children of the devil are revealed in this way: all who do not do what is right
are not from God, nor are those who do not love their brothers and sisters” (1 John 3:10).

"God's not the fool that many desire, but the eyes and ears of required and ultimate justice.”

The poet, author

This poem which contains Christian content or degree was penned on 7 May 2022.

20.  With That Steel Plant In Mind

It’s good to take lessons from life, or to see similar parallels, and then
We using them to our benefit somehow, thus not shallow women and men.
Our life having point and purpose, nothing wasted nor overlooked, but in sync,
Too many strolling without due thought and care, and nearby, a precipice, some brink.

I was thinking of all those people trapped in that steel plant in Mariupol,
And under attack, unable to escape, pinned down like rabbits in a hole.
Oh, the cruelty, the wickedness, their enemy merciless, out for the kill,
Driven by hate or propaganda, and on the highway to what some call Hell.

And it reminded me of us, just as trapped on Earth, but by sin, pinned down too,
And also under attack, hate and propaganda hardly anything new.
And we needing to be rescued, though in our case, there is a Saviour on hand,
A God of love and truth, not hate and lies, but of course, one has to make a stand.

Yes, the war in Ukraine is a localized picture of a bigger battle,
God on one hand, Satan on the other, who false promises loves to prattle.
The truth being that he wants to gain control of us, take us down with him, and
There’s no love in that! All why the right or wrong of things, we need to understand.

Well, love goes without saying, but truth’s just as needed too, hence that courtroom scene,
Courtesy of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, and where certain things one may glean.
The truth needing to come out, the lies needing to be found out, a lot at stake,
So too in that Ukrainian war, and on Earth as well, and time it can take.

Is Russia right? Is Ukraine right? Is Johnny Depp right, or is Amber Heard right?
Oh yes, truth’s important alright, our minds as bright as day or as dark as night,
Our hearts well or unwell, and we deserving to be rescued or not, and thus
(In our case), on the side of a hateful devil or loving God called Jesus.

And He having to weigh up the truth about us, we Putins or Ghandis, say,
Attacking souls or rescuing souls, choosing love or hate, the right or wrong way.
Yes, there much at stake, eternal life or eternal death, so what will it be,
We holed up in our own steel plant, seemingly doomed or about to be set free.

By Lance Landall

As far as Johnny Depp and Amber Heard go, the one who's lying will have to face the heavenly court,
unless they repent, own up, and take the earthly rap.

This poem which contains Christian content or degree was penned on 14 May 2022.

21.  A Very Real Parallel

I was thinking about how Sweden and Finland talked about joining NATO,
And how that made Putin angry — ’cause such unity’s a threat to him — and so
He warning of dire consequences, and indulging in propaganda too,
Along with preventing Russians from hearing the truth, like all dictators do.

And I thought of Satan, and how when people talk of becoming a Christian,
He feels threatened, and gets angry too, ’cause such makes it harder for him to win.
Yes, more Christians is what he doesn’t want, hence his propaganda, and why he
Just like Putin, tries to stop people hearing the truth, and talks scaringly.

Hence all that talk of Hell fire, and how God’s exacting and so on, it all lies,
’Cause it’s not God who’s a monster, but Satan, who one’s failings amplifies.
And hence those war crimes that he commits too, that devastation he leaves behind,
The human cost inestimable, he going all out for each heart and mind.

Yes, this is a war too, one between good and evil, and over you and I,
Satan the attacker, we defending with the power God’s seen to supply.
But only if we have joined the heavenly NATO, which will win in the end,
Christ descending to Earth with a loud shout, and He no enemy but a friend,

Meantime, Satan throwing everything at us (though pointing at God, wrongly),
Not an ounce of goodness or mercy in his heart, hence all those victims we see.
Yes, they strewn all over the place having not joined that heavenly NATO, or
Having walked away from it, and now so exposed, ’cause we’re truly in a war.

Satan may well wound, even kill, but there’s life beyond the grave, and pain will end,
All courtesy of amazing grace, that coming rescue (Christ soon to descend).
We kind of in a steel plant too, but like brave soldiers, we not surrendering,
But faithful to the end; and come God’s war tribunal (judgment), Satan will swing.

Oh yes, you’d better believe it, Satan’s just as angry as Putin, and so
He threatening and scaring us, and using deluded humans too, you know.
And some doing so in God’s name, but Christ not a priest who blesses such, oh no,
’Cause He’s a hater of violence, thus noting all that’s going on below.

No, He’s not shooting reporters, raping and torturing, bombing homes and schools,
But rather, leaving behind a healing balm, hope filled promises, not bloody pools.
He not seeking to take but to give, thus one better off, not worse off, and so
I wouldn’t listen to Satan’s lies, but quickly join that heavenly NATO.

Yes, He’s waiting for your call, you pondering such, perhaps, He sending supplies,
But say “Yes!” and you’ll have the direct intervention you want, willing allies.
Yes, angels, the Holy Spirit, God himself, Heaven’s might, and other Christians,
’Cause in this war, it’s not the attacker but the defender (Jesus) who wins.

Yes, Putin’s folly has forced Sweden and Finland to talk of joining NATO,
And now you, dear friend, needing to consider joining that heavenly NATO.
Sure the battle will be fierce, and you’ll have to carry your cross, and daily,
But success here is everything, ’cause we’re talking about eternity.

The best things in life are worth the effort, and so it is with that life to come,
The loss of Paradise (eternal bliss) sure to leave one feeling more than numb.
Oh yes, it’s worth the meantime cost, whatever Satan throws at us, which he will,
But only for a while, eternal summer replacing that short winter chill.

Every battle has its end, and this one isn’t over yet, sad to say,
But end it will, Christ the victorious one, and why by His side we should stay.
And all why He’s been busy rebuilding already — yes, those mansions above,
Where nothing will destroy again, and where on a pure throne, will always sit Love.

By Lance Landall

"For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities
of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the
heavenly places" (Ephesians 6:12, NLT)

This poem was penned on 5 March 2022,
and contains Christian content or degree.

22.  Things Will Happen Before

I was thinking about Ukraine, Lord, and how You said things will happen before,
Your coming still in the future, though signs saying that You’re almost at Earth’s door.
Meantime the lie of just targeting Ukraine’s military capabilities
Is evident in those bombed apartments and houses that (on TV) one sees.

It’s wicked, Lord, and not caused by Your absence, but the presence of a devil,
One whose ultimate plan the universe needs to see before You ring Earth’s bell.
Your entrance bringing an end to it all, the universe all the wiser then,
Aware there’s no blood on Your hands, but on the hands of a devil using men.

Oh Lord, I so wanting an end to it all now, the dead growing by the day,
A country being levelled, when such orders every soldier should disobey.
Their job being to defend their homeland, not attack someone else’s, and yet
There they are, murdering, and Belarus soldiers ready to aid and abet.

But You predicted all these things, Lord, how things would get worse on Earth, and before
That dramatic coming of Yours, which will end every wicked ruler’s roar.
Yes, they no longer able to command such carnage, and Your judgement will face,
Your kingdom replacing every other kingdom, it full of love and grace.

Yes, they won’t get away with their evil, Lord, and hence that day that’s coming soon,
Their eternal loss sealed, they no longer able to change their corrupted tune.
Your trumpet blast their shock and horror, the murdered dead crying out for justice,
All why You’ve said that You’ll repay, including silencing Satan’s deadly hiss.

So meantime, give us strength, Lord, that we might hang in there and do our needed part,
Protesting against such wickedness, feeling for those people with all our heart.
Our conscience clear, our heart pure, our hands clean, we thus a blessing and not a curse,
And putting our faith and trust in You, ’cause meantime, Lord, You said things would get worse.

Yet we at peace, Lord, knowing that whatever we suffer too, there’s that rescue,
Thus suffering temporary, though we still praying for Ukrainians, who
Like millions in the world, have been set upon, and thus so much are going through,
Like those poor creatures left behind, who once, a very different life knew too.

And those fathers and sons too, or mothers and daughters, trying to hold the fort,
And those citizens who never left, and now, are caught in that hellish onslaught.
Oh, the evil of it, Lord, and why I long for Your coming, that end to it,
But like You said, things will happen before, and in rightful judgement You will sit.

Yes, the Hitler And Putin type lineage being that of Satan and Cain,
And hence why instead of healing sunshine, they’re seen to deliver acid rain.
Their toxic natures so different to Yours, Lord, and why for Heaven I yearn,
And why in these tragic and dark times, Earth’s closing hours, it’s to You I turn.

By Lance Landall

“ ‘And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars...for nation will rise against nation. And there will be
famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places. All these are the begining of sorrows' "
 (Matt 24:6-8, NKJV).

"In the same way, when you see all these things taking place, you can know that the
Kingdom of God is near" (Matt 24:33, NLT).

"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him
should not perish but have eternal life" (John 3:16, ESV).

By the way, why isn’t God stopping all the suffering and evil?

1)  Because He gave humans control of this planet who’ve foolishly decided to do things their way, and why they must learn from their own folly — cause and effect.
2)  Because if God were to interfere, He would soon be accused of controlling, manipulating, and encroaching on that liberty and freedom that He gave us.
3)  Because the devil (who’s causing as much damage and ill as he can via humans) would accuse God of not allowing him enough time to prove any supposed case against Him.
4)  Because evil must run its meantime course so that all (including other created but unfallen worlds) may see where and what such leads to — Satan’s grand finale, attempt to bring all under his control.
5)  Because God knows that, that time isn’t right yet, but very soon, hence those signs of His approaching coming that He has given via His Word (the Christian Bible).
6)  Because it’s clear that more need more time to have their eyes opened before they'll believe and make a decision for God, thus avoiding eternal death.
7)  Because the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ that must to go to the whole world first, and every corner, has been held up and hampered by a lack of workers (committed Christians), general resistance to Christian belief, and countries that have been hard or impossible to get into (and certainly fully so).
8) Because the lesson learnt will be for all eternity and thus in proportion (the Earth only around six thousand years old, going by Biblical dating).
9) Because the considerations of the universe as a whole (
which includes other created but unfallen worlds) must be taken into account. Such kind of reminds me of how NATO has held back from direct involvement in Ukraine due to wider considerations also.
10) Because one must remember that what seems a very long time to humans is but a moment in time to a God who's eternal. And thus why to Him a thousand years must seem like a day.
11) Because people are to put their trust in a coming new tomorrow, not a better today — and how faith is tested.
12) Because the Christian Bible has an impeccable prophetic record that can’t be tarnished by even one incorrect prediction — otherwise there would be a flaw in God’s reliability.

This poem was penned on 19 March 2022,
and contains Christian content or degree.

23.  God Will Have His Say Too

If you believe in evolution, there’s no day of accountability,
And thus the Putins of this world oft getting away with their insanity.
Yes, some get their comeuppance here and now, but others getting away with it,
All why there needs to be a day of reckoning, and sentence that’s made to fit.

And here I’m talking about a resurrection day for both sinners and saints,
Where reward or punishment will be delivered; a picture the Bible paints.
And therefore, just as good oft prevails in this world, so too the God of goodness,
Who’ll bring every secret thing into judgment, thus delivering justice.

Yes, the Hitlers and Putins receiving the shock of shocks, justice prevailing,
And rightly so, the land of Ukraine a crime scene, hence that disturbing wailing.
There more than one war criminal, that “just following orders” naught but a sham,
All why on such shameful excuses the gavel of God’s justice will soon slam.

And thus for some, the War Criminal Tribunal just the beginning of things,
Because God will have His Say too, and all from which eternal life or death springs.
Repentance hardly coming from hearts of stone, and why too late many will see
That no one’s going to get away with anything, which makes so much sense to me.

And that’s the good thing about God’s judgment, it no concern to right doers, and
It acting on behalf of victims whose innocent blood’s stained many a land.
Evil having reigned for too long, when it shouldn’t have reigned at all, and therefore,
God soon ending its grand finale, and then the Putins and the likes no more.

By Lance Landall

"For God will bring every deed into judgment, including every hidden thing, whether
it is good or evil" (Eccl 12:14, NIV).

“ ‘Do not marvel at this; for the hour is coming [Christ's return] when all who are in the tombs will hear
His [Christ’s] voice and come forth, those who have done good, to the resurrection of life, and those who
have done evil, to the resurrection of Judgment [and second death]’ ”

(John 5:28,29, RSV).

“Blessed and holy is the one who shares in the first resurrection! Over such the second
death has no power...” (Rev 20:6, ESV).

Oh, by the way.
Christian content or degree.

24.  Armageddon?

With the war in Ukraine on the minds of all, and a possible third world war,
And scary Hollywood movies painting those apocalyptic scenes, what’s more,
The word Armageddon comes to mind, though such is not a literal battle,
But rather, a cosmic one, which just as strongly, everyone’s life will rattle.

It’s all about darkness and light, good and evil, a God and a devil, who
Desire our heart and mind, one truthful, and one a liar (murderer too).
Yes, an End-time showdown, one of universal significance, and thus
We embracing Satan’s error or the Word and trustworthiness of Jesus.

On one hand Satan working via men, on the other, God working upon men,
Satan poisoning and inciting, God enlightening and restraining, then
Via the Spirit’s empowering, changing for the better, and thus one Christ-like,
Christ having gained the victory, and one thus shouting at Satan, “On yer bike!”

And therefore, both human agencies and heavenly agencies at work here,
We bowing to one or the other, that dividing into camps nearly here.
However, and meantime, such playing out in individual lives each day,
It either God or the devil, God or man, truth or error that we obey.

No, it’s not about Israel, nor somewhere in the middle East, as some think,
Though Satan will indeed try to gain control over all, and we on the brink.
But decision time being now, because tomorrow doesn’t come for many,
And thus Armageddon symbolic, truth or error reigning on Earth, shortly,

Then Christ will come.

Yes, it’s not a literal battle, but one that’s fought over our heart and mind,
A battle that is heating up, one wanting to save, and one wanting to bind.
Yes, one wanting our best, one wanting our worst, the struggle intense and deadly,
Because eternal life or eternal death is the glaring reality.

All why Satan's going all out, plunging the world into darkness, falsehood and lies,
And Christ seeking to warn and enlighten lest His coming catch by surprise.
His Word on one hand, heresy and goobledegook on the other, which means
We're either into truth or fiction, wised-up or misled, come Earth's final scenes.

Oh yes, 'cause things will be wrapping up soon, as all battles finally do, and
Then that penalty or crown, God's reward coming with Him, hence that line in the sand.
We either on His side or Satan's side, rebellion free or still rebelling,
Human probation soon closing, so now's decision time, and time on the wing.

The great controversy, that battle between Christ and Satan, good and evil,
Has always been a battle over hearts and minds, a battle that rages still.
Enter Armageddon, not some worldwide or Middle East battle, but a fight
Over souls, you and me, which reaches a crescendo, its End-time final height.

By Lance Landall


Armageddon is not a literal battle as many people believe it to be, but rather, a spiritual battle,
and thus:

1)  The cosmic struggle between Christ and Satan over the hearts and minds of every person living in Earth’s final hours.
 2)  The End-time spiritual showdown over the issue of true and false worship. A choice that we must make between the God of truth or the unholy counterfeit trinity of Revelation, and they being: The "dragon" — Satan; The "beast" — a historic persecuting power; and The "image" [copy] of that "beast" — and that "image" being the End-time global power, otherwise known as the "false prophet," a Church and State senario.
3)  The battle is called “the battle of that great day of God almighty,” not the battle of Armageddon, and no actual fighting is mentioned.
4)  The whole world is involved in this battle, and Armageddon being symbolic of God’s judgement day, that End-time climax before His return.
5) The agencies gathering the nations together are miracle-working demons.
6) Thus Armageddon is simply a symbolic place.

What God is trying to say:

1) That the answer lies with Him and not us.
2) That He never said that things would get better before His return, but rather, that things would get worse (Matt 24:6-8).
3) That though plans will be laid and efforts made by man, things still won’t work out in the end despite how good they may first appear (1 Thess 5:3).
4) That human plans always come with human costs.
5) That lies, falsehood, deception and a falling away from truth will be the hallmark of Earth's last days (2 Tim 4:3,4;  2 Thess 2:9,10).
6) That deception often masquerades as truth, and makes promises that it doesn't keep (Matt 24:24).
7) That Satan has a global deception planned that’s in the making (Rev 13:14; 16:13,14).
8) That Satan is even capable of transforming himself into an angel of light (2 Cor 11:14).
9) That Satan, one way or another, will always be in control of this planet and most people’s hearts and minds, until Christ returns.
10) That this planet is beyond human repair.
11) That we’re living in history’s last moments.
12) That when we die, or Christ returns, there’s no second chances.

Charge It To Putin

The cost of damage done to the ground, rivers and vegetation via bombs, missiles, mines and tanks.
The cost of accelerated climate change due to the bombing of oil wells, pipelines and so on that belch toxic smoke.
The cost of the drain on Earth’s resources due to more materials being required in order to rebuild cities, hospitals, schools, and infrastructure, let alone that waste of what has so pointlessly been destroyed.
The cost of transportation and living costs regarding refugees now unable to support themselves and their families.
The cost of the heartache caused due to the loss of loved ones, chattels, homes and personal businesses of which restoration is clearly due.
The cost of the heartache caused due to the loss of much loved pets, plus the cost of veterinary bills where injured or recovering.
The cost of the heartache caused by the huge loss of soldiers (husbands, fathers, wives, mothers, daughters, sons) on both sides who’ve been forced to engage in a totally unnecessary war.
The cost of long-term emotional trauma requiring professional help.
The cost of the domestic (and even global) losses and hardship caused by the destruction of crops and industry, the stealing and withholding of grain, and the preventing of production and exports.
The cost of the economic harm done to the attackers own country, and the burden on taxpayers, caused via the pointless waste of weaponry and so on, including those self-caused sanctions.
The cost of rebuilding the country that has been attacked, and the loss of earnings to both people and country.
The cost of sanctions that have affected us all.
And the punishment for committing those atrocious, cowardly war crimes.


The biblical "beast" that goes from being like a "lamb" to speaking like a "dragon" (Revelation 13:11-18).

A Monster Empire Rising In Camouflarged Armour.

Related and important quotes appear under certain poems, but for those quotes of particular importance,
see under my poem I'm Concerned, America, and under the few poems that are found in my section
titled Haven't We Learnt From History?
For my article (made up of bullet points) Why Church And State Should Always Remain Seperate, see
my page I Saw Beyond It All, which is accessed via my page With God In Mind, Home page, purple box, or my
secular page Further To which is accessed via my page This World And Us, Home page, orange box.
The following content is based on extensive research, not conspiracy theories.

"The deterioration of every government begins with the decay of the principles on which it was founded."
Charles-Louis De Secondat (1689-1755), French judge, historian and political philosopher

"I have never been able to look upon America as young and vital but rather as prematurely old,
as a fruit which rotted before it had a chance to ripen."

Henry Miller (1891-1980), American author

"The U.S. is a cosmetic democracy."
John Pilger, Australian journalist

"When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross."
Sinclair Lewis (1885-1951), American novelist and social critic.


"Then I [the apostle John] saw another beast [power] coming out of the earth [a new land, America]. He had two horns [civil-religious liberty] like a lamb, but he spoke like a dragon [changes character]. He exercised all the authority of the first beast [a past religlous-political persecuting power, Papal Rome] on his behalf, and made the earth and its inhabitants worship the first beast [fulfills the past power's historic evil intentions], whose wound had been healed [it having revived from its previous historic fall]" (Rev 13:11,12, NIV).

Two books worth reading: Dirty Wars and Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s
Most Powerful Mercenary Army
by Jeremy Scahill.

There's a disconnect between what America says and what America does,
and all why we see corruption, cruelty, hypocrisy and errancy.

The following, featuring Cornel West, U.S. independant presidential candidate, is well worth watching:

This poem was penned on 4 January 2012, tweaked throughout
on 6 May 2023, and it's title changed on 26 October 2023.

25.  Something's Going On

There are many good Americans (both Christian and non-Christian), who have made that young land their country,
Peace loving, law abiding, principled, caring people who dearly value freedom and liberty,
And who aren’t raging liberals, religious zealots, but rather, tolerant, open-minded and fair,
Though not to the point of foolishness, and who’re prepared to stand up and speak out, their vision true and clear.

Such people love their family, home and country, and respect those offshore who love their country too,
Patriotism not getting in the way of sound judgment; there no wisdom in those who war pursue,
And nor in those who want to tether Church and State, it that separation that's made America great,
A land where civil and religious liberty has shone like a beacon, and their loss would seal its fate.

And where to then? And that’s what I’m afraid of,

'Cause there are many good Americans, and there is so much about America to like, but hey,
Something’s going on that Americans need to do something about, 'cause things have gone badly astray.
Hence why they can’t afford to hide their dirty laundry, nor think things couldn’t happen in America
(Whatever they be), and hence why they shouldn’t leave any stone unturned, 'cause blindness never gets one far.

Be it decay or behind the scenes activity, such needs dealing with, ferreting out, and quickly,
'Cause that which is left too late oft seals one’s fate, and here, such could mean the loss of freedom and liberty,
And for what, given there’s absolutely nothing worth exchanging for such, and who’d be careless with such,
'Cause that’s how others have suffered, stealth evilly entering some door, seeking what it's no right to clutch.

And so it goes, which is why we all need to be on guard, 'cause things have indeed changed worldwide, sadly,
And America being where it’s at, the Statute of Liberty proving my point, land of the free!
And hence why the world is watching with concern those changes that are taking place within America,
'Cause no other country has the same strength, clout, reach and influence — for better or worse — and here we are,

And where tomorrow?

By Lance Landall

Yes, we're judged by what we do at home, America.

This poem was penned 14th September 2011, and was upgraded on 14 May 2023.

26.  9/11 Ponderings

Brent looked at his dad enquiringly. “Do you think 9/11 was an inside job, skulduggery?”
“Well, son, there are those who say so, and who have put forth a degree of evidence, interestingly.
But I'd hate to think so, and more so being an American, 'cause how could any of us act so,
Unless our allegiance was elsewhere, or we, masquerading as an American, a disguised foe?”

Brent stopped chewing his lip. “Do you think we should dismiss such, Dad, given it seems pretty far fetched, really?
And I suspect that those Americans who're claiming that such was an inside job are a minority.”
“No, it doesn’t pay to dismiss anything, son, no matter how oddball, 'cause life’s full of surprises,
And at the end of the day, enemies often work from within, and come in all kinds of disguises.

Why should we think such couldn’t happen in America? Wouldn’t we be at greater risk thinking so?
'Cause we’d hardly be watching, so sure of ourselves, and therefore more susceptible to some stealthy foe.
Take the wooden horse of Troy. Is it possible we’ve let one in of a different nature, somehow,
So convinced that such couldn’t happen, and thus not daring to think that Americans such would allow?

Behind the scenes activity has been going on in our country since its founding, it's sad to say,
Which historical and contemporary books and articles, and informative websites, convey.
Hence why I’m never too dismissive of things, son — and besides, it’s clear there’s something going on out there,
And given how evil’s oft wrapped to attract, how whistle-blowers are attacked, we may have cause for fear.

Those who’re up to something, son, hardly say so, and when caught out, oft deny such, talk of conspiracies,
Which is why we need to do our homework, 'cause only one who’s vigilant and informed the truth then sees.
Sometimes we have to fill in the pieces, having only been able to discover so much, and then
One’s often up against the don’t-want-to-know brigade, as well as the cynics, quick with their voice or pen.

No country, no government is beyond foul play, son, one only has to look at America’s past:
Assassinated presidents, slavery, apartheid, the Ku Klux Klan, and there's other things one could unmask.”
“Like what, Dad?”  “Well, Abe Lincoln warned of Jesuits at work, classing them as America’s greatest threat,
And there's been the likes of freemasonry, its secret symbols on our money, and elsewhere, don’t forget.

Yes, we’ve certainly got no reason for feeling relaxed, son, and bear in mind that things have gotten worse,
And given our forays into other countries, illegal or not, there's those who America curse.
One could say we’ve created enemies, son, let alone traitors and any inside job, possibly,
And why I wouldn’t go dismissing this or that, 'cause who knows?”  “Thanks, Dad. That sounds like good advice to me.”
By Lance Landall

“All three buildings were destroyed by carefully planned, orchestrated and executed controlled demolition.”
Professor Lynn Margulis, Department of Geosciences, University of Massachusetts at Amherst and
National Academy of Science member.

“I have known from day one that the buildings were imploded and could not have collapsed
from the damage caused by the airplanes.”
Daniel Barnum, high-rise architect

"All three collapses were very uniform in nature. Natural collapses due to unplanned events are not uniform."
Scott Grainger, Fire protection engineer

"I am concerned for the security of our great nation; not so much because of any threat from without,
but because of the insidious forces working from within."

General Douglas MacArthur (1880-1964)

"The real rulers in Washington are invisible, and exercise power from behind the scenes."

Felix Frankfurter, Supreme Court Justice (1882-1965)

"There is a de facto “secret government” operating nationally and internationally and involved in the highest circles of the U.S. government, exercising an impact over domestic policies and economics ranging between extreme influence to, at times, outright control. This extreme influence to outright control naturally includes the Presidency."
Mike Culbert

“Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.”
Woodrow Wilson (1856-1924)

This poem was penned on 4th September 2013, and tweaked
and added to on 12 October 2022.

27.  I'm Concerned, America

Yes, I’m concerned, America, land of the free, civil-religious liberty,

A young land that rejected kings and popes — yes, a republic-cum-democracy.
And such enshrined in the Statue of Liberty, separation of Church and State,
But something is amiss, for it seems as if ill seeds have begun to germinate.

Not that your background is squeaky clean given the past apartheid and slavery;
In other words, that mistreatment of black folk, Indian tribes too, tragically.
And hasn’t there been the Klu Klux Klan, and didn’t Abe Lincoln warn of Jesuits?
He believing Rome a coming threat, and I just wondering if anything fits.

After all, you’ve many militant Christians who'd like to see Church and State return,
Not that such was reigning before, but in Europe, hence such would mean an about-turn,
'Cause so many fled to your safe shores to get away from such persecution,
And why I ask: Are there forces at work that are playing with your constitution?

Intrusive, restrictive laws have been introduced that once would’ve been unthinkable,
And terrorism deemed the reason, though could you have been infiltrated as well?
I mean, back doors oft work better than front doors, and then there are insiders, you know,
People who have their own agenda, and yet, outwardly patriotism show.

And as well, America, you have made some very intimidating noises,
Are going after whistleblowers and are cracking down on opposing voices.
In fact, a prominent journalist said that you’re a cosmetic democracy,
And since world war two have tried to overthrow many governments, more than fifty!

Yes, you have been very busy offshore.

Militarily, I find your selective justice intriguing-cum-askew,
'Cause you deal to certain ills whilst ignoring same ills elsewhere where justice is due.
Thus some would claim that you’ve an agenda of some sort, and not a noble one,
'Cause how many times have you sought some pious outcome at the point of a gun?

Say, you’re not that lamb that becomes a dragon are you (such mentioned in the Bible,
Revelation chapter thirteen? A power once peaceable that turns to much ill.
One that soon demands that all bow to it, one that images a past cruel power,
And according to this prophecy, this occurring just prior to Earth’s final hour).

Yes, you’re spending big time on military action, and such hotly debated,
'Cause there’s all those Americans living in poverty that has escalated.
Hence the homeless, those needing medical attention, and even education,
And thus America now no longer looking like such a wonderful nation.

There’re those who think some threats have been orchestrated, and that there’s some plan afoot,
A global grab, and all this being why calls for transparency have gone kaput,
Or why investigations are being thwarted, and citizens lives controlled more,
So is there a New World Order, Reformation reversal knocking on the door?

Well, you do have so much clout, America, and some would say it's far too much clout,
All being why many are now questioning what America’s really all about,
And whether pieces of some kind of jigsaw are falling into place, and then snap,
An evil scene unfolds, it only then realized, and everyone caught in some trap.

After all, evil tells no one about its intentions, or it says otherwise,
Hence how people are led to believe that something’s for their good when it’s naught but lies.
All why I’m concerned, America, 'cause security’s now trouncing liberty,
And, as so many of us would say, just ushering in another enemy.

Slowly erode free speech and civil-religious liberty, and what’s left behind,
A power with all the power that it needs to do whatever it has in mind.
All this being why President Reagan warned of governments having too much control,
And why the uninformed, naïve or indifferent citizen digs their own hole.

Yes, there’s certainly something that’s going on, and such why President Kennedy
Warned of those behind the scene whose interference equalled that of an enemy.
And why it would seem that some stage is being set, things worsening for the common man,
Who often throughout history has borne the brunt of some power’s self serving plan.

So what’s happened to the American dream, which some say too long is taking,
Or was it never a reality, and now a nightmare in the making?
Shot, corrupt and immoral presidents, freemasonry, mafia, gangsters,
Ghettos, rampant violence — and still, black folk being mistreated despite nice purrs.

Then there’s 9/11, it having opened a Pandora’s box, and hence why
There’s all those questions and that finger pointing, 'cause what they’ve been told, some don’t buy.
And no, it doesn't stop there, 'cause there’s a whole raft of things bothering many,
And why I’m concerned, America, things looking on track prophetically.

So, could there be a ring of truth to Putin's claims of an American empire,
And have you broken promises, despite Putin having been proved a liar?
Not that such gives him justification for what he's been doing in Ukraine,
But double standards are at play here, and you could in fact have a lot to gain.

By Lance Landall

"At the rate America is decaying morally, we shall have to change our national symbol from an eagle to a vulture."
Vance Havner (1901-1986), American revivalist

"There is no way to avoid the reality that the American government in the past years has been the most spectacularly hypocrisy-driven government in the world. We rival the Soviet Union in some stages, in some ways, in hypocrisy."
Michael Scheuer, American former intelligence officer for the C.I.A.

American historian William Blum published his "updated summary of the record of US foreign policy."
Since the Second World War, the US has:
Attempted to overthrow more than 50 governments, most of them democratically elected.
Attempted to suppress a populist or national movement in 20 countries.
Grossly interfered in democratic elections in at least 30 countries.
Dropped bombs on the people of more than 30 countries.
Attempted to assassinate more than 50 foreign leaders.
In total, the United States has carried out one or more of these actions in 69 countries. In almost all cases, Britain has been a collaborator.

As far as Putin's annexing goes, don't forget that in 1845 the United States annexed parts of Texas and New Mexico, which belonged to Mexico.
It's worth noting that though America has officially been at peace since World War II, it has unofficially been in almost continuous military conflict.

"The fact that the United States has a long and torrid history of backing terrorist groups will surprise
only those who watch the news and ignore history."

"We use the official definitions of terrorism. The definitions in the U.S. code, in British law, in U.S. Army
manuals and so on. And if you use those definitions it follows instantly that the United States is the
leading terrorist state in the world."

Noam Chomsky, American linguist, cognitive scientist, philosopher, social critic, political activist.

"More terrorists are given training and sanctuary in the United States than anywhere on earth. They include mass murderers, torturers, former and future tyrants and assorted international criminals. This is virtually unknown to the American public, thanks to the freest media on earth."
John Pilger, Australian journalist

“Today the path of total dictatorship in the United States can be laid by strictly legal means, unseen and unheard by the Congress, the President, or the people. Outwardly we have a Constitutional government. We have operating within our government and political system, another body representing another form of government – a bureaucratic elite.”
Senator William Jenner, 1954

"The drive of the Rockefellers and their allies is to create a one-world government combining super capitalism and Communism under the same tent, all under their control....Do I mean conspiracy? Yes I do. I am convinced there is such a plot, international in scope, generations old in planning, and incredibly evil in intent."
Congressman Larry P. McDonald, 1976, killed in the Korean Airlines 747 that was shot down by the Soviets.

The following four quotes (and there are many from other books) are from
the book: The Transformation of the Republic by C.T. Wilcox (2003)

"An expose of Vatican and Jesuit intrigues and interference into the political structure of the United States and Europe. It contains shocking revelations and fully authenticated documentation, much of it hidden for almost 100 years, to support the conclusion that the United States has been transformed from a beacon of light and hope into an empire with beast-like tendencies and that the world is headed for a Vatican led and instigated cataclysm while it sleepwalks towards the edge."

"The Jesuit Order is an association of highly organized warrior priests. They are politicians first and foremost and have been expelled from virtually every country they have had the opportunity to corrupt and destroy. Their modus operandi is political and educational infiltration and subversion and the fomenting of wars and revolutions in order to weaken and mold the target country into submissive pliability, to then be used to carry out their purpose of global ecclesiastically backed dictatorship. The United States is no exception to this."

(Poet, author's note:
Nicaragua's government confiscates a Jesuit run university alleging that it was a "center of terrorism." Al Jazeera News, 17 August 2023.
"Twelve Catholic priests arrested for plotting a coup."
Al Jazeera News, 31 December 2023)

“It is well known that there were over two thousand members of the Jesuit Order located in Washington [D.C.] in the years prior to the year 1900. In the last one hundred plus years, this number is anyone’s guess, but the reader can be assured that it has increased significantly, and with it, the political influence it wields.”

“In 1822 [at the secret meetings at Verona, Italy], the Roman Catholic Monarchies of Europe conspired with the Vatican to destroy the concept of popular government, as found in the experiment of the United States, by means of infiltration, subversion, and corruption. The tools used were the Leopold foundation, which was set up by Prince Metternich of Austria, and the Jesuit Order. The purpose being to use the financial and military arms of the United States to further the interests of the Papacy in its goal of putting all the world under the temporal submission [under the temporal power] of the [Roman Catholic] Church.”

"For over 200 years, the goal [of the Jesuits] has been the complete destruction of the United States Constitution. In the religious arena, the goal of the Jesuits is to wipe out any trace of Protestantism and other religions, and to
restore worldwide domination by the pope."

Bill Hughes, from his book The Secret Terrorists

“The Jesuits, by their very calling, by the very essence of their institution, are bound to seek, by every means, right or wrong, the destruction of Protestantism. This is the condition of their existence, the duty they must fulfill, or cease to
be Jesuits.”
Footprints of the Jesuits, R. W. Thompson, 1894

“As the nation teeters at the edge of fiscal chaos, observers are reaching the conclusion that the American system of government is broken. But almost no one blames the culprit: our insistence on obedience to the Constitution, with all its archaic, idiosyncratic and downright evil provisions…”
Louis Michael Seidman (Catholic law professor from Georgetown University which is a Jesuit University, “Let’s Give Up on the Constitution,” The Opinion Pages, New York Times, December 30, 2012).

“Long before I was ordained a priest, I knew that my church was the most implacable enemy of this republic [the United States]. My professors of philosophy, history and theology had been unanimous in telling me that the principles and laws of the Church of Rome were absolutely antagonistic to the laws and principles which are the foundation-stones of the Constitution of the United States.”

“We are also determined to take possession of the United States; but we must proceed with the utmost secrecy and wisdom…
So it is with us. Silently and patiently, we must mass our Roman Catholics in the great cities of the United States… [then] let us then multiply our votes; let us call our poor but faithful Irish Catholics from every corner of the world, and gather them into the very hearts of the cities of Washington, New York, Boston, Chicago, Buffalo, Albany, Troy, Cincinnati, etc.
Under the shadows of those great cities, the Americans consider themselves a giant unconquerable race… Let no one awake those sleeping lions, today. Let us pray God that they continue to sleep a few years longer, waking only to find their votes out-numbered as we will turn them forever, out of every position of honor, power and profit! When not a single judge or policeman, will be elected if he be not a devoted Irish Catholic! What will these so-called giants think when not a single senator or member of Congress will be chosen, unless he has submitted to our holy father the pope!...
Then we will rule the United States, and lay them at the feet of the vicar of Jesus Christ, that he may put an end to their godless system of education, and impious laws of liberty of conscience which are an insult to God and man!”
(The above was stated by Catholic priests at a meeting in Buffalo, New York, in 1852 where they expressed their long-term goals for America).
Fifty Years in the Church of Rome by Charles Chiniquy, p 281,282

"When the United States rules the world, the Catholic Church will rule the world."
James E. Quigley, Roman Catholic Archbishop, Chicago Daily Tribune, May 5, 1903

“Catholics will dominate the future of America because of sheer numbers. Immigration from Mexico and family sizes means the old Protestant America is throwing itself off a demographic cliff. Tomorrow’s America will be far less Protestant and far more Catholic. At last, Catholics will have a prominent role in the future of America..."
The National Catholic Register, May 15, 2007, and these comments by the editors.

“It is quite unlawful to demand, defend, or to grant unconditional freedom of thought, or speech, of writing or worship,
as if these were so many rights given by nature to man.”

Pope Leo XIII, “Great Encyclical Letters” p.16

"I see a very dark cloud on our horizon. And that dark cloud is coming from Rome."
Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865)

"We must move as quickly as possible to a one-world government; a one-world religion; under a one-world leader."

"...the United Nations Charter has to be supplemented by a charter of spiritual laws..."
Robert Muller, former Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations. Re the book: Patriots Are Not
Deplorable by Terry Watto

See further related and important quotes that are under my poem Notes From Adolf, and the poems after it too.
Also note any other related and important quotes that are found under any of the other poems in this section.

For even more on all this, see my pages Foes Of Humanity (where more quotes are found too) which is accessed via my page With God In Mind, and my page Things About God's Law That We Need to Know, Christian section, second poetry garden, purple box.

"Then I [the apostle John] saw another beast [power] coming out of the earth [a new land, America]. He had two horns [civil-religious liberty] like a lamb, but he spoke like a dragon [changes character]. He exercised all the authority of the first beast [a past persecuting power, Papal Rome] on his behalf, and made the earth and its inhabitants worship the first beast [fulfills the past power's historic evil intentions], whose wound had been healed [it reviving from its previous historic fall]"
(Rev 13:11,12, NIV).
Also note Rev 13:3.

"He [the coming global government] was granted power to give breath to the image [copy] of the beast [the first beast], that the image [copy] of the beast should both speak and cause as many as would not worship the image [copy] of the beast to be killed [here it's referring to dissenters, those who won't bow to certain demands]" (Rev 13:15, NKJV).

"...And the whole earth was amazed and followed after the beast [the End-time global power]; they worshiped the dragon [Satan] because he gave his authority to the beast [it effectively acting on Satan's behalf]; and they worshiped the beast, saying, "Who is like the beast, and who is able to wage war with him [combat it]?" (Rev 13:3,4, NASB).

“Then a third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, ‘If anyone worships the beast and his image [copy], and receives his mark on his forehead or on his hand, he himself shall also drink of the wine of the wrath of God…’ ”
(Rev 14:9,10, NKJV).


Christian content or degree.
This poem was penned on 10 August 2022, and was added to on 29 December 2023.

28.  I'm Shocked, America

Yes, I’m shocked, America, because in order to get things you want, you seem
Prepared to accept someone who you should never have, it all like a bad dream.
Well, at least millions of you, I should say, and thus danger licking at your heels
Should we see this very person regain the presidency, and how fate steals,

Because when a President courts evangelicals, gives jobs to his cronies,
Surrounds himself with “Yes” people, indulges in hypocrisy, throws paddies,
Misuses religion, displays arrogance and aggression, fuels racism,
Mimics the handicapped, distorts facts, fibs, incites and reveals narcissism

(Via boasting of his greatness), displays rashness, harshness and immaturity,
Ridicules and belittles, fires those who question him, acts insensitively,
Talks of a stolen election that wasn’t, brings shame on Christianity,
Inappropriately uses social media, rants nauseatingly,

And even more could be said, you’ve got someone at the helm who’s most unworthy,
A serious risk, serious threat, that you should’ve seen coming, quite frankly.
But no (strangely enough), and you’re prepared to return him, unbelievably,
And why I and others are shocked, and you too in for a shock, ultimately.

Yes, it’s kind of looking like what goes on in certain other countries, sadly,
As if America has lost its wisdom and sense, and how things go badly.
Yes, you’ve been losing your way, are going down a foolish path that doesn’t pay,
And so much more could be said, the whole world amiss, tomorrow shaped by today.

I wish I could say this was fake news, like that certain person used to oft claim,
Creating an unhealthy swamp of his own; so much for that one he said he’d drain.
An insurrection his legacy, which we saw coming, unlike you, sadly,
More focussed on the things you want; too bad about presidential integrity.

Oh, that persecution complex, the world out to get him, spies everywhere,
He attracting various zealots, the gun toting, and those who wrongly dare.
Oh yes, he whipping up patriotic fever, relishing in the glory,
And enter Church and State, the past repeated, it always the same old story.

God’s so-called man invading Iraqi, so-called man fuelling an insurrection,
Both their actions that of men, not God, hence that far from heavenly direction.
Faith in man the age-old problem, the best laid plans of men going astray,
God oft their excuse, hence the abuse, and why we’ll see it all again, one day.

When a President has traits like those depicted here — and on those traits alone —
He’s sorely unfit for such a position, thus blame Americans must own.
Those traits not just appearing after he took office, but want outweighing sense,
Americans needing to look beyond themselves, ’cause the fallout's been immense.

Yes, it seems that this man’s desired more than truth and integrity, sadly,
Hence the deluded means here justifying the end, which is utter folly.
And you wanting to make America great again — well, you could’ve fooled me,
’Cause greatness only comes from greatness, not someone who’s more like an enemy.

The world unimpressed (to put it mildly), this man lacking diplomacy,
Far from humble, far from noble, unable to take criticism, sadly.
Yes, he very divisive, lacking in self control, always in denial,
Pleased by attention and flattery, and who, only the foolish, would beguile.

A man who’s made derogatory sexual comments about women, and
How he can get away with this and that, low acts which others in jail would land.
But now he found guilty of sexual abuse, courtesy of a jury,
Though other women are claiming they too suffered same sexual injury.

Yes, a vindictive man, one who threatens jurors, and who unbelievably
Has been reckless with top secret, confidential papers, and who appallingly
Said that he hopes his opponents will rot in Hell, which is the measure of him,
And why, were he to become the President again, the prospects would be grim.

And thus when any evangelical endorses a man like this, which no
Self-respecting Christian would, you know they're errant and off-track; and this also:
That God's not endorsed such a man, but more likely allowed him as a rebuke,
'Cause you've certainly strayed, America, and why many of us you now spook.

The most powerful country in the world, but with a man like that in charge, wow,
He so unstable, and hence how, were folly to return him, things could go, "Pow!"
Seems your once lamb-like country is becoming a dragon, foolishly helped along,
And why there could well be reason to fear that oft heard phrase, "America strong."

By Lance Landall

Trump picks certain phrases (whitch hunt, fake news, travesty of justice, etc) and repeats them over and over
again until they're firmly embedded in the head of his followers as fact, thus emulating the likes of Hitler.

"I believe in an America that is officially neither Catholic, Protestant nor Jewish — where no public official either requests or accepts instructions on public policy from the Pope, the National Council of Churches or any other ecclesiastical source — no religious body seeks to impose its will directly or indirectly upon the general populace
or the public acts of its officials — and where religious liberty is so indivisible that an act against one church is
treated as an act against all."

John F. Kennedy (1917-1963)

“We establish no religion in this country. We command no worship. We mandate no belief, nor will we ever.
Church and state are and must remain separate.”

Ronald Reagan (1911-2004)

"When a religion is good, I conceive that it will support itself; and, when it cannot support itself, and God does
not take care to support it, so that its Professors are oblig’d to call for the help of the Civil Power, it is a sign, I apprehend, of its being a bad one."

Benjamin Franklin (stated Oct. 9, 1780)

"Once you attempt legislation upon religious grounds, you open the way for every kind of intolerance and religious persecution."
William Butler Yeats (1865-1939)

“It is a truism that almost any sect, cult, or religion will legislate its creed into law if it acquires the political power
to do so, and will follow it by suppressing opposition, subverting all education to seize early the minds
of the young, and by killing, locking up, or driving underground all heretics”
Robert A. Heinlein (1907-1988)

This poem was penned on 17 May 2022.

29.  It's Not Working, America

No, it’s not working, America, and why I would scrap the death penalty,
Mass shootings still occurring — growing, in fact — and there’s really no mystery.
Well, I mean to say, look at American society today, it’s sick,
Very sick, rife with every kind of ill and evil, yet waving a stick.

And the death penalty hardly deterring the mentally ill, nor angry
Who’ve been brooding and festering over this or that, and hence those scenes we see.
Many suicidal, thinking they’ve nothing to lose, thus stab or shoot they do,
Fuelled by Hollywood’s growing violence, and whatever else is in that stew.

And as for those racial killings, I suspect there’s more going on in their mind,
’Cause not all who’re racial physically harm, and there’s straws of many a kind.
Oh yes, some job loss, a relationship breakdown, a death in the family,
Or something else having caused confusion, upset or distress emotionally.

And all why it’s so critical to begin when children are very tiny,
Giving them that love, training, example and needed sense of security.
They taught to have love and respect for all, to shun violence of any kind,
But success so compromised, ’cause look around, America, what do we find?

Oh yes, not just violence, but porn and drugs for two more, though adding to that
A seeming obsession with bonking, getting it all off; how one earns their cap.
Yes, it’s an anything goes society, morals and principles booed now,
So who knows what’s right and wrong anymore, and to what one should or shouldn't bow?

Oh yes, there’s a lot of messed up people out there, more than in prison, you know,
They hurting, suffering, feeling neglected, rejected — and some, badly so.
They ticking time bombs, but time and effort being spent elsewhere — wasted, sadly,
And corruption in high places, it seemingly all about self and money.

In other words, a massive change is needed, a quantum leap, but let me say
Not some Church and State scenario, ’cause that’s another way things go astray.
It more a case of retrieving much of what you’ve thrown out, but where’s the will?
Every kind of vice having gained the ascendancy, hence that rampant ill.

Oh yes, how you’ve waved that big stick, America, but look at your own backyard,
All why it’s not working, and your obsession with guns worth another red card.
And so it is with the world, but America having stood on high moral ground,
Despite that barbaric death penalty, which is all how hypocrisy's found.

Oh yes, you’ve such a history, slavery, apartheid, white supremacy,
That entrenched mafia, and as mentioned, that sad gun toting mentality.
And hence that proliferation of weaponry, all too easy to turn too
Come any inner rage or flashpoint, and that sad racial hatred that’s seen too.

And the likes of the death penalty doing little, ’cause that’s not where it’s at,
Nor some Christian takeover, and given that Jesus Christ clearly condemned that.
The truth is, something’s hijacked you, America, you’re not the same anymore,
The land of the free now bursting with the unhappy, angry, homeless and poor.

By Lance Landall

This poem was added to on 8 September 2022, and the title changed.

30.  Sanctions

I understand sanctions being placed on Putin, silovarchs, oligarchs, but
Conductors, sopranos? Now that’s concerning. Going too far, summing it up.
They probably too scared to condemn Putin and his cruel attack on Ukraine
Given they’ve family back in Russia, might cop things themselves, thus little gain.

It all seeming a bit like cancel culture, all entitled to their own view,
But not here, it seems, and therefore, the punishing of Putin going askew.
The arm of the punisher stretching too far, ’cause it’s not the man in the street,
But Putin and his cohorts, so why should innocent mums and dads feel such heat?

Including those in Russia who’ve protested over the war, yet here they are
On the receiving end of those sanctions too, and why it’s all going too far,
’Cause the innocent shouldn’t be punished too, and personal views personal views,
But not according to those overreaching sanctions that poorly pick and choose.

The whole world hurt by those sanctions, more innocent people, it unfair and risky,
Because sanctions could be misused by a global power in the making, see.
In other words, not just against Putin, but in order to make all comply,
Many countries pressured already, and then, one day, who can't sell, who can't buy?

Maybe you or I.

By Lance Landall

"And he [the coming global power] causes all, both small and great, rich or poor, free and slave, to receive a mark
on their right hand or on their foreheads, and so that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the
name of the beast [power], or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate
the number of the beast [power], for it is the number of a man: His number is 666" (Rev 13:16-18,NKJV).

By the way:
That "mark" is not a literal brand but some sign of allegiance that identifies the bearer as loyal to the power.
The hand denoting expediency, the forehead denoting personal conviction.

This poem was penned on 26th July 2011, and upgraded on 10 May 2023.

31.  Calling It As It Is

Now please don’t get me wrong, I’m not out to knock America, 'cause much wrong exists in every country,
But what I'd like to do here is, provide a degree of missing balance, which I believe's necessary.
Why? Because so often patriotism's misplaced, and even a terribly bad thing, to be honest,
And why when it comes to wars, people shouldn’t be in too big a hurry to support such, nor to enlist.

Too often, those who're claiming superiority, be such moral or otherwise, are just as guilty;
That is, equally as errant and hypocritical, or at least, far from squeaky-clean, far from saintly.
And so it is with America, who regularly's patted herself on the back, quite self righteously,
When the truth of the matter is, America has a pretty murky, violent and chequered history.

And lest it be you doubt, let me bring some of these evils to your attention, beginning with slavery,
The cruel mistreatment of indigenous tribes, and then there’s the likes of the Ku Klux Klan, white supremacy,
Apartheid, mobsters, corporate crime, the secret workings of freemasonry, warned of Jesuit activity,
And sadly, given America’s roots, that dreadful, militant, bigoted, right-wing Christianity.

Oh, how the world’s been corrupted via Hollywood, the health of many injured via the likes of Burger King,
Kentucky Fried Chicken, McDonalds, and other unhealthy fast-food outlets with a familiar ring.
Thus despite any good America's done, it's also been responsible for many ills of the day,
And behind the patriotic fanfare, the Statue of Liberty, there’s a shadow government, some say

(And if that's so, I would suspect one that's worldwide, at the end of the day).

Such wouldn’t be so bad if these ills were long gone, but such isn’t so, for much remains, unfortunately,
And America still seems trapped in unhealthy patriotism, more like a fever, actually.
Hence those preventable forays into other countries, fuelled by misinformation, self-interest, fear,
That hysteria, which is aiding the loss of liberties Americans once enjoyed, but now less share.

But such seems lost on many, who can’t seem to see where their country's heading, thinking it’s still on the right track,
But like many other countries, its moral compass, original foundation, has developed a crack.
One that's much cause for alarm, and hence why it’s heading those calls for a New World Order (the path of folly),
Or as some believe, an engineered takeover of Earth — and behind it, currently disguised treachery.

Most don’t realise that you cannot legislate a harmonious peaceful world, for such is a heart and mind thing,
And such can only be so where there's total freedom and liberty and to such, we should tenaciously cling.
Thus such can only be achieved where there's less governmental control, not more, hence why things aren’t looking good,
For whatever spin's put on such, New World Orders will work against and not for, true sister and brotherhood.

By Lance Landall

Regarding that election scrap between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.
This poem was penned 20 October 2016.

32.  Can We Look Now, America?

Okay, so you’ve had your fun, or is it actually a nightmare, and how,
Because we can’t believe what we’re seeing, and why I’m asking, “Can we look now?”
It’s like a Punch and Judy show that’s run amuck, something we’ve not seen before,
And America looking like it’s lost the plot, and oh, what else is in store?

I’ve heard many say, “Well, that’s Americans for you,” as if you’re all odd folk,
And now America having become the butt of a very scary joke.
Some simply wanting a woman president, as if that’s the answer, dear me,
And others supporting a renegade, though both embroiled in controversy,

And hey, women capable of being just as treacherous, cruel and deadly.

Yes, I’m all for free speech, but what’s happened to America the Beautiful,
Because what’s going on isn’t admirable, but to be frank, farcical.
I guess it’s a sign of the times, and we thought Disneyland was in Anaheim,
And that it was only adolescents who were into such stunts and pantomime.

So what’s up, America, because we’re all scratching our heads over it all,
One hardly a knight in shining armour, nor the other the belle of the ball.
And the Statute of Liberty already embarrassed, and as for Abe, well,
He’d surely be turning in his grave, yanking on the lid to keep out the chill.


 It’s hardly a laughing matter, but what America seems to have come to,
Though we’re sure such isn’t the case with all of you, and why we’re sorry for you.
For come voting time, it seems you’re caught between the devil and the deep blue sea,
Because something’s gone terribly wrong with your seemingly hijacked country.

So when will it be okay to look, America, or will it never be?
Something disturbingly systemic having infected your once proud country.
“I didn’t have sexual relations with...,” the tip of the iceberg, it seems,
Hence WikiLeaks having a field day, your country coming apart at the seams.

Land of the Free, huh, but what good is a country without any dignity?
Corruption, immorality and right royal gaffes dogging the presidency.
Yes, it such a tragedy, our hands over our eyes, and we counting the cost,
And wondering just how much more what-once-made-America-great will be lost.

Okay, so the world’s in a mess, but given what America has stood for,
And its power and clout, it’s rather alarming and pretty hard to ignore.
So please, wake up before you’re fooled by some sleight of hand, and return to your roots,
Scrutinizing with the eyes of an eagle, because you’ll know them by their fruits.

But to be honest, America, and frank, who’s really running your country,
Those you see or don’t see? Is America a cosmetic democracy?
Yes, too many Americans otherwise absorbed, indeed humanity,
Folk too caught up with fantasy, rubbish TV, rather than with reality,

And the fox already in the hen house, it not just about Punch and Judy.

By Lance Landall

Contains Christian content or degree.

33.  The Tragic Return Of Church And State

Yes, I foresee the tragic return of Church and State; and the ills of today
And those who’ve taken liberality way too far, helping such on its way.
And thus the pendulum swinging in the other direction, and why we see
Certain evangelicals in America reaching out dangerously.

Hence that coming return of Church and State, that Bible and legislation mix,
Such not a Christianity thing, but a Christendom thing, which still won’t fix.
God opposed to such, “My kingdom not of this world,” He said, and thereby meaning:
Don’t try to set things up on His behalf, and via such, His Word contravening.

“Render unto Caesar what’s his” Christ stated, “And render unto Me what’s Mine,”
Thus showing a clear separation between Church and State, such unions out of line.
Christians to be an influence, not a political instrument, and thus
They not shaming, but following that same example that was set by Jesus.

In fact, the Bible warns of a coming errant global Church and State power
That will begin somewhere, sometime, and all why we’re told, close to Christ’s coming hour.
And given those loud American Christians who’ve been demanding this and that,
And those feverish patriotic scenes, America just seems where it’s at.

The Bible states that those who endorse and support it will incur God's wrath too,
All why Christians shouldn't be meddling so, and why power they shouldn't pursue.
Persecution bound to follow, eventually, and we're told it will,
And no surprises there given that militancy we've seen that's led to ill.

Christians live within a mixed multitude, unlike ancient Israel, and so
There no God-directed theocracy now, which every Christian should know.
And thus Church and State opposites, both of them operating differently,
And Constantine having errantly joined them, enter cruel Papal Rome, sadly.

But hey, such is history,

Which always repeats itself, lessons not learned from the past, and why people say,
“Things are different now” — yes, famous last words — and why again, things go astray.
And all why we’re going to see it again, America leading the charge,
Which, in the so-called best interests of Earth, and via this or that, will enlarge.

Too many are happy to pick up the sword, and among them, so-called Christians,
Who, despite their own glaring sins, are hell-bent on removing someone else’s sins.
And that violent Capitol Hill scene a wakeup call, I would like to think,
But no, because one way or another, things still happen via a nod or wink.

By Lance Landall

"NPR reported that Mike Johnson [speaker of the US House of Representatives] has ties to the New Apostolic Reformation, an extreme far-right Christian movement seeking to dissolve the US’s separation between church
and state by “any means necessary.”

"We must move as quickly as possible to a one-world government; a one-world religion; under a one-world leader."

"...the United Nations Charter has to be supplemented by a charter of spiritual laws..."
Robert Muller, former Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations.

And that being very different to how John F. Kennedy saw things.

"I believe in an America that is officially neither Catholic, Protestant nor Jewish — where no public official either requests or accepts instructions on public policy from the Pope, the National Council of Churches or any other ecclesiastical source — no religious body seeks to impose its will directly or indirectly upon the general populace
or the public acts of its officials — and where religious liberty is so indivisible that an act against one church is
treated as an act against all."

John F. Kennedy (1917-1963)

"On the right and on the left, ordained and self-proclaimed "reverends" and honorary "doctors" appear to spend
more time trying to reform a fallen and decaying world through politics and earthly power than they do promoting
and proclaiming the ultimate answer [the gospel] to that fallenness."

Cal Thomas

"When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross."
Sinclair Lewis (1885-1951)

For even more on all this, see my page Foes Of Humanity (where more quotes are found too) which is accessed via my page With God In Mind.

Revelation chapter 13:11-18. Also note chapter 14:11.

(Bracketed comments inserted by author).

11)   Then I saw another beast rising out of the earth[ a new land, America]. It had two horns [civil/religious liberty] like a lamb [young, innocent, peaceful] and it spoke like a dragon [deceptive in appearance because it later changes character, becomes Satanic, oppressive, aggressive].

12)   It [the new worldwide power] exercises all the authority of the first beast [a past political/religious power, Papal Rome] in its presence, and makes the earth and its inhabitants worship the first beast [reverses former policies – a reversal of civil and religious liberty. Religious dogma enforced via its church/state, religious/political power and enactment’s. Effectively fulfills the first beasts historic thrust], whose mortal was healed [the first beast revives after its past topple from power, and quickly gains acceptance and influence, which sees it duly playing an End-time role on the world stage prior to Christ’s Second Coming].

13)   It performs great signs, even making fire come down from heaven to earth in front of people,

14)   and by the signs that it is allowed to work in the presence of the beast, it deceives those who dwell on earth, telling them to make an image for the beast that was wounded by the sword and yet lived.

15)   And it [the new political/religious system] was allowed to give breath to the image [the new organization begins to function] of the beast [past power – the first beast], so that the image of the beast might even speak [through its laws and enactment’s] and might cause those who would not worship the image of the beast to be slain [the first beast and its image are united in their aims, policies and demands].

16)   Also it [the new political-religious system] causes all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave [everyone is affected by the legislation], to be marked on the right hand or the forehead [this symbolizes that the one so marked serves with his consent or actions, whether by conviction (forehead) or expediency (right hand)],

17)   so that no one can buy or sell [efforts taken to secure compliance] unless he has the mark [sign of allegiance to the beast whose mortal wound was healed], that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name.

18)   This calls for wisdom: let the one who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and his number is six hundred sixty-six [The number alone cannot identify the beast since numerous names can add up to ‘666.’ However, the number 666 must have a relationship to this power, otherwise there would be no valid reason for the angel giving John this information at this point in the prophetic narrative].”

English Standard Version used here.

See my poem An Open Letter To Christian Protestors, accessed via my page This World And Us.
Also see my page Apologetics and I Saw Beyond It All (accessed via my page With God In Mind) for more
regarding such erring Christians and Church and State.

This poem which contains Christian content or degree was penned on
2 March 2008 and was upgraded on 6 July 2022.

34.  God Bless America?

Now, I’m not picking on America, but rather, just making a point,
'Cause there are many nations that act wrong, and that thereby, God disappoint.
But “God bless America” is such a commonly heard and heartfelt phrase,
And one that appears to be more on the minds of Americans these days.

Well, God certainly could bless America. The question though, is would He,
'Cause how could He, and why would He, if it behaves illegitimately?
Such as, by restricting each citizen's right to freedom and liberty,
Whether that be misguidedly, treacherously and incrementally.

In other words, by its using its power unlawfully in some sad way,
Be that via mismanagement, some deluded vision, or simply foul play.
That is, by using its position of power to unjustly control,
In order to achieve some misguided, injurious, or devious goal.

Or by wrongly and foolishly seeking to combine the Church with the State,
A union that in the past has always oppressed and sought to dominate,
A union that has always sought to force its dogma on everyone,
Or at least eventually so — so let's all remember: Once begun.

And continuing,

By treading on God given rights, or by carrying out wrong in God’s name;
And didn’t past persecutors that very same divine authority claim?
Yes, so many have erroneously claimed that divine authority,
Whether that be cunningly alias knowingly, or mistakenly.

And continuing,

By acting very piously while polluting land and sea, shamelessly,
Or by torturing, illegally warring, wrongly supplying weaponry.
By wrongly imprisoning, by wrongly executing the innocent,
Or by hiding or distorting the truth — and yet, claiming enlightenment.

By spending billions on war, or sending spaceships to the moon, pointlessly,
While in the meantime, thousands of its citizens live in abject poverty,
Or whilst the medical needs of many of its citizens aren't being met,
Nor their housing or education needs, and, whilst knifing the welfare net.

Yes, by acting very self-righteously while recklessly building up debt,
Ignoring victims, veterans, the homeless, all of whom problems beset.
By allowing corruption in high places, lying, appointing cronies,
By not acting transparently, by creating innocent casualties.

By allowing the likes of white supremacists, the Ku Klux Klan and Mafia
To continue to inflict their grievous ills and evil on society.
By allowing the likes of Hollywood to churn out more violence, crudity,
And then there's those street drugs, and that raging epidemic called pornography.

And so much more could be said here, but I'm sure that you get the point, don’t you,
Which begs the question: Which future path will the American people pursue?
For God certainly won't bless the wrong path, nor will He bless any nation
That harms its people, spurns His revelation, provokes His condemnation.

But hey, are all Americans Christians (seriously, nominally),
Or simply just a large portion of them — even the biggest portion, maybe?
Have they all been faithful to God? Is America God's theocracy?
Hardly, so why should He bless Americans more so, and grant them their plea?

No, God will hardly bless a nation should it foolishly take the wrong track,
Though He could change His mind if that nation repents of its wrong, heads on back.
But the truth is, God’s about to wrap things up, thus only people He’ll save,
And not nations, regardless of how a nation does or doesn't behave.

You see, salvation is a personal matter, not a national one,
'Cause God is only calling individuals to respond to His Son.
Yes, all these governments come and go, but not so our Lord, who’ll soon return,
And then (like He's said), every earthly nation uproot and overturn.

By Lance Landall

“And at another moment I may declare concerning a nation or a kingdom that I will build and
plant it [and bless], but if it does evil in My sight, not listening to My voice, then I will
change my mind about the good that I had intended to do to it” (Jer 18:9,10).

“America as a nation is ripe for judgment. The evangelical movement in this country is characterized by an
arrogance that is almost beyond belief. The neglect of prayer, the involvement of Philistine methodology,
the moral evils, and the doctrinal corruptions that characterise the movement are sufficient to cause Sodomites
[the inhabitants of Sodom] to wonder at God’s justice in destroying their city while sparing the United States.”

Richard Owen Roberts

Christian content or degree.
On the 18 October 2018, this poem (previously titled "In God We Trust?") was altered, added to and
blended to some degree with another poem of mine (now deleted) called "You Voted, America."

35.  In God We Trust, I Hear You Say

In God we trust, I hear you say, America, but hey, come certain clouds of grey,
You rush for mortal saviours, even clutch at Church and State along the way;
 But God not having given you such a mandate, you not a theocracy,
Never were and never will be, but a mixed multitude, in reality.

God isn’t into earthly kingdoms any more, ancient Israel since divorced,
And deluded power-hungry governments always having oppressed and forced.
Your new look government looking like one too that wants to put its stamp on things,
And hence that alarm bell that in the mind of many concerned observers rings.

I’m reminded of Constantine, who, in order to prop up his ailing kingdom,
Blended Church and State, and I see Americans suffering from the same fate.
For suffering there will be — well, eventually, if such proves to be true,
’Cause no matter how bad things appear, there are some things that we shouldn’t pursue.

Yes, we know where things went after Constantine blended Church and State; Papal Rome,
And hundreds of years of persecution, all why many called your shores their home.
And the last thing they would've wanted is an American version, which one day,
Given America’s clout, could be forced on the world, starting with shades of grey.

So who might that second Constantine be? A born again President, maybe,
Constantine’s conversion dubious too, and why things that hardly gel we see.
“You’ll know them by their fruits,” the Bible warns, and there’s no time like now for scrutiny,
’Cause Church and State have been busy courting, and why a wedding I’m sure we’ll see.

When leaders surround themselves with those who nod and bow, “Yes” men and women, and
Quickly remove criticizers and opposers, those who might know what’s really planned,
And when leaders don't want their sins known, and malign speakers of truth, then is seen
Not just hypocrisy, but a threat to liberty and freedom, a past scene.

You can blame this or that for Trump winning the election, but win he did,
No one needing to be duped, all able to do their own homework, lift that lid.
But failure to do so having had consequences, though that’s democracy,
Something that’s put at risk where there’re changes for the worst within society,

And where wisdom's gone the same sad way as selflessness, truth and morality.

Swing the pendulum too far left and there will be a backlash to the right, and
Swing the pendulum too far right and there will be a backlash to the left, and
Maybe the pendulum getting stuck one day, though either swing detrimental,
A real threat to democracy, and as for Trump — well, things are starting to tell.

By Lance Landall

“The unholy alliance of religion and politics collaborated in finding Jesus guilty.”
Eugene H. Peterson

“Those who would renegotiate the boundaries between church and state must therefore answer a difficult
question: why would we trade a system that has served us so well for one that has served others so poorly?”

Sandra Day O'Connor

“We establish no religion in this country. We command no worship. We mandate no belief, nor will we ever.
Church and state are and must remain separate.”

Ronald Reagan

“Almost any sect, cult, or religion will legislate its creed into law if it acquires the
political power to do so.”

Robert A. Heinlein

"Religious and racial persecution is moronic at all times, perhaps the most idiotic of human stupidities."
Harry S. Truman (1945-1953)

"A religion which requires persecution to sustain it is of the devil's propagation."
Hosea Ballou (1771-1852)

"There are only two things in which the false professors of all religions have agreed -- to persecute all
other sects and to plunder their own."

Charles Caleb Colton (1780-1832)

This poem which contains Christian content or degree, was penned on the 2 February 2017.
The sixth verse relates to a slur made on all immigrants because of some immigrant or immigrants
who acted criminally in America.
The nineth verse relates to a comment that was made by someone who said that Donald Trump was
appointed by God.

36.  A Word In Your Ear, Donald

I heard you say you’re a Christian, yet Christ never mistreated anybody,
And in fact, condemned those who did, telling everyone to act humanely.
Yes, “If you hurt anyone, you hurt Me too,” He conveyed, and spoke of a day,
One when He’ll judge the words and acts of all, because harming isn’t His way.

All why He died to save, and thus wants everyone treated with dignity,
Persecution and torture angering Him, likewise hatred and bigotry.
And this why we should mind how we feel, mind what we say and do, and such we will
If love truly beats within us, and the same strong disgust for evil and ill.

God made the Earth, not countries, nor borders, and He came to break divisions down,
Promising the contrite and faithful He’d wrap them in His righteous, gracious gown.
He the humblest of all despite His majesty, full of loving, tender care,
Not one who rants and rages, nor one who thumps His fist, for there lies ill and fear.

Though His followers call themselves Christians, it doesn't mean that all of them are,
Nor that Christ doesn’t love those outside His flock, and why on each hand there’s a scar.
And so, be one a Muslim, Jew, atheist or Christian, they’re still His children,
One way or another, and harming any of His children is called a sin.

All why, despite opposing views and beliefs, and the freedom to express them,
We’re to show the same love as Christ — and with tears in our eyes, any wrong condemn.
We’re not to  stamp our feet, nor pridefully wave our country’s flag as if to say:
“This is our land! So stay away!” — for who made the Earth, formed humans out of clay?

And say, if my child murdered someone, would you interrogate and torture me,
Or if it were some members of my church? — the errant always midst society.
Oh dear, for how unfair, folly at its best, wisdom at its worst, and one cursed,
’Cause such isn’t the way of Christ, who one day soon, will see that it’s all reversed.

All why I’m glad, because we’ve seen it all before, old failures dressed as new,
Anything but the better way; a different car, but same old avenue.
So, call yourself a Christian, but if you’re veering from the ways of Christ, I’d mind,
Because you won’t receive His blessing, but one day, something less welcoming find.


Especially if what some women have said is true, and you haven’t confessed,
Nor done your time, for God’s recorded every secret thing, which will be addressed.
Yes, no matter what good you may do, and more so if saying you’re born again,
For God will only be saving repentant, truthful and honourable men.

It may well be that God has allowed your ascension, but hey, that doesn’t mean
You automatically meet His approval; it simply the End-time scene.
In other words, your presence a rebuke, because America’s gone astray,
And just like ancient Israel,
Americans too, have serious lessons coming their way, and cause to wail.

“I’m going to be the best president that God ever made,” I heard you say.
Well, “Pride goeth before a fall,” it’s said, and God’s grace not covering foul play.
Hence this word in your ear, and why I would mind any advisors, false prophets,
And remembering that the Holy God above strongly condemns hypocrites.

By Lance Landall

It's worth bearing in mind too, that voters can be caught between a rock and a hard place.

"The church must be reminded that it is not the master or the servant of the state, but rather the
conscience of the state."
Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929-1968)

"For God will bring every deed into judgment, including every hidden thing, whether it is good or evil"
(Eccl 12:14, NIV).

"Accordingly, whatever you have said in the dark will be heard in the light, and what you have whispered in the
inner rooms will be proclaimed upon the housetops" (Luke 12:3, NASB).

“For if we go on sinning deliberately after receiving the knowledge of the truth, there no longer remains a
sacrifice for sins [God’s grace is made void], but [rather] a fearful expectation of judgment [unless we
genuinely repent, put things right where we can]...” (Heb 10:26,27, ESV).

Christian content or degree.

37.  Trump's Folly

Sorry, Mister Trump, but climate change is for real, and an apocalyptic end,
Though a renewed Earth free of ills awaits those who repent and all their bad ways mend.
So who’s been convincing you otherwise? Errant evangelicals, false prophets?
’Cause Scripture’s very clear, hence its signs of the times, so best put sense before profits.

Yes, mind the religious who’re after power in order to achieve wrong beliefs,
God not setting up His kingdom on His return, but rescuing from Earth’s griefs.
A renewed Earth coming later, His coming toppling everything that’s man-made,
Hence those mansions in Heaven He’s preparing for those who His will would’ve obeyed.

Hence His warnings too, true prophets not glossing things over, or telling what’s a lie,
Because God’s wanting us to take very serious all that’s been going awry.
All these calamities and so forth but a wake up call, not that He’s zapping us,
But is slowly removing His restraining hand, our only hope found in Jesus.

Thus your denial of climate change but the response of a scoffer, sad to say,
Or someone who’s been wrongly fed; and perhaps you’re thinking you’re God’s man of the day.
Well, you wouldn’t be the first to wrongly think so, and meantime this Earth needs our care,
’Cause it's our very nest, still God’s creation, so some blame you could be facing here.

All why God’s saving call and the ills of climate change should be activating us,
As our suffering could be greater, and many having reason to fear Jesus.
Like yourself, Mister Trump, if you’re erring badly here, ’cause some things are clear to see,
Like climate change, not to mention those other things that are repeating history.

Why would someone want to drain a swamp only to fill it with more toxic waste,
A boastful, dictatorial, lamb becoming a dragon like smell and taste?
Outside of that theocracy that once was, God accepts no Church and State wedding,
So mind, Mister Trump, because politics, religion shouldn’t be bedding.

I thinking of that photo shoot; a bible in your hand, a church behind you,
Such reminding me of a persecuting Church and State power that once was too.
Hence why many fled to America, Mister Trump, so tell me, what’s going on,
Or won’t we know ’till the chance to stop history repeating itself has gone?

By Lance Landall

This poem was added to on 6 June 2020.

“The Lord is not slow in keeping His promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance. But the day of the Lord will come like a thief. The heavens
will disappear with a roar; the elements will be destroyed by fire, and the earth and everything in it will be laid bare”
(2 Peter 3:9,10, NIV).

"Jesus answered, My kingdom is not of this world..." (John 18:36, KJV).

COME UPON THEM, as the pains upon her that is with child, and they shall not escape.”
(1Thess 5:3, Douay-Rheims Version).

“ ‘But on the day when Lot went out from Sodom, fire and sulfur rained from heaven and destroyed them — so it will be on the day [the Second Coming] when the Son of Man is revealed’ ” (Luke 17:29,30, ESV).

For the signs of the times (preceding an apocalyptic end) mentioned in the Bible, see my page
Prepare, accessed via my page With God In Mind, Home page.

38.  Trump Threw A Match

I believe that Trump threw a match on that toxic fuel that was lying around,
That Qanon nonsense, religious nonsense, and other stuff getting off the ground.
He tapping into what gave rise to his ascension, including discontent,
And oh, how some love to whip up the crowd, and some convenient things invent.

We’ve seen it with Hitler and Putin, and along came Trump — yes, Capitol Hill,
Some of us seeing it coming, Trump’s reign plastered with harsh rhetoric and ill.
“I’ll drain the swamp,” he said, creating a swamp of his own, both within and out,
Thus America in a mess, facing a moral dilemma, good men drought.

Oh yes, white supremacy and racism hardly calmed or quelled, but fired up,
Trump hardly drinking from Martin Luther King Jr’s or Nelson Mandela’s cup.
But slagging and bagging, then having the gall to wave a Bible, a dark sign,
Because with the God of love and truth, this terribly flawed man isn’t in-line.

Sorry, America, but your hypocrisy’s showing, lack of wisdom too,
Because you chose that man, and many still support him, though he still well askew.
Character seemingly unimportant to you, certain desires coming first,
And all why things will not improve until for the right and better things you thirst.

By Lance Landall

Regarding Trump's first impeachment.

39.  Justice Isn't Served By Unbridled Power

We all knew what the outcome would be, didn’t we, 'cause that’s how it is nowadays,
And this why we shouldn’t expect justice, though still shouting for it, our hearts ablaze.
Power, corruption and weak men going hand in hand, and the noble but a few,
Leaders so often misleading, be it the man in the street or saint in a pew.

One man might stand true, but we know where he’ll end up, supporters vilified too,
The real threat still holding office, but under the sun, of course, there is nothing new.
Thus it’s up to you and I not to be fooled, the crowd looking after its own skin,
And we, the won’t bow down, bearing that cross that ensures that all’s well and sound within.

Goodness and right never have the cold face of arrogance, nor boast, attack and smear,
Unlike he who hijacks the podium, and on any Bible would falsely swear.
Justice isn’t served by unbridled power, and God’s not found where there’s delusion,
Nor any miscarriage of justice that reeks of cronyism and collusion.

By Lance Landall

Christian content or degree.
This poem was penned on 8 October 2022.

40.  A Protestant Takeover

What we saw on Capitol Hill is a kind of pre-run, I've reason to believe,
’Cause in time, errant Protestants will grab the reigns, and a certain fabric weave.
America ripe for the plucking, religion having courted politics,
Despite Scripture condemning such an alliance, and which the problems won’t fix.

In fact, the Bible warning of this very power to come, which goes global,
Pieces of the jigsaw puzzle coming together already, and even more will.
Things working their way there, Capitol Hill but a hiccup, simply Trump’s folly,
Another convinced that he was God’s man; all such men thinking deludedly.

No, God’s not behind such insurrections, but a devil, who, we may well see
Appear as if Christ, endorsing such an alliance, when God made us all free;
'Cause this power will force all to worship it, eventually, God’s Word states,
And why in the not so shadowy wings, a setup that ensnares all, awaits.

All why this power is a copy of a past power that acted the same,
And that for hundreds of years committed horrid atrocities in God’s name.
Yes, history repeats itself where the past is forgotten and truths are lost,
And thus such forgetfulness and foolishness coming at a terrible cost.

The envelope having been pushed way too far by liberals who've got their way,
And who’ve sought to shut down dissenting voices, a practice that just doesn’t pay.
Hence that swing of the pendulum 
— backlash  swinging far too far the other way,
Which is sure to happen where changes prove disastrous, and they have, many say.

And thus enter that infiltrated, corrupted, Protestantism, which soon
Via an American Church and State mix, will call the shots, things close to high noon.
Oh yes, errant Christendom, patriotic fever, a gun-toting mentality,
An American mindset and trumps aplenty
yes, a bound-to destiny.

By Lance Landall

“It is a truism that almost any sect, cult, or religion will legislate its creed into law if it acquires the political
power to do so, and will follow it by suppressing opposition, subverting all education to seize early the
minds of the young, and by killing, locking up, or driving underground all heretics”
Robert A. Heinlein (1907-1988)

See texts under the other poems, and particularly under my poems:
I'm Concerned, America and The Tragic Return Of Church And State.

For even more on all this, see my page Foes Of Humanity (where more quotes are found too) which is accessed via my page With God In Mind.

Christian content or degree.

41.  The Corrupting Of Christianity

Today, I believe that we’re looking at the corrupting of Christianity,
A very sad state of affairs that began well back in Earth’s chequered history.
And hence that loss of doctrinal purity and respect for God’s sanctuary,
Both the Bible and Church having been assaulted, and hence those ills we hear and see.

Although a Christian, and strong upholder of Christianity, it’s sad to say
That due to those corrupted teachings and practices, things have badly gone astray.
Wolves having entered, but the worst enemies being many already within,
And I meaning, the worldly, itchy eared, half-baked, liberal, self-seeking Christian.

Or those who seek the horses and chariots of Egypt (the State, which some want wed),
Thus the Church heading where it shouldn’t, and how the Bride’s found in someone else’s bed.
People pleasing sermons and unfitting beat heard coming from the sanctuary,
Where modern moneychangers have set up their stalls, enter gimmicks and heresy.

In other words, Christendom mismanaging Christianity-cum-the Gospel,
Thus gone is that purity of doctrine and practice, and the Church looking less well.
And God angered by such, He wanting people drawn to the Church, not put off it,
But members looking to self rather than dying to self, biblically unfit.

There’s naught wrong with Christianity, but with what has been, and is being, done to it,
And all why one must look beyond it all, because in time, God in judgment will sit.
It’s His Gospel, it’s His Church, but errant guardians falling down in their duty,
And thus how both the Gospel and Christian Church are being robbed of truth and beauty.

By Lance Landall

Many [Christians] will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Thy name?
and in Thy name cast out devils? and in Thy name done many wonderful works?’ And then will
I profess unto them, ‘I never knew you: depart from Me, ye that work iniquity’ ”
(Matt 7:22,23, KJV).

"You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt loses its flavor, how shall it be seasoned? It is then good for nothing
but to be thrown out and trampled underfoot by men." (Matt 5:13, NKJV).

“So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of My mouth”
(Rev 3:16, KJV).

"But even if we [the apostles] or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than
the one we preached to you, let him be eternally condemned!" (Gal 1:8, NIV).

Christian content or degree.

42.  The Crowd

Yes, there’s always a crowd, as there was in Jesus’ day, howling for blood of some sort,
A string ’em up brigade, militant and vocal, a religious kangaroo court.
A flock, a multitude, even majority, a far from Christ-like company,
Who, if they had their way, would act just as bad as that braying mob at Calvary.

Yes, there’s always a crowd, one made up of individuals so sure that they’re right,
Their behaviour having far more to do with darkness than it has to do with light.
A gathering of Pharisees, or even Sadducees, acting self-righteously,
Who, if they had their way, would enforce their will, underhandedly, injuriously.

Yes, there’s always a crowd, as there was in Jesus’ day, perhaps politically,
A group with an agenda, a crusading rabble, more earthly than heavenly.
An excitable throng, thinking they’re right when they’re wrong, with a herd mentality,
Who, if they had their way, would rule the world, enforce their beliefs, repeat history.

Yes, there’s always a crowd, a pack, a gang, a horde, a party, call them what you will,
A misdirected assembly with a certain mindset, who invariably cause ill.
A small or large gathering, a troop, not so easily recognized maybe,
Who, if they had their way, would act just as bad as that braying mob at Calvary.

By Lance Landall

Christian content or degree.
This poem was penned 30 October 2018 and added to on the 7 February 2019.

43.  You're Being Rebuked, America

I’ve no doubt you’re being rebuked, America, you who say, “In God we trust,”
Yet, how you’ve erred, morals, principles and standards engulfed in liberal dust.
Certain church leaders calling for reunification, astray as can be,
Your protestant heritage being what once made you that great land of the free.

But now, that eagle of yours having become a vulture, its eyes on the world,
Yes, world domination by stealth, having turned your back on what once you upheld.
Your global police everywhere, you making billions out of weaponry,
Supplying whoever it suits you to, but in the end, at the helm you’ll be.

God not happy, Hollywood a cesspool of violence and immorality,
Cities and towns awash with homelessness, crime, racism, even bigotry.
Your people blind with an unhealthy patriotism, a mobocracy,
Your pride misplaced given ghosts of savagery, apartheid and slavery.

Yes, you’ve gone from protector to bully, but still dressed in your self-righteous suits,
Those same religious leaders having got your President’s ear, thus in cahoots.
Church and State in the making, the resemblance of a past Church and State in sight,
Warnings of false prophets, teachers, and lying signs and wonders starting to bite.

Yes, it’s only a matter of time, liberties having been eroded, and
America having the clout and influence, such seen in every land.
Hence those embargoes, other countries forced into line, pressured to aid wrong wars,
The whole world at risk now, and many starting to implement similar laws.

Yes, there’s a picture coming together, and it’s not a nice one, I’m afraid,
It having all the sad hallmarks of heinous traps that in the past were laid.
But who’s awake, and what can one do if it’s biblically predicted, say
(As many believe), and having seen how America has gone so astray.

You’re being rebuked, America, and others who’re erring too, just like you,
All because of what they’ve exchanged and forsaken, and hence why worse is in view.
No, God hardly blessing such despite all the love and peace rhetoric, the sham,
Because most people are anything but ready to face the biblical “Lamb.”

Under ancient Israel’s apostasy, all its people suffered, and so
Such is the case today with America, and any other land in tow.
Cause and effect, it’s called, but America should know better than most of us
Given that “In God we trust,” and yet, your actions hardly mirroring Jesus.

Even where there was repentance, punishment wasn’t always halted, and so
Ancient Israel learning they shouldn’t have gone there in the first place, and so
America too, it all too late, your once blessed country tracking errantly,
Your watchman on the wall asleep, duped or impersonated, you your own worst enemy.

And God’s restraining hand being withdrawn more quickly now, thus more woes ahead,
You hardly having gained the respect of your foes, hypocrisy blushing red.
You dictating to others when you haven’t got your own house in order, and
Looking like a lamb that’s becoming a dragon, from where I and others stand.

By Lance Landall

Christian content or degree.
This poem was penned 30 October 2018 and added to on the 7 February 2019.

44.  I Believe It's You, America

In Revelation, the Bible’s apocalyptic book, a power is seen,
One that changes character around the time of Christ’s return, becoming mean.
Once peaceful, innocent like a lamb, but then nasty like a dragon, and which
To an errant, baleful religious cart its political horses will hitch.

I believe this power’s you, America, ’cause my, haven’t you changed, greatly,
Things going on that once were unthinkable, clamps on freedom and liberty.
Loud, angry, threatening, demanding, White House voices, self-serving choices, and
Fear, anxiety, unrest now stalking your once far more democratic land.

You’re globally positioned, speak of a New World Order, have cosied up to
Certain evangelicals, those who (wrongly so) Church and State wish to pursue.
They as loud as those sounds coming from the White House, some seeming to come from there,
A White House surrounded by clouds of controversy, and plans afoot, I fear.

Eventually, this power the Bible speaks of, demands all worship it,
No surprises there, and why with you, America, the pieces seem to fit.
In God we trust, you’ve shouted, so many of you militant, gun toters too,
Your hand shaking hands with a past power that’s assaults and murders weren’t a few.

Oh, America, you’ve made the world sick with your junk food, corrupted our minds too,
Hollywood a cesspool of immorality — oh, how what’s right you poo hoo.
You’ve been so prideful, unhealthily patriotic, and a warring you’ve gone,
Yes, places you shouldn’t have, and now the rest of the world you’re setting upon.

Say, where have all those values gone? And yet, high and mighty you’re still seen to stand,
Hypocrisy glaring, racism and bigotry plaguing your blood-spilled land.
Much looking just like a form of godliness, not the real thing, unlike before,
When a very different USA, and very different way, we saw.

Now I’m waiting for that day when your form of godliness will pronounce a day,
One that some time after its introduction, to further enforcement will stray.
Yes, all forced to worship this power, we’re told, and many desiring Sunday,
And all roads leading to Rome, as they say, an “image” all will have to obey.

Yes, it’s all too late America, your sad course predicted via prophecy,
And biblical prophecy is always bang on the money, it not funny.
Hence those sorrows throughout your land, and indeed the whole world, it way off track too,
And soon to fall into line with that “beast” power that very clearly is you.

All this is why your President’s surrounded by dominionists, the stage set,
And why in time, America, Church and state you’ll get, and all caught in that net.
Oh, how history repeats itself, no one seeing it coming but a few,
God’s Kingdom not of this current world, but it established on the Earth made new.

Hence why God is removing His restraining hand, and not all woes random, but
No doubt the work of those with plans afoot, and upon whom Heaven’s gates will shut.
Yes, they too will suffer God’s judgments, His righteous sickle in His coming hand,
He will aware of those End-time events both errant men and Satan have planned.

Yes, enter the “dragon,” persecution soon to follow, and who would’ve thought,
America, once land of the free, whose forefathers, against Church and State fought.
But something has happened that’s changing all that, loud warnings having been ignored,
Hence that “image” to the “beast,” that form of godliness offensive to our Lord.

Hence His consuming fire when He returns, separation of the sheep and goats,
And thereby, His strong rebuff of any Church and State castles with their moats.
Dominionists sure to be surprised, Christ knowing nothing of their false doctrine,
Which, because it leads folk astray, constitutes rebellion and grievous sin.

Yes, you’ve lost your way, America, having got drunk on false teachings, fables,
Hence why you’re no longer thinking straight, and heading in the direction of ills.
Yes, your shores once a sanctuary, but now you’ve opened the door to your foe,
And why in time, once the deceptive window dressing’s removed, more blood will flow.

By Lance Landall

Christian content or degree.

45.  The Death Penalty

Anyone who commits murder, only life in prison should receive,
And not the death penalty, ’cause such is a backward thing, I believe.
Either killing is right or it's wrong, and it certainly isn’t right,
And with that being so, we should dismiss
the death penalty outright.

Yes, ’cause it’s plainly hypocritical and behaviour that’s askew
If we’re condemning killing, and yet here, are involved in killing too.
Such simply making us sanctioned killers, who, also don’t have the right
To kill another person, and innocent ones we have, and well might.

No, two wrongs don’t make a right — in fact, that simply makes us more guilty,
’Cause where is our noble example given we know better, don’t we?
A person can hardly be pro-life and the sanctity of life sell,
If they, just like any murderer, are wrongly taking life as well.

And you know, when we kill a murderer, they're hardly punished at all,
’Cause once they have lost their life, they’re no longer behind a prison wall.
The truth is, it’s behind those horrid walls that real punishment takes place,
’Cause behind those walls — utter misery — twenty four seven they face.

Imagine living alone in an awfully tiny death-row cell,
Where every single day is a numbing, mind-bending carousel.
However, just leaving someone in a cell to simply vegetate
Is hardly to our credit either, and so, let’s rehabilitate.

Yes, how we treat any offender says a great deal about us too,
So lets mind what we are endorsing, being careful what we pursue.
’Cause despite whatever they may have done, we still should act humanely,
Otherwise we’re no better, and are acting hypocritically.

And lets not forget that many murders occur in a fit of rage,
Thus the death penalty hardly deterring such, and nor that cage.
No, gallows and cells having no bearing here, it a time old scene,
No thought given in the flash of the moment to cell or guillotine.

And there is another thing that we should carefully consider too:
What if to those very same cruel gallows, a judge wrongfully sends you?
Oh yes, let the murderer live, I say, lest an innocent man die,
And we then become a party to what one could never justify.

Say, can Christians justify the death penalty via the Bible? No.

Why? ’Cause the ancient nation of Israel was a theocracy;
That is, God ruled it directly himself, most wisely and lovingly.
But now, God no longer rules directly, like He did that old nation,
And therefore, we are faced with a very different situation.

No, God isn’t ruling nations now like He did ancient Israel,
And so, it’s simply humans who're ruling, and who’ve left a tragic trail.
And which to such, God's never given the right to say who may live or die,
’Cause He knows very clearly that if He did, things would soon go awry.

And most certainly they have, ’cause so many innocent ones have died,
Which is an outrageous evil, something that cannot be justified.
’Cause given that we're God’s creation, only He can decree who dies,
And after ancient Israel, such killing He didn’t authorize.

By Lance Landall

This older poem was upgraded and added to on the 23 September 2022.

Recommended book:
Just Revenge by Mark Costanzo, PH.D.
Costs and consequences of the death penalty.

This poem which contains Christian content or degree was penned 28 May 2022.

46.  That Sad American Obsession

I’ve never owned a gun, I’ve never used a gun, and I have no desire to,
Because a gun is for killing, and I’m not a killer (nor hopefully you).
No, a life isn’t mine to take, there’s no such right, it all a terrible thing,
And why pulling that trigger can only but a curse and much suffering bring.

Give society guns and shootings there will be, it simply hold, point and shoot,
Yes, it so invitingly easy, hardly requiring the strength of a brute.
But a brute one is once that trigger’s pulled — a killer, in fact, a life taker,
Who earns the serious disapproval of humanity’s Saviour and Maker.

It’s He whose Word says, “Thou shall not kill,” and, “Love your enemies,” such loud and clear,
Yet, even Christians arming themselves, which suggests a faith that’s sold out to fear.
And hence why America is riddled with mass shootings, guns everywhere,
And parents teaching their kids to shoot, who as far as killings go, do their share.

Yes, America, you’ve an obsession with guns, and some say, a love affair,
You still clinging to that wild west mentality, that sad, boastful shooting flair.
And forgetting that a devil’s their origin, not the God of peace and love,
Who every single life taken, and by who, has been recording above.

“In God we trust,” huh, not that it seems so to me, but power and weaponry,
God more a last resort, and hence the state of American society.
Well, you haven’t got that on your own, and hence why things have gotten worse on Earth,
Widespread and growing corruption and debauchery having given birth.

So please, put your guns down and pick up your Bibles instead, that’s if you’ve got one,
Because there you’ll find the answer, having dismantled much that’s good, had your fun.
The answer's not politics, weaponry, tough laws, nor social engineering,
But changed hearts and minds, that peace and harmony that only Jesus Christ can bring.

Yes, we can create some New World Order, but such is a patch, not surgery,
And in this fallen world, force would still be present, evil too, obviously.
Yes, such hardly going away until Christ-likeness reigns in every heart,
Which it won’t, until all fall at the foot of that selfless cross that’s worlds apart.

But all won’t, and why it’s all to do with that kingdom to come, Christ’s soon return,
Thus hope not to be found in anything on Earth, which in the end, all will learn.
We simply doing what we can in the meantime, and why a gun one should shun,
Whilst shouting that guns aren’t manly, noble, safety ensuring, nor healthy fun.

By Lance Landall

Christian content or degree.
This poem was penned 12 July 2009.

47. The Obama Syndrome

(With due respect to Barack Obama.)

Dear friend. It never ceases to disturb and amaze me
How people put great faith in a man (or woman), foolishly.
Was Barack Obama a saviour? No. Nor could George Bush be,
So let’s not kid ourselves, and face up to reality.

The answer lies outside ourselves, we’re ships in a bottle,
And there we will remain despite whose hand’s on the throttle.
Even Christians surprise me looking to men longingly,
'Cause things will not get better, it’s stated biblically.

Now, forgive me preaching, but as far as Earth goes, friend,
It’s very clear that its lifespan is racing to an end.
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work that out,
So, I’d give this much thought, 'cause that it needs it, there’s no doubt.

By all means let’s do what we can to make Earth a better place,
But the reality that Earth’s on borrowed time all should face.
Personally, I have a hope beyond, see a way through,
Thus the question that I would like to ask, friend, is, “Do you?”

You see, for me it’s God, obviously, but what about you,
Is it chance, fate, blind faith in man? 'Cause that will hardly do.
We all know deep inside that something’s up, it’s on our lips,
Yes, Armageddon some call it, or the Apocalypse.

Neither Barack Obama, nor those who've come after him, can
Provide an answer to this dilemma that’s facing man.
And this, all will eventually see, if not before, so
Should we put faith in popes, kings or presidents? I say, “No!”

Whoever’s in power at any time may well be a good man,
Or woman, but no human can come up with a rescue plan.
Ultimately, such is beyond us — forget Superman 

So don’t hold your breath should someone say, “Hey, I’ve got a plan.”

Yes, there is hope, but it doesn’t lie here, nor with man.

By Lance Landall

For the biblically predicted "signs of the times" see my page Prepare.

Christian content or degree.

48.  When They Cry "Peace And Safety"

Going by God’s Word, it appears a time may come when regarding the world, Earth,
Things might seem safe again, and peace reigning, but just like labour pains that give birth,
Sudden destruction coming out of nowhere, and there’s got to be reasons why,
God obviously still not happy with things, everyone been fed a lie.

All why God’s Word says, “Here’s a call for the endurance of the saints,” God’s people,
“Those who keep the commandments of God,” thus all not well under each church steeple.
God’s Law having been done away with, supposedly, some Christians selling out,
All why they’ll have cause for fear too (like those scoffers) come Christ’s returning shout.

Yes, society having bought a lie, and many Christians too, it appears,
Hence why come that unexpected sudden destruction, there’ll be much cause for tears.
God not having said there’ll be peace on Earth, except for a manufactured one,

And safety too; the only peace and safety coming with the returning Son.

So mind any efforts being made, Christ having warned that they’ll come to naught, and
That our hope lies in Him, not the plans of men, who before God’s judgment will stand.
They having formed their own religion, a hybrid designed to suit everyone,
Well, most, that is, thus shunning the apostolic gospel once shared by the Son.

By Lance Landall

“For when they shall say, peace and security: then shall sudden destruction come upon them, as the pains
upon her that is with child, and they shall not escape.” (1Thess 5:3, Douay-Rheims Version).

Christian content or degree.
This poem was penned on 12 October 2018, and added to on the 27th.
This same poem has been placed in my Christian section but with three extra verses.

49.  So Sure, So Sure, But So Wrong, So Wrong

Perhaps it started with Peter loping off an ear, as if Christ’s body guard,
But Jesus having nothing of it, He not wanting His earthly mission marred.
However, despite Christ rebuking Peter, there are Christians who follow suit,
Enter same pit bull soldiers, the born again enforcer, sock it to them brute.

No, never saw Christ acting that way, just errant followers of His, sadly,
Oh, the things done in His name, when He said, “Hands off, you mustn’t act so badly.
People will judge Me by what they see of you, and why I’ve tried to make things clear,
Love the only way, and righteous living, and that cross that I’ve asked you to bear.

Yes, leave things in My hands, fallen men only messing things up, their ways not Mine,
Hence why more often they cast a cooling shadow when I’m wanting them to shine.
It’s My reflection I want seen, you My ambassador, no weapon, no force,
My kingdom not of this world, and why I warned my disciples off taking that course.

If it’s not the Church being hi-jacked, it’s Christians being misled, or straying,
They turning to earthly means, or listening to men and not what I’m saying.
Oh, how they put their trust in others, revere them too, though I’ve told them not too,
And this how Satan gets his hands on things, and how the wrong things Christians pursue.

Yes, so sure, so sure, but so wrong, so wrong, even prepared to kill in My name,
A right that no man’s to claim; and how the God of love, truth and justice they shame.
It all a mess, they following strange shepherds, opening the door to wolves, and
Going by feelings rather than My Word, their new theology built on sand.

Out with the old, in with the new, a gospel that the apostles never knew,
Christians saved though still rebelling, a holy and unholy mix sanctioned too.
And many no longer believing in the separation of Church and State,
Thus handing Satan the keys of the past, coming heads on a historic plate.

Depart from Me, I’ll tell them, that time near, a lamb becoming a dragon, oh,
They’ll see too late, politics and religion being how they’ll seal their fate, so
Leave such alone, I’ve said, but meddle they have, some New World Order not of Me,
I only coming to open graves, not stay, hence My pointing to the heavenly.

So don’t waste your time on any wrong means, but seek the lost, set an example,
Making sure your beliefs are correct, that you’re on the way to Heaven, not Hell.
Not that Hell exists, of course, just the destruction of the wicked, false Christians,
All why you’ll know them by their fruits, and in this case, their erring path, wilful sins.

Yes, once they pick up some weapon, or flex their muscles, you’ll know they’re not of Me,
I speaking via My Word, never enforcing anything legislatively.
Render unto Caesar what’s his, I’ve said, and render unto Me what’s Mine, and
Before you sit in judgment, remember those things that I once wrote in the sand.

You know I shunned government involvement, so why would I go saying to you
Do otherwise? — Church and State operating differently, opposites too.
Christians encouragers, not enforcers, the State worldly, the Church heavenly,
And I having only sanctioned one theocracy (lost in antiquity).

So sure, so sure, but so wrong, so wrong, My example cast aside seemingly,
And My prerogatives seen as being theirs too, usurping My majesty.
Many only too happy to crack a whip, enact My judgments, use My name,
When in their hearts, I want humbleness, selflessness, gentleness and trust to reign.

I could’ve said love instead of trust, but love I’ve already said, and hence trust,
’Cause many have turned to chariots and horses, success soon lost in the dust.
Yes, many having taken things into their own hands, convinced that I said so,
When had they rechecked My example, rightly read My Word, they would’ve seen, No!

When the world embraces the New World Order and it’s universal rest day,
Just like the Jews who said, “We know no king but Caesar,” and shoved Me out the way,
You’ll see another kind of tearing of curtains in that temple man has built,
His probation period ended, dreams and hope left lying in Earth’s silt."

By Lance Landall

“Woe to those who go down to Egypt for help and rely on horses, who trust in chariots because they are many and in horsemen because they are very strong, but do not look to the Holy One of Israel or consult the Lord!” Isa 31:1, ESV).

"Lamb becoming a dragon," see Rev 13:11.

Christian content or degree.

50.  Some Wise Words For Americans, And Even Others

Americans should be more concerned about their hearts and minds than Trump or Biden,
Neither being their saviour, but Someone else who is very concerned about SIN.
Unfit leaders have always plagued society, and plagued ancient Israel too,
But everyone is able to make up their own mind, and right or wrong pursue.

Tell me, who would let the devil run their country (no matter how smart he might be)?
And so, we hardly letting unsound, unfit people either, come democracy.
However, leaders can be a reflection of the state of things, what God calls sin,
That ill soiling society, those harmful or evil thoughts and desires within.

All why we can’t afford a corrupt saviour, because one day the tables can turn,
And turn on us; that flawed “end justifies the means” being how both ways things can burn.
Yes, such saviours often using the same sad tactics as those of which they accuse,
And hence why when it suits their selfish purposes, their own kind they’re seen to abuse.

Such is how it has always been, and will be, and thus hope not found here, but above,
The only Saviour who’s not corrupt or fallen being Jesus, the God of love.
And His kingdom’s to be installed in our hearts before He will install it on Earth,
‘Cause it’s not made up of sinners and saints, but those who have experienced the new birth.

No, His righteous kingdom’s not made up of corrupt politicians, nor rioters,
’Cause the one who fights fire with fire is someone who also foolishly errs.
Hence why all wrongdoers will be held accountable in the heavenly court, and
One very soon coming day, and before the great God of truth and justice, will stand.

And so, to Americans (and indeed everyone), I say Christ is the way,
One not putting store in this man or that woman, but He who will fix things one day.
Yes, that God of love in whom no flaws or guile is found, ’cause the answer isn’t here,
A renewed Earth soon replacing this sin infected one, where joy and peace we will share.

Meantime, pray for your leaders, they human like you and I (those corrupt ones aside),
And thus they erring too, and all why we should forgive (like Christ), our arms open wide.
Christ being the one who’ll deal with the corrupt, though what goes ’round comes ’round, hence why
Some are toppled from power, end up in prison, or via the hands of others die.

All why it’s on the renewed Earth that Christ will set up his kingdom (the wicked gone),
Only true followers of Christ inhabiting it, and not those who two hats don.
The saved no longer having to worry about this leader or that leader, and
There no countries with boarders, but an all encompassing, eternal, promised land.

At the end of the day, dear friend, it’s not Trumps or Bidens that make a great country,
But sound and loving minds and hearts (which rightfully, demand accountability).
Thus we not looking so much at our leaders but ourselves, and oh, what do we see?
’Cause there is the root of it all, leaders being a product of society.

And society isn’t in very good shape, I thinking of what’s on TV,
Or in movies — yes, great violence, and every form of immorality.
It’s a do whatever you want world, an anything goes world, Darwinian too,
Few believing in a day of judgement, nor a God who’s faithful, loving and true.

Yes, He knows what’s wrong with this world, but who’s listening, so it’s politics instead,
Another Trump or Biden, most having forgotten all those things that Jesus said,
Or never having known, and hence those suicides, ’cause the answer’s not found here,
But in He who is searching each heart, and whose wisdom has become painfully clear.

Oh yes, we’re in a mess, our nest in danger of collapse, and down we’ll all fall,
All why it’s just as well that Christ is coming (Eve first, then us making same wrong call).
Christ not heard above the riots, those red and blue waving flags, the porn, drugs, booze, fame,
Money, ambition — yes, as it was in Noah’s day, ’cause things are looking much the same,

And then came rain.

By Lance Landall

This poem was penned May 2016.

51.  Donald Trump?


I can understand some Americans considering this man, but dear me,
He’s far from the calibre of one who should be seeking the presidency.
For what comes from the mouth reveals the heart, and why I’m not liking what I see,
And nor that ill coming from others who’re also seeking the presidency.

The negative talk and behaviour that we’re hearing and seeing currently,
Is what has brought about much ill already, ISIS for one, undoubtedly.
In other words, that swaggering, gun-toting, “We’ll smoke ’em out,” mentality,
Which, though certain action is needed, will only lead to further tragedy.

I fear the days of presidents like Lincoln are over, it a whole new game,
And it has been for some time, America a country that’s hardly the same.
And why Americans need to be looking at where the rot’s been coming from,
Given that moral decay, crime and violence are themselves a ticking bomb.

All why many would say that it’s time you cleaned up your own backyard, and quickly,
And this, before you point any finger, preen yourselves patriotically.
For you’ve certainly a checked past, and are looking pretty shabby today,
Hollywood reflecting your shame, how you’ve lowered the bar and gone so astray.

It concerns me how many of you can’t seem to see what the rest of us see,
We more objective, I guess, our country not seen as if the world, quite frankly.
In other words, America having become too proud, the land of the free,
Which a certain Australian journalist calls a cosmetic democracy.

Well, you’ve lost so much, haven’t you, perhaps too distracted, and out with the old,
Your real enemy working within and behind, and this you have long been told.
But somehow it all alludes you, and once again you’re rushing for a saviour,
Your strong desire for needed change ignoring dangerous words and behaviour.

Who will you call on next? The pope? And isn’t that what Abraham Lincoln feared?
So when will you learn that men (or women) aren’t the answer? Obama once cheered.
All why Solomon said, there’s nothing new under the sun, hence why I’d take care,
For those things that you’re failing to see are what I believe you’ve more cause to fear.

By Lance Landall

"I see a very dark cloud on our horizon. And that dark cloud is coming from Rome."
Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865)


The biggest trap of all.

"At the end of a century that has seen the evils of communism, Nazism and other modern
tyrannies, the impulse to centralize power remains amazingly persistent."

Joseph Sobran (1946-2010)

"Real journalists act as agents of people, not power."
John Pilger (Daily Star, Bangladesh,16 January 2019).

Evil has always sought world domination, the eradication of truth, the curtailing of freedom of expression, civil and religious liberty, the imprisonment or annihilation of its opposers, and has ever worked behind the scenes, hidden, destroyed or refuted evidence of its doings, worn disguises designed to fool and mislead, even presented itself as a heralder OF NEW LIGHT, A KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOUR, AND CLAIMED SOME MORAL RIGHT OR JUSTIFICATION FOR INTRODUCING, SANCTIONING AND IMPLEMENTING THE INJURIOUS AND SELF-SERVING.

"Until love and truth are enthroned on Earth, and everybody free and able, ill and
deception will continue to be, and same bedfellows round the table."

The poet, author

"Accordingly, whatever you have said in the dark will be heard in the light, and what you have
whispered in the inner rooms will be proclaimed upon the housetops" (Luke 12:3, NASB).

52.  Notes From Adolf

Adolf Hitler (1889-1945), dictator of Nazi Germany

"Why was I so successful? Well, I was able to manipulate the masses via my clever spiel,
Another word for propaganda, I well versed in mind control, thus certain things able to instil.
And hence that passion seen in the youth whose “Hail Hitler” came from the heart, their minds captured well and truly,
They thoroughly indoctrinated, hence their blind allegiance, they dobbing their parents in, and willingly!

Oh yes, convince people you’re working in their best interests, that their best interests are threatened, and
You not only have them getting behind you, supporting what you’re doing, but eating out of your hand.
What helps, of course, is that people seldom think or study for themselves, ignorance being their downfall,
And they treating the News as gospel the manipulating of such, a dictators first port of call.

To be honest, my passion was fuelled by my personal issues, such coupled with ideology,
Hence my ferocious far reaching agenda, my Storm-troopers, my total control of the military.
I established a secret police — the Gestapo — to spy on the people, and singled out the Jews,
And an economic crisis, and the political confusion of the times then, was quick to use.

I played on the people’s fears, conveniently created incidents, then promised security,
They not realising such were inside jobs designed to erode freedoms, secure my grip politically.
I became the Führer, leader of the Nazi Party, worshipped by many, hailed by the majority,
My iron fist rule establishing concentration camps, and there was my forays militarily.

Ultimate control was my intention, the constitution given the side shoe shuffle, and smartly,
I not wanting anything to get in the way of my plans for Germany, indeed humanity!
Hence the hysteria I whipped up, ensuring the eroding of opposition (soon paralyzed),
All of which — discovered far too late — ensnared every single citizen and horribly surprised."

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded on 13 May 2023.

"How fortunate for leaders that men do not think."

Adolf Hitler

"I [Adolf Hitler] learned much from the Order of the Jesuits. Until now, there has never been anything more grandiose on earth, than the hierarchical organisation of the Catholic Church. I transferred much of this organisation into my own party."
Smokescreens by Jack Chick, Chick Publications. This extract is from an article that was
penned by James Smith, CWM Cetf magazine, June 2014.

"As a result, within the [Nazi] SS Central Security Service, an organization was created, and most of its main posts were held by Catholic priests wearing the black uniform of the [Nazi] SS. The Jesuit father [priest] Himmler [uncle of Heinrich Himmler] was one of its superior officers.”

"The Fuhrer had come to power, thanks to the votes of the Catholic Zentrum, only five years before, but most of the objectives cynically revealed in Mein Kampf were already realized; this book, an insolent challenge to the western democracies, was written by the Jesuit Father Staempfle and signed by Hitler. For—as so many ignore the fact—it was the Society of Jesus which perfected the famous Pan-German programme as laid out in this book, and the Fuhrer endorsed it."
The Secret History of the Jesuits by Edmund Paris, p138.

"In his new book, The Nazis Next Door, Lichtblau reports that thousands of Nazis managed to settle in the United States after World War II, often with the direct assistance of American intelligence officials who saw them as potential spies and informants in the Cold War against the Soviet Union."
Eric Lichtblau is an investigative reporter for The New York Times.

"More terrorists are given training and sanctuary in the United States than anywhere on earth. They include mass murderers, torturers, former and future tyrants and assorted international criminals. This is virtually unknown to the American public, thanks to the freest media on earth."
John Pilger, Australian journalist

"It is my opinion that if the liberties of this country – the United States of America – are destroyed, it will be by the subtlety of the Roman Catholic Jesuit priests, for they are the most crafty, dangerous enemies to civil and religious liberty. They have instigated most of the wars of Europe."
Marquis de LaFayette, French statesman and general (1757-1834).

"The Jesuits failed in their attempts to have a world governing body following World War One. They accomplished their sinister goal after World War Two. Following the war, the weary, aching world was conditioned to accept an international government, and the United Nations was born. Since the creation of the United Nations in 1945, this so-called ‘peace-keeping’ body has failed miserably in keeping peace around the world. Why? Because keeping peace is not their purpose, even though they continue to claim that it is. There are presently some 83 different wars around the world. However, it has certainly been instrumental in suppressing liberty loving people. Katanga and Rhodesia are just two examples of nations crushed by U. N. forces. The United Nations has worked tirelessly to restore the temporal power of the papacy — its purpose from the beginning."
Bill Hughes, from his book The Secret Terrorists

"Nearly every Western nation today sends an ambassador to the Vatican, a tiny enclave with approximately 800 citizens. It is a frank recognition of the pope's status as a full-fledged player in the geopolitical arena and that what the French liberals tried to achieve in 1798 [removal of the pope and his power] has now been amazingly reversed."
Loron Wade

A few books worth checking out:

Vatican Assassins by Eric Jon Phelps
The Secret History of the Jesuits by Edmond Paris

The Vatican Exposed by Paul Williams
The Secret Terrorists by Bill Hughes
The Vatican Empire by Nino Lo Bello
The Vatican Billions by Avro Manhattan
The Vatican In World Politics by Avro Manhattan
The Keys Of This Blood by Malachi Martin
The Black Pope by M.F.Cusack
The Transformation of the Republic by C.T. Wilcox — This one seriously recommended.
50 Years in the Church of Rome by Charles Chiniquy
The Two Babylons by Alexander Hislop

In God's Name by David Yallop
The History of Protestantism by J.A. Wylie
A book that was begun but that never saw the light of day (given that its author died in unusual circumstances before he could complete it) was: Primacy: How The Institutional Roman Catholic Church Became A Creature Of The New World Order by Malachi Martin
(Source: Totalitaria by Ian Wishart)

For even more on all this, see my page Foes Of Humanity (where more quotes are found too) which is accessed via my page With God In Mind.

This poem was penned 18th July 2016

53.  Letter To America

(Sorry Alistair Cook, author of Letter From America)

From the moment folk sought the shores of what would become America, safety,

Freedom from persecution, despots and zealots, that Church and State tyranny
(Hence the Statue of Liberty),
There were those who sought the opposite, hence Lincoln’s well-founded fears, you see,
They heartless, callous, fanatical, militant, and a cunning enemy.

They also religious and political, ravenously power hungry,
With global aspirations, European connections, unsurprisingly.
Yes, they very dangerous, very busy in America, but disguised,
Artful blenders, chameleon-like infiltrators, and thus not recognised.

And therefore, they not only behind much, but hidden behind much, silent foes,
They donning different masks, wolves in sheep's clothing, and inflicting many woes.
And such hasn’t stopped, they having almost reached their goal, and thus why we now see,
A changed America, and such the fulfilment of biblical prophecy.

Yes, America having got in the way of their plans, control of mankind,
And why since America’s founding there’s little that they haven’t been behind,
The destruction of the American constitution in their evil mind.
Such known and documented, but everyone looking elsewhere, seemingly,
Distractions, nonsense, ignorance alive and well, and why what will be will be,

yes, que sera, sera.

So often folk don’t spot the obvious, just can’t be told, don’t learn from the past,
Contemporary views and thoughts having dulled and blinded, and there goes their grasp.
So too those ancient paths and the good way, enter deception and trickery,
A lamb that will metamorphose into a dragon, goodbye democracy,

Or was it only cosmetic, anyway?

By Lance Landall

“There was no disguise they (the Jesuits) could not assume, and therefore, there was no place into which they could not penetrate. They could enter unheard the closet of the Monarch, or the Cabinet of the Statesman. They could sit unseen in convocation or General Assembly, and mingle unsuspected in the deliberations and debates.
There was no tongue they could not speak, and no creed they could not profess, and thus there was no people among whom they might not sojourn, and no church whose membership they might not enter and whose functions they might not discharge. They could execrate the Pope with the Lutheran, and swear the Solemn League with the Covenanter.”
From the book, The History of Protestantism, by J.A. Wylie

"A world of unseen dictatorship is conceivable, still using the forms of democratic government."
Kenneth Boulding

“Today the path of total dictatorship in the United States can be laid by strictly legal means, unseen and unheard by the Congress, the President, or the people. Outwardly we have a Constitutional government. We have operating within our government and political system, another body representing another form of government – a bureaucratic elite.”
Senator William Jenner, 1954

Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and
acknowledging no responsibility to the people.

Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919)

The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes."
Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1881), past prime minister of the United Kingdom.

“And I saw three foul spirits like frogs coming from the mouth of the dragon [Satan, spiritualism], from the mouth of the beast [revived historic power, Papal Rome], and from the mouth of the false prophet [End-time global power, America, apostate Protestantism, Church and State]. These are demonic spirits, performing signs [supernatural manifestations], who go abroad to the kings [political powers] of the whole world, to assemble them for battle [the religious conflict] on the great day of God the Almighty” (Rev 16:13,14).

For even more on all this, see my page Foes Of Humanity (where more quotes are found too) which is accessed via my page With God In Mind.

This poem was penned 21 November 2011, and was upgraded on 14 May 2023.

54.  The New World Order

It’s all about worship, the hidden worship of man.

Julie loved chats with her dad, and today was no exception, though her thoughts were more serious today.
“What do you make of the New Word Order thing, Dad? Is it just some farcical theory like people say?”
“No, Julie, it’s for real alright. Even the pope and some presidents have endorsed such, and others too,
Thus such clearly on the agenda — however, a One World Government is hardly something that's new.

Lest I’m confusing you, they’re both one and the same thing, an order seeking control of humanity,
Not that such is said openly, but there's plenty of evidence proving so, and then there's history.”
“What do you mean by history, Dad?”  “Well, many have had their eyes on the world, not just on other nations,
And Papal Rome being one, which ruled for hundreds of years, and committed atrocious violations.

Hence the concern of many given that the pope has been calling for a New World Order recently,
One he said needs to be backed by an armed force; and I hear he’s put his hand up somehow, interestingly.
At the end of the day, the Holy Roman Empire that once was, still is, despite appearing more benign,
And that’s when something can be more dangerous given that it’s less obvious, 'cause folk think all’s fine.

It's said that the pope’s just a figurehead, subservient to the commander of the Jesuit Order
Created to reverse the Protestant Reformation via infiltration, crossing any boarder.
It also intent on destroying the U.S. constitution, it’s said, and haven’t we noticed such,
'Cause laws like the Patriot Act have made it much easier for inside forces to liberty clutch.

Bear in mind more and more Protestants are making overtures to Rome, that the Vatican wields much clout,
And has an intelligence service that's second to none, secret agents that its wishes carry out.
Thus we’re not talking about imaginary things, dealing with fiction, but in facts, reality,
Hence that concern many have, a concern that many Christians even link to biblical prophecy.

Others are fuelling this New World Order too, some secretly, some openly, different beats, same drum,
And some are bedfellows, Freemasonry being a major player — yes, all propelling what will come.
But despite them achieving their goal, Divine justice will have the last say, but not before much ill,
Which will catch the gullible by surprise, those who fall for the spiel, and willingly come under its spell.

So I’d keep your eyes on things, watching for some political, religious merger and set apart day,
One universally accepted and legislated as being in the interests of all, Sunday.
We’re all being set up, hence certain political manoeuvres, behind the scenes manipulation,
'Cause one thing’s for sure, such will be enforced whether we like it or not, proof it’s an evil creation.”

“What exactly do you mean by proof, Dad?”  “Well, I’m referring to force, which is always a clear-cut sign,
For no matter how noble the intent of anyone, force is contradictory, plain out of line.
Those with genuine hearts and minds, those who cherish love and truth, don't violate human rights, nor think to,
'Cause only the deluded, those with evil agendas, those who’re callous, indifferent, such pursue.

When we use force to implement what we think's best for all, we cross a non-negotiable line,
A critical line, thus leaving no line, and where there’s no line, things can only but from thereon decline.
It’s that simple, hence why I couldn’t condone a New World Order, 'cause such wouldn’t let us vote with our feet,
And that which wouldn't allow such, and having crossed that non-negotiable line, would clearly mistreat.

When there's strange bedfellows pushing the same thing (though each for their own end, of which one must come out on top),
There just has to be an eventual evil outcome, and one that all the will in the world won’t stop,
'Cause the jaws of the new 'beast' will have all firmly in its grip, they thus no longer free to do and say,
And all because they went along with such, even hollered for such, when they should’ve known such wouldn’t pay.”

By Lance Landall

The particular pope and reference referred to here is, the encyclical Caritas in Veritate, Pope Benedict XVI.

For my article (made up of bullet points) Why Church And State Should Always Remain Seperate, see
my page I Saw Beyond It All, which is accessed via my page With God In Mind, Home page, purple box.

"If you trace up Masonry, through all its Orders, till you come to the grand tip-top, head Mason of the World, you will discover that the dread individual and the Chief of the Society of Jesus [Jesuits] are one and the same person."
James Parton (1822-1891), American historian.

“Most Christians assume that Sunday is the biblically approved day of worship. The Catholic Church protests that it transferred Christian worship from the biblical Sabbath (Saturday) to Sunday, and that to try to argue that the change was made in the Bible is both dishonest and a denial of Catholic authority. If Protestantism wants to base its teachings only on the Bible, it should worship on Saturday.” 2003

“In 1822 [at the secret meetings at Verona, Italy], the Roman Catholic Monarchies of Europe conspired with the Vatican to destroy the concept of popular government, as found in the experiment of the United States, by means of infiltration, subversion, and corruption. The tools used were the Leopold foundation, which was set up by Prince Metternich of Austria, and the Jesuit Order. The purpose being to use the financial and military arms of the United States to further the interests of the Papacy in its goal of putting all the world under the temporal submission [under the temporal power] of the [Roman Catholic] Church.”

“The [
American] Civil War [of 1861-1865] was not a ‘homespun’ affair. It was the result of the same upheavals that have changed the face of Europe. The promises and active help of the European empires and the Church of Rome along with the Jesuit Order had stiffened the resolve and attitude of the Southern [i.e., Confederate] leaders, some of whom were quite willing to see the monarchic principle triumph in North America.” 
From the book The Transformation Of The Republic, by C.T. Wilcox

"See, my lord, from this room--from this room, I govern not only Paris, but China: not only China, but the whole world, without anyone knowing how tis managed."
In 1720, this was stated to the Duke of Brancas by Michaelangelo Tamburini (1648-1730),
the then Superior General of the Jesuits.

(Poet, author's note: Nicaragua's government confiscates a Jesuit run university alleging that it was a "center of terrorism." Al Jazeera News, 17 August 2023)

"The day is not distant, and it may be very near, when we shall all have to fight the battle of the Reformation over again"
Sir Robert Peel (1788-1850)

"We must move as quickly as possible to a one-world government; a one-world religion; under a one-world leader."

"Already the high priests, prayers and temples of the universal cult are with us. Curriculums are being drafted to indoctrinate our children in what John Rockefeller, Jr. calls “The Church of all People.”…The first step is to break down loyalty to a single religious faith…"
Edith Kermit Roosevelt, First Lady of the U.S., 1901-1909

"...the United Nations Charter has to be supplemented by a charter of spiritual laws..."
Robert Muller, former Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations.

“The enemy offers, in clever disguise, false unity. It’s manmade bricks. It is a unity built on uniformity, born of control and oblivious to the truth. Ecumenicalism has offered diluted doctrine and created false unity. The ecumenical movement is a coming together based on finding and maintaining our lowest common denominator — not our highest calling and purpose.”
Chasing God Serving Man, by Tommy Tenney, p23

“Today, America would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order. Tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told that there were an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by the World Government.”
Dr. Henry Kissinger, Evians, France, 1991

“We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.”

David Rockefeller, Baden-Baden, Germany 1991

“It works like this: The manipulating body covertly creates a problem and then directs the media to incessantly focus on it without recourse. The problem could be anything, a war, a financial collapse, a rash of child abductions, or a terrorist attack. The power of the media can create the false perception that a big problem exists, even if it doesn’t …Once you have created this problem you make sure that an individual, a group or an aspect of society is blamed. This then rallies the population behind the desperate lunge for a solution to the problem. ‘Something must be done!’ they cry in unison. The people that created the problem in the first place then come back in and offer the solution that the people demand. Remember, the people screaming for a solution do not know that the problem was artificially created in the first place. The solution to the problem is always a further curtailment of freedom and an advancement of one or more aspects of the New World Order agenda, whether that is geopolitical expansion, new laws or the implantation of new societal worldviews.”
From the book Order Out of Chaos, pg. 13, by Paul Joseph Watson.

"Let no one deceive you in any way; for that day [Christ's Second Coming] will not come unless the REBELLION [apostasy] COMES FIRST and THE LAWLESS ONE [God usurping power] IS REVEALED, the one destined for destruction. He opposes and exalts himself above every so-called god or object of worship, so that he takes his seat in the temple of God, declaring himself to be God” (2 Thess 2:3,4).

"...And all the world marveled and followed the beast [power]" (Rev 13:3, NKJV).

“Then a third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, ‘If anyone worships the beast and his image [copy], and receives his mark on his forehead or on his hand, he himself shall also drink of the wine of the wrath of God…’ ”
(Rev 14:9,10, NKJV).


By the way, why is pointing out the errors in any denomination or religion important?
Because that information made public can help prevent others from embracing that same error.
Because that information made public can help those who’ve already embraced that error to see why it is in fact error.
Because that information should naturally be made available in order for people to not only make up their minds but truly have freedom of choice.
Because people often come up with opposite arguments from the very same source as us — the Bible, say — thus one not only having to find and present the correct position, the truth, but show and prove the error in any counter argument, which some people wrongly call knocking when it's really informing and aiding.
Because certain beliefs that some people are holding to are unhealthy, or very destructive — ISIS being one example. And such passing from generation to generation. And also bearing in mind here that Papal Rome was responsible for the death of many millions over its more than one thousand year reign.
Because much that's been said and done in the name of God hasn't been of God at all.

This fictionally dressed poem was penned 23 February 2011.

55.  Evil On The Wing

(An intriguing tale)

Zantack’s evil gaze meandered over the sea of faces under his control,
Yes, indoctrinated zealots ready to do his bidding, their hearts black as coal.
There they stood, wall to wall, trained to act without questioning, no limits to their ill,
So deluded, puppets on a string effectively, having surrendered their own will.

“Mother” he said, referring to the organization that they’d sworn allegiance to,
“Mother,” he repeated, “Is sensing success, completion, but there’s still work to do.
Therefore, let me remind you of all that you’ve been trained for, prepared and equipped for;
And the reason for this reminder? Such activities you’re to engage in far more.

Yes, you’re to up the anti, we’re almost there, then Mother will rule humanity,
And all will kneel before me — Zantack — kiss my hand, submit to my authority.
Once enthroned, no one will be free to do as they wish, no one will enjoy liberty,
'Cause Mother’s reign under me, will leave no room for dissent, nor for democracy.”

Zantack’s evil gaze returned to his notes which he snatched at and waved above his head;
He being a fitting agent of Yantay, mortuary cold, now hostile and red.
Oh, how Yantay (a spirit being), would be proud of him, Zantack the devil incarnate,
Instructing his duplicitous slaves, dispensable pawns, vowed to secrecy, tight knit.

“Infiltrate every organization, every society, each religion,
Gaining key positions, unlimited access, thus working covertly within.
Use your influence and authority to further Mother’s aim, achieve her goal,
That being: Worldwide domination, indoctrination, lock-stock-and-barrel control.”

Zantack surveyed the sea of faces again, forehead furrowed, jaw set, chin raised high,
And then, as if he’d not paused, continued on, hatred and fury blazing from each eye.
“Infiltrate the education system, seats of learning, and every media,
Cleverly enlist the help of others who’ve wealth, influence, power and charisma.

Infiltrate the armed forces, councils, courts, governments, unions — yes, everything you can,
Always keeping in mind that civil unrest, riots and mayhem are part of the plan.
Scare the population via terrorism, and via warnings of coming attacks,
Yes, bombings and the likes, which unbeknown to them, are often our calculated acts.

Such will have them forgoing certain liberties for the sake of security,
And we'll convince them that we’ve the answer, which they’ll accept only too willingly.
Yes, all carefully orchestrated, ensuring things eventually go our way,
Whereby the dictates of Mother, overseen by me, everyone on Earth will obey.

Yes, amidst it all, you're to fool the masses, have them thinking that you're on their side,
And that — unfortunately — certain actions are necessary, and justified;
That you're working to illiminate injustice, oppression, war, bring about peace,
Doing all that you can to see that poverty and any suffering decrease."

Yantay, watching from his realm, would make an appearance at some stage, fortuitously,
A dazzling entry, verifying Zantack’s claims and Mother’s rule, advantageously.
But not in his usual form though — no, Yantay would impersonate the Pure One,
Deceiving nigh on all, who would fall for the signs and wonders, the falsehood spun.

Zantack tugged at his black robe. “One ruler, one power, one ideology!” he cried,
And all those present rose together, shouting, “Zantack! Zantack!” and beaming with pride.
He turned and left the stage, leaving behind a sea of salutes from disguised assassins,
Yes, cold blooded killers, who in the name of Zantack, would commit countless bloody sins.

But the Pure One watched too, 'cause He as well, would make an appearance, ultimately,
One far more spectacular, one that would light up the sky, signalling great majesty.
And He would bring an end to Mother, Zantack and Yantay, their evil and misery,
And all who submitted to their beastly rule, thereby giving Yantay the glory.

Glory that belonged to the Pure One (a spirit being too), 'cause only He was worthy,
Yes, not Yantay, the rebellious one, oft seeking to gain control of humanity.
Yantay, since his expulsion from the Pure One's realm, had been seeking partners in crime,
Partners who'd see that more victims came his way — and Yantay hoping, all on Earth, this time.

Meantime, despite knowing that most would be hoodwinked by Mother, Zantack and Yantay,
And knowing also, that most would go their own rebellious way, rather than His way,
The Pure One (and out of love), despatched certain messengers, who, via various means,
Would warn of the cunning, evil, and deadly snare that was afoot, midst Earth's closing scenes.
“Shame so many would be fooled,” mused the Pure One, grieved to think that such would be the case,
But the multitudes have always wandered after delusions, and such, still embrace.
And as a result, don’t see what’s right in front of their noses, nor give things due thought,
Until deep within the web of some Zantack stronghold, they are well and truly caught.

By Lance Landall

"The biggest deception lies ahead, so mind what you're told and mind what you're fed."
The poet, author

Christian content or degree.

56.  An Angel Of Light

“...Even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. So it is not strange if his
ministers also disguise themselves as ministers of righteousness [hypocrites,
imposters, deceivers]. Their end will match their deeds” (2 Cor 11:14,15).

You know, I got to thinking that regarding Jesus Christ's return,
Satan might try to get in first, pretending he’s Christ — a real concern!
After all, if Satan can disguise himself as an angel of light,
Then pretending he’s Christ who's come back to Earth, is something that he might.

Well, wouldn’t you if you were Satan? I certainly would, believe me,
'Cause such a scandalous plan would undoubtedly deceive so many.
Yes, such skullduggery and blasphemy would suit Satan perfectly,
And hence why I’m putting this scenario to you via poetry.

You see, forewarned is forearmed, 'cause I don’t think that this is a maybe,
But rather, a wickedly devilish likelihood, reality.
After all, what has he got to lose given that he’s going down soon,
And why I’m sure he’ll give it his best shot before he meets his high noon.

Hence why we need to note the manner of Christ’s return, and study deeply,
Lest we be fooled by the devil in disguise acting deceitfully.
Imagine it, Satan appearing on Earth pretending that he’s Christ,
When in actual fact he’s the enemy, and clearly anti Christ.

Yes, I’m sure he’ll try it, and what really concerns me, and greatly so,
Is that he’ll be very successful, most convincing, it quite a show.
And also, that those in power who believe he’s Christ, will do his bidding,
And thus those who Satan hates most on Earth, legislatively ridding;

That is, they’ll attempt to liquidate them, which has been Satan's desire,
'Cause he absolutely hates upholders of truth given he’s a liar.
Yes, he’s cunning and clever, and wants to slay those who’re truly faithful,
'Cause they’re on to him, and keep God’s Law — in Satan’s eyes, contemptible.

Can’t you just see it? Such would be a masterstroke, his last ditch attempt,
One that Christ’s return to planet Earth, he would be hoping would pre-empt.
And should he be successful for a while, there's plenty he would do,
So let’s keep watch, Bible in hand, and over this scenario chew.

Yes, it quite a show, signs and wonders all part of it, and healings too,
Folk well and truly taken in, despite the appearing being askew;
And I mean, not in sync with Scripture, and Satan not endorsing what’s right,
But rather, that “beast" power warned of, which he uses to snuff truth and light.

And in its place, his heresy, his End-time agenda, genocide,
The removal of all who won’t accept such wrong, whom Christ calls His bride.
Yes, those who truly keep all God’s Commandments (though saved by grace alone),
Thus faithful to the end, even though sometimes feeling they’re on their own.

By Lance Landall

For the signs of Christ's return, and the manner of His return, see my page
Prepare which is accessed via my page With God In Mind.

"Then I [the apostle John] saw another beast [power] coming out of the earth [a new land]. He had two horns [civil-religious liberty] like a lamb, but he spoke like a dragon [changes character]. He exercised all the authority of the first beast [a past persecuting power] on his behalf, and made the earth and its inhabitants worship the first beast [fulfills the past power's historic evil intentions], whose wound had been healed [it reviving from its previous historic fall]" (Rev 13:11,12, NIV). Also note Rev 13:3.

"He [the coming global government] was granted power to give breath to the image [copy] of the beast [the first beast], that the image [copy] of the beast should both speak and cause as many as would not worship the image [copy] of the beast to be killed [here it's referring to dissenters, those who won't bow to certain demands. Another type of Final Solution?]" (Rev 13:15, NKJV).

"...And the whole earth was amazed and followed after the beast [the End-time global power]; they worshiped the dragon [Satan] because he gave his authority to the beast [it effectively acting on Satan's behalf]; and they worshiped the beast, saying, "Who is like the beast, and who is able to wage war with him [combat it]?" (Rev 13:3,4, NASB).

“Then another [apocalyptic] angel, a third, followed them, crying with a loud voice, “Those who worship the beast [the previous persecuting power (Dan 7:8,25)] and its image [the new religious/political power controlling the whole of earth at the time of Christ’s return]...they will also drink the wine of God’s wrath, poured unmixed into the cup of His anger…” Here is a call for the endurance of the saints, those who keep [are loyal to] the commandments of God [the whole ten] and hold fast to the faith of Jesus” (Rev 14:9-12, NRSV).


When I think of patriotism, I immediately think of America, because no where does patriotism seem so marked to me — and for many onlookers around the globe, even a turn off.
You see, generally speaking, we all love our own country — after all, it’s our home, it’s where we were born and raised, it's full of meaning and memories, its something we've been a part of, something we've been involved in, and as a consequence, it naturally has a certain hold over us.
However, we all need to look beyond our own shores and realise that we’re all living on the same land mass that has simply become divided by seas. Thus, one could say that countries have been artificially created. The human race was never meant to compete with itself, nor was it meant to be divided by this or that. We’re really just one big family, humanity.
Though I love my country too, I would never allow myself to become blind to its flaws and drawbacks, any wrong it carried out or carries out, any wrong direction it took or takes, and against such I would make a stand.
In a sense, if not completely so, a country is only as good as its inhabitants, its leaders, its policies, its laws, its societal behaviour, its behaviour  towards other countries, its treatment of its own people, its treatment of innocent creatures, and its land.
Americans may think that their country is the best on Earth, but that is only their personal opinion. What makes a country the best, or better than others?
Americans aren’t the only ones who believe in freedom and civil/religious liberty, America isn’t the only beautiful country, America isn't the only country that has made a difference somehow (even if that might have been the biggest), America isn't the only country with clever, talented people, nor is it the only country that has lovely people, worthy goals and rightful laws. And every country, including America, has bad things in its past, lawless, selfish, cruel and evil people (be they an average Joe or someone in authority), as well as criminal and secretive goings on. Quite frankly, I doubt there’s one country untouched by depravity and corruption, nor free of greedy and power hungry people who get rich at the expense of others, and who get where they do via their treading on others.
While I would take pride in my house, if I was fortunate enough to own one, I wouldn’t indulge in a Jones mentality, which is somewhat what we’re doing when we crow about our country and get caught up in patriotic fever. And hence why I guess it’s called patriotic fever, given that it tends toward that which inflames, rather than that which is healing.
Yes, take pride in your country (just like you should your appearance), but don't gloat over it, don't go getting carried away. Such is acting somewhat introvertedly.
And needless to say, America is no longer the country it was, nor is any other. Whether we like it or not, we're all in the same boat, and can't afford to be rowing in different directions. All said and done, it would make much more sense to be patriotic over Earth, but given the mess we've made of it...
It's worth noting that though America has officially been at peace since World War II, it has unofficially been in almost continuous military conflict.
In my mind, patriotism is somewhat like competitive sports, great for some, but not for others. After all, that's the nature of competitive sports; putting one's own interests first, and at the exclusion of others.

Why Is God Allowing It All?

It's this simple:

God has always existed (something that’s hard for fallen, mortal humans to fully grasp).

Heaven is God's headquarters from where He rules and runs the universe (this world and the other worlds that He has created that aren’t fallen like our one).

One of His subjects, Lucifer, a very privileged angel (head of all the other angels), became jealous of Him, wanting to be equal with Him, and such ending in open rebellion (all why Lucifer is now referred to as Satan, the devil, the serpent or roaring lion).

Satan and a third of Heaven's angels who were duped by him, and who thus sided with him, were removed from Heaven.

Satan thus being the origin of sin, evil, suffering, cruelty, oppression, tyranny and wicked fellow angels — spirit beings — who're responsible for the occult and the likes of certain magic, mysterious apparitions, and psychic mediums through which they often work and continue to fool (the Bible telling us that the dead no nothing).

Ever since Satan's removal from Heaven, he has not only sought to make God look really bad, and to undermine the truth of His Word (the Christian Bible), particularly via Darwin’s theory of evolution, but has also sought our personal downfall (even destruction), and total control over planet Earth and humanity.

Hence Adam and Eve’s fall.
From this moment on, sin entered this planet like an infectious disease, not only corrupting humans but causing the gradual decaying of our world.
Hence why there are two forces at work in our world now, good (God, love, rightdoing) and evil (Satan, hate, wrongdoing).

As far as total control over planet Earth and humanity goes, and despite trying via previous powers that sought world domination (including a Church and State one, all biblically predicted), Satan hasn’t succeeded yet, but the Christian Bible warns that he soon will via a coming global persecuting power that will deceive most via its clever spiel, cunning, signs and wonders. A power that eventually demands worship. One that we’re told is a copy of that previous Church and State power (that was wounded but revives, Rev 13:3) and that eventually fulfills what that past power sought to do. And this why God will never support any attempt to install such a government, and why His Word speaks ill of it.

Because God has given us the freedom and liberty to choose between Him and Satan, good and evil, the right path or wrong path (God not wanting robots), He has to wait until that time when Satan will succeed in gaining total control of Earth.

This way the inhabitants of Earth, Heaven, and other created worlds will finally see Satan’s true heart and long term intentions — in other words, where such a heart and rebellion leads to. And this way there will never be another murmur against God (who thinks in terms of eternity), Satan’s accusations having been proven groundless, and thus no one will want to follow in the likes of Satan’s selfish, destructive footsteps again (given that God hasn’t made us robots, and that nor will we become such).

Meantime, God aches for an end to it all and promises that one day it will end.

He being the very same God who gave us a way out via Calvary (the setting up of His rescue mission), and the same God who secured the permanency of our race via a boat [ark] when He could’ve destroyed everyone via the global flood, or let them destroy themselves, which they would’ve given that there was only one family still living righteously, and thus they the occupants of that boat.

The Bible tells us that just prior to Christ’s return (when He comes to get the repentant), most humans will have got to that same sad state that existed in Noah’s time and that brought about the global flood.
That cataclysmic disruption to our planet has resulted in massive scars like the Grand Canyon, fish fossils at the top of mountain ranges, volcanoes, fault lines and consequent earthquakes.
The Bible also tells us that just prior to Christ’s return (and due to planet Earth’s decay and so on) there will be an increase in seismic activity, pestilences, pandemics and calamities. These, it says, are the beginning of sorrows.

God has always had our best intentions at heart because He’s the God of love and truth. A God that Satan has always sought to misrepresent given that he has always been jealous of the glory and honour that God alone is due. And given that Satan is no doubt angry over his loss of Heaven and his fate to come, and why he'll take as many with him as he can, and, by the way, why he's behind all the mayhem and trickery, one way or another, and often in order to bring about his End-time plans.

If God wasn’t slowly removing His restraining hand (man’s cup of iniquity full), many wouldn’t awaken from their folly and peril, realise what’s going on, and thus would be lost for all eternity.

This article which also appears elsewhere on my website, was added to 11 September 2020.

For more substance:

The inhabitants of Heaven and the other created worlds, to whom the nature and consequences of sin would’ve been hard to comprehend at the time of Satan’s insinuations against God, would not have seen the justice of God in the immediate destruction of Satan.
In other words, had Satan been immediately destroyed forever, some would have served God out of fear rather than out of love, and given that the influence of Satan (who’s a cunning deceiver) would not have been fully destroyed, nor would the spirit of rebellion been totally eradicated.
And so, for the good of the entire universe throughout eternity, Satan is being allowed (out of necessity) to more fully develop his principles so that his charges against God’s governance can be seen in their true light by every created being, and so that the justice and mercy of God and the immutability of His law (Ps 89:14; Rom 4:15) will be forever placed beyond all question. This way, Satan’s rebellion will be a lesson to the universe throughout eternity, an everlasting testimony to the nature of sin and its dreadful results.
The working out of Satan’s rule, its sad effects upon both humans and angels, will show the fruits and result of setting aside the divine authority. It will also testify that bound up with the existence of God’s governance, is the well-being of all the creatures that He has made. And thereby, the history of this dreadful experiment in rebellion will be a perpetual safeguard to all saved and holy beings, thus preventing them from being deceived as to the nature of transgression, and saving them from committing sin and suffering its penalty.
After all, come our return to Heaven, God’s still not wanting robots.


And given American ties with Israel.

Most of the poems here were penned October, November and December, 2023.

Please also see my important connected poem, HOW DO WE GET THERE? (under which, there are revealing
statistics and facts), and other connected poems (like: Decades In The Making and Truth Doesn't Mince Its Words), which can be seen on my page titled
HUMANITY (where one should start first) and under the heading THE WOUNDING AND TAKING OF LIFE, where there's a lot more on the Gaza situation, including an article on Israel which explains
the Jews can't justify just waltzing on back and taking over that land.


For the correct understanding of how the Palestinian, Israeli conflict came about, and how
the Palestinians were robbed of their rightful homeland, watch the following video:


Regarding America, the following is well worth watching:

This second Youtube video is also well worth watching (and all of which covers two or three very important things.
A conversation between Judge Napolitano and Prof. John Mearsheimer: Israel's Dangerous Game):

If only the world really knew what’s really been going on in Gaza both past and present. Ignorance, disinformation, misinformation and indoctrination having made so many complicit in the atrociousness.

"Forget October 7, read the history."
Roger Waters

It's not about the conflictbut about a decades-old, oppressive, illegal occupation by a brutal, racist, powerful, human rights violating, military state, armed and supported by the westagainst an impoverished, stateless and displaced people whose land was effectively stolen from them. All why it's not about Hamas either.
Gaza has been the world's test for decades, and the world has badly failed it, conveniently presenting the perpetrator as the victim.

And by the way, and make no mistake about it, it’s NOT anti-Semitic to condemn the slaughter of innocent men, women and children (which includes doctors, nurses, relief workers and journalists), apocalyptic type carnage (which includes the bombing of homes, schools, hospitals, ambulances and places of worship), environmental damage (which includes infrastructure, livelihoods), outright hypocrisy, propaganda, the encouraging of genocide, displacement and dehumanisation, oppression, wrongful imprisonment, settler attacks, “almighty vengeance” over self-defence, summary executions (and after blindfolding, handcuffing and torturing), carpet bombing, the depriving a people of the necessities of life (like food, medicines, hospital care), or their right to their very land and the freedom to come and go, shooting at Palestinians cueing for humanitarian aid, and shooting at humanitarian trucks in other words, war crimes.

As far as Israel goes, America has created a very naughty, demanding, spoil, undisciplined child that’s been running unchecked, getting its own way, blaming, bullying and injuring the innocent, and where is suits, playing the holocaust card for further leverage.

Biblically speaking, when the Jewish nation turned against Christ, Christ rejected it, leaving it to its demise, and that being, that the Jews were scattered to other parts of the world (as predicted) under Roman rule, and given those Jewish revolts that took place which angered the Romans. Thus the land God had given them being removed from them, their probation time up, as clearly conveyed in the Christian Bible. Thus Zionism running contrary to such, and why Israel is now but an illegal settler colonial state that has been forcing the Palestinian inhabitants out who’ve always lived their.

“Hamas is regularly described as 'Iranian-backed Hamas, which is dedicated to the destruction of Israel.' One will be hard put to find something like 'democratically elected Hamas, which has long been calling for a two-state settlement in accord with the international consensus'—blocked for over 30 years by the US and Israel. All true, but not a useful contribution to the Party Line, hence dispensable.”
From the book, Gaza in Crisis: Reflections on Israel's War Against the Palestinians,
by Noam Chomsky.

How Israel actually helped create Hamas:

“Hamas, to my great regret, is Israel's creation.”
Avner Cohen,
retired Israeli official who worked in Gaza for more than two decades.

If a Saudi-Israeli normalisation deal had been concluded, it would have been a turning point in the Arab-Israeli conflict, which may have eliminated the already weak chances of a two-state solution. Thus Palestinians once again on the losing end after decades of barbaric mistreatment.

Hamas has stated that the attack was in response to all the atrocities Palestinians have faced over the decades,
the evictions of families, the recent violation of Al-Aqsa Mosque, the attacks by Israeli settlers, growing
Israeli aggression, the bulldozing of more homes, and far more (both in Gaza and the West Bank).

What Hamas did was wrong, but just like any final straw, it was created and provoked by decades of cruel Israeli aggression, oppression, wrongful occupation, and a recent upping of the anti.
What Israel has done is an evil that’s far in excess, something that’s not justified even in self-defence, or because of tunnels, and on a scale that defies belief, and that reveals the utter moral corruption and hypocrisy of its racist, fanatical leaders whose actions should never have been sanctioned and supported by those who have thereby become complicit in same war crimes and barbarity (and many due to an incorrect biblical interpretation).
What we're looking at is another Nakba, by the look of things, and thereby, history repeating itself.
And when the powers that be manipulate or control the Media, round up journalists, gag or shoot news reporters, selectively choose what will be written and publised, and rule out certain voices, or falsely accuse them, you're witnessing an alarming situation, a form of Nazism.

“We are fighting human animals, and we are acting accordingly,”
Yoav Gallant, Israeli defence minister, October 9, 2023

"We are dropping hundreds of tons of bombs on Gaza. The focus is on destruction, not accuracy."
Daniel Hagar, Israeli spokesman

"Almighty vengence"

"We will turn Gaza into an iland of ruins."

Benjamin Netanyahu

“Gaza will eventually turn into a city of tents."
IDF official

"I am personally proud of the ruins in Gaza."
May Golan, Israeli government minister

"Of all bad men religious bad men are the worst."
C.S. Lewis (1898-1963)

"Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it with religious conviction."
Blaise Pascal (1623-1662)



"For every Hamas member you kill, how many did you create?"
Elon Musk

57.  What A Gross Absurdity

“No incursion into Rafah, no troops on the ground, but you can still bomb though,
Both people and homes, and raid the hospital too, rounding up doctors, you know,
But no ground offensive” — well, that’s effectively what’s being said, and why I say,
What a gross absurdity — oh, America, how with people’s lives you play.

And how you also make a fool of yourself, as if starvation’s not enough,
Excuse after excuse for holding back, not acting rightly — it crazy stuff!
Thus how can anyone take you seriously, complicit up to your neck,
No incursion, but bomb away, every day, and why I say, what the heck!?

We’re not silly, you know, ’cause what’s going on is called aiding and abetting,
And then there’s all that theatre, and come the future, the world not forgetting.
No, it etched in history via the bloody fingernails of complicity,
“No ceasefire” ringing in the ears of generations who will hold you guilty.

Gaza has been treated like a coliseum, lions exchanged for bombs and guns,
Thus people blown to bits rather than torn to bits, mums, dads, daughters and sons.
And the world simply watching, even supporting, and the White House BLACK, guilty!
And why I say, what a gross absurdity — atrocity, actually.

Too bad about threats to blow up that hospital, or trapping people inside,
And preventing food and water from getting to them — evil one cannot hide.
Yes, it all there in front of our television faces, day after sad day;
And all the way through, thanks to America, Netanyahu getting his way.

It’s all very sick, Mister Biden, thanks to your misplaced generosity,
 And those modern gladiator soldiers with their Gaza tested weaponry.
Yes, you weeping tears over your son Beau, but not over Palestinians,
And all why there’s a day of reckoning, I believe, for such grievous sins.

And now there's a sudden rush to sort out this mess that has got away on you,
But warnings reaching deaf ears, you having created a monster, Netanyahu.
Oh, panic, panic, or is it just more theatre, because who knows these days,
The U.S. having indulged in propaganda of its own; all how one strays.

By Lance Landall

This poem was penned, pasted, and corrected on 22 March 2024.

"The deterioration of every government begins with the decay of the principles on which it was founded."
Charles-Louis De Secondat (1689-1755), French judge, historian and political philosopher

58.  So Much For Shalom

You justify your attacks on Gaza citing the rockets of Hamas, yet
Who created it all? You treating those people dreadfully, hence what you get.
God hardly behind you, but billions of dollars of military aid, and
Those errant whispering-in-the-ear-evangelists who also guilty stand.

Yes, what goes ’round comes ’round, you not satisfied with what you have, but wanting more
(As it so often goes), your hardness and determination all seen before.
Both you and America could’ve prevented those hundreds of rockets, but
Politics and agendas coming first; all why Heaven’s door often slams shut.

Yes, America aiding the deaths and devastation, thus blood on her hands,
And having wrongly interfered long ago, as she has in so many lands.
You’re partners in crime, and you not having learned from the holocaust, but cruel too,
Your brutality costing in more ways than one, your thinking just as askew.

Those rockets being the result of occupation, oppression, frustration,
Desperation, violation and desecration — yes, all your creation.
And come 2023, your ill-formed government veering hard right,
Yes, far harsher, more fanatical, thus walking in darkness rather than light.

Thus Hamas (indeed Palestine) no doubt feeling more threatened by that far right,
And as if it's a threat to their very being, not just their usual plight.
So, your "almighty 
vengeance" might lead to more suicide bombers, anywhere,
Thereby making the world less safe, and creating more years of unrest, I fear.

That October attack could well be God's allowance and rebuke, for all I know,
Your seeming dictatorship needing to be taught a lesson, dealt a blow.

But since when has Israel shown restraint, modified its vengeful attitude,
Found its heart, and sought to back right off, rather than to illegally intrude?

I’m not condoning the actions of Hamas, but treat people like animals
And they’ll respond like animals, returning like for like, and worse, hence those ills.
You having provoked it, Israel, the cork having burst out of the bottle,
And there you go again in your usual manner, but this time, full throttle.

The middle east has always been a place of unrest, and will continue to be,
But Israel playing no special part now, such all ending post-Calvary.
Thus prophetically, it’s all over for Israel as a nation, sadly,
And therefore, both America and many Christians barking up the wrong tree.

No, this isn’t your 9/11, but the result of your brutality,
And why I say, “So much for shalom,” you having wanted things your way only.
Oh, cursed are your bulldozers, forced evictions, unlawful attacks and killings,
Arbitrary detentions, torture, and so much more, hence that karma on rocket wings.

By Lance Landall

This poem was penned on 20 May 2021 and added to on 23 October 2023.

“And at another moment I may declare concerning a nation or a kingdom that I will build and
 plant it, but if it does evil in My sight, not listening to My voice, then I will change My mind
 about the good that I had intended to do to it” (Jer 18:9,10).

“ ‘Therefore I tell you, the kingdom of God will be taken away from you [an unbelieving Israel]
and given to a people producing its fruits [the Christian Church]’ ” (Matt 21:43, ESV).

“ ‘The kingdom of heaven may be compared to a king [God the Father] who gave a wedding banquet for his son [Christ]. He sent his slaves [John the Baptist, Christ and His disciples] to call those who had been invited to the wedding banquet [the Jews], but they would not come [the rejection of the Gospel by the Jews, particularly the leaders]. Again he sent other slaves [the disciples, after Christ’s crucifixion], saying, ‘Tell those who have been invited: Look, I have prepared my dinner, my oxen and my fat calves have been slaughtered, and  everything is ready; come to the wedding banquet.’ But they made light of it and went away, one to his farm, another to his business, while the rest seized his slaves, mistreated them, and killed them [the Jewish persecutions of the early Christian church, e.g. Stephen’s stoning]. The king was enraged. He sent his troops, [bands of Roman soldiers under Titus, who was then only a prince] destroyed those murderers [more than one million Jews perished], and burned their city [this literally took place when Jerusalem and the second temple were destroyed by the Romans in A.D 70 (Dan 9:26)]’ ” (Matt 22:2-7). 

An estimated 50 Palestinian journalists have been killed by Israeli soldiers or police since 2000. And since the October war on Hamas, journalists have still been targeted and harassed by Israel forces, and
all why 133 have been killed, along with 158 UNRWA staff (as of 16 March 2024).

Israelies should remember the biblical story of Esther and how God showed mercy to them.

American missionary to Palestine, Reverend Terry McIntosh, stated that DNA research from Hebrew University reveals that the majority of Palestinians are descended from the remnant of the 10 lost tribes of Israel. In that case, he said, Palestinians should be claiming Israel as their divine inheritance, alongside the Jews.

Abraham had two sons, Isaac and Ishmael. The decendants of Isaac are Jews (and here, Israel).
The decendants of Ismael are Arabs, muslims (and here, Palestine).

For the true biblical position on Israel, click on the following link. Includes a chart:

Oh Ancient Israel


“Acts of terror committed by a government is still terrorism.”
Abhijit Naskar, neuroscientist, author

"The value of human life is not decided by excuses, and nor is there any person who can justify abuses."
The poet, author

"Oppression is a bad servant, and an ever threat to its master."
The poet, author

"Mistreatment carries its own penalty."
The poet, author

“Russia stops fighting, war ends - Ukraine stops fighting, Ukraine ends.
Israel ends invasion, war ends - Palestine ends resistance, Palestine ends.”
Abhijit Naskar, neuroscientist, author

“See that no one repays anyone evil for evil, but always seek to do good to one another and to everyone”
(1 Thess 5:15, ESV).

"You have heard that it was said, 'You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy. But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you
and persecute you" (Matt 5:43,44, NKJV).

“ ‘And the King will answer and say to them, ‘Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of
these my brethren, you did it to me.’ ‘Then He will say to those on the left hand ,‘Depart from me, you cursed, into
the everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels’ ” (Matt 25:40,41, NKJV).

"There are six things the Lord hates — no, seven things he detests: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands
that kill the innocent, a heart that plots evil, feet that race to do wrong, a false witness who pours out
lies, a person who sows discord in a family" (Prov 6:16-19, NLT).

"This is how we know who the children of God are and who the children of the devil are: Anyone who does not do
what is right is not God's child, nor is anyone who does not love their brother and sister" (1 John 3:10, NIV).


“Whether it’s a child imprisoned by a military court or shot unjustifiably, or a house demolished for lack of
an elusive permit, or checkpoints where only settlers are allowed to pass, few Palestinians have escaped
serious rights abuses during this 50-year occupation,”

“Israel today maintains an entrenched system of institutionalized discrimination against Palestinians
in the occupied territory – repression that extends far beyond any security rationale.”
Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East director at Human Rights Watch.

Craig Mokhiber, the head of the UN human rights office, resigned due to what he called the organisation's failure to address not only Israel's apartheid policies, but textbook genocide being carried out by Israel's military in Gaza. Watch  the following video:

Watch this very good video featuring John Mearsheimer, author of the book:
The Israel Lobby And U.S. Foreign Policy:

Watch this very good video featuring Daniel Levy, former Israeli negotiator:

Watch this very good video featuring Jeremy Scahill, author of the book Dirty Wars:

59.  The Nub Of The Matter

Nothing’s achieved by the likes of Israel’s response, but for a forced result,
NOT AN ANSWER, ’cause sense and reason have been ignored, and why love's seen to bolt.
The latter the nub of the matter, the Palestinians badly oppressed,
Denied love, thought and compassion, thus creating a place for Hamas to nest.

And from that festering nest a plan was hatched, just as one would expect, which saw
A nasty boil burst, ’cause oppression’s cursed, and revenge not knowing any law.
All why Israel’s revenge knows no law, though Israel not the one oppressed,
But rather, it the oppressor, whose barbaricness has never been confessed.

No, it’s that blame the victim game, and all why Hamas acted so evilly,
And in response, Israel multiplying that evil, thus doubly guilty!
Yes, condemning such evil whilst perpetrating such evil, thus just as bad,
The Palestinians paining more — oh, that long list of sins on Israel’s pad.

By Lance Landall

“You can't have occupation and human rights.”
Christopher Hitchens

"For 16 years, Israel's illegal blockade has made Gaza the world's biggest open-air prison
the international community must act now to prevent it becoming a giant graveyard."
Agnes Callamard, Amnesty International Secretary General, October 2023

“ ‘Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God; for it is written,
"Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord’ ” (Rom 12:19, RSV).

60.  Well Out Of Bounds

If there were Hamas types under a hospital, there would still be no excuse
For bombing or raiding such, or any other such beyond the pale abuse.
And thus other ways to be found to deal with the situation, and not more
Acts of terrorism, the higher ground always governed by a moral law.

And that law should never be broken, because certain boundaries there must be,
All in order to protect the innocent, and anything medically.
Otherwise, what we have seen in Gaza will happen again, a monstrous crime,
And why today — NOW! — demanding a stop to it all is the place and the time.

By Lance Landall

Yes, it's far from anti-Semitic to condemn the Israeli mistreatment of the Palestinian people over decades (and thus provocation, resultant resistance movement), Israel's historic stubbornness, Israel's disproportionate response to the Hamas attack (which includes a raft of war crimes), Israel's ultra right-wing government (that upped the anti before October), and those individual attacks on Palestinians by both Israeli soldiers and Israeli citizens).

61.  If There's Ever Been A Time To Rage

Yes, if there’s ever been a time to rage, a needed ceasefire — in fact, complete halt,
It has been over Israel’s far right, fanatical, Gaza thunderbolt.
The sky over Gaza having been filled with outright murder, NOT self-defence,
And on the ground, more barbarism, and they condemn Hamas?! Oh, the offence!

’Cause all they’ve done is kill innocent men, women and children, though that’s not all,
’Cause they’ve ruined infrastructure, been ripping up streets with preposterous gall.
But wait! There’s more! 'Cause they’ve bombed fleeing citizens, homes, shops, schools and hospitals,
There just no end to their unjustified, uncivilised, beyond the pale ills.

Oh yes, if there’s ever been a time to rage, it’s over such shocking evil,
That complicity of Western leaders, who also stand guilty of such ill.
"No ceasefire," they said, allowing more to die, allowing more war crimes to build,
Which shows how corrupt things have got in this politically convenient world.

Regardless of what Hamas did, the world should never have stood back and watched, no,
 But condemned such “almighty revenge,” called for an immediate stop to the flow.
All why we’ve now got a humanitarian disaster, another hell,
An unprecedented madness having taken place which coming books will fill.

By Lance Landall

This poem was penned 10 October 2023.

Why Muslim countries don't help Palestine: 

62.  Buddies In Crime

America’s been holding back on condemnation of Israel’s war crimes,
Not wanting to point any fingers at its buddy — oh, what devilish times.
Both a law unto themselves, and the U.S. having personal interests here,
Hence why Israel’s getting looked after despite its vengeful campaign of fear.

No one’s letting Hamas of the hook, but if Israel’s going to condemn them,
It should face up to its own crimes, ’cause from Israel, all this is seen to stem.
Hence why it has a cheek expecting sympathy, and more so with what we’ve seen,
That wipe ’em off the map response, and attacks on that escaping human stream.

It’s so Putin-like, ’cause hospitals, homes, schools, and aid workers have been attacked,
And thus America guilty too, given that war crimes should never be backed.
But rather, one backing off, though not America here, her interests clear,
Thus thousands of Palestinians doomed to die, after all that they’ve had to bear.

Hence why we’re often feed a certain narrative, what certain ones want believed,
And hence how those who don’t do their homework (research) are so easily deceived.
All should be concerned for both innocent Palestinians and Israelis,
Caught in the ills of their errant leaders who so often just do as they please,

Be it genocide, laying siege, or forcing folk out of their homeland, which here, one sees.

What Israel’s committed in Gaza is brainless, and so incendiary,
Yes, both wicked and provocative, the clock having been turned back, stupidly.
But that’s Israel’s mindset for you
of course, courtesy of Netanyahu,
Who, along with his far right cronies, even greater guilt is seen to accrue.

The truth is, America has acted disgracefully and disgustingly,
Allowing Israel more time for its “almighty vengeance,” a travesty.
One that America could've held in check, rather than help accelerate,
Which means, an increase in those who both Israel and America will hate,

’Cause both have caused a humanitarian crisis and more; one on a plate.

Take away American money and physical presence, and what we’d see
Is Israel quickly pulling its head in, and no longer clapping with glee.
Warring a very expensive business, and even a logistic nightmare,
Especially in the middle east where all hell could break loose, but fools do dare.

The Hamas attack was provoked, but the humanitarian crisis was caused,
And as far as Israel's bombing goes, such something the U.S. didn’t want paused.
Thus America vetoing what didn't suit it (and this how it all goes),
Yet condemning Russia vetoing to suit — oh, do we really know our foes?

Yes, the relationship between America and Israel is very
Cosy, hence that dragging of feet come Israel’s crimes, Putin-like strategy.
People told to move to south Gaza, then south Gaza bombed — oh, the treachery,
And why it’s time Israel was denounced, treated like other villains would be.

And it's clear that the U.S. speaks out of both sides of its mouth, encouraging
Israel's war crimes whilst condemning Putin's, hence that hypocritical ring.
Yes, very selective, aren't you, and many a disaster left behind you,
Interference seeming second nature now, and some feeling, divine wrath due.

By Lance Landall

This poem was penned October 2023.

"America speaks out of both sides of its mouth."
Marwan Bishara, author, columnist, leading authority on U.S. foreign policy.

"What if the American people woke up and understood that the official reasons for going to war are
almost always based on lies and promoted by war propaganda in order to serve special interests."
Congressman Ron Paul

"Then I [the apostle John] saw another beast [power] coming out of the earth [a new land, America]. He had two horns [civil-religious liberty, no kings, no popes] like a lamb, but he spoke like a dragon [changes character]. He exercised all the authority of the first beast [a past persecuting power, Papal Rome] on his behalf, and made the earth and its inhabitants worship the first beast [fulfills the past power's historic evil intentions], whose wound had been healed [it reviving from its previous historic fall]" (Rev 13:11,12, NIV).


Both America and Israel haven't wanted what's been going on in Gaza seen, and hence the unprecedented attack
on journalism and the media in order to prevent the truth being known. Though not so with Ukraine.


63.  Stop Using Soldiers Like Equipment!

“We will be carrying out almighty vengeance,” Israel said, but who’s “we?”
Well, I’ll tell you, the loved ones of many Israelites, and when such needn’t be.
Hence why I want to shout, “Stop using soldiers like equipment! They’re human life!”
And at home, a soon to be grieving brother, sister, son, daughter, husband or wife.

Oh, how many wars would occur if the leaders had to be on the frontline?
Be it Putin, Biden, Netanyahu or whoever — yes, that not so fine.
Just send in the troops, almighty vengeance not thinking about minimising,
And thereby, the amount of soldiers chewed in war’s bloody meat grinder rising.

Yes, hundreds of thousands of soldiers have been slaughtered unnecessarily,
And in wars not of their choosing, wars that could’ve been avoided, the truth be,
There oft other ways, but revenge not wanting to listen, and why we oft see
A hot-headed, ill thought-out response, even greater loss of life, tragically.

Soldiers aren’t bullets, but simply defenders, though oft used as attackers, and
Hence that move on Ukraine, some leaders having their eyes on someone else’s land.
Yes, dictators who treat soldiers just like equipment, though they not alone here,
'Cause errant leaders have blood on their hands, and why at the frontline, they should be there.

By Lance Landall

64.  Dirty Tactics

Hamas (for all I know) may hide behind, fire from, or near, homes and hospitals, say,
But that’s still no excuse for bombing those places, ’cause the people have no say.
The innocent should never suffer because of their errant leaders, who here
In the form of Hamas, provide excuses for Israel, who shouldn’t dare.

Oh, how convenient those excuses can be, real or imaginary,
But even where a fact, such bombing's inexcusable, sheer brutality.
All why other ways must be found, lest innocent citizens suffer wrongly,
And why such such-is-life killing of men, women and children, I 
condemn strongly.

The truth is too, that the response to terrorism after 9/11,
Simply made things worse, terrorism-wise, hence why Israel’s approach won’t win.
But revenge not knowing sense, and two wrongs not making a right, and why we see
History repeating itself, and further casualty after casualty.

Israel’s created a humanitarian crisis for years to come;
And given many Palestinians don’t support Hamas, such action’s dumb.
And doesn’t Israel have that Iron Dome,? But regardless of this or that,
Responding in such a way as Israel has isn’t where the answer’s at.

By Lance Landall

65.  When Will The World Stand Up?

Yes, when will the world stand up given that Putin-like attack on Gaza, and
That gross destruction to our environment, not just Palestinian land?
What Israel has done is criminal on so many fronts, yet where’s the cry,
It not as loud as it should be, and in the meantime, how many more will die?

Yes, sympathy has its place, but it’s got out of hand here, thus plain one-sided,
That destruction going on a thousand times worse, and little help provided.
The scale of Gaza's pain and suffering should leave the Israel brigade shamefaced,
'Cause it's evil on a grand scale, and thus support for Israel but poison laced.

There's two sides to every story, and the Hamas attack not happening
In a vacuum, but caused by Israeli brutality, 'round which there's a large ring.
But oh, that pro-Israeli narrative that's full of holes, and why we have seen
Doomed calls for a ceasefire, and supporters of Israel complicit in that scene.

Anyone who’s well-informed knows that what Israel’s been doing is evil,
Wicked beyond comprehension, and a mentality that’s extremely ill.
Oh, what a brutish regime
inhumane, clinically callous, hard of heart
That via the same devilish thinking and action, the whole thing was seen to start.

By Lance Landall

This poem was penned 26 October 2023.

"The nations raged, but Thy wrath came, and the time for the dead to be judged, for rewarding
servants, the prophets and saints, and those who fear Thy name, both small and great,
and for destroying the destroyers of the earth" (Rev 11:18, RSV).

66.  It's Too Late, World

Yes, it’s too late, world, you stood back and let it happen, thus complicit and cruel,
Gaza now a land of ruins, Israel having played the world for a fool.
And America up to her neck in it too, and one could say more guilty,
Given her ability to have stopped it, halted those dollars and weaponry.

Oh, those poor Palestinians, Israel’s game plan there at the beginning,
And some would say from nineteen forty eight, a process of pruning and thinning.
Ethnic cleansing, genocide, call it what you well — yes, war crimes as bold as brass,
Sophisticated, barbaric slaughter and destruction of a whole new class.

Yes, some of you protested, and God bless you, but as for the rest of the world,
They just stood back, or justified it, while Israel wickedly destroyed and killed.
Yes, a body for an eye, not an eye for an eye, such wanted all along,
Israel’s noxious hatred and apartheid palpable, it all wrong, wrong, wrong!

By Lance Landall

67.  The Sins Of America

“God bless America,” I hear you say, which leaves me shaking my poor old head,
A head left shaking many times, and over that "America strong” that’s said.
Billions of dollars earmarked for more Gaza atrocities, and when back home
You’ve all those homeless, and millions in need of much, and why with anger they foam.

Yes, you can always find money for your war interests, but not for your own,
Those citizens of yours, many racked with pain and worry — oh, that heart of stone.
Your hypocritical messages flashing like neon lights, that pious stance,
Your money aiding that wounding and killing whilst politically you dance.

And thus you standing just as guilty of those war crimes, once condemned in Ukraine,
But not in Gaza where you’ve turned a blind eye, and that “no ceasefire” loud and plain.
Oh, the wickedness of it, you going along with Israel’s game, and why
God will hardly bless that changed America, well aware of each poor soul’s cry.

Yes, the evidence of Israel’s war crimes screaming out for justice, but no,
The humanitarian crisis growing, “Almighty revenge” on the go.
Palestinians, schools, homes, hospitals and ambulances bombed, and therefore,
God needing to avenge, and one day He will do, I believe, and hell will roar.

How could you, America? Talking peace whilst encouraging war, it a joke,
And not self-defence but genocide, which that cruel “no ceasefire” is seen to stoke.
People targeted as they try to flee, and thus Hamas naught but an excuse,
And America complicit, up to its neck, its peace talks of little use.

By Lance Landall


Christian content or degree.

68.  Who Will You Trust?

The reason I look beyond this world is because the answer cannot lie here,
Not on a sin sick planet, nor with fallen man, so short on love, thought and care.
And all why we see one war after another, atrocities in tandem,
The thinking of man terribly askew, and the light in his eyes very dim.

Yes, integrity, nobility, morality, compassion and mercy
Soon despatched, as seen in that Gaza conflict, thus go suffer humanity,
Unimaginable evils occurring, whether on this side or that side,
And oh, how behind some skewed, self serving justification some leaders hide.

God having nothing to do with it, but they thinking or saying otherwise,
And thus a flag or cross dirtied by clever rhetoric that’s aided by lies.
All how mud gets splattered across those pearly gates, or symbol of liberty,
An attacker having sometimes been provoked, treated unfairly or cruelly.

And here you have the same hearts and minds talking of a New World Order — oh dear,
’Cause it’s not the world that needs changing, but man, which brings to mind those words, “Beware.”
Oh yes, only God having the answer, and whose heart and mind is pure, self free,
But such will have to wait until His return, all pointless if one’s not ready.

And here, we’re talking of a rescue operation, an airlift, Earth a mess,
Most having scoffed at such a return, and their wrongs weren’t prepared to confess.
All why God must act surgically, and why our world will need to be renewed,
Because even to the very end, the same agendas, man will have pursued.

Meantime, God’s leaving this world to its own devices, and will not interfere
Nor somehow appear on Earth, and if He did, such but a counterfeit, I fear,
A devil in disguise, the father of lies: Jesus Christ coming in glory,
Every eye seeing Him at once, angels surrounding
oh, what a story!

Oh yes, this world's full of propaganda, not to be trusted, and all why we
Should think beyond it, and in terms of immortality and eternity.
The present but a nightmare, one that’ll continue until that wondrous day,
Of which God has spoken, and who has warned that only He’s the truth, life and way.

By Lance Landall

“For when they shall say, PEACE AND SECURITY; Then shall sudden destruction come upon them, as
the pains upon her that is with child, and they shall not escape.” (1Thess 5:3, Douay-Rheims Version).

Middle East Monitor, Oct 12, 2023.

A former senior advisor to the Israeli prime minister said on Wednesday that Israel’s government is using lies to justify attacking the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. Daniel Levy is now head of the US/Middle East Project, and made his comment when being interviewed on the BBC.

When asked by the news anchor about Israel striking Hamas targets with its air strikes and trying to eliminate the “terrorist” organisation, Levy said: “Do you really keep a straight face when you say that? Do you think terrorist organisations embedded in populations who are denied their most basic rights are ended once and for all in a military campaign? Does that happen in history?”
He asked further, “Can someone credibly tell me that when a leadership of a country says, ‘We are cutting off food, electricity, water, all supplies to an entire civilian population,’ that they are targeting militants?
“I am sorry, these kinds of lies can’t be allowed to pass. And when you tell yourself the lies, it leads to the wrong policy. If anyone told me that what the militants did on the weekend was a legitimate response to years and years of occupation, I would say: no, you are wrongheaded. You have lost sight of humanity and reality. And if anyone tells me that what [Israel] is doing in Gaza today is a legitimate response to what happened on the weekend, [I would say] exactly the same.”
The presenter then injected with, “And yet, the international community is saying it.”
“Yes,” replied Levy, “and people need to challenge them on it because it is a lie, and we are warmongering if we allow them to get away with it.”

Since deleted from Israeli defence force social media post: Ambulances and hospitals are legitimate targets.