Concern For Women



Some poems may seem as if for men, but actually contain thought for women. Hence my struggle as to where to put them.

My article Ten Commandment-like Rules For Husbands and an article by Werner Neuer titled Men And Women, Their Differences can be found after the last poem on this page, and that poem being number 48.

Regarding unsuitable suitors, the plight of unmarried mums, unfaithful partners, domestic abuse, general mistreatment of women, inequality, girl power, how women should be treated, and more.

"Women aren't objects, chattels, trophies, playthings, rentals, disposables, seconds,
servants or punch bags."
The poet, author

Unsuitable suitors.

1.  Dear Suitor

My daughter is very precious to me, so I want the very best for her,
And it’s my duty as her father to rightly guide and duly protect her,
And hence my watchful eye when it comes to any man who has his sights on her,
Because I don’t want to see her hurt, harmed or used, though that choice is up to her,

'Cause where desire’s stronger than sense, it’s almost assured that one will err.

So let’s cut to the chase.

Will she be all the better or all the worse for your appearance on the scene,
Will she rise to a higher level or sink to a lower one, and I mean:
Will you keep your hands off her until you marry her, exercise self control,
Are you a disciplined man, have you standards and principles, a noble goal?

Or will others be heard to say, “What on Earth does she see in him?”, oh dear me,
Such not all that uncommon, ones manners and appearance conveying plenty.
So, what’s your maturity level, is your current state one of progression,
Are you going somewhere, are there any inklings of issues or aggression?

You see, if you can’t cut it now, you won’t when married, for this is how it goes,
One only as good as ones heart, as sound as ones mind, from which good or ill flows.
So, do you indulge in uncouth language, bawdy talk, lecherous pursuing,
Or visit porn sites; and when it comes to my daughter’s table, what can you bring?

Have you a little nest egg, or will she always do it hard, oft go without,
Are you responsible, trustworthy, faithful, or will she soon have cause for doubt?
So, should you seek my blessing, you will need to prove that you are worthy of her,
And that if she herself has somewhat fallen, that you will seek to raise her.

And hey, are you really matched, are both your paths the same, or will two worlds collide,
Maybe not immediately, but ultimately, and then there’s self and pride.
So, are you putting her best interests first, or not wanting to let her go;
The latter proving that you're less a man, ’cause by clinging, future pain she’d know.

Yes, would you love and cherish her, display affection, keep same hands in order,
Marriage still no place for lust, and why even there, there needs to be some boarder.
She no object but a person, her dignity to be protected, and so,
Best you do some thinking, son, ’cause unhappy marriages are hard boats to row,

And father-in-laws better a friend than foe, and there’s more I’d like you to know:

Should you have children, I don’t want to see them going astray, suffering too,
So what kind of dad would you be, your past or present a clue, undoubtedly.
And hence my calling a spade a spade, for stray dogs and alley cats don’t bode well,
My daughter not another conquest, please, and I’ve no time for that kiss and tell.

And should my daughter not listen and pain come her way, I will have the last say,
For she will have learnt that her dad was right, and why he wouldn’t give her away.
So you can seek my blessing, but if your intent and goals aren’t as high as mine,
You’re wasting your time — and so too, I believe, hoping for a blessing that’s Divine,

Divorce an ugly thing, and a negative response to this but a sure sign.

Yes, I’ve set the bar high, but frankly, that height should surely be normal for all,
The life of ones daughter no small thing, it so easily marred should ill befall.
And many an unsuitable suitor has insured such, wreckage everywhere,
Fathers left to pick up the pieces, and why I’ve made my feelings crystal-clear.

By Lance Landall

2.  A Woman

Oh yes, the beauty of a woman in all her unique, feminine glory,
That rhythmic, poetical difference that tells its own beautiful story.
She both princess and queen, exquisite to the male eye, the focus of a knight,
Who wants to whisk her away to a forever land of indulgence and delight.

Yes, she’s poetry in motion, a heady aphrodisiac, a treasure,
So full of potential and capability, her company a pleasure.
Oh yes, the beauty of a woman, made to be loved and cherished, treated well,
Never owned but only minded, the perfect solution, the ultimate thrill.

By Lance Landall

Unsuitable suitors.

3.  My Dear Boy

My dear boy, what makes you think you can have that girl as if asking for a toy?
And given your casual approach, her happiness you’d most likely destroy.
Oh, how poorly you would treat her — yes, sex on your mind and not love in your heart,
Though maybe infatuation, coupled with a way that isn’t very smart.

Yes, for should you get your way with her (she possibly just as immature too),
You may end up in a situation where she has little regard for you.
For in time she’ll no doubt see those gapping flaws in you, she having grown too,
And won’t that be a shame, though right now, sonny, such clearly means little to you.

However, given time it most certainly will, should she foolishly agree,
For one predictable thing about life is that some things take more time to see.
And see she will, for underneath at least, every girl wants to marry a man
(A male who behaves like one), for lust is where many failed marriages began.

Yes, I’m tempted to say, “How dare you!” but youth’s seldom in our favour, we blind,
Unable to see with a wiser head, though sex and selfishness plagues mankind.
And why I’m concerned about that girl you have your eyes on, who some would die for,
And here’s you, she just another object, and why her best interests you ignore.

By Lance Landall

Unsuitable suitors.

4.  Begin When He's Very Young

If we want a man to treat a woman right, he should’ve been taught as a boy,
Lest via ignorance, falsehood or abuse, he lessen or steal his partner’s joy.
And so, each boy shown how, why, when and where, just what’s expected of a man,
Because manhood’s nothing to do with callousness, nor a mattress in a van.

So teach him to hold his tongue, restrain his brawn, and discipline his desires,
’Cause not one single women, emotional and physical abuse admires.
Yes, such behaviour not the hallmark of a man, but a brute, a selfish one,
Who can’t be trusted with the care of a woman, and nor her daughter or son.

So begin when he’s very young, mind what he reads and views, who he listens to,
And those mates that he teams up with, because woe betide any overlooked clue.
Yes, boys will be boys, hence why they need firm and guiding hands, a good role model,
Otherwise, there’s a good chance some woman will be the recipient of ill.

Yes, a screwed up man can mess a woman up too, and that means double trouble,
Or when it comes to peace and happiness, he bursting some good woman’s bubble;
And such disillusionment not doing men any favours in general,
The feminist movement clear evidence, because in time, things always tell.

Men and women are different; this being something men should respect, and so,
Just exactly how a woman should be treated, every man needs to know,
And needs to follow through on, love, care and tenderness going without saying,
’Cause everyone should be shown such — though here, a woman’s rights I’m conveying.

The truth is, that most men haven’t been educated, shown from the get go,
And so, with whom might blame lie, and is one truly guilty where one doesn’t know?
We quick to blame the man, but who didn’t teach him as a boy, show him the way,
And might some women be aiding and abetting, ’cause they’ve got their part to play,

They needing to be taught too, lest they be the cause of something going askew.

By Lance Landall

Unsuitable suitors.

5.  The Wrong Man Will Cost

Any man who says he loves you, and pursues you, regardless of how your parents feel,
Regardless of whether it’ll damage your relationship with them-cum-their joy steal,
And who pursues you regardless of how your siblings or friends feel, isn’t the right man,
And if you foolishly ignore these words, it’s a certainty that pain all-round you’ll fan.

What decent father would want to give his daughter away to a man who would act so,
For such a man is neither noble nor sound, which in time you’d painfully come to know.
And the reason why is, because genuine love will go without for another’s sake,
And not a path that causes friction, division and marring wedding day factors, take.

It’s never enough that two people love each other (their love often blind, by the way),
But that their union have the blessing of parents, siblings and friends, lest things go astray.
And go astray they will if you think such isn’t important, for it is, believe me,
If you’re wanting a happy and wholesome marriage, not a short-lived hollow victory.

At the end of the day, the big picture is more important than a dating couple,
Whose self-interest so oft gets in the way, and why wisdom they’re soon seen to farewell.
Hence their headstrong rush into perilous water that both them and others burns or chills,
Enter karma, for what goes around comes around, their own children repeating such ills.

So, dear, a truly good man will back off, go seeking elsewhere, even should such pain you,
He knowing such pain’s better than the greater pain you’ll suffer should he still pursue you.
For no man’s worth the loss that you may suffer, and hey, there’re many more fish in the sea,
It all just a matter of waiting, and thus neither of you acting short-sightedly.

Yes, better to have no man than such a flawed man who’s really just thinking selfishly,
His desire for you overriding any maturity, thoughts of your family.
All why I couldn’t pronounce my blessing on such a bound-to-fail relationship, dear,
Or at least one that’ll rob you of so much, for hey, how much does such a man really care?

Yes, it’s better you have a better man, not one who wrongly whispers like a traitor within,
His words knocking your parents words, or those of others, he thus going all out to win.
And win he will if you can’t see the wisdom in these words that often return to bite,
As one thing’s for sure — well, eventually, that is — that such a man, your life will soon blight.

A good man will respect your parents, he knowing your need of them, and yes, his need too,
For should your marriage falter, and you’re at fault, their support for him will come shinning through —
Well, hopefully so — and should your marriage fail, he being at fault, they would be there for you,
All why you should go about things the right way, for if it wasn’t for them, there’d be no you.

It’s never wise to upset your folk, nor make things harder for them, which you could do here,
Which is why I'm telling you to mind such men, oft bearers of promises that ensnare.
And they also pledging their undying love — famous last words — for so often is seen
The soon dismantling of some picket fence; home sweet home no longer such a cosy scene.

You see, it’s always better to gain something without losing something in the process,
Especially something that benefits one’s marriage, and that rather than curse, will bless.
Yes, for there’s nothing like having your family on board, they there should you strike rough seas,
And you, dear, at peace with yourself having valued and applied such proven words as these.

Love, Dad

By Lance Landall

Unsuitable suitors.

6.  Mind That Gate

There are many good men in the world, but far more men who aren’t that good, and who
Promise women the Earth but don’t deliver, their words ringing hollow not true.
However, and when in love, even good men can promise what they don’t fulfil,
Or only partly fulfil, and why many women have a sad tale to tell.

Though not wanting to pick on men, the sad truth is that they’re by far the main villains,
Prone to violence, adultery, criminality and many more sins.
Hence those cowboy builders, con-men, carousers, abusers, despots and so on,
Who thus bring shame on all men, and why many women soon want their errant man gone.

Thus, when men are smitten, it’s usually their interests they pursue, not hers,
As well as the fact that it’s oft that physical attraction that firstly stirs.
Such only natural, you say — well, to a point — but nevertheless, beware,
For it’s not the body that should hold a man’s interest, nor clothes women wear.

Yes, too many men promise some women the Earth, but then don’t deliver, or,
That undying love they said they’d prove, dismiss after shutting the bedroom door.
Or, having got their woman (she having removed any incentives, foolishly),
They fail to come through on some things they’ve said, alarm bells ringing belatedly.

Too many men get away with not fulfilling their promises, or try too,
And yes, they too oft aided by women who consent too quick-cum-say, “I do.”
And hence why any woman should put a man’s promises to the test before
And not after she’s said “Yes,” lest some sloth or wolf prise some window or the door,

And mind that gate. But you know...

I have always maintained that when men treat women well, women get in behind,
And by that I mean, men having little bother with them-cum-harmony find.
But when men depart from that path, thus letting women down, their troubles begin,
For women shouldn’t be lied too, used, abused, nor treated like some mannequin.

Yes, history’s littered with the mistreatment of women, courtesy of men,
Who in war or peace have acted abominably, hence my poetic pen.
And though many men mean well, it’s still too often that they err, thus causing pain,
And why in the life of many women, there’s too little sun and lots of rain.

By Lance Landall

Unsuitable suitors.

7.  "There's The Door"

If he wants to touch you intimately, and he’s not your spouse, quickly say, “No,”
Otherwise you’re simply looking at lust, a signal of what in time may show.
In other words, if he can’t wait, he’s less likely to be faithful, trustable,
And it best he go, he probably going anyway once he’d had his fill.

So don’t say, “Yes,” nor just let it happen somehow, for that’s how women get used,
And one way or another suffer, love and sex too often being confused.
If he can’t stand the test of time, how much does he really love you? Not enough,
So don’t accept his lusty wants, nor fall for any self-serving, “I love you,” stuff.

Your body was hardly meant to be cherished and enjoyed by more than one man,
And thus only your husband, or that special intimacy won’t fit the plan.
In other words, it won’t be special if you’ve shared it with someone else, who then,
No doubt will paw some other women, as if such is acceptable for men.

Oh yes, just like bees going from flower to flower, they selfishly busy,
And oft knowing that they won’t be hanging around, not that they’ll say, quite frankly.
’Cause then you might not say, “Yes,” and “No” isn’t what many are wanting to hear,
For they’ve oft just one thing in mind; and what they’ve picked up elsewhere, they may well share.

So best you say, “There’s the door.”

By Lance Landall

Unmarried mums.

8.  Unmarried Mums

Every mother needs a husband, a partner who’ll stand by her and her children, committedly,
Rather than those selfish males who have their fill, their fun, then leave for other pastures, irresponsibly.
Yes, such the plight of many solo mums, some of them very young, and who were pressured sexually,
And who submitted to such not wanting to lose that boy they loved, one who left them anyway, sadly.

Thus many young mums are left to raise their child or children alone, midst dealing with shattered dreams, sadly,
And there on their lonesome, they feeling need of company that they had a right to, permanently,
'Cause not only was a child conceived (born), but weren’t they living as a couple, married, effectively,
Or was that child just the result of their dating? — pressure again, perhaps — empty promises, maybe.

Whatever be the case, no mother should be left to raise a child alone, 'cause that child isn’t just hers,
But also his, so where is he, and why must it be the mother who suffers? — yes, how oft such occurs.
And oh dear, how oft those poor solo mothers are stigmatised-cum-not shown the thought they should be shown,
'Cause we all make mistakes when we’re young, and why when older and wiser we oft say, “If only I’d known.”

We’re quick to judge, but young emotions, pressures and influences oft waylay the best of kids and plans,
Their tender years oft badly handled, and then there’re those broken homes, and thus things  taken out of their hands.
Sure there’s promiscuity, such not to be condoned, but even so, such mums still need a helping hand,
'Cause some male callously left them to it, which, to be fair, wasn't something that those solo mother’s planned.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded 27 April 2020.

Unmarried mums.

9.  Protect The Girl

Women desire security, for when a child’s born, they know it needs protecting — and this, instinctively,
Hence why sex isn’t such a light matter to them like it so oft is for men, who shouldn’t act so poorly.
But sad to say, even women these days are treating sex more casually, and this, detrimentally,
For such is a sure way to end up being used, and left alone with a child, minus that desired security.

But despite that imprudence coming from many females these days, they still desire that same security,
Well, at least underneath, that is — such being a natural inner yearning, one that Nature’s installed wisely.
After all, those little ones can’t care for themselves; though a mother desires the support of that child's dad too,
A good man, who provides for both their well-being, so that his wife the best interests of their child can pursue.

Though a woman can raise a child on her own, that’s not how it’s meant to be, for children need a he and she,
Both providing those essentials that only each gender can, which compliment and balance beneficially.
But what man wouldn’t want to act protectively, guarding both his wife’s and children’s security?
And thus instilling the same principle in any male child of his, both acting just as unselfishly.

Yes, women desire security, for unlike men, they don’t up and run the same, they acting selflessly,
And that meaning, they standing by their child, not abandoning their child, thus behaving more protectively.
Well, doing what they can, and why they should have a good man, for no wife or child should be treated wrongly so,
But rather, they protected, loved, cherished and provided for, which for him, should come just as instinctively.

So go on, protect the girl.

By Lance Landall

Domestic abuse.

10.  When Hometime's A Nightmare

When wives don’t look forward to their husband coming home, nor a child its father, there’s nothing so sad,
’Cause that arrival time (given his workday’s over) is something that should make each wife and child glad.
However, in too many homes, opulent or ramshackled, such is a tragic daily affair,
Where selfishness, thoughtlessness and injury on the part of the husband-cum-father chills the air.

Users, abusers, unfair accusers — call them what you will — and oft boozers, who make homes a hell,
Hence those sad, shameful tales that many battered, shattered wives, or sexually molested kids can tell.
Oh, such betrayal, cowardice, callousness (of which no man should ever stoop to, nor entertain),
That instead of daily doses of mental sunshine, delivers weeks, months, years of storm clouds and rain.

Yes, unseen deeds that go on behind closed doors, leaving behind a trail of heartbreak and misery,
Fear showing in the eyes of those so afflicted (which only the discerning eye sees, possibly).
Thus they — the cruelly abused — left shocked, numb, racked by feelings of helplessness, hopelessness or self blame,
And drowning in an emotional whirlpool — each distressing day, each distressing night, just the same.

Some mum and dad's daughter having made the wrong choice, ensuring the suffering of her child as well,
But she not necessarily to blame, for oh, how suitors deceive, make some marriage a living hell.
Hence how hometime becomes a nightmare for many wives and kids (upper class, middle class, lower class),
Whose joy is destroyed by such spoilers, ravagers of the soul, who make each day like treading on glass.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded on 31 January 2020.

Domestic abuse.

11.  Many A Woman's Burden

Oh, that deep hurt so many women bear midst raising their children, a burden that’s so cruel and unfair,
Their spouse inflicting his selfish (even twisted) desires on her, whilst the kids slumber unaware.
Or perhaps they’re not unaware, hearing their poor mother’s stifled protests — yes, lust and not love at work,
Their dad forcing himself on their mum, wanting too much too often, and she, satisfying some weird quirk.

Perhaps her nerves are frayed, awaiting his return from work, his moods prone to swing,  perhaps an arm as well,
And she thus living in fear, feeling trapped, so mindful of the children, no one to turn to — oh, the hell!
Each mistreated mother’s story striking a cord, and midst it all, they protecting their offspring from such,
Be it via reassurances (so fragile and even false), though they have no choice but to do that much.

Yes, good mothers, good women, who deserve better — hurting, worried, yet still treating their husbands kindly,
In other words, despite his selfishness, callousness, thoughtlessness, foolishness, his acting so blindly.
And midst their efforts to raise their children well, there’s that real concern that they might become just like their dad,
'Cause many sons who have become thoughtless, abusive husbands (even fathers), that same background have had.

And there’s that length of time those mothers carried those wee ones in their womb, that discomfort minus his concern,
Yes, their husband’s seeming indifference to such, and even selfish annoyance — oh, when will men learn?
Yes, the lot of so many women, who, midst raising their kids, such coldness and suffering have to bear,
A burden that no man should inflict on his dear wife or children, because such is plain cruel and unfair.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded 24 February 2020.

General mistreatment.

12.  Never Wound A Woman's Spirit

I was thinking about you, Son, and how stress can oft get the better of you,
And hence that flying oft the handle, or that harshness, which so much harm can do.
All why I feel for your wife, Son, and you’re very lucky to have her, you know,
So hey, never wound a woman’s spirit, but only loving, tender care show.

The truth, Son, is that while wounds may heal, the scar still remains in the memory,
Be it betrayal, humiliation, something cruel said, or physicality.
The latter a no go path, of course, and a path that I’m sure you wouldn’t take,
But reckless words and actions are bad enough, and can have her lying awake.

Yes, you don’t want her thinking, Son, so mind all those things that you might say or do,
Because once you wound your wife’s spirit, Son, you damage that love she has for you.
Some things one can get over, Son, but a wounded spirit doesn’t always heal,
Because you’ve pierced her very heart and soul — and believe me, son, that’s a big deal.

By Lance Landall


13.  The Enemy Within

Foolish man! Can’t you see what you have done? All thanks to betrayal, lack of loyalty,
In other words, that foolish affair, a plague on many a wife and family.
How selfish, for now there’s a wife with a broken heart, crying, hurting, even depressed,
And if others hadn’t spoken, nor she confronted you, you wouldn’t have confessed.

And what about those innocent children too? My, some father you’ve turned out to be,
Given a man is supposed to be the protector of his wife and family.
But not you — oh no — you traded them all for a fling, sought another sexually,
And did so, despite all your needs being taken care of more than adequately.

You home wrecker! You martial saboteur! — imagine if your wife betrayed you,
Boy, I bet you’d soon squeal, call her trash, rant and rave, make her want to pay, undoubtedly.
Well, she’s showing you the door, and what’s more, you did it when she badly needed you,
Killing her faith and trust in you, and any faith and trust that your children had too.

Yes, you’ve stripped her of happiness, scarred your kids, stomped all over their security,
And you think you’re a man — well, that you may be, but one lacking in maturity.
You’ve done more damage than you can imagine, but what goes around, comes around,
So, I’d change my ways if I were you, lest your new partner in someone’s bed be found.

By Lance Landall


14.  Shattered

“I want a divorce,” he said, and there her life lay shattered (that of her kids too),
Women usually affected worse by such — oh, what scandalous men do.
And thus some affair ending that couple’s story, or was it pornography,
Gradually eating away at their relationship — oh, the tragedy.

Yes, a woman can sometimes be the culprit, but it seems to be men by far,
Who’re supposed to be protectors, not some enemy within who leaves a scar.
Oh, those stabs to a woman’s heart, hence why struggles and poverty oft follow,
That wedding day “I do” of his ringing in her ears, and awfully hollow.

Yes, that romantic dream of hers torn to shreds, even her worth, self esteem,
Given how such can leave one feeling, a horrid nightmare having replaced that dream.
Yes, those wedding photos mocking her now, she feeling the pain of treachery,
Women not meant to be treated so, but cherished with faithful intensity.

Oh, how sad it is when a person’s left feeling they don’t measure up, some wife,
Who, trusting in that wedding day promise of his, decided to share her life.
But then betrayal — oh, all those wasted years, as if simply dispensable,
Like her, he seems to be coldly suggesting, but no, she just as precious still.

A divorce, and even rejection, does not make a person any less worthy,
A human a human no matter what, but some cross may still have to carry.
Life often unfair, as is the case here, and so pick up the pieces one must,
Healing and promise attending many, who oft find that someone they can trust.

By Lance Landall

A warning.

15.  Mind Those Consoling Arms

Too many married and hurting women end up in the consoling arms of another man — perilously —
For the world is full of heartless opportunists, flawed counsellors, and men who simply don’t act prudently.
Yes, it’s better that such women find solace in the consoling arms of other women, and wise ones too,
For far too many people are too quick to take sides, they suggesting or advising what they shouldn’t do.

Many a marriage has been repaired and restored, such being what all should seek, both the couple and society,
The latter meaning, family, relations, friends and anyone involved at the time, all acting wisely.
Yes, no selfish, thoughtless interference, nor ill-informed, uninformed, biased judging-cum-unfair injury,
For there’s oft two sides to a story, and even where there’s just one, that marriage can still be saved, hopefully.

Broken marriages mean broken homes, children the innocent victims of such — that is, should there be any —
And they, all the worse for such generally, and the tragic fallout often affecting society.
Hence why these hurting women should take care, though given their plight, it's quite understandable when they do err,
For as was said, there’re those men out there, who — when such women come their way — very self-advantageously purr.

And this being one good reason why a temporary separation isn’t always such a good idea,
For when disputing couples are apart, both naughty mice and injurious rumours oft prepare a snare.
And with such couples apart, communication and effort can be thwarted where it would’ve proved helpful,
And given that the last thing a marriage in trouble needs, or some hurting woman, is another obstacle.

By Lance Landall

Also see my poem Mind Those Who Play With Hearts which is found on my page
The Heart Of The Matter, Home page, purple box.

General mistreatment.
Alternative Poem

16.  A Detective's Story

I’d been called to investigate a crime, one for which I’ve not received a dime, I doing it out of love, each hand displaying a glove, 'cause such required sensitivity, a tenderness befitting humanity, 'cause such crime scenes are oft pregnant with emotion and devotion.
And just as I thought, his dabs all over her heart, he having torn it apart — well, figuratively — she having bled copiously, broken promises scattered all over the scene, a wound from a heart-winged arrow far from clean, a cad and not a cupid having been, and for me, such investigations routine.
Yes, another case of breaking and entering, sadly, entry first having been obtained by prising consent, clearly, and there she lay, tear stains marring her pillow, and needless to say, he a heartless fellow, 'cause the wound she’d suffered was deep, it robbing her of hope and sleep, and I therefore shaking my head, wondering what fatal words were said, and then he exiting with his bow, she immobilized by his blow, 'cause who can mend a badly broken heart, it no easily fixed upset apple cart.
Yes, she still of tender years, and he, knowing how to tickle such ears, she not expecting that sorry end, so sure that he’d never offend, but he did, like so many cads do, his attentions more selfish that true, and now he was gone, and who’d be next, I thought, for no doubt another would be sought, and she too, not as knowing as she thought, and perhaps having ignored advice, she thinking their words more harsh than nice, and why “Love is blind” they say, and such clearly seen that day, 'cause there she lay, another notch on someone’s belt who true love never felt, and who’d spoil such anyway.
I closed the filing cabinet, it full of such cases, hence that sadness on so many faces, and yes, a number of victims being males, but either sex oft hooked on fairy tales, until reality bites, that is, and as far as happiness goes, affecting hers or his, and why there’s a need for care, a security latch here and there, and a good alarm that’s triggered by any who’ll harm.
I sighed as I went down the stairs, I wishing I could dry all those tears, and shuddering at the thought of more, those naive feet running to the door, many fearing there’ll not be a knock, or they unduly watching some clock, and rather than wait, they risking it all, when waiting oft proves the better call, and even no hand to hold at all, should one err and a life of ill befall.

By Lance Landall

General mistreatment.

17.  Hands Off Women!

So many women have borne the brunt of some man’s thoughtless insensitivity,
Or they have borne the brunt of some man’s selfishness, callousness or depravity.
Yes, they’ve either been abused sexually, physically or emotionally,
And daily have to live with the fact that rape is a distinct possibility.

And come war, they’re often seen as fair game, some low-life soldier’s opportunity,
And as if that’s not enough, are oft lustfully leered at within society.
All of which shows that dark side that’s far too often a part of masculinity,
Or at least a part of those men who’ve chosen the path of evil and tyranny.

Such is man at his worst, who, rather than acting nobly, acts barbarically,
And who thereby discards his protective role, duty and responsibility,
For men shouldn’t take advantage of a woman, but rather, ensure her safety,
And that of her children, or anyone who’s exposed to vulnerability.

Women were never meant to be playthings, a sexual object, nor some man’s prey,
But rather, the object of a man’s loving concern, and in every single way.
In other words, every man should always have a woman’s best interests at heart,
Treating her with even greater thought and care than he would a priceless work of art.

So many women are left in tears, left sporting bruises and emotional scars,
All of which their rights, needs, desires and dreams assaults, and so unfairly their life mars.
And then there’s betrayal, an all too common occurrence — a cruel, bloody arrowhead,
For it deeply cuts and wounds, sacks their inner sanctum, and love for their man, oft leaves dead.

All such women deserve so much better, and yet, suffer at the hands of some male,
Be it via rape, molestation, violence, put downs, blunt words, neglect or betrayal,
Be it via their father, husband, some relation, friend, or stranger who comes their way,
For wherever there are renegade men, there are innocent women and foul play.

Thus, hands off women! — I say.

Yes, it’s time men backed off, and let them be, it’s time men grew up, changed their brutish ways,
For mistreating women isn’t manly, but rather, immaturity conveys.
Yes, it’s time men acted like real men, and treated women with tender loving care,
For those that don’t, bring shame on all men, and also, their own demise thus engineer.

By Lance Landall

General mistreatment.

18.  How My Heart Weeps

Oh, how my heart weeps, for soon, where will we find the unsoiled woman, but gone,
Both her younger mind and innocent body having been cruelly set upon.
She having been ogled for sexual potential, as if just a body,
And her mind having been manipulated to yield — and who’s saying sorry?

Freedom, some call it, but freedom for who, those guys who’ve always wanted their way,
Those guys who’ve always tried it on, those guys that girls should’ve seen coming their way.
Hence why my heart weeps, girls defrauding themselves by saying, “Yes,” ’cause soon is seen,
Those guys moving on to their next conquest, and oft some kid showing where they’ve been.

I’m just moralizing, you say,

No, I’m simply tired of seeing young girls pawed, okay, kneeling to base desires,
And thereby they stoking those consuming coals on their own destructive fires.
Guys just using them, but when it comes to marriage, “No, not those ones, not at all,”
They wanting what they call a decent girl — yes, I know, it nothing but a gall.

Young girls lied to: “Saving yourself for the right guy, marriage, is old fashioned!” — well,
It’s surely better than being used, just another horse on some carousel.
One that young women (and even older ones) need to get off, they worse for wear,
And when it comes to that horse ride, it’s usually them who’s paying the fare.

The failure of women to understand how men are stirred by a whiff of sex
Is a constant source of trouble for them, hence their need of a new pair of specs.
Yes, God’s advice looking more protective than restrictive, and as for Him, well,
He no fuddy-duddy, misusing things always resulting in certain ill.

Letting folk use us just leads to lowered self-esteem, depression and anger,
And sexiness simply fuelling lust, like petrol on a fire, yet still girls err.
And used they’ll continue to be whilst they still indulge in promiscuity,
Hence why my heart weeps, for soon, where will we find the unsoiled woman, but gone,

Set upon, with her authority.

Oh yes, how my heart weeps, so many nice young girls plundered, their good father sad,
He knowing full well that in this sex obsessed world that there’s both good men and bad.
And those good fathers teaching their sons better, but where will better girls be found?
All why young women shouldn’t become horses on that grubby merry-go-round.

By Lance Landall

General mistreatment.

19.  Tinder's Young And Dead

Yes, young and dead, another victim of Tinder, that one night stand carry on,
And why now (after he’d got his way so quickly, then taken her life) she’s gone.
Yes, she taking a risk no woman should, knowing nought of him but what he’d said,
Most very lean with the truth, hence how many women end up battered or dead.

Though men shouldn’t batter or kill, there are men who will, and they don’t advertise,
Hence why women shouldn’t rush, evil often hiding behind a pack of lies.
Devil’s aren’t two horned, except in ones imagination, and why looks deceive,
Many women falling for that same old package, serpent they shouldn’t believe.

She dying in that hotel bed after some bizarre fetish, it all so sad,
And he in prison after more lies — and left behind, a grieving mum and dad.
And more grieving mums and dads there’ll be until women decide to say, “No,”
Or at least wait until the truth of some interested guy they better know.

Once in bed and pinned to the bed (and worse where cries can’t be heard), what can they do?
Sex given before they really know whether his intentions are false or true.
But doubt falling on all who’re too quick to give or take, for where’s the sense in that?
Better men and women controlling their desires, sex hardly where it’s at.

Yes, you can do with your body what you wish, sex it up, yield it, and so on;
And despite the selfishness and sickness that’s out there, that’s where many have gone,
And paid a price, ’cause some things that we’ve a right to do aren’t always wise to do,
And can simply play into the hands of someone who isn’t thinking of you.

And so, young and dead, all because of the right to do something that wasn’t wise,
Yet, so many going on about that right, forgetful that she’s not alive.
Choice not just about rights, but sense, thus her life sacrificed for a one night stand,
Of whom she really knew nothing at all, and for whom no wedding she had planned.

And so, going on about her right to act so simply encourages more,
Who, rather than having learnt to put sense first, tempt evil to add to its score.
Yes, much like standing near the edge of a cliff where someone might bump or push us,
And yet (should we survive), those who bumped or pushed would be the object of our fuss,

Thus point lost, at what cost?

By Lance Landall

General mistreatment.

20.  Orang-utan Clumsiness

By the time we’ve learnt, it can be too late, or the best years lost to it, sadly,
And so it is with many men, I fear, they having let their wife down badly.
Oh, how much happier she would’ve been, and as a result, her hubby too,
But men seemingly prone to orang-utan clumsiness — oh, the things men do,

Or don’t do!

Most men hardly taught how to handle a woman properly, their darling wife,
Who, as a result, bears the joy-robbing cost of such throughout her married life.
Unselfish love, deep affection, thoughtfulness, patience and sensitivity
Either missing or patchy, when she should be surrounded by totality.

Instead of her being her man’s life, she’s oft just a part of it, like a toy,
Played with, used for this or that, even paraded — you know, those things that destroy.
She no mannequin, dartboard, rubbish can, waitress, call-girl, footstool or trophy
But a precious life, equal in worth and being, a test of man’s nobility.

She either treated rightly or wrongly, and dare she aid any man’s folly,
Bad husbands only worsened by such, and such wives left feeling far more empty.
Naught gained by encouraging, but holding to account, setting an example,
And where women take that sound path — wives, in this case — I certainly wish them well.

By Lance Landall

General mistreatment.

21.  Don't Soil Your Woman

So many are treating the abnormal as if it is normal, which is how normal it soon becomes,
That is, in the mind of those people who desire such aberrance, or who have simply not done their sums.
Yes, it’s sad how many put sense, principle and fairness to one side in order to fulfil desires,
And nowhere is this seen more clearly than when it comes to sex, and hence the deviant that soon transpires.

And why so many men wrongly convince or pressure their partner to do this or that sexually,
Which simply amounts to a form of abuse, and very much so where one is talking perversity.
But at the least, such manipulation is the product of those who are acting very selfishly;
And who have probably been encouraged or influenced by the easily accessed pornography.

Or by modern day gurus who preach that anything’s okay if both are willing to participate,
Which is not only plain nonsense, but how ill within society is soon seen to accelerate.
For in their haste to embrace such nonsense, many leave behind what actually does count for something,
Something far more important than they realised, or didn’t want to realise, happy to try anything.

And hence how the lives and marriages of many women are soiled and spoiled by such gross absurdity,
Or by their partner’s selfishness — here meaning, their attempt to enact some pornographic fantasy.
In other words, their attempt to make the perverse and injurious seen as fun and acceptable,
Even if that means leaving their spouse feeling used or abused, an object, or plain uncomfortable.

By Lance Landall

General mistreatment.
Regarding the song "Sex Bomb" sung by Tom Jones.

22.  "Sex Bomb?"

From one man to another, and with the greatest of respect,
Was it profit or blinkers that saw such a silly song picked?
I mean, really, Tom, “Sex Bomb?” Hence why I’m left shaking my head,
'Cause is sex all some think about, and if so, what lies ahead?

No, I’m not Victorian, just wondering where’s common sense,
Given that your sphere of influence, via your music, is immense.
You’re just giving sex a bad name and painting it bawdy blue,
And, sadly, many think it's cool, when it's really quiet askew.

Sex isn’t for messing with, it’s a loving intimate act,
Or at least it’s meant to be, and used to be, and that’s a fact.
Now you’re making it look tacky, sleazy, an animal act,
And when it is reduced to such, it’s just porn — another fact.

A sex bomb is clearly an object, just something to be had,
Something to be stared at lustfully — selfishly, I might add.
You’re distorting the picture, Tom, and using women for gain;
'Cause it’s making you money, but not a sound use of one’s brain.

Calling a woman that is hardly a compliment, Tom, no,
In fact, far from it, 'cause it’s degrading, and very much so.
Once you’d get a slap for that, and deservedly so, I say,
But who would want to call a woman a sex bomb anyway?

It’s far from manly prancing about shouting out “Sex Bomb,” Tom,
And tell me, where did you get such a ridiculous song from?
Yes, it’s really quite childish, a playground mentality,
Something that one would expect from kids, who lack maturity.


From one man to another, and with the greatest of respect,
You've not done women any favours, but more damage, I suspect.
Nor men any favours, I must add, which is rather a shame,
And why it is that so many are treating sex like a game.

And as for the rest of the song, I think it’s appalling, Tom.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded on 15 May 2018.

Alternative Poem

23.  Women

A woman’s worth is no less than a man’s, thus equal with every man she stands, different but not inferior in any way, not an object, nor a toy with which to play.
Her heart's not for messing with (nor her head), her body's not for assaulting (enough said), but her precious life to be protected, thus man seeing no ill's inflicted.
No, a woman’s not something man owns, but made of same flesh and bones 
 yes, an asset to be protected, not some carcass to be inspected, but a princess or a queen, just as important on the scene.
Yes, each woman's a unique individual, a blessing to man when treated well, and thus she to be given same thought and care, and all of life’s rewards should equally share, her place in this world no less, and all why her case I must press, ’cause without women, men would be all the less — lost, I confess.

By Lance Landall


24.  Woman, Hold Your Head High!

Any person or organisation viewing women in a lesser light,
Rather than equal with men in worth and being, and just as clever and bright,
Is living in a draconian world that knows nothing of reality,
And indulging in territory akin to prejudice and bigotry.

Though men and women may vary in roles (looking at things realistically,
Given women make better mothers, and men make better fathers, quite clearly),
Neither one is beneath or above the other in any form or degree,
Just like housewives are no lesser than business women, but choosing differently.

Yes, men and women are different, there’s no mistaking that, but though that be,
Such has nothing to do with value, each human being a priceless ruby.
And those differences designed to compliment, not compete, nor disparage,
Both working together for the betterment of each, like a horse and carriage.

It’s like with machinery, different cogs but each needed, necessary,
Thus men and women all the lesser without each other — shot, actually.
Roles simply roles, both equal in worth and being, so woe betide that folly
That views women in a lesser light, makes a mockery of humanity.

By Lance Landall


25.  Girl Power

Whatever “girl power” may be, I know what it should be, what it needs to be,
And that is, the strength to say “No” to those demands that are selfish and lusty.
No girl letting some boy do what she doesn’t want him to do, and saying so,
Despite any pressure from him or others, that he and they may clearly know.

“Girls can do anything,” I hear said, but if they can’t say, “No, take a hike,” then
They not only hole their “girl power” ship, but declare that sad weakness to men.
And that’s where the term “sissy” really belongs, not with saying, “No, take a hike,”
’Cause saying “Yes” makes that whole “girl power” thing look like a rather wobbly bike.

If we don’t take the tough path when we’re young, chances are we won’t when we’re older,
And hence why I can’t stress enough the importance of young folk acting bolder.
And here, those girls being pressured, because once they say, “Yes,” the weaker they’ll be,
And thus “girl power” meaning nothing, they slaves to their own inadequacy.

Life’s all about standing up and standing tall, not because ones a girl or boy,
But because right is right and wrong is wrong, and as far as girls go, they not some toy.
Hence why they shouldn’t play that game either, because that’s how they’ll share in the blame,
Sex not where it’s at, but love and commitment, our choices how we lose or gain,

Invite joy or shame.

Coping flack and losing friends because of a noble stand is par for the course,
How we grow and become our own person, not someone else’s obedient horse.
And so, if girls don’t want to be used, sex before marriage should be refused, and
“Girl power” then a reality — and soon despatched, that selfish one night stand.

By Lance Landall

A warning.

26.  Say "No" Or "Go"

Many women have brought trouble on themselves by not saying “No” to some man,
Allowing him to do or get what worked against her, aiding some selfish plan.
Hence why women should make clear what they will or won’t accept, thus raising the bar,
Even minding those little things, which in time, might see some man going too far.

And this also applies to young girls dating, or simply hanging out with boys,
Given that succumbing to certain desires can see them treated like toys.
In other words, hurt, set up for misery-cum-a baby and poverty,
After having been badly used, which some people might rightly call treachery.

Yes, condemned he should be, but oh, if only she'd said “No,” or told him to go,
Which would’ve helped that boy to grow; or which would’ve helped that older man to grow.
And in time, many males wishing that that woman or girl had in fact said “No,”
’Cause such kicked back at them too, and thoughtfulness being a two way street, you know.

So, dear woman, mind that sweet talk, and that though he may tick most boxes of yours,
There could well be a hidden knife or two in them, which later, much pain could cause.
Yes, he may well look the part, act the part, but that’s how it is with conmen too,
Hence why females should do their homework and keep some distance until he proves true.

By Lance Landall

This poem was tweaked on 22 September 2021.

No fairness, no progress.

27.  I Wish She'd Said "No"

If your boyfriend pressures you to do something that's best not done,
Please say, “No,” lest later on, you regret what you didn’t shun.
And in fact, even he may also wish that you had said “No,”
'Cause pain could afflict you both and deliver a hammer blow.

Then you blaming him, and he blaming you, for the misery;
That being, the consequences of your “Yes,” that laxity.
Sure he pressured you, but you could’ve and should’ve still said “No,”
Though you’re both responsible as far as any results go.

And that’s why he’s feeling somewhat justified in blaming you,
Given that as far as a tango goes, it does take two.
And you quite able to say "No,” 'cause you have freedom of choice,
But instead, and for whatever reason, you bowed to his voice.

And so it goes, unfortunately, and far too commonly,
The “Yes,” the pain, the blame, the falling-out, eventually.
And all because of one little word that gave him the okay,
One that sometimes is too unwise or injurious to say.

Yes, “I wish she’d said no,” is what many boys have no doubt said,
After the seed that was sown proved to be but an arrowhead.
One that entered her heart, and bloodied him too, consequently,
A bullet that ricocheted, a boomerang, effectively.

I’m not unsympathetic towards those girls who're pressured so,
'Cause pressuring I don’t condone, and it’s the tool of a foe.
However, it must be said that it’s that “Yes” that opens the gate,
And that it’s those girls who say “Yes” who problems for both create.

Where you’re unlawfully forced, it’s not your fault, which we all know,
But when you say, “Yes,” you are the creator of your own woe;
That is, if you said “Yes” to the wrong thing, such always unwise,
And a sure way to see trouble and unhappiness arise.

By Lance Landall

This poem (which is found elsewhere on my website) was upgraded
on 22 September 2021.

A warning.

28.  Dear Young Women Of Today

Dear young women of today, please don’t be fooled by what you’re being fed, those lies,
Each one designed to mould you their way, and fleece you of money, hence their disguise.
You meaning nothing to them, except where they profit from you, too often too,
Hence why I wouldn’t have a bar of it, it all something wide eyes can see through.

So just be yourself, a natural woman who doesn’t follow the crowd, nor
Bows to peer pressure, current foolish trends, that sexiness that’s become a bore,
It in ones face, shallow, empty and even crass, and why you need to realise
That much you see in theatres and on TV is all part of those same lies.

Women have more to offer than just their bodies (designed for marriage alone),
Hence why they shouldn’t give in to selfish demands despite any lustful groan.
And why they should pursue their own path, not copy boorish lads and their ways,
Nor degrade their femininity by things that men may do, the current craze.

Your best interests are better served by helping men to see differently,
To be what and how they should be, and you do that via retaining dignity.
And where they don’t lead, you should, standing alone and apart, confident and true,
Telling both errant men and the deluded, lying world just what they can do.

The answer’s not found in boys, shops or the stage, but in that path you take, and so,
It all coming down to the heart and mind, and which in your words and acts will show.
You setting a foundation that will make happiness more likely to follow,
Rather than hurt and disappointment, that “I told you so,” bitter to swallow.

So please don’t be fooled by what you’re being fed, those lies that beguile and blind,
Hence that repeating of mistakes of the past, of which parents often remind.
The young always singled out by charlatans and profiteers who stalk their prey,
And hence why I have penned these words of warning to you young women of today.

Yes, mind slick operators and their carrots (be they some business man or boy),
Who, not only ogle what they’ve fashioned so, or encouraged, but rob of joy.
Young women dancing to strings that suit agendas of every kind, sad to say,
They steered and manipulated via today's music, movies, mags and fashion,

And hence why they stray,

Because at the end of the day, there's not the same wholesomeness in things today,
And mostly quite the opposite, society in a sad state of decay.
And so, not just your mind but that body of yours being sacked by predators,
Those whose aims are selfish, misguided, and/or corrupt — and yet, where are the roars?

By Lance Landall

Steady as you go.

29.  Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman flies in the face of a man’s protectiveness, and to be frank,
She’s just another thug, whilst somewhat acting as if equal to God in rank.
Her supernatural powers (like those of Superman and Spiderman too),
Still resorting to very earthly means, that smashing and bashing that’s askew.

Yes, she’s just another violent offender — though here, in heroine guise,
Her same “End justifies the means” approach perpetuating the same old lies.
She needing no man to lovingly watch over her (like a good husband would),
But more than capable of thumping too, not that such is what anyone should.

Yes, all those Hollywood heroes are the same, very bad role models indeed,
’Cause within the hearts and minds of youngsters, they sow that same “Give it to ’em” seed.
And with it, a certain sexuality, that sex and violence fusion,
That rather than ennobles, simply fights fire with fire, and causes confusion.

It all seemingly designed to corrupt — fists, guns and zapping part of the scene,
Bad eggs aplenty, and a woman bashing men not something that should be seen.
Such simply demeaning men again, something that Hollywood’s very good at,
Men made to look like the usual villains, sexual predator or prat.

And so, who needs a Superman if there’s a Wonder Woman, though both askew,
And Wonder Woman a masculine, feminine combination, in my view.
And thus hardly appealing to any tenderness that resides within me
And governs my thoughts and actions where women are concerned, like I feel should be.

It’s my belief that underneath, most women want to be watched over, cared for,
But Wonder Woman needing none of that, and acting as if above the law.
She personifying that “A woman can do anything a man can” thing,
Which, in the hearts of  “Let me help you, Dear” men, hasn’t that buoying “Need you” ring.

It all seeming rather sad to me, woman power not in rants, guns or brawn,
But in their opposite abilities, those feminine wiles with which they’re born.
And also in their ability to say “No,” lest a fatherless kid result,
’Cause though men should be held accountable, one would think everything’s their fault.

No, Wonder Woman hardly doing it for me, but that damsel in distress, who
Knights in shining armour love to rescue — and yes, her best interests pursue.
Too many women busy tipping things upside down because of those bad men,
Which doesn’t work (hearts and minds not changed), and why the same old ill occurs again.

By Lance Landall

With housewives in mind.

30.  The Everyday Housewife

Though he no doubt meaning well, such only serves to knock stay-at-home wives, sadly,
When Glen Campbell sings, “An everyday housewife who gave up the good life for me.”
For after all, such implies that a housewife’s lot is not a happy one, and,
That she’s somehow missing out, and including those stay-at-home mums close at hand.

Thus, I wonder how much harm this very melodic, well sung ballad has done;
In other words, is this where dissatisfaction for many may’ve begun?
Oh, how folk underestimate the power of repeated lyrics, some song,
Which, as in this case, tars all housewives with the same brush, and gets things very wrong.

The truth is, many wives are much happier being at home, and strongly believe
That being at home is where the “good life” is, that they’ve nothing over which to grieve.
After all, the “good life,” just like beauty, is in the eyes of the beholder,
And why so many housewives give Glen Campbell’s so called “good life” the cold shoulder.

Lyrics aside, I really like the song, and applaud Glen’s sensitivity,
But his view that housewives are hard done by is flawed, and more imaginary.
For while some aren’t happy, and who knows why, many housewives are very happy,
The rat race nothing to envy, and the so-called “good life” more delusory.

By Lance Landall

A warning.

31.  Far, Far Too Young

Mind your young daughter, she thirteen years old, say, but ’round town with boys her own age,
They all far too young to be dating, and are sexually active I’d wage.
Yes, she far too young, and dressed to stir, those boys soon pressuring and begging her,
She deflowered before she really understands it all — a babe, as it were.

Yes, it’s crazy — and you mum and dad should be doing all you can to stop such,
She far, far too young, such oft fuelled by movies, and predators ready to clutch.
But surely you know this, so what’s going on, such freedom a danger to her,
She thinking she’s acting like an adult — oh dear — and thus why she’s seen to err.

Yes, she’s not just stirring those young boys her own age, but older men as well, who,
May well ignore the age of consent, or who those innocent young girls pursue.
But are you listening mum and dad? Is it just modern life, you think? — oh dear,
’Cause I’ve news for you: Your inaction or approval hardly shows love and care.

She may be well endowed, but emotionally she’s still a child, and you know,
Such endowment at her age kind of sets her up, and more so when it's on show.
But young girls are encouraged and influenced to dress sexy now, sad to say,
A certain adultness coming too early, and how they stray, and how boys play.

By Lance Landall

A warning.

32.  Too Soon, Too Young

One reason why so many marriages are failing is, because they were begun far too soon,
Only to become songs that wouldn’t make the charts, for certain notes were out of sync with the tune.
Yes, too young to truly know what they wanted, though convinced that they did know — plus, love is oft blind,
And hence why when further down the track — the truth of the matter — so many couples thereby find.

At the end of the day, maturity counts for a great deal, but such takes some time to acquire,
And hence why one is far better to wait until they are much more grounded, lest it all backfire.
And hence why it's wiser to wait until those hard to control hormones have subsided somewhat,
And those unrealistic romantic notions have given way to sense, and then to tie the knot.

With every year that passes by, we can find ourselves looking at things very differently,
And in time we can wonder why we liked or did the things that we did, oft embarrassingly.
And likewise, if we have married too soon, can discover that our choice of partner wasn’t wise,
And hence how the fire that once burned in the hearts of two people gradually flickers and dies.

Too often the seeker isn’t worthy of the one they find, and are seemingly unconcerned,
Which many worthy ones who have been sought by such unsound seekers, have only much later learned.
And hence why tying the knot too soon and too young can result in much misery come divorce,
For young minds and young hearts are far less likely to pursue a much wiser and unselfish course.

By Lance Landall

The right way to treat women.

33.  A Rewarding Truth

Though married, love doesn't lust and grope, but rather, it waits, delighting to serve,
And it treating as if Holy and delicate every crevice and curve.
Yes, it not in a rush, nor feverish, but selfless, thoughtful and controlled,
So that a pure love and noble dignity the cherished and pleased one may behold.

And love’s eye not critical, but accepting, appreciative and kindly,
’Cause to love and to cherish is all about the person and not their body.
Yes, love’s heart is full of goodness, never malice in the form of get and take,
For the latter is how things are lost and killed, and why here, love makes no mistake.

By Lance Landall

The right way to treat women.

34.  As The Die Is Cast

It’s my belief that men were meant to treat a woman well, shower her with love,
And such a prudent thing regardless of whether one believes in God above.
For love’s a universal key that unlocks the door of almost every heart,
Though having said that, it’s also true that treating a woman well is an art.

All why men should dote upon their partner as if she were a princess or queen,
She the recipient of daily affection and compliments in-between.
And should she be a willing housewife attending to her husband lovingly,
He thanking her at every turn, not taking for granted such kind energy.

And, let me add, he also minding how he goes come any intimacy,
Never pressuring or violating, she the focus and not her body.
For sex is but a part, not the whole, and why he should put his desires last,
Remembering that when it comes to marriage and happiness, “As the die is cast.”

Yes, when it comes to women, selfless love is what it’s all about, she put first,
For only via such fine behaviour can a man truly quench a woman’s thirst.
And why it always behoves a man to heed this sage advice, it old as Earth,
And therefore, it something that in time will prove a suitor’s unfitness or worth.

By Lance Landall

The right way to treat women, and...

35.  Serious Fools, And Then There's Sex

Mike turned into the drive and pulled up barely an inch away from the garage door,
His friend watching from an old veranda, mock concern showing from his gaping jaw.
“Close call, mate. Keep that up and you’ll be in for a new door, and a panel job too.”
“Naa,” Mike laughed, “It’s what you call skill,” which had Matt laughing now, though in this case, such was true.

Matt’s full hand rose toward Mike. “Here, have a can, mate. I’ve just been enjoying the sun.
I thought I could do with the break, given all the lifting and shifting I’ve just done.”
“Finally got around to it, ay,” Mike replied, lifting the can to his waiting lips.
“Yea, and I’m glad I did, as it was badly needed,” Matt muttered in-between sips.

Mike put his can down. “I hear Sandra left Daren?” Now Matt put his can down. “Yea, mate,
I saw that one coming, especially given the way I’ve seen him operate.”
“Yea,” Mike responded, “He can be pretty thoughtless at times, lacks sensitivity;
He’s actually quite a selfish guy, seemingly more concerned about his money.”

Matt nodded his head. “It’s a common theme.”  “How do you mean?” Mike asked, interestedly,
And he picked up his can again, took a long sip, and looked at Matt questioningly.
“Well, there’s some really lovely women out there — and many, very attractive too;
Yes, women worth their weight in gold, who just about anything for their man would do.

The problem is, they end up with guys who really don’t appreciate the wife they’ve got,
And to be quite frank, some of these guys I’m talking about, aren’t that difficult to spot.
It really amazes me, given that these women can pick and choose, but there you go;
Is it just poor judgment? Are they conned? Have they a self-esteem issue? I just don’t know.

When you get a woman like that, indeed any woman, but more so one so good,
The last thing you do is mistreat her, or somehow, act differently to what you should.
You don’t go taking such women for granted, but rather, treat them like priceless treasure,
And by so doing, will receive in response, a joy and happiness beyond measure.

So many guys need to get their act together, and treat their wife like a princess,
Rather than letting her down, causing her pain, unnecessary worry or stress.
Seems they’re far too busy, are out with the boys, or childishly trying to impress,
And sad to say, seemingly only attentive when they’re wanting her to undress.”

“On that note,” Mike chipped in, “Do some women fuel such, given the raunchy way they dress,
And even those women in general, who publicly, are baring more and not less?”
“Oh, for sure,” Matt replied, “And that’s why women are oft just seen as sex objects, I guess,
Men acting naturally, drawn to such, yet women complaining, it all a mess.

At the end of the day, with rights comes thought and responsibility, and therefore,
Though women can dress as they wish, they should mind what a man’s eye finds hard to ignore.
After all, men are made that way, they very visual, thus stirred so easily,
Sexiness and nakedness turning them on,
it a real battle for them, sadly.

And to digress: I was feeling bad about our middle-aged neighbour, Bill Cleary,
And how some young women called him a pervert when he cast a glance their way recently.
It’s okay for us young males, seemingly, but woe betide males somewhat elderly,
Who, at the end of the day, are still males too, and males can’t help being males, quite frankly.

Knowing Bill, I’m sure he meant no harm, and the sexy way most girls dress now, dear me,
It’s pretty hard not to look — thus, I think Bill might have taken it rather badly.
Women want men to change, but men can hardly change their makeup, and so stare they do,
Though many trying not to, like Bill, no doubt, and he a decent man through and through.”

Mike unfurled his long legs, sipping from his can of lemonade contemplatively.
“Oh dear,” he replied, “Sorry to hear that. Yes, he’s a lovely guy, wouldn’t harm a flee,
And he was probably thinking back to his younger days, and no doubt pensively,
But you know, it must be hard for these older guys now, given the sexuality.

By that I mean, things were hardly like this in their day, women dressed far more modestly,
And today there’s so much promiscuity, some girls leading guys on blatantly.
I guess some of these older guys must feel that they’re missing out, rightly or wrongly,
Thus, it must be pretty tough on them, so in their face, and doesn't seem fair to me.”

“I agree,” echoed Matt, “And it must be hard on married guys too, quite honestly,
Given one can dial a prostitute — or via a computer, bring up pornography.
Such must be quite a temptation, which is why I guess many act unfaithfully,
For even if they’ve a gorgeous wife, they’re confronted with stirring bodies daily,

All of which is adding to the issue of men’s behaviour, and most destructively.

Having said that though, and getting back to what we were talking about previously,
Such still doesn't give men an excuse for treating any woman injuriously.
It’s the old story, we should always treat others as we would like them to treat us,
And if we all adhered to such wisdom, there wouldn’t be half the trouble or fuss.

But why some men trample on a partner they’re so blessed to have, really baffles me,
Thus, not only destroying her joy and happiness, but their own, effectively.
And often, as a result, losing her eventually, such never to regain,
A cost that’s not worth paying, and one that leaves them without any right to complain.”

They both looked up as another car turned into the drive, a young woman at the wheel,
And the pleasure on both Mike and Matt’s face was something that neither lad could conceal.
Rushing to the convertible’s door, they reached to open it, laughter in their eyes,
Provoking a bewildered reaction, “Okay, okay, what’s going on you guys?”

By Lance Landall

Note: Names mentioned are fictitious.
This poem was altered somewhat and added to on 9 May 2021.

I would also recommend the reading of my poem How Can Men Take Women Seriously?
which is found on my page Concern For Men.

Unsuitable suitors.

A Christian poem by Lena Lathrop:

36.  A Woman's Question

Do you know you have asked for the costliest thing
Ever made by the Hand above?
A woman’s heart, and a woman’s life—
And a woman’s wonderful love.

Do you know you have asked for this priceless thing
As a child might ask for a toy?
Demanding what others have died to win.
With the reckless dash of a boy.

You have written my lesson of duty out,
Manlike, you have questioned me.
Now stand at the bars of my woman’s soul
Until I shall question thee.

You require your mutton shall always be hot,
Your socks and your shirt be whole;
I require your heart be true as God’s stars
And as pure as His heaven your soul.

You require a cook for your mutton and beef,
I require a far greater thing;
A seamstress you’re wanting for socks and shirts—
I look for a man and a king.

A king for the beautiful realm called Home,
And a man that his Maker, God,
Shall look upon as He did on the first
And say: “It is very good.”

I am fair and young, but the rose may fade
From this soft young cheek one day;
Will you love me then ‘mid the falling leaves,
As you did ‘mong the blossoms of May?

Is your heart an ocean so strong and true,
I may launch my all on its tide?
A loving woman finds heaven or hell
On the day she is made a bride.

I require all things that are grand and true,
All things that a man should be;
If you give this all, I would stake my life
To be all you demand of me.

If you cannot be this, a laundress and cook
You can hire and little to pay;
But a woman’s heart and a woman’s life
Are not to be won that way.

The right way to treat women.
Alternative Poem

37.  For Your Husband

A husband isn’t superior, and nor his wife inferior, thus not at his feet but by his side, though he with care may lovingly guide, and not because he’s more smart, but because her best is in his heart, and he thus seeking to protect, which every wife’s a right to expect, he always honest and transparent (not to mention, a responsible parent), she cherished and treasured, never weighed and measured, but rather, lovingly cared for (and as time goes by, even more), she complimented and appreciated, her wishes and desires accommodated, and he, ever ready to support, and effectively still court, thus treating, spoiling and delighting her, more oft seeking what
she’d prefer, his attentiveness habitual, his affection no mere ritual, but deep, daily and meaningful, his faithfulness as perennial — such of course being the only way, from which husbands shouldn’t stray, thus ensuring that all their life, they still have the love of their wife.

By Lance Landall

The right way to treat women.

38.  By Fate Or Daring

She has accepted you as her man, given her life and soul to you, so please,
Treat her well, love her to the moon and back, every opportunity seize.
Shower her with affection, tell her you love her over and over again,
So that she won’t regret having chosen you out of all the admiring men.

Yes, do your best to make her happy, fill her life with laughter, call her, “Honey,”
And always be very generous with your time, abilities and money.
Treat her like a queen, listen like you’re mesmerised — yes, woo her every day,
Lest from your arms she’s wrenched by fate or daring, and so she’ll be there ’till you’re grey.

By Lance Landall

The right way to treat women.

39.  How Does One Treat A Woman, One's Wife?

“How does one treat a woman?” he asked me. “As if she’s an endangered species,”
I replied with a smile, which only an honourable man desires and sees.
Never that man who can’t see past his food, loins, mates and beer, and who’s seldom there,
Or having a compartmentalised adulterous night, even long term affair.

So, how does one treat a woman, getting to the nuts and bolts of it all, and,
Bearing in mind those differences that neither sex will fully understand?
Well, you treat her like a female first and foremost, rough hands having no place here,
And you never giving her any reason for disappointment, doubts or fear.

In other words, you treat her like a lady, thus opening doors before her,
And when it comes to a clash of desires, you doing that which she would prefer,
And that way you’re surely bound to please, and how your tender care for her she sees,
For once you defend your wants, she’s likely to feel a cooling, self-centred breeze.

And yes, usher her cross busy roads with a gentle, watchful, protective hand,
And you then taking the curb side lest some driver make a move they hadn’t planned.
For she needs to know what length and depth you’d go to for her, should some threat arise;
Though such should be the way of any man the moment he hears a woman’s cries.

And yes, treat her kids well too, for how you do says so much too, they of her womb,
And thus when it comes to certain behaviour or acts, you giving such no room.
And such being to your benefit too, as your wife and kids will reciprocate,
For what goes around comes around, it's said, which so many find out far too late.

But you know (and not to mention that example that fathers set-cum-show),

A man’s not a man — well, hardly manly — if he treats any woman poorly,
And why a man should treat his partner well, love and cherish her, actually.
Yes, he delivering on his promises, or what he leads her to believe,
For there’s nothing worse than a spouse who’s seen to strike, renege, betray or deceive.

So, how does one treat a woman? Via all the above and more, that she may bloom,
And never have cause to regret whom she married, that younger sweet-talking groom.
He older now, but still treating her as affectionately, sensitively,
For a woman’s heart is never to be won but romanced continually.

Yes, that's how you treat a woman — your wife — though all women should be treated well,
For what does it say of men when women aren't? Hence those tales many have to tell.
And all why every husband should always seek to do what is best for his wife,
Who, when it comes to their relationship, has every right to a happy life.

By Lance Landall

The right way to treat women.

40.  How To Treat Your Wife

Love her, love her, love her, love her, absolutely love her,
Unconditionally, extraordinarily, faithfully.
Just really truly, love, love, love, love, love, love, love her,
Interestedly, understandingly, harmoniously.

Love her, love her, love her, love her, absolutely love her,
Appropriately, emphatically, passionately.
Just really truly, love, love, love, love, love, love, love her,
Generously, ceaselessly, perpetually, persuasively.

Love her, love her, love her, love her, absolutely love her,
Longingly, thoughtfully, noticeably, openly, totally.
Just really truly, love, love, love, love, love, love, love her,
Respectfully, helpfully, purposefully, abundantly.

Love her, love her, love her, love her, absolutely love her,
Sensitively, sympathetically, reasonably.
Just really truly, love, love, love, love, love, love, love her,
Romantically, attentively, exquisitely, kindly.

Love her, love her, love her, love her, absolutely love her,
Gratefully, graciously, patiently, genuinely, rightly.
Just really truly, love, love, love, love, love, love, love her,
Unhurriedly, tenderly, knowingly, intimately.

Love her, love her, love her, love her, absolutely love her,
Earnestly, energetically, surprisingly, gladly.
Just really truly, love, love, love, love, love, love, love her,
Observantly, lavishly, gentlemanly, pleasantly.

Love her, love her, love her, love her, absolutely love her,
Exceptionally, willingly, protectively, jealously.
Yes, just really truly, love, love, love, love, love, love her,
Supportively, tactfully, and oh yes — telepathically.

By Lance Landall

The right way to treat women.

41.  When Will Men Get It?

Men are turned on by the visual, but women are turned on by love, and so,
If you want good sex, husbands, love your wives — in other words, thought and kindness show.
Yes, it’s pretty much that simple — happy wife, happy sex — something men should know,
Women not turned on by nudity, but that sensitivity men should show.

So, forget that macho nonsense, that male stripper thing, such nothing but a game,
It childish and unintelligent, hardly the stuff to ignite a flame.
Women not aroused by such, despite some buying into that silly scene, and
Just adding to the folly of it, rather than taking a more mature stand.

And wives should also remember just how much the visual stirs men, and so,
They minding lest they foster that horniness from which disappointment can grow.
Men finding it hard to keep their hands off their wife whose sexy attire oft stirs,
And thus how women make things harder and worse, and why more so, their husband errs,

Because too much arousal occurs. However,

An activated male motor aids a man’s loving care (where his heart is pure),
Men having been designed that way, but love first and foremost always being the cure.
Yes, happy wife, happy sex, she feeling wanted for herself, not her body,
’Cause our body’s merely a thing, just a vessel for one’s personality.

In other words, that person we are, and thus we putting people before things,
Love before sex — and via doing so, it’s not long before that pretty bird sings;
Women basking in their husbands love, they only too happy to oblige, and
This how a woman is truly aroused herself, just like Mother Nature planned.

Yes, love turns women on, love that’s free of lusty eyes and erring groping hands,
Because lusty eyes and erring groping hands have more to do with one night stands.
Hence that, “Hello, I know what he’s after,” sad sigh, it all to common, frankly,
Hence why love’s candle oft merely flickers rather than burning passionately,

Husbands letting their wife down badly.

But Hollywood would have us believe anything but the truth, and why we see,
Half naked women acting just as horny and aggressive sexually,
And love having nothing to do with it, it more like an animal affair,
And the irony is, many women who’d agree with me, still sit and stare.

Yes, funny what many condemn in real life, but accept when it’s acted out,
They effectively condoning such a lie, when love is what it’s all about.
All why sex outside of a lasting relationship is a travesty too,
It nothing but selfish gratification, something that true love’s not into,

So when will women get it too?

In summary, men and women operate on two different levels, so,
It’s not about what men expose, but about that love and care that they should show.
Otherwise, they’re wasting their time, the visual not doing it for women,
But just for men, who, thinking the opposite, get it wrong time and time again.

Yes, “Get it off!” some women yell, and some are even viewing pornography too,
But in the general scheme of things, such is hardly what women are into.
There may be exceptions, some women more like men, and some men more like women,
But men are still men, and women are still women, who, aren’t aroused quite like men,

At the drop of a hat, or should I say robe, and they wanting it there and then.

By Lance Landall

The right way to treat women.
Christian content or degree.

42.  "Husbands, Love Your Wives"

When God gave man (Adam) a woman (a wife), He intended that she be cherished,
The command to love her being a reluctant imperative, willingness wished.
Yes, God wanting it all to come from the heart, a selfless love, a heroic love,
Like that exhibited on Calvary’s cross, and still being shown from above.

Thus each wife to be seen as a precious gift, an asset, blessing and equal,
She not to be lorded over, but consulted, so that his thought and care might thrill.
His love the measure of his manhood, whether he’s reflecting the Giver or not,
And she not his but God’s — simply loaned, as it were — a privilege man shouldn’t blot.

No, because hurt and harm here will only give rise to resentment and discontent,
Her feelings for him soon flickering, and of which, only nobleness can prevent.
She to be treated tenderly and sensitively, and placed on a pedestal,
His treatment of her exemplary, and thus thoughts on her behalf bound to fulfil.

His love for her also seen in restraint, his passions under control, and kindly,
Not rough or pestering — she loved for herself — his desires not acting blindly.
Every thought, word, and action a statement, and she never taken for granted;
Such ensuring that deep in her heart and memories fruitful seeds will be planted.

She thus having no regrets, her life enhanced by his presence, she not bound but free,
Her life her own, yet they as one, and seeking each other’s good and prosperity.
He her protector, she his balance, that good woman found behind each good man,
That together they might accomplish God’s mutually benefiting plan.

Yes, they two halves of an apple that’s not meant to be bitten by adultery,
That unfaithful wounding that injures as much as that betraying pornography.
His eyes only to be focussed on her, and she rebuffing any other eyes,
The moat and drawbridge of their castle protecting them both from some nasty surprise.

He her knight in chivalrous armour, protecting both her honour and dignity,
And showering her with daily affection, loving expressions and charity.
She thus having no reason to protest, but reason for joy; such God’s intention,
And if this had always been the way, these things I wouldn’t have needed to mention.

But mention them I have, because, men, you’re on notice, Jesus having seen it all,
And each woman very precious to Him, they a generous gift, and hence His call:
“Husbands, love your wives,” thus giving them no reason for genuine complaint, but praise,
That they may see God in you, give thanks for all those happy, self-denying days.

By Lance Landall

This poem is repeated in my Christian section.

43.  Dear Son-In-Law To Be

When you push on ahead without the blessing of your father-in-law to be,
You prove your unworthiness, forgo that blessing that works beneficially.
A good man seeks to earn that blessing, not asks and then responds impatiently,
Because that’s how he soon loses the respect of his father-in-law to be.

Yes, that son-in-law to be may get that daughter’s “Yes, I will,” but at a cost,
Because regaining that respect can take an awfully long time once it’s lost.
That’s if it is regained, and why it’s folly to treat that blessing so lightly,
Remembering that what goes ’round comes ’round; perhaps the same thing visiting thee.

Without her dad’s approval, your wife’s happiness will be lessened by degree,
His heart not truly in that relationship, you having acted childishly.
And thus you having lost too; such not the actions of a man but more a boy,
Who, via wanting it all his way, something very special is sure to destroy.

A father would be a selfish, thoughtless fool too, if here, he wasn’t fussy,
Protecting her being his duty, and why here, he should act responsibly.
And this why, if he’s worth his salt, he’s not going to say “Yes” to just anyone,
And where need be — figuratively speaking, that is — may well reach for his gun.

By Lance Landall

Unsuitable suitors.

44.  A Father's Loving Plea

My precious darling daughter, there is much that I need to say
Regarding many dangers that could soon see you led astray.
But there is one important thing, that now, I wish to mention,
And if happiness you want, please give this your full attention.

This world is not the way it was, not that it has been fault-free,
But now, because it has worsened, much more wrong about you’ll see.
Some things can look attractive that in actual fact just hide
That which given half a chance could soon see you taken for a ride.

And such it is with certain men, who’ll try to ply one’s daughter
With some nice gift and hollow words, as they pretend to court her.
Yes, it takes a man to know one, thus the need to say to you,
That many a man’s intentions aren’t honourable or true.

Yes, so many steps are taken by some men who prise consent,
That in time will soon prove to you that they were not Heaven-sent.
And though they will try and fool you that you don’t have need for fear,
An error here could soon see these wise words ringing in your ear.

Any man who’ll truly love you, will never want to hurt you,
Thus, there’ll be no selfish focus in the things he’ll say and do.
However, it can happen, that like this a suitor will seem,
When in fact he’s just fooling you, as that is how some men scheme.

If a man isn't genuine, caution here should find that out,
For in such matters of the heart, you cannot afford a doubt.
So many inexperienced and caught up in emotions
Have suffered miserably due to unsound young devotions.

Thus, men who focus on the body will not be right for you,
So watch your presentation lest you get a man that you’ll rue.
They’ll treat you like an object, though could you wonder that they do
Should sexual titillation be written all over you?

This world is so obsessed with sex, and we shouldn't be surprised,
Given that self-gratification appears to be more prized.
And no wonder many men today with what they're being fed,
When it comes down to women, now think more just in terms of bed.

A man should love you for yourself, and should seek just you to please,
But this, of course, is something that only the right man sees.
A permanent relationship should be built on solid ground,
And as this is so pivotal, don’t marry one who plays around.

For many it’s just like shopping — they will try and then discard,
Unconcerned their philandering can hit some (rejected) hard.
And sadly, many women too, also play this foolish game,
Compounding such behaviour, and thus sharing the shame and blame.

Some men may be good at heart, but sexually addicted;
Though not meaning harm to you, it can surely be predicted.
And bear in mind that any child that might grow up like that dad,
Could also bring you much sadness, and just to your problems add.

All these things here, are said in love, and are a father’s duty,
So that you might avoid a man who’ll rob your life of beauty.
Thus, save yourself for just one man, whose love you’ll always treasure
Because of its unselfishness that does not weigh or measure.

By Lance Landall

Note Robbie Williams "Go Gentle" lyrics

You're gonna meet some strangers  
Welcome to the zoo
Bitter disappointments
Except for one or two
Some of them are angry
Some of them are mean
Most of them are twisted
Few of them are clean

 Now when you go dancing with young men down at the disco
Just keep it simple
You don't have to kiss though
Don't waste time with the idiots that think that they're heroes
They will betray you
Stick with us weirdos

For all your days and nights
I'm gonna be there
I'm gonna be there yes I will
Go gentle through your life
If you want me I'll be there
When you need me
I'll be there for you

Don't try to make them love you
Don't answer every call
Baby be a giant
Let the world be small
Some of them are deadly
Some don't let it show
If they try and hurt you
Just let your daddy know

Now when you go giving your heart make sure they deserve it
If they haven't earned it
Keep searching it's worth it

For all your days and nights
I'm gonna be there
I'm gonna be there yes I will
Go gentle through your life
If you want me I'll be there
When you need me I'll be there for you

Go gentle to the light
I'm gonna be there
I'm gonna be there yes I will
If all your days are nights
When you want me I'll be there
Say my name and I'll be there for you

No fairness, no progress.

45.  With The "Me Too" Movement In Mind

In these sad times where less believe in God and a day of accountability,
Where less are brought up with those morals and principles found in Christianity,
Where males are being fed a diet of filth, violence and pornography,
Where women are stripping off in disturbing movies and acting just as horny,

Where women are just as promiscuous and dressing more provocatively,
Where hearts and minds are being corrupted by those vices acted out on TV,
Where Hollywood’s churning out darkness that’s clearly inspired satanically,
Where fewer voices are condemning such, and there’s a rampant liberality,

What are the chances that violent assaults and sexual assaults will decline,
Except on a surface level, perhaps, the answer hardly prison or a fine.
You see, while women contribute to the ill themselves (displaying hypocrisy),
And while all this ill’s continued, men aren’t likely to act any differently.

If the diet is worse, so too will be ones mental state, ’cause we’re what we take in,
And we’re also what we act out, what we allow, and what we participate in.
All why society’s less noble, less wholesome, less loving and caring, and why
Little’s going to change no matter how hard the “Me Too” movement is seen to cry.

Patches won’t work, because it’s surgery that’s needed, most hearts and minds full of ill,
The conscience seared, the heart hardened, and even youngsters drawing from that poisoned well.
Laws doing little in the scheme of things, though it’s not their job to, but yours and mine,
And a bad job we’ll do if our own thoughts and ways are corrupted, out of line.

Yes, it’s most intriguing how women are protesting over assaults and so on,
Yet many only too happy to take part in the ills, see morality gone.
They baring it all in mags, in movies, on TV, even in pornography,
Cranking men up, stirring them regularly, and hence those sexual ills we see.

No, women can’t have it both ways, and given the way men are made, it’s most unfair,
Men stirred so easily sexually, and is it any wonder if they leer.
Once stirred, they’re not designed to cut off instantly, hence that frustration that oft churns,
And that criminal compulsion or obsession that in a certain man’s heart burns.

Women’s rights are one thing, prudence and fairness another, thus change needed quickly,
The reintroduction of selflessness, nobleness, wholesomeness and modesty.
But we’re living in a time when anger over things has got out of control, and
Where those protesting are acting just as badly, hence how the fire’s simply fanned.

Political correctness, overreaction, revenge and feministic hate
Are playing their foolish part, including those who evidence even fabricate.
All this turning many off who might otherwise be supportive, and that’s a shame,
’Cause genuine and fair complaints should be dealt with regardless of status or fame.

Such reminds me of Greenpeace and how it’s lost supporters too, given some tactics,
That lawless behaviour that’s supposedly acceptable in order to fix.
Well no it isn’t, two wrongs not making a right, and why all should use commonsense,
And mind what’s on their side before condemning what’s on the other side of the fence.

When we contribute to the ills, who are we to condemn, though crime still shouldn't pay,
But it’s pretty hypocritical when with the emotions of men women play.
Though men shouldn’t assault (period), they shouldn’t be cranked up either, so mind,
'Cause there’s something about the whole “Me Too” thing that's not right, nor fair, but somewhat blind.

Yes, those female predators, groomers, seducers and false accusers missing here,
Not that they should be, because throughout history women have done their horrid share.
All why the focus needs to return to renewed hearts and minds, those things thrown out,
Otherwise, forever and a day, we will still be hearing that same “Me Too” shout.

By Lance Landall

You may also wish to check out my poem Disingenuous "Me Too" Supporters
which is found on my page Concern For Men, Home page.

No fairness, no progress.

46.  Dear Feminist

Dear feminist, I’m guessing that you’ve had a bad run with men — well, certain men,
A father, husband, or just a rum lot, and hence why I have picked up my pen.
And the main reason being, that though I can understand any inner rage,
It’s really a pointless and hypocritical war that many of you wage.

The truth is, there are men out there who have suffered at the hands of women too,
And yet, most kind of taking it on the chin, despite relationships that they rue.
And women in general not making it easy for men, ’cause how they tease,
Driving men crazy with their sexiness, women not seeing for their own trees,

And they wonder why they’re objectified, objectifying coming with ease.

Yes, there’s rude women, nasty women, cold women, cruel women, loose women too,
And many treating men poorly, and there’s those mothers whose behaviour’s askew.
All why you should mind when you point the finger at men, many of them noble,
And yet, many of you taking them down, hence why your rants don’t altogether gel.

Enter that phrase “the other woman,” and sex being a man’s Achilles heel,
Many women using sex, or they starring in porn, hence how from wives they steal.
And so many women nagging and belittling men into relationships,
So how about some fairness, ’cause men too, could spend time on pity party trips.

I’m not meaning to be harsh, but just straight and honest, fault lying on both sides,
Humanity the problem, that sad fallenness that within us all resides.
Nothing gained by blaming things on men, nor women, but by changing hearts and minds,
Which we achieve by breaking down barriers, and not by forming sexist lines.

By Lance Landall

No fairness, no progress.
Christian content or degree.

47.  From Holy Appreciation To Unholy Inspection

After having created Adam (a male), God created Eve (a female),
Both living in a perfect environment until self was seen to prevail.
And sad to say, that’s where all the problems between men and women began, and
That loss of beauty, wholesomeness, respect, peace and harmony that God had planned.

Though there are women today who’re drop dead gorgeous too, they’d hardly outshine Eve,
Who, must have absolutely stunned Adam (pure in thought and action, I believe).
Their everyday nakedness so normal and natural to them, until
That fateful day when God’s warning was ignored, enter strife and sexual ill.

Only then did they realise they were naked, only then did thoughts go astray,
Focus and motive taking a permanent turn for the worse, it’s sad to say.
Thus man not thinking like he once had, and therefore, women needing protection,
Man’s gaze having gone from holy appreciation to unholy inspection.

And all why God chose to clothe them both (hearts and minds now corrupted and weakened),
Man unable to rightly handle that same beauty and nakedness, sense binned.
Yes, man’s thoughts more selfish, his passions less controlled, sex now his Achilles heel,
And all of which the happiness that could’ve been, lust and assaults were seen to steal.

Yes, men struggling with their eyes and thoughts now, which women aren’t helping, by the way,
Loin stirring sexiness making it harder for weakened man, all why men stray.
More so men who’re wrongly steered as boys, or who’ve been sexually messed up somehow,
And there being legions of them, who at the throne of porn and all, sadly bow.

Men are instantly drawn to the sexy, even a hint of nudity,
And thus only strong moral brakes controlling them — that is, if they have any.
Their fallenness only countered by a higher controlling force, and therefore,
Laws of no help — and with men being visual, such flesh so hard to ignore.

Yes, it’s hard on men, and it doesn’t help their case when it comes to women, who,
Aren’t helping their case when it comes to that pure state that Adam and Eve first knew.
And which a woman was originally blessed by, and still should be blessed by,
Adam’s rib proof of her equality, dominance how relationships die.

And therefore, women need to try and ease this situation, despite their rights,
’Cause objectify, men will, where nudity or sexiness glare like headlights.
Such activating their loins, or that fallenness, all why sex should stay at home,
And not the corridors of Hollywood, nor the likes of public places, roam.

By Lance Landall

No fairness, no progress.
Christian content or degree.

48.  Take Heart, Dear Wounded Wife

Should your husband go to bed with another women, which he shouldn’t, of course,
It’s not the end of the world, and nor reason to gallop away on your horse.
Such folly on his part may not mean that he doesn’t love you with all his heart,
But simply that he was tempted by sex, the eyes oft where many problems start.

Those Christians that God means everything to, can fall into temptation too,
And thus that same unfaithfulness hurting God as well, who same “Sorry” is due.
Yes, humans so prone to marring their best intentions, and why many men stray,
Because though married, men can see sex as just sex, their loins getting in the way.

And to be fair, there’s much out there that’s spinning a mans radar — yes, the sexy,
Which men have always struggled with, even pictures stirring their machinery.
And once stirred (and work places oft full of real pictures), that hard struggle begins,
Hence that regrettable moment, and why many a Christian too, also sins.

All why God forgives, because He’s into restoration, not demolition,
And thus He saving, hence His grace, which always covers genuine contrition.
But that impaired relationship needing work, and so too that marital blow,
That broken promise, that torpedoed trust, all why healing can be very slow.

Yes, any man can fall, and another chance is one thing, but chances, oh dear,
There you’ve a real problem, repeat offenders but showing how little they care.
All why God might eventually say to many Christians, “Depart from me,” too,
Because there comes a time, and the truth of our profession either false or true.

But take heart, dear wounded wife, mindful of that burden that a man has to bear,
Constantly bombarded with the sexual; your heart he not meaning to tear.
But stirred he will be by much that puts petrol in his tank, and why men can fall,
And this why you should think carefully and thoughtfully before you make that call.

The last thing many men want is to cause hurt, but the pull of sex very strong,
And certain circumstances oft not helping, though any such affair still wrong.
We all needing to exercise control, and deal with those unfair things in life,
And why, despite temptation in any form, a husband shouldn’t hurt his wife.

By Lance Landall

Ten Commandment-like Rules For Husbands

Don’t put any other person before your wife, and don’t put yourself above her.
In the role of protector, provider and lover, do not err via domination, stinginess or roughness.
Don’t create any images of her in the form of artistic or photographic representations that degrade and reduce her to an object of lust and that could end up in anyone else’s hands but hers.
Do not put things before your relationship.
Don’t soil or destroy her very name or reputation, nor embarrass her via public put downs, negative home truths, private details, or inappropriate intimacy.
Remember and respect her period of menstrual rest, and any time out and alone that she needs for personal reflection — spiritual, mental, emotional or physical restoration.
Set aside quality time each week for just the two of you thus showing how much importance you attach to the relationship, just how committed you are to it.
Respect and show due thought and care for her parents who you owe a debt of gratitude to given that you wouldn’t have her if it hadn’t been for them, and they having every right to be concerned about her welfare.
Under no circumstances act in a way that could lead to her death, either via premeditation, recklessness or thoughtlessness, nor injure her somehow via either physical or emotional abuse.
Don’t betray her by leaving her for another woman, nor act unfaithfully via inappropriate affection or intimate relations with some other woman or porn.
Don’t remove from her life, nor deprive her of, any confidence, happiness, joy and peace that’s the right of everyone. And don't unduly deprive her of your time and presence.
Don’t imply or say anything that’s not true, unverified or unfair regarding those who’re part of her life, be they her parents, brothers, sisters, or general relations. And never lie to her, full stop.
Be content with your choice of partner, and the life you both have, lest you add to any discomfort life might have already imposed on her, or lest you discourage and disappoint her.

By Lance Landall

This article was upgraded: 10 September 2020.

Men And Women, Their Differences

Being a man or a woman constitutes a different way of expressing the humanity that both share equally.
The average man is taller than the average woman.
The male skeleton is usually stronger than the woman’s. The bones are thicker and heavier. The greater strength of its bone structure obviously equips the man’s body better than the woman’s to overcome physical obstacles and to carry loads. The man has greater steadiness, strength and stress resistance due to his stronger bones. The man’s hand is stronger and bonier pointing to the fact that the man is built to control the environment practically and creatively, whereas the softer daintier woman’s hand is more suited to taking in hand the environment and looking after and caring for it protectively. A man’s bones are more angular, more rugged in shape, while the woman’s have rounder, less sharply marked forms and blunter corners. Woman’s bones are not merely finer, thinner and more graceful, but also softer, rounder and less rugged in shape. The more angular shape of the male body is more fitted for resistance, assaults and pushing than the rounder female body.
The striated muscles in men are more strongly developed and constructed than women’s. They serve above all for dealing with external obstacles. Wherever we manipulate, model or effect the environment, the striated muscles come into action. The man’s superior equipment in this respect and his stronger bone structure indicate that by nature the male rather than the female is designed to overcome external environmental obstacles, to reshape and master the environment. The woman is also naturally active, and is particularly concerned with things in her immediate environment. But her activity does not involve her much in pushing forward and overcoming external obstacles, so much as in caring and nursing, in sorting, tidying and polishing. A woman’s muscles are particularly suited to their tasks. They are by nature less suited to strong contractions than to active compliance at the right moment. A woman's abdomen is designed to withstand very severe strains in pregnancy.
The suitability of women’s muscles to their tasks matches a similar capability of women in the psychological realm. The woman’s psyche, just like her muscles, can adapt very rapidly to every internal and external change. The average woman adjusts mentally and physiologically to external circumstances with versatility and adaptability.
The relative lack of muscle in women, which incidentally is not culturally conditioned but is the result of hormonal differences, is compensated for by more fat. As a result of this, and the shape of the bones already mentioned, the woman’s body is rounder and the mans more angular. We may sum up by saying that the man’s bodily frame is fitted for remodelling the environment, while the woman’s bodily shape expresses her greater gifts in arranging and caring for a circumscribed world of the nearest and most intimate things.
A woman’s skin is much softer, more tender, and smoother than a man’s, giving greater sensitivity. Women are therefore more aware of the pleasures of touch. This greater sensitivity of the skin matches the greater sensitivity of women in the psychological realm, their ability to approach matters carefully, their greater adaptability and sympathy, their capacity to give and take and to go along with situations; whereas the man tends to try to alter reality by changing it.
A woman, in contrast with all highly developed animals, has the appearance of motherhood without being or becoming a mother. This fact shows that the woman is built for motherhood as the goal and fulfilment of her being. The capacity for natural motherhood matches the motherliness in a woman’s psychological make-up, which may be developed even if biological motherhood is denied her.
The sexual organs serve the purpose of procreation and the establishment of new life. They thereby point to the man’s natural function of begetting and the woman’s of bearing. They also point to the man’s appointment to fatherhood and the woman’s to motherhood. The design of the sexual organs has as its consequence that the man as begetter in the act of intercourse is the active, giving and life-creating party, while the woman as bearer is the passive, receiving and life-sustaining party. Female passivity, male activity, female letting-it-happen, male effecting it, female receiving, male outpouring, female being found, male seeking and acquiring characterize the physical interaction of sexual intercourse. While the man has the more leading role and makes the ultimate decision if and when the union takes place, the behaviour of the woman is that of loving subjection, which she fulfils through the offering of her body. The woman’s resting egg is penetrated by the male sperm, awakening and bringing it into development. While a man simply becomes a father through begetting, conception is for the woman only the beginning of a period of far-reaching burdens and demands. The physical contribution of the man is thus fleeting in comparison with the bodily processes which the woman undertakes in motherhood. While a man is more strongly equipped for creative or destructive remodelling of his environment, the woman is more strongly equipped for arranging what the man has acquired for her or she has received from him.
A man’s life is characterized more by spontaneity than a woman’s: a woman’s life is characterized more by receptivity than a man’s. Among examples of man’s greater spontaneity one may cite his greater drive, greater aggressiveness, greater desire for leadership [dominance] and his particular capacity for creative achievements in all fields of intellectual life, a sort of intellectual procreative ability and analogous to his biological procreativity.
Women have verbal superiority [linguistic, articulation, fluency, relating]. Men have spatial conceptualization superiority [technical, mathematical, scientific, industrial, discovery, inventing, philosophy, art, musical composition] and abstract thinking [chess]. The most brilliant achievements in the realms of philosophy, art, and musical composition and the pioneering discoveries in modern science are overwhelmingly the work of men. Invention is also predominantly a male preserve. Man is well known in his thinking to be the more creative, the woman is known to be more receptive when it comes to thought. This is confirmed by aptitude tests which have shown male superiority when it comes to comprehension and reasoning, while women excel in all rote-learning tasks.
Regarding total intelligence the sexes are not really different.
Women are more holistic, more dominated by their feelings and more emotional. She is in less danger than a man is of isolating her soul from her body or her thinking from her feelings. A woman has a more developed relationship to the world of persons, a greater readiness to submit to the leadership of others [to serve, to give others help and support when they are in trouble] and a greater sociability [the tendency to seek the company of others and take pleasure in it]. Man has a more developed relationship to the world of things, is more eccentric and his thinking is more strongly directed toward the conceptual and general. For men this carries the danger that their reflection may become autonomous and cut off from the real world. The greater receptivity of women is seen in her greater ability and willingness to imitate, her greater adaptability and suggestibility, her greater linguistic aptitude and her superior capacity to sympathize, which rests on their greater sensitivity to people’s expression of feeling.
Whereas male cells contain a Y-chromosome and an X-chromosome, female cells have two X-chromosomes. This difference involves all the cells of the organism; probably the real personal differences between the sexes are determined by this. Sexuality affects the whole of a person’s body and not only a part. It is also evident in different hormone levels, in the different constitution of the blood and bodily liquids, of the nervous system, of internal organs and brain structure.
Every person possesses to a certain extent sexually specific characteristics of the other sex. This goes for biological as well as intellectual and psychological aspects. So in this way there is neither a total man nor a total woman.
Sexuality involves the whole person and constitutes part of one's essential being. Sexual differences affect not only the bodily aspects, but also the psychological aspects of personality. Body and soul form a unity which cannot be devided into a sexual part [body] and a sexless part [mind]. Rather the person in its totality is a sexual being.

Excerpts taken from the book Man And Woman In Christian Perspective by Werner Neuer.
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