Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

Where Wisdom's Paramount

Without a doubt, it’s better to be single and happy
Than married and regretful — imprisoned, effectively.
Yes, better to remain single, even should that be for life,
Than to marry wrongly and live with misery and strife.

After all, marriage is for keeps, or at least it should be,
A permanent, loving relationship, guarded jealously.
Something that one shouldn’t enter into lightly, quickly,
And nor just drift into -- as many do, unthinkingly.

Hence why shotgun marriages seldom work, or grudgingly,
For they’re the product of pressure and force, effectively.
When folk feel they’d better, or have to, they’re headed for strife,
For how could such truly make a happy husband and wife.

A marriage needs a good foundation if it’s to survive,
For not sex, but the higher powers, one’s marriage should drive.
A baby out of wedlock may be a reason to marry,
But not a good one — it’s back to front, a flawed remedy.

Such lack of discipline usually leads to one thing,
A lack of it during marriage, which much heartache can bring.
Those who’re promiscuous, treat things far too casually,
And are less likely to be trustworthy maritally.

One should approach marriage seriously, not starry-eyed,
That is, never let emotion sound wisdom override.
It’s better to go without than to make a big mistake,
And why those contemplating marriage, much more time should take.

Most marry too young, too young to know what they really want, and,
Soon discover that the one they’ve married isn’t so grand.
It’s not ’till we’re older that we really know, generally,
For knowledge and understanding come with maturity.

Too many think they’ve got to get married, are pressured too, and
Need to know: Marriage isn’t necessarily some wonderland.
In fact, it’s usually not, but rather, more reality,
Something one needs to work at committedly, continually.

Something to enter with both eyes wide open, prudently,
And thinking of the others best interests, selflessly.
Sometimes it’s better to let someone go, not beg them stay,
Rather than to marry them, and later see them walk away.

Marriage is the biggest investment you’ll make — chose wisely,
It has the potential to bring you down, hurt your family.
When it’s good, it’s good, but should it sour, you’ll soon agree
That marriage should not be entered into casually.

And remember: Lust can’t wait to get, whereas, love can’t wait to give.

By Lance Landall

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