The POWERPOINT and a small article regarding wealth are under the last poem which is number 34.

It should be borne in mind that there's a diffference between poverty that's been created by one's foolishness and poverty that's been created by things beyond one's control. Self created poverty creates self created problems.
To be fair, though, some people are seemingly unable to make the right decisions in life, at times, particularly in their younger years, due to emotional issues (and other) that reflect a problamatic background.

“We, who have so much, must do more to help those in need. And most of all, we must live simply,

so that others may simply live.”
 Ed Begley Jr.

"The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much,
it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little."
Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1882-1945)

“What I have discovered in my travels to more than forty countries with World Vision is that almost all poverty is fundamentally the result of a lack of options. It is not that the poor are lazier, less intelligent, or unwilling to make efforts to change their condition. Rather it is that they are trapped by circumstances beyond their power to change…I have found that the poorer people are, the harder they work, usually. In fact, their daily labour is more strenuous than most of us could tolerate. It is their circumstances that conspire to prevent their hard work from bearing fruit.”
Richard Stearn, The Hole In Our Gospel, p118.

"Come now, you rich, weep and howl for your miseries that are coming upon you!...You have heaped up
treasure in the last days. Indeed the wages of laborers who mowed your fields,
which you kept back by
, cry out; and the cries of the reapers have reached the ears of the Lord...You have lived on the earth
in pleasure and luxury; you have fattened your hearts as in a day of slaughter." (James 5:1-5, NKJV).


1.  Off To Space You Go

Fifteen thousand children die every day, Mister Branson, and here you go,
Millions of dollars going up in smoke, which could’ve kept them alive, you know.
And others joining you in those joyrides to space, wasting their money as well,
Thereby aiding and abetting all those deaths, and Covid deaths ringing a bell.

Yes, all that money could help there too, but no, it’s off to space you go, sadly,
You and those others less excited about saving lives, which seems gross to me.
Oh, think what that money could do, but yours and their consciences not as acute,
Leaving millions to suffer or die, which love, thought and care wise, doesn’t compute.

By Lance Landall

2.  That Gnawing Gap

When the gap between the haves and have nots grows bigger, shaming humanity,
And many aren’t coping financially, it badly affects society.
Hence those acts that are born out of frustration and desperation that we see,
And why crime, suicides and family break ups increase, even anarchy.

Yes, enter stress, ill health, grumblings, anger and oft contempt for those who’re wealthy,
More so the miserly or overindulgent who hug or waste their money.
For when you’ve little or nothing, debt over your head and cupboards that are lean,
Such thoughtlessness and splurging can rub, and why rage, spite and green eyes are oft seen,

As well as any justifiable and understandable cries, I mean,
For folk being left to suffer while others hug or waste their money is obscene.
Sure those who’re more wealthy have a right to do what they wish with their own money,
But hey, speaking of some, where’s their conscience, their loving concern for humanity?

The truth is, that inequality hurts everyone, and why folk should come first,
Not that accountant mentality which a country’s bubble is bound to burst.
Well, sooner or later, such having lost its fizz thus leaving a taste that’s flat,
For any focus that’s not connected to a warm heart isn’t where it’s at.

And this, what every government and each society should’ve learnt by now,
Though sadly not, and why that same old unproductive field they’re still seen to plough.
And hence why that gap between the rich and poor is growing bigger by the day,
And claiming more victims; money, self, folly and agendas having all the say.

And by the way,

Where welfare becomes a dirty word and beneficiaries are stigmatized,
Less compassion is seen and heard and a sad direction thereby advertised.
Yes, a direction that eventually pulls a plug that’s really needed,
And why the welfare garden should never be discarded, but simply weeded.

By Lance Landall

3.  We're Looking At A Crime

An eighty five million dollar helicopter just to fly around mars, and
Let us know what we already know, that there’s no life there, and only Earth manned.
Meantime, how many lives could’ve been saved, sustained? Yes, we’re looking at a crime,
Mars madness the winner, those starving or impoverished not getting a dime.

Oh, the wickedness of it, like parents feeding strangers and not their children,
Whose cries go unheard while that alien seeking helicopter’s seen to spin.
Everything shouting that we’re alone here, and that there’s a reason for it,
But a dubious case for that grossly expensive helicopter made to fit.

By Lance Landall

Yes, that back to the moon Artemis program being $93 billion dollars worth.

4.  Speaking Of The Poor

When the poor are neglected, even hampered, it’s a crime against humanity,
A cruelty that’s inflected on our own kind, for there shouldn’t be poverty.
But alas there is, and this oft midst a selfish, obscene opulence that mocks,
And the gap getting wider by the day, need not the interest of bonds and stocks.

And so, many suffer from want while others overindulge or feed their greed,
And though wealth is hardly a sin, it’s a curse where it turns a blind eye to need.
Yes, karma, some call it, because what goes ’round comes ’round, fortunes lost in a day,
Or ill health suddenly striking, and such a reminder that we’re made of clay.

No, we can’t take it with us, though some seem determined to try, it piled high,
While others can’t afford to see the doctor, or some necessary things buy.
They doing it hard all the way, some every day, and it taking its toll,
Not enough or nothing in their bowl, and far too much in someone else’s bowl.

Yes, many have a love affair with filthy lucre and not their fellow man,
Their values and priorities askew, self being how trouble first began.
And ever since there’s been those who’ve nursed their wounds while others have nursed their treasures,
The latter sometimes the cause of those wounds given their greedy, hardnosed measures.

The true measure of anyone is the depth of their heart, its capacity,
And by that I mean, to show love and care; indifference an audacity.
And thus one spurred by either a higher or lower source, a good or evil force,
And with the resultant consequences of that sad or worthy choice, of course.

And oh, how the needy suffer when their needs aren’t met, and life being so short,
Which means even fewer happy years, many rudderless and without a port.
Hence those shipwrecks; rocky shoals of insensitivity having been too much,
Or in order to cope, it’s a beer jug or reefer that many are seen to clutch.

Therefore, the poor a test, one that we pass or not — and not, being to our shame,
Though I’m sure we’d condemn such indifference ourselves if suffering the same.
Yes, with the boot on the other foot, we possibly squeaking louder than they,
Hence why love and wisdom always seek to do what inevitably’s sure to pay.

By Lance Landall

"Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children. This is not a way of life at all in any true sense. Under the clouds of war, it is humanity hanging on a cross of iron.”
Dwight D. Eisenhower (1890-1969), American politician and Army general

5.  Your Choice, Their Fate

In a world where millions of people live in poverty,
And where thousands (due to lack of food) are dying daily,
Those million dollar mansions, or same yearly salaries,
No one can justify, nor should try, 'cause no one needs these.

No employee — anywhere — deserves such a salary,
And as for mansions, they’re sheer indulgence, unnecessary.
But while there is poverty, suffering and starvation,
Such indulgence or greed surely deserves condemnation.

For as I said, no one needs those mansions or salaries;
In fact, all should be content with just the necessities.
But how could anyone use money so indulgently,
Or expect a million dollars (even half that) yearly?

One could be forgiven, maybe, were there no poverty,
Or people starving, dying, missing out medically.
But there are, so now’s not the time for such indulgence, no,
For woes afflicting our planet a worrying trend show.

Yes, it’s time to act differently, should we be guilty;
That is, recklessly in charge of wealth, wasting good money.
Because each dollar that’s wasted deprives someone of food,
Sealing their fate — or overtime, the fate of a multitude.

The greater our wealth, the greater our responsibility,
And the greater our recklessness, the more we’ll prove guilty.
The more we have, the more we should give, where need is concerned,
And regardless of how much our money has been hard-earned.

You may have taken a life indirectly (wealthy or not),
For any money wasted is help that they could’ve got.
So put yourself in their place and imagine how you’d feel
Trapped in poverty, locked in pain, without hope of a meal.

By Lance Landall

6.  Could I Have Saved A Child?

One dollar given daily, a starving child will save,
But where no money’s given, they’ll go to an early grave.
Hence I can’t help but wonder how many children will die,
Just because we keep buying that ice-cream, that cake, that pie.

There’s nothing wrong with a treat, but more careful we should be,
For money that’s spent on treats could save children easily.
Everyone should stop and think before such money is spent,
Lest it be more children die, which that money could prevent.

Due to over-indulgence, thousands of children will die,
Just because we keep craving that ice-cream, that cake, that pie.
Or will it be those soft drinks, those hamburgers or those chips
That’ll see more children die while we lick and wipe our lips.

Think of all the money spent, needlessly so, over a year,
And ask yourself the question, “Do I culpability share?”
Could I have saved a child if I had been more content,
Or displayed more discipline, and much less on myself spent?

Perhaps it wasn’t those treats but a motorcar instead,
Just an expensive plaything that your bank account soon bled.
Yes, something rather flashy in which ego had a stake,
That left those starving children with a dreadful stomach ache.

Perhaps it was a house, friend, well beyond what you needed,
That not the cries of children but selfish desires heeded.
Or was it something else, friend, that you really didn’t need,
Which the death of more children, effectively guaranteed.

Though this all sounds rather harsh, there’s no denying it’s true,
Hence why it is I’m asking, “What from here on will you do?”
For your choice will seal the fate of some child far away,
Who will either slowly die or alive on this earth stay.

By Lance Landall

7.  Dear Businessman,

And though I’m well aware, of course, that a business needs to run profitably,
I appeal to your generosity, for many are struggling terribly.
The cost of your needed product and services is a real burden for some,
Be they the retired poor, some beneficiary, or an unwell dad or mum.

Yes, I’m well aware your profits would be lessened by such generosity,
But less is all that I’m talking about for the sake of those who’re less wealthy.
In other words, those who’ve little or nothing, those who struggle to make ends meet,
A doctor’s or dentist’s bill, small things to big things, daily living some feat.

And we too prone to judge, unaware of much in people’s lives, pain and worry,
Hence those sleepless nights, those arguments, those pillow stains — others in a hurry,
So little time, even care, such more why your thoughtfulness is so needed here,
A discount, even a wave of the hand, maybe, their gain some loss you can spare.

And such thought and care your legacy — you a legend — not just another boss,
But the kind of businessman that all, not just needy folk, love to come across.
Yes, you not just an owner or manager, but a man with a heart and soul,
Who’s compassionately easing a load that may be taking a heavy toll.

By Lance Landall

8.  Frequently I've Wished

Very frequently I’ve wished that I were someone wealthy,
Yes, a multi-millionaire whose income remained healthy.
However, not for my sake, for there’re many folk out there
Whose burdens could be lifted if I had such wealth to share.

Such wealth I wouldn’t parade like many well-off folk do,
For I think that’s rather cruel given what some are going through.
’Though a home I do not have, just a humble one I’d buy,
Lest the mansion I purchased, someone’s prayer request deny.

I would buy my family needy things they’ve gone without,
And some pleasures they’ve not known, my family I’d shout.
But ’midst all I’d do for them, I certainly wouldn’t forget
Others far less fortunate, fighting hardship, ill health or debt.

I’d seek out those who’re burdened with hardship or failing health,
And dispense unanimously, and generously, my wealth.
I’d live a humble lifestyle to ensure more people got
Whatever solved their problem, or at least helped them a lot.

Each week I’d withdraw money for my family and I,
But just enough for our needs, or what we could truly justify.
By acting in this manner I’d have even more to give
Any who are needy, like the starving, who’ve a right to live.

Personally, I think it’s sad that money’s wrongly spent
On things that are not needed while others their lot lament.
Many folk are suffering, and through no fault of their own,
While others live palatially like some king upon a throne.

Yes, very frequently I’ve wished that I were someone wealthy,
A multi-millionaire whose high income remained healthy.
For then I would have the chance to help thousands via my wealth,
Who each day throughout the year suffer hardship or ill health.

By Lance Landall

9.  To Those Who're Well-Off

We, the less well-off (many of us poor), don’t begrudge you your wealth, 'cause wealth isn’t bad in itself, and,
Nor its legitimate accumulation, given that wealth builds on itself, which we quite understand.
But what we don’t like is, you flaunting your wealth, rubbing it in our anxious, tired faces, effectively,
'Cause such can really rankle given our hardships, our unintended predicament financially.

Yes, the sheer indulgence we see, so bankrupt morally, 'cause such ignores the struggles we’re going through,
Struggles that could be eased, even solved, and why we'd appreciate a little thought and fairness from you.
After all, our ranks are swelling, and the gap between the rich and poor is growing faster by the day,
Which only leads to greater unrest and injury all-round, rather than ushers in a better day,

And especially when an air of superiority comes from that same well-off territory
(Wealth hardly equating to superiority, which, when one acts so, up and insults humanity),
'Cause all are equal, worthy of Earth’s bounties, food, clothing, a home, health, happiness and security,
And this, regardless of their race, religion or gender, no one treated better or differently.

It’s time snobbery ended, and those well-off cliques, which we, the less well-off, find offensive and unkind,
'Cause such unfairly stigmatises, leaves us out in the cold, despite us often being more refined.
Oh yes, 'cause many who’re wealthy live lives of debauchery, selfishly and senselessly waste money,
Money that could ease the burdens of many, restore health, save lives, and rescue others from poverty.

Yes, we the less well-off don’t begrudge you your wealth, 'cause it’s not money that’s the problem, but how it's spent,
Or hoarded (Scrooge McDuck like), 'cause that which is wasted or hoarded, much misery and pain could prevent.
Sure it’s your money, but where’s your heart, given wealth doesn't automatically equate to nobleness,
'Cause greater generosity's found amongst the less well-off, who given what they see, hate greediness.

And greediness is another word for pure indulgence, a crime when so many are in need on Earth,
Struggling, suffering, and even dying, midst that money that you who’re well-off, waste on pleasure and mirth.
Many of us going without a humble cottage, while many of you live in homes that holler pride,
Homes that go far beyond anyone’s need (and the rest you display), which widens that glaring, foul divide.

In other words, that huge gulf between those who have and those who don’t, one thats stench grows stronger by the day,
'Cause it’s a gulf that allows many to live like kings while others are left to suffer, fall by the way.
A gulf that shouldn’t be, but that sadly is, all because of that selfish “Me" and "Mine” mentality,
Which worships at an exclusive temple, bows before an image that’s detached, heartless, shallow, empty.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded 27 February 2020.

10.  Regarding The Poor

Within every society there are those who are very poor,
And who're often given scant regard, or simply ignored, what's more.
Yes, poverty is a huge problem that pervades our world today,
Which could largely be solved were there the heart and will to find a way.

What I find most disturbing is that some people who're doing well,
Are frequenting those op-shops that cheaper things for poorer folk sell.
Such provides some indication of the selfishness that pervades
Many who are better off and who're grabbing what poorer folk aids.

Sadly, such selfish behaviour runs right throughout society,
For many who're better off spend money with gross impropriety.
While those poor folk struggle daily, many just feather their own nest,
And thus symbols of indifference in their gilded mansions rest.

There're many in this world of ours who have everything that they need,
But they keep on wasting money that poorer families would feed.
By adding to their pile of treasure, propelled by selfishness and greed,
They thereby deny, via such excess, many poor folk what they need.

Yes, some folk are never contented, for they’re always wanting more,
Even when they have so much, which shows selfishness lies at the core.
It seems that some folk have no conscience, and just excuse their lavish ways,
Or they just give a meagre portion, which a tightness still portrays.

When we have all that we need in life, and are blessed with even more,
Let’s give that extra blessing to those families hard-hit or poor.
It's so shameful and unjust that many spend money needlessly,
While all throughout our planet other folk are battling poverty.

The amount that we keep for ourselves, compared to how much we share,
May very well provide evidence of just how much we really care.
Even if we're not all that wealthy, the same principle applies,
So, if you're blessed with all you need, consider your fellowman’s cries.

By Lance Landall

11.  And Again I Appeal

To those of you out there who have the resources, the skills and abilities,
Please find time for, and be generous to, those folk whose needs you could solve or ease.
In other words, those who’re poor, those folk who are really struggling financially,
And who as a sad consequence are beset with sleep-robbing anxiety.

Many of you out there who do have the resources, skills and abilities,
Are well-off (not that there’s anything wrong with that), and such needs could solve or ease.
And this why I’m appealing to you, that the lives of others be happier,
Or at least the lives of many, and lest for them, much bigger issues occur.


Please consider my appeal, the needs of many real, some desperate, in fact,
And thus why in the name of love — selflessness — I hope and pray that you’ll so act.
And I not meaning that you forsake all you have, but forego a portion, and
Due to such humane generosity, with the heroes of history stand.

By Lance Landall

12.  Cha ching!

While many of us who’re better off gorge, others starve, battle with poverty,
And much wickedness responsible for this ill afflicting humanity.
Yes, it having been solvable, but selfishness, greed and folly in cahoots,
And as for who — well, I guess that’s why the Bible says we’ll know them by their fruits.

You may scoff at a day of reckoning, but I believe there needs to be one,
’Cause why should callousness and indifference go unpunished, when all’s said and done?
Others suffering, dying while you and I gorge, while others waste millions, or,
Appease their conscience by giving a little of their lot, rather than much more.

Animal farming, wasted food, withheld necessities, all responsible,
Along with poor governance, those indulgences running red-hot via some till.
Cha ching! Another bowl of rice denied, another unnecessary grave,
Oh, it seemingly every man for himself, and then back into our cave.

By Lance Landall

13.  Help Regardless

Yes, many do have themselves to blame for their circumstances, but once trapped, or
Struggling badly, they can become the desperate, angry, problematic poor.
Hence why it behoves the rest of us to do all that we can to help them, and
Not just by our digging deeper, but by sincerely trying to understand.

Problematic isn’t meant derogatorily, it’s just reality,
’Cause things only get worse where folk are left alone to battle with poverty.
And not everyone entirely to blame, or at all, ’cause things happen, and
That is where (once again) you and I need to see that all the lifeboats are manned.

The seas are becoming rougher today, and some waves are caused by evil men,
Hence those gasping or perishing, while same pirates stack their treasures in their den.
This why the rest of us (though struggling too, maybe) need to toss out a lifebuoy,
That they too (midst their misery) may experience some happiness and joy.

By Lance Landall

14.  Poverty Doesn't Lessen One's Worth

No, poverty doesn’t lessen one's worth, wealth nothing but goods and money,
So all have the same value whether in a desert or land of milk and honey.
Neither a ghetto or a mansion changing a thing, thus goodbye snobbery,
’Cause those who mentally devalue indulge in emotional robbery.

And therefore, snobbery's nothing but an infantile game and form of cruelty,
Not to mention a gall, 'cause many who’re poor live lives that are exemplary.
Yes, they able to teach the wealthy a thing or two about nobility,
The antics of the rich and famous oft lacking sense, thought and humility.

So no, poverty doesn't lessen one's worth, devaluing someone somehow,
All why there’s no one on Earth to whom any of us should feel that we should bow.
Such nothing but the footprints of tradition and oppression, we all as one,
And hence why when it comes to who might be lower or higher on Earth, there’s none!

By Lance Landall

Both this poem and its title were altered on the 13 October 2020.

15.  Yes, Life's Unfair

Someone who’s got a house inherits another, sells it, splurges the money,
While someone who’s related and who needs a house remains without one, sadly.
Now where’s the fairness in that?
So let’s put it in rhyme, it far better out than in, for such can truly sting,
And is another very sad story with that oh so familiar ring.

Yes, life’s unfair, the first people having failed their test, and where my case I rest,
As one should move on, grudge holders possibly as cursed, and via such, they less blessed,
For why let someone’s greed or thoughtlessness start a fire that can only but burn,
And why it’s more healthier for us when the other hard done by cheek we turn.

The truth is, some build sandcastles while others plant seeds that bless more folk as well,
Or give more than they keep back for themselves — God bless that generous carousel —
For pity help those in a desert whose tank is full but padlocked while nearby
Someone has an empty glass which if its not filled will see them suffer or die.

Yes, money seems to get an unholy grasp on many when it comes their way,
They oft still pleading poverty though doing well before — and yet, how they play —
Yes, “Got to watch my money,” they say, tripping here and there, buying this or that,
While someone nearby shivers with cold, goes without, gets the proverbial pat.

Yes, life’s unfair, some pulling up the ladder behind them, others stuck below,
And they oft blamed for their own predicament and left in the rain, hail or snow.
So much for mercy, too bad some have learnt from their mistakes, for it’s “Take a walk,
Let me get on with polishing my Merc, I’m about to head off to New York.”

Well, sort of thing, money having come their way, though even if they’ve worked for it,
They’re still far better off, but that they are their brothers keeper they won’t admit.
And some of these folk even searching those op shops meant for the less well off, who,
Thereby benefit less thanks to these better off folk who can afford the new.

Yes, life’s unfair and always will be given that entrenched “me” mentality,
Which hollers, “Keep your cotton pickin’ fingers off what’s mine!”, or, “It’s my money!”
And why life calls for courage, an acceptance that makes things easier to bear
For nothing worsens our situation more than those things we refuse to bear.

But to those of you who’re better off, please give a little more.

By Lance Landall

16.  Where Profit's Injurious To All

Wise employers know that happy staff lead to higher profits — in other words, more incoming money,
And that happy staff lead to a well regarded company, less accidents, sickness and jealousy,
And that along with this, happy staff lead to a more productive and far happier community,
Which, at the end of the day, is once again in the best interests of any local company.

Yes, a company where whines, groans, arguments and complaints are fewer, and where there is less wastage too,
For happy staff take more care, show more thought, and less grudgingly some menial or unpleasant task do.
All of which is why an employer should treat his staff well, thus putting humanity before money,
For we don’t live to work, but work to live, though for the lucky few, their work is looked forward to daily.

At the end of the day, life’s all about people — others — not about me, greed, or piling up money,
Which, too often is learnt too late by those who’re acting selfishly rather than self-sacrificially.
And many of them employers who’re already more than comfortable, and yet still raking it in,
That is, at the wrongful expense of their staff, who though good employees, unfairness have to bear and grin.

So many employers encroach on their employee’s family time — that is, via staff meetings and so on,
Which could be accommodated during work hours, and then there’re other demands, which soon see more time gone.
And hence those problems that occur outside of work hours too, courtesy of such employers' thoughtlessness,
That is, their quest for higher profits (more filthy lucre), when the truth is, they’d still do well with far less.

By Lance Landall

Christian poem.

17.  Grant Me Heaps!

Dear God up in Heaven, please make me wealthy — I mean, seriously wealthy,
And then keep it coming, though not for my sake, but for others, and urgently!
You see, there’s so much that I could do to ease the misery of so many,
And on whose behalf I sorely beg — yes, please make me seriously wealthy.

I give my word that I’ll not use such for myself, other than where I have need,
Like a humble home, say (for I’ve none), and that from bills and debt I may be freed.
Yes, never for selfish indulgence, for there’s so many suffering today,
Yes, anxious and hurting people that I could help, if You’ll just send millions my way.

I want to do what most who’ve wealth do not do — that is, share ninety nine percent,
But I can only do such, if amidst Your plans and daily rule, You so consent.
I’m angry that so many die, that so many suffer, live in poverty,
While those who have so much dispense so little, if any, very selfishly.

Yes, make me wealthy, and please keep it coming, fill my cup each time it’s emptied,
And please respond with urgency, for down here on Earth, dear God, there’s so much need.
I don’t want wealth for wealth’s sake, and I don’t want wealth for me, so please, grant me heaps!
For in times like these, only someone heartless, such wealth squanders and Scrooge-like keeps.

By Lance Landall

18.  I'm Angry Today

Yes, I’m angry today, ’cause so many poor souls are going without while others have far more than they need,
And many of the latter flaunting their wealth, callously indulging in extravagance while these others bleed.
It’s wrong! It’s cruel! Plain unfair! Hence why the world needs a shake up, or at least those who’re acting so dreadfully,
Gorging themselves materially while others starve, die, suffer through not having, or live in poverty.

What’s even worse, many who’ve enough are still seeking more, bemoaning the amount of tax that they pay,
When these others can’t afford to visit doctors, put heaters on, get things they need, day after stressful day.
And those who've enough or more, oft put the boot in, turning on the welfare system and those in need of such,
And at that money that’s sorely needed for the protection of the ill and vulnerable, cruelly clutch.

Yes, not content with their lovely home (or have they two?), their flash cars, yacht, shares in some company, and so on,
They complain about some poor wretch who’s supposedly draining their pocket (whilst they trip to Spain or Saigon).
And whilst even on the make (’cause those with wealth are often the biggest takers, drainers and wasters), cry “Foul!”
When it’s the unfortunates who haven’t got, and are going without, who have more right to holler and howl.

All why on their behalf I rage, ’cause many need health care they can’t afford, oft not through some fault of their own,
And some not owning a house, even car — and as far as trips go, you’ve got to be kidding; then there’s that zone,
Yes, that district that those who’ve more than enough won’t buy in (even though it’s okay), thanks to their snobbery,
Oft another word for those who’re well up the ladder, though not all such people act as pathetically.

Then there’s those family situations where some have and some don’t, and where those who don’t, struggle financially,
While their siblings manage fine, yet seldom help, if at all, too caught up in that same selfish mentality.
Some even thinking that they can’t when they can, though such might mean going without something in order to give,
And that something being something they don’t need, but no, which as far as I’m concerned, is a sad way to live.

While the poor suffer, many who’re wealthy (thanks to pure indulgence), drain resources, strip supplies, charge sky-high,
Are on appalling wages — CEOs — thus draining tax payer’s money, greedily scoffing at the pie.
Yet, how oft the finger’s pointed elsewhere, whilst money lines the pockets of an elite, even secret few,
Where the real power is, even hidden agenda that’s working to gain more control of things, and us too.

Yes, I’m angry today, ’cause it’s not right that others suffer or die while others waste what could relieve and save,
While others just party, live in despotic luxury, wade in self-importance, indifferently behave,
Thereby joining the ranks of the selfish, callous and thoughtless who’ve cursed this Earth throughout its sad history,
’Cause such have no heart or conscience, or not much of each, and are effectively foes of humanity.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded 2 Febuary 2020.

19. Selfish Hoarders

Many who have more than sufficient, are just adding to what they have, thereby acting most insensitively,
For despite having worked for such (though not necessarily), it doesn’t relieve them of their moral duty.
After all, only the heartless, callous and selfish wallow in their treasures while other people do it hard,
And they, having to deal with lame excuses that come from such tight-fisted better-off folk, for such cruelly bombard.

Strong words? Yes, but very needed words, for there are too many living well while others are struggling, anxious and ill,
And often through no fault of their own — and without that help they need, they’re left to ride that life robbing carousel.
And so it goes, for many people who have it, don’t like to part with it, and hasn’t that always been the way,
For there’s something about money and possessions that gets a grip on folk, and sees them selfish instincts obey.

You would think that the more people got, the more they would give, but alas, such generosity is seldom so,
But for the mere trickle of token gestures, often conscience appeasers, or could it be that it’s done for show?
And those few who do give lots, oft have a lot more, far more than they’ll ever need, which is much better shared than hoarded,
And bearing in mind that sharing also benefits the giver, for generosity is oft rewarded...

Whether that reward comes in the form of a clear conscience, a happier state of mind, or a returned favour,
As misfortune can also hit some who’re better off, who, if they’re generous folk, the same kindness may savour.
For those who’re very grateful for the help they receive, may one day be the giver rather than the receiver,
But wouldn’t it be nice, if regardless of how much folk have, they always sought to be a burden reliever?

By Lance Landall

20.  Just There For Themselves

It’s very clear that many who are in the people business, aren’t there for the people, but just there for themselves, be they:
Doctors, dentists, optometrists, audiologists, psychologists, specialists — and who therefore dismay.
Rather than viewing their occupation as a calling, they see such as a career, and even money tree,
For once they’re past initial outlays, be such study, equipment and so on, they sting like a demented bee.

Yes, such are seldom found amongst the ranks of the poor, but rather, despite all their whines, are doing very well,
Yet, charging what many people cannot afford, charges that their burgeoning bank account continues to swell.
And it’s the same with mechanics, plumbers, electricians, builders and so on, who though doing very nicely,
Still continue to rake in the money at others’ unfortunate expense — prices still as high, greedily.

Thus, bedside manner and customer services come second to money, if at all, for such just isn’t their scene,
Given that in their case, people are only a means to an end, but isn’t that the way it has always been?
That is, where there’s more interest in money than there is in people-cum-those who disgrace their profession or trade,
Via shoddy workmanship, lack of love, thought and care, or crippling charges, such due to a thinking that’s retrograde.

Yes, many with the skills and ability, are using such selfishly, seemingly not there for humanity,
And therefore, are lacking in that which should be foremost in their mind — such being compassion and sensitivity.
Hence how so many clients and patients suffer unduly, even terribly — a crime of sorts, quite frankly,
For surely such is a form of abuse, let alone moral bankruptcy, which just adds insult to injury.

By Lance Landall

Christian content or degree.

21.  Fallen Divisions

Rest assured God has no time for that lower class, middle class, upper class nonsense — sin, effectively,
'Cause such unnatural, fallen divisions God never intended be a part of humanity.
In His eyes all are equal, regardless of their background, lineage, assets, money or position,
And why He has clearly conveyed that He wants each Christian to have the same approach and recognition.

Though we might find ourselves classed in that middle or upper bracket, it shouldn’t be apparent in our manner,
Nor our behaviour, 'cause right into the very heart of the Gospel, such throws a rebellious spanner.
Christ came to break down such labelling, pigeon-holing, it the product of pride, unfairness and abuse,
'Cause when it comes to Earth’s bounties, all should share such, not feathering one’s own nest, which equates to misuse.

Such class distinctions are the outcome of the Fall, and why all who’ve wealth, or more than others, should take care,
'Cause God's watching closely, and taking careful note of just how much people keep, and just how much they share.
And rightly so, 'cause such conveys the true intent of one’s heart, and it’s the heart God’s interested in,
'Cause the heart, more than anything else, our destiny (be that eternal life or death) will determine.

The heart of the Gospel is all about putting others first (after Christ), and all those who love Him will,
Knowing that one shouldn’t make an idol of their possessions, 'cause such inevitably leads to ill.
Hence those class distinctions that many aspire to, that Jones mentality, such being nothing but pride,
A mentality and state that offends the Bridegroom who's looking for a humble, serving, giving bride.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded 8 February 2020.

22.  A Funny Kind Of Love

We like to think we’re generous, but the truth is, our generosity oft only goes so far;
In other words, it’s cruelly selective — usually a case of, depending on who others are.
We hardly give 'till it hurts, nor in every way, but rather, more often are very choosy,
Which not only shows some flaw in us, but is a corrupted form of giving, which others can see.

Too many have a notebook mentality, a heartless tick the box list, which many hardly meet,
And there're some we won’t help again — no second chance, sort of thing — hence our pharisaic retreat.
Too bad some regret the way they once behaved after getting some help from us, having grown and learnt,
But not going to get that help they need again, even though we can afford to once again get burnt.

Therefore, they don’t get such, and we spend what we keep on what? Yes, more selfish wants, as opposed to real needs,
Whilst patting ourselves on the back over others that we’ve helped, which oft amounts to self-serving deeds.
Yes, on the one hand we’re generous and kind, and on the other, selective, hardnosed and  petty,
And we think we’re pretty good people — well, dream on, I say, 'cause it’s time that we faced reality.

The truth of the matter is, that we so oft whine whilst giving — in other words, we give reluctantly,
And in many cases, in order to appease our conscience (though Scrooge-like), just enough, miserly.
We’re great ones for fooling ourselves, but others aren’t so fooled, they knowing our good deeds are a veneer,
'Cause when push comes to shove, it’s a funny kind of love — and sad to say, such is more common than rare.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded 11 February 2020.

23.  For Crying Out Loud, Just Give!

Yes, just give! — and when you’ve given, give again, and while at it, throw that hardnosed pen and notebook away,
Remembering that true charity sees the need, not the cause — and oh, how many are in need today,
Be they those who’re starving in other lands, a neighbour, relation, friend or stranger, so give without end,
Yes, even 'till it hurts, rather than adding icing to your cake, or some thoughtless indulgence defend.

Well, I mean to say, consider how much money most generally waste, buying what they hardly need,
While others battle poverty, die some horrid death, or really struggle, and oft thanks to others’ greed,
And where not plain greed, it's that “I want this” or “I want that too” list, and this, when they've enough already,
But no, they want a spa pool, a Mercedes, a flash looking house, or is it a conservatory?

Meantime many bleed, the strain oft ending marriages, splitting families-cum-plaguing society,
'Cause those who’ve not enough oft turn to crime, or somehow suffer emotionally or physically,
And many of them are angry at the injustice of such, which others could ease, or end so easily,
But no, they continuing to add to their comforts, even feeling hard done by, ridiculously.

Yes, too many who've enough think that they haven’t enough, and have no idea how the other half live,
In other words, what it's really like to go without, thanks to those who so selfishly refuse to give,
Or who give so little compared to what they could give, thus even ensuring that others won’t live,
And who thereby have innocent blood on their selfish hands, and why I say, "For crying out loud, just give!"

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded 25 February 2020.

24.  Nothing Or Too Little

There are so many people in this world who haven’t received the thought and help they should have received,
Or to put it another way, who haven’t received the degree of thought and help they should have received.
And, let me add, thought and help that hasn’t come from their siblings-cum-family either, tragically,
Or the degree of thought and help that they should have received, which can soon lead to animosity,

An animosity that all should take care to prevent, 'cause such can see the aggrieved act badly,
Like injuriously towards those who didn’t show the thought and help that they should have, foolishly,
'Cause resentment and bitterness can fester midst the aggrieved one’s struggle that could’ve been relieved,
But that wasn’t relieved, excuses coming thick and fast, hence that baleful web that is often weaved,

And that results in some News Flash that we see, those incidents too oft seen within society,
All due to an unattended boiling pot that in time flipped its lid, and hey, not surprisingly,
'Cause many who struggle have personal issues that need the same thought and help, but that isn’t there,
Others too busy, distracted, indifferent, and even ignorantly and coldly severe.

They unable to see that those with such issues can’t always show the very same wisdom as they,
Given emotional scars that cloud, ill health, daily battles-cum-traps — oft caused by others, I must say.
Hence why midst complexities that plague the lives of many, sound judgment is prone to going astray,
But they not worthy of condemnation, 'cause hey, how can we expect otherwise, at the end of the day?

It’s so much easier to make the right decisions and do the right things when all’s well with us, or
To put it another way, when we aren’t afflicted as they, nor the same person as they, what’s more,
'Cause certain things affect people differently, backgrounds too, even where the same, unsurprisingly,
'Cause we’re all unique individuals, our inner self largely unexplored, still a mystery,

And thus we simply don’t know what nothing or too little may result in, though some of us can  guess,
Given what we’ve seen occur, or have experienced, be such a tragedy or deepening mess.
All why thought and help that's not forthcoming, or those token gestures, are oft perilous mistakes,
Or at the very least, a slap in the face of those already stinging, whom despair overtakes.

Yes, little or naught, when there should be something substantial or more oft, and more so from siblings, who,
Like the rest, oft don’t make the effort they should, don’t give until it hurts, nor understanding pursue.
But rather, sit in judgment, resenting the justified complaints from those given naught or too little,
And who in time may flip their lid, or simply just continue to struggle, and why so oft all’s not well.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded 9 February 2020.

This poem was penned 19 December 2011.

25.  The Ninety Nine Percent

Today we’re hearing from those who call themselves The Ninety-Nine Percent, and to be frank, they’re hardly far from wrong,
For the wealth-cum-power of a few has been manipulating and controlling this old Earth for far too long.
Not that such should've been at all, for no one person or group should be riding roughshod over humanity,
And hence those strong voices of The Ninety-Nine Percent who are calling for an end to such criminality.

Ever since the beginning of this Earth’s history, there have been those who have sought to dominate and control,
And who, if they had their deluded and villainous way, would stamp all over humanity as a whole.
Such is why power should always be dispersed as widely as possible, and not placed in the hands of a few,
And why each nation shouldn’t be somehow tied to another, or to them all, as New World Orders seek to do.


Danger can even lie in people power-cum-the voice of the majority, who, just as deludedly
Can trample on their dissenters too — the minority — which once again shouts tyranny and stupidity.
Hence why freedom of expression and civil-religious liberty-cum-human rights, should be untouchable,
For any who tinker with such, or trample on such, soon bring about ill-cum-that old historic carousel.

At the end of the day, all who seek freedom from tyranny and want a better way, must be above reproach,
That is, they mustn’t be willing to violate what they shouldn't in order to bring about change, lest they encroach.
That being, on the rights of others, for two wrongs don’t make a right, but rather, holler hypocrisy and folly,
For no matter who’s wanting what, “The end justifies the means” is where it all comes undone, eventually.

Thus, until “The end justifies the means” approach is dead and buried, there’s little hope of true peace and harmony,
For such a flawed approach has been used over and over again — and yes, by those on both sides, tragically.
The only way ahead lies in the complete repudiation of anything that violates human rights,
A path that’s free of selfishness, indifference and destructiveness — we not just voices, but bright and pure lights.

The way of The Ninety-Nine Percent needs to be transparent, a path where no one is thought a minority,
But rather, where all are treated with the same thought, care and respect, even should they think and act differently.
In other words, all must be free to walk according to their conscience, providing they don’t act violently,
For the way ahead must be free of any action that causes grief to any member of humanity.

Yes, protestors have come and gone, often midst destructiveness and lawlessness, they behaving just like their foe;
That is, they attempting to achieve their ends by acts from which many wrongs also flow.
For fighting fire with fire has never extinguished the flames of oppression, violence, hatred and bigotry,
But rather, has fuelled such, or left coal quietly smouldering away only to flare up again, insanely.

By Lance Landall

26.  Let All Pause

It’s so very sad when people have health issues that money could solve or ease,
And those around them, and even near, are somewhat blowing money as they please.
Sure it’s their money, and clearly they’ve a right to spend it as they wish, but hey,
How awful that so much suffering continues while good money goes astray,

Or to put it another way, while many people play.

Okay, perhaps folk aren’t blowing their money, but more making the most of it,
Spending it on this or that, they tripping here and there, reaping the benefit.
Well, they may deserve such, but selflessness runs to the beat of a higher cause,
And why when it comes to the spending of even hard-earned money, let all pause.

By Lance Landall

27.  Woe To The Heartless

We’re living in the days of the heartless, the love of so many growing cold, and,
When talk of doing this or that is largely just that, simply talk, more sleight of hand.
All why the lot of many who’re suffering is getting far worse, and also why
Racial taunts and bigotry are hardly waning despite the louder hue and cry.

Oh yes, we can legislate against this or that, but within the hearts of many
There’s not a single ounce of change, and given how things look now, there won’t be any.
For hatred, indifference and callousness are on the rise, and thus why we see
Murder after murder, bashings, robberies, rapes, plain lawlessness-cum-larceny.

Amazing how the Bible predicts such, but tell me, why on Earth would all this be,
As aren’t we supposed to be more civilized and enlightened? — yes, supposedly 
For society’s going backwards, and come to think of it, there’re less boundaries,
And as far as morals, standards and values go — well, most folk just do as they please.

Anyway, back to those who’re suffering from the heartlessness that is seen today,
For such ill is a sure indication of something having gone badly astray.
Yes, for people are becoming more hardnosed, much cruller to many who’re in need,
Their changed mentality viewing such folk differently, ignoring them though they bleed.

Well, if not ignoring, not digging as deeply, they finding some excuse that suits,
Most folk living for themselves, lining their own pockets (how we tell folk by their fruits),
And thus they fulfilling prophecy (going by the Bible), and hence why we see
The vulnerable, disadvantaged and burdened-down suffering more intently.

Hence those harsher attacks on the welfare system, a badly needed safety net,
Which anyone of us could have good reason to call upon sometime, don’t forget.
But such not affordable, some say (where it’s not based on some ideology),
Well, I disagree, believing that where there’s the will there’s a way, for such should be.

And more so these days given how things are getting tougher for the man in the street,
Who due to the likes of unemployment or ill health, his loved ones needs mightn’t meet.
Hence why many are struggling, beset by this or that, only to be kicked when down,
And why beneath such cruelty, much hardship, heartache, their issues and pain, many drown.

Therefore, will you respond or be numbered amongst the heartless, the worsening throng,
Who, despite often being better off, sing that tired old “They’re bleeding our money” song.
Well, so much for living for others, charity that sees the need and not the cause,
And why the struggles of others, and that growing heartlessness, should have us all pause.

By Lance Landall

28.  Unlock That Pocket

We can go on and on about some folk not acting very responsibly,
Or about teaching folk to fish rather than giving fish, such talk so easy,
But meantime, let’s err on the side of charity, willing generosity,
That all may be happier and thus much less unrest within society.

It doesn’t do any of us any good where there’s other folk suffering,
And why it’s best to keep the cap on discontent, lest from such, more ill soon spring,
And yes, be their situation of their own making, for we all make mistakes,
And turning things around can take time, and meantime, there’s those miserable aches.

Yes, aches that afflict the lives of someone’s partner or child, not to mention them,
Whom others won’t change for the better if they piously withhold or condemn.
It being more a case of befriending them, gradually helping them to see,
But meantime showing thought and compassion via unconditional charity.

Our lives are short, and that of less wiser folk too, of whom we should spare more pain,
Such being the loving thing to do, and one day they treating us just as humane.
And by that I mean, should we mess up, fall on hard times, and thereby ache as well,
Hoping that no one will pull out some check list before responding to our ill.

By Lance Landall


29.  Don't Knock Beneficiaries

Grant raised his head and looked at his dad who was wistfully looking out the window;
A man who’d seen the best and worst of life, and those changes that so oft come and go.
His father was a good man, who sought the best for all, believing such right and fair,
And as far as troubles and heartache go, Grant's father had certainly had his share.

“Why are folk so hard on beneficiaries, Dad, some political parties too,
That single out those on welfare, and midst anti-welfare cries, tougher lines pursue?”
“Well, son, in my experience, such is often linked to some ideology,
One that’s seriously flawed, but attractive to those who’ve a certain mentality.

And, I might add, who tend to vote for those parties that view welfare negatively,
Picking up on that anti-beneficiary sentiment, very ignorantly.
Many have no idea what’s going on in the life of some beneficiary,
Yet, just like jackals, or armchair critics, attack or pass judgment injuriously.

Not everyone’s hard on beneficiaries, son, it’s just a certain quarter who are,
A very vocal group, who when they get their way, invaribly take things too far.
And as a result, they simply exchange one problem for another — a worse one,
For when folk have their backs against the wall, they turn to anything, perhaps a gun.

You see, when folk are fearful, unable to cope, they do what they can to get by,
Which sees lawfulness fly out the window, and criminality diversify.
Don’t get me wrong, son, I’m not condoning such, and not all will turn their hands to crime,
But one thing’s for sure, troubles by the bucket load are only a matter of time.

The welfare system is the country’s heart, son, and that heart needs to beat really well,
For there’ll always be those who’re out of work, those who’re unable to cope, those who’re ill.
Yes, better a fence at the top of the cliff, than an ambulance waiting below,
Which any with a genuine love for humanity, son, well and truly know.

When we’re harsh on beneficiaries, we also adversely affect their family,
Which simply causes ripples in the pond, ripples that reach deep into society.
And hence why we’re better to err on the side of wastage and generosity,
Which means leaning a little more left than right, given balance seems a rarity.”

“What about bludgers, Dad?”  “Oh, you’ll always get those, son, but they’re a minority,
A very small number in the scheme of things, who’re surely sorted out easily.
But they’re not the only ones ripping off the system, for so are the majority,
Be that via so-called little sins, or larger ones, that siphon and drain just as badly.

There’re so many on the make, son, including many who are higher up the scale,
Who very hypocritically point to beneficiaries and hard done by wail.
And there’re those who’re doing nicely, who should be counting their blessings, but oh no,
Seems they’re far too busy counting losses, and pointing the finger at so-and-so.

Too many think they’ve the answers, or can’t see past their pocket, behaving selfishly,
And are ignorant of the complexities in the life of some beneficiary.
Many on a benefit, and who hate being on one, are trapped by circumstances, and,
Rather than harsher measures, need our understanding, or a larger helping hand.

Too many people, including politicians, are out of touch with reality;
They're living in a world that is far removed from that of the beneficiary.
And far too often, those who hold the purse strings, have an accountant mentality,
Only thinking in terms of things financially, and effectively, inhumanely.

The welfare system is necessary, son, and only one drain financially,
But for some reason, it’s a convenient scapegoat, maligned and hammered unfairly.
Some things are best just lived with, son, rather than picked on, and at the end of the day,
Too many see things in just black and white terms, when things are often a shade of grey.”

By Lance Landall

And hey, where are the appropriate jobs?
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This poem was penned on 27 Nov 2013.

30.  Dear Prime Minister

I’m alarmed that your party’s selling our country’s assets, or partially so,
For soon our country will be less well off, much money going offshore, you know,
And we having less to spend on maintenance and improvements, and in its wake,
We also paying more for necessities given what those shareholders take,

And oh, those bigger bills that break the camel's back, and why many lie awake.

And tell me, Sir, what’s with the slash and burn, that attack on beneficiaries,
And those renting government houses? They being the first to feel some fiscal squeeze,
As are any who’re simply trying to make ends meet, such as the working class,
Who aren’t trying to live up to a certain life-style, but watching fate’s hour glass.

Better men leaning on shovels than out of work or on a low benefit,
And anxious of that slash and burn, and they becoming depressed, even unfit,
Or taking such out on the wife and kids, stealing or committing suicide,
Your party having exchanged one problem for another, widened the divide.

It seems your party’s head isn’t connected to its heart — and just as crazy,
Your opposition’s heart isn’t connected to its head, and thus why we see,
People on the left and people on the right, sense and balance having got lost,
And what might be the cost? A coming bitter winter, I say, going by the frost.

Some might call it arrogance, Sir, and others ask: "Is it some ideology,
Short-sightedness, or some agenda that’s behind many of these things we see?"
Could it be all the above, not to mention the self serving? For one thing's clear,
We’re living in a different world, some at the wheel who don’t know how to steer,

And others who only their way wish to steer.

All why our best produce is going offshore, and badly needed contracts too,
Hence that higher unemployment and loss of skills from jobs that our folk could do.
And why it all seems back to front, our country becoming less self-sufficient,
And only the financially viable managing, the rest of us skint.

Sure that small group of shareholders who live here may profit, and those who're wealthy,
But we're losing industries, we now so dependant on things from overseas.
And come some blip, down we all slip, free trade having cost, privatization too,
For some things need to be protected, and some not sold, or come our Waterloo.

And meantime, how many jobs have gone?

And as for those beneficiaries, most need a hand up, not a harder kick,
Many of them trapped due to this or that, health worries and debt up to their neck.
All why I’m alarmed, Sir, for there’re bigger drains on the country’s purse, you know,
And far more money going west via those at the top than those on peanuts below.

By Lance Landall


31.  I Hope You're Tired Of It Too

I’m tired of all that beneficiary bashing, that stigma they’re forced to bear,
Thanks to many who aren’t suffering the same, but who criticize from some chair.
And they saying it’s all about attitude, getting off one’s backside — oh dear —
As if it were as simple as that, and thus why I’ve put pen to paper here.

Yes, many folk make bad choices that see them in predicaments, hence their cry,
But such folk are oft incapable of making the right choices, and here’s why:
They suffering from emotional issues, enter stress, fear, anxiety,
Obsessions, addictions, insecurities, deep scars or depression, sadly,

And help not there like it should be, or not as much as it really needs to be.

Hence why such folk struggle to get beyond it all, even adding to their woes,
Frustration and desperation taking over, and where might such end? Who knows?
For some it’s suicide, and others take it out on society somehow,
Though in the main, most simply battle their way through astride a weak straining bough,

They possibly victims of abuse and a home where there was row after row.

The purpose of the welfare safety net is to spare such folk from further ill,
And those who’re in the firing line, hurt and anger oft drawing from a deep well.
Well, I mean to say, who knows how much a negative background plays a part, and
Mounting debt, health problems, cruel remarks, indifference and those kids that weren’t planned?

And some government’s tight-fisted policies or bias aggravating things,
And oh, how oft we see a lack of balance-cum-those crazy left and right swings.
And suffering from it all, not only one’s country, but the vulnerable,
Folk who’re poor or on a benefit, and little happening to ease their ill.

Sure there are outright bludgers and folk who do need to get off their butt, but hey,
Who are we to say who such folk are — and listen, there is a right and wrong way.
Yes, too much evil surmising goes on, and ignorance is oft a cruel thing,
For those who point when minus someone’s case history just take a random swing.

The issues within a person's life can be complex, and all not as it seems,
But rather, they riddled with problems, oft close to coming apart at the seams.
In other words, they emotionally handicapped, crippled, or somewhat so,
And such made worse when they're up against the wall or fielding off another blow.

What's clear is that there will always be these needy folk within society,
And hey, the welfare net simply another kind of insurance policy.
One that beneficiaries also contribute to via tax that they pay too,
And dare it be removed given that the next one in need of it may be you!

By Lance Landall

32.  Wealth On Trial

Seems most pop stars and rock stars waste their money shamelessly,
Whilst people die of starvation, struggle with poverty.
Seems most movie stars too — or other celebrities — waste their money,
Whilst people suffer and die, drown in abject poverty.

How can any with such wealth waste it so indulgently,
Buying this or that, doing this or that, so needlessly.
Such self-centered indulgence when so many are in need,
Is surely a crime in itself — gross callousness indeed.

Take those outrageous parties, and those other excesses,
Like mansions worth millions that indifference expresses.
Or those private jets and yachts, as equally expensive,
Which these folk won’t go without so that many more may live.

Yes, some do give a million or two, and good on them, I say,
But they’re wasting millions more — thus, others still suffer, pass away.
That million or two they do give saves some lives, eases some poverty,
But the rest they waste means others still die, or still face misery.

Such folk are misusing wealth, acting irresponsibly,
Whilst poverty’s increasing and more are dying needlessly.
It’s bad enough at any time to act so thoughtlessly,
But when things are getting worse, it’s acting appallingly.

Poverty’s a dreadful thing, no one should have to go through,
Nor should any starve to death while others great wealth accrue.
Starvation could be halted, and poverty halted too,
If every wealthy person said, “One for me, two for you.”

Seems to me, “It’s ten for me, and none for you,” or at best
“I’ll make some token gestures, and then flaunt and waste the rest.”
Sure it may be their money, but morally it’s not right
Wasting what could save more lives, ease more poverty, shine a light.

By Lance Landall


33.  Blurred Vision

Could anyone tell me, please, why some folk with money to spare
Are constantly just complaining, and not content with their share?
Rather than them being grateful, and just getting on with their life,
They attack the welfare system with their penny-pinching knife.

This safety net that's so needed, they would quickly slash and burn,
Creating greater poverty, more hardship, fear and concern.
For with each slash of their cruel knife, more misery they’d create,
And many existing problems would simply accelerate.

Could anyone tell me, please, why some folk with money to spare
Are hollering the loudest, “We’re being treated most unfair?”
They say that they’re taxed too highly due to beneficiaries,
Who, via the welfare system, their salary each pay day squeeze.

Were I amongst the well-off, I certainly wouldn’t complain,
For I would count my blessings, and thus desire for more restrain.
I’d rather pay higher taxes than see others go without
The help that they’re in need of, for that’s what caring’s all about.

Yes, I’d rather there be wastage than see needed help removed,
I’d happily be short-changed if it another’s lot improved.
Yes, I’d rather see folk happy, I would rather see folk well,
I would rather see them coping than struggling, depressed, or ill.

There’re those who’re too concerned with balancing the books and saving,
Seemingly indifferent to folk suffering or slaving.
Thus, although wisdom's called for (which should include feeling as well),
Let us not be too Scrooge-like, and on such handouts over dwell.

Countries with a safety net, one that’s generous, not measly,
Display a far greater love and concern for humanity.
And so do those well-off people who accept some loss, or give
To ensure that those less fortunate a brighter life can live.

By Lance Landall

34.  By Degree

Surely you wouldn’t take a life, not deliberately,
No, not knowingly, willingly, nor calculatedly?
Surely you wouldn’t kill someone, let them die painfully,
Miserably, horribly, lingeringly, callously?

But tell me, friend, might you, would you, have you indirectly,
Thoughtlessly, carelessly, insensitively, ignorantly?
That is, via selfishly using, wasting, withholding money,
Money needed to keep folk from starving, dying daily.

And surely you wouldn’t aid poverty, not consciously,
Not intentionally, voluntarily, readily?
But could it be, friend, that you’re aiding such indirectly,
Thoughtlessly, carelessly, insensitively, ignorantly?

“It’s my money,” you say. Well, no one’s disputing that, friend,
But isn’t it sad that folk die while pleasures we defend?
Yes, thrills, luxuries, wants, even demands, material things,
Things that excite, but that indirectly, death for many brings.

Or if not death, prolonged poverty, daily misery
That could be halted, lessened greatly, very easily.
"How?" you say. Via all that money that’s spent so wastefully,
Unnecessarily, recklessly, self indulgently.

Money that annually runs into many billions,
Depriving of food and life the starving, dying millions.
Money that could bring changes for the better, everywhere,
Yes, at home or abroad, but only when we choose to care.

Care enough, that is, to respond self sacrificially,
Rather than saying, “I can do as I wish, it’s my money.”
After all, who would put money before humanity?
Surely only a criminal, or us perhaps, by degree.

By Lance Landall


Wealth isn't wrong in itself. After all, some people inherit wealth, and some people accumulate wealth via a business that prospers, and so on.
However, riches can be seen as quite another thing, shallow status, pride.
Yes, wealth is actually a good thing. If you prosper, your family prospers, and their children, even those around you. Thus the problem isn't wealth as such, but the fact that many are living in poverty, going without their needs, or dying of starvation, while others who've way in excess of their needs, aren't doing what they can, or as much as they can, to alleviate the lot of those who're less fortunate. And many, if not most, are guilty of grossly misusing their wealth. What these people spend on pure and outlandish selfish indulgence would keep millions from dying each year. Therefore, as mentioned, the problem isn't wealth, but often, or mostly, the person who has such wealth. And I guess that's where the problem will always lie.
If one doesn't have a conscience, nor a sense of duty or responsibility, they'll clearly stand idly by, as it were, while their fellowman suffers unnecessarily. Given there's so much wealth in the world, there just shouldn't be the amount of suffering that there is. However, one doesn't have to be wealthy to be guilty of such, as most of us could probably do more than we do — that is, if we are doing anything. And sometimes the needy are right next door, or very close at hand. We are living in times where the need is so great. Even if we — that is, those of us who're not wealthy — were to forgo some of our seemingly minor indulgences, we would spare many from a horrid death.
I must also mention that the reason we have the poverty and starvation that we do on Earth is not because the world is overpopulated (because it's not, far from it), but simply because of  human greed, selfishness, wars — oh yes, and because of the manipulating of things that can go on behind the scenes.
Let me quote someone:
"We have an abundant resource and potential to produce much more than is required to sustain a far greater population than we have."

Personally, with so many suffering today, I couldn't in all conscience spend money on things like a second house, a speed boat, a vintage car, and so on. Not when I think of how many I could help with that same money, and given the urgency of the day. Yes, while the Western world parties and so forth, others die before they even reach school age. Where's the justice in that?

By the way, mind that knocking of baby boomers:
There are those who look upon the retired with a certain degree of envy, and overlooking the following:
a)  Most retirees are not wealthy, and many struggle financially just like anyone else.
b)  Retirement is a time when, given the age of retirees, they're often and eventually faced with operations, various body pains, higher medical costs, failing or compromised eye sight, hearing or limb movement, greater susceptibility to colder weather, and a vulnerability and anxiety that comes with lessening strength and vitality.
All why they may need any wealth they have.


This PowerPoint presentation (about poverty-cum-starvation, and which contains music) was put together by someone who I don't know, but who was very taken with my poem on the subject:
This early poem was upgraded on 5th February 2016 (partly due to the over use and incorrect use of commas which showed my gramatical lacking then), but not upgraded on the PowerPoint itself; such being beyond my control.
The upgraded one can be seen on my page Inspired, grey box, Home page.