Somewhere To Begin



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 "Memories are always better when they're preceded by wise choices and selfless acts."
The poet, author

Somewhere To Begin

When it comes to those who daily cross our path, and those we work or mix with, we should always keep the following in mind, lest we add to the load they’re bearing (or should the tables be turned):
They may have recently lost a loved one;
May be dealing with marital betrayal;
May be going through a painful separation, divorce, or custody battle;
May be caught in a frustrating, lonely, loveless marriage;
May be dealing with abuse, intimidation, indifference, insensitivity or bigotry;
May be having to come to grips with a terminal illness;
May be suffering from a distressing heath issue (perhaps too personal to mention);
May be struggling with depression and anxiety (and again, issues too personal to mention);
May be reeling from a job loss or shattered dream;
May be struggling to make ends meet;
May be quietly contemplating suicide;
May be fighting low self esteem, and midst it all, even appearing confident, giving the impression they’re doing fine, putting on a brave face, laughing on the outside when they're crying on the inside — in other words, when they’re actually in desperate need of tender loving care, a shoulder, an ear, support, friendship, and particular or unique answers — answers that may never come.
Yes, there are times when we could lessen someone's load, but for many reasons, some perhaps inexcusable, we don’t, and even by choice.


1.  Wherever You Might Go

When you pass another person, leave behind a little cheer, a hug or smile,
And where there’s some hurting soul, or Nature’s amusing antics, linger awhile.
For we were born to love and care, to embrace the joys and hope of life and share,
And all made sweeter where our heart is clean and another’s load we help to bear.

So live like a child and skip through life, swinging on lamp posts, stomping in puddles,
Laughing and singing, painting, writing or sculpturing, and enjoying cuddles.
Yes, treasure that innocence, adventure, any moment that promises fun,
So that wherever you might go there’s a chirpy chorus and a beaming sun.

By Lance Landall

2.  Take A Jar

Take a jar and fill it full of loose change for those buskers and beggars one sees,
Or fill it full of homemade jam and give it to a neighbour, for such will please.
Or maybe you could fill it full of cookies for when a visitor turns up,
Who some chilled fruit juice in a glass would also love, or a hot drink in a cup.

Yes, take a jar and fill it with others in mind, and call it "The Kindness Jar,"
One that can take a sizable quantity so that its goodies will go far.
And then fill it again and again so that it won’t run out of what will please,
And that kindness jar will always reward you, truly bless whenever you sneeze.

By Lance Landall

3.  A Special Kind Of Suitcase

I wish I had a suitcase full of answers for every problem, any cry,
One that I could open when any troubled, hurting or weary soul passed by.
And into that case I would quickly reach with a willing heart and seeking hand,
Thereby removing their worry, pain or fatigue, enter joy refreshed and tanned.

Oh yes, how I wish I had such a suitcase, I always waiting visibly,
Or taking it wherever I had cause to wander; it never far from me.
But rather, it just an arm’s length away, or within my very grip, and I
Not letting that suitcase run out of answers that anyone’s need would supply.

By Lance Landall

4.  A Teeny Weeny Poem 

May love keep our heart tender,
Choose our every word and act,
Fill our mind with loving thoughts,
And wherever we go, impact.

May love rise with us each morn,
Accompany us each day,
Form our dreams when we retire,
And while we sleep, ricochet.

By Lance Landall

5.  Like Sun And Rain

It’s very sad that people come and go,
They here today and gone tomorrow.
Well, so it seems to me, life so fleeting,
And thus "rest in peace" folk oft repeating.

Yes, it’s so sad that people come and go,
And their special place isn’t filled, you know.
For there’s only one you, only one I,
And thus cause to celebrate, cause to cry.

By Lance Landall

6.  Doctor's Advice

Kisses and cuddles are good for the heart,
And should always be a daily affair,
First thing in the morning, last thing at night,
And in-between: Anytime, anywhere.

In other words, there’s no time that’s not right,
A healthy heart top of the agenda,
And thus any excuse excusable,
For kisses and cuddles keep hearts tender

By Lance Landall

7.  Seize The Day

Yes, death is very certain and can catch one by surprise,
So, seize the day when from your fitful slumber you arise.
Make the most of every moment, each opportunity,
Not dwelling on what might have been, but rather, what could be.

Wisely waste no time on hate, for such devours from within,
And put the past behind you so a new life can begin.
Tap into the positive, shake off negativity,
Embrace a new perspective that will have you better see.

Take the time to meditate on what elevates the mind,
On that which changes the heart and will benefit mankind.
Lose yourself in others, seek to give rather than receive,
And an atmosphere of hope and healing calm deftly weave.

Let love be the motivation for all you do and say,
Scatter rays of sunshine, seeds of kindness, along the way.
Where there’s wrong, seek to right such, where there’s heartache, seek to mend,
Show mercy to everyone, treat each stranger as a friend.

By Lance Landall

8.  Tell The World

Tell the world it’s lost the plot, but that I’ve found it and it’s love — oh happy day!
All why I’m in the process of trying to send it everybody’s way.
A smile here, a smile there, some thoughtful, helpful, cheery words, a friendly embrace,
Yes, anything and everything that love wants to share with the human race.

And hence my waxing lyrical via rhythm and rhyme, ’cause here love is found too,
It expressing itself via wordy creations, a poetic verse or two.
Oh, how glad I am that I’ve found love, and love has said to share, so share I will,
That others may share it too, ’cause love’s the answer, and why within it should dwell.

By Lance Landall

9.  Treasure Each Day

In this uncertain world where who knows what’s next, we can only live for the day,
A thinking and behaviour that all throughout history has proven to pay.
It not about the big things but the little things, like noticing flowers, say,
Basking in the sun, enjoying the blue sky, and more so after skies of grey.

Oh yes, those loved ones around us, those current blessings we have, oft so many,
Yet overlooked or given little thought to, until there mightn’t be any.
Life unpredictable, often random, all why we should treasure each moment,
There far to many risks and so much loss associated with postponement.

By Lance Landall

10.  A Mental Hug

A smile’s like a bud that bursts forth in spring, a cheery bloom that brightens,
And that on its way, the load of some struggling soul adjusts and lightens.
Oh, the power of a smile, its beautiful bloom a refreshing sight,
Something that midst a gloomy old day spreads a welcoming ray of light.

A smile’s akin to a mental hug, it registering in ones brain,
And just like a relaxing massage, it having an affect on strain.
Yes, it providing a little boost, one that something else can build on,
And why whenever we venture out, a genial smile we should don.

By Lance Landall

11.  May It Be So

As you go through life, may your heart always be moved by another’s plight,
And it very quick to respond, motivated by goodness and right.
It ever on the lookout, tuned to notice, ready to lend a hand,
It tender, loving, faithful and generous, seeking to understand.

And may it always beat with hope and beauty, always thinking the best,
That those it comes across may be encouraged, uplifted, warmed and blessed.
And may it also be that its beating is lengthened and not cut short,
That it may continue to gladden, its example desired and sought. 

By Lance Landall

12.  Joy

Joy’s a clear blue sky and a summer sun that warms one like a heater,
A picnic in a park after a cosy ride on a two-seater.
Or a squiggly piece of handwriting that says, “I rather fancy you,”
And he or she smiling at that photograph where you once gushed, “I do!”

Yes, joy’s a hand in hand stroll down a quiet country lane where no one’s seen,
A pretty bouquet and a table for two where many times you’ve been.
Or a snuggle and cuddle in a comfy chair by a toasty fire,
A mature marriage that’s still full of loving affection and desire.

By Lance Landall

13.  Midst

Midst the depth of loss, that pain and loneliness that your loved ones death left behind,
Someone says, “I’ll take their place, that once again, peace and happiness you may find.”
Midst the depth of depression or anxiety, when you truly need a friend,
Someone steps up, gives encouragement and hope that peace may return and fear end.

Midst the depth of  sizable financial need, ill looming for lack of money,
Someone goes without in order to help you, responds very generously.
Midst the depth of wrongful accusations, and your reputation in tatters,
Someone takes your side, shares the cost of doing so, knowing such really matters.

Midst the depth of health robbing age and lessening beauty, though still young inside,
Someone makes you feel good, shows respect and appreciation, returns your pride.
Midst the depth of hurt, those wounds that far too often are caused by  humanity,
Someone puts their arm around your shoulder, responds caringly and tenderly,

And there, is love; there in deed is love.

By Lance Landall

14.  When Just Enough Must Do

Not everyone will tell you everything, some things being too personal to share,
So mind those questions, show a little understanding, and long with others bear.
For life is oft about easing, not solving, nor learning all there is to know,
Another’s woe sufficient reason for kindness, that “Yes” rather than that “No.”

Best we err on the side of believing, some things not easily understood,
And why there’s often only so much said — though much more, folk wishing that they could.
All why some answers may seem muddled, further probing aiding and abetting,
And hence why that help that so many sufferers need, they’re not fully getting.

By Lance Landall

15.  A Precious Thing

Too many of us pluck the petals off a rose, hurt and damage those we love,
We seemingly descending like a sharp clawed eagle rather than a cooing dove.
And thus the ground full of petals, even trampled underfoot, squashed, crushed and scuffed,
Flowers that we should’ve gently breathed upon, but over which we huffed and puffed.

Yes, it’s sad but true, blooms shortened by hands far too callous for a pretty rose,
One meant to be savoured, its beauty beheld, its sweet scent delighting the nose.
And when chosen from the garden, it placed in a vase, nurtured until its end,
For every rose is a precious thing, something we should thoughtfully mind and tend.

By Lance Landall

16.  Memories Are Made Of This

Mum at home, the smell of baking, ironed washing, and “Honey” prettied up and clean,
Cherished children home from school, and a happy hubby soon appearing on the scene.
A white picket fence, a pretty garden, homemade curtains and a wide open door,
And “Honey” waiting there with a hug and kiss, a favourite meal, and more in store…


Yes, memories are made of this, home sweet home, Mummy always there to call upon,
And “Honey” there to snuggle up on the sofa with when finished with her apron.
Delightful music, shelves full of books, pencils and paper, a seldom-watched TV,
And there is seen a very blessed, wholesome, close and any century family.
By Lance Landall

17.  Station Earworm

Within everyone’s brain there’s a little radio and busy disc jockey,
Random tunes and songs coming from a station that’s player jams repeatedly.
All why certain melodies keep running around in ones head on any given day,
Ones subscription automatic at birth and lifelong, still there when hair turns grey.

Yes, that disc jockey big on his or her favourites, sometimes annoyingly,
But all in all, the music entertaining and usually cheery.
And to be honest, one having a certain say in the matter, tune or song wise,
But hardly so when it comes to that radio that’s battery never dies.

By Lance Landall

"Earworm" is what scientists call that tune that seems to be stuck in our head.

18.  Live And Love

Don’t be too busy to live and love, for life’s short and loved ones aren’t immortal,
Hence why every single moment counts, and lest death far too early chortle.
Yes, cleaning, washing, mowing and pruning can wait, but not kisses and cuddles,
Hence why one should even make snowmen out of snow and boldly stomp in puddles.


Don’t be too busy to live and love, for life’s for living and folk for loving,
Hence why midst the cares of life and all our daily duties we should dance and sing.
And we always doting on our loved ones, for others move in when we move out,
Houses houses but people people who should be treasured while they’re still about.

By Lance Landall

19.  Sorry Is The Saddest Of Words

Yes, sorry is the saddest of words, wrong having preceded it, or some pain,
And hence that need of it, some picture having been blighted by some thoughtless stain.
And why no matter how sincere that, “Sorry,” it can’t erase what has been done,
For surly clouds or acid rain have appeared where there was once blue skies and sun.

All why sorry is the saddest of words, and it oft said too casually,
Given that behind its utterance there’s always another casualty.
Someone who’s been hurt, wronged, betrayed, neglected or slandered, unfortunately,
When such could’ve been avoided, and thus there no need for that frequent, “Sorry.”

By Lance Landall

20.  Begin Each Day Anew

Within any day, some things are said and done that shouldn’t have been said or done,
And as a result, clouds move in that partly or completely cover the sun.
And such being a very sad thing, and this why we should start each day anew,
Thereby consciously minding what we say and consciously minding what we do.

So always view every day as another chance, yesterday put behind,
And where possible, nothing said about those wrong things that will sadly remind.
Though “Sorry” never goes amiss, but better no need be created for it,
And why beginning each day anew proves to be to everyone's benefit.

By Lance Landall

21.  A Wholesome Recipe

Take a man and woman and join them together in Holy matrimony,
Add a child or two or three or four until you have a bonny family.
Fill that home with love, hugs and happiness, protect it with rules and boundaries,
And in its backyard place a garden, a lawn, swing, kennel and beckoning trees.

Yes, take a man and woman, both of them committed, determined and selfless,
And add a mum and dad fusion, an element that will rightly guide and bless.
Fill that home with fun, love for others too, noble plans and a sense of duty,
And you’ll have a picture in a frame that’s full of hope, promise, joy and beauty.

By Lance Landall

22.  Affection

There’s just nothing like affection, those cuddles, kisses and hugs, that holding hands,
Those tender anytime caresses, those cosy ’neath the stars and moonlight plans.
Two people in love, a selfless marriage, a got-it-together family,
Everyone full of affection, and all responding reciprocally.

Yes, can’t beat it, can’t top it, loving affection earning silver, bronze and gold,
Worthily and deservingly taking any prize-winning cup in its hold.
Yes, affection’s a sure winner, a beautiful expression of love and life,
Wherever there’s another soul, some romance, a family, husband and wife.

By Lance Landall

23.  Still Hold Hands

Even if you’ve disagreed, still hold hands when out walking, still act civilly,
Keeping the door open, lessening rather than enlarging being the key.
Otherwise, danger may well take advantage of any distance or upset,
And greater damage or a dismantled relationship is what you might get.

And best you not turn your backs come bedtime, for such too, hampers any, “Sorry,”
And as a further consequence, a good nights sleep not coming as easily.
All why disagreements should only go so far, wisdom being ones best friend,
And a heart that is quick to reconcile and any friction shorten or end.

By Lance Landall

24.  The Greatest Thing

The greatest thing that we can do is love one another, and until we do,
We’ll hardly get off the ground, will never arrive, no matter whatever we pursue.
So we can go on about love as much as we like, but such won’t do a thing,
’Till love’s beating in our heart, blossoming like those promising buds of Spring.

Otherwise, it’s all just cosmetic — a farce, really — hollow like vanity,
An outward makeup hiding an inner truth, an inner contrariety.
One that will always be a fly, it soiling the ointment one needs to apply,
Because anything other than love won’t do the job, won’t ever qualify.

By Lance Landall

25.  May Love

May love draw us together, fill our hearts, our minds and our lives,
A love that our thoughts, our words, and even each action drives.
A love that is strong and enduring, passionate and deep,
A love that shines where there’s darkness, is found where any weep.

Yes, may love grace every country, every city and home too,
May it guide each government, all that those in power do.
May love sit enthroned on earth ’midst liberty and free speech,
And may each race and faith, love always practice and preach.

By Lance Landall

26.  Mind Those Years

The truth is, we don’t live long, thought it mightn’t seem so initially, but in time
Up the ladder of age towards that day of departure we invariably climb.
Yes, very slowly at first, until that time when the years seem to gallop, and then
We looking back over that nearly used up quota that’s the sorry lot of men.

And oh, how we often waste those years, one way or another, and enter regret,
But when we indulge in folly, or go light on love and care, that’s just what we get.
And so, we learning too late, having approached that closing gate, it soon to be locked,
And thus we having good reason to mull over that sound advice that we once knocked.

By Lance Landall

27.  Words Are Only Words

I would rather be shown love than just told all about it,
Because an example is of far greater benefit.
And at the end of the day, words are just words, nothing more,
Until, that is, love in person comes walking through the door.

And what colour's love, I wonder? Could it be wounded red,
Terribly blue, even green, or naively pink instead?
Or is it not coloured at all, just our feelings, maybe,
Because shouldn't love be neutral, transparent and stain free?

By Lance Landall

28.  Don't Be A Joy Thief

Though we’re living in a world that’s coming to pieces, there’s too much doom and gloom,
And by that I mean, all that’s negative is being given far too much room.
Though needing to face things, we shouldn’t dwell on ills more than is necessary,
Otherwise we’ll rob ourselves and others of any happiness that could be.

Things can be upsetting enough without upsetting ourselves or others more,
And given that life must go on, and that negativity we weren’t born for.
But rather (and more so given the state of things), we dwelling on the brighter,
So that midst any woes or burdens, our lot and that of others might be lighter.

By Lance Landall

29.  Good Is Good!

No one’s perfect, without fault, free of getting something wrong, so err we do and will,
And hence why we should be accepting of all, thus only ignoring wrong or ill.
In other words, it’s not the person we shun, nor everything they’ve said, penned or done,
Because everyone has their good side from which good flows spreading blue skies and sun.

Therefore, utilize that good, don’t worry who it’s from, because that would be a shame,
We often placing too much emphasis on someone’s associations or name.
Good is good! So take it, use it, share it, not getting hung up over trifles,
That silly bias or prejudice thing, that rather than cheques, just produces bills.

By Lance Landall

30.  Love On Its Throne

To stoop to wipe away a tear,
 To stop to give a word of cheer,
To say that of their loss you care,
 That, my friend, is of Heaven’s sphere.

To give what cuts into your own,
To linger where some soul’s alone,
To bear with someone’s moan or groan,
 That, my friend, is love on its throne.

By Lance Landall