Somewhere To Begin



Here, under the section Somewhere To Begin, you might find various things from time to time, (any one possibly added to or even improved).

 "The first principle of a free society is an untrammeled flow of words in an open forum."
Adlai E. Stevenson (1900-1965)

Somewhere To Begin

Why we should always put others first:

Because when we don’t put others first we display that sad behaviour that’s always been a curse to humanity.
Because when we secure the rights of others we secure our own.
Because what goes around comes around — a seemingly invisible law.
Because such beautifies one’s character
Because that special inner feeling that comes from such can’t be experienced by other means.
Because if there is a God, (as I believe), and our destiny is largely decided by our selfishness or selflessness, it would behove us to.
Because it sets an example that can only but prove a blessing.
Because it rights rather than wrongs.
Because we never know whether that person that we don't put first may be a future employer, benefactor, father-in-law, etc, and what then?
Because there's no better way to be loved or well thought of, not that such should be the motivation.

May love always be your:

Window wiper, indicator, steering wheel, gears and accelerator;
Sail, rudder, oars and sexton;
Wings, fuel and engine;
Saddle, reigns and spur;
Siren and stretcher;
Ladder and hose;
Block and tackle;
Suit and shoes;
Paintbrush and easel;
Soapbox and megaphone;
Skill and daring;
Mop and bucket;
Chequebook and pen;
Beacon and rock;
Ruler and rubber;
Compass and map;
Food and water;
Welcome sign and guest towel;
Mast and flag;
Motivation and energy;
Vision and ears;
Catch cry and whistle;
Time and offering;
Point and purpose;
Source and supply;
Page and chapter;
Heart and soul;
Beginning and end;
Gospel and prayer.

Given the future that we're facing...

And the coming global economic collapse, here's some sound advice:

Avoid taking on debt of any sort.
Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.
Live simply.
Don’t get too used to comfort.
Learn to rough it and go it alone at times.
Focus on needs and not desires.
Don’t automatically believe all you hear, read or even see.
Accumulate little except that which might stand you in good stead.
Mind who you put your trust in and don’t expect.
Be as prepared as you can be for changes, situations and disappointments.
Avoid unnecessary risks and stress.
Don’t do anything unlawful.
Keep your body free of injurious substances that could result in impairment and expense.
Avoid following the crowd and any single individual.
Remember that your savings aren’t actually in the bank and that they could be withheld at any moment.
Avoid business partnerships and unhealthy relationships.
Get the right balance when it comes to work, rest, play and family.
Be active in the promotion of rights and less governmental control.
Don’t waste or trash what you may have cause to regret later on.
Look after what you have so that it lasts longer and has more resale value and that as a result will cost less to repair or replace.
Make sure your decisions and choices are the right ones.
Exercise routine benevolence for what goes around comes around.
Treat everyone as if one day you’ll be dependant on their compassion or mercy.
Lose yourself in some worthy cause.
Invest in a not too expensive hobby.
Appreciate what blessings you have while you still have them.
And learn to appreciate and enjoy the little things in life.

My own quotes regarding bigotry, (something that's still alive and ill):

Bigotry: Something that darkens the mind, shrinks the intellect, and hardens the heart.
Bigotry: Something that starves the brain of oxygenating sense and wisdom.
Bigotry: Someone’s preventable failure.
Bigotry: Often another word for ignorance, fear, and conformity.
Bigotry: Something that’s an enemy of love.
Bigotry: A self-made gulf.
Bigotry: Something that blinds, deafens, stunts and deadens.
Bigotry: The bridegroom of prejudice.
Bigotry: A mindless barrier that's erected by small minds.
Bigotry: A serious and sad condition that’s self-inflicted.
Bigotry: A consequence of having a closed or narrow mind.
Bigotry: A contagious virus often found within herds.
Bigotry: The poison of a bigot.
Bigotry: Something that’s lineage is connected to too many lives.
Bigotry: Something that discards the lot of something simply because of a little or part that’s viewed as disagreeable.
Bigotry: Something that contributes nothing but leaves behind a disturbing odour.
Bigotry: An oft perpetuated Dark Ages mentality that leads to modern day personal inquisitions.
Bigotry: The bedfellow of biblical illiteracy.
Bigotry: Something that abounds where there are religious zealots.
Bigotry: Kindling for fires of persecution.
Bigotry: A killer disease.
Bigotry: Something that’s often mistaken for forthrightness and fact.

You should be concerned, because:

The minds of today's youngsters are being formed by,

Reckless examples.
Bad role models.
Unrestrained sexuality.
Unhealthy food.
Disturbing music.
Mind altering drugs.
Subliminal messages.
Primitive practices.
Over indulgence.
The glorification of the occult.
The distorting of Christianity.
New Age goggle-de-gook.
Corruption in high places.
The preoccupation with self.
Fiction and fantasy.
The hopelessness of evolution.
Errant parents.
Sexual abuse.
Animal cruelty.
Throw away goods.
Gender confusion.

25 things that can see a person losing regard for their spouse:

Publicly bagging;
Putting others before them;
Not being there for them;
Letting themselves go;
Unfairly withholding sex;
Dress and behaviour that's unbecoming for their gender;
Lack of pride in their appearance;
Unfair demands;
Taking them for granted;
Constant criticism or whining;
Lack of affection or humour;

24 things that we need to address urgently:

Sexual abuse;
Deep sea drilling;
Human trafficking;
Animal cruelty;
Endangered species;
The death penalty — and while we’re at it, ensuring that everyone is housed, clothed, fed, warmed, educated, transported and medically cared for, and this, affordably so.

As far as men and women go:

They're equal in worth and being yet designed to compliment rather than compete with each other — and this via their unique or particular feminine or masculine traits and design, and even via tailor-made roles that have more to do with instinct, bent and sense than cultural conditioning or appointing.

I don't have a problem with:

Rich folk if they’re generous and unassuming;
Celebrities if they’re humble and approachable;
Protesters if they’re law abiding and thoughtful;
Soldiers if they’re humane and peaceable;
Magistrates if they’re impartial and merciful;
Policemen if they’re above reproach and friendly;
Politicians if they’re honest and transparent;
Ministers if they’re Christ-like and faithful;
Prophets if they’re genuine and heavenly;
Teachers if they’re patient and helpful;
Parents if they’re loving and honourable;
Students if they’re respectful and teachable;
Doctors if they’re thorough and kindly;
Nurses if they’re tender and compassionate;
Dentists if they’re charitable and gentle;
Tradesmen if they’re qualified and sound;
Journalists if they’re unbiased and accurate;
Counsellors if they’re understanding and trustworthy;
Debaters if they’re open and fair;
Poets if they’re into rhythm and rhyme;
Artists if they’re into beauty and order;
Writers if they’re into truth and wisdom;
Composers if they’re into melody and harmony;
Musicians if they’re skilled and restrained;
Singers if they’re unaffected and talented — and who have I left off?

Could this pertain to you?

When he was young,

He wasted precious time and now he has little time left.
He indulged and neglected his body and now it’s paining, preventing and costing.
He played around and now he's infectious.
He filled his head with rubbish and now it’s really messing with him.
He sneered at education and now he's wishing he had a better job.
He didn’t give his parents much thought and now they’ve gone.
He didn’t give much thought to others and now they’re not giving much thought to him.
He mistreated many and now what has gone around has come around.
He didn’t choose his partner wisely and now his thoughts and eyes are elsewhere.
He didn’t raise his children well and now he's visiting a penitentiary.
He pursued the reckless and extreme and now he's a burden his loved ones have to bear.
He sought the selfish and unworthy and now he's living with loss of respect and dignity.
He spent his money instead of saving it and now he's dependant on benevolence and charity.
He played the big man but now he's reduced to childlike needs.
He laughed at good advice and now he's giving it.
He laughed at the elderly and soon will be one of them.
He hung around with those who were just like him and why it took him so long to see.
In other words, He foolishly built on sand and now the tide has come in.

O was it her?

Note: The following alternative poems are not connected to those that are in the section further down
this page that's titled POEMS.

Now That I'm Older

Now that I’m older — and by that I mean, much older — and having learnt, seen and experienced much, there’s much that I feel I can share, and this with an occasional tear, but all in order to benefit others, particularly my younger sisters and brothers, for the years teach much that the days never know, and why all should mind any seeds that they sow.
So what are some things I could share? Well, life’s too short to waste on the petty, even the unfair; that good and bad is the lot of all; that it’s better to laugh than gripe or bawl, though there is a place for righteous anger and sympathetic tears, even healthy anxiety and prudent fears, for our sixth sense isn’t imaginary, and dangers and risks oft ensnare or snatch the unwary, those who’re either young, naive, uninformed or foolhardy.
Yes, I’ve learnt that one shouldn’t aid misfortune, nor compound mistakes, and that a little inattention or impatience is all that it takes, not to mention complacency or stupidity, for it’s true that we reap what we sow, and why it’s wise to listen to those who know, and worth bearing in mind that contentment and acceptance are our best friends, and oft how one mends, for there’re things we cannot change, nor exchange, but you know, trials are how we grow, even get there in the end, though life’s in the living and not the arriving, and why many just waste their life striving.
Oh yes, I’ve learnt that there’s no fool like an old fool; that fighting, annoying, destroying, graffiti and showing off aren’t cool, and that jealousy and revenge are a waste of time, and the latter, a sure to kick back at us crime, and why it’s best to make friends of our enemies, thus living in peace and without unease, we cleaning up Earth and planting more trees, giving and sharing, loving and caring, not just doing as we please.
And I’ve learnt that a marriage seldom fails where a selfless spirit prevails, where a woman’s treated well and where respect is seen to dwell; that children and creatures should never be harmed; that hugs and cuddles are how anxiety’s calmed; that love, order and discipline steer and protect one’s family; that we should never take for granted freedom and liberty; that crime never pays and that jail simply wastes precious days; that one shouldn’t foul their own nest; that the vulnerable, needy and afflicted are a test; that true heroes are more often a mum or dad; that those ahead of their time are oft thought of as mad; that many are right who others think wrong; that sorry’s a word more oft uttered by the strong; that there’s certainly a time and place, more need of forgiveness and grace; and lastly, that bridges weren't meant for burning; that one never stops learning; and that life's a gift that's oft squandered so easily, treated too casually.
No, I can’t deny what I’ve learnt, for apart from reality’s lessons, one can also get burnt, and why I’ve learnt that what I’ve learnt is better not re-learnt if what's been learnt has come from being burnt, and which re-learnt, just sees one twice burnt.

By Lance Landall

Tick, Tick, Tick

It seems as if the world is full of experts now, and how, they disparaging the old, they vocal, zealous and bold, and why we’re seeing overflowing waste bins, the rapid growth of even greater sins, and all because folk think they’re enlightened, a myth indeed, for it’s a noose they’ve tightened, and why many folk are frightened, for things have never been worse than now, and how, and why it doesn’t take a rocket scientist, (or any other tist), to see how we’ve been misled, incorrectly fed, and rather than looking at a trophy, sadly, are right in the firing line of a poisonous arrowhead.
Yes, for anything goes today, and hence that stench of ill and decay, a cesspool in the making, evil overtaking, and most of us playing in the sand, a tsunami close at hand, but oh, how enjoyable those buckets and spades, foolish things and foolish folk getting accolades, their backs to the sea, that coming calamity, for rather than heading for higher ground, taking a position that’s far more sound, they’ve sought what tickles their ears, falsehood that’s allayed their fears, and why there’s a shock to come, for its five to twelve and the throttle's at maximum.
Yes, few are listening to sense, their folly immense, and oh, how they bag the messenger, seek out those who purr, be they New Age gurus, sexperts, mediums or psychics — yes, whoever or whatever gives them their kicks, anyone and anything but they and that which warningly pricks, and why they’re on a slippery slope, a path with no hope, and possibly that’s all they’ll get, too bad about that impending net, and hasn’t such folly been seen before? — yes, but once again, not till fate burst through the door.

By Lance Landall


Two alternative poems can be seen above.

1.  Where Has The Whistling Gone?

Could someone tell me where the whistling’s gone, that once was heard much more frequently?
Its cheery sound greeting one’s ear and exhibiting a certain artistry.
Yes, such more common in days gone by when folk seemed more contented and happy,
And more relaxed, I might add, rather than uptight, dissatisfied and snappy.

Oh, how long ago it seems since I heard somebody whistling, their head erect,
And thus some pleasant little rhapsody having a beneficial effect.
Yes, both the whistler and hearer receiving a message that suggests all’s well,
And where it isn’t so, such still casting its little ray of sunshine-cum-spell.

My father used to whistle, something that I soon picked up on, thus chirping too,
Just like those little birds at dawn that whistle their wee hearts out and right on cue.
Yes, come rain or shine, they still lifting their feathered heads and chirping happily,
As should we, for despite life’s ills, there’s no point in responding negatively.

All why it’s a shame that whistling’s seldom heard today, for such is needed more,
Shadows seemingly at every turn caused by poverty, oppression or war.
Yes, woes of every kind, heartbreak too, which that missing whistling only adds to,
And why we should make the best of things, improve on things-cum-whistle our way through.

By Lance Landall

2.  Be Still, Dear Anxious Soul

Be still, dear anxious soul, face and don’t run, accept and don’t fight, and let time pass,
And then you’ll once again hear the warbler, notice the blue sky and pea green grass.
Yes, healing takes some time, and you’re so drained of emotion, unable to feel,
For pain and stress have sorely robbed you; we made of flesh and blood, not wood and steel.

Yes, be still, dear anxious soul, allowing any kindly breeze to caress you,
For such tender wisps of compassion help to gradually alter one’s view.
Oh, how those clouds of grey overwhelm, you so unable to see past the fog,
That distressing sludge of depression that channels of hope and joy seems to clog.

So yes, be still, dear anxious soul, for wellness and wholeness will return with rest,
And on the way, promises of good things will begin to stir within your breast.
And once again your sad heart will sing, and all the deeper for its suffering,
Which in turn tender wisps of compassion to another anxious soul will bring.

By Lance Landall

3.  But Only If...

If your heart and mind tell you to do something — do it — but only if it’s wise,
Only if it’s right, (and what a loving, life-protecting God would authorise).
You see, it’s all very well to feel strongly about something-cum-conscience bound,
And impressed to act upon it, but we shouldn’t if it’s not worthy-cum-sound.

And such why we can’t always trust our feelings, nor go by what others might say,
As they might be going by feelings too, and errant, at the end of the day.
Hence why we need to know what is wise, right, worthy and sound, and thus search we should,
For many have badly erred via falsely thinking that what they were doing was good,

Or via wrongly thinking that the end would justify the means, and why we see
So many doing what they shouldn’t, even claiming Divine authority.
Hence those terrorist attacks, those past inquisitions, or unfair daily acts,
The latter committed by most of us, our feelings oft distorting the facts.

The truth is, that what matters is truth, one’s conscience not always being rightly aligned,
Hence those wrong acts based on feelings or what could be described as a programmed mind.
Yes, many folk simply the product of what they’ve been raised to believe, and why
Much harm’s born out of ignorance, a sincerity that can’t help but go awry.

Yes, love’s all very well, and should be behind everything, but never alone,
For without the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, love’s accident prone.
In other words, it’s bound to err somewhere, one’s thoughts and feelings more built on sand,
Rather than a solid foundation — Rock— where wisdom is always close at hand.

So mind how you go, friend, for though watchful, never shut your mind’s window or door,
But rather, constantly search and reappraise, love always at the very core,
And then, any feelings you have will more likely be sound, and your conscience too,
Which, is only as good as its compass, its ship, chart and experienced crew,

Or to put it another way, (there being many), those things that it will or won’t do.

Yes, if your heart and mind say to do something — do it — but only if it’s wise,
Only if it’s right, as folly and injury often enter via disguise.
All why we should always mind our feelings, and what we might feel impressed to do,
Lest our judgment prove to be deficient; and our feelings equally askew.

By Lance Landall

4.  I Have A Dream Too

His sad brown eyes studied me, “Son,” he said, “The problem lies with humanity,
Always has, always will, ‘till, everyone’s had enough of the insanity.
However, nothing will work if hearts haven’t changed, it a case of déjà vu,
We simply revisiting the same old problems that we’ve already been through.”

I couldn’t help but nod. “Besides,” he said, “There’re those who’d just want the world their way,
Insisting that all go along with such, enter another form of foul play,
For no one should violate another’s conscience, and force just breeds discontent,
All being why those people who act so treacherously are never Heaven sent.”

He brushed a fly away. “You’ve heard of the Statue of Liberty, haven’t you?”

“Yes,” I replied. “Well,” he continued, “It’s no good in New York, nor God’s Law too,”
He whispered, “Be it in some courtroom, but both within us, we loving and true,
And a Martin Luther King, Mandela, Gandhi, Lincoln, not that they were saints,
But if you get my point, none of them having time for introverted complaints.”

Yes, I have a dream too,” he laughed, "Smiles replacing frowns, and tender words harsh words,
All having their say and choosing their way, go individuals and not herds.
Everyone compassionate, gentle, generous and kind, and why we’ll not find
A heaven on Earth until Heaven’s on Earth-cum-that change in one’s heart and mind."

By Lance Landall

5.  Come On Folk

A tragedy is, that even those whose heart is good can succumb to some ill,
They having an issue or weakness that surfaces in time and doesn’t gel;
After all, it seemingly so out of character, even pretty bad too,
And they indeed remorseful, but sent to Coventry, Shame On You Avenue.

Hey, come on folk, haven't you some personal sin of your own-cum-skeleton?
For when it comes to mistakes made, or perhaps some ill done, no one can say none.
Oh, how terribly true such is, and yet, who comes down on other sinners hard,
While meantime polishing that “I’m holier than you” tarnished crown-cum-charade?

I mean to say, you may be short on mistakes and not have done anything bad,
But tell me this: How many “If looks could kill” and terrible thoughts have you had?
Yes, not all that squeaky clean, huh? — or clean on the outside and grubby within,
And yet, when it comes to those whose heart is good but off guard, it’s, “Look at their sin!”

Oh yes, what a tragedy that those whose heart is good succumb to ill one day,
Or make a mistake unworthy of an excuse, which shows we’re all made of clay.
Yes, such being reality, and compassion far too oft rare, and why it’s seen
That many who so err, despite they being remorseful, are kept in quarantine.

By Lance Landall

6.  "Ladies And Gentlemen!"

The biggest heroes are those who bear up under testing trials, hurt and pain,
They doing their best to cope with such — in other words, they singing in the rain.
And oh, the effort it takes, they battling against all the odds, but holding fast,
Hence they true heroes indeed, valiantly dealing with their lot, even the past.

And many of them busy helping others, they shuffling their cares to one side,
Their arms and legs engaged in acts of kindness, their tears not even having dried.
And there is seen heroism, for such acts take strength and courage, bravery,
One having to rise to the challenge, rise above one’s own pain-cum-misery.

And thereby, one joining the quiet ranks of those everyday unsung heroes,
They no doubt few and far between, for so many of us succumb to life’s blows.
But who knows, strength and courage oft coming with time, one learning to duck and roll,
And midst the pain or ill, we reaching out to another hurting, struggling soul.

Yes, the biggest heroes are those who bear up under testing trials, hurt and pain,
Such no spur of the moment act, but a daily affair, heroic campaign.
And where they reach out to others who’re likewise beset, the podium’s all theirs,
And they, worthy of the biggest, shiniest trophy, our applaud and loud cheers.

By Lance Landall

7.  Imperfection

The problem with everyone is imperfection, we all flawed from top to toe,
Not that some may wish to accept this, (sorry to dismantle any halo).
And why we largely have to accept folk as they are — and that means, warts and all,
Yes, even those big warts, as a perfect human being I simply don’t recall.

Sure there are those who would disagree with me — well, kind of momentarily —
They in love, you see, on cloud nine, and thus any negatives don’t wish to see.
But time has a nasty habit of pulling those curtains that can block ones view,
And what do folk see? — yes, imperfections — and another flawed soul joins the queue.

Yes, everyone eventually found deficient, enter the potter’s wheel,
In other words, that shaping that never ends, and which consent may not reveal.
All why some people don’t seem to improve with age, they anti the potter’s hands,
Hence that unsightly hunk of clay that time and again defied life’s noble plans.

It’s such a shame, really, and oft a tragedy, but a choice we get to make,
Progression being a path that we buck or spurn, accept or even gladly take.
And the latter path aiding the potter’s skill, we and life dancing in harmony,
And thus the beauty of ones character declaring wisdom and maturity.

By Lance Landall

8.  You're Not Alone

I wish I could remove your suffering, or is it heartbreak you’re going through?
But all I can do is show that I care via word or act, thus thinking of you.
For who’d ignore a fellow traveller struggling with pain or grief? — no, not I,
This world having given me many a reason to sigh, cry and question “Why?”

Yes, there’re many of us who’ve suffered too, though I’ve no desire to talk of me,
But rather, to let you know that you’re not alone, though feeling so, possibly.
And if so, understandably so, for this world can be very harsh and cold,
Or so it seems until the cheer of a caring rosebud is seen to unfold.

Perhaps it’s just a hug you need, or arm around the shoulder, such no mere token,
For sometimes greater thoughtfulness is shown via an act where words aren’t spoken.
In fact, words oft getting in the way, some folk kind of clumsy with what they say,
But meaning well, though who among us never errs, isn’t seen to wrongly weigh?

Yes, be it physical or emotional, some things are very hard to bear,
And why it’s reassuring to know that folk who truly love and care are near.
For though they can’t wave a magic wand, they can seek or pray on our behalf, and
In the meantime, via word or act, show that they really feel for us, understand.

By Lance Landall

9.  Born To Be Heard And Seen

Deep within each of us there’s a light that is waiting to be shone,
A longing voice that’s wanting to be heard before we’re dead and gone.
A certain something that doesn’t want us forgotten, not noticed,
And that despite how much we may hold it back is sure to persist.

Thus we’re not born to quickly pass like those hillside shadows one sees,
But to shine like the sun and stir the air around us like a breeze.
And why there’s that something within that mourns when it’s not heard or seen,
And why as much as our arrival we want folk to know we’ve been.


Deep within that soul that is us there shouldn’t be chains that bind,
Our precious hearts and minds being the centrality of humankind.
And thus each of us individual expressions heard and seen,
This desire and creativeness hardwired and linking every gene.

So may it never be that anyone is hampered or ignored,
But seated at the same piano where their notes add to some chord.
One within a symphony that’s richer for every expression,
And played by an all embracing orchestra always in session.

By Lance Landall

10.  Pressure, Pressure

People can make mistakes under pressure, cut corners too, and soon can come flack,
Like that phone call to their boss, their ears getting chewed off, or they getting the sack.
And the sad thing oft being that they’re decent people who have a family,
And thus the impact of that phone call even larger, and when it needn’t be.

In other words, some folk pushing it all the way as if there’s been a crime, and
Flack flying in all directions when some mistakes are easy to understand,
And best not made too bigger thing of, more a quiet word or two in their ear,
A little “next time” warning, perhaps, lest their spouse and kids the brunt of such bear.

By Lance Landall

11.  Change Those Tyres

“I’d change those tyres,” you advise, “The tread almost borderline, dangerous, in fact,”
But despite your effort to save them from injury, even death, they don’t act.
And off they go for a couple of days, seven hours there and seven hours back,
And you thinking how you wouldn’t be surprised if they soon had a nasty smack.

And right you were! Well, kind of.

“The weather was dreadful. It hailed and I lost control of the car, totally,
It zigzagging ’till it spun around to face the wrong way, and such scaring me.
But both I and the car fine, so I continued on my way more quietly,
And so grateful I hadn’t hit anyone, nor caused chaos, fortunately.”

Now, you’d think they’d get those tyres replaced, but no, they short on cash or too busy,
And thus still motoring around, and because you care, it causing some worry.
And though they may escape injury, perhaps not someone they might crash into,
And thus it not just about them, but also others, though what more can one do?

Oh, what a troubler of others you are, a real worry wart, they safe and sound,
(Though nearly weren’t), and half our fears for naught, it’s said, so relax and don’t pace ’round.
Yes, never mind those who weren’t fine, they in hospital or dead, their victims too,
Which is why we should advise — even nag, sometimes — but not expect a, “Thank you.”

After all, most don’t like to be told, and there are those who say, “I know, I know,”
Which interpreted means: “Don’t bother, leave off,” and on their merry way they go.
They knowing better, or will deal with it when they’ve time, when it suits them, and hey,
If things do turn out just like you feared they would, “Don’t say, I told you so, okay.”

Yes, you just can’t win, for how many love advice, constructive criticism?
It none of your business, and the latter an attack, verbal demolition.
Oh dear, for that’s how it’s oft seen, and hey, “Haven’t you got better things to do?”
“Well, no, because I can’t think of anything better than my thinking of you.”

“Ha, ha, very funny — well, don’t,” they might retort, should you say such, and thereby,
They cutting off their nose to spite their face, effectively, and going awry.
And so, we can only do our best when it comes to others, then it’s their call,
Our heart in its right place and our conscience clear when they’re seen to stumble or fall.

By Lance Landall

12.  Let Me Be

All I want is to live a good life, and peaceably so, for I would never think to hurt another,
But rather, I desire what is best for all, and consider each one as being a sister and brother.
Thus, I have no agenda, no desire to break the law, no desire to harm, lie, deceive, cheat or steal,
But rather, where there’s sufferers and unfairness, I desire to protect, defend, help, support and heal.

Yes, all I want is to be left alone to enjoy my life, to pursue my own interests and dreams,
Thus free from any wrongful interference, and well away from any person who evilly schemes.
I’ve no malice in my heart, no desire to avenge, nor will I trample on others to get ahead,
Because I believe that one should just be very grateful if healthy, housed, clothed, helped, loved and well fed.

All I want too, is to be able to practice my faith, to express my views, written or verbally,
Protected by laws that strongly guard and enshrine freedom of speech, civil and religious liberty.
For without any of these, I could never fully be me, and therefore would hardly be left alone,
Which, at the end of the day, I must say, would effectively mean that my life wasn’t really my own.

And nor that of my spouse, family or friends, who I just want to be able to quietly enjoy,
That is, without some persecutor, plotter, tyrant, zealot or bigot stealing both theirs and my joy.
And they being, those not content to leave others alone, but who seek to harm, force, control or buttonhole,
Such being the way of the selfish, cold, callous, misguided, deluded, deceived — who're the bane of one's soul.

By Lance Landall

13.  Grace And Maturity Should Be Wed

“You said we shouldn’t hurt anyone, and yet you hurt me,” someone says to you,
As if your words still didn’t stand, as if they were expecting perfection too.
The truth is, that despite saying something that’s right, we might still act contrary,
Thus letting ourselves down, but not that it was ever meant intentionally.

In other words, it not how you’d normally act, but you struggling with this one,
A situation with conflicting issues, and sadly, some damage was done.
And now you’re seen as a hypocrite, and they foolishly mocking your words, which
Were true, sound and meant, and they not blameless either — a test that to both was sent,

Although the following must said: That grace and maturity should be wed.

By Lance Landall

The following poem contains a degree of Christian content.

14.  It’s Christmas Time!

(Courtesy of Christmas songs, both secular and Christian)

Come Christmas time and folk gather 'round a table with their friends and family,
A time when no one asks, “Do they know it’s Christmas?”, it known by all and sundry.
Though some might ask, “Do you hear what I hear?”, possibly the bells of St. Mary,
Where folk might be heard singing Mary’s Boy Child, Angels from the Realms of Glory.


Joy to the world!”, Christians shout, “Jesus Christ is born; Go, tell it on the mountain,

Thus letting this wondrous news that's given the world hope gush forth like a fountain.
O come all ye faithful, for what child is this but the Father’s Son, Holy king,
And therefore, it hardly being a silent night, for Hark! The herald angels sing.”


While shepherds watched their flocks by night — and in fact, once in royal David’s city,
(O little town of Bethlehem, and away in a manger), what did folk see? —
A precious babe, and why come Christmas folk deck the hall, warble o holy night,
Hence the holly and the ivy that’s seen, those Christmas trees so colourful and bright,

Both Christians and non-Christians wishing folk the best; a time of love and delight.

Such a time a winter wonderland in some countries, hence that cry, “Let it snow!”
Folk even dreaming of a white Christmas where it’s how many degrees below?
And others simply conveying, “I’ll be home for Christmas,” for one thing is clear,
Midst the ding dong merrily on high, it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

And the night before Christmas? Well, it’s pretty cool too, folk anticipating,
Some dressing up Frosty the snowman, or, The First Noel or Silver Bells sing.
But be Christmas in Killarney or elsewhere, everyone saying the same thing,
We wish you a merry Christmas," and come New Years Eve, it’s Auld Lang Syne that they sing.

Anyway, it's Feliz Navidad from me.

By Lance Landall

15.  This World's Hardly Heaven

People say horrid things, be they racist, sexist or whatever else they might be,
And as sad as that is, don’t make it your problem too by responding as badly.
Words are just words, and bigger we must be in order to attain maturity,
And this world’s hardly Heaven, so putting up with things being how one needs to be.

We can protest about this and that, and standing up often has its place, of course,
But that sad old human condition isn’t going away, so just forget force.
Yes, changes are needed, but such is more an inner thing, and some folk never change,
Though life and people as random as it gets, and trials test, so count it not strange.

By Lance Landall

16.  Don't Rush Life

Too often life is rushed rather than savoured, kind of over before it’s begun,
We aware of sunny rays but not really taking the time to rest in the sun.
We grasping a bunch of flowers but not really smelling them, and so it oft goes,
And by the time we’ve got there, wherever that is, life’s door is beginning to close.

We more often looking through portals rather than being engaged in the real scene,
Chasing some end rather than enjoying the journey, puffed out and having to lean.
Yes, only really reclining in those final years, our health all the less for that rush,
And then our life expiring, so little time for love and laughter, and then that hush.

By Lance Landall