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On Bended Knee

Please don’t let the devil win, for he’s a fiend, a nasty piece of work,
Who wherever there’s evil loves to hangout — in other words, lurk.
In fact, he’s always behind evil, with his ugly sneering grin,
Hoping that you’ll do his prompting — that is, give in and wrongly sin.

Oh, how I hate him, for every day he just follows me around,
Hoping that I will succumb to the flesh, of which he wants his pound.
Yes, he follows me like a shadow, dripping with evil intent,
And going by what he whispers in my ear, it’s clear he’s no gent.

With his band of not so merry men, (evil angels, actually),
He does his very best to distract, divert and unbalance me.
And he loves it when I’m more vulnerable, in a weakened state,
For then he knows it’s easier, more likely that I’ll co-operate.

Yes, he picks on me just like a big bully, won’t get off my tail,
And my attempts to do what’s right, he constantly seeks to derail.
If it weren't for saving grace, and the strength that the Spirit gives me,
I wouldn’t stand a chance — therefore, with thanks I fall on bended knee.

And there, I ask forgiveness from He who Satan hates more than me,
So much so, that he relished seeing Christ suffer on Calvary.
But when Christ arose from the dead, Satan’s glee vanished rapidly,
Because he’s no match for Christ’s robe of righteousness given freely.

So every day I seek my Saviour who died so that I might live,
(Victoriously, eternally), if all my heart to Him I give.
And there in prayer, I kneel repentantly — and often, shamefully,
Knowing He’ll forgive me, surround me with heavenly armoury.

Thus, in my heart there rings a melody of heavenly harmony,
Yes, a joy and peace beyond all understanding, incredibly.
And with lightened heart, and face smudged with tears, I arise from my knees,
My hand in His, His face smudged too — and I, a new beginning seize.

By Lance Landall

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