Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


Regarding The Poor

Within every society, there are those who are very poor,
And who're often given scant regard, or simply ignored, what's more.
Yes, poverty is a huge problem that pervades our world today,
Which could largely be solved were there the heart and will to find a way.

What I find most disturbing is, that some people who're doing well,
Are frequenting those op-shops that cheaper things for poorer folk sell.
Such provides some indication of the selfishness that pervades
Many who are better off, and who're grabbing what poorer folk aids.

Sadly, such selfish behaviour runs right throughout society,
For many who're better off, spend money with gross impropriety.
While those poor folk struggle daily, many just feather their own nest,
And thus symbols of indifference in their gilded mansions rest.

There're many in this world of ours who have everything that they need,
But they keep on wasting money that poorer families would feed.
By adding to their pile of treasure, propelled by selfishness and greed,
They thereby deny, via such excess, many poor folk what they need.

Yes, some folk are never contented, for they’re always wanting more,
Even when they have so much, which shows selfishness lies at the core.
It seems that some folk have no conscience, and just excuse their lavish ways,
Or they just give a meagre portion, which a tightness still portrays.

When we have all that we need in life, and are blessed with even more,
Let’s give that extra blessing to those families hard-hit or poor.
It's so shameful and unjust that many spend money needlessly,
While all throughout our planet other folk are battling poverty.

The amount that we keep for ourselves, compared to how much we share,
May very well provide evidence of just how much we really care.
Even if we're not all that wealthy, the same principle applies,
So, if you're blessed with all you need, consider your fellowman’s cries.

By Lance Landall

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