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Who's To Blame?

It’s so very easy to condemn the perpetrator of a crime,
And such is what we see people doing everywhere, time after time.
And yet, if they were that person, they would be wanting others to be
A lot more understanding, and treating them very differently.

Yes, let's hate the crime, not the offender, whose life’s sadly gone awry,
As, but for the grace of God, that offender could have been you or I.
And bear in mind, that sometimes things go wrong in the life of someone good,
Who, could they turn the clock back, such is the very first thing that they would.

Plus, the brain is very fragile, and hence why injuries to the head
Have seen certain behavioural change that to criminal acts has led;
The frontal lobes especially, which if they are damaged in some way,
Can see even a model citizen going terribly astray.

Yes, the mind is extremely complex, so who knows what really occurs 
Within the mind of many people out there, that wrong behaviour spurs.
And hence why we need to be more careful how we treat those who offend,
For their minds may have suffered an injury, and who knows when they’ll mend.

So many who've been hurt while children, hurt today, or along life’s way
Are emotionally troubled, and hence why so many go astray.
Their plight requires our sympathy, our compassion, and our thought and care,
Lest we simply compound their problems, and thus some of the blame then share.

So many people committing crime are propelled or motivated 
By some such injury, or frustration, that others have created.
And oft a corruptive influence, or the presence of temptation,
Has given birth to some offence, or a serious violation.

What am I getting at?

So many women parade their wares, and yet, are not prepared to share,
Which many men consider as provocative, and very unfair.
And to those men who have a problem, it’s just like red rag to a bull,
And therefore, is it any wonder that the prison cells are so full?

There're many men who may turn to rape via the availability
Of pornographic stimuli that affects them insatiably.
And a sexual dysfunction that is lying deep within a man,
May be triggered off or fuelled by this material that sense would ban.

Now, I’m not condoning crime, but it appears to me that scenes are set 
That soon have certain people failing, and caught in the criminal net.
And therefore, who’s to blame? The offender? Or others who contribute?
And could it be that we only take on board what just happens to suit?

Surely the blame belongs to both, and yet, whenever a crime takes place,
Who comes forward to admit, that some of the blame they as well should face?
Obviously offenders should be made to pay for the wrong they’ve done,
But isn’t it ironic, that those contributing, offenders shun.

So much within society is fuelling the trouble that we see,
Such as drugs and alcohol, and that smut and violence on TV.
Yes, there are so many things that are affecting us all dreadfully,
That many people who down criminals, have embraced quite happily.

Yes, it’s so very easy to condemn any who commit a crime,
Including all those who are in prison, currently doing their time.
But have we somehow aided offenders, even caused what soon became?
And hence the title of my poem that's asking the question, “Who’s to blame?”

By Lance Landall

Yes, it's clear that those in prison are only the tip of the iceberg.

Society's Bad Eggs

We talk a lot about putting folk in prison, (society’s bad eggs), whom we condemn ferociously,
And admittedly prisons are needed, and many in them very evil indeed, unfortunately.
But to be honest, there’re far more bad eggs walking amongst us than there are in prison, and just as nasty,
Who simply haven’t been caught yet, or committed their crime yet, and some of them don’t look bad or scary.

And all those who do go to prison, very seldom come out better than they went in, unsurprisingly,
For though prisons are necessary, they do little to improve the incarcerated, ridiculously.
And nor does hard labour, for punishment is simply punishment, and unable to change one’s heart or mind,
Which is why rehabilitation is more important than those prison walls that so many are behind.

Therefore, the length of time in prison is far less important than the prisoner’s rehabilitation,
For it’s change that’s needed, unless we’re all about punishment, which just adds to the prison population,
And which also embitters the inmates, the opposite to what is best, unless of course, we just don’t care,
Which wouldn’t say much for us, for either we’re humane or not, our goodness genuine, or just a veneer.

Surely those who’ve a good heart and mind are more interested in a person’s betterment than punishment,
And thus their greater benefit to society, for there’s little benefit where more time in jail’s spent.
And surely they wouldn’t want to make jails tougher either, for too many innocents have been locked away,
And come the future, it could be any one of us, who had nothing whatsoever to do with foul play.

At the end of the day, it’s not about prisons or punishment, but all about changing the heart and mind,
That is, the rebuilding of each prisoner, helping them to put their wrong behaviour and past well behind.
Its better that something good come out of their crime, and there’s nothing better than their rehabilitation,
Whereby, they can make some sort of societal amends, which they can’t if still in jail, nursing retaliation.

And bear in mind, that many who’ve committed crimes, didn’t stand a chance given their unfortunate background,
And that there are those whose crime was not premeditated, and who, very evil offenders now surround.
Yes, offenders who influence for the worse rather than for the better — just another result of jails,
That we really need to be getting folk out of, they readjusted and more sound, no longer off the rails.

There’ll always be those who’ll probably remain behind bars, seemingly beyond redemption, tragically,
But lifetime sentences are simply punishment, and surely very short-sighted, costing society.
Better the offender become a restored and productive contributor, and as soon as possible,
That is, within reason, for punishment only goes so far, and more oft just fuels that prison carousel.

Or is revenge sweeter, currently —  and our pain obscuring our objectivity.

By Lance Landall

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