With God In Mind



This page, and the other related pages here, are not part of the Christian section that's found in my second poetry garden, and thus stand alone.

"Christianity is the saving, hope-filled Gospel of Jesus Christ our Creator and Saviour,
which far too often is confused with Christendom's errant words and sad behaviour."

The poet, author

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Page One:
With God In Mind

In defence of God.
And h
ope verses hopelessness.
This page includes the following articles (found after poem number 26 which is the last poem on this page):
1) Quotes Verifying The Authenticity Of Christ.
2) Give Me Proof That God Is Real.
3) The Gospel Of Jesus Christ Made Simple.
4) Rhythm Of Life.
How life on Earth seems calibrated in some mysterious way to the number seven (and bearing in mind that seven day week of creation mentioned in the Christian Bible).
5) It Was Christianity That Changed The World.
6) True And False Christianity.
Page Two:
Revealing some doctrinal corruptions that crept into the Christian Church after the apostles died off, like an eternal Hell.
This page includes the following article:
Once Saved, Always Saved?
Page Three:

Apologising for the ill coming from straying, un-Christ-like Christians and Christendom.
Admission and defence.
Dealing with those factors that are putting many off Christianity.

Page Four:
I Saw Beyond It All

Regarding excuses many make for not accepting Christianity, for not becoming a Christian, and for not going to church.
The clearing away of certain misconceptions.
(A shadow page Foes Of Humanity is accessed via, and relates to, statement number twenty one of this article).
This page includes three particular articles:
1) Why Church And State Should Always Remain Separate.
2) Why Is God Allowing It All?
3) God, War And Violence.
Page Five:
The why of suffering.
This page includes the following articles:
1) Withheld Blessings And Responses.
2) Why Do Bad things Happen To Good People?
3) Why Isn't God Stopping All The Suffering And evil?
4) Causes Of Suffering.
5)  If Christ Doesn't Care.
6)  More On Suffering.
7)  God Has And Is Suffering Too.
8)  Further to.
Page Six:
Knowing, understanding and heeding the warnings of the biblical prophesied "signs of the times" that prove and shout that Christ's return is very near; and hence an analysis of those signs.

Dear fellow traveller,

You know, whether one’s a Christian or not (or other), one can’t escape the rapidly growing evidence supporting a hugely significant thing that the Bible has predicted, and that is, that prior to the return of Jesus, the world will be in utter turmoil and afflicted by growing calamities, earthquakes, famines, pestilences (Covid coming to mind), wars, lawlessness, lack of love and more that won't get better with time (such detailed on my page: Prepare).
History shows that we're repeating it, and hence why things can only but get worse.

And this being one reason why both God and His Word should surely be given much greater consideration.

With God In Mind

the most MISUNDERSTOOD, savagely MALIGNED and terribly MISINTERPRETED being.


God is who and what He is, not anyone's private interpretation,
but as revealed in His Word, the Bible.
So what exactly does the Bible say about Him?
He's the king, ruler and owner of the universe, and thus worthy of worship.
He’s the God of love and truth; hence why He’s loving, honest, just, impartial, fair, and the originator of truth.
He is also forgiving, longsuffering, slow to anger, merciful, compassionate, righteous, holy, pure, trustworthy, faithful, unchangeable, immortal [has always existed and always will], omniscient [knows everything, can read hearts and minds, can tell the future], omnipresent [in every place at the same time], and omnipotent [has unlimited power, including the power and authority to give or take life].
Jesus, His son, who is the image of His Father [who no one has seen], has coexisted with His Father from eternity, and is our judge, mediator, saviour and example. It was He who sent the Holy Spirit [the third member of the Godhead, the trinity] who among other things, comforts, strengthens and sanctifies [changes the repentant for the better].
Jesus has the same characteristics as His Father.
Jesus is His name, Christ is His title, and it meaning: Messiah, Anointed One.

More about God (and the Trinity) can be seen on my page The Truth About The Holy Spirit, poetry garden TWO, Christian section.

"The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God [the Father] and the fellowship
of the Holy Spirit be with you all" (2 Cor 13:14, RSV).

"No other religion, philosophy, teaching, nation, movement
whateverhas so changed the world
for the better as Christianity has done."

Paul L. Maier, The Russell H. Seibert, professor of ancient history, Western Michigan university

“Christian ideals have permeated society to the point where non-Christians, who claim to live a 'decent life'
without religion, have forgotten the origin of the very content and context of their decency.”
Josiah Stamp

"A thorough understanding of the Bible is better than a college education."
President Theodore Roosevelt

"The advantageous effect of religious belief and spirituality on mental and physical health
is one of the best kept secrets in psychiatry and medicine in general."

Professor Andrew Sims, former President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists

"For we did not follow cleverly devised tales when we made known to you the power and coming
of our Lord Jesus Christ, but we were eyewitnesses of His majesty." (2 Peter 1:16, NASB).

The following poems contain Christian content or degree, and a few of them
(on any of the six pages) are also found in my Christian section, second poetry garden.

"The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the best news ever, following the worst news possible."
Dr J.I. Packer

1.  First-Hand Experience

What you think of the God you’ve heard of may be based on certain Christians you’ve seen,
Faulty witnesses, who wrong things may’ve said too — yes, such too frequent a scene.
All why you’ll never truly know God until you search for Him yourself, and
Via personal experience and study, that same God better understand.

In other words, you really need first-hand experience, thus giving God a go,
'Cause much done in His name knows nothing of Him, and some just putting on a show.
Yes, Christians on the outside, but something far different going on within,
And thus you naturally confusing Christianity with Christendom.

All why Christians are told to keep their eyes on God, not on other Christians, who
To be fair, don’t become saints once baptized, but years of growth still have to go through.
Churches being like hospitals for sinners, where they go to get surgery,
And some not good patients, only half compliant, a sorry reality.

Hence why some are still found where they shouldn’t be, still doing what they shouldn’t do,
Which causes confusion, more so when they try to justify such, it all askew.
And hence how false teachings can occur, though there are those who innocently err,
They new in their Christian walk, or misled, their conscience but beginning to stir.

The truth is, that if God’s for real, and we’re talking about your destiny here
(That choice you make), you’ve reason to check things out, and lest one day soon, He appear.
Shame to not bother because of what you’ve seen, and what about your family?
You and them only getting three score years and ten, perhaps, not eternity.

But having said all this, non-believers have done their share of injury too,
Maligning and ridiculing God, denying He exists, which they may rue.
And this, having ignored evidence to the contrary, not given God a go,
And how they err too, there just no end to the folly of fallen men below.

And then came that flood in Noah’s day, and soon, the coming of Christ in our day,
A risk far too serious to take, but where errant Christians and scoffers stray.
And hence that need of that first-hand experience — yes, that giving God a go,
That the truth of, and the truth about, that Creator and Saviour one might know.

By Lance Landall

2.  That Man Jesus

Yes, I was reading about Jesus and how He never hurt anybody,
How He never abused anyone physically or emotionally.
How He never cussed, gossiped, acted lawlessly, recklessly or thoughtlessly,
Nor lied, cheated, deceived, coveted, stole, murdered or acted immorally.

How His doings were always good and noble, how He healed, restored and aided,
How His kingliness and mighty powers were never boastfully paraded.
How He bore our punishment, displayed mercy, offers grace and eternal life,
How He has promised freedom from this Earth’s evil, suffering, heartbreak and strife.

And I wondered, why hasn’t everyone embraced this amazing being,
Who, by the way, preached a gospel of love — so what is it that folk aren’t seeing?
For this being who claims to be God, our creator, hasn’t done any harm,
But bears long, loves, cares, intercedes, searches longingly, holds out a nail pierced palm.

And research has shown me how He’s been wrongly maligned, His Word misunderstood,
As if anyone would burn anyone forever, and not if they were good.
And Jesus is all about goodness, I understand, hence His judgment day too,
’Cause any good ruler wouldn’t let evil go undealt with, nor surely you.

Well, if you were in His place, say, and wanting to put this planet right again,
And why it only makes sense that there’s a day of reckoning for evil men.
And talk of an eternal hell mere figurative speech, such quick and final,
And deserved, for many on Earth have made someone else's life a living hell.

So why are so many knocking Jesus, for He’s not the cause of suffering,
Nor His absence, but the presence of a devil the cause, who ill sought to bring.
Hence why we see both good and bad, right and wrong, and Jesus waiting to fix things,
But more eye-opening, God vindicating time needed before Satan swings.

And how absurd to knock Jesus without studying His book, or properly,
And I meaning, open-mindedly, it more credible than Darwin’s theory.
Well, I mean to say, we all having come out of nothing, and then a monkey,
Oh, the silliness of it, a designer God making far more sense to me.

But really, what’s wrong with a Saviour God, one who’s saying that He’ll return soon?
Though if he’d just been a mere man, He still too worthy to dismiss or lampoon.
For all that He sought when here on Earth was changed hearts, peace and goodwill to all men,
Who, though knocking Him, have made a huge mess of things themselves, time and time again.

And this despite things in Christ’s book having come true, and coming true right on cue,
Such pretty hard to dismiss as nonsense, and those prayer-pleading miracles too.
So mock Him you can, but what if He’s all His book says, and He does come back soon?
And why it’s better to believe than not, one pondering on the stars, sun and moon.

For the galaxy's mind-boggling, ones DNA too, not to mention the eye,
All too amazing to have just happened, and why ones got to ask how and why.
And evolution silent, but not the Christian Bible, for within is found
A believable explanation, not some hairy theory that’s far from sound.


Genesis telling how it all began, Revelation how it all will end,
And in-between a sad yet beautiful story of One who says He’s our friend.
A being who left His mark on history like no other, and still astounds,
A being whose love (and despite how terribly he was treated), still abounds.

All why I’m glad that I’ve been reading His book, because hope’s hardly found elsewhere,
And Jesus promising that one day soon He will wipe away every tear.
And that’s a day I’m looking forward to, for I believe what I’ve read is true,
And meantime, that very same humble, selfless and loving life wish to pursue.

By Lance Landall

“If God does not exist, everything is permissible.”
Fyodor Dostoievski (1821-1881).

...and that meaning:

No day of reckoning for evil men;
No grounds for acting humanely;
No value attached to humanity;
No reason for accountability;
No hope beyond the grave;
No foundation;
No example;
No anchor;
No purpose;
No direction;
No blueprint;
No good or bad;
No truth or falsehood;

and pity help us!

3.  Someone Well Ahead Of Us

It’s not hard to believe in God given what man can do, and all alone here,
And on a planet that’s furiously spinning with no other humans near.
Oh yes, we getting cleverer by the day, but Someone well ahead of us,
A master designer, inventor, creator-cum-mighty being called Jesus.

Oh, the huge strides that we have made medically and scientifically,
Those amazing robots, voice activated mechanisms, and more we see.
So what’ll be next? Yes, the mind boggling with excitement and expectation,
But Someone well ahead of us; both this world and us being His creation.

And so, if we can achieve the things we have, imagine what He’s able to do,
And where do you think our ideas came from, our knowledge? Hardly out of the blue.
Such requiring a source, as with everything else, like this planet and us,
A Someone well ahead of us, that superior intelligence of Jesus.

Both scientists and mathematicians astounded by this world’s complexity,
The preciseness of our solar system, the order, beauty and majesty.
Oh yes, there not a chance that it all happened by chance, but intentionally,
Even His voice activating things, a power well beyond our ability.

We unable to grasp it, yet there’s sufficient evidence that such exists,
Both we and Earth too amazing, and further discoveries this insists.
We only scratching the surface of what’s hardly the product of some big bang,
And we, made in the image of our Creator, forget that orang-utan.

Oh, where does man get such foolishness from, as if we and this world just turned up,
Bang! Preciseness and intelligence random, Earth’s speed too — what was in that cup?
Yes, the evolutionist under the influence of something, or someone,
Like a lying, prideful, banished angel who’s having so much devilish fun.

And when the truth’s simply that there’s Someone who’s well ahead of us, and Divine,
A well advanced, supernatural being, hence that evidence of design.
And we having that same creativeness, but it limited due to man’s fall,
Who only exists due to graciousness, that Someone’s merciful, loving call.

And that limitation necessary, by the way, ’cause imagine what we’d do
If in our fallen state we could do almost anything that we desired to.
We bad enough now with our evils, this world armed to the teeth, things getting worse,
All why that Someone will soon step in, lest all of us and Earth leave in a hearse.

But Christ far from happy about how His planet’s been treated, and, I must add,
How we’ve used that same creativeness of His, and all that freedom that we’ve had.
Let alone what we’ve done to ourselves, a crime, and we knowing crime doesn't pay,
And hence what shows, we well behind that Someone who’s ahead of us, sad to say.

By Lance Landall

You may also be interested in my poem And So which can be found on my page
The Trouble With Tomorrow.

4.  In Defence Of God

Is it any wonder that God’s not understood, for the following is clear,
And that being, that most hardly know Him, nor His Word, and just go by what they hear.
Yes, they’ve never experienced Him personally, nor seen the proof He’s real,
That evidence that points to a Creator who again Himself will reveal.

Yes, that God of old who worked within the confines of a rebellious rabble, He
Ruling them directly, hence that ancient Jewish nation, a theocracy.
And such why the likes of an eye for an eye, and the death penalty back then,
 Stood at that time until Christ appeared and pointed out a better way to men.

In other words, that theocracy long gone, Christ having been spurned by His own,
They acting like those destroyed in the flood, their minds corrupt, their hearts more like stone.
And so it’ll be near Earth’s end, we’re told, and why God will once again have to act,
For when He’s spurned or rebelled against, it’s soon seen that every evil is backed.

Yes, one doesn’t have to be a Christian to know the Bible’s onto something
When it says, “As in the days of Noah, so it’ll be again-cum-every wrong thing.”
For look around you, friend, as humanity is growing sicker by the day,
Rather than improving as things always have when people have done things God’s way.

Hence why throughout history God’s had to make some tough decisions, otherwise
We wouldn’t have lasted this long, and why even His own He’s seen to chastise.
Oh, how so many of them act like those ancient Jews, or those before the flood,
And they, foolishly thinking that they will still be covered by their Saviour’s blood.

Well, they won’t be, for those who wish to be saved must take God’s will seriously,
And surely Christians can see this by just looking at biblical history.
First a worldwide flood, then the end of an old theocracy, and finally
Due to “As in the days of Noah,” another scene, apocalyptically.

Yes, its best folk get to know God, and well, He no ogre but a God of love,
Who warns us in order to spare us ill below and rightful wrath from above.
And surely we can see He knows what He’s talking about, for look at our tracks,
They embedded in evil, folly and failure, and if in doubt, look at the facts!

Facts that God has had to deal with, and for our own good, not that most see this though,
Many denying Him, knocking Him, or bending His Word to suit as they go.
And thus where not denied, He oft accused of this or that-cum-misunderstood,
Some even using His name-cum-authority to do things they never should.

Hence why I write in defence of God, my understanding having grown with time,
And why I can better see behind those things where there appears no rhythm or rhyme.
For there is an overall picture, certain things having to play out, and then,
God’s better ways will be proven so, and so too, all that foolishness of men.

Yes, God’s little understood, even by those who profess to know Him — Christians —
They oft more lost in what’s un-Heavenly, still indulging in favourite sins.
And hence those heresies that are presented as biblical truth, or those acts,
Be they private or corporate, that neither the Bible nor God himself backs.

By Lance Landall

5.  Best You Truly Get To Know Him

Those problems that so many have with God, are because they don’t know Him well, or,
Don’t know Him at all, the latter not responding to His knock on their door.
God not one to force, but one who makes His appeal to the heart, and hence His knock,
And that appeal becoming more urgent given that it’s almost twelve o’clock.

But obvious signs of the times aside (they both predicted and coming true),
It’s all about getting to know God, and discovering what is false or true.
And one thing that is true, is that He is indeed a God of love, one who cares,
And why over the plight and fall of humanity, He sheds so many tears.

This is the same God, who, whip in hand (though it wasn’t used to hit anyone),
Chased hypocrites and wrongdoers from His temple court — yes, Jesus Christ the Son.
Oh, how He hated how the poor and afflicted were treated, robbed of money,
And this, by the priests and rulers, those who should’ve known better — insanity!

Not only were His things defiled by those charged with minding His sanctuary,
But they turned away the blind, lame, deaf and poor, fleeced the worshippers of money.
Oh, how angry Jesus was, and He had a right to be, the authority,
For God is a God of love, a God of justice, a God who hates injury.

So rest assured,

Because God is noting all the ills that are done in His name, or that have been,
His righteous requirements having never been changed, so woe the greedy and mean!
But God longsuffering and merciful, wanting all to repent and be saved,
And will reward all who the hurts and sneers of wicked men and scoffers have braved.

No, the poor and needy hadn’t run at the sight of Christ raising a whip, and,
Nor had they seen anger in His eyes, but love and hope, one who would understand.
Yes, it only the priests and rulers who saw eyes full of wrath, and ran away,
And so it will be at Christ’s return, so, best you truly get to know Him, today.

So how does one truly get to know Him?

Well, by studying His Word with an open mind and heart, communing in prayer,
Asking for the Spirit to guide that you may know God's will and ways, learn of His care.
And also by observing Nature, His creation, dwelling on Calvary,
For there, no greater love and amazing grace ever engulfed humanity.

By Lance Landall

"We don't want the way we live to undermine the gospel we preach."
Cameron Buettel

Regarding God's Ten Commandments (Exodus, chapter 20, verses 3-17).

6.  Even If I Weren't A Christian

Regarding God’s Law, and even if I weren’t a Christian, support it I would,
’Cause all I’ve heard about Jesus is good, and murder, steal and lie, no one should.
And adultery hardly right either, nor the bucking of authority,
Parents having a job to do, and no good’s ever come out of jealousy.

Yes, those Ten Commandments seeming alright to me, they hardly making one worse,
But more that going around falsely saying something, such nothing but a curse.
And people eyeing up what I own hardly makes me feel good, and as for them,
Coveting could soon get them into trouble, and why such ills, all should condemn.

There’s nothing wrong with good rules, you know, and boundaries there always needs to be,
Otherwise, anything goes (as they say), and so, one facing reality.
Thus those Commandments making sense to me, and that God seeming alright to me
(Called heavenly Father), ’cause good parenting provides love and security.

Yes, a God like that I would want to honour, put first, listen to (should He speak),
Not disrespecting His name, wanting some other god, nor some idol would seek.
And I’d gladly meet with Him once a week, whatever day He said, and rest is good,
Thus when it comes to His Law, even if not a Christian, support it I would.

By Lance Landall

7.  If It Wasn't For Him

Best you not scoff at my belief in God, ’cause if it wasn’t for Him, my friend,
And all I’ve learnt from His Word, all I’ve experienced from beginning to end,
I may’ve been another criminal, the cause of much misery and pain,
No moral code in my heart, laws but to be broken, selfishness seen to reign.

But Jesus changed everything, softened my heart, healed wounds and renewed my mind,
All why I see differently now, and greater joy in more wholesome things find.
I no longer in the dark, but aware of my origin and purpose, and
Where both I and the future are headed, and how my Saviour has great things planned.

Yes, it all having given me hope, a hope that He is wanting me to share,
So that others may come to know of His compassion and mercy, love and care.
He far from how many wrongly portray Him, and even misread His Word,
All why others draw sad conclusions via these errant things that they’ve seen and heard.

And much like some may think wrongly of you or I, given what might’ve been said,
Past mistakes, some stressful moment, or even untruths remaining in their head.
But on we should press, and so I do, hoping that changes will be noticed, and
Others thus seeing how God has worked in my life, just like some potter’s deft hand.

And He’s borne long with me, His forgiveness sure, and His grace saving us alone,
Thus I unable to play a part here, but having simply made His will my own.
Therefore, I’m no longer walking contrary, so grateful for what He has done,
Thus not thinking for one moment of taking any glory from Christ the Son.

Oh, how He loves me, indeed us all, and hence why He has delayed His return,
Hoping that more will turn to Him and be saved, and also, not the hard way learn.
Yes, my rebelliousness having cost me, and He knowing better all along,
Having wanted to spare me from such folly, but oh, my will once far too strong.

So as I said, if it hadn’t been for Him, I might have been some front page news,
A definite possibility when the wrong and rudderless path we choose.
It all a battle between good and evil, selfishness or selflessness, and
We aiding a devil or a God, and why on the side of a God I’ll stand.

Yes, a God whose love has wrought changes in me, a God who has empowered me,
I no slave to what others think, my worth found in Him; we talking majesty,
Oh yes, I’m the child of a King, one I talk to daily, and He answers me,
His replies seen in amazing daily expressions that encourage greatly.

He’s real, my friend, and His Word has proven true over and over again, and,
As sure as life, He’s there when I struggle or fall, offering His outstretched hand.
Yes, I’ve felt that heavenly grasp, I emerging from predicament or trough.
All why over this God that I’ve encountered personally I wouldn’t scoff.

But rather, midst the toils and woes of life, I’ll trust Him, knowing He’s still the same,
Miracles happening now too, all why I know He once healed the sick and lame.
He here on Earth before, it all recorded, the records accurate and true,
He as real today as then, and offering the same hope and promise to you.

By Lance Landall

8.  Mind What You See And Hear

Looking at Christians, and flawed biblical interpretations that some cling too,
Is oft a sure way to get a wrong picture of God, and why more homework’s due.
And ancient actions of God are oft misunderstood, so-called acts of His too,
The latter having nothing to do with Him, and much done in His name askew.

This world has been blessed and spared much via Christianity, the Good News gospel,
And hence why one should look beyond Christendom’s erring and any Christian’s ill.
Otherwise the baby’s thrown out with the bath water, and we then left with what,
Purposeless evolution, and New Age dressed old age nonsense (easy to spot).

Yes, so much airy-fairy, gobbledegook out there, folk running to and fro,
No longer anchored to a rock, and saying how all that old stuff’s got to go.
And gone much has, but what good has it done us, and God shaking His wise old head,
Because so much better off we’d be today if we’d acted on what He’d said,

Truly said, that is; naught wrong with those Ten Commandments, and further good that’s found,
That love, selflessness, compassion, lawfulness, peace and harmony on Earth be found.
Violence out, and abuse of any sort, but goodness and truthfulness in,
No one violating another’s rights, indulging in what God has called sin.

Yes, the alternative being anarchy, depravity, debauchery,
Every human simply pleasing him or her self; God a fuddy-duddy,
Well, such is how kids oft view their earthly parent, and hence how they run amuck,
Because when we choose the wrong path, much ill soon comes our way that we oft can’t duck.

And God having wanted to spare us from such, hence His benefits and safeguards,
They oft called morals, principles and standards — yes, those things that one now discards,
Well, if we go by what most are saying and doing, that is, ASKING for it,
Because trouble comes and has come, but God oft blamed, and yet who made the cap fit?

And sadly, many Christians making that cap fit, some even blaming God too,
Or parroting faulty interpretations of Scripture that they shouldn’t do.
They not having done their homework either, simply swallowing what they were fed,
Rather than having searched for themselves, gone by what God and His Word really said.

And such requiring an open mind, of course, prejudices and bias out,
One prepared to accept whatever the truth may be, and hence that thorough scout.
False teachers and prophets abounding, just like God warned they would, so please take care,
Because your future, joy and happiness, depends on it, and Christ’s return near.

And so, one looking at what Christianity’s really about, and also
Realizing there’ll always be hypocritical Christians who better should know.
In other words, we not acting like kids who say, “I don’t want to play anymore,”
But rather, being the example that they’re not, whilst further light we explore.

We shouldn’t use erring Christendom or faulty Christians as our excuse, and,
When it comes to the Bible, should hardly criticize what we don’t understand.
It’s all about us using our head, no Saviour found anywhere else, and so,
We putting our faith in Someone above, or those ever failing men below.

By Lance Landall

Two verses added 23 February 2019.

9.  "An Act Of God," Thay Say

Yes, it seems that God gets the blame for so much, thus it’s an “act of God” they say,
When it has naught to do with Him at all, though there’s something that I must convey.
And that is, given man’s cup of iniquity is full, and an end in sight,
God’s clearly and slowly removing His restraining hand, and such He’s a right.

However, much He’s held back would’ve happened anyway, eventually,
Given how man’s fouled his own nest, and there’s that volcanic activity.
Yes, earthquakes by the dozen now, this planet affected by the global flood,
That decay that entered via sin, and sin having resulted in Christ’s shed blood.

So, we needing to be awakened, a choice to be made, His way or our way?
We either accepting Him or rejecting Him, ’cause there is that coming day.
Yes, He soon returning, reward or penalty in hand, ’cause rebellion must go,
That cause of this mess we’re in, the results of our folly more and more on show.

We knowing better, apparently, but things getting much worse, tragically,
And instead of admitting guilt, many blaming God who’s shown great mercy.
His patience unbelievable, ’cause how many hundreds of years has it been
Since that thoughtlessness in Eden? And here these people are, thinking God is mean!

And coupled with this, a mean devil at work, who causes more mayhem and ill,
Oh yes, he behind so much, yet God getting the blame, which clearly doesn’t gel.
No, Calvary shouting otherwise, it Satan and men who’re responsible,
God in the clear, yet mercifully seeking to save, and if we repent, He will.

So why doesn’t God stop Satan, bring an end to all those evils of men too?
Well, Satan wants complete control of Earth, all why kings he has sought to pursue.
Thus God having to wait until Satan succeeds, because it’s only then, friend,
That all will see that God was right, and then He bringing all the ill to an end.

By Lance Landall

10.  God Didn't Cause That Earthquake

Oh, how they think they know it all, that they’re so right — “God caused that earthquake,” they say,
Possibly referring to some law sanctioning unions between those who’re Gay.
Well, despite God loathing same-sex sexual acts, there’s no one He doesn’t love,
And this being why He’s not sitting there zapping cities and people from above.

No question that God’s slowly withdrawing His restraining hand which holds things in check,
Man’s cup of iniquity full and God trying to get his attention quick,
Hence the increase in the likes of earthquakes that with time would happen anyway,
For much below Earth’s surface was damaged by the flood, is ready to give way.

Yes, there was a worldwide flood, the evidence crystal clear, but sin came before,
All why the Earth’s been in a state of decay and its end nearly at the door.
And how God worked with folk back in Old Testament times (Earth’s early history),
Is another thing, He acting within the framework of a theocracy.

Now we’re a mixed multitude. However…

That withdrawing of God’s hand does display a general disapproval, and,
That there'll also be a day of reckoning — judgment 
 sin’s end being at hand.
All why the likes of earthquakes should have folk pause, for if God’s real, as I believe,
And has warned us, then disbelief and ignorance will leave us with cause to grieve.

Yes, it’s funny, isn’t it, for “God caused that earthquake,” they say (somewhat smugly),
Yet He didn’t do something about that same wrong elsewhere, interestingly.
Hence why those particular Christians need to study God’s Word more carefully,
Thereby getting to the truth of their God’s ways lest they witness incorrectly.

As far as God's concerned, sin is sin, be it committed by Gays or those termed straight,
And thus all whose hearts aren't clean and conscience clear looking at the very same fate;
In other words, that time ahead-cum-Christ's return when He rewards or deals to,
And why in the meantime all should mind those things that they think, say, do and pursue. 

By Lance Landall

"We know that the whole creation has been groaning as in the pains of childbirth right up to the present time"
(Rom 8:22, NIV).

"By the same word the present heavens and earth are reserved for fire, being kept for the day of judgment and destruction of ungodly men" (2 Peter 3:7, NIV).

11.  It's Us, Not God!

There’s no question that whether you believe in God or not, Earth’s coming to some end,
A fact that’s surely clear, for look at the state of this Earth and society, friend.
Yes, both in a dreadful state, perilous state, and thus coming apart at the seams,
And why we need to take stock of where we’re at, face reality, not cling to dreams.

So why’s it all happening, and is God (for some reason), responding angrily,
He supposedly behind all the mayhem, each disaster and calamity?
The answer? No! But rather, that He's been slowly withdrawing His restraining hand
Given the growing wickedness that has been accelerating in every land.

But you know, if God didn’t withdraw His restraining hand, far more folk would be lost,
They not awakened from their self-imposed slumber, folly-cum-distractions that cost.
And thus they not ready nor prepared for Christ’s return, even scoffing at the thought,
Having no belief in God at all, or not having given such the thought they ought.

The truth is, that it’s not God who’s been causing anything, but dumb humanity,
Folk having largely repudiated all that once protected society.
And then there're those offenders, some with agendas, some who’d like to control us all,
Or who simply bring ill on others via their selfishness, wickedness or wrong call.

However, given all I’ve said, God can’t stand idly by, and let’s remember too,
That He’s given us plenty of time to get our act together, like we should do.
Or rather, should've done, for who created us, gave us life we wouldn’t have had
If it wasn’t for His generous nature; and He, not guilty of all that's bad...

And with every right to be hopping mad.

Thus, be it earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes or storms, it’s a sign of the times, friend,
For such ills are on the increase-cum-planet Earth convulsing as it nears its end.
And God not to blame, but man, though much the result of a planet in its death throes,
Aided by irresponsible caretakers — us — which (sadly so), glaringly shows…

And God no longer prepared to hold things back.

By Lance Landall

“ ‘And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars...for nation will rise against nation, and kingdom
against kingdom. And there will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places. All
these are the begining of sorrows’ ”

(Matt 24:6-8, NKJV).

Flaws and disfigurements.

12.  It's Not God's Fault

You’ve heard it said, “Well, that’s just the way God made me,” haven’t you?
When the fact of the matter is, such is very far from true.
If someone is born with defects, are unattractive or ugly,
That’s the result of the Fall, sin’s legacy, essentially.

We shouldn't go blaming God, which effectively many do
When they say, “That’s just the way God made me,” a disturbing view.
'Cause any deformity is the work of the devil, or
Even the result of humans, 'cause blame can lie at our door.

Satan has always been busy engineering misery,
'Cause he's the proverbial mad scientist of infamy.
Thus he absolutely loving it when God gets all the blame,
When people say, “That’s just the way God made me,” an untrue claim.

And hence Christ’s statement, “An enemy has done this” — the devil

'Cause who else would cause such misery, and in such ill revel?
Yes, who else would be responsible for those thistles and thorns
But the evil one — the devil — who every good thing scorns.

Oh yes, he’s an evil genius, far cleverer than man,
Who right from his downfall, such trouble and destruction began.
He’s been systematically destroying God’s creation,
Fiendishly enjoying himself since Adam’s abdication.

When Adam sinned, he thus forfeited his rulership of Earth,
A position Satan claimed, which ensured more ill would give birth.
It was he who turned nature into a reign of tooth and claw,
And harmful bacteria, disease and mutation oversaw.

Thus Earth has been his experimental laboratory,
Where both humans and creatures have suffered so dreadfully.
No, it’s not God who’s at fault, but sadly, the devil and man,
Who via selfishness-cum-rebellion, all Earth’s troubles began.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded on 13 August 2022.

13.  God's In Pain

Yes, God’s in pain, and so would we be if humanity was our creation,
And much we saw on Earth was abomination after abomination.
And that very Earth that we’d created writhing in polluted agony,
Many species now extinct, fires downing forests and wars raging endlessly.

And midst it all, the grateful, obedient and faithful pleading, “Please return,”
Christ knowing that He must wait a little longer, and then, sin and the wicked burn.
All why God’s in pain alright, He wanting to save and not destroy man, but hey,
He hardly having any choice, Heaven not for the rebellious come that day.

Oh, how God must weep at what He sees, His handiwork marred, trashed, and wantonly,
And those in His image denying His existence, scoffing insultingly.
And the saints diverted from their mission by afflictions, distractions and foes,
The latter pawns of Satan, as if that’s not plain to see, but you know how it goes.

And the worldly? Well, they lost in vice or ease, God deeply saddened by their choice,
Many having wandered from His side, many not listening to His voice,
And this, despite Christ having died for them, their very existence due to Him,
But rather than Heaven, it seems, they’re facing a future that looks pretty grim.

So, of course God’s in pain, so many of His own having turned their back on Him,
Or having grown careless, and this why salvation wise they’re risking life and limb.
And meantime are also aiding Satan, giving God even more cause to weep,
Who’s seeing the innocent suffering, though sowers of evil will still reap.

And it all began with Satan who’s lied and schemed, introduced apostasy,
Hence why Christ’s in pain, He having been accused, abused, murdered at Calvary.
And how many of His followers have been misled? Too many to number,
They now spouting heresy or dancing to some seductive worldly rumba,

Oh, how they err.

So, imagine how God feels who’s always wanted peace and happiness to reign,
But now is faced with a universe blighted by a selfish, unholy stain.
And for how long has such been so? God’s patience astounding, His great mercy too,
But His misery is prolonged, and one could say that His judgment’s overdue.

So yes, God’s in pain, He wanting so badly to end it all, stop the evil,
Stop the pain, for rather than a paradise, Earth is more like a living hell.
But Satan’s ultimate plan must be given time to arise that all may see
That God was right in the first place, as if the evidence isn’t clear enough,

For glance again at Calvary.

All why love must soon end the stench of ill and evil rising from planet Earth,
Removing suffering, cruelty, offenders, debauchery and bawdy mirth.
And finally Satan himself, the faithful rewarded with eternity,
The forever presence of their Saviour, the bliss and joy of the heavenly.

But love must wait, other worlds watching with baited breath, and they incredulous,
Given how their Ruler’s borne so long with such depravity, unrighteousness.
But that’s our Saviour, that’s our Lord, His love beyond our fallen comprehension,
And why we can rest assured that putting things right is His burning intention.

By Lance Landall

Satan is humanity's enemy and destroyer, Christ is humanity's friend and Saviour.
See my poem Where Was Christ In Las Vegas? which is on my page The Evil Of Violence.

14.  Did You Know...?

Did you know that the Christian religion is the only one with a Saviour?
A God whose grace alone saves (through faith), and not one’s rituals or behaviour.
You see, all other religions teach salvation by good works, such being folly,
For good works are simply that, works, and we, still fallen sin-sick humanity.

Oh, how some like to think they’re not too bad, even pretty good, but such not so,
For even our so-called goodness is tainted, we self obsessed from head to toe.
Yes, so unlike that Saviour in whom not an ounce of self was found, hence that cross,
It shouting love and sacrifice, whereby, no one need suffer eternal loss.

Sure we should all be into good works, but such can’t and will not save anyone,
For we not only need a new heart but Someone who can work that, Christ the Son.
The truth is, that we all need help outside ourselves, both heart wise and future wise,
And why any religion that says otherwise is clearly playing with lies.

No founders of the world’s religions could conquer their own death, rise from their grave,
And no man’s able to redeem himself by his own efforts, how we behave.
And here’s where Christianity differs, its Saviour seeking, saving, restoring,
Hence why Christianity’s not merely a religion, but relationship...

And why, “Take the world but give me Jesus,” Christians sing, change their citizenship.

Other religions attempt to reach up to God, but with Christianity
It’s God reaching down to us, He calling out, wooing and waiting patiently.
In other religions we see man’s answers to man’s problems, but once again,
With Christianity we see God’s answers to man’s problems, and now, not when.

Yes, God does for man what man can’t do for himself, hence Christ being the redeemer,
And not man redeeming himself, such thinking the work of Satan the schemer,
Who, has so many running after anything but Christ, Christianity,
And why today we’re seeing so much New Age nonsense, and even heresy.

You see, opposing convictions, beliefs, can’t both be true, and thus why it’s so,
That there can only be one true God and one true way, which all should seek to know —
Yes, the Christian faith being based on a historical event, the Resurrection,
And why Christianity’s unique, the Bible passing any inspection…

Yes, it tested, proven, reliable, and full of hope and sound direction.

By Lance Landall

“The basic difference between Christianity and the world’s religions is this: As a Hindu I [S.K] was drowning in a large lake and I did not know how to swim. The religious leaders and gurus came by and gave me lectures on how to swim. Confucius taught, “You should have followed my teaching and then you would never have fallen.” Mohammed advised, “Allah wills whatsoever he wills.” Buddha came by and said, “It’s all an illusion in the mind, change your mind and you will change the problem.” Krishna came along and said, “It’s your karma that you have fallen into the lake. You deserve it.” Then Jesus Christ came. He did not give a lecture or some good advice. He said, “I have come to seek and to save those who are lost,” and He came right into the lake and lifted me out of it and changed my life and put a new song in my heart.”
Taken from the book “Christianity For Skeptics” by Dr Steve Kumar

Indeed, taking all the evidence together, it is not too much to say that there is no single historic incident better or more variously supported than the resurrection of Christ.”
The Gospel of the Resurrection by B.F. Westcott

Alternative poem.

15.  A Million Miles Away

Okay, taking the following intro as being gospel (as many of us do), and all certainly knowing there’s good
and evil-cum-ill, such only too true:
 If I were Satan-cum-that wicked devil (there being no such thing as a good devil), and I thus locked in that controversy with God, He being a Holy, righteous God, and the Creator, Saviour God — I would do everything to discredit Him and His Word, paint His very existence as something absurd, and midst it all, try to claim this Earth as mine, appear as if benign, but ultimately snatch all the glory, have humanity worshipping me, and this via using every human agency, any powers that be, though they thinking that they were in charge, excuse my timely barge. Yes, I installing those who’d achieve my ends, and meantime, I steering any advantageous trends.
Oh yes, I’d have people loving the worst of everything, thus ill assailing and prevailing, and this due to them having
largely lost their ability to discern between good and bad, right and wrong, they mere followers of the throng,
my throng, for I’d be behind every detour, distraction and lie, and hence why truth I’d knock and falsehood
multiply (or is it amplify?), for deception would see me home and housed, people having fallen for what I’d engineered and espoused (well, effectively, puppets and pawns having done and said it all for me, including legislatively), and finally, I in control, the removal of dissenters my goal.
Yes, I having achieved such via creating fears that played into my hands, via having generated certain things
that aided my plans, but few aware, biblical warnings-cum-prophecies falling less on the ear, and soon not at
all, for such freedom of expression I’d maul, thus God unable to claim more souls, they going down with me, digging their own holes, many of them Christians who thought they could have it both ways, but couldn’t, for as the Bible says, such is hypocrisy that rebellion still displays.
Hence why I’d be busy conning Christians too, and more so, they followers of that God I once fought with, and
still so, you know, I desiring the same glory, end of story-cum-that controversy that’s raging, and which started millenniums ago — and yes, the reason for Earth’s woes, it now in its death throes, and why I’d be busy
corrupting and misleading humanity, my hatred for God fuelling the insanity, and I, not wanting to be the only
one missing out on eternity — the more the merrier, actually.
And meantime I loving the mayhem, blaming it on God whom many would soon condemn, and when in fact it had much to do with men (not just me), but they at it again, oh yes, violence, lawlessness, greediness, licentiousness and every other ness, and as far as Christians went, worldliness-cum-rebelliousness, they repeating those errors of ancient Israel, and as far as Christ’s cross goes, they hammering in another nail.
Oh yes, if I were Satan, it would be out with the ancient paths and in with the new, my ends ever in view, the
music, books, movies, TV programmes and general activities a million miles away (from the heavenly, that is), desires and appetites askew, astray, and as for sex as God intended, enter porn, promiscuity, the hot and sexy, and in time, fewer would be offended, and as for rights, “What are they?” another thing in the way, 'cause this
planet I’d want my way, not God’s way, and thus evil the name of the game (as far as I’d be concerned), and
not love, and why I’d want God and His righteousness spurned, things not done on Earth as above, a Holy and unholy mix that would net me all, and on this Earth, my ways and will install.

By Lance Landall

16.  Those False Messiahs

(and look-a-likes)

Certain people have claimed to be Jesus, His Word warning of such, thankfully,
And others have simply tried to look like Him, deludedly or mockingly.
And both are denounced by His Word, that long hair fantasy, not reality,
Christ not a Nasserite, and long hair on men is condemned biblically.

So where did Jesus having long hair come from then? Tradition, undoubtedly,
It belonging with other wrong things that have crept into Christianity.
All why the Bible talks of a woman’s long hair being her crowning glory;
Those long-haired Jesus look-a-likes and false messiahs muddying the story.

Thus it hardly surprising if the devil himself appeared as Christ on Earth,
For just as men lead folk astray, so too Christ’s enemy, who sneers midst his mirth.
Both Satan and them deluded, pied pipers being the order of the day,
Hence why all should mind, and given there are unseen forces of darkness at play.

By Lance Landall

17  Beware Of Angels

Whether one’s a Christian or not, it’s clear that two forces are operating,
One from which good is seen to spring, and the other from which evil’s seen to spring,
And why, according to the Christian Bible, there are both good and bad angels,
Who, either took God’s side or Satan’s side; and Satan being the cause of Earth’s ills.

And all why we should beware of angels, for which ones might be telling us what?
And why, if they speak contrary to the Bible, they should be easy to spot.
However, given that their skills and abilities clearly outweigh ours, and,
That they can appear in human form, there is much that we need to understand.


If angels can appear in human form, I’ve no doubts that evil angels would,
But as if good, though we can be certain that their agenda wouldn’t be good.
And what if they could impersonate any of us, acting criminally,
Or whatever, and this in order to sink us, paint us as some enemy.

At the end of the day, if people frame others, why wouldn’t the old devil,
And his deceiving cohorts? — who’re more than willing to sink to any level,
And why they turn to any trick in the book, and why we’ve been warned to keep watch,
For Satan’s already claimed millions, and dare it be that we’re another notch.

And don’t forget those ghostly apparitions, visitations of the deceased,
Which, in these occult ridden times (thanks to the likes of Harry Potter), have increased.
Yes, Satan cashing in on the turning away from truth, disbelief in God,
And who, when it comes to his final deception, will give his cohorts the nod.

Demonic forces are very real and cruel, their target being us, and hence why
We need to be on our guard and their modus operandi identify.
Yes, their evil intent being to gain control, deceive, mar. spoil, wreck and destroy,
They cunningly using many a Trogon horse, and humans often employ.

So yes, beware of angels, those evil ones feeding mediums and physics,
And who’ve oft painted God-fearing, truth upholding folk as nuts and heretics.
And who relish this world’s obsession with the supernatural, fantasy,
For nothing suits their plans and trickery better-cum-makes their job easy.

By Lance Landall

“Now war arose in heaven, Michael and his angels fighting against the dragon [Satan]. And the dragon and his angels fought back, but he was defeated, and there was no longer any place for them in heaven. And the great dragon was thrown down, that ancient serpent, who is called the devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world — he was thrown down to the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him” (Rev 12:7-9, ESV).

“And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light” (2 Cor 11:14, ESV).

“The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with the work of Satan displayed in all kinds of counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders, and in every sort of evil that deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved” (2 Thess 2:9,10, NIV).

"But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach to you a gospel contrary to the one we preached to you, let him be acursed" (Gal 1:8, ESV).

"For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions, and willl turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into
myths" (2 Tim 4:3,4, ESV).

18.  A Year Of Celebrity Deaths

“It’s been a year of celebrity deaths,” folk say, as if, “What’s going on here?”
When the truth is, there’s little odd about it, celebrities dying each year.
And maybe more so one year, that’s all, and age catching up with most of them, who,
Were possibly born around the same time, give or take a century or two.

Yes, some dying earlier or later, drugs and hard living oft subtracting,
Not to mention the dangers of the occult that too many is attracting.
The latter folk drawn into a mysterious and satanic vortex,
Though most simply sapped and then felled by riotous parties, highs, booze and sex.

“But so many in one year?”, folk question, and some looking at God again, who,
Often is blamed for this or that, and here, untimely deaths of certain folk too.
In other words, not just those so-called acts-of-God, disasters, calamities,
But the snuffing of certain lives, and one assuming, more so those who displease,

God, that is.

Well, the answers, “No,” and simply this (and given man’s cup of iniquity’s full),
God is slowly withdrawing His restraining hand that more might be reachable.
And so, lives He might have spared, and calamities stopped, He’s now allowing,
That rebellious observers might awaken, most having ignored His warning.

Yes, Christ’s coming soon, and now’s His judgment hour, He wanting folk saved and not lost,
Because the path that most are on will ensure that their heavenly home is lost.
Hence why all should take note, Earth’s end near, more and worse yet to come, and why being:
Because even midst all these deaths and calamities, people still aren’t seeing,

And are still besotted with those they idolise rather than with God who’s love,
And who’s saddened by the crazy fixation with things on Earth and not above.
Thus those deaths and calamities being a reality check, wakeup call,
God more than robbed of glory, most looking elsewhere, coveting what should appal,

Earth always bound to disappoint and pain, but not God though, if we heed His call.

But you know,

Much is the result of man’s folly finally catching up with him, and so,
Cancer’s on the rise given lifestyles that aren’t wise, folk reaping what they sow.
Yes, many indulging in recklessness, and then there’s environmental ills,
War, disease, poverty and violence, which many on Earth, and not God, farewells.

By Lance Landall

19.  Looking For Hope?

Going by the Bible, my Christian experience, and that of others too,
God is REAL, God is LOVE, and has delayed His return to Earth because of YOU.
God has never wanted to see anyone struggle, suffer or end up lost,
Which is why He’s trying to reach you, and why on Calvary He paid that cost.

No other religion having a Saviour, by the way, and true it is too
That hope’s not found in Darwinism either, such like a room without a view.
But Jesus Christ another story, an authenticated one, and why here
I wish to convey the truth of the matter, and such wonderful Good News share.

Scripture says that proof of a Creator can be seen in creation, and so
I point you to wonders and beauty found there, that craftsmanship that’s on show.
Such too mind-boggling to have happened by chance, the intricateness, precision,
Which, when it comes to believing in God, has helped many make that decision.

And there’s only one God, the Bible tells us, which makes a lot of sense to me,
More hardly needed, but just that trio that’s called the Godhead, or trinity.
The Father (God), the Son (Christ), and the Holy Spirit (another being too),
But all considered as one, like a three strand rope, working together for you.

The Father’s Son having chosen to come and die on our behalf, then Jesus
(After ascending) having sent the Holy Spirit to help and strengthen us.
The love and goodness of the Godhead an amazing thing given rebellion,
Those fallen lustings deep within us that are responsible for so much sin.

But enter God’s GRACE, that undeserved mercy that can’t be earned, it but a gift,
Which, when accepted on repentance, brings about an amazing paradigm shift.
One seeing differently, walking in a new direction, hope at the end,
’Cause God has promised eternity to the faithful, and may that be you, friend.

God’s love is revealed in many ways, even in suffering, ’cause learn we must,
We oft the cause of our own troubles, and why in all things, in Him we should trust.
He knowing best, but still there when we falter and err, somehow letting Him down,
All why when we seek His forgiveness, we’ve the assurance of His righteous gown.

Oh yes, how long He has borne with me, and hence why He’s still waiting patiently,
That you might respond before He closes that window of opportunity.
Yes, He’s coming soon, love having to bring an end to all the evil and ill,
And where He’ll rescue those who’ve acknowledged Him and gladly carried out His will.

This world’s coming to an end, and what’s it got to offer? Three score years and ten,
Fleeting pleasures, heartbreak, misfortune, ill health, and mind those foolish plans of men.
Christ offering better, all why He died for everyone, despite their sin,
And now waits by Heaven’s gates, His arms open wide, and He bidding all come in.

The Bible’s accuracy has been proven, its signs of the times coming true,
Hence the worsening state of things, and why Jesus is urgently seeking you.
I don’t know what I would’ve done without Him; He’s been so very good to me,
Answering prayers, healing inner wounds, guiding my footsteps, and helping me see.

And so it will be with you, your understanding growing, and inner joy too,
There nothing like that peace He leaves one with, but hey, it all being up to you.
You’ll have to exercise faith like I have, and then you’ll more clearly see
That love of God that daily surrounds you, and that growing truth that sets men free.

So, don’t believe His attackers, nor those scoffers, but those who have found Him true,
Loving, compassionate, impartial, and more than interested in you too.
But in the meantime we having to endure, though knowing that He’s by our side,
It only but a little while now, and those tears of yours will soon be dried.

Yes, Christ would love to return now, even well before, but He unable to,
Because Satan’s ultimate plan for total control of Earth must be proved true.
The Bible having warned of such, and Jesus needing to be vindicated,
Other worlds and Heaven watching, and Christ hurting too, given how He’s waited.

But wait He must, well aware of this fallen planet’s evils and misery,
And that situation of yours, friend, and how you’re still treading perilously.
It breaking His heart, He so wanting you to recognise your true Father, and
Longs for your return, so well aware of what that wicked devil has got planned.

So respond I would, dear friend, there no one else who cares for you like Him, and why
He has provided that proven guidebook in order to counter any lie,
Like that of Darwin’s, Satan having been behind every lie that’s been told
All why many view God badly, and why in time the truth of things will unfold.

However, in the meantime, we have that beautiful story of Calvary,
Surely sufficient in itself, a God who shed his blood for humanity.
Only love doing such a thing, and I’ve experienced that love personally,
A love I don’t deserve either, but am grateful for, and take seriously.

Just like you should your decision, because there is really no alternative,
Nothing else that’s out there, and why nothing but purposeless lives so many live.
This world so shallow and full of empty promises, with nothing at the end,
But not that world where God reigns, and where I'm hoping that one day I’ll find you, friend.

By Lance Landall

Poems regarding the myth and hopelessness of evolution can be seen on my
page Planet Earth, Home page.
Also see my poem The Answer Isn't Here, same page.

20.  Right In Front Of Our Noses

Looking for answers, hope, love, a hero, one who could even rescue mankind?
Well, you’ll never beat that God who died to save us — and thus in blood, His love signed.
Oh, He’s real alright, eyewitnesses having seen and recorded such, and why
A cruel cross has become transformed, and a merciful advocate sits on high.

And hey, He not the one who’s responsible for all the pain and misery,
But a devil called Satan who thought he was riding high until Calvary.
And yes, he the one who has folk running after anything and everything,
Rather than the One who created us, a loving God who’ll deal with death’s sting.

So don’t let doubts or some evolution theory have you thinking otherwise,
For God is a God of truth, Earth’s creator, and Satan the father of lies,
Who, by the way, and right from the beginning, has challenged God’s authority,
Viscously attacked His Word, and via this avenue or that, sought His glory.

Yes, everything right in front of our noses, there all along, and yet folk stray
Away from the arms of a soon returning Saviour, and for what doesn't pay.
But isn’t that the way, we reaping what we sow, even finding out too late,
But God is gracious, and therefore, He slow to close Earth’s apocalyptic gate.

So if you’re looking for answers, hope, love, a super hero that you can trust,
Look no further than Jesus Christ, He faithful, all powerful, righteous and just.
And when the time is right, He’ll deal with that devil who tempts, afflicts and destroys,
And who in order to achieve his evil ends, disguised men on Earth employs.

Yes, there’s only one super hero, and it’s not Batman, this man or that man,
But a God that much evidence points to; and the impossible? Yes, He can!
For it was He who hung the stars in space, set this Earth spinning, and precisely,
He being a God of order and beauty who responds to folk personally.

And He not only left a paradise behind to save us, but risked it all,
And even died saying, “Forgive them, Father,” and, “Mind My mum, John,” I recall.
Now that’s Someone worth following, He suffering then and still suffering now,
Not just from more sinful nails, but from what He sees us suffer, yet must allow.

Oh, how He would’ve loved to have wrapped things up long ago, but the scene's not set
Whereby Satan gains total control of Earth via men who’ll aid and abet.
And then (with Satan's ultimate intention seen), Christ will bring an end to it all,
And finally, and right here, His kingdom of peace, love and harmony install.

By Lance Landall

21.  The Good News About The End

Many fear God’s warning of the soon ending of this world, as if that’s bad news,
When the truth is, it’s actually good news for those who right (and not wrong) choose.
The end of this world (as we know it) ushering in an incredible one,
A renewed, unspoilt, perfect and joyous paradise — its king, Jesus the Son.

Yes, that same God who died on our behalf, who healed, pitied the poor and loved all,
A God full of compassion, long suffering and merciful, and hence His call.
He not wanting anyone to miss out, but it all coming down to ones choice,
We either ignoring or heeding the earnestness and urgency in His voice.

And thus the heeder having nothing to fear, but so much to look forward to,
Perfect health, boundless energy and never ending amazing things to do.
Yes, every day a great day, no more pain, no more tears and no more worries,
Peace and harmony reigning, selfishness gone, everyone seeking to please.

But not before this sad old world’s final days where things will get even worse, and
Where a world of a very different sort will be seen, just as Satan planned.
We having to hang in there until the battle between good and evil ends,
An end worth waiting for, living for, dying for, and that God who restores and mends.

Yes, everything beautiful and wholesome that one could dream about, desire,
Sin and evildoers gone, there no cruel (misinterpreted) eternal fire.
Just another Eden after a taste of Heaven, we all new Adams and Eves,
This promise the sure reward that’s given to the repentant one who believes.

And meantime, we’ve that same God to call on who deeply cares and wants to hurry,
But who’s delayed His return that more might be saved, one over whom we worry;
A brother, sister, father, mother, uncle, cousin or friend who could be lost,
And hence those prayers we utter, the loss of Paradise being too greater cost.

Oh yes, God knows our battles, but they’re only for three score years and ten, and then,
An eternity of happiness beyond what can be described via the pen.
And therefore, the end of this miserable world something to look forward to,
It all about the good news, not the bad news, but a broken world that’s made new.

Yes, despite this world being doomed, and we having messed up our lives, possibly,
There’s a new world to come, another chance at life, and successful we will be.
And if that’s not good news, I don’t know what is, ’cause you can’t get better, believe me,
A new world, new life and God promised guarantee that’ll last eternally.

Oh yes, that’s good news alright, the good news about the end — so share it, dear friend!

By Lance Landall

22.  When Disbelief Or Doubt Fills Your Mind

When disbelief or doubt fills your mind and says, “There’s no Creator God on high,”
Just dwell on the wonder of humanity, Nature, those bright stars in the night sky,
And the fact that our planet’s always spinning, and the complexity of things,
How as regular as clockwork the sun sets and rises, and a new day springs.

Yes, everything clearly co-ordinated, and clearly designed that way,
It all too amazing to have just evolved, and why such notions are astray.
The seasons, creature migration, the sun and moon’s critical appointments too,
All having a purpose that ties in with the whole, just like all worthy things do.

Oh yes, those seeds that grow, the miracle of birth, marriages and family,
There being a reason to everything, even the disorder we see.
The latter fitting with an enemy of the Creator God (called Jesus),
Who will restore and renew this fallen planet after He has rescued us.

Things just couldn’t have happened by chance, there both good and evil in this world, and
A battle making sense of it, thus suffering easier to understand.
Life not just about us, but galaxies, other worlds unlike this fallen one,
All loving watched and reigned over by the same selfless, misunderstood Son.

Yes, most having exchanged Him for a hairy theory, and some supposed big bang,
On which their sad take on everything (and subsequent behaviour), they hang.
Yet the evidence of a designer, creator God clear for all to see,
And the activities of a devil too, who, was the cause of Calvary.

Christianity having an impressive pedigree, solid history,
But not so that godless, man-invented, hopeless, dog eat dog, callous theory;
Humanity and Nature’s incredibleness attributed to nothing,
Having come out of nothing (staggeringly), and why with sense it doesn’t ring.

So don’t sell yourself short by believing that you somehow came from a monkey,
Rather than being made in the image of a God who cares for you deeply.
One whom you look like, though sin having marred that representation (soon restored,
So long as you’re amongst the repentant ones who He has promised to reward).

By Lance Landall

23.  Living In A Disappointing World

What once was meant to be, was torpedoed by disobedience, wilful sin,
The forbidden tree having been partaken of — and for Satan, it a win, win.
First a third of the angels, next the fall of man, and here we are today, friend,
Quarantined on a planet we need rescuing from, it coming to an end.

Thus Christ coming to take us back to those mansions He’s building for the saved, who,
Meantime, will have to endure whatever, any distresses they’ll go through,
Like Satan’s ill, and those disappointments and frustrations that have resulted,
'Cause Earth’s not perfect anymore, hence that randomness, order having bolted.

All why things often don’t work out for us, or why things all come at once, sadly,
And why certain things happen to good people too, many affected badly.
Hence those plans that crash, those shattered dreams, which as Christians we’re to take on the chin,
Making sure we hang in there, which is what its all about, lest the devil grin.

In other words, we learning to be content in all things, grateful despite ill,
Counting our blessings, joyful in our hope — knowing that in the end, all will be well.
And I meaning, we rescued and heading to Heaven, that new life to come, where
We can start our life all over again, freed from every burden we bear.

Meantime, we should mind our complaining given that we’re part of the problem, and
Well aware that this planet’s a battleground where we’ve the choice to cave or stand.
And thus making the best of a bad situation, one that’s about to end,
But when rightly responded to, proving a blessing, making us stronger, friend.

And stronger we need to be in order to deal with what we can expect, and
That being, things that hamper, spoil and hurt, and which the God of love never planned.
And this why our dreams and desires shouldn’t have too bigger a grip on us,
We aiming but not perturbed when we miss, because our hope and joy’s in Jesus.

We can’t expect too much from this fallen world, though enjoying any success,
And still following and praising God when what’s on our plate is leaner or less.
It all about acceptance and contentment, ’cause empty lives will soon be filled,
And over all those who’ve faithfully endured, the whole of Heaven will be thrilled.

So, we shouldn’t interpret God’s character via our life experiences,
Because God’s character is something independent of our experiences, 
Giving us an external, unchanging fixed point outside our circumstances,
We learning God is good regardless of what happens in our life, and glory His.

Otherwise, dear friend, when life is good, we’ll see God as good, and when life is bad
We’ll see God as bad (as a God who changes between good and bad), which is sad,
'Cause we’ve been told that God’s both unchangeable and good beyond our wildest dreams,
Yes, always good, and always worthy of worship, no matter how something seems.

And so, we hanging in there, in a holding pattern, as it were, and waiting,
We “just a passing through,” as an old song goes, and not unfaithfully dating.
No, we the betrothed, the Bridegroom soon appearing, Earth more of a meantime place,
Our home above, to which we’ll be taken, where love has been preparing more space.
By Lance Landall

24.  The Answer's Not Here, Nor With Us

Live long enough and you will soon find the following (just as night follows day),
That life on Earth comes with pain and tears — and that for many souls, much comes their way.
All why hopes and dreams often lie shattered; such being the sad reality,
And why the answer cannot and will not be found on Earth, which all need to see.

The truth is, our planet’s broken — and we, destined to decay, in need of help,
Someone who can fix things, put us back together again, and this where hope springs.
A renewed Earth, a perfect, immortal body, a well mind and a sound heart,
Though we not exactly helpless regarding change, and thus with ourselves should start.

Why? ’Cause as one thinks and acts, so one is, we hardly measured by wealth or fame,
Thus putting others before ourselves being the beginning of that godly frame.
And godly it needs to be, our fallen state an obvious thing, clear to see,
Hence why we need to believe, look up and not down, and then this truth we will see.

Yes, this current life is more a bad dream, but one we can wake up from, and then
A new life begin, one that’s not found amongst the toings and froings of men,
But the goodness and love of a wiser being who can do what we can’t, and
Hence why the answer’s found in His hands, not in the folly man’s ever planned.

By Lance Landall

25.  Bitterness Won't Get You Far

Yes, bitterness won’t get you far, be you a believer or not, and therefore,
Come Christian or atheist, there’s a kind of positive and negative law.
My poem really to do with believers, but acceptance a friend to all,
’Cause bitterness won’t get you far, and as far as ill goes, invites more your call,

'Cause who wants more?

So, bitter, angry, not moving on? Well, God doesn’t want you feeling that way,
But is wanting you to learn to live with, make the best of, what has come your way.
Otherwise, you’re not truly trusting in him, leaving it with Him, which is sad,
Because He’s promised you a new life, and why midst ill, we’ve reason to be glad.

It’s wrong to gripe about this life when we’re getting another one, better one,
Thus this life but a learning curve, and why from difficulties we shouldn't run.
God knowing what’s best for our meantime growth, and this world full of heartache and pain,
Which we won’t be free from until Christ’s return, when evil will no longer reign.

So let's not act ungrateful, because God's not responsible for all the ill,
But a prideful, rebellious, deceiving angel who became a cruel devil.
Adam and Eve falling for his spiel too, as did many of Heaven’s angels,
And thus your bitterness, anger, not moving on, and loss too, what Satan wills.

So please, don’t give so much as another minute to what will spoil more days,
But rather, grab what joy you can, as little as it may be, and learn to praise.
We often better off than others, who would gladly exchange their lot for ours,
But what folly, when to the destructive will of that sadistic devil, one bows.

Yes, he wants our hurts, upsets and disappointments prolonged, that bitterness too,
'Cause the more we wallow in such, the bigger buzz he gets, just sneering “Boohoo.”
Yes, there’s nothing gained by it, and why rapidly downhill one is seen to roll,
Because nursing hurts and holding grudges rots the body and poisons the soul.

Okay, so you have a lovely car, and someone writes it off, enter upset,
But then, your insurance company says, “Tomorrow, a better car you’ll get!”
One far better than the one written off, and that tomorrow’s coming for you,
That new life that God has promised, but not if bitterness you’re still clinging too.

No, 'cause that’s like a “I want a great life here too!” temper tantrum, and unfair,
God just as unhappy about it all, and midst it all, there’s His love and care.
So mind those “It’s your fault” shoves, others oft deeply regretful, and God not to blame,
Yet graciously providing another chance, and why to save us all, He came.

By Lance Landall

26.  Fear God Means:

To have a healthy respect for who He is and just what He can do, His glory and power,
For He is the ruler of the universe, a God who we are told will have His judgment hour.
Or to put it another way: Mind how you regard and treat Him given His authority,
Appreciating His majesty, holiness, creative and destructive ability.

The latter simply referring to His ability to destroy as much as to create,
Not that God is into demolition, nor such His way, but such let’s not underestimate.
In other words, we realizing that power’s there should He need to use it, as He has before,
And that He’s soon to close humanity’s window of opportunity, when His wrath He’ll pour.

Oh yes, He’s a God of love alright, incredible love, and a God who shows us great mercy,
But we need to remember that we’re caught in the middle of a raging controversy.
One that He will soon bring an end to, and why He is warning of Earth’s apocalyptic end,
And that our reward or punishment — which we choose, effectively — is just around the next bend.

God, His will, ways and warnings aren’t to be messed with, and nor should His name be treated lightly,
For though He walked on Earth among men, it was in the form of man, not His usual glory.
Yes, His divinity was covered on Earth — otherwise, those who looked upon Him would have died,
Just like the unsaved who’re killed by the brightness of His coming, for with Satan they’re allied.

By Lance Landall


Quotes Verifying The Authenticity Of Christ

“If one believes in the existence of Socrates, Alexander the Great, or Julius Caesar, then one should definitely believe in Christ’s existence. If historicity is established by written records in multiple copies that date originally from near contemporaneous sources, there is far more historical evidence for Christ’s existence than for any of theirs. The historicity of Christ is attested not only by Christians but also by Greek, Roman, and Jewish Sources.”
Who Is Jesus Really? by Josh McDowell and Dave Sterrett.

"Secular historians have a method to help them decide whether documents are actually reliable. By that method, the New Testament writings are among the most reliable historical documents we have. They are much more reliable than the histories of Caesar's Wars for example. Many biblical events are mentioned in other documents also, not only in the Bible. We have the written record of eyewitnesses....Hundreds of years before Christ was born, the Old Testament writers committed to paper literally hundreds of predictions about this mysterioius person who would one day come from God to save human kind....Faith in Christ is rooted in real events in real history."
Is God Really Good by Rex Dearlove, pages 66-69.

“Indeed, taking all the evidence together, it is not too much to say that there is no single historic incident better or more variously supported than the resurrection of Christ.”
The Gospel of the Resurrection by B.F. Westcott

"Belief in God is genuinely coherent with all we know about ourselves and our universe. It contradicts no known facts and it makes sense of many things that would otherwise be inexplicable."
  C. Stephen Evans

"Thousands and tens of thousands of persons have gone through it piece by piece as carefully as every judge summing up a most important case. I have myself done it many times over, not to persuade others but to satisfy myself...and I know of no one fact in the history of mankind which is proved by better and fuller evidence of every sort, to the understanding of a fair inquirer, than that Christ died and rose again from the dead."
Thomas Arnold

"In real terms the New Testament is easily the best attested ancient writing in terms of the sheer number of documents, the time span between the events and the document, and the variety of documents available to sustain or contradict it. There is nothing in ancient manuscript evidence to match such textual integrity..."
Ravi Zacharias, Can Man Live Without God?

"When someone tells me 'We can't trust the Bible because it was written by men,' I like to gently point out that their conclusion doesn't follow their premise. Just because something was written by men doesn't mean it's not trustworthy. If that were the case we would have to throw out encyclopedias, dictionaries, automobile manuals, et cetera—all written by men. Men are capable of communicating truthfully, especially when they have God's help, as the Biblical authors did."

“Today there survives more than 25,0000 partial and complete, ancient handwritten manuscript copies of the New Testament. These hand written manuscripts have allowed scholars and textual critics to go back and verify that the Bible we have in our possession today is the same Bible that the early church possessed 2,000 years ago.”
Charlie H. Campbell

“There are more sure marks of authenticity in the Bible than in any profane [secular] history.”
Isaac Newton

"Nothing, absolutely nothing, has a more direct bearing on the moral choices made by individuals or the purposes pursued by society than belief or disbelief in God."
 Ravi Zacharias, The Real Face of Atheism, p. 21.

"Atheism is so senseless. When I look at the solar system, I see the earth at the right distance from the sun to receive the proper amounts of heat and light. This did not happen by chance."
Isaac Newton

"Someone once said that if you sat a million monkeys at a million typewriters for a million years, one of them would eventually type out all of Hamlet by chance. But when we find the text of Hamlet, we don’t wonder whether it came from chance and monkeys. Why then does the atheist use that incredibly improbable explanation for the universe? Clearly, because it is his only chance of remaining an atheist. At this point we need a psychological explanation of the atheist rather than a logical explanation of the universe."
Peter Kreeft

"What can account for the marvellous unity in all the idolatrous [pagan] systems of the world, but that the facts recorded in the early chapters of Genesis were real transactions, in which, as all mankind were involved, so all mankind have preserved in their various systems [in various ways and forms], distinct and undeniable memorials of them, though those who have preserved them have long lost the true key to their meaning"
Alexander Hislop, author of The Two Babylons

"The more I study science, the more I believe in God."
Albert Einstein

“Christianity, if false, is of no importance, and, if true, of infinite importance. The one thing it cannot be is moderately important.”

“Nothing teaches us about the preciousness of the Creator as much as when we learn the emptiness of everything else.”
Charles Spurgeon

Give Me Proof That God Is Real

"We did not follow cleverly invented stories....but we were eyewitnesses" (2 Peter 1:16, NIV).

Well, it takes faith to believe in evolution too, but the thing about the biblical creation story is, that it is an account, something that one can grasp, something that makes sense of it all.

The Christian Bible, which has stood the test of time as an authentic book that’s historically accurate, explains the entrance of good and evil, supernatural beings, our origin, why we’re here and what’s ahead.

It provides a protective and healthy hedge via its morals, principles, standards and those Ten Commandments that point to right living and accountability. It provides us with hope given that it speaks of a better life to come for the repentant who’ve turned from their wrong ways, and it also speaks of a time when justice will have its day, when evil doers will get their comeuppance.

Evolution on the other hand provides us with nothing at all, just a dog eat dog, survival of the fittest scenario devoid of purpose, accountability and hope, and this why many just don’t care anymore. Evolution is a modern theory that has neither pedigree, history, time, sense, nor good on its side given its tooth and claw.

Scientists know that nothing can come out of nothing, nor amazingly throw itself together in some amazingly complex form, even with time. Even Darwin’s faith in evolution was shaken by the complexity of the human eye. Evolution, unlike the biblical creation story, is hardly believable and there’s simply no sense to it anyway.

But where’s that proof that God is real?

Well, let’s look at the following:

The biblical creation account (seen in the book of Genesis), is the only origin of the seven day week, such not based on any lunar cycles. And this being why the origin of the week cannot be explained without the religious. An article called "Has The Weekly Cycle Been Changed?" can be seen in my Christian section.

People in both the scientific and medical world know that there are certain seven day cycles, and also things that only occur on the seventh day of each week (Collier's Encyclopedia: Saturday, seventh day of the week) — such being the very day that the Bible says God set apart, blessed and hallowed. Now isn’t that intriguing.
See the quotes under the article Rhythm Of Life proving that the weekly cycle hasn't changed.
Regarding numbers one and two, see the same article.

The dental structures of humans posses all the features of a strictly herbivorous creature, which harmonises with the biblical account, the diet that Adam and Eve were given in the garden of Eden (Genesis 1:29).

You may wish to visit my page Why I'm A Vegetarian which will enlighten further.

People of note in the scientific world have stated that the galaxy appears to have been put together by a pure mathematician given its preciseness. Think, for example, of how planet Earth keeps on spinning.

And again, people of note in that same realm have stated that the intricacy and incredibleness of the created world is such that it appears as if it has been designed.

There’s also a great deal of archaeological evidence supporting those biblical accounts of things that were once predicted — fulfilled prophecies, that is.

And regarding biblically prophesied signs that point to Christ’s return and End-time events (apocalyptic), such have been and are coming true.

The Bible has been proven to be historically correct in every way.

But you know, logic surely shouts at us that the likes of love, kindness, selflessness, compassion, mercy, morals, principles and beauty could have hardly come out of nothing too, some empty evolutionary dog eat dog, survival of the fittest chain.

And then there's personal experience, direct answers to prayer that could have no other explanation but that of a loving, benevolent and divine source.

New research indicates that everything in the universe (those particles that make up matter and forces) is comprised of tiny vibrating fundamental strings. Therefore, has all matter been created by sound waves?
The Bible says: "By the Word of the Lord the heavens were made, And all the host of them by the breath of His mouth" (Psalm 33:6, KJV).

Science has confirmed the shape of our planet as round. Isaiah mentions it:
"He sits enthroned above the circle of the earth" (Isaiah 40:22).
As for the core of the Earth being hot, Job 28:5 mentions it:
"The earth, from which food comes, is transformed below as by fire."
If you're looking for Biblical confirmation that the Earth floats in space, Job 26:7 mentions it:
"He spreads out the northern skies over empty space; he suspends the earth over nothing."
And the water cycle, also known as the hydrologic cycle, is a well-known phenomenon which
Ecclesiastes 1:7 mentions:
 "All streams flow into the sea, yet the sea is never full. To the place the streams come from, there they return again."

And further to, in question form.

If God’s not real and the Bible full of fancy tales:

Why are the predicted signs of Christ’s return coming true?

How come there’s geological evidence of a major catastrophe that affected the whole world like the Bible says (referring to a worldwide flood)? Hence volcanoes, fault lines, and fossilized fish at the top of mountains, for three.
Funny how 70% of Earth is covered in water.
According to calculations made by physics students at the University of Leicester in 2014, the ark would have actually floated and safely carried pairs of each animal species through the flood.

Why is there ample archaeological evidence backing up many biblical accounts; like sulphur deposits where Sodom and Gomorrah once stood, and chariot wheels at the bottom of the Red Sea, where the Israelites were chased, to name but two.

Why are both the dental structures and intestines of a human clearly that of a herbivore like the biblical account in the book of Genesis?

Why is behind the scenes activity (and not so behind the scenes activity) pointing to a coming global persecuting power (a lamb that becomes a dragon) like the book of Revelation predicts?

Why is there no other explanation for the seven day week other than the biblical account?

How come the mathematical equations of our solar system are so precise, bird and herd migrations as regular as clockwork, and the engineering of the human body so complex, that it all points to a master designer?

What could possibly be the purpose of the rainbow but the account in the book of Genesis?

Why have prophecies predicted in the book of Daniel (for example; and regarding nations) been proven true by history?

What else could account for good and evil but the great controversy between Christ and Satan outlined in the Bible?

Why has the account of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ been so widely documented?

Why is it that right throughout pagan cultures there are stories or accounts that (in some form) parallel biblical stories and accounts?

How come there have been Christians who’ve experienced miraculous, unexplainable healings after being prayed over?

How come many people have actually encountered demons and demonic forces?

Why is the Bible so geographically and historically accurate?

And here's a wise man's synopsis of Pascal’s Wager

God either exists or He doesn’t. Based on the testimony of both general revelation, (that is Nature), and special revelation, (that is the Bible), it is abundantly fair to concede that there is at least a 50% chance that the Christian Creator God exists. Therefore, since we stand to gain eternity and thus infinity, the wise or safe choice is to live as though God does exist. If we are right, we gain everything and lose nothing. If we are wrong, we lose nothing and gain nothing. Therefore based on simple mathematics, Pascal reasoned that only the fool would choose to live the godless life.

"For ever since the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky. Through everything God made, they can clearly see his invisible qualities--his eternal power and divine nature. So they have no excuse for not knowing God.
(Rom 1:20, NLT).

You may wish to visit my page Refuting Evolution which will enlighten further.

This article was upgraded 1 October 2022.

The Gospel Of Jesus Christ Made Simple

Way back in time, the Creator and Ruler of the universe — God — who is a loving, merciful and just Ruler, became aware of a problem in His peaceful kingdom, Heaven. An angel called Lucifer, whom He had put in charge of all the other angels, and who held the highest position that could be given to any other inhabitant of God’s kingdom, had gradually become discontented, full of his own importance, and vain with it. He was now jealous of God. He felt that he should be equal in position with God (Isa 14:12-14). He even went so far as to try and convince as many inhabitants as possible to support him, and made false claims about God, even claiming that he would run things better. God first tried to convince Lucifer of his error, encouraged him to repent, and then warned him of the consequences of such behaviour. But Lucifer continued on, and his discontent and jealousy eventually developed into a rebellion (Rev 12:7). God, who of course was mightier, and who had good on His side, overcame Lucifer and a number of the inhabitants (a third of the angels) who had sided with him (and those angels having now become evil). He then banished them from His kingdom (Rev 12:7-9,4; Isa 14:12-14). God knew that if He were to destroy Lucifer immediately, the remaining inhabitants would follow Him out of fear, and not because of love for Him. God did not want anyone to fear Him. Respect Him, yes, but not fear Him. He also wanted everyone to have the freedom to be able to think and choose for themselves. He wasn’t a dictator who wanted mere robots. He knew that He would have to let the full impact of Lucifer’s actions be shown (what they would finally lead to, that is, some ultimate wicked intention, Rev 13:11-18), and He knew that that would take quite some time. But that way, the remaining inhabitants of His kingdom, and the inhabitants of other worlds that He had created (Heb 1:2; 11:3), would be able to see that He was right, and not Lucifer.
Sometime after this event had occurred, God decided that He would take one of His empty planets and fashion it into a beautiful habitat for humans that He would create next (Gen 1:1).
 Lucifer, now labelled "Satan" and "the devil" (Rev 12:9), and who was watching all this, decided that he would attempt to get control of these humans and the planet that they were living on (1 Peter 5:8; Eph 6:12). Having been newly created, he knew that they would be easy prey. God knew that the devil would try and attempt such a thing, so He warned Earth’s new inhabitants. But He had to be sure of their loyalty. So He placed two trees in the middle of a beautiful garden that He had created for them, a garden called Eden (Gen 2:8,9). One tree was called the “tree of the knowledge of good and evil.” They were told never to eat its fruit or they would die (Gen 2:17). That would be the price they would pay as a result. This tree would be a test of their loyalty. There was also another tree placed in the garden of Eden. That tree was called the “tree of life” (Gen 2:9). Eating of the fruit of this tree would see their life continue forever.
One day the devil hid himself in the “tree of the knowledge of good and evil,” he disguised as a beautiful, talking, flying serpent (Rev 12:9; Gen chap 3). He managed to trick (Gen 3:1,13) the new inhabitant (called Eve) into eating its fruit, which then led to her husband (called Adam) disobeying also (Gen chap 3). As a result of this, which their unfaithfulness and disobedience to God had caused, they were not allowed access to the “tree of life” anymore (Gen 3:24). In fact, they were banished from the garden.
An evil force (sin and death) was operating on the planet now (Gen chap 3; Rom 5:12). Earth was beginning to slowly decay and breakdown, and things on Earth would only get worse as time went by, both planet wise and human wise. This force infected humans with a selfishness that manifested itself in a natural rebelliousness towards God-cum-sinful bent (Ps 51:5; 58:3; Jer 17:9, KJV; Isa 64:6, KJV).
However, because God was such a loving and merciful Ruler (Ex 34:6) He didn’t want to see them die and remain dead forever, so He told them of a plan that had been kept as a backup should something like this happen. He told them that sometime way in the future, Jesus, the Father's only son (who's just like Him in every way) would come down to their planet and suffer the punishment that they deserved, which was death (though He would rise again from the tomb), and that if they (any of us) were repentant, accepted Him as their God, Creator, Saviour, and Lord of their life, and remained loyal to Him in future, doing as He said, not the devil, then He would eventually restore eternal life to them and renew their decaying habitat after this great controversy between good [Him] and evil [the devil] reached its final climax. And such gracious mercy being known as His "amazing grace" given that it's gifted on one's repentance, not something that can be earned; though it can be voided by turning away from Him, continuing to willingly sin, and sheer hipocrisy (Ezekiel 33:13; Heb 10:26,27; Matt 7:21-23; Matt 5:13; Rev 3:16). 
He told them that in the meantime He would allow them to remain on Earth (though not in Eden), but that they and their offspring would now only live very short lives. Once they died, they would no longer exist in any form at all (Ezek 18:20, KJV; James 5:20; Acts 2:29,34; Job 14:12; Ps 115:17; 6:5). It would not be until sometime far in the future (Heb 11:39,40) that He would bring them back to life; He called that time the “Resurrection” or His “Second Coming” (John 11:24; 1 Peter 5:4, NKJV; Rev 22:12; 20:6; 2 Tim 4:8; John 6:40; 11:24; 14:2,3). The Bible (God's Word conveyed via the pen of certain men) metaphorically calls this waiting period a “sleep” (Dan 12:2; 1 Thess 4:13, KJV) in an effort to reassure us.
This is why He said that upon ascending to Heaven after His crucifixtion-cum-death, He would prepare places in Heaven for the repentant and faithful who He would return to get at His second coming and take them to (John 14:2,3).
In the meantime they would unfortunately have to put up with much suffering and hardship, and would now have the added problem of dealing with the selfish and rebellious spirit that lay within them (Ps 51:5; 58:3) which only He could help them overcome via the Holy Spirit who ruled with Him and His Father (these three being known as the Trinity or Godhead, and who rule the universe together (
Matt 28:19; 2 Cor 13:13; Phil 4:13; 2:13; John 15:5).
However, Christ also stated that with His return would come the end of sin (selfishness, rebellion, corruption, wickedness, cruelty, deception, etc) and hurt and suffering of every kind. And that the repentant and faithful would reign with Him forever more on this planet made new, and thus it just like it was before Adam and Eve disobeyed Him
in other words, a perfect paradise full of peace and harmony, joy and happiness.

Taken from a larger work of mine (though somewhat altered, including the title), and which can be found elsewhere on my website.
Tweaked on 1 September 2022.

Rhythm Of Life

By Tim Crosby

Life on this earth seems to be calibrated in some mysterious way to the number seven. We as humans operate under the cadence of a seven-day week—a cycle of human activity that doesn’t even follow the cosmic timing of the stars, the sun, or the moon.
The number seven even governs the music world. Most people think there are eight notes in an octave, just as there are eight sides to an octagon. But no, an octave has only seven. Count them: do, re, me, fa, so, la, ti—and then we start over again with do. That eighth note, the octave, begins a new cycle of seven. There are as many notes in the scale as there are days in a week.
Six Around One
A hexagon (six-sided object) provides the most efficient use of space. Just ask a bee busily building his honeycomb. Mathematicians and architects insist that a hexagonal room (six walls built around a floor—the “six around one” principle) provides the most efficient perimeter to area ratio and requires the least amount of wall material per square foot of floor space.
Like that central circle set in the middle of six workdays, the Sabbath is God’s original prescription for allowing His people to enjoy optimum health, spirituality, and longevity. “Six days you shall labor,” He says in Exodus 34:21, “but on the seventh day you shall rest; even during the plowing season and harvest you must rest.”
Biological Rhythms
It seems that all life moves in seven-day rhythms. A growing number of scientists have embraced an entirely new field of study known as chronobiology that examines repeating phenomena in living organisms. These cycles are known as biological rhythms.
Franz Halberg of the University of Minnesota is widely considered the “father of chronobiology.” This tall gentleman from Romania works in an office crammed with bookshelves stacked with copies of journals and papers he’s produced over the years. He insists that we humans don’t just experience circadian rhythms of approximately 24 hours, we also operate under circaseptan or weekly rhythms as well.
Halberg first became interested in the subject when, as a high school student, he accompanied physician friends of his parents in their practice. He began to notice that patients with pneumonia either recovered or died in seven days.
Today, Franz Halberg proposes that body rhythms of that length—far from being passively driven by the social cycle of the calendar week—are innate, self-governing, and perhaps the reason why the calendar week arose in the first place.
Seven-day Cycles
Research has uncovered many conditions about us humans that seem to rise and fall in seven-day cycles. They include: heartbeat, blood pressure, body temperature, hormone levels, acid content in blood, red blood cell count, oral temperature, female breast temperature, urine chemistry and volume, the ratio between two important neurotransmitters: norepinephrine and epinephrine, and the flow of several body chemicals such as the stress-coping hormone cortisol. Even the common cold is circaseptan.
Doctors have long observed that response to malaria infection and pneumonia crisis peaks at seven days. Chicken pox symptoms (a high fever and small red spots) usually appear almost exactly two weeks after exposure to the illness. A person will tend to have an increase in swelling on the seventh and then the fourteenth day after surgery.
Organ transplants face similar crises as the body’s immune system attacks the newly introduced foreign object.
In the Blood
God knew all of this because He created us. Perhaps that’s why He commanded, in Genesis 17:12, that babies were to be circumcised one week after they were born. (Some scholars still don’t realize that on the eighth day is the Hebrew way of saying “one week later”—the eighth day of the Jewish week was the first day of the next week (Leviticus 23:39). The Hebrews used inclusive reckoning when speaking of time, just like we use inclusive reckoning when speaking of the notes of the octave. In other words, God told the Israelites to circumcise their children on the octave of the day they were born.
So, why wait a week? Because doctors tell us that’s when the prothrombin is at maximum.
Prothrombin is what causes the blood to clot, preventing endless bleeding. It’s never so high again.
The Week in History
Today, we take the seven-day cycle for granted. But in ancient cultures “weeks” varied in length from three to nineteen days. But, in the millennium before Christ, Israel’s seven day week took over the world. And their weekly cycle revolved around something very unique.
It was the Jews—those careful keepers of God’s time—who preserved one day as a period of rest and reflection; a “Sabbath” during which to focus on spiritual matters.
As the centuries rolled on, the Jewish Sabbath became an accepted part of Roman society. According to the ancient historian Josephus, writing in his book Against Apion, “The masses have long since shown a keen desire to adopt our religious observances; and there is not one city, Greek or barbarian, nor a single nation, to which our custom of abstaining from work on the seventh day has not spread.”
Symphony Players
We live in a universe, not a multiverse. All of life is a symphony, and we’re each players in God’s great orchestra. Every song has a cadence, a rhythm. When we’re “in the groove” with the conductor, our lives experience a certain serenity, a familiar flow. Once we get out of step with the cadence of the song—the rhythm of time—our lives falter.
Imagine what it would be like if you tried to follow a 30-hour day. You’d soon find yourself completely out of step with society. Human nature is locked into that natural, God-created 24-hour circadian rhythm.
The same is true of the weekly circaseptan rhythm. That means that if you’re working on the Sabbath, you are breaking yourself.
Custom or Creation
One final question. How do we know that these rhythms aren’t just social or religious customs? Perhaps, after several thousand years, the weekly cycle has simply been bred into us.
The problem with such a “social convention” explanation is that it can’t explain circaseptan rhythms in algae, Dahl rats, mice, guinea pigs, honeybees, beach beetles, and face flies.
In his writings, author Jeremy Campbell reports that circaseptan rhythms “are of very ancient origin, appearing in primitive one-celled organisms, and are thought to be present even in bacteria, the simplest form of life now existing.”
Here’s something really intriguing: While human teeth are growing, small lines or ridges form on the dental enamel about every seven days. The growing tooth might even be said to exhibit a weekly “rest” as it leaves behind a dark marker (just as trees show darker rings where their growth pauses in the winter). According to scientific researchers A. Mann, J. Monge, and M. Lampl in their book Investigation Into the Relationship Between Perikymata Counts and Crown Formation Times, these lines—30-40 microns apart—are called striae of Retzius. These stria are found even on the teeth of fossil hominids that lived before modern culture existed.
Why Seven?
Why should all living things have an innate seven-day cycle? I’d like to suggest a not-too-wild theory. “In six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, but he rested on the seventh day. Therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and made it holy” (Exodus 20:11).
I believe that God put within us rhythms that flow from the internal logic of our bodies.
Isaiah 58 is a chapter containing some potent health secrets. The first is a promise that God will bless those who bless the less fortunate (verses 5-12). The second is that God will bless those who honor His holy day. “If you keep your feet from breaking the Sabbath and from doing as you please on my holy day, if you call the Sabbath a delight and the Lord’s holy day honorable, and if you honor it by not going your own way and not doing as you please or speaking idle words, then you will find your joy in the Lord, and I will cause you to ride on the heights of the land” (verses 13,14).
Just as we tune our radios to receive our favorite musical broadcasts, so every living cell has embedded in its primal genetic material a resonant frequency—a clock, a beat that puts us in sync with the universe. That powerful, mysterious beat revolves around the number seven.
Right now, God is calling you to tune your life to His heavenly broadcast and join in the song.

Collier's Encyclopedia: Saturday, seventh day of the week.
Therefore, the seven day cycle begins with Sunday and ends with Saturday.

“…we have had occasion to investigate the results of the works of specialists in chronology and we have never found one of them that has ever had the slightest doubt about the continuity of the weekly cycle since long before the Christian era.”

" There has been no change in our calendar in past centuries that has affected in any way the cycle of the week."
James Robertson, DAE, Letter, March 12,1932, U.S. Naval Observatory, Washington, DC

“It can be said with assurance that not one day has been lost since creation, and all the calendar changes notwithstanding there has been no break to the weekly cycle.”
Dr. Frank Jeffries, Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and Research Director of the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, England

It Was Christianity That Changed The World

Yes, it was Christianity:
That inspired charities and relief organisations.
That created hospitals.
That established orphanages.
That founded schools.
That invented colleges and universities.
That exalted womanhood.
That gave sanctity to human life.
That saw an improvement in the lot of widows, the poor, sick and disabled via compassionate, humanitarian values.
Yes, it was Christianity:
That influenced the cessation of many primitive [pagan] practices like infanticide, gladiator sports, paedophilia, bestiality, abortion, child abuse, child brides, cremation, slavery, adultery, and the mistreatment of women.
Both individual freedom and economic freedom are products of the Christian ethic.

"From the wellsprings of Christian compassion, our Western civilisation has drawn its inspiration, and its
sense of duty, for feeding the hungry, giving drink to the thirsty, looking after the homeless, clothing the
naked, tending the sick, and visiting the prisoner."
Carlton Hayes

"The whole approach to [government] social welfare that has developed in the West, and more recently in
the East as well, is debtor to the Christian contribution and has been profoundly influenced by it."

Robert Banks

"The chief glory of medieval medicine was undoubtedly in the organization of hospitals and sick nursing, which had its organization in the teachings of Christ."
Fielding Garrison, physician and medical historian

"Once the Christian influence no longer plays a significant role in the music of Western society, which is
increasingly becoming the case, it will continue to deteriorate and sink to even baser levels."
Alvin J. Schmmidt, from the book: How Christianity Changed The World.

Yes, there's so much more.

Any ills that have become associated with Christianity are due to erring Christians, and such I’ve addressed via my pages Apologetics and I Saw Beyond It All, there being a big difference between Christianity and Christendom.
Unfortunately, liberal Christian theology (errant teaching) is seeing a return to things, like abortion, for example.

True And False Christianity

Challenges the culture of the day.
Mirrors the culture of the day.
Is Christ-like in all things. Thoughtful, courteous, sensitive and patient.
Is aggressive, arrogant, boastful and pharisaical.
It’s worship is free of worldly introductions, styles and ways. It’s respectful, reverent and prayerful.
Its worship embraces worldly introductions, styles and ways. Is casual, overfamiliar and noisy.
Believes everything done must be in harmony with godly principles.
Often employs “the end justifies the means” approach.
Follows the biblical straight and narrow path — stands firm. Is a true witness.
Takes the popular broad road — compromises. Is a false witness.
Remains true to God’s Word — is in sync with it.
Distorts, modifies, challenges and dilutes God's Word — is out of harmony with it.
Is humble, teachable, open and modest.
Is proud, smug, showy and liberal.
Reasons, questions and persuades.
Argues, attacks and forces. Is judgmental.
Relies on God's grace.
Attempts to work its way to Heaven.
Is faithful — gratefully obedient.
Plays the harlot — rebelliously takes licence with God’s grace.
Seeks to please God — Is Moses-like — applies church discipline.
Seeks to please people — Is Aaron-like — fails to apply church discipline.
Seeks unity within the fellowship.
Causes divisions.
Is prudently evangelical.
Is brashly evangelical.
Points out sin.
Downplays sin.
Is passionate, Spirit-filled and free of guile. God's hand seen very much at work.
Displays a form of spirituality. Is ritual focused. Is accompanied by fake manifestations.
Seeks Church and State separation — trusts in God. Operates via a different order of things.
Seeks political power — trusts in man. Operates on a similar level as the world.