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Thus far,

penned by me.

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8 August 2022


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Midst the gloominess of this sad old world, and the growing realities that need to be faced, brightness and hope are needed more than ever. So,
I hope I've contributed somewhat, midst it all.


Love, truth, justice,
transparency, lawfulness,
tolerance, racial harmony, reconciliation,
compassion, charity, humanitarianism,
animal welfare,
care for the environment,
prison reform, healthy living, right living, 
childhood protection, marital respect and honour, human rights, the sanctity of life,
civil and religious liberty, freedom, free speech alias freedom of expression,
global peace...


This is my humble effort in the best interests of humanity, and the fight against ill and error, wherever and whoever it's coming from (though far from supportive of the likes of cancel culture; creative love in, skewed judgment and mob justice out, including that horrid  dobbing in.
Yes, beware that mindless acceptance of group think).
Sadly, much done in the name of love knows nothing of it, and much done in the name of God knows nothing of Him.
So, please forgive any clumsiness of mine, or if in my zeal, I too, have somehow erred.
One's growth and journey hardly ends.

My dear friend
and visitor,

I truly believe that you've come to the right website if you're not just wanting to be informed and challenged via the thought provoking,
or uplifted via the
light-hearted, cheery and inspiring,
but also if you're

and thus are
empathy, support, encouragement, 
reassurance, hope
and answers.

Hey, you're tops!


And other related poems (and prose) regarding your worth and place in life, and
a little more.

Added to on:
11 December 2021

2.  A Proclamation
3.  Heroes Take Life On The Chin
4.  Helloooooooo!
5.  You've A Great Brain
6.  A Simple Truth
7.  "Good On You!"
8.  The Eagle
9.  Haven't You Done Well!
10.  Too Clever For Words
11.  Believe It!
12.  You, Them And Me
13.  Dear Me
14.  Why I'm So Glad That You're You
15.  Don't Doubt Your Worth
16.  Don't Doubt Your Place
17.  You're The One And Only
18.  Born To Be Heard And Seen
19.  Be Who You Are
20.  No One Else But You
21.  Regarding "Odd"
22.  Take Charge
23.  Scared? Not Me
24.  Happy Just Being Me
25.  Slaves To An Image

26.  You're Choice To Sink Or Swim
27.  Lets Hoist Our Sails

28.  Be Everything You Are
29.  Whatever The
Case May Be
But Mind:
 30.  You Can Be Anything You Want To Be?
31.  Love Yourself? Who Told You That?
And Remember This:
32.  Worth's One Thing, Character Another
 Pimp Your Worth
34.  A Fallen Mix Of Heaven And Earth
35.  You're Dearly Loved
36.  Free To Be And Do

Hang in there.

Choose Life

And other related poems (and prose) regarding emotional health, suicide.

Added to on:
3 February 2022

1.  Life
2.  Fallen Soldiers Of Depression
3.  Any Closer And I'll Jump
4.  The Bridge
5.  Twenty Six Floors Up
6.  Billie Joe MacAllisters
7.  There's No Shame In Emotional Damage
8.  Such Being How They Cope
9.  It's All about Survival
10.  Be Still, Dear Anxious Soul
11.  No One's Problem Is Quite The Same
12.  Fingers That Shouldn't Point
13.  Is Your Past Plaguing You?
14.  It's Not quite That Cut and Dried
15.  Mind Those Approaches
16.  It's Not The Blues
17.  Death That Haunts
18.  Put Your Roots And Trust In Something Sound
19.  If You Want My Honest Opinion
20.  Faith's Independent Of Understanding

Please mind...

The Angry And The Damaged

Added to on:
4 June 2022

1.  When Pots Boil Over
2.  Wherever Such Paths Cross
3.  Don't Help Tip The Scales
4.  Looking Down The Barrel
5.  Ticking Clocks
6.  When Anger Burns
7.  When Help's Not There
8.  I'm A Weary Traveller
9.  Early And Quickly
10.  Punching The Punched
11.  Society's Bad Eggs
12.  Perhaps I Shouldn't Say This
13.  To The Angry Young
14.  It's All About Arriving
15.  I Heard That Amber Heard Lied
Further to:
16.  There Once Was A Dear Wee Boy
17.  Don't Multiply Your Pain, Nor Shorten Your Chances

Regarding other matters.
Two pages.

This World And Us

Either of these two pages was added
to on:

7 August 2022

Poetry With A Mission

On Standing Up And Speaking Out

2.  Don't Want To Offend?

3.  Never Hinder Protest
4.  Just Say It
5.  Best It's Hollered
6.  Canaries In The Mine
7.  Are You A Mere Shadow?
8.  Crosses Come With Every Such Hero

Freedom Of Expression 
9.  It's A Sad, Sad Situation
10.  The Real World
11.  There's A Worrying And Dangerous Trend
12.  Don't Cave-in
13.  I Am Charlie, But...
14.  Hate Speech
15.  Fake Hate Speech
16.  Fake Bigotry
17.  Are You Just As Bad?
18.  Why Pick On Fundamentalists?
19.  Love Speech
20.  Those Calls For Love And Not Hate
21.  Toes And Unity
22.  Pet Themes
23.  We Are One?
24.  That Much Debated Word: Immigration
25.  Hang On A Minute!
26.  Long Live Free Speech!

Due Prudence
(rightful protesting)
27.  But With Hong Kong In Mind
28.  Capitol Hill
29.  Regarding Those Rioters In Minneapolis
30.  In Fairness To The Police
31.  Punishing Is Our Hang Up
32.  Protester Culpability
33.  Marring The Memory Of George Floyd
34  We Understand Your Anger
35.  I'll Say It 'Till Blue In The Face
36.  That Knee-On-The-Neck Man
37.  Mobocracy
38.  Errant Protestors
39.  It All Seems Hypocritical To Me.
40.  What Next?
41.  Hypocritical Protestors
42.  Errant Protestors
43.  Footnote

Six Particular Poems Regarding Protesting
44.  An Open Letter To Christian Protestors
b)  An Open Letter To Christians Who're Anti-abortion
c)  The Christian Right Has No Right
d)  Know This First And Foremost
e)  Hey, Brian
f) That Rainbow And Controversy

Societal Concerns
45.  Have You Forgotten That It's My World Too?
46.  Don't Just Suit Yourself
Regarding that abortion debate
47.  Roe Versus Wade
48.  Unreservedly Anti Drugs
49.  Mind-blowing
50.  Asking For Trouble
51.  Hollywood, You've Blood On Your Hands
52.  That's Hollywood For You
53.  The Hollywood Agenda
Conspiracy, cults
54.  That Wacko Stuff
55.  Seeing Things Where There Aren't Things
56.  Gloriavale
57.  Religious Cults
58.  Secret Societies
The genders
59.  What's A Man, And What's A Woman?
60.  I Wouldn't Do It, If I Were You
61. As Was Meant To Be
62.  It Matters
63.  Don't Get Me Started

 A More Religious Perspective On Such
64.  I'm Not On About God, As Such
65.  Porn, Lucifer, And You And I
66.  It's That Noah Senario All Over Again

World Concerns
67.  I Love America
68.  I'm Concerned, America
69.  Calling It As It Is
70.  Can We Look Now, America?
71.  That Sad American Obssession
72.  The Tragic Return Of Church And State
73.  God Bless America?
74.  The Death Penalty

My own
(of which more are found on my page  Author's Pen):

"Better to have a soft heart that weeps than a hard heart that maims."

"Violence is the way of fools, and weapons and persecutors but the devil's tools."

"Love says what others don't, won't, or can't, and the reason why it does is, because it should and must."

"Every day that we're given is too precious to waste, because every day that we're given can't be replaced."

"Your past is not the present unless you let the present remain your past."

If those on the left won't listen to those on the right, and if those on the right won't listen to those on the left, neither will find the balance that's missing from either.

"How any country treats its poor and deals with poverty, depends on how high a regard it has for humanity."

"Falsehood always has it in for truth."

"Evil men often leave no trace of their involvement and direct from the shadows."

"Good government requires good people."

"The only thing that stops a hell bent society is disaster."

"A nation that sinks is eventually sunk."

"If love was admiring its reflection, would that reflection be you?"

"Out of suffering comes empathy."

"Hidden justice isn’t justice, nor its judge or jury worthy."

"If you’re afraid to say it, chances are you should."

"No voice should be silenced lest all voices be silenced."

"Those who plot have lost the plot."

"We all have the same brain, but not all have the same heart."

"If you’re blessed with much, bless those with less."

"People are often generous with a little but seldom with a lot."

"Don't look for love in others, but look for love in you."

"Our life's either a testimony or an indictment."

"People appreciate honesty, but seldom when it's about them."

"Always do what you should and never what you shouldn't."

"We should always mind what we feed on, because what we feed on we become."

"When it comes to truth, our minds are either fully open, partially open, or shut; we either truly searching, selectively searching, or not searching at all."

"Tall tales are short
on truth."

"Evil has a hatred of truth because truth exposes it."

"Love, help, pray, sing, beaver and play, thereby making the best of each day."

"Evil is deaf, blind and dumb, what the rejection of love and goodness has become."

"Love's not an indulgence but a staple."

"Love is credit, hate is debt."

"When we think like our enemy we become like our enemy."

"If you want to be loved, LOVE."

"Those whose hearts are dark oft clothe themselves in light."

"History only teaches us what we remember."

"What’s right has never hurt anyone, but what’s wrong has always hurt someone."

"When we engage in attempting good via evil, we prove that we aren’t good given that we’re still acting evilly."

"This world will always be worse off for every good man or women who leaves it."

"Ladders are for sharing, not for hogging."

"An evil act always has a rotten root."

"There’s a little bit of everyone in all of us."

"Wealth should never be seen apart from an acute conscience and deep sense of duty."

"It’s crystal-clear that some things aren’t."

"To laugh at someone’s misfortune is to invite your own."

"Those who willingly tend the throne of he who acts by force, are often the victims of that very same iron fist."

"Those who bury their head in the sand miss seeing the incoming tide."

"Where love is absent, evil's not."

"Where condemnation's due, condemnation's right."

"If we can't take criticism, we don't value liberty."

"The biggest lies are often the nicest sounding."

"When danger is seen, it's often seen too late."

"Better to look at how far some have come, rather than concentrating on how far they've yet to go."

"When we fail to stand, our strength is lessened, and our weakness is seen."

"A fat purse is often connected to a lean heart."

"To fight truth because of cherished error, is to perpetuate the lie and deceive yourself."

"Never judge a person by what they say in the heat of the moment, nor treat it as gospel."

"Too often we're offended by things that weren't intended."

"Without a noble purpose and loving intention, our lives are simply but parts in a shallow soap opera."

"How we view life depends on the window we're looking through."

"Treasure's often not appreciated until it's plundered."

"Love should always be the begining and end."

"Life's a gift that many don't unwrap."

"Lose it in an argument and you've lost the argument."

"The greatest friend in any argument is backed-up-facts."

"Love is genius, hate is idiocy."

"Sometimes the way ahead is discovered by returning."

"Much that's true and makes sense looses out to much that isn't and doesn't."

"When good men try to acheive things via wrong means, they're not good men."


May love take you by the hand, hover as you read, mould your thoughts
and bless you as you leave.


Poetry that unashamedly breaks the mould and thinks outside the box, and
that flies via the wings of a website sharing the same creative audacity.

Many subjects, more than first meets the eye, and quite likely to surprise.

Oh, nice to meet you (man you're good looking!). Come on in. Oops, shoes off please.
And don't forget to turn the light off when you leave, just in case I may've dozed off.

On the serious side, a call to return to the 
path of truth, the ways of love, the nobleness of rightdoing, the
beauty of wholesomeness, the worth of moral integrity, the thoughtfulness of etiquette, the graciousness
of tolerance, 
the wisdom of balance, and the benefits and safeguards of sense.

At the end of the day, it's all about changing hearts and minds, being a good and loving example,
 living peaceably and lawfully, acting transparently, fairly and humanely, looking after
our planet and its creatures, restoring lost values, principles and standards, freeing the oppressed, comforting the
afflicted, helping the needy, upholding rights, giving people a chance, and looking beyond ourselves.



"Do harm to no one, but do good to all, and in every other aspect of your life, WALK TALL"
The poet, author

It's All About People

Oh yes, it’s all about people, and Lockdown and quarantine bringing this home,
That need we soon discover for one another, and that need to freely roam.
This world's a wonderful creation, but humans being its crowning glory,
That love and affection that’s the basis of every inspiring story.

Yes, sometimes we need a little peace and quietness alone, but not for long,
That need for others soon returning, that human choir, resonating song.
And how we’ve need to work together, pull together, planet Earth in trouble,
And none of us liking the idea of some isolating Covid bubble.

Oh yes, we certainly need each other, hence why it’s all about people, us,
And why over each other there needs to be a lot more love, thought, care and fuss.
One’s birth a gift and opportunity, but each other being what we need,
And why for peace on Earth and goodwill to all men, women, boys and girls, I plead.

By Lance Landall

"How we treat others defines us and more so, how we treat those we don't like."
The poet, author


"If we're not loving, we're not living."

"It's not about how others should be, but how we should be, it's not about what others should
do, but what we should do."

"Our greatest moment is when we choose right over wrong, and our greatest hour is when we
remain faithful and strong."
The poet, author

I Really Like You

You know, I really like you, because you’re just like me, a body with a head,
Which makes us pretty intelligent — well, look at that grey matter, enough said.
And you’ve a heart too, just like mine, with the capacity for love, thought and care,
Oh, isn’t that exciting, we having so much in common that we can share.

Say, you’ve eyes and ears too — oh my giddy aunt, even a nose! It’s fantastic!
We so much alike, probably related, so no wonder things seem to click.
And that’s why I really like you, though there’s something about you that’s still unique,
Just like me
! Oh, it’s all too much. And what if you’ve knobbly knees too — can I peek?

By Lance Landall








A Few Entrance Details And Comments As You Wander In And Through

(with a few grey POEM BOXES in-between and a SPECIAL POEM CLUSTER further down).

So, regarding my poetry (and a few things in general):

There's rhyming poetic stories, rhyming poems, ALTERNATIVE rhyming poems (with few full stops),
prose, poetry and prose fusions,
and GROUND BREAKING rhyming poems that bridge the gap between poetry
and prose (
given their much longer lines, thereby freeing poetry from its somewhat rigid constraints).
But having said that, it's more about the content contained in my poems, rather than the ryhmn and rhyme.

All in all, both general and issue-based poetry with the accent on the latter.

At any time, where I've cause, I may TWEAK or ADD
to any poem (or article). If the non-upgraded one has been used already, it doesn't matter, it's simply been enhanced. And with this in mind, please check the notes that are found on my page AUTHOR'S PEN like the following one (where the general conditions for using my poems are also found).
The content of any poem of mine may not relate to
my life or experience, but simply appear as if it does.
And I sometimes write from the perspective of someone else (as authors oft do), as if I were that person, or had had that experience. And therefore, it may or may not be me. So please don't assume anything.
Likewise, though it might appear as if so, please don't automatically assume that any particular poem I've penned relates to a member of my family either, or extended family.

Though I don't put my name under all that I pen (and oft just poet, author), it's still my own work (except where stated otherwise), and therefore, if used, it must still carry my name. Thus checking with me first would be wise.

My second poetry garden contains a light-hearted section, a general-cum-secular section, and a religious section (unlike my Home page where it's somewhat mixed, aside from three purple boxes dedicated solely to the religious).

So here on my website, you'll not only find poetry and prose, but also articles, all being part and parcel of my personal journey, and thus a cathartic exercise and kaleidoscope of thoughts, concerns, views, beliefs and experiences.
Hopefully I've not overlooked crediting anyone given how in certain places I have drawn from books and articles here and there, sometimes borrowing thoughts or words along the way, and given how some things simply get lost in time.

Some poems and articles are REPEATED elsewhere on my website where I've felt the need to do so, and some poems could actually be placed under two or three different headings; So I've done my best. 

Poems that aren't mine are but a few, and aren't included in my poem count (which excludes my prosy poems too).

Oh, if there's a problem with my website in any way, please let me know.

be it encouragement or constructive criticism. Such won't be placed on my website.
I truly look forward to hearing from you. So please don't keep me waiting.


On a cheery note.

Pleasant Place

Includes my fun page: Anything, and a yummy recipe.

Either of these two pages was added to on: 3 August 2022.

And continuing on.

Have A Nice Day

Includes my page: Special Poems.

Either of these two pages was added to on
: 19 December 2021.

Still want more?

Cool Bananas

More funny business.

Added to on: 2 August 2022.

Specially featured secular poetic story. 


One of eleven. The others are found in my second poetry garden.
This page also includes a few poems that kind of relate.

Added to on the 6 August 2022.

Reflective poems

Colours And Shades

Aspects of life.

Added to on the 9 January 2022.

But still bearing in mind those who're tender emotionally.

Tender Spot

Mainly thoughtful quotes.

Added to on: 28 June 2022.



But wait, there's more regarding my website.

Please bear in mind that personal expression is exactly that.

And so,
if you don't agree with something I've penned (even the way it's been penned), I would appreciate it if you'd tell me. To not do so might deny me the opportunity of discovering any error or poorness on my behalf, and thus also deny me the opportunity of making any changes to my work for the better. It all being helpful regarding growth (friends and family often differing too). No disrepect or injury of any kind has been intended. So please, lets grow together.

Though a Christian, I can understand people veering away from Christianity given the sad behaviour that's coming from many who claim to be Christians, and given the nonsense, error and ills that are coming from certain quarters of Christendom that's been losing its way. Lest people throw the baby out with the bath water, I've tried to address this via my page WITH GOD IN MIND which links to four other related pages.

And therefore,

Dear Visitor...

Struggling like me, perhaps, kind words and acts really appreciated, no doubt,
Yes, loving concern, which is what I like to think my website is all about.
And hence why I also point out error, ill and wrong, because such harms us all,
But draped over this humble attempt of mine, hopefully you’ll find love’s shawl.

Or love weaving its way in and out, popping up here and there, reminding you
That though I might oft come on strong, it’s your best interests I’ve sought to pursue.
And so, I doing what I can, something rather than nothing, because I care,
And knowing that such is sorely needed; dangers, troubles and loss always near.

By Lance Landall


So back to the serious stuff.

Things Worth Pondering

Intriguing short articles of sorts, and three introductory poems.

"Inner strength takes the good with the bad, and
welcomes counsel as much as praise."
The poet, author

Added to on: 6 August 2022.


More Worth Pondering

But only in the form of related poems.
Includes my page: Bits 'n' Bobs.

"Truth is not determined by majority vote."
Doug Gwyn

Either of these two pages was added to on: 10 May 2022.


"He who dares not offend cannot be honest."
Thomas Paine (1737-1809)

"If the counsel be good, no matter who gave it."


"To find a man who in plain terms and without guile speaks his mind with frankness, and neither for the sake of reputation or for gain makes false pretensions, but out of good will and concern for his fellow-men stands ready, if need be, to submit to ridicule and to the disorder and the uproar of the mobto find such a man as that is not easy, but rather the good fortune of a very lucky city, so great is the dearth of noble, independent souls and such the abundance of toadies [those who flatter or defer to others for self-serving reasons], mountebanks [flamboyant charlatans], and sophists [those skilled in elaborate and devious argumentations]."
Dio Chrysostom (c. 40 - c. 115 CE)
Greek orator, writer, philosopher and historian of the Roman Empire.
Bracketed contents inserted by poet.

"Never confuse straight talk with harshness, nor pleasing words with love."

"Loving everyone doesn't mean accepting everything."

"If love was simply hugs, kind deeds and touching words, wisdom would go to the dogs, and sense would fly away with the birds."

"Though it's all about love, it's also all about what's right, because love knows
nothing of wrong."

"Best we choose to see what we need to see than be forced to see what'll pain more to see."

"Nothing hurts us more than failing to see the truth."

"The more we know, the more we see."

The poet, author


And further to:

"Means we use must be as pure as the ends we seek."
Martin Luther King Jr (1929-1968)

"A better world starts with better people."

"A good man isn't good because of good deeds, but that loving heart and
noble conscience that he heeds."

"We're only as good as our heart, as sound as our mind, and as deep as our soul."

"If the world's getting worse, ask it what it's exchanged and forsaken."

"When society allows what it shouldn't in order to placate, it sears its conscience
and seals its fate."

"To do what's right we need to know what's right."

The poet, author

Yes, poetry and prose that shouts, confronts, questions, rouses, informs, pleads, shares,
inspires, encourages, heartens, empathises, weeps, sighs, smiles and sees love as being the only answer.

Poetry and prose that takes no sides but that of all who have been wrongly accused or mistreated, and whatever that wrong may be.

Poetry and prose that pulls no punches and strips away the veneer whilst scratching where it itches; That takes its jacket off, rolls its sleeves up and doesn't stop until the job is done;
That rhymes with the times and runs the gamut of emotions and experiences; That searches the heart, examines the mind and assesses the soul; That deals with harsh realities and meets people where they are; That doesn't think to save its own skin; That deals with both sides of the coin; That tests, proves and sorts while really caring.




Both secular and religious poems.
Includes related comments and article.

Segment One: Life.
Segment Two: Us, planet Earth and beyond.
Segment Three: Ukraine and protest.

Segment One.


Added to on 28 July 2022

1.  May It Be So, Son

May your gratefulness for another day, the wonder of life and creation,
Steer your course on this Earth, your thoughts, words and actions in every situation.
You mindful of the gift of life that you have received, and that others have rights,
And that too few are heroes and heroines, which your attention thus invites.

Yes, may your birth produce much kindness, a love for man and every creature seen,
Your eyes and ears sensitive to every cry, your heart and conscience sound and clean.
And you, always prepared to lend a hand, more attuned to other’s needs than yours,
And never turning to any means but the right means, a man of peace, not wars.

May your treatment of women be nothing short of outstanding, you thus a man,
Not someone trying to pass himself off as one, chivalry hardly his plan.
But rather, you protective and honourable, speaking out despite the roar,
Your mum and dad proud, your wife experiencing that happiness she foresaw.

Yes, may it be so, son, this Earth having been the better for your presence here,
And all whose path you’ve crossed, come that time when beneath graveyard clods you disappear.
'Cause too many misuse the gift they’ve been given, leaving this Earth all the worse,
Hence why I’m praying that your entrance will prove to be a blessing, not a curse.

The truth is, that men come and go, they either selfish or selfless, women too,
And as far as those selfless men go, and in the scheme of things, they rather few.
Most men saving their own skin, out for their own ends, simply living for the day,
Rather than searching for truth, living to serve, and desiring a better way.

By Lance Landall

2.  The Plan

It’s been said that the lifespan of man is three score years and ten, or there abouts,
Which in the scheme of things, is very short, and which something most important shouts,
And that is: Those years are all that you’ve got, friend, so grab each moment that you can,
Which you can’t, if via your own fault, you’re in prison or hospital, gone the plan.

That plan being (or should’ve been), not to rob yourself of any of those years,
Even days, weeks or months, but to fill them with joy and laughter, not lows and tears.
It’s so easy to be a fool, and simply bring trouble on yourself, and why
It’s always better to only indulge in what will have one smile, and not cry.

Yes, it’s a rather simple little plan, but with huge consequences, you see,
For better or worse, that is, and this all why one shouldn’t treat life carelessly.
It only taking a moment of foolishness, or anger, and gone the plan.
We seriously short-changing ourselves come that three score years and ten of man.

Life’s random enough as it is, thus we suffering unfairly, possibly,
And such costing us joy and time, and so, we not increasing that misery.
Some losing their life before it’s hardly begun, part way through, or much less than
That three score years and ten of man, when making the best and most of it, was the plan.

By Lance Landall

3.  Once Pristine Wells

Our mind, just like our body, was clearly designed for the purest of things, and
This why both the mind and body can be injured by what was never planned.
So why are many filling both the mind and body with what's destructive today,
Given how tomorrow we reap what we sow, mental or physical decay?

All why only noble and healthy entries will serve us well, and this fact tell,
We noted amongst others; many corrupt of mind and indulgently ill.
They having read, watched and listened to, or dined on, mind and body contaminants,
And hence their toxic influence, or that sad arrival of an ambulance.

Yes, once pristine wells, but no more, they polluted as Earth, and thus stricken too,
A curse or burden on their fellowman who that very same path might pursue.
Yes, once pristine wells, but no more, wrong choices resulting in buckets of regret,
Positives exchanged for negatives, when most of us should know better, and yet...

By Lance Landall

4.  It's Really Up To Me And You

To make the world a better place, we need to start with ourselves, that example,
Thus being something for others to see and copy, where they've the sense and will.
Nothing achieved by force here, it having to come from one’s heart and mind, you see,
They hopefully catching the vision, noting the benefits, which there will be.

Yes, it’s no good waiting for others to change, but rather, being that change, and
Thereby doing what you can to improve things, courtesy of that mature stand.
And change having often come about because of the few who sought to do
What the others didn’t and so, my dear friend, it's really up to me and you.

By Lance Landall


You've been given a MIND of your own, one to think with, to think of others with, to make sound evaluations with, to use wisely and creatively, to collect worthy and valuable data, to grasp right from wrong, truth from error, to tell friends from enemies, to enhance academically and intellectually, and to sense moods and danger.

But not for plotting ill, not for planning foolish things, not for thinking negatively, not for evil surmisings, not for planting wrong seeds in other minds, not for storing shameful and destructive things, not for wrongful judging, and not for spacing out, dumbing down, depleting of oxygen, or cluttering with rubbish.

You've been given a VOICE to speak out with, to speak on behalf of others with, to warn, educate, encourage and empathize with, to condemn any ill, to apologise, to enquire and ask for help, and to laugh and sing with.

But not for hateful, foul and grubby expressions, not for verbally abusing and hurting, not for lying, mimicking, moaning, talking about others, crying wolf, telling half truths, slandering, deceiving, cursing or dobbing people in with. 

You've been given EYES to watch over others, to seek out truth, to spot trouble, conmen, wolves, foxes and sharks coming, to notice other peoples’ needs, to weep over loss and suffering, and to close to shortcomings.

But not for watching what degrades or inflames, others' wrong, not for mental adultery, not for spying on others, not for looking down on others, not for seeking revenge, and nor for looking for trouble.

You've been given EARS to listen for cries of help, to listen without interrupting when others want to off-load, to listen to truth, sound advice, cautionings, and worthy informative things, to listen to beautiful music and whatever else uplifts and  rightly benefits.

But not for listening to gossip, not for listening to what's shameful or unwholesome, not for listening to wrong and falsehood, not for eavesdropping, and not for listening out for a police siren.

You've been given a NOSE to sniff out error and charlatans, to savour wholesome foods, fluids and Nature’s refreshing perfumes, and to take in life-giving oxygen.

But not for holding up in the air, not for snorting at sense, not for being nosey, and not for sniffing injurious substances.

You've been given SHOULDERS to bear life’s trials, to shoulder responsibilities and blame, for others to lean on, and for young children to ride upon.

But not for charging about with, not for forcing yourself ahead of others, and not for throwing your weight around.

You've been given a SPINAL COLUMN to show backbone, to stand straight and true with (without fear or favour), to bend to aid anyone, and to bend where it's proper and appropriate.

But not for bowing to tyrants with, not for bowing to popularity with, not for stooping to low levels of behaviour or tales with, and not for bending over backwards in order to please everyone.

You've been given a HEART to love with, to keep open and full of warmth and beauty, to prize good, to show thought, care, respect, loyalty and faithfulness, to feel for others, to forgive and show compassion and mercy.

But not for coveting what belongs to others, not for harbouring ill, not for yielding to degrading passions, not for giving into what isn't wise, not for falling for cads, and not for hardening.

You've been given MUSCLES to develop the entire body via exercise so that it may remain healthy, fit for helpful, constructive and necessary tasks, worthy labour and wholesome enjoyment, and the protection of others.

But not for muscling your way into things, not for assaulting, not for intimidating, and not for showing off.

You've been given ARMS to affectionately hug, to intimately cuddle, to embrace in friendship, to comfort the grieving, to pull people from harm, to pull yourself up, or to reach out.

But not for embracing evil, error, falsehood or mistresses, and not for elbowing your way around.

You've been given HANDS to help out with, to share with, to greet others with, to thoughtfully and sensitively hold with, to use productively and bless others with.  

But not for pushing people out of the way, not for taking or receiving what isn’t yours, not for touching what you shouldn't or when you shouldn't, not for greedy grabs, not for physical abuse and cruelty of any kind, not for stabbing people in the back, nor for taking lives.

You've been given FINGERS for creative, beneficial and productive intricacy and dexterity, for tender, loving and pleasurable expressions, to point the way, to prepare and arrange what’s pleasant and pleasing, to ease aches and open doors.

But not for dipping into or tinkering with what you shouldn’t, not for fiddling the books, not for penning falsehood and offensive things, not for pointing at others, not for poking fun at anyone, not for nitpicking, and not for any ill.

You've been given LEGS to run kindly errands, to visit the sick or lonely, to playfully chase the young, to rush to someone's aid, and to run from danger and ill.

But not for running to blab, not for running riot, not for running away from what you should face, not for running away from owning up,  not for running away from responsibilities, the difficult, the unpleasant, hard work or study.

You've been given KNEES for humbling tasks, for prayerful thanks and requests, for fruitful searches, for gardening, and for grandchildren to sit on.

But not for knee-jerk reactions, not for kneeling at the feet of others, nor at the throne of self.

You've been given FEET to walk rightly, to stand up for others, to stand up for yourself, for treading carefully, and for taking one step at a time.

But not for walking all over people, not for treating them like footstools or doormats, not for kicking back at them, not for kicking them when they're down, not for putting your foot in it, and not for putting the boot in.

Yes, you've been given a BODY to use correctly, to look after, because your body is you.

By Lance Landall

This article was added to on 22 July 2022.

5.  Foes Of Humanity

When we turn on our own, and molest, rape, torture or kill, we act atrociously,
And as a consequence, join the despicable ranks of the foes of humanity.
Rather than being a protector, an upholder of good, we become a predator,
Just another shadowy figure that lies in wait along life’s perilous corridor.

Yes, we’ve sunk, sold out, betrayed, pillaged, savaged, added to the mountain of misery,
Be it as a lone wolf or midst a pack, be it planned or opportunistically.
We’ve entered the realm of evil, the territory of those whose hearts and minds are ill,
Those who prey on the innocent and vulnerable, abusing their rights, sacking their will.

We’ve become another one of those cowardly monsters who act so devilishly,
And who often work behind the scenes plotting and planning, striking unsuspectingly.
And such could be a neighbour, a workmate, a friend, even a member of our family,
'Cause life’s full of surprises, of which so many living victims can testify.

When we turn on our own, as so many do, we display the worst in humanity,
And so do those ones who feed off such monsters, skulking in the background expectantly.
Yes, hyenas and jackals, vultures who benefit in some way, and who blame must share,
Along with those who stand idly by when they could prevent such, or those who clap and cheer.

Perhaps we don’t turn on our own and molest, rape, torture or kill, but turn on them we do
Whenever we treat them unkindly, and at their expense, just self interest pursue.
Thus, we in a sense, and as little monsters, perhaps, become foes of humanity,
Assaulting via the likes of slander, anger, racism, indifference, bigotry, adultery….

And the list goes on, 'cause there are many ways in which we injure (and terribly too),
And some of them perhaps not intentionally so, but injure, they certainly do.
Yes, just like those who molest, rape, torture and kill, we too, oft leave behind misery,
And thereby, directly or indirectly, multiply the foes of humanity.

Thus we’re hardly blameless, and yet, look at how we point the finger so furiously,
Slamming those who molest, rape, torture or kill, and who thereby disgrace humanity.
Sure they deserve such condemnation, but given the wrong things that we do, so do we,
'Cause we, via our lesser assaults on others, show we’re also foes of humanity.

Yes, because we too, via such, are turning on our own.

By Lance Landall

6.  Unwitting Betrayal

I was thinking about those who go duck hunting, and who once they have shot their prey,
Send another creature to fetch that downed creature, a dog that they’ve trained to obey.
And I couldn’t help feeling how such actually adds insult to injury,
For creatures fetching creatures for some human to eat, just doesn’t seem right to me.

Now, imagine if the tables were turned, and that we were sent to fetch our own kind,
For I’m sure that we’d find such distressing, though I guess there are some who wouldn’t mind.
After all, there’re those who spy, those who dob folk in, betray them to some enemy,
And sometimes for their own selfish ends, and not just because they’ve swallowed lunacy.

Just like that hunter’s dog, they fetch or reveal their own kind in some injurious way,
Hardly acting like that innocent dog that knows no better but than to obey,
For humans have a mental capacity and conscience that creatures don’t possess,
And thereby stand guilty, and via their callous act, an inner corruption express.

Though opposed to hunting in general, I couldn’t help see the sad irony,
For creatures fetching creatures for some human to eat, just seems like betrayal to me.
Not that these dogs would see it that way (for how can they?), but we can, naturally,
And thus should ponder on the irony, and not act the same as these dogs we see.

By Lance Landall

7.  Worth Pondering

No, things aren’t getting better — in fact, our world is in a dreadful mess,
And there is one good reason why it is, which here, I'd like to address.
And so, I would be very grateful if you’d ponder on what I’ve penned,
'Cause I believe that it is correct, and very worrying, my friend.

Many think that when they die there is nothing beyond, and that, that’s it,
And therefore think living rightfully is of little benefit.
So they just do what suits themselves, just looking after number one,
Which is why so many sad, selfish, wrong, cruel and evil things are done.

And some seem to think that when they die, they won’t be held accountable
For anything wrong that they've done, and hence why some rape, torture and kill.
Yes, they oblivious to any penalty that they might incur,
Hence why there's little to deter them, 'cause what conscience is there to stir?

Such is extremely concerning, 'cause what is there to hold in check
Both these people who’ve no scruples, and thus the havoc that they might wreck.
And if it were not for the law, they would get away with so much more,
'Cause these are people who already 
 largely so lawfulness ignore.

And the reason why I say largely so is because to some extent,
Criminal activity, law enforcement agencies prevent.
And hence all that stealth and cunning that those lawless people soon employ,
That, sadly, another’s peace and happiness on Earth can oft destroy.

These people who think that when they die they won’t be held accountable,
Have very little to hold them back from doing the unspeakable.
And hence why there is value in the view, that one day, Someone will weigh
All that we’ve done within our life, and accordingly, to each repay.

Thus those who believe that the latter's true, have something to hold them back
From doing whatever is wrongful, or from taking some dreadful track.
However, I would like to think that all would do whatever is right
Simply because it is in their heart to — and that in good, they delight.

By Lance Landall

You may wish to read my poem How I Hate Sin, Though A Sinner I Am which can be found
on my page Hurting. This poem was written upon the death of a much loved
Siamese cat.

Contains Christian content or degree.

8.  If I Were God

If I were God-cum-Jesus Christ, and looking at a fallen planet full of evil and ill,
I — in all fairness — would ultimately deal with all who dared oppress, persecute, maim or kill,
And would eradicate suffering too, by the way, thus ending evil’s reign and sorrow’s chill.
But meantime, if a God of great love and mercy who wanted all to follow Him willingly,
I wouldn’t dream of interfering with freedom of choice, nor civil-religious liberty.

And being the wise and knowing ruler of the universe, I'd inform, instruct, help and guide,
Even giving direct access via prayer — and where needed, followers would discipline and chide.
In other words, in same manner as any concerned parent who has their child’s well-being at heart,
But never abusively or overbearingly, 'cause My ways and man’s ways are poles apart.

In line with all this, I’d want to see a free press-cum-one not interfered with in any way,
All being given unrestricted access to information anyone sought to convey.
'Cause how else could one discover the truth of anything, or have total faith and trust in Me?
And why I’d be seeking accountability from all in positions of authority.

Yes, ultimately I’d be making some tough decisions before My return, 'cause after all,
Justice would require such, and indeed why the hearts and minds of all would be weighed, such being My call.
Yes, for the buck would stop with Me, Heaven hardly for the selfish, rebellious, heartless and cruel,
'Cause should I let such infectiousness enter Paradise (given what’s gone before), I’d be a fool.

And as for Earth, I’d want to restore it to the condition it was in before man’s fall,
Its present condition a result of folly, and thus it in for a major overhaul.
All why I wouldn’t install My kingdom until ready to do so, justice done and ill gone,
'Cause no polluted, sick, vice ridden planet would I ever set My Holy city upon.

Meantime, I’d slowly withdraw My restraining hand in order to get humanity’s attention,
Given the seared consciences, cold hearts, self-inflicted blindness, mirth, and much more I could mention.
After all, I wouldn’t want anyone lost, the ark-like door of My return about to shut,
'Cause as soon as I saw evil’s ultimate agenda for planet Earth fulfilled, I’d shout, “Cut!”

Yes, if I were God, and just like it says in the Bible, loving, compassionate, merciful,
And transparent, I’d oppose all that’s unjust, underhand, false, inhumane and contemptible.
'Cause My goodness and holiness would hate such, I against what hurts, damages, robs and misleads,
And why I would only reward the one who — desiring what is better — My will and way heeds.

Meantime, I’d also try to help everyone see I’m their only hope, respecting free choice;
I only able to rejoice over those happily responding to the love in My voice.
'Cause unlike man, I’d never force, but simply warn of the sad consequences, I knowing best,
And the proof of My honourable intentions? A saving, hope filled cross, where My case I’d rest.

By Lance Landall

"Without an unfettered press, without liberty of speech, all the outward forms and structures of free institutions
are a sham, a pretense -- the sheerest mockery. If the press is not free; if speech is not independant and untrammeled; if the mind is shackled or made impotent through fear, it makes no difference under what form
of government you live, you are a subject and not a citizen."

William E. Borah (1865-1940)

Segment Two.

Us, planet Earth and beyond.

Added to on 4 August 2022

1.  An Anthem For The Times

Together in our differences, let us rise as one, all for all,
No more hatred, violence and killing, we responding to love’s call.
Yes, together in our differences, we rising in unity,
Thus working for the well-being of everyone, humanity.

Yes. It’s time! It’s time! So lets not delay, we mustering thought and care,
Along with passionate determination so success we might share.
Yes. Together! Together! Moving in harmony and one accord,
Today! Today! Because another week, month or year, we can’t afford.

So, together in our differences, let us rise as one, right now,
Hope encouraging, faith believing, love propelling and showing how.
We shoulder to shoulder, arm in arm, and with no one’s rights trodden on,
Thus all for each other, and each other for all, the bickering gone.

Too late will be forever, and it’s not just us, but our planet too,
It also having suffered, and the needed response well overdue.
And love, thought and care the answer to it all, thus rise as one we should,
Together in our differences, right now, the dire need understood.

By Lance Landall

2.  We Having To Live Here Still

Our car is our car, it’s what we drive around in much of the time, and therefore,
If blood somehow gets over things due to some gash, or coffee spills on the floor,
We should do what we can to clean it up, too bad about the stains left behind,
It having marred things, but we still needing that car, which brings this planet to mind.

Why? Because it’s got blood all over it too, one way or another, sadly,
Yes, much having been spilt on it’s crust, it thus marred and stained too, regretfully,
And this planet being what we’re still living on, it our nest, our only one,
And so, just like with our car, something about that dreadful mess needs to be done.

Earth will never look quite the same, just like that car, because damage has been done,
But who wants to drive a dirty, smelly car as opposed to a cleaner one?
No, none of us wanting to live in a pigsty or hen house, which means, dear friend,
We need to do some cleaning up, we having to live here still, 'till any end.

Thus we shouldn’t go adding to the mess, but should slow things down, ease our lot, say,
Knowing that even if it turns out to be too late, we’ve behaved the right way.
Yes, given ourselves more time, made the most of things, this world nicer to live in,
And remember, it’s not just us to think of, but the coming generation.

By Lance Landall

3.  How Beautiful Is The Night

Oh, how beautiful is the night, all those stars that shine so bright, and when all is still
And silent, and in awe one wonders, moonlight silhouetting both the tree and hill.
And something surely shouting that there must be a Someone behind it all, but we
Looking elsewhere or distracted, and therefore, that Someone are unable to see.

Yet how could it be otherwise, chance knowing nothing of such order and beauty,
That intricateness and complexity, and that high IQ of humanity.
Yes, it all too amazing, too clever, like that ability to procreate,
And why the wonder of it all, something well beyond the ken of humans must state,

And that being, that all was created, no big bang causing life on Earth, or you,
But an ability far more superior than anything humans can do.
Yes, we dummies compared to such, ignorant of so much, and why in awe one views
That galaxy that operates as if on cue, and why a Creator I choose.

By Lance Landall

"The universe appears to have been designed by a pure Mathematician..."
Sir James Jeans, British physicist and mathematician

4.  There's No Way We Could've Just Evolved

There are certain things about us that couldn’t have come piece by piece, bit by bit,
But had to be there right from the start, a combination, things designed to fit.
And the complexity of the tiniest of things truly mind blowing, and
Continuing to baffle and amaze, pointing to the fact that we were planned,

Just like the universe! Everything so precise, running like clockwork, and
If slightly out would cause disaster, and why what we’ve been fed is built on sand.
It all too incredible to have just happened somehow, or evolved, and why
The theory of evolution can’t put all the pieces together, though they try.

I mean, come on, this planet continuing to spin at a colossal speed,
The right speed, otherwise we’d be flung into space, and why for more sense I plead.
Evidence after evidence proving that the Earth’s not old, it there to see,
And pointing to a Designer, we no descendant of some hairy monkey.

By Lance Landall

"For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities — His eternal power and divine nature — have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse” (Rom 1:20, NIV).

5.  Don't Blame God

Tell me, who is tearing down forests, raping jungles as well,
Thus depriving Earth of its lungs, turning Earth into a hell?
Who is causing floods and landslides by stripping our planet bare,
And who's taking homes from creatures, and filling them full of fear?

Yes, who’s endangering creatures and has made some disappear,
When they have a right to life too, and the same right to live here?
Who’s plundering the land and sea with a reckless disregard,
Thus unbalancing and depleting their very own backyard?

Who’s clogging the air that we breathe, altering our climate too,
Via those toxins that car exhausts or factory chimneys spew?
And who’s polluting the land, our rivers, our lakes, and the sea
Via the waste that they dump and pump, that ill health will guarantee?

Who's damaging planet Earth with all their weaponry and wars,
Killing and maiming both man and beast, almost without a pause?
And who adds insult to injury testing bombs, missiles too,
That also stain our planet with their poisonous residue?

Who has even caused famines, spawned epidemics and disease,
Caused more destructive weather, and those ice-packs to thaw, not freeze,
And who's punctured the ozone layer, made temperatures rise?
Well, the answers a simple one — it’s US! — yes, we get first prize.

So don’t go blaming God, 'cause we’re to blame, and such more than plain.
Yes, we having have made this mess, we having acted so insane.
Thus we’re reaping what we have sown,
it’s our fault, and ours alone.
Yes, it’s we who are on trial, not God, and therefore, we can’t moan.

We have harmed ourselves and others, trashed this world, fouled our own nest,
And it's all because we have failed to do what would have been best.
All why we’re in deep water, water that's rising very fast,
Water that will soon engulf us, unless sense prevails at last.

By Lance Landall

6.  A New World

Yes, I’m longing for a new world, 'cause this old one has lost its glow,
There being much pain and heartache, and winds of evil always blow.
The seasons are out of kilter, and the weather’s out of control,
'Cause nature is running amuck — yes, there’s chaos from pole to pole.

Seems that everything’s going wrong, and we, repeating history,
All why the sins of the fathers have increased dramatically.
Most children aren’t showing respect, good role models are far and few,
Most marriages are folding now, and crime is on the increase too.

Seems governments are failing, thus legislation now often flawed,
And there’re bullies and slave-drivers, dictators who live by the sword.
Plus voices are being stifled that are calling for transparency,
Which means freedom is slipping away, and with it, democracy.

Poverty's also growing by the hour, whilst wealth is being misused,
And assistance is being withheld too, and most human rights abused.
Oppression is very common, and so many merely exist,
'Cause it’s every man for himself, and survival of the fittest.

Yes, it’s dog eat dog, do or die, hence children hurt and widows cry,
'Cause there’s misery and suffering, and more keeps going awry.
Pollution has fouled our planet, there is pestilence and disease,
And morality is losing ground, surrounded by vice and sleaze.

There're skirmishes and wars, and a chronic disregard for most laws,
And there’s cruelty to creatures, and terrorists who more mayhem cause.
Seems this world has become a playground for fraudsters, con-men and mobs,
Thus stress and anxiety, the health of so many people robs.

Oh yes, I’m longing for a new world, but one where love reigns supreme,
One where peace and harmony are no longer simply just a dream.
Yes, one that is free of evil, one that's free of suffering too,
One where only good and kind things, all its inhabitants pursue.

By Lance Landall

7.  How Strange

Yes, how strange, because though the world is calling for peace, it’s welcomed an attack
On everything that once held it together, and why much needs clawing back.
Values, standards, principles, morality having been hit by cluster bombs,
And thus the way things are looking, Earth’s now facing its final night at the Proms.

Social engineers having had a field day, boundaries and foundations gone
(Or going), everything that one’s destructive indulgence spoils set upon.
Yet who’s appalled? Who’s alarmed? We riled over endangered creatures, climate change,
But seemingly relaxed about society’s disintegration. How strange.

By Lance Landall

8.  Backlash

There are those who’re celebrating the big changes that have taken place today,
Society having been turned upside down, and of which, it’s “How dare you say!”
So I won’t here, but I’m wondering if there will come a backlash, a BIG one,
And why in time, in the opposite direction, there might go the pendulum.

Yes, the envelope having been pushed way too far by some who have got their way,
And who’ve sought to shut down dissenting voices, a practice that just doesn’t pay.
And hence that swing of the pendulum that might swing far too far the other way,
More likely to happen where changes prove disastrous — and they have, many say.

By Lance Landall

9.  A Danger To The Universe

Would other inhabited planets really want to visit us, and would we
Really want them to, given the shameful mess and utter chaos that they’d see?
And one might say, such is what is keeping them away, they just observing things,
We but a danger to the universe, hence that warning canary that sings.

Personally, I believe we’re quarantined for now, until a certain time,
So need to make the best of things, but our behaviour’s without rhythm or rhyme.
Yes, we failing the test, hardly proving ourselves, repentance slow in coming,
Our efforts and turnaround feeble, an apocalyptic buzz saw humming.

By Lance Landall

Contains Christian content or degree.

10.  There's No Mystery

I don’t believe that there’s any mystery to life, but simply that we have messed up this world that we’re in,
And that it all started with this planet’s original inhabitants — folly, that many label sin.
And here we are today, continuing what they started, having collectively bowed to the same evil force,
'Cause it’s clear that two forces are operating, and depending on which one’s chosen, as to one’s future course.

And those two forces are supernatural ones, one being the good force, and also the original force,
The other, the result of evil surfacing somehow, and certain supernatural beings choosing that course.
One force aiding the fall of this race, the other holding out hope, and in time sure to gain the victory,
That is, ultimately, 'cause things must run their course until the coming showdown apocalyptically.

And we, in the meantime, having no doubt forfeited those powers that these supernatural beings possess,
Beings who’re just like us, but with certain abilities; and regarding another sphere, with special access.
Yes, access that’s currently forbidden to us, and those same abilities too, until a future date,
But only if we’ve chosen the right path, the path of love and truth, that is, not the path of falsehood and hate.

Had this world not fallen so, nor been separated as a consequence, it would have remained an Eden,
'Cause such was Earth itself, a paradise lost, and along with it, immortality, all courtesy of sin.
But in time, that paradise will return to the deserving, and also its (and our) loving Creator,
He being the ruler of the universe, who meantime, if we’re on His side, acts as our navigator.

Hence why there’s no mystery to life, nor any strange looking aliens, 'cause such is pure fantasy,
Simply the product of man’s wild imagination, and of those who have lost the plot, unsurprisingly.
And as far as ghosts go, or any apparitions, they are simply nothing more than clever trickery,
The product of those evil supernatural beings, along with some human trickery, undoubtedly.

And those evil beings, along with their anarchist leader, are battling for control of this world that we’re in,
Aided and abetted by so many foolish inhabitants of Earth who seem to want evil to win.
Or who due to selfishness and folly, just can’t see the wood for the trees, thus playing into evil hands,
'Cause where evil is, there’re those evil beings (with supernatural powers) who’ve meantime and ultimate plans.

No, I don’t believe there’s any mystery to life, but that we’re simply caught up in a controversy,
A battle between good and evil, good seeking our well-being and willingly response (and thus not forcibly),
And evil seeking total control, whether we like it or not, be that blatantly or deceptively,
It a battle for the hearts and minds of every man and woman, boy and girl, their freedom and liberty.

By Lance Landall

Contains Christian content or degree.

11.  To Get To The Nub Of Things

You know, when that unfallen angel sinned (the one who’s known as the devil,
And most rightly so, given that he’s the reason for all the evil and ill),
God could hardly have allowed him to roam all the galaxies that are out there,
Hence why he’s clearly been restricted to just the one, OURS, and we alone here.

After all, humans caved in to his trickery, so we're both restricted now,
Unable to visit other galaxies and their inhabitants for now.
Yes, quarantined, the battle between good and evil taking place here, not there,
And all why we can’t be visited, except by those angels that same guilt share.

And so, NASA but wasting its time looking and listening, we alone here,
Thus nothing in our galaxy to find, and as for the moon, can’t live up there.
Nor anywhere else, only this planet having been adapted for us, who
Will have to wait for Christ’s return, and why His desires, we had best pursue.

By Lance Landall

Contains Christian content or degree.

12.  Think It Through

We live on a planet where the enlightened aren’t as enlightened as they think, where foxes guard the hens, where
Soldiers shame their flag, where Christians shame their Lord, where leaders lie, fudge, plot, fiddle, fornicate and wrongly steer,
Where men hide behind religion, where some seek to rule the world, where the truthful are oft tagged as liars, where
Liars are oft saying they’re not so, and where fiction, fantasy, falsehood and heresy are held more dear.

Yes, we live in a time when Christians have exchanged their trust in God for trust in man (turning to arms as well),
A time in which morals have been traded for lust, discipline for appetite, and some say, Heaven for hell.
Yes, a time in which principles have been exchanged for opportunities, standards for convenience, and,
Where billions are spent on sheer indulgence while others live in abject poverty and die, though close at hand.

My, how we’ve advanced, I don’t think, and ’till there’s a change in each heart and mind we don’t stand a chance of success,
But rather, will continue to flounder, and be conned yet again via trusting in men-cum-another mess.
Hence why we must revisit those values we’ve left behind, those noble foundations we've torn down, foolishly,
Otherwise, we’re simply rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, icebergs still lurking in the sea.

However, even should we turn things around, the answer doesn't lie in human hands — well, not ultimately,
For we can only but improve things, and await the return of Christ-cum-the fulfilment of prophecy.
Hence why in the meantime all must be allowed to follow their own path, free from any violence and force,
Nor using such, for where there is such, you can bet that God hasn’t chosen or endorsed such a wrongful course.

So think it through, for such certainly needs thinking through given the sad state of affairs that exist today,
Which we should be doing everything we can to reverse, and which genuine sorrow and concern would convey.
For after all, we’ve largely got ourselves to blame, if not fully, which oft makes a mockery of our “Why?”
As we could’ve been spared such, or at least a great deal, if with the will of God we’d faithfully sought to comply.

By Lance Landall

Contains Christian content or degree.

13.  That Gospel Of Hope

I could feed you, clothe you, but you need something beyond that, for soon you’ll die,
Death befalling all of us, eventually, swallowing what one might buy.
And life after death being what we can’t buy, hence that saving Gospel of hope,
It gifting life ever after — and meantime, providing strength when we can’t cope.

So, I won’t apologise for telling you about that Gospel of hope that saves,
And makes us heirs of a great Kingdom to come, thus freeing us from being slaves.
Yes, slaves to ill, slaves to darkness, slaves of a devil who never shows mercy,
Unlike that God of grace who died to set us free from it all via Calvary.

And hence why you need that Gospel message first and foremost, unless in dire need,
I responding to such, but here, it’s for your eternal well-being I plead.
Providing for your needs clearly helps you now, but without Christ’s saving Gospel,
I will have merely fed and clothed you, leaving you a slave, and without hope still.

Our hope in Him, that promise of His, hence His Gospel message, loving plea,
He wanting you in His Kingdom, where love, joy and peace there’ll forever be.
No more evil, hurt, pain and tears, we living in an eternal paradise,
And all why He paid the penalty for our sins via His selfless sacrifice.

So no, I won’t apologise for telling you about that Gospel of hope,
It an upward path to joy and happiness, not a cruel soul destroying slope.
All it taking is repentance, the acceptance of Christ as Lord and Saviour,
Not I but that saving Gospel message having done you the biggest favour.

Yes, I can feed you, clothe you, be there for you, and everything else, but hey,
Only that Gospel message will get you beyond that, come when you pass away.
It’s your choice, friend, or is three score years and ten all you want, plus the misery,
Because who wants to be a slave rather than the heir of riches and glory?

Yes, it’s your choice, a devil of a master or a loving Saviour and Lord,
One who’ll deliver far more and better than your wildest dreams, nothing flawed.
And hence the urgency, life snatched away so easily, and what will there be,
Nothing or everything for you, hope or not beyond the temporary?

By Lance Landall

If you wish to know more about God, see my page With God In Mind.

Contains Christian content or degree.

14.  With Ukraine In Mind

Ukraine is today’s example of why one’s freedom must be protected so,
Just like Earth’s state is an example of why no one should listen to our foe.
Adam and Eve paying the cost, and thus we too, hence that battle we’re caught in,
But Christ coming to our aid, providing what we need, lest in the end, Satan win.

We struggling, powerful forces of darkness threatening to overthrow us,
We outnumbered ten to one too, hence that call that needs to go out to Jesus.
Our efforts valiant, say, but we needing the right kind of artillery,
Enter the power of the Holy Spirit, that grace purchased at Calvary.

Yes, such being the only answer, we hardly built for the fight, weak and ill,
Only that cross able to save us, though we gaining strength, becoming more well.
Grace honouring repentance and commitment, Christ providing the victory,
We soon returned to our rightful and restored land, where I’m hoping you will be.

By Lance Landall

Contains Christian content or degree.

15.  Heaven?

Heaven? Sure, anyone can come. Jump on board. Or so many seem to believe,
When only the repentant, committed and faithful can — oh, how some deceive.
God no fool, and sense wouldn’t want Him to be, many so undeserving, and
In their self-imposed ignorance, or delusion, the truth fail to understand.

We’re all sin sick, lost in our fallenness, yet kidding ourselves that we’re alright,
Hence Christ’s urgent call; only His death on Calvary the answer to our plight.
Yes, we needing a Saviour, and save us He will via His grace, that price He paid,
If we’ll just recognise our need, repent, and see that His Word and will’s obeyed.

No, we’re not saved via obedience, but we are called to walk in righteousness,
Enabling the Spirit to work unhindered, time bringing about that likeness.
Thus we growing more like Christ, and accepting our own cross that we must carry,
Costs oft coming with same preaching, and there’s that devil who’s our adversary.

Such you need to know, and if that doesn’t suit, the grip of grace not there for you,
And thus you jumping on board only to lose your footing, as so many do.
Christ hardly dying for those who still want to sin, or somehow save their own skin,
But those who’ll gladly respond, sacrificially too, proving they’re genuine.

After all, no greater love has anyone shown, we all undeserving,
But Christ having provided a way out at personal cost, and why we sing,
“Amazing grace,” a grace we shouldn’t take licence with, because what would that say?
And how! Self the very cause of our predicament, so I wouldn’t delay.

By Lance Landall

" 'Not everyone who says to me, 'Lord, Lord,' shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he
who does the will of
My Father in heaven' " (Matt 7:21, NKJV).

“For if we go on sinning WILLFULLY after receiving the knowledge of the truth, THERE NO LONGER REMAINS
A SACRIFICE FOR SINS [we will not be covered by God’s grace], but a terrifying expectation of judgment...”

(Heb 10:26, 27, NASB).

Speaking the truth in love.
Contains Christian content or degree.

16.  With Fear And Trembling

There are those within Christendom who foolishly preach or paint a false Gospel,
One that particularly tickles the ears of those who’ve trouble with God’s will.
All why Paul said that we should take our salvation extremely seriously,
Not messing around, nor messing with God, given such could well cost us dearly.

Putting such off, or taking licence with God’s grace via still acting wrongfully
Is playing Russian roulette, given death can strike at any moment, sadly.
And given that God’s Word makes it very clear that His grace can be made void
(In one’s life, that is, and as it is with the devil, who soon will be destroyed).

Repentance means REPENTANCE, one SORRY for, one TURNING from, and KEEPING from,
Otherwise, you or I are just frauds, and frauds do not inherit God’s kingdom,
Which means, though we can’t earn our way to Heaven, we can still sin our way to Hell
(Eternal death; Hell simply meaning the grave, where forever, the lost lie still).

The Gospel’s not wishy-washy, but deadly serious, ’cause humanity,
You and I, are in dire straights, FALLEN, SIN SICK and LOST, in need of Calvary.
And once we’ve accepted Christ, we need to stay very close to Him, and not stray,
Warning others of the perils too, that grace may cover them every day.

With repentance comes forgiveness, God’s grace, but not so, where there’s some return to sin,
Because there stands an uncommitted, laughable, hypocritical Christian.
Yes, someone who’s lost again, salvation a very serious matter, and
All why all need to hear this Gospel truth, and OBEDIENT before God stand.

With fear and trembling means: Don’t take such lightly, ’cause it’s an every day affair,
Not an on and off thing, a once and no more thing, as if we will still get there.
And it’s no good thinking, “No worries, because I can just say sorry again,”
Given death can come suddenly, and it too late then — oh, the nonsense of men.

Don’t forget that what God’s offered is eternal life, not some short holiday,
And that His offer cost Him dearly, and thus it a slap to linger or play.
And all why His grace will not cover any who have a problem with His will,
Any who Satan’s inducements choose instead, or unfaithfully play with still.

Ultimately, we make the choice, not God, given that He’s given us free will,
We following Him or not, messing about or committed, which such will tell.
We unable to have it both ways, it Him or Satan, and why we must choose,
Bearing in mind that God’s not someone we can mess with, conveniently use.

Yes, it’s one thing to err, stumble and slip, “Please forgive me” coming from your lips,
But deliberate sin’s quite another thing, God understanding stumbles and slips.
And here, grace returning or never having left, God knowing the heart and mind,
That continuing commitment, and why come Earth’s end, you won’t be left behind.

By Lance Landall

Wherefore, my beloved, as ye have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more
in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling" (Philippians 2:12, KJV).

Contains Christian content or degree.

17.  Eternal Fire?

It’s inconceivable that a God who loves us so much that He died for us
Would burn forever those who chose to reject Him (and we’re talking of Jesus).
I mean, FOREVER?! Come on, where's the love, fairness and intelligence in that,
It as barmy as it gets, both cruel and insulting, and why it all falls flat.

And all why some things cannot be taken as literally as they appear,
And why figurative speech, in order to make a point, is what is seen here.
Such speech denoting something that won’t end until it’s done it’s job, and why we
Read of past eternal fires that burnt out, and why more CAREFUL Christians should be.

Hell simply means the abode of the dead, and here, those who won't be saved, sadly,
Given love can't allow rebellion-cum-sin to continue, ultimately.
Hence Christ's return, and that consuming fire that's soon over, they ceasing to be
(Eternally dead), having rejected their one and only opportunity.

Thus to speak of an eternal Hell is the cruellest of things, fear mongering,
A medieval approach, trying to scare them into Heaven, kind of thing.
It God’s love they need to hear about, the other simply what God has to do,
Lest sin and willing sinners once again spoil Paradise, and cause pain anew.

By Lance Landall

" 'Surely the day is coming; it will burn like a furnace. All the arrogant and every evildoer will be stubble, and
that day that is coming will set them on fire,' says the Lord Almighty. "Not a root or a branch will be left to them.
But for you who revere My name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings. And you will go out
and leap like calves released from the stall. Then you will trample down the wicked; they will be ashes under
the soles of your feet on the day when I do these things," says the Lord Almighty" (Mal 4:1-3, NIV).

For more on this, see my article LIES accessed via my page With God In Mind.

Contains Christian content or degree.

18.  The Bible Doesn't Say That

Do people go to Heaven at death? No, the Bible doesn’t say that, just men,
Who, due to one thing or another, seem to get things wrong time and time again.
The Bible clearly stating that the saved will have to wait until Christ’s return,
Like that thief on the cross, Christ having remained here forty days after, we learn.

And when Christ ascended, there was no thief with Him, he soon buried like us all,
Awaiting a coming resurrection, that trumpet blast we’re told of, loud call.
It all making more sense, Christendom having got it wrong here, though very clear,
Nothing and no one infallible, except God, and why the truth one must share.

God bringing His reward with Him, we’re told, thus no loved ones watching from above,
’Cause such would ruin the joy of Heaven, show there’s something askew about God’s love.
Thus one waiting in the grave, not asleep but as if asleep, and then that cry,
The saved rising to meet Christ in the air, we’re told, which is when Heaven they’ll share.

All why the Bible talks of a preceding judgment, things wrapped up beforehand,
Which takes us back to that reward that’s coming with Him, exactly as He planned.
Or that penalty, ’cause sin and willing sinners have to be dealt with too, and
The Earth restored to its original condition, just as God’s also planned.

By Lance Landall

“And all these [faithful Bible heroes of all the ages], though commended through their faith, DID NOT receive
what was promised [eternal life, immortality], since God had provided something BETTER [much fairer] for us, that apart from us they should not be made perfect [immortal. They will have to wait until Christ's return]”
(Heb 11:39,40, ESV).

For more on this, see my article LIES accessed via my page With God In Mind.

Contains Christian content or degree.

19.  There At Last!

Imagine the roar of joy when come that resurrection day and we arrive
(The saved of all the ages who laid in their graves, and those who remained alive).
No other inhabitants in the whole universe having suffered like we,
Nor been so viciously attacked by a cruel devil, yet gained the victory.

Oh, the spine tingling, hair raising awesomeness, no other beings quite like us,
Only we having been in the thick of it, yet remained faithful to Jesus.
The universe having gaped, gasped, hollered encouragement, cheered for you and I,
And there we all are, praise God, flowing through Heaven’s gates, not a single eye dry.

Oh, the incredibleness of it, each one of us lost for words — there at last!
It all behind us, every sad, painful, regretful, cruel thing in the past.
That dying to self worth it, that shunning of tempting but ensnaring traps too,
We having sought our Saviour’s arms, escaped the devil’s claws, stayed clean and true.

And yes, there we are, surrounded by beauty and majesty, and, my dear friend,
Staring at everlasting peace, joy and happiness — oh, what a joyous end!
That jubilant roar forever echoing in our ears, not going away,
The buzz eternal, and all why I can hardly wait for that glorious day.

By Lance Landall

“In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump [second coming]; for the trumpet will sound,
and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed. For this corruptible must put on
incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality” (1 Cor 15:52,53, KJV)
Also note 1 Thessalonians 4:16,17.

With enough problems on Earth, why would a loving, fault free, vice free, pure, Holy, just Saviour God not want people in His heavenly kingdom who’re part of the problem here on Earth via the likes of (and not in any order) selfishness, abuse, hypocrisy, dishonesty, greed, violence, cruelty, envy, corruption, immorality, evil and so on?

Well, and for example, because such people show:
That they are a bad influence on others and thus detrimental to any society.
That they would thereby spoil again the new environment and bring about a repeat of things.
That they would hardly feel at home there, and nor would they make the others feel comfortable.
That they don’t really appreciate the value of the beauty, order and goodness that God desires in us all, nor the wonderful, wholesome things that He wants to share with us.
That they are but inflictors of hurt, pain and harm.
That they have unfortunate character traits, destructive tendencies, and hampering issues.
That they’re not in sync with higher principles, standards and morality, nor have noble purposes.
That their path is in the opposite direction and thus they regressing rather than advancing.
That they are listening to a negative voice rather than a positive voice, and thus are supporting a negative force rather than a positive force.
That they are hardly deserving given their deliberate and continued perpetuation of ill.
That they don’t have a teachable or responsive spirit.

So what’s the antidote and passport here?
Well, such people (indeed all) need to recognise their sad, fallen, hopeless and lost state, and thus repent, turn from, and keep from, such thinking and behaviour (with God’s help, of course). God's mercy-cum-grace only covering the sincere, repentant, willing and committed person — perfection not expected.
Further to this can be seen below in certain poems and comments as you go.

“ ‘Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven,
but he who does the will of My Father in heaven’ ” (Matt 7:21, NKJV).

Segment Three.

Ukraine and protest.

Added to on 1 July 2022.

The following has been penned given the momentousness and barbarousness of the war
in Ukraine and its global significance in contemporary history.
Ukraine is a localized picture of the universal battle between good and evil,
right and wrong, truth and falsehood;
And protest has its time and place, though the means we use should be as
pure as the ends we seek.

This poem was penned on 1 March 2022.

1.  Murder In Ukraine; A Written Protest

Just ordinary people doing ordinary things ’till the tanks rolled in,
An army prepared to wickedly take the lives of men, women and children.
And no justification for such, it but the decree of a satanic man,
Another errant leader, ’cause it’s hardly citizens who same evil plan.

Yes, just ordinary people living ordinary lives — love, work and play,
Getting married, setting up homes, having children — ’till such a horrific day.
Then their partner dead, their home destroyed, their kids injured, or whatever the scene,
It indescribably cruel, worthy of divine wrath — coming judgment, I mean.

And further to: Loved animals left behind, and much wild life suffering too,
The land polluted with war contaminants, the dead and wounded not a few.
Love and wisdom knowing nothing of such, it but a nightmare, one all too real,
That peace and quiet and joy and happiness all to regularly is seen to steal.

Yes, off to wage war the Putins go, home protesters copping the same cruelty,
Freedom and rights but a dream, it all about ego, power and weaponry.
The ill of it crying out for justice, the hell of it reeking of madness,
This world never the better for it, but racked with continual sadness.

Yes, more buildings, infrastructure, industry and livelihoods ruined and lost,
More of Earth’s precious resources wasted, required — yes, there’s always a cost,
One that’s too great and unnecessary, a crime and sin that’s monumental,
And yet, that humanity shaming craziness and ill continuing still.

The Putins happy to despatch others to do their merciless bidding, hence
Those Russian soldiers, and who reluctantly so? They not acting in defence.
And many returning home in body bags to a country now hurting too,
But for a different reason, thus those citizens suffering, like all do.

The Hitlers, Gadaffis, Saddam Husseins, Putins and the likes doomed in the end,
Those wielding the sword dying by the sword — unworthy of Heaven, I contend.
Their atrocities countless, their hearts as cold as stone, their minds as dark as night,
The rightful territory of others, at any cost, always in their sight.

Putin’s no bully, but a killer who uses others to do his killing,
Hence those cluster bombs — his targeting of those innocent citizens chilling.
But that’s how such men operate, women and children simply nothing to them,
Hence why they continue that slaughter when the evil of it others condemn

(Like that wicked poisoning of opposition leaders choking on their phlegm).

Putin has his excuses, and Ukraine’s not squeaky clean, nor some condemners
(Remember that illegal attack on Iraq, 2003?),
But unprovoked wanton destruction and murder is where any leader errs.
Ukrainians just wanting to get on with their lives, like the rest of us, who
Have no taste for warring and violence;
such just the desire of a few,

Who, of all the heinous things, bomb hospitals, and those fleeing citizens too.

Oh yes, it’s murder in Ukraine, alright, and hence this written protest, whereby
The righteous anger felt, might be heard with every other sound protestor’s cry.

Only the devil in a man decreeing such destruction, and why I write,
That everyone might see the darkness of it all, and choose the path that’s right.

By Lance Landall

"Whether one believes in God and Satan or not, it's clear that protecting
lives is godly and that taking lives is satanic."

The poet, author

This poem was penned on 3 April 2022.

2.  Dear Slava

Yes, I’ve seen those bodies lying in the street, one man still astride his bike, and
They innocent citizens — oh, that evil cruelty that’s both random and planned.
So sorry to hear about those women and girls raped, then murdered, wickedly
(Those men and boys too), their village homes looted, and you nearby, worryingly.

Twenty kilometres away, you said, you still in Kyiv, April the third,
And your wife awfully worried, you both in shock, and what more must you have heard,
Or seen — yes, it’s unbelievable, no law or person respected in war,
Hence those bombed hospitals and family homes, it just rottenness to the core.

I pray for your safety, Slava, and write on your behalf that others may know;
It only poetry, some might say, but my thought for you both, I want to show.
New Zealand’s a long way from Ukraine, but we’ve connected via email, haven’t we,
Our hearts pumping with the same hatred of war, and same love for humanity.

Yes, you’re another brother of mine, and your wife another sister of mine,
Thus I weeping and worrying for you both, and hoping that you will be fine.
Departing soldiers leaving mines behind, I hear, it reeking of revenge to me,
So please take care, Slava, everyone having the right to be safe and free.

And this all why all should feel the pain of your suffering in their very soul,
And the sanctity of life loudly demand and continuously extol.
Your lives just as precious as everyone else’s life, but that’s war for you,
And hence those guided missiles and misguided men, and the hell you’re going through.

“It’s the twenty first century!” you exclaimed, as if that should make a difference,
And it should, but no, most hearts and minds still the same, the crime rate one reference.
The world corrupt, to be frank, eyes looking downward rather than upward, you see,
Hence that ill that still goes on, Slava, and that Ukrainian crime scene, sadly.

Yes, I’m not surprised that you’ve been having sleepless nights, and feel very angry,
Unable to comprehend the wickedness of it all, criminality.
But I love the Ukrainian spirit, and that’s what will get you through it all,
And meantime, some fighters, some caretakers, none of you prepared to bow or crawl.

Your sincerely.

By Lance Landall

He who takes a life depreciates his own."
The poet, author

This poem was penned on 16 March 2022.

3.  That Indomitable Human Spirit

Midst the battlefields of this world, and that bloodstained soil, there are touching stories,
Stories of bravery, kindness and love, and some that nobody hears or sees.
Yes, selfless acts that raise no flag, and some remaining with the dead, sad to say,
But nevertheless having moistened Heavenly eyes that know there’ll come a day.

Yes, even in the midst of battlefields and bloodstained soil, great hearts do great things,
Acts that defy the odds, and that midst the ill, mimic that brave we bird that sings.
Yes, that indomitable human spirit, and forever may it remain,
And why there’s a worldwide chorus shouting, “We’re with you!" So hang in there, Ukraine.

By Lance Landall

This poem is also on Youtube:


This poem was penned on 6 April 2022.

4.  Those Butchers Who Came To Bucha

If a soldier’s lacking strong principles and high moral standards, then chances are
That come war, he’ll do what’ll shame his country and his service in the forces mar.
And this we’ve seen time and again, be it Russians, Americans or other, who
Loot, rape, beat and kill innocent citizens, and such errant soldiers not a few.

Oh yes, despite the rhetoric, anything and everything happens in war,
Hatred of the other side often behind it, and war much like an open door.
After all, they’re killing them, aren’t they, so what does it matter what happens before,
Or so I guess they might reason, and some but butchers, though hearts are hardened by war.

Though revenge is understandable given what took place in Bucha and elsewhere,
When it comes to shooting a surrendering Russian, Ukrainians shouldn’t dare.
’Cause that would make them criminals too, unworthy soldiers, a different butcher,
And thus evidence of another type of war criminal afflicting Bucha.

Yes, not every soldier’s a good person, just like every citizen’s not,
And hence why many atrocities occur, and why some rape, torture and garrotte.
And hence those butchers who came to Bucha, they the violist of offenders, who
Not only shame their family too, but every court of justice should pursue.

Men’s hands tied, mothers raped in front of their kids, whole families brutalized, and
Then shot, left to rot, be they in a street or basement, which evil cruelly planned.
Such hardly the work of soldiers but devils in human form, cowards, villains,
Yes, butchers who came to Bucha, and other places, who soon will pay for their sins.

It’s better soldiers face prison or firing squad than obey evil orders and
Become war criminals too via fear, cowardice or folly, and thus guilty stand.
However, and as mentioned, some soldiers are as corrupt as some citizens, who
Have little respect for human life too, and therefore, rape, torture and murder too.

By Lance Landall

“What’s been kept from Russian citizens, or been described as misinformation, fake news or a set up,
is why the media should always be free of political interference, why freedom of expression should be
sacrosanct, and why democracy should be guarded jealously.”
The poet, author

This poem was penned 12 April 2022.

5.  Russia, You've Been Caught Out

You've spoken of an American empire, and a Western ganging up, but hey,
How does that justify war crimes, those commands to murder that your soldiers obey?
You've spoken of broken promises, double standards, but what’s that got to do
With levelling homes, hospitals, towns, wanton destruction, and hiding evidence too?

Yes, there has been a lot of lying, you having given yourself away, and thus
We not only well aware of your deceitfulness, but seeing through all your fuss.
You can’t take some moral high ground, and at the same time, indulge in shocking evil,
And were any sympathy due, out the window it would go, because of such ill.

Yes, you’ve been caught out, Russia, and more proof being the Butcher of Syria,
You having regrouped for more of the same, but this time, way more nastily, huh.
Your choice of commander very revealing here, so you can say what you like,
But you’ve given yourself away, ’cause all’s as plain as day, reminds of the Third Reich.

By Lance Landall

Correction made on 20 April 2022.

"The barbarous custom of having men beaten who are suspected of having important secrets to
reveal must be abolished. It has always been recognized that this way of interrogating men,
by putting them to torture, produces nothing worthwhile."
Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821)

"The use of torture is dishonourable. It corrupts and degrades the state which uses it and
the legal system which accepts it."
Leonard Hoffmann

6.  On Behalf Of Such Children

Dear young child, fearful and crying, how on Earth can we explain it all to you,
That hellish bombing, that underground shelter where hundreds of others are too.
Your city now looking like something out of a horror movie, a real one,
Your mother and siblings just as distressed — yes, it’s not only your tears that run.

Oh dear, I’m so sorry, little one, it’s hard for us to understand it too,
Older eyes not making it that much easier, it this world we’re born into.
All why some question having kids, ’cause there’re some things that kids should never see,
Let alone be forced to experience, courtesy of plain insanity.

And I’d hate for you to spend the rest of your life hateful, the scars running deep,
Those shocking memories forever etched on your mind, and disturbing your sleep.
You also wondering what happened to that faithful hound that once licked your face;
Was he killed? Did he slowly starve to death? No one being at home in your old place.

That’s if your home was still standing, he longing for that same love, comfort and food,
Food that’s barely coming your way as well, tummy pains beginning to intrude.
Oh, that horrid boredom, painful waiting, and those frightening noises outside,
You wondering if you’ll see tomorrow, or where else you’ll be forced to hide.

Yes, I don’t know where to start, precious one, explanations barely making sense,
And as for what insanity looks like — well, outside you’ve seen the evidence.
Smoke coming from schools, shops, burning vehicles, and there are those bloodied bodies,
And one your dad, possibly, your life now marred by horrid images like these.

No, this world’s not child-friendly now, but needing an AO classification,
It having become a joint bizarre and jarring Kubrick, Spielberg creation.
No, such not for your eyes, you shouldn't even know about such things, but sadly,
Destroyers and murderers have come your way, and your dad’s been fighting bravely.

Those cuddles having to do for now, your mother in need of them too, and so
Bravery required underground, despair and hopelessness another foe.
Thus our thoughts and prayers are with you, dear one, and with all who’re suffering like you,
Such evil belonging to other hearts, not ours, and may yours be like ours too.

By Lance Landall

“What we’ve seen in Ukraine is humanity’s loss and evil’s gain, and all why peace on
Earth and goodwill to all men should be planted in each heart and brain.”

The poet, author

This poem was penned on 21 March 2022.

7.  Putin

I’ve seen the bodies, Vladimir, and the apocalyptic type destruction,
And I shake my head at your laughable demilitarizing construction.
Yes, bombed houses, hospitals, schools, shelters and so much more exposing the lie,
Your bloodlust having levelled cities, and why “Murderer!” “Coward!” many cry.

You’ve not just got blood on your hands, but it’s up to your neck, guilt etched ’cross your head,
But others doing such killing for you, when they shouldn’t, and thus their hands red.
There absolutely no excuse for such wanton murder and destruction, but
Where there’s no love and wisdom, one’s heart is black, one’s ears deaf, and one’s eyes plain shut.

Oh, the anger and hatred you’ve fuelled, your legacy now Hitler like, and thus
You're one of history’s most hated now, healthy blood overtaken by pus.
Hence those men, women and children who’ve been harmed or killed via your toxic decree,
Those bombs and missiles that you’re so proud of, and that shout, “Too bad, humanity!”

And as for those mobile incinerators, the very thought! Such boggling me.

Yes, it’s those like you who spoil and ruin this world, their thinking so badly askew,
They driven by issues, power or rancid ideologies — nothing new.
They coming and going, but the sun still shining, though much hotter, thanks to you,
Climate change aided by burning pipelines and ruptured tanks that fouling smoke spew.

No, no tears in your eyes, hence that crackdown on your own people, those News blackouts,
Which a dictator reveals, and which oppression and not democracy shouts.
Oh, how we’ve seen it all before, but a throne and luxury not enough, hence your grab,
But some close to you feeling the heat of it all, so I’d watch that coming stab.

I don’t know how you can sleep at night; and put on trial for war crimes, you should be,
Those atrocities you’ve overseen demanding justice, which I pray we’ll see.
Such monstrous evil should haunt you, but your conscience has been seared, it dull and dead,
’Cause rather than the milk of human kindness, you’ve been bizarrely bottle-fed.

And why you've effectively said, “I don’t care world. I’ll slaughter still, and bomb their food,”
Which sums it all up, Vladimir — and that you’re evil, one can only conclude.
’Cause noble hearts and minds don’t think or act like that, nor carry out such orders,
But you know nothing of ethical boundaries, nor other people’s borders.

The very fact that you’ve threatened to use nuclear weaponry, crazily,
And knowing that there would be a nuclear response, and understandably,
Should awaken every Russian to how little you’re concerned about them,
And this why they should rise in opposition, and your deludedness condemn.

By Lance Landall

"The most shocking fact about war is that its victims and its instruments are individual human beings,
and that these individual beings are condemned by the monstrous conventions of politics to murder
or be murdered in quarrels not their own."

Aldous Huxley (1894-1963) — The Olive Tree

This poem was penned on 1 July 2022.

8.  Still

Someone said that Vladimir Putin sincerely believes in what he’s doing. Well,
That won’t help him, I believe, come Divine judgment, because Putin’s guilty still.
We all knowing instinctively that it’s wrong to persecute, injure or kill,
Given such doesn’t leave us with heavenly feelings, a sense that all is well.

Yes, there’s that something inside us that doesn’t sit well, which many try to quell
Via some deluded justification, when their evil is plain evil still.
Such cruelty never comes with Heaven’s blessing, but the hatred of a devil,
Whose face is seen in all Putin-like atrocities, demanding justice still.

To feel no remorse or pain for such evil inflicted, shows a heart of stone,
Some kids getting but a few years of life, thanks to a deliberate missile cone.
So tell me, how can one sincerely have no qualms over that? So swing they will,
No one that blind, but only that deluded, all why justice is required still.

By Lance Landall

Contains Christian content or degree.

9.  Further Thoughts Regarding Putin

As bad or evil as the Putins of this world are, Christ died for them as well,
Forgiveness coming where they’re truly repentant, deeply sorry for their ill.
Yes, they just as assured of eternal life, courtesy of amazing grace,
But meantime, the earthly consequences of their ill or evil, they must face.

It’s easy to pray for Putin’s deserved comeuppance, that war crimes tribunal,
But what about his salvation, that godly change? — the sick sinner made well.
We all deserving of punishment (and not reward), none of us squeaky clean,
All why it’s not about who’s better or worse, but that saving Calvary scene.

Yes, redemption — compassion and mercy restoring that likeness to Christ — and
Thereby bringing good out of bad, and thus evil lessened throughout any land.
No “Rot in Hell!” shout, but rather, “Forgive them Father, they know not what they do,”
Many blind due to this or that, hence that need of light, He who’s faithful and true.

Oh, how God’s able to soften hearts of stone, rescuing those one wouldn’t think so,
The power of the Spirit doing the impossible, as so many know.
They once Putins by degree, ’till Christ came into their heart, and all why we pray,
And given Christ died for sinners, not saints, and thus forgiveness also our way.

And forgiveness not optional, but a command — otherwise, we’ll be lost too,
One needing to have that heart and mind of Christ, the old way exchanged for the new.
Love looking beyond the present, that pain and suffering, those wounds inflicted,
’Cause such is the only way, only answer, hatred and revenge rejected.

By Lance Landall

“ ‘Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God; for it is written,
"Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord’ ” (Rom 12:19, RSV).

“But if you do not forgive others, then your Father will not forgive your transgressions" (Matt 6:15, NASB).

This poem which contains Christian content or degree was penned 16 April 2022.

10.  God's Not With You, Russia

No, God’s not with you, Russia, ’cause even if you had legitimate concerns,
You’ve committed the unthinkable, great evil, and why now, certain hatred burns.
And thus any successes hardly vindication, but more to do with might,
Though misfortune having bedevilled you, and others having joined in the fight,

Along with incompetence and confusion of which we’ve never seen the like.

Yes, terrible losses of both soldiers and weaponry, so unexpected,
You effectively getting what you deserved, thinking you’d be hailed, respected.
You badly mistaken, Putin, soldiers deserting, going AWOL, changing sides,
Sabotaging their own equipment — and back to Russia, even hitching rides.

But God’s not in any war, even ones with a Christian flag, such delusion,
A sell out, misguided men and a devil simply working in collusion.
And thus those Ukrainian successes due to cleverness and support, and
That lionhearted spirit, ’cause right’s on their side, you having attacked their land.

As a young boy I oft watched TV programmes where good triumphed over evil,
I thrilled when the good guys won — and where they do today, I have that feeling still.
But where’s the joy in anyone killed, be they a Ukrainian or Russian,
Thus such successes on either side being cause for sorrow too, lest we grin.

And all why I say, God’s not in any war, He a Saviour, not a killer,
But if on any side, it would be the right side, so go on, Putin, tell her,
Yes, that Russian mum whose son you sent to his death, and all those other men too,
Husbands and fathers, and there so many of them — oh, the guilt that falls on you!

And on any other leader too, who, wrongly decrees such a war, and thus
Kindles the wrath of a God who came to save all, and whom Christians call Jesus.
He riled as a hornet, but His anger's controlled, and biding its time, and then
He dealing with those who He knows raped, tortured and murdered — wicked, evil men.

Though a God of abounding love, He’s also a God of justice who well knows
Who did what and when and where, ’cause Heaven’s intelligence the brightest mind blows.
And thus those beastlike soldiers having to face the music, and face it they will,
God grossly weak and irresponsible if He didn’t respond to such ill.

And so, God’s not with you, Russia, and you having brought on yourself but a curse,
Citizens dead in the street, or secretly buried, thus no goodbye, nor hearse.
Oh, all the horrors that those raped, tortured and murdered could speak of, but God knows,
And soon He’ll be here, and with a slam, the door to such evil closets will close.

Yes, Ukraine’s needed help, and help there should be, and provision on Earth for such,
Hence those other countries trying to help, evil oft seeking to wrongly clutch.
But God not in any war, it all man’s doing, thus success and loss there’ll be,
Until that great day when Christ returns, and love and goodness gain the victory.

Though meantime, He paining and weeping, wanting us to do what we can, which means
Speaking out, showing love, thought and care via word or deed wherever there’s such scenes.
Others thus catching a glimpse of that very same love that He wants shared, and so
We standing on the side of right at all costs, and that Paradise we might know.

It’s true that we often see God’s hand at work, but we shouldn’t be mistaken,
Such not necessarily sanctioning or endorsing something, some loss or win,
'Cause God’s hand is connected to the bigger picture, appearing here and there,
Though not quite as we might think at times, and He having His own creative flair.

Anyway, Russia,

I think your best and biggest war ship that was sunk may reveal your destiny,
Given how God’s not in the picture, but a devil displaying no mercy.
Hence those hundreds of people trapped in Mariupol, and genocide comes to mind,
So why would God be with you, Russia, and where’s the repentant that He might find?

By Lance Landall

This poem was tweaked on 17 April 2022.

“...do violence to no man…” (Luke 3:14, KJV).

“...and His [Christ’s] soul [nature] hates the lover of violence” (Ps 11:5).

Too many Christians use the Old Testament in their justifying of some war. They need to
remember that ancient Israel was a theocracy that God once directed personally, and He thus
working in the context of certain considerations concerning them, the time, and circumstances.
Christ ushered in a whole new order of things, and one also needs to remember that Christians
are living midst a mixed multitude. They're not a nation.
For more on this, see my article God, War And Violence which is on my page The Evil Of Violence,
Home page, purple box.

This poem which contains Christian content or degree was penned 19 April 2022.
This poem ties in with the one below it.

11.  Convenience And Folly

The truth 'bout the Gospel of Jesus Christ is that one can’t go to a priest and
Ask forgiveness for sins and be forgiven, ’cause those who do, still guilty stand.
Why? ’Cause only God can forgive them, and extremely repentant they must be,
’Cause how convenient priests would become, and I guess that’s why more ill we see.

And so, Putin having to kneel before God, not some priest who’s a sinner too,
And who doesn't know the heart,

All why only God can forgive, He who does know the heart, wrong some still pursue,
Or hidden thing still in their heart.

Nor priests able to bless a war, war crimes that show great wickedness and evil,
Yes, premeditated madness, and thus earthly forgiveness heresy, ill.

Did Hitler think he had the blessing of the Church too, and would get off scot-free?
’Cause if he did, he’ll have a rude awakening too, when Christ’s return we see.
Hitler hardly repentant, and as for Putin — well, things don’t look good to me,
He just as obsessed, and clearly knows nothing of that love shown on Calvary.

Has the leader of the Russian Orthodox Church (who’s Putin’s long time ally)
Not heard, “Love your enemies?” So as for his blessing of the war, I ask, “Why?”
And didn’t Christ also say, “Suffer the little children to come unto Me,”
Or is stealing and killing kids okay now, or still evil hypocrisy?

Yes, it seems that some priests in that Russian Church are for the war, and some not so,
And thus one blessing it and another condemning it
— oh, what a sideshow.
No, God’s hardly in any war, and nor does His grace cover convenience
(I’ll do it then see a priest, or beforehand), but some people hard to convince.

By Lance Landall

This poem was altered and added to on 20 April 2022.

“Rebutting a belief widely shared by Protestants and a growing number of Roman Catholics,
Pope John Paul II dismissed Tuesday the “widespread idea that one can obtain forgiveness
directly from God,” and exhorted Catholics to confess more often to their priests.”
December 12, 1984, The Los Angeles Times

"For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus" (1 Tim 2:5, KJV).

"Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given
to mankind by which we must be saved" (Acts 4:12, NIV).

"Let us [you and I) therefore come boldly [confidently] to the throne of grace [our gracious God], that we
may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need" (Heb 4:16, NKJV).

This poem which contains Christian content or degree was penned
25 April 2022 and added to on 29 April 2022.
This poem ties in with the one above it.

12.  Utter Blasphemy!

How you grossly sinned against God, Vladimir Putin — it utter blasphemy!
You there in church come Easter, yet responsible for every atrocity.
How dare you hide behind Christendom, the convenience of confession, then
Off again to sanction more rape, torture and murder, that hell of evil men.

Yes, Hitler thought he was doing God’s will too, he just as deluded as you,
Christ having said, “Love your enemies,” “Thou shalt not murder” — yes, you well askew.
Oh, all that wanton destruction, those war crimes, and genocide’s also been said,
And thus your mind just as dark as Hitler’s was, and your heart as diseased and dead.

So you wasted your time in church that day, evil in your heart as you stood there,
Tomorrow just another day at the devil’s office, and same wicked flair.
Yes, you feverish with hate, anger and revenge, reaching for more weaponry,
Shaming the One who died on a cross at Calvary — it utter blasphemy!

Russians who don’t agree with your war are but traitors and scum, you said, and yet
Christ not seeing anyone as scum, words that one day soon you may well regret.
And yet, there you were in church, and that priest who blessed your war, not that he’s able,
It all a mockery, because in Ukraine, we don’t see Heaven but a hell,

And no ceasefire over Easter, nor safe passage, it nothing but bomb and kill.

Thus any Church or religion that would sanction such an evil, wicked war,
Or piously condemn it whilst supporting it, say, is rotting at the core.
Oh, so much done in God’s name knowing nothing of Him, it naught but heresy,
Thus both you, Putin, and that priest of yours, indulging in utter blasphemy!

Those who say, “I love God,” and hate their brothers or sisters, are liars, John said,
Thus you one of them, Putin, given those mass graves holding the innocent dead,
And those missiles of yours that target residential buildings, yet you in church
(Disgustingly), and why in Heaven you’ll hardly be found, despite any search,

Nor your callous little helpers.

You knew the United Nations Secretary-General had left Moscow
For Kyiv, yet five missiles were despatched when he was there, near, so there you go,
’Cause what does that say, and that dragging of your feet come those trapped in that steel plant
(And whom Christ died for)? All why when it comes to you, as things stand, grace He won’t grant,

And once again, it was homes that those missiles hit, a cowards call, really low.

By Lance Landall

“There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death” (Prov 14:12, NIV).

"There are six things the Lord hates — no, seven things he detests: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands
that kill the innocent, a heart that plots evil, feet that race to do wrong, a false witness who pours out
lies, a person who sows discord in a family" (Prov 6:16-19, NLT).

“I believe today that I am acting in the sense of the Almighty Creator. By warding off the
Jews I am fighting for the Lord’s work.”
Adolph Hitler, Speech, Reichstag, 1936.

"Persecution is disobeying the most solemn injunction of Christianity under the sham plea of upholding it."
Paul Chatfield

By the way, why exposing errors in any denomination or religion is neccesary, and not bigotry:

Because that information made public can help prevent others from embracing that same error.
Because that information made public can help those who’ve already embraced that error to see why it is in fact error.
Because that information should naturally be made available in order for people to not only make up their own minds but truly have freedom of choice.
Because people often come up with opposite arguments from the very same source as us — the Bible, say — thus one not only having to find and present the correct position, the truth, but show and prove the error in any counter argument (which some people wrongly call knocking when it's really informing and aiding).
Because certain beliefs that some people are holding to are unhealthy, or very destructive — ISIS being one example. And such passing from generation to generation.
Because much that's been said and done in the name of God hasn't been of God at all.

Contains Christian content or degree.

13.  Our Fitness For Heaven

Our fitness for Heaven is largely determined by how we treat others, and
Why treating others badly will keep us out of Heaven, ’cause guilty we’ll stand.
Unkindness to others, in any form, needing to have stopped, once and for all,
’Cause such is plain un-Christ-like behaviour, the outcome of humanity’s Fall.

Yes, Christ is BIG on how we treat others, and thus greatly upset by cruelty,
That which hurts or harms, that which deceives or misleads — all why there’s a judgment, see.
Thus true repentance is required, an immediate turning from such wrong,
Grace not covering continuation, which, in the Christian’s life, doesn’t belong.

Though truth is important, and a growing relationship with God a must, we
Cannot be right with Him whilst mistreating others, ’cause that’s plain hypocrisy.
He’s wanting us to have the same love for others that He has, they His children,
All why dare we hurt or harm them, such being a grace buster, and grievous sin.

Yes, only God’s grace can save us, but loving others isn’t works, it’s a command,
Though springing forth willingly from converted hearts, God not needing to demand.
We loving because we want to, not have to, the latter as fake as can be,
One either a genuine Christian or not, and lost or saved eternally.

No, we can’t have it both ways, we having changed or not, truthful or dishonest,
The saved not living a lie, holding court with Christ whilst using weapon or fist.
God seeing it all, noting it all, and why there will come a day, so please mind,
’Cause many who attend church will hear, “Depart from Me,” and a closing gate find.

By Lance Landall

“The children of God and the children of the devil are revealed in this way: all who do not do what is right
are not from God, nor are those who do not love their brothers and sisters” (1 John 3:10).

"God's not the fool that many desire, but the eyes and ears of required and ultimate justice.”

The poet, author

This poem which contains Christian content or degree was penned on 7 May 2022.

14.  With That Steel Plant In Mind

It’s good to take lessons from life, or to see similar parallels, and then
We using them to our benefit somehow, thus not shallow women and men.
Our life having point and purpose, nothing wasted nor overlooked, but in sync,
Too many strolling without due thought and care, and nearby, a precipice, some brink.

I was thinking of all those people trapped in that steel plant in Mariupol,
And under attack, unable to escape, pinned down like rabbits in a hole.
Oh, the cruelty, the wickedness, their enemy merciless, out for the kill,
Driven by hate or propaganda, and on the highway to what some call Hell.

And it reminded me of us, just as trapped on Earth, but by sin, pinned down too,
And also under attack, hate and propaganda hardly anything new.
And we needing to be rescued, though in our case, there is a Saviour on hand,
A God of love and truth, not hate and lies, but of course, one has to make a stand.

Yes, the war in Ukraine is a localized picture of a bigger battle,
God on one hand, Satan on the other, who false promises loves to prattle.
The truth being that he wants to gain control of us, take us down with him, and
There’s no love in that! All why the right or wrong of things, we need to understand.

Well, love goes without saying, but truth’s just as needed too, hence that courtroom scene,
Courtesy of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, and where certain things one may glean.
The truth needing to come out, the lies needing to be found out, a lot at stake,
So too in that Ukrainian war, and on Earth as well, and time it can take.

Is Russia right? Is Ukraine right? Is Johnny Depp right, or is Amber Heard right?
Oh yes, truth’s important alright, our minds as bright as day or as dark as night,
Our hearts well or unwell, and we deserving to be rescued or not, and thus
(In our case), on the side of a hateful devil or loving God called Jesus.

And He having to weigh up the truth about us, we Putins or Ghandis, say,
Attacking souls or rescuing souls, choosing love or hate, the right or wrong way.
Yes, there much at stake, eternal life or eternal death, so what will it be,
We holed up in our own steel plant, seemingly doomed or about to be set free.

By Lance Landall

As far as Johnny Depp and Amber Heard go, the one who's lying will have to face the heavenly court,
unless they repent, own up, and take the earthly rap.

This poem which contains Christian content or degree was penned on 14 May 2022.

15.  A Very Real Parallel

I was thinking about how Sweden and Finland talked about joining NATO,
And how that made Putin angry — ’cause such unity’s a threat to him — and so
He warning of dire consequences, and indulging in propaganda too,
Along with preventing Russians from hearing the truth, like all dictators do.

And I thought of Satan, and how when people talk of becoming a Christian,
He feels threatened, and gets angry too, ’cause such makes it harder for him to win.
Yes, more Christians is what he doesn’t want, hence his propaganda, and why he
Just like Putin, tries to stop people hearing the truth, and talks scaringly.

Hence all that talk of Hell fire, and how God’s exacting and so on, it all lies,
’Cause it’s not God who’s a monster, but Satan, who one’s failings amplifies.
And hence those war crimes that he commits too, that devastation he leaves behind,
The human cost inestimable, he going all out for each heart and mind.

Yes, this is a war too, one between good and evil, and over you and I,
Satan the attacker, we defending with the power God’s seen to supply.
But only if we have joined the heavenly NATO, which will win in the end,
Christ descending to Earth with a loud shout, and He no enemy but a friend,

Meantime, Satan throwing everything at us (though pointing at God, wrongly),
Not an ounce of goodness or mercy in his heart, hence all those victims we see.
Yes, they strewn all over the place having not joined that heavenly NATO, or
Having walked away from it, and now so exposed, ’cause we’re truly in a war.

Satan may well wound, even kill, but there’s life beyond the grave, and pain will end,
All courtesy of amazing grace, that coming rescue (Christ soon to descend).
We kind of in a steel plant too, but like brave soldiers, we not surrendering,
But faithful to the end; and come God’s war tribunal (judgment), Satan will swing.

Oh yes, you’d better believe it, Satan’s just as angry as Putin, and so
He threatening and scaring us, and using deluded humans too, you know.
And some doing so in God’s name, but Christ not a priest who blesses such, oh no,
’Cause He’s a hater of violence, thus noting all that’s going on below.

No, He’s not shooting reporters, raping and torturing, bombing homes and schools,
But rather, leaving behind a healing balm, hope filled promises, not bloody pools.
He not seeking to take but to give, thus one better off, not worse off, and so
I wouldn’t listen to Satan’s lies, but quickly join that heavenly NATO.

Yes, He’s waiting for your call, you pondering such, perhaps, He sending supplies,
But say “Yes!” and you’ll have the direct intervention you want, willing allies.
Yes, angels, the Holy Spirit, God himself, Heaven’s might, and other Christians,
’Cause in this war, it’s not the attacker but the defender (Jesus) who wins.

Yes, Putin’s folly has forced Sweden and Finland to talk of joining NATO,
And now you, dear friend, needing to consider joining that heavenly NATO.
Sure the battle will be fierce, and you’ll have to carry your cross, and daily,
But success here is everything, ’cause we’re talking about eternity.

The best things in life are worth the effort, and so it is with that life to come,
The loss of Paradise (eternal bliss) sure to leave one feeling more than numb.
Oh yes, it’s worth the meantime cost, whatever Satan throws at us, which he will,
But only for a while, eternal summer replacing that short winter chill.

Every battle has its end, and this one isn’t over yet, sad to say,
But end it will, Christ the victorious one, and why by His side we should stay.
And all why He’s been busy rebuilding already — yes, those mansions above,
Where nothing will destroy again, and where on a pure throne, will always sit Love.

By Lance Landall

"For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities
of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the
heavenly places" (Ephesians 6:12, NLT). 

16.  Until The Return Of Sanity

War is either madness or a response to that madness, but in either case
Still evil by its very nature, because killing and destruction takes place.
Earth’s our habitat, our home, regardless of which country we live in, and so,
Any harm anywhere hurts us all, and why further ill winds are seen to blow.

Yes, toxic climate-changing smoke bellowing from whatever’s hit, and more so
Oil storage tanks, or pipelines carrying oil, and then there’s that seeping below,
Coming from sunken ships, perhaps with nuclear warheads, hence that coming day
When it will all have gone too far (if not already), and it more a will than may.

So what are we doing, feeling we have to, given that hell in Ukraine, say,
But responding with more pollutants, more toxins, skies turning a darker grey.
Yes, we adding to the ill afflicting our habitat, and so it all goes,
All why the madness of war — though there’s other craziness — worryingly shows.

And who benefits from the sale of such weaponry? — well, temporarily,
Given that Earth’s wounds are looking like they’re turning fatal; bye humanity.
After all, the damage seems never ending, and the clean up polluting too,
Because where do we dump all the after-it-all damage of war, but here too.

All why Earth’s getting sicker, the sea, land and sky deceased now, and how we die,
Some succumbing, even all, ultimately, if our planet we crucify.
We but destroying the very thing that we need to survive, and crazily
Destroying ourselves via the likes of war, as if we’ve a split personality.

Yes, it doesn’t make sense, and will never make sense, it madness in battledress,
Either side using the devil’s inventions in order to achieve success.
Yes, be they the attacker, the defender, or the helper, they’re all guilty,
Smeared with the blood of each other, it quite a mess, ’til the return of sanity.

But how do we stop it all come those Putins, and that evil behind the scene?
And that’s the problem, isn’t it, it all a heart and mind thing, always has been.
And it isn’t going to change until we become that change that changes, and
Show that love and respect for each other that should be found in every land.

By Lance Landall

"The nations raged, but Thy wrath came, and the time for the dead to be judged, for rewarding Thy
servants, the prophets and saints, and those who fear Thy name, both small and great,
and for destroying the destroyers of the earth" (Rev 11:18, RSV).

"War will exist until that distant day when the conscientious objector enjoys the same
reputation and prestige that the warrior does today."

American president, John F. Kennedy (1917-1963)

Wars will stop when men refuse to fight.
Albert Einstein

17.  Now That's Concerning

I can understand sanctions being placed on Putin and those oligarchs, but
Conductors, sopranos? Now that’s concerning — going too far, summing it up.
They probably too scared to condemn Putin and his cruel attack on Ukraine
Given they’ve family back in Russia, might cop things themselves, thus little gain.

It all seeming a bit like cancel culture, all entitled to their own view,
But not here, it seems, and therefore, the punishing of Putin going askew.
The arm of the punisher stretching too far, ’cause it’s not the man in the street,
But Putin and his cohorts, so why should innocent mums and dads feel such heat?

Including those in Russia who’ve protested over the war, yet here they are
On the receiving end of those sanctions too, and why it’s all going too far,
’Cause the innocent shouldn’t be punished too, and personal views personal views,
But not according to those overreaching sanctions that poorly pick and choose.

By Lance Landall

Seems to me that it's more the silovarchs that they should be going after.

18.  Because Of My Love For People

Why am I so upset about what’s happened in Ukraine, that cruel, evil war?
Well, it’s because of my love for people, and be they black or white, rich or poor.
Yes, everyone precious in my sight, a special, living, breathing creation,
And why it tears at my heart when I think of that appalling situation.

They bombed, hunted, trapped, shot at, deprived, frightened and chased from their homes and country,
And all because of someone’s lack of love for people — hatred, actually.
Oh, the sadness of it, the wickedness of it, the selfishness of it, and
What do we see? Unnecessary deaths, horrid injuries, a ruined land.

Yes, such is the madness of the opposite of love (sense, wisdom, thought and care),
It achieving naught, other than fuelling hatred on the other side, I fear.
Yes, more ill and evil coming from ill and evil — and understandably,
Given the pain and suffering such causes, all why acts of revenge we see.

And there goes that merry-go-round, and all why love takes neither path, and nor I,
Every life sacrosanct, in my mind, not mine to injure, nor cause to die.
Yes, a life is a life, and all life coming with a “Hands Off!” sign, I believe,
’Cause love is all about respect — and thus a lack of love, but waiting to deceive.

By Lance Landall

"Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies in the final sense, a theft from
those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children.
This is not a way of life at all in any true sense. Under the clouds of war, it is humanity hanging on a cross of iron
Dwight D. Eisenhower (1890-1969), American politician and Army general

This poem was penned on 5 March 2022,
and contains Christian content or degree.

19.  Things Will Happen Before

I was thinking about Ukraine, Lord, and how You said things will happen before,
Your coming still in the future, though signs saying that You’re almost at Earth’s door.
Meantime the lie of just targeting Ukraine’s military capabilities
Is evident in those bombed apartments and houses that (on TV) one sees.

It’s wicked, Lord, and not caused by Your absence, but the presence of a devil,
One whose ultimate plan the universe needs to see before You ring Earth’s bell.
Your entrance bringing an end to it all, the universe all the wiser then,
Aware there’s no blood on Your hands, but on the hands of a devil using men.

Oh Lord, I so wanting an end to it all now, the dead growing by the day,
A country being levelled, when such orders every soldier should disobey.
Their job being to defend their homeland, not attack someone else’s, and yet
There they are, murdering, and Belarus soldiers ready to aid and abet.

But You predicted all these things, Lord, how things would get worse on Earth, and before
That dramatic coming of Yours, which will end every wicked ruler’s roar.
Yes, they no longer able to command such carnage, and Your judgement will face,
Your kingdom replacing every other kingdom, it full of love and grace.

Yes, they won’t get away with their evil, Lord, and hence that day that’s coming soon,
Their eternal loss sealed, they no longer able to change their corrupted tune.
Your trumpet blast their shock and horror, the murdered dead crying out for justice,
All why You’ve said that You’ll repay, including silencing Satan’s deadly hiss.

So meantime, give us strength, Lord, that we might hang in there and do our needed part,
Protesting against such wickedness, feeling for those people with all our heart.
Our conscience clear, our heart pure, our hands clean, we thus a blessing and not a curse,
And putting our faith and trust in You, ’cause meantime, Lord, You said things would get worse.

Yet we at peace, Lord, knowing that whatever we suffer too, there’s that rescue,
Thus suffering temporary, though we still praying for Ukrainians, who
Like millions in the world, have been set upon, and thus so much are going through,
Like those poor creatures left behind, who once, a very different life knew too.

And those fathers and sons too, or mothers and daughters, trying to hold the fort,
And those citizens who never left, and now, are caught in that hellish onslaught.
Oh, the evil of it, Lord, and why I long for Your coming, that end to it,
But like You said, things will happen before, and in rightful judgement You will sit.

Yes, the Hitler And Putin type lineage being that of Satan and Cain,
And hence why instead of healing sunshine, they’re seen to deliver acid rain.
Their toxic natures so different to Yours, Lord, and why for Heaven I yearn,
And why in these tragic and dark times, Earth’s closing hours, it’s to You I turn.

By Lance Landall

“ ‘And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars...for nation will rise against nation. And there will be
famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places. All these are the begining of sorrows' "
 (Matt 24:6-8, NKJV).

"In the same way, when you see all these things taking place, you can know that the
Kingdom of God is near" (Matt 24:33, NLT).

"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him
should not perish but have eternal life" (John 3:16, ESV).

By the way, why isn’t God stopping all the suffering and evil?

1)  Because He gave humans control of this planet who’ve foolishly decided to do things their way, and why they must learn from their own folly — cause and effect.
2)  Because if God were to interfere, He would soon be accused of controlling, manipulating, and encroaching on that liberty and freedom that He gave us.
3)  Because the devil (who’s causing as much damage and ill as he can via humans) would accuse God of not allowing him enough time to prove any supposed case against Him.
4)  Because evil must run its meantime course so that all (including other created but unfallen worlds) may see where and what such leads to — Satan’s grand finale, attempt to bring all under his control.
5)  Because God knows that, that time isn’t right yet, but very soon, hence those signs of His approaching coming that He has given via His Word (the Christian Bible).
6)  Because it’s clear that more need more time to have their eyes opened before they'll believe and make a decision for God, thus avoiding eternal death.
7)  Because the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ that must to go to the whole world first, and every corner, has been held up and hampered by a lack of workers (committed Christians), general resistance to Christian belief, and countries that have been hard or impossible to get into (and certainly fully so).
8) Because the lesson learnt will be for all eternity and thus in proportion (the Earth only around six thousand years old, going by Biblical dating).
9) Because the considerations of the universe as a whole (
which includes other created but unfallen worlds) must be taken into account. Such kind of reminds me of how NATO has held back from direct involvement in Ukraine due to wider considerations also.
10) Because one must remember that what seems a very long time to humans is but a moment in time to a God who's eternal. And thus why to Him a thousand years must seem like a day.
11) Because people are to put their trust in a coming new tomorrow, not a better today — and how faith is tested.
12) Because the Christian Bible has an impeccable prophetic record that can’t be tarnished by even one incorrect prediction — otherwise there would be a flaw in God’s reliability.

This poem was penned on 19 March 2022,
and contains Christian content or degree.

20.  God Will Have His Say Too

If you believe in evolution, there’s no day of accountability,
And thus the Putins of this world oft getting away with their insanity.
Yes, some get their comeuppance here and now, but others getting away with it,
All why there needs to be a day of reckoning, and sentence that’s made to fit.

And here I’m talking about a resurrection day for both sinners and saints,
Where reward or punishment will be delivered; a picture the Bible paints.
And therefore, just as good oft prevails in this world, so too the God of goodness,
Who’ll bring every secret thing into judgment, thus delivering justice.

Yes, the Hitlers and Putins receiving the shock of shocks, justice prevailing,
And rightly so, the land of Ukraine a crime scene, hence that disturbing wailing.
There more than one war criminal, that “just following orders” naught but a sham,
All why on such shameful excuses the gavel of God’s justice will soon slam.

And thus for some, the War Criminal Tribunal just the beginning of things,
Because God will have His Say too, and all from which eternal life or death springs.
Repentance hardly coming from hearts of stone, and why too late many will see
That no one’s going to get away with anything, which makes so much sense to me.

And that’s the good thing about God’s judgment, it no concern to right doers, and
It acting on behalf of victims whose innocent blood’s stained many a land.
Evil having reigned for too long, when it shouldn’t have reigned at all, and therefore,
God soon ending its grand finale, and then the Putins and the likes no more.

By Lance Landall

"For God will bring every deed into judgment, including every hidden thing, whether
it is good or evil" (Eccl 12:14, NIV).

“ ‘Do not marvel at this; for the hour is coming [Christ's return] when all who are in the tombs will hear
His [Christ’s] voice and come forth, those who have done good, to the resurrection of life, and those who
have done evil, to the resurrection of Judgment [and second death]’ ”

(John 5:28,29, RSV).

“Blessed and holy is the one who shares in the first resurrection! Over such the second
death has no power...” (Rev 20:6, ESV).

Oh, by the way.
Christian content or degree.

21.  Armageddon?

With the war in Ukraine on the minds of all, and a possible third world war,
And scary Hollywood movies painting those apocalyptic scenes, what’s more,
The word Armageddon comes to mind, though such is not a literal battle,
But rather, a cosmic one, which just as strongly, everyone’s life will rattle.

It’s all about darkness and light, good and evil, a God and a devil, who
Desire our heart and mind, one truthful, and one a liar (murderer too).
Yes, an End-time showdown, one of universal significance, and thus
We embracing Satan’s error or the Word and trustworthiness of Jesus.

On one hand Satan working via men, on the other, God working upon men,
One poisoning and inciting, one enlightening and restraining, and then
Via the Spirit’s empowering, changing for the better, and thus one Christ-like,
He having gained the victory, and one thus shouting at Satan, “On yer bike!”

And therefore, both human agencies and heavenly agencies at work here,
We bowing to one or the other, that dividing into camps nearly here.
However, and meantime, such playing out in individual lives each day,
It either God or the devil, God or man, truth or error that we obey.

No, it’s not about Israel, nor somewhere in the middle East, as some think,
Though Satan will indeed try to gain control over all, and we on the brink.
But decision time being now, because tomorrow doesn’t come for many,
And thus Armageddon symbolic, truth or error reigning on Earth, shortly,

Then Christ will come.

Yes, it’s not a literal battle, but one that’s fought over our heart and mind,
A battle that is heating up, one wanting to save, and one wanting to bind.
Yes, one wanting our best, one wanting our worst, the struggle intense and deadly,
Because eternal life or eternal death is the glaring reality.

By Lance Landall

What God is trying to say:

1) That the answer lies with Him and not us.

2) That He never said that things would get better before His return, but rather, that things would get worse (Matt 24:6-8).
3) That though plans will be laid and efforts made by man, things still won’t work out in the end despite how good they may first appear (1 Thess 5:3).
4) That human plans always come with human costs.
5) That lies, falsehood, deception and a falling away from truth will be the hallmark of Earth's last days (2 Tim 4:3,4;  2 Thess 2:9,10).
6) That deception often masquerades as truth, and makes promises that it doesn't keep (Matt 24:24).
7) That Satan has a global deception planned that’s in the making (Rev 13:14; 16:13,14).
8) That Satan is even capable of transforming himself into an angel of light (2 Cor 11:14).
9) That Satan, one way or another, will always be in control of this planet and most people’s hearts and minds, until Christ returns.
10) That this planet is beyond human repair.
11) That we’re living in history’s last moments.
12) That when we die, or Christ returns, there’s no second chances.

22.  And That's The Facts!

When you go into a country as has Russia (and more truthfully, Putin),
And try to level it, targeting not just soldiers but every citizen,
Murdering in cold blood after having raped and tortured, tied hands behind backs,
You’ve become the devil himself, are as evil as it gets, and that’s the facts!

One seriously deluded, radicalized, brainwashed, call it what you will,
And yes, having become ghastly systemically due to a poisoned well,
'Cause only a very ill heart and dark mind carries out such wanton evil,
It nothing but satanic rage that won’t be quenched until it has had its fill.

Oh, the sheer wickedness of it all (and how dare any do it in God’s name,
'Cause those who do so do not know Him, regardless of whatever they might claim),
And such the world must stand up to, who and wherever it comes from, if we prize
(And I mean truly prize), love above hate, right above wrong, and truth above lies.

By Lance Landall

23.  Soldiers Of A Higher Order

How good it is to see soldiers refusing to carry out evil orders,
Like we’ve seen with Russia’s illegal crossing of Ukraine's sovereign borders.
They soldiers of a higher order, unlike those just thinking of their own skin,
The latter driven by fear, the former driven by something godly within.

Sure soldiers should obey orders, but when the orders are of a wicked kind,
Their heart and conscience should say “No!” and I having those Russian war crimes in mind.
However, no soldier should take part in an attack like we’ve seen in Ukraine,
Where there’s no right nor justification, and where so many have died in vain.

Hence that time and place when soldiers should refuse to fight, despite the personal cost,
Lest that dignity of sorts that should follow every soldier become lost.
And the reason for that phrase “dignity of sorts” being because come some war
Each soldier is still a killer, and therefore, as far as medals go, what for?

Yes, there’s no pride in killing anyone, but even less come illegal wars,
And where the soul of every murdered innocent citizen rightly roars.
There too many Putins in this world, or in various shades, and why I salute
Those soldiers of a higher order, each one being a man and not a brute.

By Lance Landall

24.  Protest We Must

The kindness we’ve seen in Poland (for example), we need to see in the world,
We’re violence of any sought is condemned, and the sanctity of life’s upheld.
There’s been enough rhetoric, enough dictators and tyrants (and some disguised,
Or hiding behind things, and why their true intent hasn’t always been realised).

Oh yes, the soil stained with the blood or sweat of the oppressed (ruled by evil men),
Or the tears of all the fearful fleeing, their homeland bombed time and again.
And protest falling on deaf ears, the enemy not leaving until satisfied,
And after having destroyed, murdered, displayed their evil and cruelty, and lied.

The nuclear, rather than a deterrent, has become a threat, and also
Those arsenals in general, from which death and destruction’s been seen to grow.
Oh yes, its time that all laid down their weaponry, saw the madness of it all,
Every citizen in every country joining in this needed call.

Otherwise, it’s a “one day” scenario, and meantime, another Ukraine,
All why evil men should be wrenched from their perch, leaders not there to rule, cause pain.
And so, protest we must, those refugees growing by the day, all thanks to men
Whose hearts and minds are sick and deluded; they variants of that Covid strain,

Plaguing time and time again.

By Lance Landall

"Let others speak as they will, and your right to speak likewise will be assured, because
it's only by looking after the rights of others that we secure our own."

"It has ever been the way of man to call some truth a lie and some lie a truth, and why men often utter with their lips what their heart denies."

"Though things are easier said than done, and none of us beyond tripping, falling or failing, things should still be said, and things should still be done."

"If it's true and should be said, then say it, but mind the time, place and way."
The poet, author

When it comes to freedom of expression, anything and anyone must be fair game (not exempt from scrutiny and criticism), because any line drawn is an automatic infringement and one step always being the beginning of more.
And remember this: That religion should be big enough to cope with ridicule, and every one of us sensible enough to know that there's a time, place and way, and every one of us kind enough to show the same thought and feeling
that we would like to receive from others.

Or to put this matter another way:

There's greater danger in trying to limit freedom of expression than there is in permitting its abuse.


Stand up, speak out, and if you must, march peacefully and in a dignified manner, not turning to lawlessness, violence, rioting, foul or deceptive means, because by such foolish behaviour, you will stand condemned yourself, will simply spin that tired old merry-go-round, and harden the resolve of the authorities.
And remember this: Many things that have been achieved via dubious means could’ve just as easily been achieved if only more voices had been raised and felt in the corridors of power.


Until we regard every human as a precious and sacred creation (never to be violated in any way), and the well-being of creatures and this Earth as our duty too, we’ll never progress beyond where we are.