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Thus far,

penned by me.

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24 January 2022


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New Zealand.

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just Youtube.


This is my humble effort in the best interests of humanity, and the fight against ill and error, wherever and whoever it's coming from (though far from supportive of the likes of cancel culture;
creative love in, skewed judgment and mob justice out, including that horrid  dobbing in.
Yes, beware that mindless acceptance of group think).
Sadly, much done in the name of love knows nothing of it, and much done in the name of God knows nothing of Him.
So, please forgive any clumsiness of mine, or if in my zeal, I too, have somehow erred.

My dear friend
and visitor,

I truly believe that you've come to the right website if you're not just wanting to be informed and challenged via the thought provoking,
or uplifted via the
light-hearted, cheery and inspiring,
but also if you're

and thus are
empathy, support, encouragement, 
reassurance, hope
and answers;
which I pray will
 be met here. 

Hey, you're tops!


And other related poems (and prose) regarding your worth and place in life, and
a little more.

Added to on:
11 December 2021

2.  A Proclamation
3.  Heroes Take Life On The Chin
4.  Helloooooooo!
5.  You've A Great Brain
6.  A Simple Truth
7.  "Good On You!"
8.  The Eagle
9.  Haven't You Done Well!
10.  Too Clever For Words
11.  Believe It!
12.  You, Them And Me
13.  Dear Me
14.  Why I'm So Glad That You're You
15.  Don't Doubt Your Worth
16.  Don't Doubt Your Place
17.  You're The One And Only
18.  Born To Be Heard And Seen
19.  Be Who You Are
20.  No One Else But You
21.  Regarding "Odd"
22.  Take Charge
23.  Scared? Not Me
24.  Happy Just Being Me
25.  Slaves To An Image

26.  You're Choice To Sink Or Swim
27.  Lets Hoist Our Sails

28.  Be Everything You Are
29.  Whatever The
Case May Be
But Mind:
 30.  You Can Be Anything You Want To Be?
31.  Love Yourself? Who Told You That?
And Remember This:
32.  Worth's One Thing, Character Another
 Pimp Your Worth
34.  A Fallen Mix Of Heaven And Earth
35.  You're Dearly Loved
36.  Free To Be And Do

Hang in there.

Choose Life

And other related poems (and prose) regarding emotional health, suicide.

Added to on:
22 April 2021

1.  Life
2.  Fallen Soldiers Of Depression
3.  Any Closer And I'll Jump
4.  The Bridge
5.  Twenty Six Floors Up
6.  Billie Joe MacAllisters
7.  There's No Shame In Emotional Damage
8.  Such Being How They Cope
9.  It's All about Survival
10.  Be Still, Dear Anxious Soul
11.  No One's Problem Is Quite The Same
12.  Fingers That Shouldn't Point
13.  Is Your Past Plaguing You?
14.  It's Not quite That Cut and Dried
15.  Mind Those Approaches
16.  It's Not The Blues
17.  Put Your Roots And Trust In Something Sound
18.  If You Want My Honest Opinion
19.  Faith's Independent Of Understanding

Please mind...

The Angry And The Damaged

Added to on:
20 December 2021

1.  When Pots Boil Over
2.  Wherever Such Paths Cross
3.  Don't Help Tip The Scales
4.  Looking Down The Barrel
5.  Ticking Clocks
6.  When Anger Burns
7.  When Help's Not There
8.  I'm A Weary Traveller
9.  Early And Quickly
10.  Punching The Punched
11.  Society's Bad Eggs
12.  Perhaps I Shouldn't Say This
13.  To The Angry Young
14.  It's All About Arriving
Further to:
15.  There Once Was A Dear Wee Boy
16.  Don't Multiply Your Pain, Nor Shorten Your Chances

Regarding other matters.
Two pages.

This World And Us

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to on:

28 December 2021

Poetry With A Mission

On Standing Up And Speaking Out

2.  Don't Want To Offend?

3.  Never Hinder Protest
4.  Just Say It
5.  Best It's Hollered
6.  Canaries In The Mine
7.  Are You A Mere Shadow?
8.  Crosses Come With Every Such Hero

Freedom Of Expression 
9.  It's A Sad, Sad Situation
10.  The Real World
11.  There's A Worrying And Dangerous Trend
12.  Don't Cave-in
13.  I Am Charlie, But...
14.  Hate Speech
15.  Fake Hate Speech
16.  Fake Bigotry
17.  Are You Just As Bad?
18.  Why Pick On Fundamentalists?
19.  Love Speech
20.  Those Calls For Love And Not Hate
21.  Toes And Unity
22.  Pet Themes
23.  We Are One?
24.  That Much Debated Word: Immigration
25.  Hang On A Minute!
26.  Long Live Free Speech!

Due Prudence
(rightful protesting)
27.  But With Hong Kong In Mind
28.  Capitol Hill
29.  Regarding Those Rioters In Minneapolis
30.  In Fairness To The Police
31.  Punishing Is Our Hang Up
32.  Protester Culpability
33.  Marring The Memory Of George Floyd
34  We Understand Your Anger
35.  I'll Say It 'Till Blue In The Face
36.  That Knee-On-The-Neck Man
37.  Mobocracy
38.  Errant Protestors
39.  It All Seems Hypocritical To Me.
40.  What Next?
41.  Hypocritical Protestors
42.  Errant Protestors
43.  Footnote

Societal Concerns
44.  Have You Forgotten That It's My World Too?
45.  Don't Just Suit Yourself
46.  Unreservedly Anti Drugs
47.  Mind-blowing
48.  Porn, Lucifer, And You And I
49.  Hollywood, You've Blood On Your Hands
50.  That's Hollywood For You
51.  It's That Noah Senario All Over Again


Hardly any subject that's not covered, more than first meets the eye, and
possibly somewhat different to what you might be wondering.

Poetry that unashamedly breaks the mould and thinks outside the box,
and that flies via the wings of a website sharing the same creative audacity.

Oh, nice to meet you (man you're good looking!). Come on in. Oops, shoes off please.
And don't forget to turn the light off when you leave, just in case I may've dozed off.

All in all, a call to return to the path of truth, the ways of love, 
the nobleness of rightdoing, the beauty
of wholesomeness, the worth of moral integrity, the thoughtfulness of etiquette, the graciousness
of tolerance, 
the wisdom of balance, and the benefits and safeguards of sense.

At the end of the day, it's all about changing hearts and minds, being a good and loving example, living
peaceably and lawfully, acting transparently,
healing the Earth, restoring lost values, freeing the oppressed,
comforting the afflicted, upholding rights, giving people a chance, and looking beyond ourselves.



"Do harm to no one, but do good to all, and in every other aspect of your life, WALK TALL"
The poet, author

It's All About People

Oh yes, it’s all about people, and Lockdown and quarantine bringing this home,
That need we soon discover for one another, and that need to freely roam.
This world's a wonderful creation, but humans being its crowning glory,
That love and affection that’s the basis of every inspiring story.

Yes, sometimes we need a little peace and quietness alone, but not for long,
That need for others soon returning, that human choir, resonating song.
And how we’ve need to work together, pull together, planet Earth in trouble,
And none of us liking the idea of some isolating Covid bubble.

Oh, yes, we certainly need each other, hence why it’s all about people, us,
And why over each other there needs to be a lot more, love, thought, care and fuss.
One’s birth a gift and opportunity, but each other being what we need,
And why for peace on Earth and goodwill to all men, women, boys and girls, I plead.

By Lance Landall


"A good man isn't good because of good deeds, but that loving heart and noble conscience that he heeds."

"Our greatest moment is when we choose right over wrong, our greatest hour is when we remain faithful and strong.

"The selfless protecting of another's own, health and life, the vigorous defending of another's rights, liberty and

freedom, and the sensitive attending to another's suffering, heartbreak or misfortune (even if they've shown no
such thought them self), these truly maketh a man."

"Violence is the way of fools, and weapons and persecutors but the devil's tools."
The poet, author



"Love allows all to have their own opinion and walk their own path, but is never behind any ill and error."
The poet, author

Website comments (with a few grey poem boxes and special feature in-between).

Okay, as mentioned in How To Use My Website (top left hand corner), my website is made up of two main pages, this one that you're on (now a page in its own right), and my POEMS page. Both being the source of all the pages on my website which may be added to at any time.
As for my poetry:

There's rhyming poetic stories, rhyming poems, ALTERNATIVE rhyming poems (with few full stops),
prose, poetry and prose fusions,
and GROUND BREAKING rhyming poems that bridge the gap between poetry
and prose (
given their much longer lines, thereby freeing poetry from its somewhat rigid constraints).

All in all, both general and issue-based poetry with the accent on the latter.

At any time, where I have cause, I may TWEAK OR ADD
to any poem (or article). With this in mind, please check the notes that are found on my page AUTHOR'S PEN like the following one (and where the general conditions for using my poems are also found):
The content of any poem of mine may not relate to my life or experience, but simply appear as if it does.
And I sometimes write from the perspective of someone else (as authors oft do), as if I were that person, or had had that experience. And therefore, it may or may not be me. So please don't assume anything.
Likewise, though it might appear as if so, please don't automatically assume that any particular poem I've penned relates to a member of my family either, or extended family.

Though I don't put my name under all that I pen (and oft just poet, author), it's still my own work (except where stated otherwise), and therefore, if used, it must still carry my name. Thus checking with me first might be wise.

This broad-based website of mine also features (on my POEMS page-cum-second poetry garden) a light-hearted section, a general-cum-secular section, and a religious section.

So here on my website, you'll not only find poetry and prose, but also articles, all being part and parcel of my personal journey, and thus a cathartic exercise and kaleidoscope of thoughts, concerns, views, beliefs and experiences.
Hopefully I've not overlooked crediting anyone given how in certain places I have drawn from books and articles here and there, sometimes borrowing thoughts or words along the way, and given how some things simply get lost in time.

Some poems and articles are REPEATED ELSEWHERE on my website where I've felt the need to do so, and some poems could actually be placed under two or three different headings; So I've done my best.

Poems that aren't mine are but a few, and aren't included in my poem count (which excludes my prosy poems too).

Oh, if there's a problem with my website in any way, please let me know.

be it encouragement or constructive criticism. Such won't be placed on my website.
I truly look forward to hearing from you.


On a cheery note.

Pleasant Place

Includes my page: Anything, and a yummy recipe.

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And continuing on.

Have A Nice Day

Includes my page: Special Poems.

Either of these two pages was added to on
: 19 December 2021.

Still want more?

Cool Bananas

Funny business.

Added to on: 19 December 2021.

Specially featured secular poetic story. 


One of eleven. The other ten being found on my POEMS page.
This page also includes a few poems that kind of relate.

Added to on the 9 January 2022.

Reflective poems

Colours And Shades

Aspects of life.

Added to on the 9 January 2022.

But still bearing in mind those who're tender emotionally.

Tender Spot

Mainly thoughtful quotes.

Added to on: 23 December 2021.



But wait, there's more regarding my website.

As well as bearing in mind that personal expression is exactly that, e
very garden contains something we don't like, but who'd reject the entire garden? Therefore, if you don't agree with something I've penned (even the way it's been penned), I would appreciate it if you'd tell me. To not do so might deny me the opportunity of discovering any error or poorness on my behalf, and thus also deny me the opportunity of making any changes to my work for the better. It all being helpful regarding growth (friends and family often differing too). No disrepect or injury of any kind has been intended. So please, lets grow together.

Though a Christian, I can understand people veering away from Christianity given the sad behaviour that's coming from many who claim to be Christians, and given the nonsense, error and ills that are coming from certain quarters of Christendom that's been losing its way. Lest people throw the baby out with the bath water, I've tried to address this via my secular page WITH GOD IN MIND which links to four other related pages.

And therefore,

Dear Visitor...

Struggling like me, perhaps, kind words and acts really appreciated, no doubt,
Yes, loving concern, which is what I like to think my website is all about.
And hence why I also point out error, ill and wrong, because such harms us all,
But draped over this humble attempt of mine, hopefully you’ll find love’s shawl.

Or love weaving its way in and out, popping up here and there, reminding you
That though I might oft come on strong, it’s your best interests I’ve sought to pursue.
And so, I doing what I can, something rather than nothing, because I care,
And knowing that such is sorely needed; dangers, troubles and loss always near.

By Lance Landall


Now more of the serious stuff.

Things Worth Pondering

Intriguing short articles of sorts, and an introductory poem.

"Inner strength takes the good with the bad, and
welcomes counsel as much as praise."
The poet, author

Added to on: 14 December 2021.


More Worth Pondering

But only in the form of related poems.
Includes my page: Bits 'n' Bobs.

"Truth is not determined by majority vote."
Doug Gwyn

Either of these two pages was added to on: 13 November 2021.

"He who dares not offend cannot be honest."
Thomas Paine (1737-1809)

"If the counsel be good, no matter who gave it."


"To find a man who in plain terms and without guile speaks his mind with frankness, and neither for the sake of reputation or for gain makes false pretensions, but out of good will and concern for his fellow-men stands ready, if need be, to submit to ridicule and to the disorder and the uproar of the mobto find such a man as that is not easy, but rather the good fortune of a very lucky city, so great is the dearth of noble, independent souls and such the abundance of toadies [those who flatter or defer to others for self-serving reasons], mountebanks [flamboyant charlatans], and sophists [those skilled in elaborate and devious argumentations]."
Dio Chrysostom (c. 40 - c. 115 CE)
Greek orator, writer, philosopher and historian of the Roman Empire.
Bracketed contents inserted by poet.

"Never confuse straight talk with harshness, nor pleasing words with love."

"Loving everyone doesn't mean accepting everything."

"If love was simply hugs, kind deeds and touching words, wisdom would go to the dogs, and sense would fly away with the birds."

"Though it's all about love, it's also all about what's right, because love knows
nothing of wrong."

"Best we choose to see what we need to see than be forced to see what'll pain more to see."

"The more we know, the more we see."

The poet, author


And further to:

"Means we use must be as pure as the ends we seek."
Martin Luther King Jr (1929-1968)

"A better world starts with better people."

"We're only as good as our heart, as sound as our mind, and as deep as our soul."

"If the world's getting worse, ask it what it's exchanged and forsaken."

"When society allows what it shouldn't in order to placate, it sears its conscience
and seals its fate."

"To do what's right we need to know what's right."

The poet, author

Yes, poetry and prose that shouts, confronts, questions, rouses, informs, pleads, shares,
inspires, encourages, heartens, empathises, weeps, sighs, smiles and sees love as being the only answer.

Poetry and prose that takes no sides but that of all who have been wrongly accused or mistreated, and whatever that wrong may be.

Poetry and prose that pulls no punches and strips away the veneer whilst scratching where it itches; That takes its jacket off, rolls its sleeves up and doesn't stop until the job is done;
That rhymes with the times and runs the gamut of emotions and experiences; That searches the heart, examines the mind and assesses the soul; That deals with harsh realities and meets people where they are; That doesn't think to save its own skin; That deals with both sides of the coin; That tests, proves and sorts while really caring.



Special Feature

May It Be So, Son

May your gratefulness for another day, the wonder of life and creation,
Steer your course on this Earth, your thoughts, words and actions in every situation.
You mindful of the gift of life that you have received, and that others have rights,
And that too few are heroes and heroines, which your attention thus invites.

Yes, may your birth produce much kindness, a love for man and every creature seen,
Your eyes and ears sensitive to every cry, your heart and conscience sound and clean.
And you, always prepared to lend a hand, more attuned to other’s needs than yours,
And never turning to any means but the right means, a man of peace, not wars.

May your treatment of women be nothing short of outstanding, you thus a man,
Not someone trying to pass himself off as one, chivalry hardly his plan.
But rather, you protective and honourable, speaking out despite the roar,
Your mum and dad proud, your wife experiencing that happiness she foresaw.

Yes, may it be so, son, this Earth having been the better for your presence here,
And all whose path you’ve crossed, come that time when beneath graveyard clods you disappear.
'Cause too many misuse the gift they’ve been given, leaving this Earth all the worse,
Hence why I’m praying that your entrance will prove to be a blessing, not a curse.

The truth is, that men come and go, they either selfish or selfless, women too,
And as far as those selfless men go, and in the scheme of things, they rather few.
Most men saving their own skin, out for their own ends, simply living for the day,
Rather than searching for truth, living to serve, and desiring a better way.

By Lance Landall


You've been given a MIND of your own, one to think with, to think of others with, to make sound evaluations with, to use wisely and creatively, to collect worthy and valuable data, to grasp right from wrong, truth from error, to tell friends from enemies, to enhance academically and intellectually, and to sense moods and danger.

But not for plotting ill, not for planning foolish things, not for thinking negatively, not for evil surmisings, not for planting wrong seeds in other minds, not for storing shameful and destructive things, not for wrongful judging, and not for spacing out, dumbing down, depleting of oxygen, or cluttering with rubbish.

You've been given a VOICE to speak out with, to speak on behalf of others with, to warn, educate, encourage and empathize with, to condemn any ill, to apologise, to enquire and ask for help, and to laugh and sing with.

But not for hateful, foul and grubby expressions, not for verbally abusing and hurting, not for lying, mimicking, moaning, talking over others, crying wolf, telling half truths, slandering, deceiving, cursing or dobbing people in with. 

You've been given EYES to watch over others, to seek out truth, to spot trouble, conmen, wolves, foxes and sharks coming, to notice other peoples’ needs, to weep over loss and suffering, and to close to shortcomings.

But not for watching what degrades or inflames, others' wrong, not for mental adultery, not for spying on others, not for looking down on others, not for seeking revenge, and nor for looking for trouble.

You've been given EARS to listen for cries of help, to listen without interrupting when others want to off-load, to listen to truth, sound advice, cautionings, and worthy informative things, to listen to beautiful music and whatever else uplifts and  rightly benefits.

But not for listening to gossip, not for listening to what's shameful or unwholesome, not for listening to wrong and falsehood, not for eavesdropping, and not for listening out for a police siren.

You've been given a NOSE to sniff out error and charlatans, to savour wholesome foods, fluids and Nature’s refreshing perfumes, and to take in life-giving oxygen.

But not for holding up in the air, not for snorting at sense, not for being nosey, and not for sniffing injurious substances.

You've been given SHOULDERS to bear life’s trials, to shoulder responsibilities and blame, for others to lean on, and for young children to ride upon.

But not for charging about with, not for forcing yourself ahead of others, and not for throwing your weight around.

You've been given a SPINAL COLUMN to show backbone, to stand straight and true with (without fear or favour), to bend to aid anyone, and to bend where it's proper and appropriate.

But not for bowing to tyrants with, not for bowing to popularity with, not for stooping to low levels of behaviour or tales with, and not for bending over backwards in order to please everyone.

You've been given a HEART to love with, to keep open and full of warmth and beauty, to prize good, to show thought, care, respect, loyalty and faithfulness, to feel for others, to forgive and show compassion and mercy.

But not for coveting what belongs to others, not for harbouring ill, not for yielding to degrading passions, not for giving into what isn't wise, not for falling for cads, and not for hardening.

You've been given MUSCLES to develop the entire body via exercise so that it may remain healthy, fit for helpful, constructive and necessary tasks, worthy labour and wholesome enjoyment, and the protection of others.

But not for muscling your way into things, not for assaulting, not for intimidating, and not for showing off.

You've been given ARMS to affectionately hug, to intimately cuddle, to embrace in friendship, to comfort the grieving, to pull people from harm, to pull yourself up, or to reach out.

But not for embracing evil, error, falsehood or mistresses, and not for elbowing your way around.

You've been given HANDS to help out with, to share with, to greet others with, to thoughtfully and sensitively hold with, to use productively and bless others with.  

But not for pushing people out of the way, not for taking or receiving what isn’t yours, not for touching what you shouldn't or when you shouldn't, not for greedy grabs, not for physical abuse and cruelty of any kind, not for stabbing people in the back, nor for taking lives.

You've been given FINGERS for creative, beneficial and productive intricacy and dexterity, for tender, loving and pleasurable expressions, to point the way, to prepare and arrange what’s pleasant and pleasing, to ease aches and open doors.

But not for dipping into or tinkering with what you shouldn’t, not for fiddling the books, not for penning falsehood and offensive things, not for pointing at others, not for poking fun at anyone, not for nitpicking, and not for any ill.

You've been given LEGS to run kindly errands, to visit the sick or lonely, to playfully chase the young, to rush to someone's aid, and to run from danger and ill.

But not for running to blab, not for running away from what you should face, not for running away from owning up,  not for running away from responsibilities, the difficult, the unpleasant, hard work or study.

You've been given KNEES for humbling tasks, for prayerful thanks and requests, for fruitful searches, for gardening, and for grandchildren to sit on.

But not for knee-jerk reactions, not for kneeling at the feet of others, nor at the throne of self.

You've been given FEET to stand up for others, to stand up for yourself, for treading carefully, and for taking one step at a time.

But not for walking all over people, not for treating them like footstools or doormats, not for kicking back at them, not for kicking them when they're down, not for putting your foot in it, and not for putting the boot in.

By Lance Landall

This article was added to on 6 November 2021.

Once Pristine Wells

Our mind, just like our body, was clearly designed for the purest of things, and
This why both the mind and body can be injured by what was never planned.
So why are many filling both the mind and body with what's destructive today,
Given how tomorrow we reap what we sow, mental or physical decay?

All why only noble and healthy entries will serve us well, and this fact tell,
We noted amongst others; many corrupt of mind and indulgently ill.
They having read, watched and listened to, or dined on, mind and body contaminants,
And hence their toxic influence, or that sad arrival of an ambulance.

Yes, once pristine wells, but no more, they polluted as Earth, and thus stricken too,
A curse or burden on their fellowman who that very same path might pursue.
Yes, once pristine wells, but no more, wrong choices resulting in buckets of regret,
Positives exchanged for negatives, when most of us should know better, and yet...

By Lance Landall 

"Let others speak as they will, and your right to speak likewise will be assured, because
it's only by looking after the rights of others that we secure our own."

"It has ever been the way of man to call some truth a lie and some lie a truth, and why men often utter with their lips what their heart denies."

"Though things are easier said than done, and none of us beyond tripping, falling or failing, things should still be said, and things should still be done."

"If it's true and should be said, then say it, but mind the time, place and way."
The poet, author

When it comes to freedom of expression, anything and anyone must be fair game (not exempt from scrutiny and criticism), because any line drawn is an automatic infringement and one step always being the beginning of more.
And remember this: That religion should be big enough to cope with ridicule, and every one of us sensible enough to know that there's a time, place and way, and every one of us kind enough to show the same thought and feeling
that we would like to receive from others.

Or to put this matter another way:

There's greater danger in trying to limit freedom of expression than there is in permitting its abuse.


Stand up, speak out, and if you must, march peacefully and in a dignified manner, not turning to lawlessness, violence, rioting, foul or deceptive means, because by such foolish behaviour, you will stand condemned yourself, will simply spin that tired old merry-go-round, and harden the resolve of the authorities.
And remember this: Many things that have been achieved via dubious means could’ve just as easily been achieved if only more voices had been raised and felt in the corridors of power.


Until we regard every human as a precious and sacred creation (never to be violated in any way), and the well-being of creatures and this Earth as our duty too, we’ll never progress beyond where we are.