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5 December 2020

Words from the
heart for the receptive soul, whose right to accept or reject such I  respect.
Love always being first and foremost.

But first,


And other related poems (and prose) regarding your worth and place in life, and
a little more.

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19 November 2020

2.  A Proclamation
3.  Heroes Take Life On The Chin
4.  Helloooooooo!
5.  You've A Great Brain
6.  A Simple Truth
7.  "Good On You!"
8.  The Eagle
9.  Haven't You Done Well!
10.  Women
11.  A Detective's Story
12.  For Your Husband
13.  Men

14.  Too Clever For Words
15.  Believe It!
16.  You, Them And Me
17.  It's Our World
18.  Leave Us Alone!
19.  Dear Me
20.  Why I'm So Glad That You're You
21.  Don't Doubt Your Worth
22.  Don't Doubt Your Place
23.  Poverty Doesn't Lessen One's Worth
24.  You're The One And Only
25.  Three Cheers For Colour!
26.  Yes, Black Lives Matter
27.  To Love One Another
28.  Hand In Hand
29.  So You're A Homosexual
30.  Detective In Search Of
31.  No Less Precious
32.  Born To Be Heard And Seen
33.  Be Who You Are
34.  No One Else But You
35.  Regarding "Odd"
36.  Difference Is No Reason Or Excuse.
37.  Take Charge
38.  Bullies Don't Pick On A Nobody

39.  Happy Just Being Me
40.  You're Choice To Sink Or Swim
41.  Lets Hoist Our Sails

42.  Be Everything You Are
43.  So Much More To Life
44.  Whatever The
Case May Be
45.  We Need You!
 46.  Worth's One Thing, Character Another
 Pimp Your Worth
48.  A Fallen Mix Of Heaven And Earth
49.  The Divine Lincoln

Don't give up,

Choose Life

And other related poems (and prose) regarding mental health, suicide.

Added to:
28 November 2020

1.  Life
2.  Fallen Soldiers Of Depression
3.  Any Closer And I'll Jump
4.  The Bridge
5.  Twenty Six Floors Up
6.  Billie Joe MacAllisters
7.  There's No Shame In Emotional Damage
8.  Such Being How They Cope
9.  It's All about Survival
10.  Be Still, Dear Anxious Soul
11.  No One's Problem Is Quite The Same
12.  That Failure To Understand
13.  Fingers That Shouldn't Point
14.  Is Your Past Plaguing You?
15.  Catch On?
16.  Put Your Roots And Trust In Something Sound
17.  If You Want My Honest Opinion
18.  Faith's Independent Of Understanding

Poetic Story:
Where Currents Meet

A sample of 12 found on my poem list page.

And now to other matters.

The poem:
Poetry With A Mission

And other related poems.

(which is also found on my poem list page, in the secular section).

YouTube link under my poem (and of my poem) LOCKDOWN.

Added to:
4 December 2020

Regarding Our
Troubled And Endangered World

2.  R.I.P Planet Earth?
3.  How Love Must Weep
4.  Oh, Louis Armstrong...
5.  For Sale
6.  Dear Greta
7.  Nature
8.  Peace And Goodwill To All Men?
9.  Greener Than Green
10.  That Menace In Venice

In My Defence
11.  I Can't Talk?
12.  I'm No Hero
13.  Far Better I Be Honest
14.  Count On Me

On Standing Up And Speaking Out
15.  Don't Want To Offend?

16.  Never Hinder Protest
17.  Just Say It
18.  Best It's Hollered
19.  Canaries In The Mine
20.  Are You A Mere Shadow?
21.  Crosses Come With Every Such Hero

Freedom Of Expression 
22.  The Real World
23.  There's A Worrying And Dangerous Trend
24.  Don't Cave-in
25.  I Am Charlie, But...
26.  Hate Speech
27.  Fake Hate Speech
28.  Fake Bigotry
29.  Are You Just As Bad?
30.  Why Pick On Fundamentalists?
31.  Love Speech
32.  I've Heard A Lot Of Talk About Love
33.  Let's Get Love Right!
34.  Those Calls For Love And Not Hate
35.  Toes And Unity
36.  Pet Themes
37.  We Are One?
38.  That Much Debated Word: Immigration
39.  Hang On A Minute!
40.  Long Live Free Speech!
41.  Another Conspiracy Theory, They Say
42.  Seeing Things Where There Aren't Things
43.  Give It A Rest

Due Prudence
(rightful protesting)
44.  But With Hong Kong In Mind
45.  Regarding Those Rioters In Minneapolis
46.  In Fairness To The Police
47.  Punishing Is Our Hang Up
48.  Protester Culpability
49.  Marring The Memory Of George Floyd
50  We Understand Your Anger
51.  I'll Say It 'Till Blue In The Face
52.  That Knee-On-The-Neck Man
53.  How Love's Embarrassed
54.  Stop! In The Name Of Love
55.  Mobocracy
56.  Errant Protestors
57.  It All Seems Hypocritical To Me.
58.  What Next?
59.  Footnote

Societal Concerns
61.  Be Kind
62.  Who Pressed Pause?
63.  The Trouble With Tomorrow
64.  Money's Dirty!?
65.  Covid Nineteen And God
66.  Covid Nineteen And Christians
67.  The Other Side Of Covid Nineteen
68.  "It's Not The Gun's Fault," They Say
69.  Unreservedly Anti Drugs

70.  A Cerebral Coronavirus
71.  Might Lockdown Shout Hypocrisy?
72.  Hollywood, You've Blood On Your Hands
73.  Porn, Lucifer, And You And I
74.  Even If I Weren't A Christian

Hope Verses Hopelessness, and Apologetics
75.  So, Mister Evolutionist
76.  To David Attenborough
77.  Mars Madness
78.  Vitiligo Reveals The Lie
79.  And So
80.  In Defence Of God
81.  Hell? No
82.  And There's No Secret Rapture Either
83.  As For What's Done In God's Name
84.  No One Will Get Away With Anything
85.  Trump's Folly
86.  Mind What Some Evangelicals Are Teaching
87.  Please Get It Right, Fellow Christian
88.  So Sure, So Sure, But So Wrong, So Wrong
89.  Nothing Will Prevent It From Happening
90.  Some Wise Words For Americans, And
Even Others
91.  The Good News About The End
92.  Looking For Hope?
93.  When Disbelief And Doubt Fills your Mind
94.  Bitterness Won't Get You Far
95.  Living In A Disappointing World
96.  Sixteen Hundred Kilometres An Hour

Hardly any subject that's not covered. So, enjoy or ponder on.

Oh, nice to meet you, by the way. Come on in. Oops, shoes off please,
and don't forget to turn the light off when you leave.

A call to return to the path of truth, the ways of love, 
the nobleness of rightdoing, the beauty of
wholesomeness, the worth of moral integrity, the thoughtfulness of etiquette, the graciousness
of tolerance,
the strength of humbleness, and the benefits and safeguards of sense.


"Do harm to no one, but do good to all, and in every other aspect of your life, WALK TALL"
The poet, author

Of You

Of you I tell and teach my children, "Don’t hurt that soul! Never, never, never,
But treat them like something very precious that’s been left in your care forever.
Yes, now and always, for they're a human being too, not a thing, nor wood or steel,
But a living, breathing part of all we are, another who can think and feel."

And hence why no noble person would act otherwise via some word or deed,
Injuring being a weakness, not a strength, and cursed are they who cause to bleed;
Such but evil, love knowing nothing of it, and why of you I tell and teach,
"Don’t hurt that soul! Never, never, never, but always higher and better reach."

By Lance Landall

"A wounded world full of horrors and sorrows desperately needs global love, thought and care."

"The selfless protecting of another's own, health and life, the vigorous defending of another's rights, liberty and
freedom, and the sensitive attending to another's suffering, heartbreak or misfortune (even if they've shown no
such thought them self), these truly maketh a man."
The poet, author


Welcome to my personal, reality based, evolving website.

Okay, my Home page is a page in its own right, and as for my poetry:

There's rhyming poetic stories, rhyming poems, alternative rhyming poems, prose, poetry and prose
and rhyming poems that bridge the gap between poetry and prose (given their longer lines,
thereby freeing
poetry from its somewhat rigid constraints).

All in all, both general and issue-based poetry, with the accent on the latter and given the latter, such poems may be tweaked or added to at any moment due to later thoughts or knowledge. With this in mind, please check the important notes (like the following simplified one) that are found near the top of my poem list page:

The content of any particular poem may not relate to my life or experience, but having been written as if coming from me, as if it's me.
I simply writing from the perspective and experience of someone else, as if I were that very person.

By the way, the conditions for using my poems are laid out in a blue box near the top (and left) of my poem list page.

This broad-based website of mine features a light-hearted section, a secular-generic section, and a religious section.

Here on my website, you'll not only find poetry (by far) and prose, but also articles, such all being part and parcel of my personal journey, and thereby, a cathartic exercise, a collage, a kaleidoscope of thoughts, concerns, musings, views, beliefs and experiences.
And all of it being my very own work, except where I have stated otherwise, and hopefully I've not overlooked anything or anyone given how in certain places I have drawn from books and articles here and there, sometimes borrowing thoughts along the way, and given how some things simply get lost in time.
By the way, rather than my name, I sometimes put poet-author or just author under my work. Where I've not put either (given that I don't want to plast my name over everything), please check such with me first should you want to use it. 


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Pleasant Place

"Love's always the star where it's given the stage."
The poet, author

Added to: 19 November 2020.

Continuing on, and in a more serious tone:


Please bear in mind that the material on this website is often confronting, that personal expression is exactly that, and that it's your choice whether to continue further or not. But having said that, this website contains no inappropriate content but simply communication that's straight, open, honest and sincere, though sometimes quite frank, but with no disrepect or injury of any kind intended.
However, it needs to be said that o
ur response to an opposite opinion or belief (and indeed the person them self) reveals our true character and/or state of development.
Every garden contains something we don't like, but who'd reject the entire garden because of such? Therefore, if you don't agree with something I've penned (even the way something's been penned), I would really appreciate it if you'd let me know so that I can consider your thoughts. To not do so might deny me the opportunity of discovering any error or poorness on my behalf, and thus also deny me the opportunity of making any changes to my work for the better. It all helpful regarding growth. So please, lets grow together.
Though I've tried to place the secular and religious in their respective departments, it's been hard to totally separate both given the nature of my poetic mission (not to mention my Christian perspective). Therefore, you'll  encounter some connections and crossing over; all why I only think it's fair to warn you about this too. Where a poem is a Christian one, or where it contains a degree of Christian content, I state so above it's title.
Though a Christian myself, I can understand people veering away from Christianity given the sad behaviour that's coming from many who claim to be Christians
, and given the nonsense, error and ills that are coming from certain quarters of Christendom that's been losing its way. And so, lest people throw the baby out with the bath water, I've tried to address this sad state of affairs via my secular pages I Saw Beyond It All and Apologetics.

And so,

Of Me

Of me I tell and teach my children, "I’m just a man, not a god, nor a saint,
No better or greater than anyone else, and in some crisis may well faint.
And so, it folly to esteem me higher than one should, my flaws and faults clear,
And therefore, I only able to do my best, a crown hardly mine to wear.

So love me do, for all should be loved, but mind those expectations bound to fail,
’Cause fathers, and even husbands, belong to the real world, not some fairytale.
And though mistakes I regret, mistakes there will be, but love and care in my heart,
I knowing that it’s not about perfection, but all about that course we chart."

By Lance Landall

Dear Visitor...

Struggling like me, perhaps, kind words and acts really appreciated, no doubt,
Yes, loving concern, which is what I like to think my website is all about.
And hence why I also point out error, ill and wrong, because such harms us all,
But draped over this humble attempt of mine, hopefully you’ll find love’s shawl.

Or love weaving its way in and out, popping up here and there, reminding you
That though I might oft come on strong, it’s your best interests I’ve sought to pursue.
And so, I doing what I can, something rather than nothing, because I care,
And knowing that such is sorely needed — dangers, troubles and loss always near.

By Lance Landall

Things Worth Pondering

"What steals the heart steals the soul."
The poet, author

Added to: 21 November 2020.

"He who dares not offend cannot be honest."
Thomas Paine (1737-1809)

"Never confuse straight talk with harshness, nor pleasing words with love."
"Loving everyone doesn't mean accepting everything."
"If love was simply hugs, kind deeds and touching words, wisdom would go to the dogs, and sense would fly away with the birds."
"Though it's all about love, it's also all about what's right, because love knows
nothing of wrong."

"Best we choose to see what we need to see than be forced to see what'll pain more to see."

"The more we know, the more we see."

The poet, author

And further to:

"If the counsel be good, no matter who gave it."


"Means we use must be as pure as the ends we seek."
Martin Luther King Jr (1929-1968)

"A better world starts with better people."

"We're only as good as our heart, as sound as our mind, and as deep as our soul."

"If the world's getting worse, ask it what it's exchanged and forsaken."

"When society allows what it shouldn't in order to placate, it sears its conscience
and seals its fate."

"To do what's right we need to know what's right."

The poet, author

My aim being:

To stimulate thought, generate discussion and facilitate change whilst meeting people where they are; I believing that there are many issues that need addressing, certain things that need to be said, and more so given that most are looking where it isn't (certain distractions aiding and abetting).
A particular focus of mine is freedom of expression; civil-religious liberty; human rights; truth; the recovery of morals, principles and standards; and concern for creatures, the underdog, and our planet.
However, to understand the purpose of this website more so, click on the Purpose button above. 

Yes, poetry and prose that shouts, confronts, questions, rouses, informs, pleads, shares,
inspires, encourages, heartens, empathises, weeps, sighs, smiles and sees love as being the only answer.

Poetry and prose that takes no sides but that of all who have been wrongly accused or mistreated — in other words, poetry and prose that condemns wrong wherever and whoever it is coming from, and whatever that wrong may be.

Poetry and prose that pulls no punches and strips away the veneer whilst scratching where it itches; That takes its jacket off, rolls its sleeves up, and doesn't stop until the job is done;
That rhymes with the times and runs the gamut of emotions and experiences; That searches the heart, examines the mind, and assesses the soul; That deals with harsh realities and meets people where they are; That doesn't think to save its own skin; That deals with both sides of the coin; That tests, proves and sorts; That thinks outside the box; That breaks the mould; That really cares.




More evidence of what's found on my website.

It's All About People

Oh yes, it’s all about people, and Lockdown and quarantine bringing this home,
That need we soon discover for one another, and that need to freely roam.
This world a wonderful creation, but humans being its crowning glory,
That love and affection that’s the basis of every inspiring story.

Yes, sometimes we need a little peace and quietness alone, but not for long,
That need for others soon returning, that human choir, resonating song.
And how we’ve need to work together, pull together, planet Earth in trouble,
And none of us liking the idea of some isolating Covid bubble.

Oh, yes, we certainly need each other, hence why it’s all about people, us,
And why over each other there needs to be a lot more, love, thought, care and fuss.
One’s birth a gift and opportunity, but each other being what we need,
And why for peace on Earth and goodwill to all men, women, boys and girls, I plead.

By Lance Landall

You're Not Alone

I wish I could remove your suffering, or is it heartbreak you’re going through?
But all I can do is show that I care via word or act, thus thinking of you.
For who’d ignore a fellow traveller struggling with pain or grief? — no, not I,
This world having given me many a reason to sigh, cry and question “Why?”

Yes, there’re many of us who’ve suffered too, though I’ve no desire to talk of me,
But rather, to let you know that you’re not alone, though feeling so, possibly.
And if so, understandably so, for this world can be very harsh and cold,
Or so it seems until the cheer of a caring rosebud is seen to unfold.

Perhaps it’s just a hug you need, or arm around the shoulder, such no mere token,
For sometimes greater thoughtfulness is shown via an act where words aren’t spoken.
In fact, words oft getting in the way, some folk kind of clumsy with what they say,
But meaning well, though who among us never errs, isn’t seen to wrongly weigh?

Yes, be it physical or emotional, some things are very hard to bear,
And why it’s reassuring to know that folk who truly love and care are near.
For though they can’t wave a magic wand, they can seek or pray on our behalf, and
In the meantime, via word or act, show that they really feel for us, understand.

By Lance Landall

It's So Easy

It’s so easy to look at others (and sound evaluations must oft be made),
But it's clear we all have our own sad flaws and failings, and some price for wrong have paid.
Yes, most of us needing more than just a cut and polish, and yet, pointing harshly,
And this, when many are struggling with who knows what; or they clinging perilously.

Yes, insensitive words and acts can act like boots on fingers, and down many go,
Cutting stones and rocks showering them as they plummet; other R.I.Ps below.
And we with all the excuses as to why they have only got themselves to blame —
Well, one way or another — and self-righteousness too often adding to our shame.

Yes, it’s true that many have caused their own dilemma having acted foolishly,
But it’s better to give them a helping hand and not leave some folk feeling angry.
For anger that's fuelled by frustration or desperation can kick back at us all —
Well, one way or another — and why it pays to show heart-cum-make the better call.

But hey, where’s our humanity, that milk of human kindness-cum-selfless love, and,
That mercy that's also long-suffering, that attempt to try and understand?
After all, friend, what if the boot was on the other foot, and thus we in their place?
For life has a habit of toppling thrones and rebuking any who don’t show grace.

By Lance Landall

It's A Sad, Sad Situation

It’s a sad, sad situation when you express your opinion, and next thing,
Those who think you’re not very nice for saying such, respond badly. Ring! Ring!
Yes, they just not getting it, and having shot themselves in the foot, thus guilty too,
Ignoring your right to express your opinion with their added “How dare you!”

If it weren’t so disturbing, such would be great fodder for comedies, and is,
Audiences laughing at pots calling kettles black, that cheek of hers or his.
But accusers oft too thin skinned, unable to accept some truth, and therefore,
They shooting the messenger, those who’ve a good point, even when love’s at the core.

When they mistreat those who they think are wrong, even not nice, one thing’s very clear,
And that is, they’ve just made a fool of themselves, all why hypocrites shouldn’t dare.
Oh, the folly of condemning those who we think are wrong whilst doing wrong, and why
Those who foolishly do so should think twice before that knee-jerk “Foul!” that they cry.

Yes, hypocritical words and actions make a fool of the accuser, who
Should be what they think that other person isn’t, and thus not acting askew.
Their ground lost the moment that they point their finger, like those rioters we see,
Mouthing hate and setting fire to things whilst condemning police brutality.

Yes, the latter wrong, but not ill on their part, it seems, all why I shake my head,
And others downing some supposed ill whilst engaged in their own, in the same bed.
Their ill perhaps spam, say, dead phone calls, certain looks, a rant — the list goes on, and
Their response thus worse than the supposed offence, and all why more guilty they stand.

At the end of the day, all are entitled to their opinion, right or wrong,
So, if someone’s not inciting or threatening violence, why the loud song?
An opinion’s an opinion (hardly some law), and time oft proving such true,
And freedom of speech a safety valve giving others the same release as you.

Our response to an opposite opinion (indeed the person them self) reveals
Our true character and/or state of development — yes, those Achilles’ heels.
We too easily offended or bothered by things, and sometimes wrongly so,
Thus we the one with the issue, and that opposite opinion good to go.

By Lance Landall

Pawns Of Hearsay And Faulty Assumptions

Tell me, why do you have that very negative opinion of someone, who
As a result, you’re having little to do with, and which might say much of you?
Is it because of what others have told you? Such a sure way to err, of course,
Many not attempting to rightly find out from the mouth of the condemned horse.

Too many responses are based on hearsay, or how something appears to be,
And thus so much not taken into account, very hypocritically,
Because who of us would like to stand before a judge who’s without all the facts,
And who’s clutching evidence that’s been played with, and which just the accuser backs.

Accusers are many, some with an agenda, some lacking maturity,
Nursing petty grievances, perhaps, then there’s bias, not wanting to see.
So many too quick to down someone, pass on gossip, put their own spin on things,
Which somewhere in life (’cause what goes ’round comes ’round) a curse on themselves simply brings.

Too many listening to teary-eyed talebearers who’re oft not seeing straight,
The condemned one having done the right thing under the circumstances, but wait!
Yes, there’s always more, but they the victim, seemingly, the one they speak of doomed,
And unable to present their side given how they’re effectively marooned.

Oh, how I hate that dirty laundry which never gets washed, but certainly aired,
Family members bagging family members, say — yes, everything bared.
Much explained away, but no, out on the airwaves it goes, many tuning in
(Instead of switching off), acting like judge and jury, and adding to the sin.

There’re reasons why folk do or don’t do something, and they need to be understood,
Not rushed to judgment over; many only too happy to hang if they could.
Some folk have issues, and help’s needed, but help’s oft not there, just condemnation,
All because others don’t have a full understanding of the situation.

Folk commonly operate on different levels (religious beliefs in mind),
And thus what one condemns another praises (though many on error have dined).
But understanding only coming when folk bother, reach out, and check to see,
The horses mouth oft left waiting, truth lost to hearsay, and what folk fail to see.

By Lance Landall

For Crying Out Loud

You may not approve of same-sex sexual acts, Gay marriages, pornography or abortion,
Cults, certain religious beliefs and practices, door knockers, dope smoking or prostitution
— And that’s your right —
But for crying out loud, don’t ever mentally or physically abuse anybody,
For hate filled words, cruel acts and violence are not only moronic, but weak and cowardly.

Okay, so someone hurt you — so what? — 'cause you don’t have to retaliate, thus acting like them,
For how can you stand tall and protest when indulging in the very same thing that you condemn?
No, striking back is a mug’s game, and who wants to emulate the behaviour of fools and bullies?
For all who treat others badly are partakers in evil, suffering from the same disease.

Yes, you’ve a right to your view, freedom of expression precious, and rightful avenues of protest,
But for crying out loud, never lay hands on anybody, nor in abusiveness invest.
For sad rhetoric and callous behaviour are good friends of bigotry and persecution,
And thus always add to humanity’s problems rather than joining hands in any solution.

You may not be happy with some who’ve authority, their introductions or audacity,
Or you may have a problem with some organisation, and some underhand things that you see.
But whatever or whoever, you get to choose your response, for that response doesn’t choose you,
And whatever that response, it’ll paint you as bad or better, as one’s words and acts always do.

So for crying out loud anyone, stifle those words, unclench those fists, and shun any weaponry,
For though you’ve a right to think and feel differently, you should never mistreat humanity.
And should someone hurt you, don’t jump on the same merry-go-round, but rather, help pull on the brakes,
For the one who doesn’t becomes a party to the crime, and love, wisdom and foresight forsakes.

By Lance Landall

The poem above refers to our general treatment of others, and was tweaked on 24 August 2018.

When Hometime's A Nightmare

When wives don’t look forward to their husband coming home, nor a child its father, there’s nothing so sad,
’Cause that arrival time (given his workday’s over) is something that should make each wife and child glad.
However, in too many homes, opulent or ramshackled, such is a tragic daily affair,
Where selfishness, thoughtlessness and injury on the part of the husband-cum-father chills the air.

Users, abusers, unfair accusers — call them what you will — and oft boozers, who make homes a hell,
Hence those sad, shameful tales that many battered, shattered wives, or sexually molested kids can tell.
Oh, such betrayal, cowardice, callousness (of which no man should ever stoop to, nor entertain),
That instead of daily doses of mental sunshine, delivers weeks, months, years of storm clouds and rain.

Yes, unseen deeds that go on behind closed doors, leaving behind a trail of heartbreak and misery,
Fear showing in the eyes of those so afflicted (which only the discerning eye sees, possibly).
Thus they — the cruelly abused — left shocked, numb, racked by feelings of helplessness, hopelessness or self blame,
And drowning in an emotional whirlpool — each distressing day, each distressing night, just the same.

Some mum and dad's daughter having made the wrong choice, ensuring the suffering of her child as well,
But she not necessarily to blame, for oh, how suitors deceive, make some marriage a living hell.
Hence how hometime becomes a nightmare for many wives and kids (upper class, middle class, lower class),
Whose joy is destroyed by such spoilers, ravagers of the soul, who make each day like treading on glass.

By Lance Landall

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Dear Suitor

My daughter is very precious to me, so I want the very best for her,
And it’s my duty as her father to rightly guide and duly protect her,
And hence my watchful eye when it comes to any man who has his sights on her,
Because I don’t want to see her hurt, harmed or used, though that choice is up to her,

'Cause where desire’s stronger than sense, it’s almost assured that one will err.

So let’s cut to the chase.

Will she be all the better or all the worse for your appearance on the scene,
Will she rise to a higher level or sink to a lower one, and I mean:
Will you keep your hands off her until you marry her, exercise self control,
Are you a disciplined man, have you standards and principles, a noble goal?

Or will others be heard to say, “What on Earth does she see in him?”, oh dear me,
Such not all that uncommon, ones manners and appearance conveying plenty.
So, what’s your maturity level, is your current state one of progression,
Are you going somewhere, are there any inklings of issues or aggression?

You see, if you can’t cut it now, you won’t when married, for this is how it goes,
One only as good as ones heart, as sound as ones mind, from which good or ill flows.
So, do you indulge in uncouth language, bawdy talk, lecherous pursuing,
Or visit porn sites; and when it comes to my daughter’s table, what can you bring?

Have you a little nest egg, or will she always do it hard, oft go without,
Are you responsible, trustworthy, faithful, or will she soon have cause for doubt?
So, should you seek my blessing, you will need to prove that you are worthy of her,
And that if she herself has somewhat fallen, that you will seek to raise her.

And hey, are you really matched, are both your paths the same, or will two worlds collide,
Maybe not immediately, but ultimately, and then there’s self and pride.
So, are you putting her best interests first, or not wanting to let her go;
The latter proving that you're less a man, ’cause by clinging, future pain she’d know.

Yes, would you love and cherish her, display affection, keep same hands in order,
Marriage still no place for lust, and why even there, there needs to be some boarder.
She no object but a person, her dignity to be protected, and so,
Best you do some thinking, son, ’cause unhappy marriages are hard boats to row,

And father-in-laws better a friend than foe, and there’s more I’d like you to know:

Should you have children, I don’t want to see them going astray, suffering too,
So what kind of dad would you be, your past or present a clue, undoubtedly.
And hence my calling a spade a spade, for stray dogs and alley cats don’t bode well,
My daughter not another conquest, please, and I’ve no time for that kiss and tell.

And should my daughter not listen and pain come her way, I will have the last say,
For she will have learnt that her dad was right, and why he wouldn’t give her away.
So you can seek my blessing, but if your intent and goals aren’t as high as mine,
You’re wasting your time — and so too, I believe, hoping for a blessing that’s Divine,

Divorce an ugly thing, and a negative response to this but a sure sign.

Yes, I’ve set the bar high, but frankly, that height should surely be normal for all,
The life of ones daughter no small thing, it so easily marred should ill befall.
And many an unsuitable suitor has insured such, wreckage everywhere,
Fathers left to pick up the pieces, and why I’ve made my feelings crystal-clear.

By Lance Landall

When Love Will Have The Final Say

When I see love in action, love that’s genuine and true, I just know that there must be a plan for man,
One with the best of intentions, one that’s been awaiting its time — that is, since evil somehow began.
And I’ll keep on believing so, for there’s one thing I’m sure of — LOVE WILL TRIUMPH SOON — and permanently,
But not before we’ve seen the worst of evil, its final push to ensnare all, albeit temporarily.

Yes, I’ll take love’s side any day, for I have seen its fruitage, and thus know of its possibilities,
Unlike evil — a dead-end street — which, when it’s reigning within folk, just acts like a terminal disease,
One that’s contagious, though there is a cure for those who wish to be free of its poisonous infamy,
And that cure is love — pure, unadulterated love — for I have seen the results of its potency.

Oh yes, nothing works like love, nothing satisfies more — for love, unlike hate, is balanced and in harmony,
A beautiful holistic tree bursting with bountiful promises — yes, cheery growth that one can see.
A tree that keeps on giving, no thought for itself, but nourished and fed by its own generosity,
Each one of its flowers leaving a lasting sweetness in the air, one rich in selfless ancestry.

And why I just know that love’s the answer, and that in due season it will deliver, not disappoint,
Unlike evil, which leaves a bitter taste, a cruel legacy — not a home, but some sleazy rundown joint.
Yes, only love knows the way, only love provides hope, purpose and light, a coming solution filled day,
And why I won’t stop believing until that time when love will have the final say, and thus evil slay.

By Lance Landall

Christian poem.

It's That Noah Scenario All Over Again

Yes, it’s that Noah scenario all over again, Earth beset by ill.
In other words, things are getting just as bad as in Noah’s day, hence that chill.
And so, once again too, there’s another warning message, but an End-time one,
Yes, the final one, love having borne long — and shortly, the coming of the Son.

The account of Noah and a global flood is no mere tale, and why is seen
Mounting evidence that backs up what clearly would’ve been a nightmarish scene.
No one believing that what Noah had said would come true, until those spits came,
Beginning with a little not-seen-before cloud, and shortly it’ll be the same.

And there Christ will be, that cloud of angels surrounding Him growing bigger, and
Just like in Noah’s day, catching by surprise, though Christ’s feet not touching some land.
No, the Earth too defiled, utterly corrupt by then, as in Noah’s day,
Christ only saving the repentant, a remnant, who upward will make their way.

Yes, just a few entered Noah’s ark, the rest of the world doomed via unbelief,
And one barely able to imagine the eventual gut wrenching grief.
Rain like there’s never been since — oh, that scramble for higher ground, and pointlessly,
Everything soon buried by water, but an ark floating protectively.

Yes, as it was in Noah’s day, so it’ll be at Christ’s return, the Bible states,
But though this world’s rapidly worsening, the loving, merciful Son still waits,
Not wanting any to perish, we’re told, but perish most will, and that choice theirs,
’Cause ample time and warning has been given, most about to face their worst fears.

But fear no one needs to, if having repented, accepted Christ and His will,
Thus turning from wrong and evil, so that within, the Holy Spirit can dwell.
We all in need of that transforming power, unable to change ourselves, thus
It all about grace — and thus in every which-a-way, the work of Jesus,

Who, by the way, chose to spare fallen humanity via that ark He provided,
But once again, the will of God and the will of man soon having collided.
And here Christ is again, warning, pleading, when He doesn’t have to — wow, what love!
Created beings having turned on Him, shock on the faces of those above.

All why it must end, Satan’s ultimate plan almost completed, then the End,
Christ having been proven correct, and in great glory and power will descend.
He taking the repentant (dead or alive) back to those mansions in Heaven,
Which He said He’s preparing, the wicked no longer, nor death, heartache and sin.

A renewed Earth following, hence that city above that descends later on,
Christ living on the renewed Earth with the saints, every sign of evil gone.
Eden restored, we starting over again, living happily ever after,
Earth filled with nothing but praise for the Lamb, untold joy and heavenly laughter.

All why I’d suggest you get on that ark called Jesus Christ, and right now, dear friend,
’Cause many on arising from slumber have met with an unexpected end.
And they having indulged in the opposite to their best interests Heaven wise,
And having exchanged the God of love and truth for a devil who hates and lies.

Yes, it wasn’t Satan who died on a cross on our behalf, but Jesus Christ,
Who, let me remind, and via that great risk He took, with His own best interests diced,
’Cause had He failed, both He and humanity would’ve been doomed — wow, what love!
Yet, many choosing the hell of Earth instead, more horror on faces above.

And so, the repentant not looking for an end but a new beginning, yes!
A sunrise, not a sunset, a new creation, not destruction, joy not distress.
And joy they’ll have, Christ the centre of their lives, not a devil who beguiles,
The difference between them being measured in an eternity of miles.

“Come out of her, My people,” Christ says — yes, many Christians where they shouldn't be.
In other words, caught up in what’ll destroy them too, hence that, “Depart from Me!”
All why Christians are told that they can’t serve two masters, and Jesus jealous too,
A Bridegroom who rightfully has no time for adultery, be it with who.

And hence that close and deep relationship He wants us to have with Him each day,
’Cause the closer we get and are to Him, the less we’ll ever want to stray,
’Cause once having truly known Him, no one and nothing else will satisfy,
’Cause there is no greater lover (whose love is only seen to intensify).

You know, that very delay (of His return) that many condemn Jesus for
(Which gives more time for more to repent), is the very thing they should thank Him for.
Yes, a love that bears long, 'till that final day, all bad things coming to an end,
And why that final warning message, the God of love and truth has sought to send.

By Lance Landall

“ ‘Just as it was in the days of Noah, so also will it be in the days of the Son of Man [the state of the world at the
time of Christ’s appearing]…’ ” (Luke 17:26, NIV) — “Then the LORD saw that the wickedness of man was great
on the earth [pre–Flood], and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. Now the earth was corrupt in the sight of God, and the earth was filled with violence [hence the worldwide flood that God
previously sent]” (Gen 6:5,11, NASB).

“ ‘And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars...for nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against
kingdom. And there will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places.
All these are the begining of sorrows’ ” (Matt 24:6-8, NKJV).

For more biblical signs of Christ's return, see my page (and right hand column) I Saw Beyond It All,
secular section, poem list page.

“For when they shall say, peace and security; then shall sudden destruction come upon them, as the pains
upon her that is with child, and they shall not escape.” (1Thess 5:3, Douay-Rheims Version).

" 'But on the day that Lot went out from Sodom it rained fire and sulfur from heaven and destroyed them all
[the living wicked]. It will be JUST THE SAME on the day that the Son of man is revealed [returns to Earth]"
(Luke 17:29,30, NASB)

"Let others speak as they will, and your right to speak likewise will be assured, because
it's only by looking after the rights of others that we secure our own."

"It has ever been the way of man to call some truth a lie and some lie a truth, and why men often utter with their lips what their heart denies."

"Though things are easier said than done, and none of us beyond tripping, falling or failing, things should still be said, and things should still be done."
The poet, author

When it comes to freedom of expression, anything and anyone must be fair game (not exempt from scrutiny and criticism), because any line drawn is an automatic infringement and one step always being the beginning of more.
And remember this: That religion should be big enough to cope with ridicule, and every one of us sensible enough to know that there's a time, place and way, and every one of us kind enough to show the same thought and feeling
that we would like to receive from others.

Or to put this matter another way:

There's greater danger in trying to limit freedom of expression than there is in permitting its abuse.


Stand up, speak out, and if you must, march peacefully and in a dignified manner, not turning to lawlessness, violence, rioting, foul or deceptive means, because by such foolish behaviour, you will stand condemned yourself, will simply spin that tired old merry-go-round, and harden the resolve of the authorities.
And remember this: Many things that have been achieved via dubious means could’ve just as easily been achieved if only more voices had been raised and felt in the corridors of power.


Until we regard every human as a precious and sacred creation (never to be violated in any way), and the well-being of creatures and this Earth as our duty too, we’ll never progress beyond where we are.